Caswell Franklyn Speaks – LGBTQ+ Agenda Being Promoted in Schools to Minors By Government

Am I missing something, is it that the average Barbadian parent has more regard for politicians than the welfare of their children. When I heard about the so called computer science pre-test and its contents, I was disappointed by the mamby pamby reactions of parents generally. Something as sinister as that test should have awoken that innate instinct that exists in parents of all kinds to protect their young.

I have looked at the questions in what the authorities called a survey and can only conclude that it was a recruiting tool to identify and target vulnerable children. If it were merely a survey whoever administered it should not require the names of the participants. They want to find out: which child thinks of sex a lot; if they are confused about their sexual identity; and then the living conditions. This information alone can easily reveal the identity of the child to target.

To my mind, the survey was designed to identify those children with problems, who would be more likely to be enticed to join the ranks of the LGBTQ+. It could also help to gauge how far Government has to go to implement legislation about gay marriage. This fits into the current administration’s plans to change the laws with respect to buggery. Already, in the last session of Parliament, we have seen Government’s piecemeal approach to changing attitudes of the population about alternative lifestyles. The introduction of same sex domestic partnerships into our laws was just the thin edge of the wedge.

Government, along with its international partners have recognized that the attitudes of Caribbean people to alternative lifestyles are not changing fast enough for their liking, so they are targeting the minds of impressionable ten and eleven-year old children. This is State sponsored child abuse but it seems to be supported at a very high level, so no heads will roll. They are so many things that Government can do for this demographic but it prefers to go after their sexuality. Government should provide educational opportunities and healthcare but leave parenting to parents

It is my understanding that teachers at the schools, where the test/survey was administered, were kept in the dark about the contents of document. I am therefore forced to ask: if there were no evil intent, why the clandestine administration of the test/survey? It was only after a small group of parents objected publicly that we saw several differing explanations and half-hearted apologies for being caught from the Ministry of Education officials and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

After this fiasco, the role of the Inter-American Development Bank must be re-assessed. Is the IDB providing developmental assistance or is it simply contributing to the delinquency of minors.

If I were a Pentecostal preacher, I would say to my followers that all available evidence leads me to conclude that Barbados is firmly in the hands of Satan. I would then be quick to point out that Satan does not appear with a red face, horns and a tail. He could appear as anything, even a woman.

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  1. They were saying this issue was going to be a nine day wonder. The partisans were saying the children were being used as political tools; that the apologies were enough; that we needed to move on ……………..
    Children are not garbage trucks and buses. They are living beings .
    They don’t breathe politics , they live and breathe air.
    More to come

  2. A large cross-section of the Afrikan population have rightly decided that they will NOT BE USED AS A SACRIFICE for Judas traitors and their subspecies of trash masters, for another 100 YEARS… they all did for the LAST 100.

    more power to them..

  3. My personal belief is there is a concerted effort to play catch-up and gather robust numbers to better understand the prevalence of traditionally underground issues like LGBT numbers, abuse, poverty and mental issues which are all notoriously difficult to gather reliable statistics on.

    Our government always felt their statistics are woefully inaccurate but they probably only realised the true gravity of the problem when they stupidly rushed to shutdown the country without understanding how badly they were destroying our fragile society.

    The island-wide house to house survey conducted during the shutdown period forced them to see how little they knew about the conditions we are living under and how close to the poverty most of us live.

  4. The former senator should finally accept an ambassadorship overseas and stay out of local politics. Everything is fine here on our island. Peace, quiet, security and a docile population are the most important ingredients for attracting foreign investors.

  5. @Critical

    The post covid economy is something no one wants to discuss as its a massive can of worms that once open can not be closed. As far as a recovery to the 2019 levels of economy that too is a no no for discussion.

  6. @ Critical Analyzer October 16, 2022 11:25 AM
    @ John A October 16, 2022 11:40 AM

    Although I sometimes support our honourable government on BU, I thought the Corona lockdown was wrong in the first place. We had few Corona casualties but a tremendous amount of economic and human collateral damage. The perverted mask fetish celebrated until recently almost killed our tourism product.

    However, I do not want to blame this very fatal policy directly on our Supreme Leader, but on all those who have been pushing for a complete isolation of our island since March 2020, that is DLP, BAMP and hysterical sections of the population.

  7. I agree fully with the sentiments expressed by Caswell Franklin. It means that the questionnaire has the support of the Government which has won two overwhelming election victories and is now unstoppable, apparaently, in its agenda of following an international agenda for dependant political entitities which parade so called Independence. Unfortunately Caswell Franklin did not abstain on the vote for sexual partners, if I recall correctly.

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    It makes some sense to ask pre-teens various questions.
    Teenagers have an attitude where they won’t answer anything except with another question like “Why?”



  9. @Caswell

    It has been the blogmaster’s observation since the matter broke affected parents have been very strident in condemning the covert execution of the offensive questions in the science pre test that was APPROVED by the MoE. The challenge they are finding is that it will be tough to go against ‘city hall’.

  10. “Children are not garbage trucks and buses. They are living beings .”

    apparently the pretenders don’t think that once the children are of Afrikan descents…..but no more using Afrikans and their children as human sacrifices so that thieves and their subspecies can feed and live large for another 3 or 4 generations…..those who have eyes to see already saw that scam trying to replay…

  11. David,

    I have read through the Aussie questionaire. It would have done just what it was designed to do. It did not shame a child for being heterosexual at all. It encouraged empathy for those who are not and debunked some of the crazy stuff people believe, for instance, that all homosexuals are paedophiles.

    I disagree with showing the teenagers the video of the sliding scale though I am open to the idea that it may be accurate. I didn’t find out about the scale theory until just over a decade ago while doing a course at Codrington College.

    I get it. You guys are homophobes. I am not. It actually makes life much easier. And it didn’t turn my son gay! He simply accepts them for who they are and would only get angry if they made a pass at him.

    • Will try to find the video supporting.

      Donna the blogmaster is about exposing and giving vent to all views once it is done within the bounds of decency.

      The end.

  12. @Tron October 16, 2022 11:46 AM

    By your own admission of consistently referring to our PM as Supreme Leader implies you agree the buck stops at Your Supreme Leader.

    She panicked and dropped the ball when the ultimate decision came her way and did not even try to catch it on first hop.

    She had the whole economy to consider but instead of using the months the planes were not coming to refurbish our crumbling infrastructure and focus on policies to increase local agriculture, she chose to follow the Public Health/BAMP failures and other multitudes to inflict more draconian measures than most countries did.

  13. Honestly, this is the first well-known Barbadian who, in my opinion, attempted to make direct contact with the issue. I will also commend him on the brevity of his post.

    I am somewhat puzzled by the response of those we consider as ‘intellectuals’. Some approach this issue as if it was a hypothetical and produced ‘long articles’ with a few citations so as to appear scholarly. The interest of the children cannot be served by what can be considered as being close to ‘sophistry’

    Good job Caswell.

  14. He is on point. Why here why now. Are we to take whatever the people with the money say or do? I will like to know.
    Where were the principals and form teachers? Why the ministry did not check back after finding out the questions was questionable.
    Will this happen again. Can we stop it from happening again.
    Are we now powerless since we became Republic?. Let the adults make their minds up about their sex. Let our children breath.

  15. I see the same questions being asked by everyone. Time to stop asking questions and ACT. Parents need to take back their homes. No government should be telling you how to run your home, what your children should be thinking or doing with their bodies. Keep prayers in the school. Lastly, GET RID OF THE DEVILS.

  16. Theo…the one people YOU NEVER LISTEN TO….are those who have never even taken a legal course and are NOT QUALIFIED to give any legal opinions…..they do so on negative emotions of not wanting to see another Afrikan person succeed in the corrupt court syste,

    those who don’t know that a civil litigator and a human rights attorney are TWO SEPARATE and DISTINCT SPECIALTIES….and unless an individual has both specializes,…one has NO CLUE what the other does, but ya notice lawyers in Barbados love to stick their mouths in everything that they are not qualified to give an opinion on..

    i remember in my own case, from the VERY NEXT DAY, the negativity surfaced, they knew that i could not win, they knew that i could not fight the corrupt, they knew that the case would go nowhere…..but they don’t ever know these things when the SUBSPECIES on the island and not the Afrikan population have to STAND UP FOR THEIR RIGHTS..then they ALWAYS KNOW these crooks will win….

    I IGNORED ALL OF THEM…and when i won, they got ANGRY…

    never listen to fools who have no clue of what they speak..

  17. “Will this happen again. Can we stop it from happening again.”

    That’s the BEST question asked since all this started, if those who love to jump out with their unqualified opinions knew anything at all, they would know that pushing this human rights violations case all the way to the WORLD COURT…..would SET A PRECEDENT so that there would be NO REPEAT on the island. ever again..

    they know that these same generational BEASTS have been violating Afrikan parents and their children’s human rights for ONE HUNDRED YEARS….but that’s what they like to see and don’t want it to end…

    don’t know how they could feel proud, when EVERYWHERE everyone is crying SHAME and DISGRACE.

  18. …from bad to worser every damn day…
    Bad as this episode has been in exposing our little children’s donkeys to scrutiny by depraved weirdoes,
    It was worth it …. to get de rid of Petra Wicky off the damn airways….

    It is an ill wind….

    Wait Caswell, Bushie thought that you had caught a slow boat to tranquility …and was done did the lotta shiite…??!!

  19. Over a week now some of us here asked the authorities to come and publically state what the objective of the survey was so the matter could be better understood. Mr Franklin today has come and shared his views with us. The onus is now on the authorities and our leaders to step forward and state the objective of the said survey.

    If this does not now occur it means one of two things. One could be that Mr Franklin is correct and the second could be that our employees (said government) does not feel we deserve to be told.

    Choice is now wunna one so pick you poison oh divine leaders and demigods!

  20. “It was worth it …. to get de rid of Petra Wicky off the damn airways….

    It is an ill wind…”

    every cloud comes with a silver lining…

    demon and satanic worshiping has run its course.

    Brazenly messing with innocent children for mutilation, dangerous mind wash…twisted sex crimes that see many of them committing suicide in the countries that started this evil against the earth’s children years ago… guarantees that THIS IS THE END…..for all the black face criminals that colluded and are heavily involved in human rights crimes against children…

  21. @ Critical Analyzer October 16, 2022 12:18 PM

    Our Lockdown mistakes are relative because our markets in North America and Europe were also closed at the time, so almost no one could fly to us.

    Compared to many other countries, I think we have always had very liberal entry rules. Look at Australia a year ago or China today. Those are very different conditions, like in prison.

    So my criticism of the lockdown is more about details and is in no way meant to be a fundamental criticism of our honourable, great government.

  22. @Tron
    I fully expected you would see the brilliance in this pre-test, such that the IDB now ‘owes’ Barbados, and multiple low/no cost loans will be available for a multitude of new programs stemming from the ‘test’.
    The IDB must also find employment for those in the MoE who will be dismissed.

  23. @ Tron

    I dont blame our leaders for the lockdown, I do however feel we fell down when it came to reopening the country for business and as a result have allowed our competitors to get the jump on us in the tourism sector eapecailly.

  24. Bushie

    You said, “ Wait Caswell, Bushie thought that you had caught a slow boat to tranquility …and was done did the lotta shiite…??!!”

    I thought so too but this constant bad behaviour from Government has forced me to put on my armour and get ready for battle to try to save our children from this ungodly lot

  25. The “Gay” “Agenda” has been going on in the West strong for about 10 years
    the Church had to fall in line and turn down their heat to permit gay marriage ceremonies
    there is more tolerance now especially amongst young ones
    although there are more gay scenes and actors on TV which is not my cup of tea so I turn it off

    Liberate (Chilled Sunset Mix)

    Liberate (Son of 8 Extended Remix)

  26. Oh goodness, @Donna I have discovered a mutual sense of WT… with your commentary on this issue. I read Caswell’s piece and I was struck by his assertion that the youngsters were a “target” … I read through the comments and there was yours at the ‘end – beginning actually’ probing the same thing. SMH! Soooo…

    To @Caswell Franklyn via @TheBlogmaster…: in what context or framework would it be practical for this admin or any other to push the LGBQT agenda (which is surely prevalent across many other nations, as noted) by _’targeting’ those so young??_ …. Wouldn’t such a push be better suited to older adolescents ??

    This debate about sexual preferences is an endless one and will never go away but of course what is new is the intention to inculcate these behaviours to our pre-teens.

    Unfortunately, the evidence seems more real every day of a global complicity to push this harsh progressive agenda .

    Just recently a representative in Virginia, US wanted to “re-introduce legislation that could have considerable penalties for parents who do not “affirm” their child’s gender identity.”

    In what can only be considered absurdly ridiculous the congresswoman perceives that such an action where a minor child is allowed to fight against the directives of their parent is valid and sensible and that it would “protect LGBTQ children from their parents and guardians who may not be affirming of their child’s sexual orientation and gender identity.”! That is madness.

    But coming back locally, I can’t perceive our PM as being on such a path nor that this admin could be so out-of-touch of their society to be using this now discredited survey as a tool that eventually get us to such a place where Bajan youth “would be more likely to be enticed to join the ranks of the LGBTQ+. [and] could also help to gauge how far Government has to go to implement legislation about gay marriage.”

    We are definitely joined in a massive social problem which we do have to address carefully but to allege such is surely a leap too far, IMHO!

    • @Dee Word

      Given the homophobia, the PMs predilection etc there is obviously a healthy distrust for government, hence the reference to dumping stuff in the ‘agenda’ bucket.

  27. @ Tron

    I dont blame our leaders for the lockdown, I do however feel we fell down when it came to reopening the country for business and as a result have allowed our competitors to get the jump on us in the tourism sector eapecailly.







  28. I do not buy into the trope that children will “switch” their sexual leanings due to some questions or are traumatised for life now.

    Things unfold and are revealed slowly, the new take away point is parents should not feel ashamed or embarrassed if a child is gay and should show some support regardless of what they feel.


  29. My opinion
    There is no disputing thAt these children were a target. These were who the questionnaire were given to. These children were sequestered from parents, teachers and principal and ‘questionned’. If that is not targeting then nothing is.

    Conspiracy theory, paranoia or in reality, these children were targeted.

    However Donna’s question “Target for what exactly, though?” remains unanswered. But this is the question has been asked before “What was the purpose of objectives of this ‘test'”.

    We wait on the answer.

    There is a quote that I like
    “Just because you’re paranoid, does not mean they’re not out to get you. “

    • Any survey or instrument is designed to ‘target’ a segment of the population to capture data. This is obvious.

  30. Typo Sunday
    But this is the question THAT has been asked before “What was the purpose OR objectives of this ‘test’”.

  31. The problem is introducing these sexual topics to impressionable children minds before most of them even know what puberty is is only a beginning to confusing them.

    With the varied puberty changes, resulting peer pressure and ridicule children already experience, impressionable minds can be groomed into prematurely making life altering decisions about sexual preferences, etc. before they are mature enough to understand the possible ramifications to their future development and health and life options.

    In the US, use of puberty blocking drugs, long term testosterone and premature gender reaffirming surgeries has presented health and other challenges later in life they were never warned about.

  32. @TheOGazerts

    That is the exact question the Minister of Education must be tasked to provide an answer to before all else.

    “What was the purpose and objectives of the questions?”

  33. I still have a clean slate.
    There has been a lot of talk, but answers are not forthcoming.
    Apologies have been made, but it is not clear what the apology is for.
    The process?
    The questions asked?
    Do we really know what the questions are?

    If some will go so far as to hide their questions from parents, principals and teachers, is it beyond the realm of possibility that they would have a ‘back-up’ test to show if their subterfuge discovered.

    I make no assumptions. I Accept no explanations l. Without answers, I am still in the realm os speculation.

  34. Schools are responsible for children’s development which includes mental health and interacting with each other.

    A ‘healthy’ gay path seems to about realisation, acceptance and coming out
    ‘society’ can be scared and hostile to gays and make them social outcasts
    an unhealthy route can be shame alienation or victimisation subjected to violence

  35. “Apologies have been made, but it is not clear what the apology is for.”

    entirely SORRY THEY GOT CAUGHT….

    and from information circulating…..they got NUFF to be sorry about…and need to be made EVEN SORRIER..

  36. entirely SORRY THEY GOT CAUGHT….





  37. The same politicians tell them who and what they are, slaves, fowls, useless breathers with short memories as designed and bred, but when we tell them the same thing, they want to cuss us.

    case in point…the very same “not bout here” artiste…SITS ON THE IADB BOARD of governors….what SHE DID, her primary role in all of this, is a talking point in several circles..

    “Bajans have been accused by politicians as having short memories – nine-day wonders to be exact.

    Bajans have been accused by politicians as being gullible. Party slaves! One politician in Barbados has openly said that anything major in Barbados must come through her. But that seemingly has been forgotten.”

    and they got on ITV London and told the WHOLE WIDE WORLD that the Afrikan population in Barbados are slave minded..

  38. @ Caswell’
    Your heart is in the right place,
    but even if you were Hans Brinker, you have to know that the ‘finger in dyke’ Dutch story was just another albino-centric fabrication.
    You will not be able to plug the hole that has opened in the Bajan (& Global) Dyke – it is too late,
    ….and there are too many brass bowls who are digging more holes every damn day….

    But nothing wrong with doing a Don Quixote on some satanic windmills…

  39. Christian childcare teacher who refused to read LGBT books to kids sues after being fired: ‘Blatantly illegal’

    A California childcare teacher sued her former employer last week after she was allegedly terminated and mistreated because of her religious objection to reading books to children featuring same-sex couples.

    Nelli Parisenkova, who is being represented by lawyers with the Thomas More Society, worked four years at Bright Horizons Children’s Center in Studio City and cared for children aged five and younger, according to the complaint she filed Thursday in the Superior Court of California.

  40. Am I missing something, is it that the average Barbadian parent has more regard for politicians than the welfare of their children.


    It is really simple.

    We got an unconstitutional parliament, and it is doing dixie as any reasonable person would expect.

    From the moment the GG swore in 29 ministers of Government on 27th May 2018 the bona fides of any leader of the opposition evaporated because he could not claim to represent the group acting in opposition to the Government.

    Reverend Joe was a charade.

    When he appeared in the GG’s front house he should have been run down the gap.

    No leader of the opposition, no opposition senators and no Parliament.

    This time around the charade has been dispensed with and no one is fool enough to pull the stunt Rev Joe pulled.

    It seems as though the GG and opposition senators have more regard for politicians than citizenry of Barbados, of which children form a part.

    Just for citizens to ask the court to declare everything the unconstitutional parliament has done as null, void and of no effect.

    Why would you expect to parents to even care about their children if they can’t resolve something as simple as this?

    Caswell is really the last person to try and take the high road.

    He lost that right long ago.

  41. @Caswell “to implement legislation about gay marriage. This fits into the current administration’s plans to change the laws with respect to buggery. ”

    I believe that government should implement legislation to permit gay marriage. However I don’t know how government will manage to drag notoriously marriage shy Bajan men to the altar, or magistrate’s office. Lol!!!

    Why is buggery still against the law when consensual buggery is NEVER EVER prosecuted??? So I say legalize buggery between consent ADULTS in the PRIVACY of their homes.

    Men and women are equal under Barbados’ law so how does the Barbados government get away with threatening to punish men who have sex with men, while women who have sex with women are giver a free pass???

    Some gay men should take the government to court for this long time discrimination.

  42. That said the survey was badly constructed and badly written. Whoever at the IADB wrote it or paid a contractor to write it should be fired.

    My main problems with the survey:
    Asking for identifying information.
    Calling it a computer science pre-test when it was in fact a psychological survey. I don’t like deceit from anybody.
    Asking questions about seeing and hearing things which aren’t there.

    The children should NEVER have been asked to put their names om the survey form.

    The survey should NEVER have been presented as a computer science test. That was deceitful and nasty.

    11 year olds are not as obsessed about sex as middle aged men [and women] who are beginning to lose it,

    Nobody except my sexual partner or my health care provider can ask me “how often do you think about sex?” and expect a truthful answer. My sex life or lack of it is my business. Why would I discuss such things with strangers and put my name and address on it too?

  43. @Critical Analyzer October 16, 2022 11:25 AM “traditionally underground issues like LGBT”

    When has LGBT ever been underground in Barbados? I left my rural elementary school in July 1962. One of our teachers was a lesbian. The children knew. She was a good teacher. Made it to principal too before returing honourably.

    In the early 60’s my mother was coming home from a Church Army meeting one night when she saw one of our gay male church going neighbors parked out with a gay male {married to a woman] Cabinet Minister.

    When were LGBT issues ever underground in Barbados?

    My perception is that Americans and Europeans think that LGBT is an underground issue in Barbados. I know both Americans and America well, and I know some of Europe and Europeans fairly well and when it comes to LGBT issues Barbados has historically been far more liberal, far more accepting, for more tolerant of gay people that either America or Europe.

    But then Americans and Europeans like to think that they know everything. Didn’t they think that Columbus discovered a new world?? Wasn’t this world not always here? Weren’t millions of people not living here already?

    Hey tomorrow is Columbus [the fraud] Day.

  44. @ Cuhdear Bajan
    “”My sex life or lack of it is my business.”
    Your sex life shiite!!
    Somebody would waste time asking you about that?

    Think people blind and foolish?
    If you had a sex life you would not be here every damn night going through all the old posts one after the other nit picking….

    Wuh part EXACTLY you live?
    Where to get off the ZR?
    Bushie knows EXACTLY what you need….

  45. @Bush Tea October 16, 2022 10:14 PM “Bushie knows EXACTLY what you need…”

    But sadly for you [happily for me] you are in no position to meet my alleged “needs”

  46. Another thing. I would much prefer that a gay man marry another gay men, than for either of those gay men to marry my daughter, granddaughter, sister, mother, aunt, grandmother or me.

    And make our lives a living hell.

    I mean which of you guys really want your daughters to marry gay men?

  47. This is what would give me satisfaction.

    Have each of our 30 MP’s answer the same questions as given on the survey and starting on November 1st publish their answers in the Nation, the Advocate and Barbados Today. One day for each of the 30 MP’s, saving the best for last. On Independence Day the PM should provide the whole country with her answers to the survey. All MP’s should include their names, dates of birth and home addresses.

    What a wonderful Independence present that would be.

  48. @The Blogmaster, yes ‘to ‘target’ a segment of the population to capture data’ is a plainly obvious interpretation of that word but that’s to literal re the question being asked, I would imagine.

    In simple terms there is really no doubt in my mind regarding “What was the purpose or objectives of this survey” … my concern is why the terrible subterfuge and deceit in collecting the names of minors on such a survey! That is the egregious illegality that MUST be addressed and for which serious grueling legal .work is needed!

    Additionally re your comment about “homophobia”. I really was unaware that it was yet so problematic in BIm considering how more pervasive same sex unions are currently. I imagined most people had come to a level of ‘acceptance’ on the subject.

    As a nation you know that we have come a long way on this point … for example, from the amazing/interesting/confusing/… discussion led by the clergy of the day about the use of condoms in prisons; about gay cruise ship excisions with Bdos as a stop and more. Also at the national level we have always tended to treat our same-sex relationships by using a variation of another US military dictum: “don’t ask, don’t tell”!

    Afterall, we had a Dep PM who was allegedly gay; we have had Ministers so alleged and now of course our current PM is allegedly disposed to sapphic interest; so that we are still so homophobic is a lil surprising!

    Oh, re the survey: It was done for the same reason of all survey: to gather the data points. The govt does WANT to get a handle of the pervasive nature of the prevailing sexual inclinations of the youth.

    I can’t see how or why they would need to use such a public engagement to identify specific chidden as a target for any sexual nefarious, satanic acts when that could have been managed quite successfully on a very private basis … so the conspiracy stuff is purely creative fantasies gone wild, as far as I can determine!

  49. The “Gay” Agenda of the Western Hemisphere is more often a tactic to minimise the “Black” Agenda
    “Blacks” are enemies and frenemies and Intel is needed on Blacker Blacks

    They dance like they have crabs in their pants and are a ball of fire
    Funky Punk all dressed in junk just get on down move like monkeys

    Funky Punk

    Ball Of Fire

  50. Will we agree to suck salt?
    THROUGHOUT HISTORY we will find a plethora of individuals who have died rather than surrender their beliefs.
    Barbados has come to a crossroad. Our minister has probably proceeded along the path to be taken by the new world and we are calling for her head. That she says that she will not resign probably is in conformity with the expressed path suggested in the Throne Speech some time ago. In fact, as a matter of solidarity, all of the ministers should resign if she is forced to resign.
    If asked, my opinion is that she has been following the script laid out for her by our Parliament and resignation will solve nothing.
    We have been told that the Ministry of Education had asked for certain questions to be omitted but they were not. This shows a persistence on the part of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). It is only when the survey was brought to public attention that the furore started.
    The real issue is the survey on children and the possible harm of confusion on their psyche. It does not seem that the issue of homosexual behaviour, practices and same-sex marriage are in question.
    From when I was a boy growing up we have had homosexual men and women in our midst. We even had them living together. It is now pure hypocrisy pontificating even from the pulpit about the harm done to our youth. Go ahead and seek legal advice if you want. It is not a legal question but a moral one and morals are the purview of the individual.
    The world is changing, and leading the charge are the bigger countries. They can do so because they hold the purse and veto strings. They also are the breeding grounds
    of new modes of behaviour as LGBTQ people gain more followers and power. Right here in Barbados we have been toying with the idea of sanctifying the legal coupling of man and man, woman and woman. Indeed, we have started the process already as we recognise the living arrangements of a man and a woman living together for five years.
    Are the churches involved now that children are targeted? But children were involved long ago. How dare the churches now get involved when there have been so many scandals of all denominations at the highest levels all over the world, especially led by the Catholic Church and its hierarchy? Look at the latest in Canada. Churches in Barbados are no different from the allegations levelled worldwide.
    Churches have dropped their standards possibly because of dwindling attendance, and are allowing previously regarded ‘sinners’ not married and sometimes living as same-sex couples to partake in holy communion.
    Barbados’ or Barbadian protests will not change the direction in which the world is going. The world is becoming more tolerant, more diversified. The bigger countries are leading the way. They have the power and dispense the finance. We need the money in order to fix roads and make ends meet. We either tow the line, we seek other lenders or our vulnerable people go under. If Barbados were to declare that it would go it alone, we may starve. Look, our currency is propped up by international loans, including from the IDB.
    Our Prime Minister sits on the IDB board and should be fully aware of the requirement of the questionnaire. But she cannot overrule the board, especially when she is fighting for concessions for Barbados in terms of qualification for assistance in a matter of high individual earnings. So what is she suppose to do? Fire her minister who may be following her
    Personally I deplore the hypocrisy of our preachers and churches, although some people get some form of solace from their words. The benefits derived by many of the preachers seem to be the raison d’être more so than their belief in their promises of salvation.
    Many of our ten-year-old boys and girls could ace the questionnaire with parental consent superfluous. Living conditions in many houses and the interaction at schools among youngsters may make our protest about the questions rather hypocritical. This is especially so as Barbados has a reputation throughout the Caribbean that has been dogging us for many years. Like in other things we may be forced to conform. Maybe for now Ghana might fudge it alone, but Ghana has gold and cocoa.
    Many of our parents should ask themselves if answering the questionnaire would have influenced their lives one way or the other.
    You cannot appear on the world scene and then say that you are not playing by the rules. We have seen this with our tax arrangements. Barbadians, wake up!
    Harry Russell is a banker. Email

    Source: Nation

  51. Everyone is on the radar nowadays
    Data collection is a part of society
    Even in remote Little Islands
    Perhaps David Bu is a spy


  52. Recommended Reading
    Like the youths of today
    Some here do not read books
    but scan internet for extracts

    This is a white take on a black thinker
    to rebut the wisdom of an African American

    Afrocentricity vs. Homosexuality: The Isis Papers

    This is a black take on a black song that put the singer on the white man’s radar
    Boom Bye Bye (Karaoke Version With Background Vocals) (Originally Performed By Buju Banton)

  53. “Oh, re the survey: It was done for the same reason of all survey: to gather the data points. ”

    So now we know the purpose/objectives of the survey. It is these bland statement that catch my attention.

    I end here, but there is more I would like to (or could) comment on, but it would appear as if I was making it personal.

  54. Jamaican youths ride the Punnany Riddimin to be a dancehall roots and culture murderer

    Gimmie Punnany

    Gimme Di Money

    Question: How Can you tell if someone is Gay? 🌈
    Answer: Their dick tastes like shit 🍆 💩

  55. “I can’t see how or why they would need to use such a public engagement to identify specific chidden as a target for any sexual nefarious, satanic acts when that could have been managed quite successfully on a very private basis …”

    Please indicate what could be more private than
    (1) not informing the parents
    (2) excluding the teachers
    (3) excluding the principals
    (4) misleading our Min of Ed
    (5) bringing in your own staff to administer the survey.

    I am not imputing any motive to the survey. I still have a clean slate on that matter, but I cannot accept what is being peddled as answers
    “Any survey or instrument is designed to ‘target’ a segment of the population to capture data. This is obvious.”

    The children were targets in every sense that the word can be used. Why must we debate the word ‘target’. End the speculation and tell us why their were targeted (purpose/objectives).

    Without information from the source of why these children were targeted everything is a conspiracy theory. The theories differ in only how mild/radical they appear.

    Have a great day y’all

  56. The story has been in circulation longer than the few days some (or I) expected.

    (Conspiracy theory or fact) There is a high probability that it will die without any more information being given to the public or anyone being fired.

    We must not allow others to hasten the death of this story. From Day 1, I have seen it being wrapped in a nice tidy package so that it can be shelved
    Somehow, the issue continues to live on.

    You don’t have to buy what I or anybody else is selling. Think for yourselves.

  57. LOL @ Cuhdear
    “But sadly for you [happily for me] you are in no position to meet my alleged “needs””
    The bushman won’t want to be charged with involuntary-elderly-woman-slaughter at this stage.
    ….So Bushie was planning to send Artax….
    ha ha ha

  58. Q: Where did you get your data?
    A: From the File
    I got so much information my hard drive is full so I uploaded all of it to my brain
    They wanted to give me Beta Blockers to wipe out my memory
    But it is coming back to me again in dancehall and reggae lyrics
    Jazz is the Teacher Funk is the Preacher
    Didn’t I show you the way to Glory
    Didn’t I teach you the way to Love
    Now you learned call me Teacher
    Teacher Teacher Teach us to dance to Rockers
    I’m all around teaching music
    now you learned to call me Teacher
    Teacher, Teacher

    Little John, Billy Boyo, Toyan

  59. “To my mind, the survey was designed to identify those children with problems, who would be more likely to be enticed to join the ranks of the LGBTQ+. It could also help to gauge how far Government has to go to implement legislation about gay marriage.”

    The former senator and POTY is just a plain old homophobe. How many underage girls over the years have been lured by men of all ages, including many with the same views and of a similar age as the former senator and POTY, due to problems at home? But somehow according to him the survey is designed to be used exclusively by homosexuals to target young children? So is the former senator and POTY saying paedophilia and/or a penchant for minors is the exclusive domain of, or predominated by, homosexuals? Is he saying that all or most of the personnel involved in the survey are of the “alternative lifestyle” and either paedophiles or have a taste for minors? Some should stick to reading laws and commenting. In closing, most of you in here supporting this non-evidenced, illogical fuckery, are proud citizens of countries where gay marriage is legal and LGBTG+ rights are protected by law. If these simple features of a country’s laws are so egregious and deleterious, why none ah wunna ain’t leffin Toronto, Hotlanta, London etc? 🤣

  60. Harry Russell should stick to banking issues – especially focusing on his role in Barbadians losing the BNB.

    Caswell’s analysis makes so much more sense than his pithy, puerile, nonsense that it is becoming much clearer now why Bajans no longer own a bank.

    There is a HUGE gulf between a period of Barbadians TOLERATING some sexual deviants in the society (a sign of tolerance, openness, and self confidence) and the current situation where the damn DEVIANT freaks are seeking to set the RULES of the society…..

    …unless of course you are a blind brass bowl.

  61. Why the former senator and POTY could only see lechery? Nothing about discovering all the other possible truly traumatic events that a child may be experiencing whether at home, school or church? Thankfully, the younger and more enlightened in Bdos as a whole do not share the former senator and POTY’s ignorance.

    • @Enuff

      Why is the matter still occupying the public space a couple weeks later? Are you saying the government has no tolerance for the views of different segments especially the middle aged and older? Is this why we are yet to have heads rolling down Constitution River? Hope the BLP is not allowing itself to wallow in arrogance. If so there will be a price to pay.

  62. @ Enuff
    Boss….. you KNOW that Bushie is your pal…
    Better go back to your short posts…. your skirt is beginning to show….

  63. DPD,

    OLD FARTS and RELIGIOUS ZEALOTS have not come to full acceptance of homosexuals. Most of them are not openly hostile when confronted with them but are side-swiping judges and gossips and resistant to Government granting them equal rights or FULL CITIZENSHIP. They are supposed to accept being legislated into freakhood, tolerated once they live quietly and do not declare their homosexuality or demand equal respect as human beings.

    So… virtually. nobody is singing “Boom bye bye” but ……

    Incidentally, my son was given that Buju Bantam song as an example for his CXC SBA in either Social Studies or English. I still have the handout here.

    My problem with the survey remains the deception, the lack of preparation by professionals, the lack of consent, the exclusion of principals, and mostly THE IDENTIFICATION BY NAME.

    Then of course, there is the age appropriateness. I would not have introduced such at that early age. I don’t believe most of our children are thinking about these matters at that age. Some are but not the vast majority.

    I think in my son’s first form class there was ONE girl who was waaaaaay ahead of the rest. The others could not understand her thinking. The teacher called in her parents.

  64. Quantum Psychology: How Brain Software Programs You and Your World
    by Robert Anton Wilson
    Throughout human history, thoughts, values and behaviours have been coloured by language and the prevailing view of the universe. With the advent of Quantum Mechanics, relativity, non-Euclidean geometries, and non-Aristotelian logic, the scientific view of the world has changed. This book aims to change your way of perceiving yourself.
    While Quantum Mechanics, relativity, non-Euclidean geometries, non-Aristotelian logic and General Semantics have revolutionized our view of the world, the habits of daily human thought still sit deeply rooted in the thought patterns and linguistic conventions of the middle ages.
    Through an introduction to E-Prime (English without use of the verb “to be”), the Eight Circuits of the Brain Model, and the labyrinth of Quantum Mechanic’s various views of reality, Quantum Psychology can help your brain improve your perception of yourself and the world.

  65. “I regard belief as a form of brain damage.”
    ― Robert Anton Wilson

    “Wilson managed to reverse every mental polarity in me, as if I had been pulled through infinity. I was astonished and delighted.”
    ― Philip K. Dick

  66. ROMANS CHAPTER ONE – VERSES 18 – 32 (FROM THE MESSAGE BIBLE) covers the long tragedy of human existence, as it meanders into a final apocalypsus & a looming terminal human collapse…

    Ignoring God Leads to a Downward Spiral

    18-23 But God’s angry displeasure erupts as acts of human mistrust and wrongdoing and lying accumulate, as people try to put a shroud over truth. But the basic reality of God is plain enough. Open your eyes and there it is! By taking a long and thoughtful look at what God has created, people have always been able to see what their eyes as such can’t see: eternal power, for instance, and the mystery of his divine being. So, nobody has a good excuse. What happened was this: People knew God perfectly well, but when they didn’t treat him like God, refusing to worship him, they trivialized themselves into silliness and confusion so that there was neither sense nor direction left in their lives. They pretended to know it all but were illiterate regarding life. They traded the glory of God who holds the whole world in his hands for cheap figurines you can buy at any roadside stand.

    24-25 So God said, in effect, “If that’s what you want, that’s what you get.” It wasn’t long before they were living in a pigpen, smeared with filth, filthy inside and out. And all this because they traded the true God for a fake god and worshiped the god, they made instead of the God who made them – the God we bless, the God who blesses us. Oh, yes!

    26-27 Worse followed. Refusing to know God, they soon didn’t know how to be human either—women didn’t know how to be women, men didn’t know how to be men. Sexually confused, they abused and defiled one another, women with women, men with men—all lust, no love. And then they paid for it, oh, how they paid for it—emptied of God and love, godless and loveless wretches.

    28-32 Since they didn’t bother to acknowledge God, God quit bothering them and let them run loose. And then all hell broke loose: rampant evil, grabbing and grasping, vicious backstabbing. They made life hell on earth with their envy, wanton killing, bickering, and cheating. Look at them: mean-spirited, venomous, fork-tongued God-bashers. Bullies, swaggerers, insufferable windbags! They keep inventing new ways of wrecking lives. They ditch their parents when they get in the way. Stupid, slimy, cruel, cold-blooded. And it’s not as if they don’t know better. They know perfectly well they’re spitting in God’s face. And they don’t care – worse, they hand out prizes to those who do the worst things best!

  67. @ Enuff
    As expected from a similar homophobe.
    LOL….You know Bushie well…..
    Sodom and Gomorrah !!!!

  68. But by the time they are in their midteens, they are well aware of all sexual aspects of the survey but would DEFINITELY HAVE OBJECTED to putting their business on paper and CERTAINLY would not have put their names on it.

    Besides which, many of the young schoolgirls are openly exploring lesbianism. So my son AND OTHERS tell me. The boys are more hesistant to declare but many are still identified.

    You old farts should know that the IDB doesn’t have to push any agenda here. The young people are waaaaaay more accepting than you lot.

    By the time you are in your dotage, you will be ranting and raving and unable to do one damn thing but live and let live!

    But back to the survey- this is a matter for Barbadians to resolve. I detest outside interference. Ultimately, it does more damage as it stimulates fierce resistance. If they want acceptance for LBGTQ etc. etc. etc., the best thing they could do would be to butt out and allow us to get there on our own.

    These clowns never learn.

    • @Donna

      Is it a fair conclusion to make that Barbadians have demonstrated an inability to resolve complex problems? Take for example the precarious financial state of the country. Our inability to maintain ownership of key businesses re strategic assets and so on. Is this why we are susceptible to external interventions?

  69. @ Terence
    Romans Chapter 1; 18-32
    Says it ALL – with impeccable eloquence.
    Brassbowlery explained.

  70. “OLD FARTS and RELIGIOUS ZEALOTS have not come to full acceptance of homosexuals.”

    10 years ago the Bu fambily were about 20 or 30 years on this subject matter but there has been some progress
    I think Doctor Dictor orator dictoris said it was the beginning of the end
    but it could have been Micro Mock Engineer or the other one of triumvirate who’s name I cannot recall

  71. The rules LBGTQ etc. etc. etc. are attempting to change are those which currently discriminate ahainst them.

    Black people should understand well how that goes.

    My only problem is with transgenders wanting acceptance in areas such as women’s sports which would then discriminate against women born as women. And bathrooms.

  72. Here is a Gay Anthem
    for all you Bu raging

    Losing My Religion / R.E.M.

    Oh life is bigger
    It’s bigger than you
    And you are not me
    The lengths that I will go to
    The distance in your eyes
    Oh no I’ve said too much
    I set it up

    That’s me in the corner
    That’s me in the spot-light
    Losing my religion
    Trying to keep up with you
    And I don’t know if I can do it
    Oh no I’ve said too much
    I haven’t said enough

    I thought that I heard you laughing
    I thought that I heard you sing
    I think I thought I saw you try

    Every whisper, of every waking hour
    I’m choosing my confessions
    Trying to keep an eye on you
    Like a hurt, lost and blinded fool, fool
    Oh no I’ve said too much
    I set it up

    Consider this
    Consider this the hint of the century
    Consider this the slip
    That brought me to my knees, failed
    What if all these fantasies come
    Flailing around
    Now I’ve said too much

    I thought that I heard you laughing
    I thought that I heard you sing
    I think I thought I saw you try

    But that was just a dream
    That was just a dream

    That’s me in the corner
    That’s me in the spot-light
    Losing my religion
    Trying to keep up with you
    And I don’t know if I can do it
    Oh no I’ve said too much
    I haven’t said enough

    I thought that I heard you laughing
    I thought that I heard you sing
    I think I thought I saw you try

    But that was just a dream
    Try, cry, fly, try
    That was just a dream
    Just a dream
    Just a dream, dream

  73. For the record, I feel like Tantalus
    “Tantalus (Ancient Greek: Τάνταλος Tántalos) was a Greek mythological figure, most famous for his punishment in Tartarus: he was made to stand in a pool of water beneath a fruit tree with low branches, with the fruit ever eluding his grasp, and the water always receding before he could take a drink.”

    I have long felt that homosexuals should be afforded the same rights of all citizens. Who they chose to marry or have sex with was their business. That was the end of the discussion for me.

    Naturally, I fully accepted transgender folks as it was clear to me that some people are trapped in the body of the opposite sex; Here I am using a male/female construct. Yes, I believe a person being on the LBTQ+ side of the spectrum should have the same rights of any citizens.

    Some would ignore the person standing in front of them and retreat to a number of biblical phrases.
    To them the truth and reality is found in the pages of some book and not in the world that they live in.

    Having accepted the LBTQ+ classification, I still have difficulty with the notion of gender fluidity. Perhaps, I am trapped in the same way as those who would turn to the good book. They want to use only two categories (male/female); I am willing to admit that there are more than two categories, but I want to assign a person to just one category.

    I think I have fully accepted the notion of homosexuality in all of “its forms”. I am struggling to understand the notion of gender fluidity. A I see us progress down this avenue, I wonder what is coming after gender fluidity.

  74. WILL GOD APOLOGIZE TO THE INHABITANTS OF SODOM & GOMMORRAH? Some believe He will have to unless “DIVINE INTERVENTIOIN” is swift… I am so glad that “GOD” is not like man & that His MERCIES* endures forever!!! How much longer He tolerate our “MESS” can be debated all day long!!!

  75. @Cuhdear Bajan October 16, 2022 10:06 PM

    It is true the LGBT lifestyle has never been truly underground but neither has it been as frequently pushed in our faces as much as it is now. Bajans are discrete by nature, if we have not eaten for the last two days, we don’t walk around blabbing it to total strangers.

    There appears to be a concerted effort by multiple unknown forces to influence our traditional bajan values and culture with other values and systems we are not accustomed to by trying to make them seem more mainstream than they truly are.

  76. I feel like bombing a Church, because I know the preacher is lying.
    So who’s going to stay at home, when the freedom fighters are fighting.
    The LBGT community has become more radical and cancel celebrities.
    Did God invent the universe and all that is in it?
    Did God invent Gays?
    Should Gays be excluded from Church?
    Should Gays become celibate Priests?

  77. @Donna October 17, 2022 7:24 AM

    Besides which, many of the young schoolgirls are openly exploring lesbianism. So my son AND OTHERS tell me. The boys are more hesistant to declare but many are still identified.

    Do you think that is because they always had those feelings or is it because they are constantly being assaulted with it at every turn in various forms of media so they feel they must cave to peer pressure?

  78. Was Jesus and his Disciples Gay?

    “”Let Mary leave us, for women are not worthy of life.”

    “When they had finished eating, Jesus said to Simon Peter, “Simon son of John, do you love me more than these?” “Yes, Lord,” he said, “you know that I love you.” Jesus said, “Feed my lambs.”

    “As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

    “Whoever loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of me, and whoever loves son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.”

    … Jesus asked Judas, “Are you betraying the Son of Man with a kiss?”

    History has it that biblical heroes such as Moses, Aaron and Jacob, left this world for a better one as a result of a kiss from God. Many ancients felt that the ‘kiss’ signified a death of the past, a renewal of self, and a rebirth into a higher world.

  79. Nothing in Barbados is a surprise. The “HEAD” of the nation is a modern-day #JEZEBEL whose #SAMESEX propensities have catalogued a long historical track record of insalubrious debauchery (evidenced way back before she became PM) with an encyclopaedia size documented paper-trail of offenses, but because of who she is, (like many leaders around the world) including #MarioBergoglio – remain “UNTOUCHED” by “COMMON LAW” or “INTERNATIONAL LAW”…

    If the “HEAD” is corrupted & “BAD” – the body will inevitably be in disrepair (dying a slow death of metastasis & vascular decline) … Until she “REPENTS” & turn from her “WICKED” ways – the “PROPHETIC LENIENCES” of the “ELIJAH” will apply to her & all who are like her (as the nation’s conga line gyrates – lock, stock & barrel to decline into virtual perdition)!!!

  80. LOL
    Just the thought of a bunch of clueless brass bowls who are incapable of even managing their OWN money –
    so foreigners own ALL their shiite banks…

    Incapable of running their own utilities –
    So foreigners own their telecom, electricity and insurance businesses (making record PROFITS for themselves every damn year)

    incapable of even providing their own damn FOOD supplies….

    ….BUT they somehow KNOW what is ‘right and wrong’ about FUNDAMENTAL issues that have been LAID DOWN by the CREATOR – who initiated everything that exists….

    The ARROGANCE is actually impressive.

    We don’t know SQUAT about basic issues such as balancing our little personal and national budgets, but we feel able to CHALLENGE rules set by the CREATOR….

    Good luck with THAT shiite!!

    Bushie CHOOSES to go with the RULES laid down by the BIG BOSS who created every shiite…

  81. “I am struggling to understand the notion of gender fluidity. “
    perhaps you do not need to understand the notion of gender fluidity.
    (unless you want to take a walk on the wildside)

    Let It Be / The Beatles

    When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me
    Speaking words of wisdom, let it be
    And in my hour of darkness she is standing right in front of me
    Speaking words of wisdom, let it be

    Let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be
    Whisper words of wisdom, let it be

    And when the broken hearted people living in the world agree
    There will be an answer, let it be
    For though they may be parted, there is still a chance that they will see
    There will be an answer, let it be

    Let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be
    There will be an answer, let it be

    Let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be
    Whisper words of wisdom, let it be

    Let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be
    Whisper words of wisdom, let it be, be

    And when the night is cloudy there is still a light that shines on me
    Shinin’ until tomorrow, let it be
    I wake up to the sound of music, Mother Mary comes to me
    Speaking words of wisdom, let it be

    And let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be
    Whisper words of wisdom, let it be

    And let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be
    Whisper words of wisdom, let it be

    Walk On The Wild Side / Lou Reed

    Holly came from Miami, F.L.A.
    Hitch-hiked her way across the U.S.A.
    Plucked her eyebrows on the way
    Shaved her legs and then he was a she

    She says, “Hey, babe
    Take a walk on the wild side”
    Said, “Hey, honey
    Take a walk on the wild side”

    Candy came from out on the Island
    In the back room she was everybody’s darling
    But she never lost her head
    Even when she was giving head

    She says, “Hey, babe
    Take a walk on the wild side”
    Said, “Hey, babe
    Take a walk on the wild side”

    And the colored girls go
    “Doo do doo do doo do do doo…”

    Little Joe never once gave it away
    Everybody had to pay and pay
    A hustle here and a hustle there
    New York City’s the place

    Where they said, “Hey, babe
    Take a walk on the wild side”
    I said, “Hey, Joe
    Take a walk on the wild side”

    Sugar Plum Fairy came and hit the streets
    Looking for soul food and a place to eat
    Went to the Apollo
    You should’ve seen them go, go, go

    They said, “Hey, sugar
    Take a walk on the wild side”
    I said, “Hey, babe
    Take a walk on the wild side”, alright

    Jackie is just speeding away
    Thought she was James Dean for a day
    Then I guess she had to crash
    Valium would have helped that bash

    She said, “Hey, babe
    Take a walk on the wild side”
    I said, “Hey, honey
    Take a walk on the wild side”

    And the colored girls say
    “Doo do doo do doo do do doo…”

  82. And here we go again. The same monotonous bull shit. Those living in other countries where homosexuals and others marry, should leave those countries because they oppose an invasive deceptive survey/ test that was given to children in Barbados.
    Man, these clowns will sell their parents if it is to protect their political parties.
    Another ignorant argument goes something like this:
    Many of the children who took the test / survey come from homes where they are exposed to open sex activity and there are some who are already fooping. They come from homes with a big lotta people. The inference here is that they come from the lower economic/social order, so this is no big thing. Pure bull shit.
    They are still children and because they have been exposed to these things or live in such environments ,does not mean they should be abused in any form , whether it is home or school. Their rights must be respected whether they come from the gated communities or one roof houses with the doors and windows falling off.
    But this kind of social profiling and basically using people’s poverty to deny them their rights is now accepted.
    For those with their well appointed homes; their children in separate bedrooms with all the expensive cell phones and smart televisions ; living what they consider the good life; bragging about the brilliance and bright futures of their children are forgetting one thing: with a twist of fate where the hell would they be this very morning.
    Stick to the facts: Our children were deceived by those entrusted to protect them and if we think they should get away with an arrogant excuse called an apology, just say so and stop presenting nonsense to hide your obvious desire to protect the decadent political class.
    And don’t remind me : this kind of blatant shit happens elsewhere.
    More to come

  83. Our time is limited here
    We don’t know when we will take our last breath
    But we do know that we are all here for a reason
    So take this focused energy and kindness in your heart
    and go on with the rest of your day
    doing what needs to be done
    Take a big energising breath in and hold
    let it out in 3..2..1

  84. My impression was that the BL&P before it became whatever it is today, was largely owned and operated by local interests.

    Maybe it was a facade.

    The phone utility was largely foreign owned, C&W, and went through various name changes. No way we could claim to have the technology or the associated capital to make a go of it

    The forays into banking by local interests usually ended in theft, collapse and loss of the depositor’s money, Penny Bank, BNB and whatever.

    You’ll find the political elites associated with these failures.


    JohnJanuary 22, 2019 7:24 PM

    Do you believe everything thing you read on Google or what people post to incriminate others on social media sites?


    Course not!!!

    But there are historical gems that come to light like these two links to legal documents will give you the flavor of the familial links to the Penny Bank. formed in the early 1940’s.

  85. You would have thought that after Trade Confirmers and The Cotton Factory in the 80’s, the collapse of Plantation’s Ltd in the 1990’s that we would have learned.

    Turns out we walked straight into CLICO, led by our political elites and we watched as the whole economic scene collapsed and the formers owners decided to sell and move on.

    I never have imagined such a thing could happen to Barbados when I was a boy, but it has.

    It is what it is.

    If HA were still on BU he would say Barbados is a failed state, but then so is the UK where he took up residence and it would be just a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

  86. “Or the devil could be bigoted, bitter “unionists””

    Are you saying that the so called radical thinkers of Barbados are regressive backward buffoons with underdeveloped brains?

    Tear Down the Walls

  87. The only country that is fighting the decline is America and only because it still has a large portion of its population that doesn’t think the way other people think in this world.

    It is under the same threat to which all other countries have succumbed, eaten out from the inside.

    We have as an example from the fight the parents in the US have put up to reclaim control of the education of their children we can follow or ignore.

    Their success is possible anywhere that parents/citizens are prepared to fight for their country.

    Stick to the basics and this evil will be defeated.

    America as it has always done is showing what determination can do.

  88. David
    I like how you side-stepped the gist of my contribution. Your mention of ignoring groups is also rich since you appear keen for a group that includes young, middle-aged and old to be ignored. But I’ll repeat what I’ve said on a previous blog: I disapprove of the process, but still see nothing wrong with the questions. I also doubt there’s any high incidence of trauma. The people speaking loudest have their agenda, which is to promote their political party and/or belief that homosexuals are waiting to pounce on children (see the lead article). They and those on this blog should pay more attention to the percentage of “alternative lifestylers”/”deviants” included in the murder statistics (victim or perpetrator) versus those graduating from university. Wunna may realise that some of these same “deviants” are the ones currently giving wunna injections, prescribing meds etc or will be doing so in the near future.

    • No enuff, questioning what seems to be a dismissive response by you to the issue being discussed. The challenge must be to build a society that is as harmonious as practicable. No group left behind.

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