Age Discrimination at the Barbados Golf Club

In recent weeks there have been accusations directed at Minister Kirk Humphrey who is responsible for elder affairs, concerning his unwillingness to accept feedback from the public. At the root of the back and forth – two lawyers and a legal assistant in a fit of public civic mindedness drafted a 53 page document, the objective, to inform legislation affecting the elderly. A noble effort by any measure. It therefore boggles the mind why parties concerned have turned this into a battle royale.

Barbados with an ageing population that has the National Insurance Fund creaking under the weight of growing pension expense, makes it a no brainer policymakers and other stakeholders in civil society should be singing from the same hymn sheet. There is a popular saying attributed to Mahatma Gandhi ‘the true measure of any society can be found in how it treats its most vulnerable members’ of which the elderly is a large group.

It comes as little surprise the many examples of elder abuse exposed daily in Barbados. One example brought to BU’s attention is the following:

I am a senior living in Barbados, and I am concern[ed] about the high playing fees at the BGCC.

First to qualify for the senior golf rate you must be 78 years old [see BU’s link]. The life expectancy in Barbados is 77 years, The life expectancy for most countries in Europe and Canada is 82 years. That means this policy benefits some groups more than others. The Barbados golf club was built to benefit all Barbadians. Please see the quote from the GM. BGCC. Jina Scheper, see web link below. See the 5th. paragraph.

BU Source

The link provided by the source Barbados Golf Sports Club supports the expectation all players are welcome. The blogmaster does not know the basis for the Barbados Golf and Country Club establishing a qualifying age of 78 to qualify for the senior golf rate but on the surface it seems discriminatory. Some will say why should BU highlight this matter with several other pressing issues affecting the country? It is another example of abuse being manifested in a culture that is not supportive of the elderly in Barbados.

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  2. Polite discrimination is what it`s called. In the insurance industry an exorbitant premium way above what is usual, reasonable and affordable is offered when a risk is unfavorable. This action by the golf club is deliberate and a strategic move to keep the old away…What de clowns who make this rule fuhget is dem backsides gine get old.However, these things will continue for the country is big on fluff and empty on substance. Somebody, needs to take this to court.

  3. David
    I do believe the minister should meet with the persons who have made the effort to draft legislation. His ministry and all involved have done nothing to make legislation with teeth a reality for the elderly in Bim.

    I’ve found his ministry and those working in it to be useless individuals who sit around and do nothing. The overall attitude stinks.

    Theresa is still sleeping outside, and I’ve been in contact with every agency in Bim. I’ve had arguments with these people because they repeat the same thing to me constantly. The society on a whole should be held accountable for any abuse and neglect of the elderly that is in their faces and is allowed to continue. The training of these individuals who work in these ministries need to be taken into consideration. For one, they lack basic compassion and ability to think.

    People here should be applying pressure on these ministers to do the right thing. We should not tolerate ministers in their feelings because citizens are doing the right thing by drafting a bill. He should meet with the people and get something done because abuse of the elderly is real in this place.

  4. Lisa..i see you have been given the treatment by the unfeeling, uncaring, pretensive frauds in Slave Socuety Barbados …just imagine what they have done to the people on the island whose lives they controlled and mismanaged for the last hundred years. The horror stories are alive and well and RECORDED IN MULTIPLE BOOKS…. Been telling them about their emptyheaded brainlessness for years…but they would look you straight in ya eyes with a straight face and tell ya…i went school at Harsun college or QC or any of the other slave schools still pushing under and miseducation but they consider themselves scholars…will tell ya..i iz a scholar……funny thing is they have no clue how to use their brains…

    Just look out for the same parliament clown and others jumping out again vomiting lies about legislation to protect the elderly as they have for the last half century and have done absolutely nothing….that joker and others jumped out with the legislation lie about 5 times last year, 5 times the year before and the year before.that…the jackasses in the society never call them out, they prefer get on an anonymous blog and hide behind handles like cowards to call each other liars…ya got my drift..

    .it really does stretch backward decades..the lying politicians. Barbados is a failure when it comes to protecting human rights of the elderly , their properties, estates and possessions..their beneficiaries and overall wellbeing.always has been, always will be..

    “I’ve found his ministry and those working in it to be useless individuals who sit around and do nothing. The overall attitude stinks.

    Theresa is still sleeping outside, and I’ve been in contact with every agency in Bim. I’ve had arguments with these people because they repeat the same thing to me constantly. The society on a whole should be held accountable for any abuse and neglect of the elderly that is in their faces and is allowed to continue. The training of these individuals who work in these ministries need to be taken into consideration. For one, they lack basic compassion and ability to think.”

  5. Serious:
    You can keep some people out by having high fees. It appears that the individual can meet the fees but not the ridiculously high age that is used as a barrier from entrance. If the elderly are wanted, the BGCC should come up with a truly meaningful policy for the elderly instead of hiding behind ridiculously high age.

    Not serious:
    I will assume that the person making the complaint has reached or is very near the age of 78. The BGCC can solve this problem by raising the age to 90. It is not much more ridiculous than using 78.

  6. Thanks Lisa…all is well.

    You see first hand how they operate. Nothing eill change unless and until they are all brought to their arrogant knees.

    You notice the cowardice in the population to rise up against this tyranny from vote beggars.

    …it is not entirely without justification as generationally the Afrikan population have suffered and were subjected to criminal abuse, horror and evil coming from those in black face in Slave master parliaments…continously and consistently..the only time these frauds are competent and consistent…is ehen they are oppressing and exploiting their own people, of course they will try to blame massa for that…BUT THEY VOLUNTARILY DID IT TO THEIR OWN PEOPLE….in exchange they sold their souls…

    .i just dont believe the people should still be timid and enabling to these criminal niga traitors..just take the scummy bitches down….no long talk..

    …they have committed enuff crimes, told enuff lies, stolen enuff money…sold out the Afrikan population more than enuff..abuse and violate children more than enuff..setup and sold out the Afrikan youth more than enuff, for the last 100 years. They are trash and deserve to be thrown out.

  7. In the bill for the elderly, Kirk Humphrey has a point on the lack of failure to follow the process. However, It would be sad if a valuable effort was lost due to his ego, his desire for credit or politics.

    As use does not mean full adoption or complete agreement, there is no reason, why someone in his office could use the document to jumpstart or supplement draft legislation.

  8. @David
    This is not elder abuse.
    While it is the highest age I have even seen in a golf club for determining “senior”, like Rockley, they would be better off having a junior and adult rate. That’s it.
    Each entity has to determine it’s member base, and what it chooses to offer?
    A standard category elsewhere is the married couple, politically corrected, to two co-habitating adults. Not on offer at either BGC or Rockley.

    • @NO

      Thanks for your input, in these matters one is included to embellish these kinds of matters given the lack of regard for the elderly in these times.

  9. @NO
    You are too polite.
    It may not be abuse, but is is a clever way of keeping the elderly out.
    I like your suggestion as anyone over 77 and needing a break would not apply. This is much better than using a cut-off age of 90.
    Perhaps you can teach the BGCC a thing or two😆

  10. Random thoughts😢
    (someone has to keep score)

    I find it difficult to understand how we can have several independent streams of discussion for issues that are confronting us. It appears that our greatest fear is to combine these issues and take a look at the mess we are in as a nation.

    Our preference is to itemize the many issues and then pretend to be acting as craftsmen of our fate on individual items. Sadly, we fail even we use this approach.

    Pick an agency or a department and there is a list of issues in which our response can be found lacking…

    Police department: forced confessions, eavesdropping on lawyers and clients, leaking details of ongoing investigation, slow reporting of the result of these investigations. File 13 appears to be the largest and most current file in our PD.

    Elder abuse: We hear of initiatives and new laws, but the passage of time finds us no further down the road than when we started. The worse form of elder abuse is to separate the elderly from their funds using the title of lawyer as a cloak to hide under.

    NIS: This issue gripped the news for a few days. At first doom and gloom but no longer discussed. Perhaps, this was solved and I missed when the solution was posted.

    Dodds: Multiple investigations that produced mixed results. At the end promotion for staff members.

    Children Survey: Gripped the news for five minutes. No penalty imposed and no longer mentioned.

    Court system: Slow to resolve cases; slow to punish those who defraud their clients; victims not made whole

    BWA: Meters and billing.
    The only system that works efficiently is the PR machine

  11. “Children Survey: Gripped the news for five minutes. No penalty imposed and no longer mentioned.”

    They sent their imps to attack who exposed it globally but ya done know dey int too bright…epic FAIL..

    .everyone now know them as child selling SCUM WORLDWIDE….no one trusts them..anywhere.

    Try as they might they could not cover it up.

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    You need help! What I call you should not stay with you months after the last encounter.

    Lying WURA,

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    Since you chose to remind the blog…..

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  15. That man Kirk Humphrey is heartless, I wrote to him many times , he never reply, yes abuse of the elderly he is number one for that, I wrote to Minister Forde, he said he will refer my letter to the permanent secretary, I will keep you all inform when I hear from the permanent Secretary.

  16. Random thoughts continued

    Read it and weep…
    I think I heard terms like IT experts and foreign consultants, but it appears no one can fix this mess. Seem like there was no back-up of hospital data.

    TheO’s conclusion… This may be more than a simple hack. Given the length of time to get this thing running, I suspect that someone may be holding the data hostage and waiting for a ransom to be paid. Without a back-up, they must wait for the data to be released (spinning top in mud).

    TheO’s suggestion
    Just pay the hacker and move on.

  17. A new commission has been created to review the current structure and function of Parliament, with a mandate to provide recommendations on how the governing body could be transformed to better suit the country’s needs.

    This announcement was made by Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs Dale Marshall during a post-Cabinet press briefing on Friday at Ilaro Court.

  18. Given the way news is reported (key names missing in some stories, pictures may be presented but the person name is not given, no follow-up on key stories and some stories are not even be reported) it is fair to engage in a degree of speculation.

    This speculation is analogous to solving a mathematical problem that has no exact solution using numerical methods.

    With the dearth of relevant information, the reader is forced to fill in the gaps using his or her experience and his knowledge of the people involved. Those involved have shown a shortage of honesty and lack of willingness to inform. Consequently, my approximation if often on the negative side.

    For those who would like to see a more positive outlook, please remember that as I am fishing in polluted waters, what is caught on the hook will most likely be contaminated.

    Have a great day, Barbados.

  19. “..mandate to provide recommendations..”

    De DLP are axing what will happen if they lose Three O Nil again and again and again and again

  20. Well…when ya want to exercise ya hacking skills on local citizens out of maliciousness, too arrogrant to remember that ya a more vulnerable than most.. REAL hackers drop in on ya…ya ass dark…

    Keep messing with people…dont stop.

  21. @TheO
    This population ageing phenomena is a golf management nightmare. Each year a golf club replaces full paying members, with those who reach the ‘magical age’. The employed member may have played 40-50 rounds/yr (mid may to early Nov in central CDA) but in retirement can play 100+ times, AND for lower annual fees. Plus many are semi-private, meaning they earn revenue from public rounds, as well as membership dues. Hence the more member rounds booked, the fewer available spaces for public play. So a double revenue whammy.

  22. @NO
    I see that you have a much broader view of the issue than what I have.

    Now, I understand the issue the clubs are trying to solve. But the problem should be tackle upfront and head-on and not rely on the use of “escape clauses”. Solving one problem by creating another.
    Thanks for the info

  23. The internet has gone full frontal force and headon brutal….

    ..staying in my corner bosie…

    • Pacha…see what corruption causes as we have said ad nauseum……DEATH & DESTRUCTION…tens of thousands dead and rising hourly…even the hardcore admirers and protectors of the corrupt and corruption are feeling it.

      “rescue efforts continue

      Officials in Turkey say 113 arrest warrants have been issued in connection with the construction of buildings that collapsed in Monday’s earthquake.

      Turkish police have already taken at least 12 people into custody, including building contractors.

      Meanwhile, unrest in southern Turkey has disrupted rescue efforts in some places.

      The number of people confirmed to have died in Turkey and Syria has risen to more than 30,000.


      More arrests are expected – but the action will be seen by many as an attempt to divert overall blame for the disaster.

      The collapsed buildings that were meant to withstand earthquakes
      For years, experts warned that many new buildings in Turkey were unsafe due to endemic corruption and government policies.

      Those policies allowed so-called amnesties for contractors who swerved building regulations, in order to encourage a construction boom – including in earthquake-prone regions.

      Thousands of buildings collapsed during the earthquake, raising questions about whether the natural disaster’s impact was made worse by human failings.

      With elections looming, the president’s future is on the line after spending 20 years in power.”

  24. Wow…it looks like Brother Donville is now under ICE detainer, but he has filed grievance that sumbody alledgedly tiefing he release days…drama enuff…

  25. Aahh haa!!!

    “Caucasus (Caucasia) is a region between the Black and Caspian Seas. It consists of Southern Russia, Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. Known for its alpine terrain, the Caucasus is home to Mount Elbrus, the highest mountain peak in Europe, on the Russo-Georgian border.”

    That peak must be absolutely beautiful, stunning in its entirety, the thin air clean, pure and unmatched.

  26. @ David

    This Kirk Humphrey’s thread reminded me of him, after he was ‘sworn-in’ on February 2, 2022, disclosing ‘government’ intended to amalgamate all social service agencies into ‘The Department of Family Services,’ which will include the Welfare Department, National Assistance Board, Child Care Board and National Disability Unit.

    I understand the Minister promised there wouldn’t be any significant displacement of employees.

    However, assuming the new Department will encompass the NHC, RDC and UDC, there wouldn’t any need for seven (7) Directors or Accountants and several Welfare Officers and Clerical Officers.

    Care to share your thoughts on this issue?

    • @Artax

      The opinion held about Humphrey is no different to many politicians we elect. What is his legacy at the ‘blue economy’ ministry? The Blogmaster had high hopes we would have seen this ministry take traction as a SIDs. Barbadians have reached the point where we need to challenge politicians based on their records and not how they look, paper trophies acquired etc. Your expectation about what rationalizing the SOEs mentioned would look like if a commonsense position is applied cannot be refuted. Same old same old.

  27. This is how backward university types with no commonsense, little intelligence and only regurgitated book cents can be….they think so highly of their fool selves…

    .hopefully in the next 2 decades when age hits this Yale idiot, they suicide his ass…that’s the direction everything is moving right now.

    “Yale Professor Regrets Samurai Disembowelment And Suicide For Elderly Comments

    After comments suggesting Japan solve its aging population problem by forcing the elderly to commit mass suicide and even ritual disembowelment resurfaced last month, a Yale professor has admitted he “should have been more careful” with his words.

    Yusuke Narita had stated in 2021 that “the only solution was pretty clear” – to cull older citizens and invoke “seppuku,” a 19th-century punishment used against dishonored Samurai – before adding “whether that’s a good thing or not, that’s a more difficult question to answer.”

    Narita claimed his words had been “taken out of context” after last month. His comments resurfaced as he was slaughtered for promoting “hatred towards the vulnerable.” h

  28. Good news.
    I catch the end of the Barbados vs Cuba soccer match and was pleasantly surprised.

    Though we lost (1-0), Barbados was dominating and playing beautiful soccer.

    What a difference a change of coach makes. A great game.

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