Time to mash brakes

Prime Minister Mia Mottley

November is recognised as the month those who lost lives in the First World War are honoured. Also, it is the month Barbados celebrates its independence from England on 30 November 1966. During this month the blogmaster will welcome our usually loquacious Prime Minister to take a pause from her international schedule to include what some in this forum consider important updates in her Independence Day message.

It seems to the blogmaster that in the last four years with the country lurching from from crisis to crisis and indicator on the misery index doing poorly, we have a people who need to get the mojo back. How do our leaders both political and other in civil society work to restore the confidence of a people?

A good place to begin is to make sure project 1, project 2, project 3, policy 1, policy 2, policy 3 are well researched with relevant information gathered to guarantee efficient implementation. During the process Barbadians – all groups in civil society – must be adequately consulted and treated with respect in the process.

Using the KISS principle (keep it simple stupid) Mottley and her large Cabinet need to mash breaks, identify two or three projects that can be implemented without the usual muck up and hopefully it will eliminate the opportunity for continuing discord in the country. Unfortunately we have become a polarised nation, the great man must be doing backflips in the great beyond.

Few things will tug at the sensibilities of Barbadians more than matters related to social security (NIS) and education. In November our government should make it a priority to address the two matters head on by sharing what is the high level plan to restructure the National Insurance Scheme, a relevant Education Plan including the political football 11+ AND Energy Plan. Now more than every in the country’s short history effective leadership at ALL levels of society is needed.

There is a reason billions have been invested to educate Barbadians. It isn’t an accident the individual considered the father of independence introduced a social security system and free secondary education. What is the legacy of politicians post 80s? What is the legacy of non government actors post 80s? Despite the enormous sums allocated to education we find ourselves battling a crisis of leadership at many level in Barbados. This subject matter has been discussed many times in this forum and unfortunately there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel. Almost all of what use to be our best businesses that symbolised the best of Barbados are owned by non Barbadians. The result is we have no control to be craftsmen of our fate. Is it too late to chart a new path? The blogmaster known to be an eternal optimist in the past shouted YES, these days the yes is muted.

A topic one can be prolix but it is not necessary. Our leaders in all areas of society have to find ways to fire the collective will of Barbadians. The public outcry to changing the name Independence Day to Barbados National Day- if for the wrong reasons in many cases – supports the view hope may spring eternal after all.

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  1. A 22-year-old former junior national football player was shot and killed on Sunday morning at Upper Gills Road/Greenfield, St Michael, the 36th murder for 2022.

  2. Roseau – Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit on Sunday night announced December 6 as the date for a snap general election in Dominica, three years after he led the ruling Dominica Labour Party (DLP) to a convincing 18-3 victory in the general election of 2019.

  3. Despite the enormous sums allocated to education we find ourselves battling a crisis of leadership at many level in Barbados. This subject matter has been discussed many times in this forum and unfortunately there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel

    Education was never the key.
    Why are NCD rates so high in an educated country.
    Why do minorities and foreigners own all the major businesses in an educated country.
    Why do seemingly simple problems persist in an educated country.
    Why does a small educated country need so many ministries.

    Education and intelligence are not synonymous.
    We thought the shortcut to developing our collective intelligence was to throw money at education. The only time throwing money at something results in a complete change is with a upright red woman (and that only lasts for so long)

    Developing collective intelligence requires more than just educating people. It starts with a critical analysis of who we are, who we want to be and what must we do to become that. This process must be either led by a person of high moral character (e.g Seretse Khama) or one of unwavering leadership (e.g Paul Kagame). Our current leader has demonstrated she is neither of these no matter how many accolades she receives.

    • @Redguard
      What you have omitted is the perennial island plague… implementation deficit.

  4. “During this month the blogmaster will welcome our usually loquacious Prime Minister to take a pause from her international schedule to include what some in this forum consider important updates”
    I am sure you know the month began with a session at the International University in Miami. Followed by a few days off, possibly for medical checkups, (the current court case re her late brother may provide reason enuff). Then it’s off to COP in Egypt, then an official visit to Rwanda, then to S.Africa where she will deliver the featured address to mark Mandela celebrations. Returning to Barbados to celebrate whatever Nov 30, is officially called by then. I am unsure this is a pause?

    • @NO

      We are at the crossroads and even with nuff hands making light work there is growing mistrust and apathy among the population with government.

      There is a need to reboot although sone will say she and her party received unprecedented mandates in 2018 and 2022.

  5. “Despite the enormous sums allocated to education we find ourselves battling a crisis of leadership at many level in Barbados.”

    these pretenders are NOT in charge of the island’s finances….the Monroe Doctrine is very clear.

    ya don’t tief billions from the economy, mismanage it and then remain in charge.

    along with all the other negatives that befell the island…they are placeholders, decidedly so now due to their corrupt actions, that’s all they will ever be.

  6. @ David,

    I listening to Brasstacks as usual.

    Flooding in St. Peter, Fire hazards in st.Mathias. Problems problems problems

    • @Hants

      We have devolved into a nation of complainers. We are not able to move the needle in the right direction.

    • David, this is one of the results of multiple ‘social media’. The likes, resend, or copies to own account are waaaay higher on complain entries. That is what fuels the narrative? And the algorithms subsequently raise these posts. It is $$$ for many of the account owners. We have 12yo who career ambition is to be an “influencer”.

    • @Hants

      That was a sarcastic comment. The PM is a political animal at all times, maintaining a slim backbench is useful.

  7. We should not lecture our Supreme Leader and Most Honourable Prime Minister on how to run the state, the island and the party. That would be an unparalleled insult. She herself knows best what is good for us.

    In my personal assessment, her grand cabinet has performed brilliantly and I am already eagerly awaiting the new constitution. This New Order will permanently cement the supremacy of our Supreme Leader and transform the emergency legislation into a new legislative power of the executive.

    The time of squabbling parties of the First Republic is over, a new age is coming for Barbados, the Second Republic.

  8. @ David,

    People are complaining about things that require expertise.

    Flooding requires dams to capture water and controlled drainage to direct the overflows.

    Electrical problems need competent engineers and technicians.

    Barbados needs competent government ministers who will give direction to their ministries.

    In my younger days ( teenager ) we used to help fishermen haul up their moses.

    There was one young man who would send 4 of us to the sides and he would lift up the stern himself and we would beach the moses. just saying. lol

    • @Hants

      Do not misunderstand the comment. The observation is not about people complaining but about the environment which we have that has led to it.

    • Hants, the Westminster system attracts politicians. Not competent persons who can do better elsewhere. Hence, the ‘consultants’ is a mix of knowledge and patronage. In any scenario, getting things DONE is not a product of academic excellence nor fancy talk. Some can, some can’t.
      Leaders have to locate the DOERS, or they are doomed.

  9. Be jink, I wudda swear dat the reset button got pushed in January. And effing I remember correctly, dat reset was after the throne speech reset.

    Um ain’t even December and we back pon de same track dat we did pon last year and the year before dat.

    A spade cud never be a shovel. No matter wuh angle yuh approach um from or how much you spin um, at de end of the day um still is a spade. So leh we just call um wuh um is.

    The many hands making light work is a lotta shite talk. wunna know that, I know and you cud bet your last dollar, even Ossie Moore foolish brother knows it.

    You ever had a favourite video tape and kept rewinding and pausing it every time it got to a scene you liked really bad? You could remember what used to happen to the tapes eventually?

  10. A good post.

    Given that we are headed over the cliff mashing brakes and may not be adequate, a course correction is also suggested.

  11. Global north ministers made to look foolish leading up to COP27, when asked by a young Afrikan lady, to thumbs up in answer:

    “do you think that the people who are the least responsible for the climate crisis, are the ones who are suffering some of the worst impact of this crisis, deserve our help?

    everyone did the thumbs up? easy question right?

    2nd question:

    “Will your countries commit to putting money and finding loss and damage for those countries at COP27”?

    uhhhhh…..nah…many less thumbs than should have appeared, coy and shy to raise them…..hesitancy…

    according to the young lady:

    “promises, pledges, sweet nothings” = NO ACTION

    but they got their world stage ponies running hither and yon with the empty promises and pledges…running a con……even though everyone is on to the game…

  12. Cop27
    Barbados PM launches blistering attack on rich nations at Cop27 climate talks

  13. Gettin’ Happy
    I’ma gettin’ happy, no more lonely nights alone I got someone to call my own and now my life is like a song And he helps me sing along, I’ma gettin’ happy Oh, I’ma gettin’ happy

  14. Betta save wunna selves, not a fella int coming to save you..

    ask those in certain areas that are now rapidly going under water, every day. Scientists are now saying it’s out of control.

    Keep listening to opportunistic politicians and watch as the water reaches ya door and start to rise.

  15. Since Pacha seems to be on an extended leave
    “The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) has delivered a strong rebuke of the United States embargo on Cuba, which Havana has demanded be lifted amid an economic crisis on the Caribbean island.

    Overwhelmingly, 185 countries on Thursday voted in favour of a non-binding resolution condemning the embargo, with the US and Israel voting against and Brazil and Ukraine abstaining.

    It was the 30th time the UN has voted to condemn the US policy, which has been in place for decades.”

  16. They can’t get the most simplistic basic things done, everything is a colossal challenge for them decades now, I want to see them holding back the water.

  17. “Ego Oliver on November 7, 2022 at 8:51 PM said:
    1 Vote

    I think the PM is doing a wonder5ful job, and we should appreciate her like the res6t of the world does.”

    You can say what you want. You do not live there. You are not suffering from the unemployment and extremely low wages, plus exorbitant prices for food. You have a big fat Canadian government indexed pension.

  18. LOL
    What the Supreme Leader will discover very soon is that it is one thing to talk big around the shiite journalists in Brassbados – who will all tremble and kowtow when she shakes her scarf…
    Those international journalists are a different kettle of fish however … and half of them are racists… who like nothing better that putting uppity upstarts in their place…
    Bushie hopes that her closets are clear of all skeletons… if she is going around the world getting on like a black hat….

    • Bushie:
      The PM has rather quickly, become the spokesperson for the World – G20, on certain issues.
      And the conversation has as quickly gone from loan capacity, to concessional rates, to extended grace periods to now, loan forgiveness.
      The rubber now meets the road?
      Being black, and female, may actually be advantageous.

    • Today’s Nation Editorial (8/11/2022)

      Devil’s in the detail
      It is vital that Barbadians be given the specifics of how Government intends to achieve these lofty targets ….
      SENIOR MINISTER in the Prime Minister’s Office Dr William Duguid, who has responsibility for coordinating infrastructural projects, sounded confident last Friday when speaking about the major developments and capital works he expected to be on track to boost Barbados’ economic output.
      He was speaking to the SATURDAY SUN during a visit to the Indigo Hotel construction site in Hastings, Christ Church.
      Based on the second Barbados Economic Recovery and Transformation (BERT) plan to be implemented over the next four years, Government will be very reliant on major investments to drive the economy forward. The BERT document produced by the Ministry of Finance, Economic Affairs and Investment outlined that Government was targeting an unprecedented $500 million in annual public investment between 2023 and 2027, and $1.9 billion in private sector investment each year by 2027.
      It is also forecasting that Barbados will get a $1.14 billion foreign direct investment boost over the next five years.
      While all of this sounds good on paper, the devil, as always, is in the detail. It is vital that Barbadians be given the specifics of how Government intends to achieve these lofty targets, which will be heavily dependent on much-improved business facilitation and generally a substantial elevation of the country’s implementation standards.
      On this score, we must also hear more about the new Public-Private Sector Growth Council, which the BERT plan said is to be established by the end of this year. The council, which was also mentioned by Leader of Government Business and new Minister of Energy and Business Development Senator Lisa Cummins last week while introducing a resolution on the BERT Plan 2022-2023, is being set up in the context of the expectation that the country’s economic growth over the medium term will be predominantly private sector-driven.
      With less than two months left in the year, we are yet to hear details on the new council. We have also not heard any senior representatives from the private sector speaking about the proposed council, including their views on its establishment, how it will be constituted, its general terms of
      reference, whether it will be a permanent body, what will qualify individuals to serve on it, and how it will interface with key agencies like the Planning and Development Department.
      This information is necessary, given the big objectives outlined for the council. These include incentivising private sector and public investment in climate- resilient infrastructure; incentivising private sector and public investment in low and middle income housing; investing in skills training and education; mobilising domestic savings for local investment; establishing Barbados as a logistics hub; and promoting economic diversification through developing new niche sectors.
      It is also clear that while it is public-private in name, other partners will need to be involved, including workers’ unions. Such a new body must also not be only about big business. Barbados’ smallest businesses and entrepreneurs must be part of the private sector-led economic growth strategy under the council. Consultation and transparency must be a part of the overall process.

    • Mottley: Act now
      PM suggests plan at COP27 to help small states
      PRIME MINISTER MIA AMOR MOTTLEY wants less talk and more action when it comes to confronting climate change.
      A sombre-sounding Mottley made that clear during her presentation yesterday to the United Nations (UN) Climate Change Conference (COP27) in Cairo, Egypt, where world leaders have gathered to make another run at trying to wrestle climate change to the ground.
      She even suggested how something tangible could be done to help countries, like those in the Caribbean, access much-needed finance to help mitigate the ravages of climate change.
      “We have come here to ask us to open our minds to different possibilities,” she said. “We believe that we have a plan. We believe that there can be the establishment of a climate mitigation trust that unlocks $5 trillion of private sector savings if we can summon the will to use $500 billion of Special Drawing Rights in a way that unlocks private sector capital.”
      Mottley said the time had come for less repeating of all the things world leaders already know, and knew how to affect positively through change.
      She called for oil and gas companies to contribute to the cost of climate change.
      $200 billion in profits
      “The oil and gas companies, and those that facilitate them, need to be brought into a special convocation between now and COP28. How do companies make $200 billion in profits in the last three months and not expect to contribute at least ten cents in every dollar of profit to a loss and damage fund? This is what our people expect.”
      She added that unfortunately, “this world looks too
      much like it did when it was part of an imperialistic empire”.
      Speaking about the uneven playing field that obtained in world economics, the Prime Minister, who last week received the 2022 Champion For Global Change award at the UN Foundation’s annual Global Leadership Awards, said the global north was able to borrow at interest rates between one and four per cent, while the global south was being asked to pay around 14 per cent.
      No need to repeat
      “We don’t need to repeat that this is the COP that needs action; all of us have said that. I don’t need to repeat the horror and devastation wreaked upon this earth over the course of the last 12 months since we met in Glasgow. What we do need to do is understand why we are not moving any further.”
      Referring to when the leaders last met, she noted that “1.5 to stay alive” (the COP’s aim was to reduce ocean level temperatures by 1.5 degrees) cannot be the continued mantra.
      Mottley said the strength of humanity was clear for all to see, since she was standing in the country that built pyramids, and had seen the world rid itself of slavery, develop a vaccine in record time to battle the COVID-19 virus, had put a man on the moon decades ago and was now transitioning to put a rover on Mars.
      “We know what it is, but the simple political will that is necessary – not just to come here and make promises but to deliver on them and make a definable difference in the lives of the people who we have a responsibility to serve – seems still not to be capable of being produced. How many more and how much more must happen?” she said.
      She referred to Barbados, describing it as a small country but one with high ambitions. “The global industrial strategy that we have has fault lines in it. Our ability to access electric cars or our ability to access batteries or photovoltaic
      panels are constrained by those countries that have a dominant presence and can produce for themselves, but the global south remains at the mercy of the global north on these issues,” she told world leaders.
      Mottley asked how many more leaders of Small Island Developing States like those in the Caribbean would have to speak before directors at the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund acted to help them.
      “How many more countries must falter, particularly in a world that is now suffering the consequences of war and inflation, and are unable to meet the challenges of finding the necessary resources to finance their way to net zero?”

      Source: Nation

  19. @NO
    “The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) has delivered a strong rebuke of the United States embargo on Cuba, which Havana has demanded be lifted amid an economic crisis on the Caribbean island
    The US lost over 30,000 soldiers in Vietnam, I visited the Vietnam memorial in Washington where the names of those lost are emblazoned on a wall, yet the US was able to normalize relations with Vietnam despite those losses and its hasty and humiliating withdrawal from Vietnam.

    However, the presence of one million Cubans in a population of 20 million people in Florida and a total population of over 300 million in the US shapes US policy on Cuba.

    Go figure.

    • Sarge, your comparisons are usually ‘spot on’. This one, I’m not so sure.
      There remains huge animosity, and I am being generous, against the Revolution. The Cuban faction, will not permit normalization.
      Now, if Cuba had something the US needed, then maybe.
      And all the pressure is not internal. For example, today, Bacardi is one of the worlds largest distillers. (#3 I believe) Still family owned, still pissed at Castro, and with a huge footprint in the US and territories. And the ‘Periodo Especial’ saw Cuba re-enter tourism. Certain neighbours and “friends” don’t talk publicly, but are very happy Cuba isn’t a potential for US vacationers. That could severely impact them.
      The stalemate will continue?

  20. The COP27 Mules and Ponies Show.

    let them use slick, empty stupid talk as flotation device, don’t make their own preparations..

    ignorance knows no bounds.

  21. Talking about mashing brakes though David
    Can we have a chat about your hero Kellman
    – former government minister
    – Brass tacks communicator
    – know-it-all
    – advisor on NIS investment policy?

    A few years out of elected position ..and his OWN business is being thrown in the streets due to debt?


    But how is he any different from ANY of the other jokers currently running our national affairs?
    Which of them are able to succeed in ANYTHING where their hands are not directly on the treasury and their pockets being lined with bribes?

    What a damned place nah!!??

  22. “Since Pacha seems to be on an extended leave”

    After years and years of interactions, most negative, people tend to reach their frustration limit.

  23. “who like nothing better that putting uppity upstarts in their place”

    my position is simple, i deal in reality and commonsense, which is not common.

    why harangue and harass G7 and G whatever who themselves are now scrambling to gang rape Afrika AGAIN to survive …to do something that IDIOT YOU can do yourself….if only ya had the raw intelligence..

    make preparations to safe guard YOUR PEOPLE…..problem is ya don’t know how…

    stop tiefing from the treasury and pension fund via your well known SCAMS and scamsters….so there will be sufficient funds available for the people who HIRED YOU TO SURVIVE…of course it’s all now IMF LOANS…but tief not want not, yall are the ones manifested your own reality and Karma..

  24. Bushman…ya see….reality will GET THEM each and every time.

    and that’s why as repulsive as world powers can be in their bid to survive, our small time dumbasses WILL ALWAYS outdo them in repulsiveness…

    commonsense is a RARE ATTRIBUTE.

    yes, the last hundred years of industrialization has destroyed the climate, contributed significantly to any natural changes, yes they must be held accountable, but they will claim that these same islands benefitted from the destruction too, they fed your needy, lazy asses, while your only ambition was and is corruption..

    not dissimiliar to you being a co-conspirator and collaborator in your own people destruction for the last hundred years and want your sidekicks to PAY YOU REPARATIONS for your treachery against your people.

    but Karma is more powerful than some slick talking nuisance flyweight lighting everywhere trying to pretend some special powers into being…….and who expect them to pause and kowtow to small island crooks, who don’t know how to stop tiefing..

    when they got BIGGER shit to do like weasel out of the most recent mess they themselves created and got the world turning against them.

  25. but Bushman check this out:

    when they got BIGGER shit to do like weasel out of the most recent mess they themselves created and got the world turning against them.

    ..of which the SAME DUMMIES were a willing and totally voluntary PART OF…ah take it they are looking for payment for that too…

    all types of investigations have started worldwide, am sure they will get the PAYMENT THEY SO RICHLY DESERVE as collaborators and co-conspirators..

  26. Mash the brakes on the Titanic/ Judges need to earn (not expect) respect

    I was listening to a speaker at the recent constitution Commission meeting and he kept referring to punching above our weight. It appears that there are some ideas that remain current regardless of what path we are on.

    It is interesting what we seek to discard and what we desire to keep. Recently we saw that Independence which was a major step in our path toward self-rule was by sleight of hand to become a mere footnote as the idea of being a Republic held Independence in a stranglehold. Who decides what we abandon and what we keep or discard? Is there room for public input?

    Now we see the ornaments of QC being quickly replaced by KC and the question must be asked: And so we call ourselves a republic, but some are unable to shed the vestigial symbols of a dead Empire. One would expect that ’leadership’ on the new constitution and on being a republic would come from those with legal education, but we see them making every effort to hold on to the now tattered/irrelevant QC title. Will we be a republic which picks and chooses what to discard and what to keep? Perhaps you have heard stories of men having expensive looking cars but when you look at the engine it is that of a cheaper make.

    There can be no progress in any of these islands when some hold an honor from a dead queen or her descendant as much greater than participating in the formation of a republic.

    I’ll be honest with you… At this time I cannot tell you what we lost or gained by becoming a republic? I am watching the deck chairs on the Titanic being switched; some are calling for the captain to “mash the brakes’ (throw the anchor overboard), but it would appear that changing direction is not an option.
    A next item which bothers me was some judge claiming that the office should be respected. My contention is that every man/woman should be respected. If those who hold high positions want greater respect then they would act in such a way that they can be respected. Move towards a speedier resolution of cases and claw back money from dishonest attorneys, dispense the same justice to the rich as you do to the poor and unfortunate. Putting on a garment and riding on the back of a crooked wave will not gain you any respect. Respect must be earned, not appointed.

  27. https://barbadostoday.bb/2022/11/06/dominica-prime-minister-skerrit-announces-date-for-snap-general-election/

    It bothers on amusing that we cannot get organizations for regional cooperation to work, but yet we can hastily borrow the election tricks and gimmicks of our neighbors.

    The new game in town appears to be “hold an early election”.. Be it 30-0 or 18-3, the modus operandi is to have an election well before the next one is due.

    By now, it should be clear that the call for a next election does not signal that new radical and progressive ideas are about to deployed, but rather that those in power have run out of steam and must now rely on gimmickry, PR stunts, false promises and demonization of the opposition party. They would attempt to chop ‘the lost 10 years ‘into 3 years of inaction’ followed by ‘3 years of mistakes’ and then 4 years of ‘come what may’

    Of course, they are those wo believe that 2 X 30-0 is better than 1×30-0. They count constituencies won and not positive results. The real calculus is 2 x unproductive = a national waste of time.

    Let the games play on.

  28. https://www.devex.com/news/mia-mottley-the-caribbean-queen-of-cop-27-104246

    I was reading this story and then I saw this
    “Beneath the adulation is a calculated recognition among political leaders that Mottley has reached such heights of celebrity that it pays simply to be seen with her, even if you don’t subscribe to her world vision. At last year’s climate summit in Glasgow, for instance, U.S. President Joe Biden opposed proposals backed by Mottley to hold high-income countries liable for the destruction caused by extreme weather, but held her hand as they walked together, sparking a much-photographed moment.”

    *** Biden trying to ride the magic carpet Mia carries over her shoulder.

    But what caught my attention was the paragraph below. I have always believed that Mia was padding her resume…

    “Her bold oratory has also broken her into the conversation among United Nations diplomats about who might emerge as potential candidates for U.N. secretary-general in 2026. Her name has eclipsed other potential contenders like Costa Rican Rebeca Grynspan, secretary-general of the U.N. Conference on Trade and Development, and Michelle Bachelet, the former Chilean president and U.N. human rights high commissioner, whose prospects for the top U.N. job have been tangled by the power struggle between China and the United States.”

    You go girl.

  29. Manifest Calling (kind of… if you squint a little)
    George Floyd + #BLACKLIVESMATTER = Mia Mottley progression promotion

  30. Theo,…there is an article going around couple days now with Bushman’s friend Petra Wickie starring .. along with other well known public nuisances …this is not the exact text of the heading but you will get the message that goes like this:

    “the wickedness of petra wickie and Dominica the new bajan colony”

    and can be found @ dominicapatriot.com

    don’t let them fool you, they are famous far and wide and not in any positive way..don’t let your heart be troubled they will be no better than what they are, and are just as manufactured by experts.

  31. That is exactly what they thought they could carry into Africa with all the problems the continent already has…they wanted to be the add ons.

    let them keep that WICKEDNESS in the Slave societies that they are polluting and destroying with their small time corruption.

    it’s only since that old article surfaced ya hearing about a snap election.

  32. I happen to be staying in an adjacent island. I took this as an opportunity to look at what is happening in St Vincent, St Lucia and Dominica.

    Like Barbados, the election gimmicks, second class citizens and tourism dependency appear to be an integral part of their national fabric. Different ships with different captains but all on the same course.

    However, it would appear that the contributors to various online news has a little more fire in teir belly than their Bajan counterparts
    “In other words, unvaccinated Vincentians are restricted in our own country by protocols that are not binding on foreigners entering the islands. We are required to agree to weekly testing, masking up at all times and physical distancing or we cannot enter a classroom to teach. As to foreign tourists – no such restrictions exist. This discrimination reflects the unscientific thinking of this government at a time when the science dictates that all covid protocols should be abolished.

    Prime Minister Gonsalves often says that the highest office in the land is that of citizenship. Where is this reflected in his policies? It is clearly not the official position of his Government.”

    Light the truth. Burn, baby burn.

  33. So while the dumb and foolish are basking in false pride and fake glory, the truth is making the rounds of the globe, DAYS NOW.

    dem too love to fool demselves tho…

    • Mottley, Ali in talks to strengthen Africa ties
      THE CARIBBEAN AND AFRICA are making more moves to deepen their partnership, with meetings being held yesterday to commence a pharmaceutical bridge involving the region and Rwanda.
      Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley; President of Guyana, Dr Irfaan Ali; and President of Rwanda, Paul Kagame, met in Sharm El-Sheikh in Egypt on the sidelines of the ongoing United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27) to discuss the furthering of pharmaceutical equity for global public health.
      The three held talks with president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, and director general of the World Health Organisation (WHO), Dr Tedros Ghebreyesus.
      The key recommendation from the meeting was an inter-governmental South-South cooperation initiative aiming at the development and manufacturing of 60 per cent of all essential,
      contemporary pharmaceuticals for the populations of Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa within their respective continents by 2040.
      Initially, the intention is to focus on nextgeneration oncological drugs, preventive and therapeutic vaccines, as well as modalities for women’s health. It is also stipulated that all manufacturing sites related to the endeavour will be in full compliance with the relevant stipulations of the COP21 Paris Agreement.
      The leaders of the countries and organisations have emphasised that all interested countries in the Caribbean, Latin America and African region are invited to join.
      “Today is a truly historic moment as with a great sense of urgency and understanding, South-South cooperation rose to the fore to address matters of global public health,” Mottley said.
      “I want to dearly thank President Ali, President
      Kagame and president von der Leyen for recognising the importance of this venture, and congratulate all stakeholders who have been instrumental in developing this pharmaceutical transatlantic bridge between Africa and Latin America and the Caribbean.”
      Ali said he was glad to be part of the historic venture. “From the outset, I congratulate my colleague Mia Amor Mottley, Prime Minister of Barbados, for stewarding this cause, and to President Paul Kagame for his role in advancing this partnership that would provide the opportunity for the peoples of Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean to have access to pharmaceuticals developed within their own regions.” (BA/PR)

      Source: Nation

  34. For those who don’t keep up with real world news.

    Tthe COP27 Mules and Ponies Road Show feature fraud countries, many of which are preaching climate change fight blah, blah blah, but have imprisoned all their climate change activists…a detail they will never mention at the Mules and Ponies Road Show, but real news media are publishing their lies and hypocrisy.

    btw….no intelligent people would ever trust any medicines coming from any of these frauds ever again, especially the criminal wannabe slave masters and colonizers in black face.

  35. @TheO
    “It bothers on amusing that we cannot get organizations for regional cooperation to work, but yet we can hastily borrow the election tricks and gimmicks of our neighbors”
    It bothers Bushie pass amusing, that we have a set of regional jackasses – who have been unable to get as simple a matter as a Caribbean Court, or Airline, or Ferry service, or even shiite cricket to work …
    BUT who can somehow visualize high level Global relationships with
    “inter-governmental South-South cooperation initiative aiming at the development and manufacturing of 60 per cent of all essential,
    contemporary pharmaceuticals for the populations of Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa within their respective continents by 2040.”

    There should be a law restricting politicians from talking such OBVIOUS shiite- and indeed, from talking PERIOD, unless the damn speech is first vetted by at least a CXC student.

  36. “It bothers Bushie pass amusing, that we have a set of regional jackasses – who have been unable to get as simple a matter as a Caribbean Court, or Airline, or Ferry service, or even shiite cricket to work …
    BUT who can somehow visualize high level Global relationships ”

    they are the latest favorite dressed up monkeys with extremely evil histories and track records trotted out by the usual suspects to fool the people, big mistake, this time around, only imps, fowls, pimps and Slaves would believe anything any of them say, and they are in the minoritiy…the majority carry more intelligence.

    am surprised they have not decked them out in capes.

    “There should be a law restricting politicians from talking such OBVIOUS shiite- and indeed, from talking PERIOD, unless the damn speech is first vetted by at least a CXC student.”

    all obviously a setup by van der SLIME now under criminal investigation in Europe.

    am all for cutting out their LYING TONGUES…oh what a challenge for politicians attempting to tell the next lie and can only GRUNT….the perfect punishment.

  37. So Bushman….wuh do yuh tink?

    “Ms Mottley had a meeting with European Commission Ursula von der Leyen (who is currently under criminal investigation by the European Prosecutor), and Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO) Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus (who’s home country accuses him of misconduct among other) to bring pharmaceutical manufacturing into our country/ries.

    Did anyone ask us ?”

  38. Ronnie O in BT
    “We do not have a republic constitution. We still have a 1966 independence Constitution. The constitution has not fundamentally been changed in any way. The biggest change in the constitution has been the appointment process of the president,” said Yearwood.

    Given 400 questions to answer in 2 hours, the best approach would be to speed read and spend the least amount of time on a question. Try to identify the easy questions…

    For practice
    Which is the easier
    i) create a constitution for the new republic
    ii) do nothing -keep the old

    Which is faster
    i) identify a new day to celebrate becoming a republic
    ii) do nothing – act like a cuckoo and lay your eggs in Barrow’s nest

    Answer key ii, ii

  39. “Mrs. 4.5 BILLION DOSES”….is in quite the pickle.

    wait until her people start hunting her….lawd..

  40. I saw an article where the DLP is asking Mia to tell them of the benefits of her travel to Barbados


    It is good to see the DLP waking up.

    I think the funding of these trips need to be fully explained. It is no stretch of the imagination to think of a world agency paying some costs and our government being billed at the same time. In this case, where there is double payment, is the treasury or the appropriate government agency being refunded or is it the second being diverted to a next person’s pocket?

    That is a dream job… you interview for a UN or some other higher position and two groups pick up the tab for the interview

    Where the hell is that truck that things used to fall off of?

  41. https://barbadostoday.bb/2022/11/15/500-berry/

    It was years ago when we had a Vincentian come to Barbados to cut canes. We were friendly to him but I believe that our pride and prejudices showed. This cause him to tell us “You guys can’t catch me. You are using wind and I am using steam”. We found his remark funny, but he was guarded (cautious) when interacting with us.

    Once again Mia is steaming ahead and around those who would oppose her.
    This $500 may be a game-changer. Is it possible that this payment could change the view of the NUPW in the eyes of some members.

    A story worth following.

  42. Which one are you celebrating?
    Independence Day?
    National Day?
    Republic Day?
    Well, I have divided my Day into three parts and will be celebrating all three.
    Lorenzo, enuff and J2 get an invite to the Republic (6:00- 7:00) and National (7:00-12:00) Day celebration.

    The Independence Day party starts at 1500 hours and goes to midnight.

  43. Still in love

    Dearest Mia,
    We got this wrong :“Strict guardian of our heritage, firm craftsmen of our fate”

    My Dearest, I am proposing that phrase be changed to ‘strict craftsmen of our future, firm guardians of our fate”.

    It is our heritage, but it is an ugly heritage that was forced on us and one that we should abandon. We see now how some moaned and groaned when we wanted to move the statue of Nelson. They saw themselves as guardians of the heritage created by slavery and oppression. They were locked in the past and could not imagine a future where we shredded yokes of the past. And even as you sought to move us to a new future, to that of a Republic, and to remove some of the shackles of the past, again they talked of insurance policy and other nonsense. Their vision of the future is our nation hobbling along fully in the grips of all the chokes in our heritage

    Sweetest, for those two action I am grateful. Now one more task remains. We must change that phrase in our national anthem. We must focus on, protect and craft the future for our island; we must be continually be on guard to ensure that we are masters of our own fate.

    Sweetest Mia, as you can see I have not fully given up on you. I believe that you will come to understand the full power of 30-0 and set our nation on an enlightened past as you abandon the heritage of B & D politics.

    Dearest Mia, you are writing your name on our History’s page but you are falling well below our great expectations. We urge you now to abandon the “for you years” and end your 30-0 leadership with a “for the nation” phase.

    A sincere admirer.
    Our relationship is like a man who got a bad horn but still deeply in love with the woman. 🙂

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