A poor choice: A do nothing group or a walk back group?

Submitted by Observing
The Honourable Prime Minister Mia Mottley

Between 2013 and 2018 the accusation was correctly leveled at the then government that they were not doing enough, not saying enough, not taking decisive action. We felt the impact and the results of the 2018 election sent the message loud and clear.

Fast forward to 2023, with two 30-0’s behind us and what do we have?

Apparently a “walk back” and “kite flying” government instead. Take a moment to look at some of the “bold policies” that had to be put on pause, “walked back” or caused confusion.

1. Breathalyser Test (still outstanding)
2. Child Protection Act (More input now needed according to the Minister)
3. Two Deputy Commissioners of police (law had to be changed)
4. Education reform (nobody knows!)
5. National Republic Day (the people spoke)
6. Integrity Legislation (where is it?)
7. Speightstown traffic changes (common sense prevailed)
8. Public Service Contracts (we now have a Hollywood civil service)
9. Covd-era restrictions

and the list can go on.

Add to that the things that are still unclear to the general public but which impact us greatly.

1. Government procurements
2. Education Reform plans
3. The legality of the IADB Survey
4. Amount of properties being sold under the radar
5. The true state of our current debt situation
6. The true state of the National Insurance Scheme
7. The amount of consultants and where they are

The old saying that 6 is half dozen rings true, but, if we were promised transparency, good governance, civic engagement, freedom of information and integrity then, we should reasonably expect it.

In the absence of a Parliamentary opposition the time has long gone for public voices, collective consensus, advocacy by civic Barbados and a review of the role of our trade unions and leaders. Homage to the King only serves short term interests.

The time has come for people to speak up….not quietly in corners but loudly on the corners and in the shops and in meetings and AGMS.

Saint Ambrose said that “In some cases, silence is dangerous. “

Truer words hath not been spoken.

Will the good people please stand up???

61 thoughts on “A poor choice: A do nothing group or a walk back group?

    • @Artax

      How is trying to hold the government accountable “warmed’ over soup? Can any of the items raised be refuted?

  1. All of these are service economy elements.

    ‘Gine muh the vote and watch muh’ could not merely be about these.

    Even as the writer himself was a supporter of the double-throne speeches.

    A set of events which made a mockery of the first mandate and the manifesto accompanied.

    The country still has a one broken winged economy.

    That list of items does not even venture towards a different kind of multi-sectoral economy. Even as this is the central need.

    That it’s limited to the social is pregnant with meanings. The elites have no way to economically transform the country, they are not even trying at faking it.

    These social items, a beggar nation hopes, will erect a patina of well being

    No nation can so survive! For if the whole was achieved, national economy would be no better. But the attempt to present a more civil image cannot sustainable happen in the absence of a dynamically expanded economy.

    Thanks again!

  2. Sometimes it is better not to waste time thinking about politics

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  3. In the question of Integrity Legislation for dummies.

    We had strenuous warn those leading proponents of it here that the people of Barbados would have been better served by a right to recall.

    So said so done. For to expect a Mottley bunch of lawyers to betray institutional corruption and do the right thing by Bajans was always a pipe dream.

    Lawyers, all of whom know, long before anybody else, which of their colleagues are stealing client funds, are in trouble, and instead of exposing them they conspire to cover up ongoing crimes.

    Are these are the criminals who will give integrity legislation, even if a toothless tiger?

    Stop believing thieving lawyers. Demand a right to recall precisely because Mia Mottley and the other lawyers in politics and outside too cannot be trusted.

    A citizens’ right to recall should act as if that device from the events of 1789.

  4. ” How is trying to hold the government accountable “warmed’ over soup? ”

    Politics is just a spectator sport to keep the masses under control, same goes with News media

  5. David

    I’ll answer your second question first.

    (2). “Can any of the items raised be refuted?”

    NEVER mentioned anything to suggest whether or not ‘any of the items raised can be refuted.”

    (1). “How is trying to hold the government accountable “warmed over soup?”

    Using differently titled ‘bait and switch’ articles to repeatedly highlight the SAME issues.

    In the previous article, “All TALK about Education Making me Mad,” we were a given a historical review of the Education Sector Enhancement Programme (EDUTECH), which was implemented 23 years ago, in 2000.

    Am I to believe that, in the interest of being FAIR and BALANCED, there weren’t any other failed educational policies during the previous DLP administration’s 2008 to 2018 tenure that could’ve also been highlighted, so as to indicate the abysmal failure of successive BLP and DLP administrations relative to education?
    Or was that period conveniently or purposely ignored?

    Ironically, in April 2011, then Minister of Education and Human Resource Development, Ronald Jones, gave World Bank officials a progress report on EDUTECH.

    Jones was reported as having said, “Many thought it impracticable, impossible and most improbable that this small, virtually unknown Caribbean island would first, obtain the approval from the developing agencies to finance this initiative and second, would be able to SUCCESSFULLY IMPLEMENT an over BB$400 million dollar education programme focusing on curriculum reform, teacher professional development, technology infusion and school infrastructure upgrade.”

  6. David

    I also recall another ‘bait and switch’ article, in which the author promised to critique the manifestos of BOTH the BEES and DEMS.

    We were given an indepth criticism of the BLP’s ‘Covenant of Hope.’

    Five years later, we are still ‘waiting in vain’ for his criticisms of the DEMS’ manifesto.

    But, then again, ‘to each his own.’

    • @Artax

      It is his decision to attack the issues as he sees fit. All of us have our biases conscious or not. The good thing about an open forum like BU, others will attack partisan positions and onlookers wil have the chance to draw conclusions. Once it is done respectfully allow the different views to contend?

  7. Other questions should include but not limited to:

    What sense does voting make for those who do?

    Why is it impossible for any government, even when endowed with two exclusive and successive mandates, to be unable to approach a meaningful transformational national project which a critical mass has always demanded?

    Why is an opposition needed at all, when a 30-love government appears no less constrained by its own inability to break out of the mould and move the centre to the highest levels of production?

    Is it the case that the personality cultism of the leader; feel good endeavours like republicanism, constitutional review Commission, and the like, could replace real industry?

    Are we in danger of losing one decade ,,,,,,,,,,, and then another.in succession?

    Besides the constant borrowing what significant and measureable difference has this regime made? Is the country still pumping raw sewage into sea?

    And on and on.

  8. manifesto
    noun: manifesto; plural noun: manifestos

    a public declaration of policy and aims, especially one issued before an election by a political party or candidate.

    I don’t like 🥕 Carrots

  9. “All of us have our biases conscious or not. The good thing about an open forum like BU, others will attack partisan positions and onlookers wil have the chance to draw conclusions. Once it is done respectfully allow the different views to contend?”

    Why doesn’t BU set up a political party. I am sure that the forum could round up 30 members to stand in the House of Assembly.

    My Manifesto
    I would legalise the good sensi
    and set all the prisoners free

  10. @Artax
    A criticism of the DEMS 2018 and 2022 manifestos can be summed up in three words.

    Thirty love twice!!!

    No one cares what they WERE thinking. What people need to hear is what they ARE thinking.

    A good starting point to pick apart are the mouthings of the spokespersons along with those of young Stuart and old Estwick.

    Just observing.

    • @ Observing

      RE: “No one cares what they WERE thinking. What people need to hear is what they ARE thinking.”

      My friend, you’ve PURPOSELY MISREPRESENTED my comments.
      It would be unreasonable and ridiculous to ask you to critique a manifesto five (5) years AFTER it was publicized.

      I simply provided the blogmaster with an EXAMPLE I believe would REASONABLY SUBSTANTIATE my ‘observations.’

      RE: “A good starting point to pick apart are the mouthings of the spokespersons along with those of young Stuart and old Estwick.”

      As it relates to “young Stuart,” I agree with NorthernObserver’s May 24, 2023 at 11:37 AM comment, “The author’s USUALLY PARTISAN BANTER, is now focused on a LEGITIMATE point.”

      As it relates to “old Estwick,” I’ll invite you to go to the NIS thread and read the following comments, which OBJECTIVELY ARTICULATED my SENTIMENTS.

      (1). Pachamama – May 26, 2023 at 8:54 AM.

      (2). John A – May 26, 2023 at 11:41 AM.
      John A – May 27, 202 at 9:53 PM.

      (3). NorthernObserver – May 26, 2023 at 7:53 PM.

      (4). Bush Tea – May 27, 2023 at 11:13 PM.

  11. @ Artax
    Your bias is showing Boss…

    If there are clear and unresolved problems, why would it be surprising that Observing’s focus is on those issues?
    Why would it be unexpected that his focus is on the PIGs (Party in Government) rather than on the jokers that we DUMPED in 2018 – because they were so obviously a bunch of clowns?

    Observing is clearly a National Asset.
    What is also clear, is that his REAL talent is as a messenger whose calling is on problem identification, analysis, and solutions… rather than playing in the nasty arena that we call ‘politics’.

    You need to be careful that you don’t appear to be overly defensive of the status quo, …while at the same time, acknowledging its MAJOR flaws….. suspicious brass bowls like Bushie may be tempted to conclude that you are occupying one of the sow’s many nipples…..

  12. @Bushie
    Sounds like the title for a good movie.

    “BIM 2027: PIGS or JOKERS???”

    Just observing

  13. Perhaps Observing and Artax should take their discussion outside and offline.
    One is a tad anal while the other suffers not fools gladly

    The question was whether I was going to do all of the old stuff, or whether I was going to do a mixture of new stuff and old stuff, or whether I should just do new stuff.

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  14. @timepeace
    “All these paths are no different than a line you might draw in the sand, right?

    And that path leads right back to the inside of us where it always started.

    Great post my brother/sister/other.

    The wife, daughter and grand gone way this weekend for the first in ages so I making the most of the free time with a rum and some BU. Don’t happen too often!!!

    Plus can’t let that lady Yolande keep hijacking all the posts! Fair is fair!

    Just observing

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    BLP’s Mia offered DLP a seat in the Senate when they received a shellacking
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  16. @ David

    RE: “It is his decision to attack the issues as he sees fit.”

    Am I not also entitled to “decide to attack the issues as (I) see fit, as well?”

    RE: “The good thing about an open forum like BU, others will attack partisan positions and onlookers wil have the chance to draw conclusions.”

    Yes, I agree ‘BU is an open forum.’ I read the article, came to a conclusion and, WITHOUT any
    DISRESPECT….. responded accordingly, ‘as I saw fit.’

    Yet, you responded as such to my ‘observations.’

    Surely you have essentially contradicted yourself.

    • @Artax

      The Blogmaster prefers to distill the issues raised by Observing framed under the category‘accountability’.

    • David in Barbados accountability is not objective but subjective. Negative benchmarking the current government, allows their supporters to say the country is doing better…… but better does not mean good.

    • @Redguard

      Barbados despite significant allocations to the national education budget over the years, a significant segment of the Barbadian population prefers to go with the flow.


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  19. “The Blogmaster prefers to distill the issues raised by Observing framed under the category ‘accountability’.”

    @ David

    Interesting comment.

    It seems as though we employ the use of certain words only when it becomes convenient for our particular purpose.

    I’m guessing ‘accountability’ ‘went through the window,’ when I raised an issue concerning Corey Lane’s treatment of a constituent, and you were ‘at pains to’ defend him at all costs.

    Or, is ‘accountability’ reserved only for certain politicians?

    I’ll ‘stick’ to issues such as squatting and LIAT.

    • Trying to bring balance to an issue about accountability will invariably lead persons to believe you are deflecting and thus partisan, I do not see how this escapes you. Balance is not needed when discussing accountability; failure is failure, shite is shite. Bringing past examples of failure and shite to the discussion proves what?

    • @Redguard

      Especially if we are discussing accountability against a background of historical failings.

  20. @ David
    If you are listening to Brass Tacks you will get a VERY clear indication of what is wrong with Brassbados and why NOTHING gets solved.

    A bunch of ‘women’, all pushing emotional arguments about child care, and it is clear that these women have mostly spent their lives at UWI learning about our shiite laws (that are the laughing stock of the region) RATHER than raising children….

    Poor David Ellis is trying to make sense of the mess…

    Surprise surprise…
    1- The final ‘Law’ is an ambiguous, unclear collection of jargon that is clearly designed to appease the albino agenda…
    2- We have very low numbers of children in the place – and now these childless ‘successful citizens’ appear to be making it even more unappealing for NORMAL women to want to be parents…. what a place!!

    Madness is a major symptom of a society BEFORE its final demise.

    • @Bush Tea

      Having a listen, very confusing. We are making it up as we go along added to which, there are reputations to be made. One must ask what kind of consultative process was conducted.

  21. “One must ask what kind of consultative process was conducted.”
    It is called – Group think.
    Where the loudest and most aggressive brass bowl gets to set the agenda and to browbeat all the others into ignorant submission.

    ..and when the whole basis of debate is emotional in nature, it is not difficult to predict the outcome – especially its inevitable divergence from logic and common sense.

    • Bushie
      Were you serious about our buddy PieceUnder?

      Is he really Under in trute?

      Or is he just hiding from his nemesis, MAM?

  22. “Bringing past examples of failure and shite to the discussion proves what?”

    Perhaps you should’ve DIRECTED your above question to the author of this thread?

    In his other thread, “All TALK about Education Making me Mad,” which highlighted government’s failure in education…… presented EDUTECH, which was implemented 23 years ago, in 2000……

    …… as “PAST EXAMPLE of FAILURE.”

    Wasn’t that discussion also about accountability as well?

    Surely “I do not see how this ESCAPED YOU.”

    Under those circumstances, asking him to be CONSISTENT and balanced cannot be unreasonable.

    You guys can be very selective with your arguments.

    • Accountability is objective, arguments of this nature do not require balance. His Education article was both a historical review and present state of affairs. Asking for accountability for the present state of affairs is valid with and without the past failures. Again failure is failure, shite is shite.
      An owner has two dogs, one has bitten people before the other hasn’t. If the dog that has never bit someone bites someone, should the owner be less accountable than if it was the dog with the history. NO!!!!!

  23. Seems like politics nowadays is more about Woman’s Choice + LBGTQ+ rights (or not) more than any substance on subject of Government competence and has been hijacked by religious nuts on the far side of the right side

    Willie Williams’s lyrics
    Willie, or Willi as he prefers to be called, is most famous for singing a song called Armagideon Time on the classic reggae riddim called “Real Rock” for reggae label Studio One.


    “An owner has two dogs, one has bitten people before the other hasn’t. If the dog that has never bit someone bites someone, should the owner be less accountable than if it was the dog with the history. NO!!!!!”

    If “two dogs” are a reference to the BLP and DLP, then surely you’ll agree Barbadians have been bitten by BOTH “dogs.”

    How could anyone seriously view “his Education article” as “a historical review,” when, against the background of being bitten by both “dogs,” he always refers to ONE only, e.g. EDUTECH.

    Anyhow, you have your opinions and I have mine.

    The last word is yours.

  25. @Artax
    uh get where ya coming from, BUT, rest assured when the DEMS did shyte under Froons they got their share of lashes too.

    Accountability applies to those who have the responsibility and power in the moment. Right now 30-0 makes it pretty clear who we should be holding accountable.

    Re. EDUTECH I will simply say that we are doomed to make the same mistakes if we do not learn from history. This “education Reform” is clearly an attempt to do-over what was not done back in the early 2000’s. I can give a full history from the farce of “comprehensive schools” and come forward but I’ll save that for another thread. I think we can agree though that, the major changes (and disruption-confusion) in education seem to typically occur under one group.

    Yes we were bitten by both dogs but only ONE dog is now in the yard without a leash roaming as it feels like while the other is in the dump by the graveyard trying to get back “home.”

    When that dog comes close trust me it will get my full attention too!

    Just observing

  26. Enuff

    As one of the brain trusts of your party much more is demanded from you than the trite.

    Do you really think this 30 love foolishness has any meaning today as a function of one tribe being any better than the other?

  27. Baby Steps
    The New New Republic of Barbados may be short of what should be possible
    There were no slaves in history there were enslaved as it was not their choice
    Excellence Is Everywhere

  28. Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on said:

    All they should be looking forward to is a HANGING ROPE around their corrupt NECKS…. the true definition of 30-0.


  29. I strongly advise not to criticise leader, party and state in any way.

    Our villas and hotels are full of well-paying foreign guests, the locals sing all day, there is food and rum in abundance for all. Where our notorious government critics see problems, in truth everything is fine.

    Hyatt and integrity legislation coming soon … It is not our honourable government that stands in the way of progress, but the opposition that sabotages our government and the people through the Senate and social media.

    Tron, year five SL, year two NR

    • I only got two things to say and they are bound to annoy William Skinner.

      I am again experiencing water delivery and garbage pick-up inconsistencies.

      Not even dah en fix and indeed de water dat Estwick fix like um get unfix by diverting from de new wells to other areas.

      Point being,

      “Um is one step forward and two steps backward an’ tremble.”

      So, I guess one could say that this is a walk backwards government in more ways than one.

  30. The writer must tell us how this group is more do-nothing, more walk-back, more a poor choice than any other possible regime, in this time, for the forseeable future.

    Again, tinkering is preferred to facing the degenerative, systemic, realities which continue to stare up in the face.

    Why would one presume that Mottley, as chief cheerleader, goes for pomp and circumstance, tinsel instead of industry, borrowing and begging instead of real work.

    This underdeveloping system is dead. And this Mottley group are simply making the best of a dead-ended scenario ………. for themselves🤢🤢🤢

    In all, like times before, once the election bell is again rung all types of irrational expectations will again be ascribed to these same people or others impersonating them. A fool’s errand when unaccompanied by a guillotine.

  31. Pacha, it isn’t trite, it’s the truth.
    Political accountability occurs on election day. And 30-0 means there is no opposition for any objector to partner with.
    In between those distant days the elected can do as they please. If you don’t like it, you vote their ass to the curb?
    And for the growing number who depend on public funds to earn a living, they are happy once their team is in power.
    Lest we forget, the failure to produce Annual NIS accountability reports began before 2008. The next crew followed suit, and this crew has followed the pattern.
    The last crew created CBL, caused taxpayers a $124M hit, and this crew attempted, save the AudGen interjections to write it off. 90% of Bajans aren’t even aware of CBL.
    The only difference is who is at the political trough.
    And in case you haven’t noticed, D or B, they take care of each other.
    Nor is Barbados unique. It happens so all over.
    Yet even with 30-0, you will also note, politicians intensely dislike public opposition. One CF, once a Senator, became a target. The prior group loved one CH. Bajans know the vindictive nature of the elected should they oppose.

    • So far, I agree with NorthernObserver’s and Pachamama’s comments on this thread 💯%.

      I have repeatedly mentioned on BU that there aren’t any significant political, philosophical or ideological differences between the BLP and DLP.

      Those political parties and their ‘die-hard’ supporters create the illusion that those differences actually exist.

      They even attempt to insult our intelligence, for example, by presenting silly, absurd illustrations about “an owner with two dogs, one has bitten people before the other hasn’t,” perhaps as representations of the electorate and ‘duopoly,’ when, in actuality, Barbadians have been bitten by both political parties during their respective tenure.
      Or, that “major changes, disruption and confusion in education seem to typically occur under one group.”

      I support any call for politicians to be held accountable.
      Rather than attend constituency branch meetings to talk shiite and partake in the food and beverages after, we could use that opportunity to challenge politicians.

  32. Wait you still with this passive aggressive behaviour.
    Only hit dogs holler!!!!!
    Your responses clearly show you view everything through the lens of B or D. Nothing in my submissions indicates I have that problem.
    My submissions were all to do with accountability not needing “balance”. My dog analogy was clearly about accountability, but all you saw was B and D.
    As I said only hit dogs holler. and you are hollering the loudest. LOL

    • Good to read about the MoS laying a sports development policy in the House today. The blogmaster has not had time to review but it is a step in the correct direction.

    • You are an idiot.

      RE: “Wait you still with this passive aggressive behaviour.
      Only hit dogs holler!!!!!”

      The fact that you CHOSE to RESPOND to my comments rather than IGNORE them, unquestionably demonstrates YOU “are the hit 🐕 hollering the loudest.”

      And, the MANNER in which you did, provided BU with a perfect example of “passive aggressive behaviour.”

      RE: “My dog analogy was clearly about accountability, but all you saw was B and D.”

      Comprehension is CERTAINLY not one of your ‘strong points.’

      I made two comments to your “dog analogy,” in which I was CAREFUL to USE the words:

      ‘IF,’ which EXPRESSES an UNCERTAIN belief, or to indicate a HYPOTHETICAL condition……

      …… and ‘PERHAPS,’ which is simply used when one doesn’t know whether or not something is DEFINITELY true.

      The last words are yours.

    • At least Enuff wears his colors with pride, you only show yours when your panty is exposed, as with this topic

  33. Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing Copyright(c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on said:

    No more hiding behind Empire to commit horrific crimes against Afrikan descents, just because the greedy, evil and hateful thought they would never find out what you criminals have done for decades.

    They thought they will always get away and blame it all on Empire..


  34. Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on said:

    Pacha…a true definition of Scumbados, this should be taught in the schools..

    .Bantu bloodlines are across the Caribbean and diaspora. We are the ruling tribe..

    Low class nobodies will always be just that…begging, borrowing, dependants..


  35. I think this is the same man that announce and pull back the Republic Day. He’s getting lots of experience as the fall guy clearly!

    Public to have say on child protection and justice laws

    Before the Child Protection Bill and Child Justice Bill go any further in Parliament, the public will get the opportunity to share views, concerns and suggestions, Minister of Home Affairs Wilfred Abrahams has revealed.
    Speaking during a post-Cabinet press briefing on Friday, he said the two pieces of legislation were still at the stage where they could be amended and adjusted to take public opinion into account.
    Since both bills were tabled in Parliament in recent weeks, concerns have been raised by a human rights activist, several attorneys-at-law and members of the wider public about some of the contents, especially the Child Protection Bill and its implications for parents and caretakers.
    Acknowledging this, Abrahams explained that the debate in the Lower House has been paused as both bills have gone to a Joint Select Committee for further consideration and where public input will be garnered.
    “These committees will, in consideration of both the child protection legislation and the child justice legislation, publish their procedure to the public…. They’re also going to invite comments from the public in relation to the bills…,” he told members of the media gathered at his ministry’s Wildey, St Michael office.
    “What is critical to note is that the bills have not passed.
    They are not yet law. I am hearing some discussions out there as if the bills are au fait accompli or as if the bills have already been passed and they’ve been put into action. That is not the case. The public is going to have its chance to weigh in on areas of concern for it, to write in with their comments or their suggestions.”
    Claiming there is a lot of “fake news” going around regarding the bills, particularly on social media, the Home Affairs Minister urged persons to read the pieces of legislation in their entirety before forming an opinion.

  36. @ Observing
    Willy has the anti-Midas touch.
    Everything that he touches turns into jobby…

    He has f%$#ed up enuff now, that he could be made ‘senior’ minister ..like Doogid and the tyre slasher.

    • This week’s article by Adrian Greene is useful.

      Critical thinking
      The Ministry of Education has listed “critical thinking” as one of the pillars for education reform.
      According to a recently circulated document listing the traits of the ideal Bajan student, he or she should be able to think critically. The goal is sound.
      However, as is the case with many things, easier said than accomplished. Regular readers already know that to find a solution to a problem, you must thoroughly understand that problem. The problem of promoting critical thinking must be understood.
      As a small and vulnerable nation, we are seemingly constantly in crisis mode. We are constantly outing fires and addressing what seem to be not only important but urgent matters. In the midst of a crisis there may be little time to think critically. You may have to act fast. Emotions kick in. Reflexes take over. We lean on our current level of understanding.
      If we get stuck in this crisis mode we may always feel like we have to move faster than necessarily the case. And so, we often don’t take the time to think as critically as we should. Thinking critically takes time.
      On the other hand, taking the time to think critically can descend into over thinking, or paralysis by analysis. Theory and practice go hand in hand.
      Actions should guide our thinking as much as thinking guides our actions. However, it is as easy to get stuck in thinking mode and never acting as it is to get stuck in crisis mode and uncritically acting. The challenge is finding the balance. How do we slow down to hurry up?
      Understanding how our political and educational culture react with modern fast food culture becomes key to understanding and solving the problem of promoting critical thinking.
      Our political culture is reflexively and uncritically oppositional. Barbadian politicians are rarely seen to engage in critical dialogue across party lines. The party in power is normally uncritically defensive as a reflex, while the party in opposition is normally uncritically attacking as if this is its only duty.
      Critical thinking requires a level of intellectual honesty and unbiased reasoning which is uncommon in our political culture. It is not so common in the wider culture as well.
      In Barbadian culture,
      having a recalcitrant attitude is often seen as being strong. We tend to see those who are inflexible, rigid and sometimes even belligerent in their attitude, opinion and stance as leadership material. A politician may feel forced to adopt this pose in order to be taken seriously.
      Teachers and parents adopt this pose in order to come across as authorities. Children are raised and taught in a culture and atmosphere of authoritarianism which does not lend itself to promoting critical thinking.
      Traditionally, Barbadian culture has leaned towards producing citizens who are compliant regurgitators rather than critical actors and thinkers. It goes further.
      Failing system
      The education system, left to erode across administrations, is failing even in getting Barbadians to passively regurgitate. Rather, students learn to model and exceed the belligerent authoritarianism which they exist in.
      In this cultural mix critical thinking is a casualty. This is compounded by a fast food, fast everything era where technology is expected to do all the work. Why think critically when Google, social media and now Chatgpt provide instant answers?
      Understanding the problem in this way, a solution starts to form. It involves getting out of crisis mode wherever possible, balancing critical thinking with critical action so as not to fall into over thinking. And, leadership encouraging a culture of critical thinking by modelling critical, honest and unbiased reasoning for citizens, subordinates and students.
      We also need to recognise that solutions will not necessarily come quickly, nor at the click of a mouse. They come from critical thinking, critical action and critical engagement. This takes time and effort.
      Adrian Green is a communications specialist. Email adriangreen14@gmail. com.

  37. Outside looking in, there are some important issues that should be addressed. The laundry list is long, so priorities are definitely needed. Why don’t we have a Constitution to date? Green energy is important, but not on the guise of securing funds for it to spend on keeping the government solvent
    or other pet projects thru the Bridgetown initiative! Think about it, just like doing away with the road tax, and adding it to fuel costs the roads are still in a horrible state. Yet we see projects along Waterford where $$$ used. Can’t even get the ID cards properly distributed,

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