Only Bout Hey

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Only bout hey, can you rattle off a list of 40 supermarket items, but yet the supermarket total bill remains as high as ever.

Only bout hey, can a utility take money to invest in its operations, and then look to take more money years later to invest in the operations it never invested in.

Only bout hey, can a “consultant” resort to going to court to recover money from a project of which he was the Executive Chairman at the time and whose lawyer now sits in the big Chair.

Only bout hey, can the former MoF who oversaw NIS money going to a failed project become one of the country’s chief advisor on economic matters in Washington.

Only bout hey, can the Auditor General do his job year after year, only to be told year after year, we will not do ours.

Only bout hey, does a GoB claim that the systems are the problem, not the people abusing it day in and day out.

Only bout hey, can we see an increase in Covid cases and deaths, but the CMO remain behind the laptop in his office.

Only bout hey, do we send indigenous sheep to another country, instead of strengthening our own local market first

Only bout hey, can a MoT in thong and feathers say how glorious the season is, only to see the stats and stakeholders saying completely the opposite.

Only bout hey, would we depend on a single industry, watch it get decimated, then resort to depending on that single industry AGAIN

Only bout hey, can a minister not know the real or estimated cost of the largest National Identification Card project in our history.

Only bout hey, can we have three investigations into a juvenile penal institution, only to be told again…..Coming soon.

Only bout hey, can we promise 10,000 houses when we can’t even repair the 100 or so from Elsa over a year ago.

Only bout hey, can a MM vilify a MM, only to give the second MM business and concessions both in Bridge and George Towns.

Only bout hey, can a Minister of Energy lambast ordinary citizens for speaking out about energy on behalf of ordinary citizens while hugging the cloak of Parliament

Only bout hey, can a GoB devalue people’s bond investments, then ask the same people to invest in bonds

Only bout hey, can school be starting in 4 weeks and no one knows how school is starting

Only bout hey, can major education reform be in the works, but no one in education knows anything about it

Only bout hey, do we hail national athletes when they win, yet do nothing about the national stadium to help others to win

Only bout hey do we claim not to have known the NIS was in trouble, then come to the people who will suffer as a result to offer solutions.

Only bout hey, can a non-national be arrested for 3+ million dollars in drugs, and no local person at all be connected to the arrest.

Only bout hey, can “certain” major court cases disappear or be squashed, yet minor first time offences end up on remand.

Look, I gone.

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  1. Not so Observer

    You may think so because these are close

    It’s worse than you presuppose

    They kinds uh things are happening everywhere else too.



  2. Good to see that you can detect TRUE Brassbowlery JO.
    Well described.

    Pacha is wrong about its pervasiveness….

    Other people just do shiite.
    Some do REAL shiite…

    But, as you so eloquently expressed, ONLY Bajans do Brassbowlery at this level…

  3. @Bushie
    After years of avoiding that simple factual statement it seems I have to relent and agree

    It’s almost as if we have become numb to it and believe a press conference here, a town hall there, a party in between and a 64 page hurriedly put together response to the Auditor General will save the day. big stewpse.

    Just observing

  4. “Only bout hey can issues be well documented and folks don’t give a damn”

    oh you noticed…

    the depopulation program does not sound like a bad idea at all……how could a people be so far removed and DETACHED from their own demise….

    WHY DO THEY EXIST….to be trampled continuously by the judases in the parliament and their minority criminal sidekicks….sit and take it, attack anyone who points it out and declare “it does happen everywhere.” WITHOUT ACTING in CONCERT to fight back..

    then they want to blame hardcore survivalists who USE THE OPPORTUNITIES THEY THEMSELVES PROVIDE them voluntarily……….but naturally SIT ON THEIR ASSES LIKE COWARDS who can only attack each other…instead of protecting themselves and each other…

    “You may think so because these are close

    It’s worse than you presuppose”

    Pacha……referring once again to a document i read this morning…they cannot say that they GOT NO WARNINGS…

  5. “ya have a brain…or are supposed to….to talk and post shite all day long….use it to IMAGINE THE WORSE…”

    you keep saying (over and over, again and again) that Government or minority people are not chosen for their roles based on meritocracy

  6. I see some beloved and esteemed “mentor” beat De Country Cunt to it!




    LOOKAH ENGLAND WATER INFRASTRUCTURE OLD OLD OLD AND LEAKING! In times of plenty water they did not plan for the drought, although it has happened before.

    Lookah Texas electricity infrastructure! Last year dem haffa bun dum furniture to keep from freezing. Some din mek it. Dum haffa melt snow fuh drink.

    At de end of it all, dum get big big electricity bills.

    Dum din prepare fuh dat kinda winter, doah dum had one not too long ago.

    Apparently, they have done nothing to upgrade again.

    So…… not excusing any of the “brassbowlery” that I see going on BOUT HEY, I OBSERVED with my own eyes but waxed not nearly as poetic.

    But lookah how de stupid Europeans now scrambling for gas to save their asses from freezing in winter, after letting the Warring States of America lead them into a de facto war against the Russians on whom they depend for life-preserving gas.

    Brassbowlery is global! So much for “things were better under de white man.”.

    “God is an Englishman!” said the English.

    “God is a Bajan!” said the Bajan.

    Yuh see weh we learn de brassbowlery from?

  7. Brother Bushie

    How many countries have you lived in, travelled to, worked in, in the last 20 years?

    As a professional do you regularly have cause to analyze, synthesize, the forces at play?

    It is a cop out to opt for the quick answer. However, when a more sophisticated level is applied the truth about problems can best be understood.

    Barbados has never been a unicorn for either the best or worst.

    And while we respect Observer’s right to poetic license, there remains an ocean between that and perceptions about reality.

  8. I recommend some very deep research by all the stubborn ones who insist that it is only bout hey-

    Go to Youtube and watch the hilarious British sitcom – Yes, Minister and Yes, Prime Minister!

    Daily we speak about how the English beat the African out of us. Daily we speak about cultural penetration from the US of A. Daily we speak about how they have taught us to hate ourselves and see ourselves as inferior. Yet we fail to see how that would also have taught us to see ourselves as uniquely brassbowled.

    Untangle wunnuh brains, nuh!

    Into whose culture have we been indoctrinated????

    I can tell you exactly when I realised who are the biggest BRASSBOWLS. It was a night only seven years ago when, in teaching my son the science syllabus that his teacher neglected to teach him. I came across some articles online that allowed me to know that there are people who build nuclear plants with no safe way to dispose of the radioactive nuclear waste!

    Do we have nuclear plants in Barbados?

    Brassbowlery gone NUCLEAR long time ovuh in away!

  9. By the way, the boy came first in science that year with only two weeks of teaching by me..

    With the highest mark of only 68%.

    Now that was indeed the result of the brassbowlery of our civil service!

  10. “And while we respect Observer’s right to poetic license, there remains an ocean between that and perceptions about reality.”

    due to lack of certain information that he is not likely to get his hands on…..the missing pieces.

    • @Enuff

      What do you want us to say?

      Will the AG be given the resources that office has been asking all these years?

  11. @Pacha

    Name ANY of the other (admittedly) shiite countries where EVERY SINGLE productive sector of their (shiite) economy has been HANDED OVER (not those taken ‘vi et arms’) to foreign owners, who then extract millions in foreign exchange, that the locals previously raised through prostitution …oops Tourism, and now have to resort to BORROWING to pay these FOREIGN profits?

    Name ONE!!!

    Name ONE other that, (after Barrow and Tom Adams,) was actually ACCUMULATING profit -making assets such as BS&T, Bartel, BL&P, Mutual, etc etc … that subsequently HANDED those valuable assets over to STRANGERS for a pot of porridge…. and are now paying through their noses …and donkeys….

    The WHOLE of Europe is up shit street…. BUT THEY control their own shit… and will die to do so…

    The USA has become a global embarrassment .. BUT it is Their OWN shit that Trumps them, and THEY will destroy the world to retain that RIGHT.

    Even in the Caribbean, most other countries are in more control of their own mess… In fact, Trinidad controls theirs and OURS too…

    It takes a special level of ‘mind slavery’ to be SO comfortable to have OUTSIDERS running our food supplies, hotels, telecommunications, electricity, banking, Insurance … charging whatever they like, …giving the best jobs and contracts to their compatriots, (obviously) – and confining locals largely, to maids, porters and security workers.

    As Bob Marley said, When the mind is ‘in chains’, it is not even possible to comprehend the concept of freedom.

    Now we have sunk to the depth where we have ‘leaders’ actually talking about ‘bringing outsiders’ – apparently to improve the breeding stock….

    PLEASE – explain to a ‘FREED MIND’ like the Bushman, how we can POSSIBLY go any lower….

  12. What a ting nuh!

    “Barbados has never been a unicorn for either the best or the worst.”

    But….let me, in RAOFLMBAO at the “irony” not lose sight that it is not about De Country Cunt and that she has been cussed almost daily for daring to state, again not so “poetically”, this same FACT, learnt while sitting in her armchair, watching MSNBC, CNN and BBC. Lol.



  13. worth repeating for the shallowest minds..

    The WHOLE of Europe is up shit street…. BUT THEY control their own shit… and will die to do so…

    The USA has become a global embarrassment .. BUT it is Their OWN shit that Trumps them, and THEY will destroy the world to retain that RIGHT.

    Even in the Caribbean, most other countries are in more control of their own mess… In fact, Trinidad controls theirs and OURS too…”

    after centuries these still live in their little slave society la la land and don’t understand…the definition of HARDCORE SURVIVAL…they only know about waiting for the next massa to trap them in bondage, oppression, suppression and disenfranchisement….their generational comfort zones…


  15. But Trinidad has a much bigger mess to control. I sat in a meeting with a Trini partner in KPMG, a man of Indian descent who had been living in Canada for years. He had started a family and wanted his children to be raised Caribbean style. He decided that Trinidad was too dangerous for him and so he moved to Barbados.


    Barbados got some worrying problems and one of them is selling off our assets but I en moving tuh Trinidad, at all!

  16. Thing is, most Bajans are not in favour of selling off the assets especially the profitable ones. They are not at all comfortable with it. I remember well the outcry.

  17. “Who is reading the promised response to the Auditor General Report?”

    still trying to fill up the people’s heads with MORE LIES AND FRAUDULENT SLIGHT OF HAND….

    i will wait for the final analysis from those with a brain, i got a publishing date coming up and no time to waste…

  18. Garvey said it a hundred years ago and still applies today……black people are COMPLICIT in their own destruction…..and ya parliament judases believe they should get their THEIVING HANDS on reparations for being traitors…

    ..they robbed Marcus Garvey in Barbados and contributed to their own DEMISE…..100 years later….now the hypocrites are pretending they are remembering his birthday…

    • The reply was posted to the NIS and Cinnamon 88 blogs.

      Asking the question again, will the AG get resources requested?

  19. Yes Sir!
    It’s not only ‘bout hey”. Time to move on. All matters resolved and let’s move on to other problems that exist here and everywhere.
    @ Pacha
    It’s always amazing what happens when we throw deep philosophical positions into petty partisan debates.
    Your positions are then extrapolated in order to give credence to other positions that are not of your thinking.
    Yours is an impressive and correct view of global economic and social trends that Barbados cannot avoid .
    However we suggest that you are not using your position to give comfort to what presently obtains throughout the region.
    And herein lies the danger because it’s philosophical and perhaps ideological in nature but can be easily misinterpreted as an alignment with other positions that you find totally incongruous with your position.

  20. With more than 30 000 pounds of produce on her hands and no market for it, a St Philip farmer is ready to sell it off at mere cents per pound in a desperate attempt to get rid of it before it spoils.

    PM heads to T&T for Agri investment forum.

    Local chicken shortage looming ?

  21. The utter contempt shown towards the planet by the Smart White Survivalists who control their own assets will be the destruction of us all, including the Smart White Survalists!

    Way to survive!

  22. @ David

    I don’t mean to distract from the substantive topic, but want to make a little observation that indicates “only bout hey” is equally applicable to the Caribbean region.

    Firstly, I read that an aviation consultant blamed two Prime Ministers for LIAT’s demise.

    Secondly, I recall the ‘backlashes’ former Tourism Minister Richard Sealy received from Antiguan parliamentarians, after his proposal that LIAT should relocate more of its commercial operations from Antigua to Barbados.

    Ironically, I read an article in today’s edition of the St. Vincent Times, entitled, “New LIAT should have two hubs to ensure efficiency,” in which one of the same Antiguan politicians, Melford Nicholas, said, “……for operational efficiency – there ought to be TWO hubs. Perhaps Barbados would be one and Antigua would be another, to ensure that we can optimally serve all of the interest for movement of persons across the Caribbean in all circumstances.”

    Gaston Browne has been an abysmal failure as it relates to LIAT.

    Perhaps you could post the article to a separate blog.

    The LIAT saga continues.

    • @Artax

      It has been established that Barbados is ideally suited to be the Southern hub not so based on traffic?

  23. William…..the years we spent issuing warnings….MANY listened and have prepared, to their credit, they are AHEAD OF THE PACK………the rest can stay where they are in their bullshit, thin air fantasies and fairytales….until there is no more air to exercise their IDIOCY……

    they are used to being robbed of everything so they should not miss oxygen…

  24. You ah de moutpiece now? Why don’t you allow me to be cussed by ‘The Master’. (much good it will do him)

    You, as usual, are misinterpreting MY position!

    All I have said is that we are not unique in our brassbowlery and we are neither the best or the worst.

    All I have said is that the experience of slavery and colonisation has left us at war with ourselves, full of contradictions.

    I have not expressed any view that we should continue to wallow in our brassbowlery whether inherent or learnt.

    FOR THE UMPTEETH TIME, I believe we should confront our brassbowlery but keep it in perspective. Problems must be correctly identified before they can be solved. This includes perspective.

    Notwithstanding the fact that I am De Country Cunt, I see no point in prolonging the existence of brassbowlery beyond what is inescapable due to human failings and flaws.

    I have not used any of Pachamama’s intervention to justify any particular ideology that promotes comfort with brassbowlery of any kind.

    Truly, I have no idea what strange philosophy you are on about!


  25. @ Donna

    “Truly, I have no idea what strange philosophy you are on about!”
    You really don’t. My response to the original post was normal.
    As far as @ Pacha is concerned , it was a direct response to him. You are not the only one on the thread.
    It was nothing more than a general observation taking into consideration @ Pacha’s known positions.
    I speak for no one on BU other than myself. Once more , I am on nobody’s tag team

  26. Bushie

    We noticed that you deployed the highest levels of skills, competencies and capabilities to evade or avoid the pertinent questions.

    In conclusion you wondered whether we can go any lower.

    Yes, this has always been the trajectory. In fact the importation of people, en mass, is a tactic to avoid cultural death.

    And you know better than most what that means.

    There were, for example, many times in the recent past when spectacular advances were made on this road to national death.

    The Sandiford administration’s acceptance of IMF mandates, 1991 circa, is one example. Though not the beginning of the end.

    Since then, we’ve been selling and even now the surrender of strategic national assets is still being pursued, with not much left.

    So yes, things can get far worse, and they will, absent the collapse of the current and entire global structure. That’s our only hope, if interested.

    In recent weeks this writer has been to several of the countries of Central & South America and we continue to witness the same downward trajectories which have been adumbrated by Observer. Most places far worse, some middling and a few bucking the megatrends.

    We put it down to neoliberalism and this second wave of globalization. Circumstances where the nation state, as you perceive it, no longer exists.

    A number of your main points if not all are best understood as being pushed by global forces. The same maladies are everywhere. IMF loans are given and taken not to help the people but to provide the foreign exchange to keep cycle of twin deficits going. In layman’s terms, to provide local corporates with the USDs to keep the Ponzi scheme going.

    Of course, of movement of global capital is central to globalization. Not the movement of people. So for Barbados to consider the importation of people is counter to globalization, it tries to cover up past actions which created this problem and will create even more problems than solutions.

    Trust contact was made with your central augments.

  27. “Circumstances where the nation state, as you perceive it, no longer exists.”

    it will take YEARS if not decades for some to wrap that one around their heads…

  28. Didn’t realise the blog had so many “why worry, it isn’t only us, other countries just as bad” commentators.

    Lol, reminds me of Freundel back in the day when he said our problems aren’t as bad developed countries If I recall right he still get cuss!!!!

    Other countries or not, if the populace and civil society doesn’t demand better then better crap is what we will continue to get!

    And as Bushie would say, 95% of the issues raised actually have a solution!!!! Go figure!

    Just observing

  29. Again, William?

    Who quoted Pachamama’s comments and likened the first part unto her own while putting forward a position? Besides me?

    Steupse, man! Yuh mean every damn time??????!!!!!!!

  30. ” Oh look, my neighbour’s house is on fire too so I am okay! As long as neighbour’s house is on fire it doesn’t matter that mine is becoming a heap of ashes. I will take a nap and hopefully it will all go away when I wake up”


  31. Observing,

    Who has said we shouldn’t worry?

    I am getting tired of this shite! You guys misrepresent as much as the politicians!

    I , for one, am worried. There is much to worry about. All I have said is that we are not unique in our brassbowlery and we should not persist in believing that we are. It is not helpful. In fact it may promote the feeling that we are incapable of solving the problems.

    Steupse, man, steupse! Some people seem intent on disagreeing for disagreeing’s sake. Man, the posts are there for all to see. Only Enuff seems unfazed, as usual.

  32. @ Pacha
    We are saying the same thing.

    Bushie apologies for being pissed off at the prevailing attitude that ‘our folly is somehow acceptable because other people – especially albinos, are ‘in a bad way too’…

    Bushie was raised to judge his OWN performance by absolute standards – not against relative shiite.

    Clearly, this has not been a common experience.

  33. “@ Pacha
    We are saying the same thing.”

    weeee say the same things and hold the same positions because weeee have ACCURATE INFORMATION BASED ON THAT…

  34. Pacha…Celsius bank a big player in the crypto craze “IMPLODED”

    and the bankruptcies are kicking up left and right…..

    it’s all on course….just as envisioned.

    and winter is still months away…

  35. I’d rather be a clown than a liar!

    Where did I say anything that you said?
    Or was that meant for Pachamama?

    Wunnuh so sick as shite!

  36. And the bulk of the bankruptcies…seem to be IN THE EU…

    Garvey was right……the negro is their worse and biggest enemy…

    ..when ya know who they are YA AVOID THEM LIKE THE PLAGUE that they are…

  37. What does “ONLY BOUT HEY” mean?

    Is that not a comparison in itself?

    Correcting a flawed perspective has nothing to do with measuring brassbowlery in relation to other countries and races AND THEREFORE ACCEPTING our own brassbowlery.

    It has NOTHING TO DO WITH the DRAMA QUEEN’S SHITE ABOUT BURNING HOUSES ( is there a drama queen emoji).

    These stupid arguments are annoying and ALL BASED ON WHAT NOBODY EVER SAID.

    Waste of bloody time talking to people like you!

    I gone to talk to people who actually argue against the point I have made.

    You all are a mess!

  38. What people are trying to CIRCUMVENT…are those LIARS in the parliament who would have no problem DECEIVING the public that things will return to their TIEFING NORMAL..

    ..they have NO CONTROL over what happens next, no matter how many roadrunner world stage trips they made, shite accolades and awards they begged for …..or magazine profiles they tried to use to FOOL THE PEOPLE..//which all FAILED by the way, based on what is being distributed on other forums..

    or another fraud signifying that there will not be socio-economic UPHEAVALS…many more than before to compliment what is occurring, and before it takes full hold….which could take MANY YEARS…

  39. @Dullard
    You are the proverbial drama queen.

    Coming from the likes of you New David, I take this like compliment. You’ve never been right about anything. Lolol.

    Now get back to your sponsor’s bidding

  40. They should NOT HAVE STOLEN from the treasury, vat and pension fund, at least there would have been A CUSHION, had there been 5 BILLION DOLLARS or more to fall back on……..however small…but because of their DECADES OF THEFTS…there is NONE period..

    think about that…

  41. Talking shit about Freundel Stuart saying how it happens elsewhere when that is one of the main comments that had me angry enough to burst!

    PITY there was nobody else to vote in!

    Freundel was accepting of shit flowing into the ocean. DONNA is NOT!

    But Donna acknowledges that shit is indeed flowing into England’s waterways.

    If you lot have a problem with reality, DONNA DOES NOT. Donna will not come here preaching that Barbados is the worst and Barbadians are the most ignorant creatures to be found on earth and if you lot had your way, Mars as well.

    It is not helpful to misstate a problem.

    Now I leave you all to mount your favourite hobby horses and ride around the nursery, pretending to conquer the world with your absolute brilliance!

  42. Donna
    And the elderly using their free bus pass ride around all day on the buses to keep warm because they simply can’t afford to heat their homes.

  43. @Donna
    Sometimes it takes provocations to raise emotions to build better relations.

    We is still we!!!

    Only bout hey is a Bajanism, immemorialised by Kid Site a few years ago. Never meant to compare or say we are the only ones, just to emphasise in the same way we could have started with “you could imagine that…….. ”

    Re the issues raised I honestly believe we are better than the problems we allow to fester. As Bushie often says, it are the Brass bowls that muck it up with our permission passivity or perfect silence.

    Just observing

  44. Pacha…things look like they are boiling over…don’t see the sense in leaving it like, that but maybe am missing something, never mind the desired outcome……in my mind it’s already off the tracks…

    the proverbial train wreck.

  45. David,

    As Walter said, I am relentless. When you don’t see me on Bu, it is not because I cannot handle the heat. It is because you cannot have a rational, good faith discussion with too many of these people. It is indeed frustrating and not what I am used to at all.

  46. Observing,

    I guess I am one who prefers an appeal to reason rather than emotion.

    I have always thought that better could be done. I still do. What is missing is the will to do it. It is very frustrating. Now we may very well haved boxed ourselves into a corner.

    Not easy to get out and certainly not without business unusual on a massive scale.

  47. Thanks, we need a sponsor to assist, we can’t do it by our lonesome.
    Do what you have to do to keep your e-Rumshop going.

  48. Donna August 19, 2022 2:02 PM #: “It is because you cannot have a rational, good faith discussion with too many of these people. It is indeed frustrating and not what I am used to at all.”

    @ Donna

    ‘Spot on!!!’

    ‘Ignore the background noise.’

  49. Waru

    That would be far more difficult than turning the QE2 in the careened.

    Empires, when the rot sets in. It’s just a matter of time.

    It might even be deconstructed overnight, like dominoes!.

    Then again, it might be centuries, but we are highly doubtful. Overnight is vastly more likely😃

  50. @Donna
    Completely understood!!!

    Take Artax’s advice though.

    When sensible people go silent the empty vessels have the house for themselves!!!

    Just observing

  51. “Then again, it might be centuries, but we are highly doubtful. Overnight is vastly more likely😃”

    it was building up for at least the last 150 years…there were some tweaks here and there….but its time is now definitely up…..the foundations have gotten weak and there is leakage..

  52. why people would still want to wallow in the filth that’s seeping out from the slow moving wreckage….is beyond me, but that’s on them…

    …i keeping my distance bosie…lol…

    who can’t see, tough luck…

    but Pacha….we are not surprised are we…we knew….it was just a matter of putting systems in place for security and protection…the rest is a breeze.

  53. “Hence I have no mercy or compassion in me for a society that will crush people, and then penalize them for not being able to stand up under the weight.”
    Malcolm X,

  54. “You’re not supposed to be so blind with patriotism that you can’t face reality. Wrong is wrong, no matter who does it or says it.”

    Malcolm X

  55. The amount of quotes available to guide us on our way are MIND BOGGLING…….most people don’t pay attention or only post them when it suits their agendas which has NOTHING TO DO with EMPOWERING AFRIKAN PEOPLE…

    i got two for next issue of Kush Quarterly, one from the man Marcus Garvey himself….

  56. William….actually it’s 4 quotes, i found two from Franz Fanon that APPLIES TO TODAY just as it applied to that timeline….one hundred years ago and less…

    the progress needle has not moved AN INCH since those times Garvey and a multitude of Afrikan minds were talking, singing, writing, prophesying, doing anything and everything necessary to wake the people up…..these efforts started as far back as the 1800s…and still the poisons remain saturated in some…..those are the lost cases…and a REAL DANGER TO US, if we don’t watch their every move.

    fortunately for us, we managed to get a HUGE CROSS-SECTION to jump out of their daze………with help from other sources….a hell of a feat in and of itself…

  57. Re: Marcus Mosiah Garvey Words Sounds and Power
    “i got two for next issue of Kush Quarterly, one from the man Marcus Garvey himself….”

    Knowledge of Marcus is foundation training in Rasta 101 at Dub University as he is a Black prophet who foretold the coming of the last African King

    But, you truly need to meditate on the living man’s teaching by listening to recordings of him
    Do not Tarry and click on the following link to download one of his speeches
    Marcus Garvey speech 1921

    Marcus Garvey

    (select the download option 64KBPS MP3 ZIP )

    another recording of a famous speech can be found here

  58. @ WARU
    There are those who have subconsciously decided that they can do the same thing repeatedly and get different results.
    The needle has moved alright but it could have moved a lot further. The problem now is that the needle is stuck.

  59. William….once we find ourselves repeating the same things Marcus Garvey, Fanon and Malcolm x etc said 100 hundred years later….that progress needle has not moved sufficiently to make any difference..

    ..we are just in MORE DEBT to access material things, mortgage, credit cards etc and believe we have arrived….DEBT IS NOT PROGRESS……it’s REGRESSIVE…

    but with the ADVENT of additonal and NEW WAYS to tief from the treasury vat and pension fund……the people GOT TRAPPED…..and it has become irreversible….they are never going to stop because it’s TOO EASY with no one holding them accountable or locking them up..

  60. @ William Skinner,

    If Malcolm X were still with us today would his words be dismissed as “background noise.” This term is often used by individuals on BU who like nothing better then to be dismissive of those who hold different views from themselves. It has always been fashionable on BU to ridicule and shut down debates that may question our political leaders; or discuss the country’s archaic, quasi-colonial, social, economic and political structure which has left our people underdeveloped.

    You will no doubt be familiar with Malcolm X: The House Negro and the Field Negro. I have listened to it many times over. Just like many here on BU. I implore you to revisit the link below. His speech is incredibly relevant to the state of affairs and leadership in Barbados.

    The “circus” is in town under the leadership of our very own house negro – M.I.A.

  61. @ TLSN
    Thanks for the link. You are absolutely correct.
    These are strange times . The police are going to help recover 3 million but nobody gives a damn about the one billion that gone from the NIS.
    I long ago said that there was a very strong effort at prosecutorial debate on BU. Then another effort to enforce who one should or should not support.
    I was fashioned by men and women who debated fiercely on positions grounded in philosophical and ideological beliefs.
    I will never betray them by following any party or political leader blindly.
    I don’t have to shout from no roof top or the pages of BU that I am a patriot or patriotic.
    Barbados knows I love my country. If others feel I would deliberately undermine it, that’s their problem.

    • @William

      How can you say nobody cares about NIS when this is all that is being discussed in the country. We have to be concerned about all inefficient decisions. ALL.

  62. David BU responding to the usual doom and gloo.mer who posted his usual negative report.Let, s look at some positives from who actually live bout here.
    1 only bout here we now have a reliable bus service instead of waiting 3 hours for a bus
    2 only bout here we now have at least a weekly collection of garbage instead of every two or three weeks
    3 only bout here roads have been repared to a great extent.
    4only bout here a crop over season was just sucessfylly held putting money in the entertainers and promoters and others pockets for some the first time for two years.
    5only bout here no shit no longer flowing on the streets
    6The majority of workers are back out to work to provide for their families in spite of covid still being around because of the excellent work done by our government and especially our well trained health officials and as the saying goes health is wealth
    Finally this is not to dispute we here have several ptoblems but so those most countries including the ones you gloom and doomers live in.Therefore tell us about where you live as well not only about Barbados.I gone.

  63. I am mystified how the write off in Bonds done years ago, seems to be suddenly irritating so many.
    The country was brek. It had no RH cash to continue operations.
    And the cost of servicing debt was killing it. How all the time it was loading up the NIS with debt, ‘we’ felt it would/could have been repaid confuses me. Where was the money coming from, when the island (to that time) had run only deficits for umpteen years.
    At the current rate of affairs the island will default again.

    • @NO

      Your concern is anchored to a citizenry wallowing in indifference combined with financial illiteracy.

  64. @ David
    Keep going – you will now have an Audit department. Things are looking up .
    As for the one billion , It was comprehensively discussed with the country when the refinancing was taking place.
    We all knew the NIS would have been out one billion, there were town hall meetings and press conferences explaining that decision to the country. And there was widespread agreement.
    So, it’s time to put that issue to rest.

  65. @ Enuff
    Who lit the fire? the fellows on the Block? …or your Parliamentary pals?

    BU posters are merely shouting ‘Fire Fire!!’
    ..BUT there IS a fire..

    Were you hoping that the BBs would not notice the fire…?
    Skippa, you not feeling the heat? …. and seeing the smoke…?

    @ David
    It is a wash!

    “We fritted away $2 billion of wunna money from the Treasure, that is a fact.
    So obviously we had borrow $1 billion from wunna NIS to pay off some of that…

    and since wunna would have had to pay oback the $2billion deficit any damn how..

    REALLY and TRULY , we just saved wunna by our brilliance at washing…

    Not to worry, the other billion outstanding can easily be covered, since everyone knows that wunna Bajans got MANY billions saved up in the foreign banks …awaiting conversion to BOSS bonds.

  66. @Bushie
    I can’t believe that I am actually coming around to your perspective and way of thinking. Sigh.

    The write off was irritating from day one!

    If constructive criticism based on facts is doom and gloom then so be it!

    Methinks the house negroes outnumber the field negroes now!

    These “events” always existed. Just have to know where and when. lol

    Just observing

  67. One Step Forwards two step backwards down here in Babylon
    I and I Willing Riddim … No offense, but…
    Jamaicans are the Leaders of the New Faith New School New Field Field Negros
    Bajans are the followers of the old house old faith old school old house house negros

    Mental Slavery · Murray Man

    Willing Dub · Dubcreator

  68. Bushman….wait….these talking about “stoking” fire while CONFRONTED BY A FULL ON BLAZING INFERNO…

    “Then another effort to enforce who one should or should not support.”

    that’s mental illness….no one in their right minds or of intellectual leanings would be such a small thinker.

    TLSN…we have been beating the house negro v. field negro drum for years, of course no one wants to hear that…..they are more comfortable having their idiocy massaged with fairytales, fantasies, lies and sleight of hand from politicians…..

  69. The posts on BU are becoming more and more one-sided and desperate. The fact is that silent electric buses are running on our island, that our natives are getting leaner thanks to lack of cheap food and that almost all unvaccinated boarders have died thanks to Covid.

    All very positive developments that we owe to our Supreme Leader. That is my personal summary of the great work of government over the past four years.

    Tron, year 1 New Republic

  70. Our anonymous government critics should rather look to Europe, where certain countries will freeze to death in winter and where industry will leave for lack of energy.

    Our government, on the other hand, provides cheap electricity, air conditioning, sun, rum and a lot of fun.

    Tron, year 1 New Republic

  71. I am sorry to burst Lorenzo’s little bubble, but I am now back to soaking my garbage with bleach in my nice black bin with the green cover. I have not had a garbage puck up for exactly two weeks today. The truck for my area has broken down twice in the last year and a half and each time it has been off the road for months. Our service has been unpredictable for months and it is getting progressively worse. I called this week and was told, “We are having some issues with our vehicles. We have scheduled your pick up on Saturdays startingbin the wee hours.”

    Today is Saturday. The garbage can is still full. This is the second consecutive Saturday without a pick up. Last Ssturday was blamed on the backlog caused by bank holidays. I will hear today”s excuse on Monday, when I call.

    I will now have to empty my old bin of the compost and return it to service. But….I will have to see if they empty it because they say they are only picking up the government issued bins.

    Back to SQUARE ONE!

  72. Lying Lorenza….after crap over….garbage collection took a week or two to resume…..and it’s not regular….

    and ya lying about the bus schedule too..

  73. Waru what you know about our garbage collection or bus schedule ? You live bout here or as usual relying on second hand information.I live bout here and i do not have to hear from anybody.Stick to what you good at conspiracy theories , telling lies and impressing your clique.By the way what breaking news you have for us now about black faced lawyers and politicians? Go take your meds mad ass clown.I gone.

  74. @ Donna August 20, 2022 6:09 PM

    The rubbish truck comes by my residence three times a week.

    You obviously need a little upgrade on where you live!

    Tron, Herald of the New Republic

  75. “telling lies and impressing your clique.By the way what breaking news you have for us now about black faced lawyers and politicians?”

    ah know they are looking at prison time and ah hope they PIN IT ALL on cult fowl you….

  76. and it only took 55 YEARS…….I may be mistaken, but is this not the dude that got caught out in a lorenza-type LYING just the other day…

    “A new Internal Audit Department will be set up next year as Government seeks to enhance transparency, accountability and good governance in relation to its financial affairs.”

  77. Not sure if anyone took the advice to listen to the words of Marcus, but the takeaway was he was a moving powerful and inspiring speaker that lifts you up and there is no difference between black people 100 years ago and black people today, (same goes for whites), which means the racism and division always has been bang out of order and totally unacceptable, dispelling the trope things were different then. There has been not been a revolution or even any small evolution the equilibrium of bias always balances out.

  78. “The $124 million advanced to the Government-owned company to settle a loan guarantee for the Four Seasons project did not go through all the right procedures.”

    so who was the lawyer for the 4 seasons SCAM again…

    Ah see they suddenly found the “6 million missing dollars” in another department………..but have they found the MISSING BILLIONS YET???

  79. @ African Online Publishing Copyright ⓒ 2022. All Rights Reserved,

    ….” so who was the lawyer for the 4 seasons SCAM again…”

    Could it be a politician who currently holds two high profile government portfolios. Just asking.

  80. TLSN…watch very closely…as any and all distractions are employed…

    anything to dig themselves out from the massive HOLE they spent so many DECADES DIGGING…but things int looking so bright, not with massive landslide(s) ahead to BURY THEM ALL…

  81. Tron,

    I live in a village by choice. But a cricketer with a strong arm could hit some huge houses whose garbage collection detail a is the same as mine. Don’t forget, the sheep, goats and cows were moved out of St. Philip pastures (including the one right opposite to me) and numerous big breed dogs were moved in to guard the big houses. One got away and attacked my little stray dog while I was walking her a few weeks ago. It is a good thing I had my son’s Bajan sticklicking bamboo! Not one bite did the big brute get in.


    Good to see you, though!

    And you are quite correct. I heard that even during the worst times, down the road by Sinckler had three days a week pick up and I never heard my father complain. Freundel and Lashley live up dey.

    Message received. I will speak on that tomorrow when I call.

  82. Excellent post by commander Hants.

    “She urged people to begin planting short-term crops and raising fast-growing livestock, and to begin eating what is grown in the region, not only because of the financial implications, but because of health as well.”
    ***** She need to make this part of all her messages to her Nation

    “How much calories are going to be in the roti you going to serve me later Keith?” Mottley asked.
    “How much calories are there in breadfruit? How much calories are there in the ingredients in the corn soup?”
    ******** She need to maintain focus and stop thinking about lunch
    Guys, please don’t get excited. This was just to keep kinky knickers knotted. Murdah

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