45 thoughts on “Uganda Bans identifying as LGBTQ

  1. It is a rightness for Afrikans to delegitimization the cultural penetration of empire, by all means.

    Wish they could also ban Christianity, Islam, Judaism and other forces inimical to development with Afrikan characteristics.

  2. We may add that the death penalty for homosexuality has been on Uganda’s statute books for a very long time, so those who feel entitled to superimpose themselves on others, instead of keeping their personal business private and strictly amongst the likeminded, better brush up on each individual country’s laws. A life sentence is now involved for promoting such.

  3. Apparently Ghana is also presenting a bill today for legislation against such promotion. ..prison terms 5 and 10 years. Tryiny to save the traditional family.

    I dont think anyone cares about other people’s private and personal lives except the maliciously mischievious…i think the problems arise when the attempt is made to impose lifestyles on others.

    Where is Bushman to give us his thoughts..

    • WW&C
      Obviously somebody cares or there would be no issue. Plus you already know Bushies views on the topic.
      Also, Kenya, who shares a border with Uganda, is reportedly on the verge of similar, at least verbally, with similar opinions towards the LGBTQ have been expressed.
      And guess who two major supporters are? The Evangelistic right from the West and Russia, via it’s Embassy there.
      Times and topics where east vs west, get fuzzy.

    • You know, it’s all good to have a harem of women as your own; trim the sexual organs of women (female genital circumcision) and such but same-sex interactions are an abomination!

      Not sure what’s the impetus of the recent spate of legislation but this issue has long been a problem across Africa … it’s taboo they believed to consider that such would happen and was long criminalized — who can forget Robert Mugabe railing against this ‘white disease’ … alas, it’s also nonsensical!

      How on earth can physical desires – as abhorrent as some may consider them to be – be simply the acts of the white colonists.

      Whatever … here we are now … so absolutely you have to carefully enjoy your sexual positions and partners if travelling to Africa and even to the US or end up dragged to death behind a car, shot in a night club, imprisoned or if you are absolutely daft, caught-in-the act tried, convicted and … executed.

      Nothing new here, truly!

  4. Northern…i think all Afrikan countries are taking a serious look at preserving the traditional family however they can. Kenya’s laws already leans toward the death penalty, am sure they too are reinforcing legislation.

    Ya know there is always a grey fuzzy area…

    “Obviously somebody cares or there would be no issue.”

    There would be no issue at all if people did not feel that million year old cultures and traditions are being threatened.

  5. My one comment
    I suspect many of these countries have bigger problems than who a person is sleeping with or what a person calls himself/herself, theyself/LBTQ+ self.

  6. Yolande Grant – African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on March 23, 2023 at 12:50 PM said:
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    Apparently Ghana is also presenting a bill today for legislation against such promotion. ..prison terms 5 and 10 years. Tryiny to save the traditional family.


    So why does Ms. Mockley have a love affair with Ghana?

  7. I suppose the next scam involves Ghana ..the gold coast..i actually have a bloodline running through there…..and with France in the mix…who knows what nasty affair the two are plotting and against whom.

    Anything is possible with wannabes….as i nearly paid with my life multiple times to learn, one or two others lost theirs in the process……when I was involuntarily and UNKNOWINGLY FORCED into a competition i knew NOTHING about over people i NEVER KNEW existed…all in a bid to get close to Massa and delete any interference in their ambition to sit in the center of Empire…..even if it meant destroying family members that they, not me, knew about, based on information they have, hope it’s HAD now…on Empire..

    Ya dont get more demonic, despotic and diabolical than that..and am still pissed at Owen Arthur for not giving us the FULL details on that criminal evil, could have saved much grief…because i kept asking about it and no one would talk. They can keep it to themselves now as they deserve to let it eat them…in their bid to be slaves, imps, pimps and fowls.

    ..hope they did not take out any million dollar loans in anticipation cause i will make sure it is never repaid..

    • If this was Barbados legislating such laws it would be accused of backward, turdworld and other disparaging labels. It is a country in the mother land therefore all is quiet on the eastern front.

  8. The West likes to have stock soundbites to reel off in criticism about other nations and individuals as propaganda to kill balanced debate, such as Women’s rights was used retrospectively as an argument for illegal war in Middle East and Anti-Gay laws was used as propaganda against Russia in 2014 Sochi Olympic Winter Games during the original Russia Ukraine rumble. No doubt they will stereotype the Continent of Africa now for not kowtowing to their diktats. “They” banned and blacklisted Sizzla and Buju for batty bwoy lyrics.

  9. Barbados dont even want to take down their criminally evil 1661 Slave Codes that so destroyed our earth and Afrikan descents and STILL negatively impacting …what legislate anti-gay laws what, did they not just legislate pro-gay laws because that is what they wanted based on local lifestyles…i did not pay much attention since i dont insert myself in the personal and private lives of others..

    But Afrika has ALL RIGHT to preserve their million years old cultures and traditions and dont be cowardly and accepting of others..when it goes against indigenous beliefs and customs…as FREE, INTELLIGENT, INDEPENDENT MINDED PEOPLE…who are sovereign.

    Pacha…i dont even expect this to be understood..

  10. Pacha…about a month ago i called for the death penalty for white racism, white apartheid and white supremacy, based on happenings in South Afrika and some provocations from some white supremacists on a platform..

    I do believe all alien religions should be banned on the continent specifically, that are based on fantasies, thousands of years of fairytales and no reality/spirituality.

    Dont mind the laughable bullshit artist articles on spirituality seen on here, weeee know they have no clue of what they speak…never will….

  11. de pedantic Dribbler March 23, 2023 4:40 PM #: “You know, it’s all good to have a harem of women as your own; trim the sexual organs of women (female genital circumcision) and such but same-sex interactions are an abomination!”

    @ de pedantic Dribbler

    The irony and hypocrisy is not only striking…… but, amusing as well.

    Although I personally find it disturbing that a woman or man wants to dress and identify as a man or woman respectively or they being involved in same-sex relationships, it is that individual’s ‘personal business.’

    ‘At the end of the day,’ he/she has a fundamental right to make those decisions.

    I’ve seen some people highlighting the UN Charter of Human Rights, while advocating them for the elderly, disabled, children and even indigenous people, but are refusing to accept the fact that those same rights are applicable to the LGBTQ community.
    That discrimination against LGBTQ people undermines the human rights principles as outlined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

    If we accept it is established in international human rights law, (which is essentially based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international human rights treaties) that:

    (a). The Universal Declaration of Human Rights includes the right of every person to life, privacy, health and equality before the law, as well as the right to freedom of expression and freedom from discrimination and violence, including torture.

    (b). countries are obligated to promote and protect the human rights of ALL persons without discrimination.

    …… then, surely countires are legally required to safeguard the human rights of LGBTQ persons as well.

    • @ de pedantic Dribbler

      I don’t know what happened that ‘a’ appeared in the name section, but, the above contribution to you was from me, ‘Artax.’

  12. South Africa has a tolerant / gay culture.
    The danger is these anti-gay excuses can be used for real Wars or Economic Wars and Sanctions or Denial of Aid by West if they don’t do as they say.
    Although the conservative far right in USA are as extreme / religious nut jobs anyway when it comes to freedoms of individuals.

  13. Well i guess folks gotta get TOTALLY independent if they want to preserve customs, cultures and traditions.

    That would mean BANNING ALL raw and natural resources from leaving the continent, am sure some countries already started as reported recently. Afrika has the resources that everyone wants…meaning they have the upperhand.

    Manufacture, distribute within Africa and everyone will have to settle for and buy the finished products. No more freeloading, tiefing and exploiting.

    for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

    Don’t know why this is even an issue. Everyone got work to do and things to fix…the gay issue is not the biggest problem. It’s just a matter of leaving people alone to live the life that makes them happy.

  14. WW&C
    You are clearly conflicted on this topic?
    One cannot leave people alone to live a life which makes them happy, while also banning that lifestyle which they choose, by making that lifestyle illegal.

  15. Northetn…am not in the least bit conflicted….Afrika has long held beliefs and traditions…that MUST BE RESPECTED….while i realize there are gay communities all around….and people who dont tolerate them exist..they should find a middle ground…but trying to force such lifestyles on people who are not accepting is not the answer….so far, that strategy is backfiring in the west with terrible consequences…so WHY force the same on Afrika…

    They are the ones poured BRIMSTONE AND FIRE on homosexuality in their bible …the same hypocritical churches who ENGAGED in it while bombarding gay people with hell and damnation, they still have NOT removed those segments from their bible but doing an about face because it suits their agendas…it’s THEIR RESPONSIBILITY TO FIX THIS…i am just giving my thoughts…certain things i dont take sides in…that’s why it seems to you like conflict…

    Wuh i dont see them so eager to do away with the Slave system or Slave Codes or POVERTY…and that’s why i dont think this issue is as important as the aforementioned unless the hypocrites who demonized homosexuality in the first place, act.

  16. When i say the hypocrites should act, i dont mean by convincing everyone that they are actually gay people not straight, and everyone should now accept a gay world.. i mean educate and compensate those they terrorized for centuries while being GAY THEMSELVES….and hiding in closets..

  17. Do you get it now Northern….people did not just wake up one day and started hating gay people..ig was a process.

    .the churches, the vatican..spent centuries of time on .indoctrination and brainwash…they even proclaimed homosexuality a SIN in their bible, an abomination they said, while pedophiling to their hearts content…now acting as though they are not the ones behind hatred for gays…now they want everyone to unlearn the brainwash and hatred for gays cold turkey…

    ..this is their crime scene, not the people’s …they are the ones to clean it up..

  18. Btw…it’s the SAME bible they introduced to Afrika..the Negro Slave bible with hatred for gays…..biting them in their ass now….lol..

    Now they are trying to change the script quick..

  19. I know, i know, the vatican and curches thought they were going to get clean away with projecting their centuries old crimes of instigating hatred against gay people and projecting it unto the people they brainwashed and indoctrinated to hate gays…but not a chance…some crimes and sins from hypocrites can never be forgotten or forgiven.

    Listen to a REAL EDUCATOR…the ones ya got in various ministries of miseducation int worth shit…never did, never will…all they do is mislead, misinform and hide their crimes.


  20. Changes in thinking are generational, where historical prejudice against Gays is more embedded within conservative elderly mindsets and younger generations are more liberal tolerant and open minded. This kind of stuff has been going on since the beginning of time anyway, but was hidden away as an Underground culture.
    You cannot Police bedrooms.

  21. The White World had a choice to make about addressing their inherent racism for the last 500 years and/or their prejudice against homosexuality and decided to decided to promote the minority gay rights issues in order to deflect from their repugnant racial bias against the majority of the human race, the people of colour. It is the same old world order that is promoted today across Anglo links in English speaking colonial lands. These people are prejudiced against ‘immigrants’ but treat Australians like their own.

  22. It’s not my place to judge. People personal lives is their business. My problem with this group is their wanting to push their lifestyle on others and claim mass persecution and victimization. My 80+ years mother’s clothes maker in her younger days was gay. She didn’t like the lifestyle, all and sundry knew, but he was simply the best. He made the clothes, chose all the accessories. He dress she proper. I don’t diss my friends who are either. It’s none of my business

  23. Pacha…when i was posting on the topic, that Europe already recognized that the horsemen of the apocalypse were riding all along since last year, the little boy fake doctor fake bible scholar know it all idiot who knows nothing at all had talk….too like to see their nuisance selves type shite..

    You were right, under the right circumstances, there is a chance for a nuclear blast..

    “Nuclear Warning Issued To Ukraine Over Crimea

    Any Ukrainian attempt to capture Crimea could be met with a nuclear response by Moscow, former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has warned on Friday, explaining that any attempt to break off part of Russia would be considered as a threat to the nation’s existence.

    “There are absolutely grounds for using any weapon here,” he said. “And I hope our ‘friends’ across the ocean understand this.”

    Medvedev however dismissed the likelihood that Ukraine would carry out an attack on Crimea, asserting that “this is propaganda and should be treated that way, during war it always exists.”

    Every day that Western weapons are delivered to Ukraine, the closer the world moves towards a “nuclear apocalypse,” adding that “it doesn’t mean that this will happen, but the horsemen of the apocalypse continue to move.”

  24. @WW&C
    You make several valid points. Your separation is based on Ugandan (Afrikan) beliefs and traditions.
    As such the decision of the Ugandan authorities is based solely upon these and no external influences, such as a religion and it’s accompanying written words or beliefs.
    Hence I am unsure what is being forced upon whom. The decision, as stated, is “homosexuals will have no space in Uganda”. They become like the South Asians in the 70’s?

  25. “Hence I am unsure what is being forced upon whom. The decision, as stated, is “homosexuals will have no space in Uganda”. They become like the South Asians in the 70’s?”

    Unfortunately that’s how it’s playing because it’s seen as being forced on people so they are taking a stand. There are still several Afrikan countries that are not so rigid..

    Who can blame them, would you want some vampire beast pretending to be female attacking, beating and biting out the private parts of your female relatives all in the name of having gay rights…

    Uganda is ALSO protecting its population from violent rapists and pedophiles…who have no problem exploiting these opportunities…with horrifying consequences to their victims…then claiming gay rights.

    This is a double edged sword created by the vatican and churches centuries ago…the religious crime scene of hating gays…..that they are trying not to be held accountable for….and immense pressure should be put on them…to clean up their crimes.

  26. In response to an earlier comment …

    Some only remember this part of the phrase “My country, right or wrong”.
    But the whole phrase is “My country, right or wrong; if right, to be kept right; and if wrong, to be set right.”

    It should be goal of every Barbadian to set it right and keep it right. Instead we hide behind as set of old cliches.

    We claim that we punch above our weight even when we see others in our weight class are punching just as hard as we do.

    When a wrong is observed and cannot be denied then instead of attempting to set it right we go to great efforts to point out the same wrong is also happening elsewhere.

    We would willingly accept praises from the US, but if a US report contains the a statement we do not like (even if we know it is true), we will point out how bad and how wrong the US (often) is.

    We have good laws and legal processes, but, often we do not enforce these laws.

    We have a two- or three- tier system of justice. The worst being justice for those who are poor, sick or victimized by the legal powers that be.

    We announce new processes/initiatives to fix old problems, but what we are doing is simply making the old problem a new one; we are not fixing anything.

    We practice kicking the can down the road; it is something that we are good at. We do not solve problems; we duck and dodge until it becomes the problem of the next administration.

    We automatically elevate our leaders to genius level. The product of their efforts may not be at that the level, but no one dares says “the queen has no clothes”.

    It is simply amazing that we continue to exist in the face of so many issues. Surely, there must come a day of reckoning.

    Our motto: “Never put off till tomorrow what may be done day after tomorrow just as well.”
    ― Mark Twain

  27. Uganda is ALSO protecting its population from violent rapists and pedophiles…who have no problem exploiting these opportunities…with horrifying consequences to their victims…then claiming gay rights.



  28. (1) was trying not to comment.. “but the violent rapist and pedophiles” is sheer nonsense”. Will not comment anymore..

    ” such as a religion and it’s accompanying written words or beliefs.”

    Yesterday, I was listening to public radio and it was hinted that some of these policies are being supported by radical Christian evangelist from the West. These politicians minds are still play pens for some.

  29. Northern….i know you have not swayed yourself into believing that gay people are harmless saints and dont commit heinous sexual crimes…after all…they are only people….with all the foibles that brings….did they not just give one 8 years in prison, he sashays around as a woman, but raped two women and carries that history…many stories abound. Was another one not drugging and raping MEN, just got jailed. They can be just as dangerous and destructive as straight people, given personalties and character types…


    “John2 on March 25, 2023 at 11:08 AM said:
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    Uganda is ALSO protecting its population from violent rapists and pedophiles…who have no problem exploiting these opportunities…with horrifying consequences to their victims…then claiming gay rights.


    Stay the fcuk away from me, i want no discourse with your type.

  30. The vatican Will never preach hate for gays. The May not like or approve of the act But the vatican is supposed to be christian and practice GRACE .
    Not THE LAW which is being used incorrectly on this topic

    Note. The vatican i Do not support. Same vein as the monarch.

  31. Rapidt are a problem all over the world. It is not anyting NEW that Uganda or any other country gitta Ban gays to protect themselves from

    • Real transformation

      If you are a descendant of enslaved and/or colonised Africans, it makes sense that transformation be your goal. You are a result of the largest and most devastating mass transformation event in recorded history.
      Actually, its insufficient to call it an event. An event has a known beginning and a known end. The end of the transformation which began with colonisation and the transatlantic slave trade has not yet been reached.
      In some quarters, the enslavement and colonisation of Africa is called the Maafa. This is a Swahili word meaning “The Great Disaster”.
      This Great Disaster is ongoing.
      The Maafa has environmental, economic, political, social, cultural and psychological ramifications. We’ve come a long way.
      However, much of the damage that was done has become entrenched across generations.
      The more the world transforms without us specifically addressing the lingering effects of the Maafa, the more deeply entrenched and normalised that damage becomes. Rather than being seen as damage, the negative transformations become simply, the norm.
      Lingering effects
      The dismantling, transformation and recreation of African, economies, governance, culture, societies and psychologies so that they could be fully exploited by Europe was the goal of slavery and colonisation.
      The Africa and Africans which we see today are not only the remnants of precolonial nations
      and societies, they are also the remnants of colonial recreations. Before the coming of the European much of Africa did not exist as we know it today. It goes without saying that Barbados is also a colonial creation.
      If you are a descendant of enslaved Africans your first ancestors on this land did not think of themselves as Barbadian. They may not have even thought of themselves as African. Their transformation was a forced transformation which took a long time to take effect.
      Battles for emancipation, liberation, independence and other layers of freedom are battles for the right and ability to transform ourselves of our own accord. We did not transform into what we are currently overnight nor by decree. And we will not transform into what we want to be overnight nor by decree either.
      Arguments about, “nutten ain change since we become a Republic,” have lost the plot. Getting rid of the Queen as head of state was one easy step in an ongoing process of transformation that started long ago. And even that simple step was met with controversy and rumblings.
      If transforming the head of state was so problematic, what about more complex areas for transformation, like the educational system, the political system, the economy and such? The same psychology that had some holding on tightly to the helm of the Queen of England’s garment, afraid of letting go, or at least, not seeing the necessity or benefit of letting go, will be at work with other areas of transformation.
      In order to transform systems, we will have to transform people.
      Systems are a product of people. There can be no new systems unless the people that create them are new or at least thinking in new ways.
      Here is the problem though.
      The colonial project, the Maafa, is constantly transforming. We are continually swept away in its tide and transformed with it. We pat ourselves for being able to keep up with the colonial agenda, or as some would call it, global standards.
      But it is possible that all that may mean is that we are maintaining our place in the colonial pecking order, while helping to maintain the colonial order itself.
      If transformation does not mean transforming the colonial order or at least our relationship to it, it is not really transformation. This transformation in the colonial order means transformation of individual mindsets. It is everyday people who will transform this Great Disaster into a Great Triumph.

      Adrian Green is a communications specialist. Email adriangreen14 @gmail.com

      Source: Nation

  32. This is not a comment on AG’s article. It is a general comment.
    AG often makes contact with his subject matter. When he misses completely, his work still has some sense and purpose. You may see the flaw, but there is still some education value in his content.

    Always sensible and readable.

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