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Vincent Codrington, a few months ago, provided us with the most profound truth about war. His was that the only certainty about war is uncertainty (sic). We would however have wagered that not even Codrington could have estimated the enormity of his statement at the time, even as the Western countries continue to be located on a path towards destruction – lions being led by donkeys!

At that time the Russians were in the ascendancy in Ukraine, on at least two (2) fronts, and given his general disposition we inferred the truthfulness of his statement was predicated on the hope that there would be a turning of the tide in favour of the Western powers. Unfortunately for him things keep going from worse to worst.

We have contended previously that all the titled variables represent forms of war on the peoples of the earth. Neo-liberalism was always a heightened economic war on the masses everywhere to serve global elites. Humanitarian interventionism, like happened in Libya, deployed a humanistic guise in service of the same purpose.

Woke imperialism is the admission by the system that it had failed to address the real needs of people everywhere but purported to give a benefit to a particular societal current while instrumentally using gay people in the service of empire. And like sheep they largely grabbed this pottage. Techno-feudalism invests enormous power in a hand full of tech companies to de-platform people for violating notional rules about woke-ness, specious cancel culture infringements and the refusal to engage demands for virtue signaling.

In Washington we have the spectre of an Alzheimer’s patient surrounded by neoconservative and un-elected war hawks in the State Department and the White House, the likes of Anthony Blinken, Victoria Nulands and Jake Sullivan, the national security adviser, mainly Clinton acolytes, afraid of the return of another fascist, Donald Trump, now relying on wars abroad to serve as a distraction from current and future regime failures. No grown ups are at home and these children continue to play with fire!

To be employed in this Biden white house one had to have written a critical dissertation on Russia’s Vladimir Putin. Indeed, is was the late Senator John McCain with Nuland, who in 2014 staged a coup while declaring to the many fascist battalions, in Maidan Square in Kiev, that America was with them. Up to then America had invested five billion dollars (USD5,000,000,000) to overthrow a legitimate government leading to eight (8) years of war in the Donbass. The grapes of wrath attends again!

Not having been satisfied that their war aims have failed spectacularly by bringing the economies of all their so-called allies in Europe to their knees; that Western or even global economies are heading for deep recession or depression; that Europeans will be freezing to death this coming winter; that their once reliable allies like Saudi Arabia, India, Turkiye and others are seeking shelter elsewhere; that political instability currently rife within the United Kingdom, Italy and across Europe could lead to a catastrophe in north western Asia; not being able to deter the Russian Federation from seeking to protect its citizens as a consequence of the fall of the USSR; the ‘zeitgeists’ in Washington have found pretexts for sending the always inebriated Nancy Pelosi to Taipei.

We could not make this up even if we tried!

In the angriest of diplomatic moods Beijing has recalled the many-times agreed one-China policy as they threatened to defend their national sovereignty because they consider Pelosi’s visit as an attempt to do in Taiwan what McCain did in Kiev – a regime change project sponsored by the American government. This is making war! For the American Empire has never recognized the sovereignty of any nation state as some right irrespective to the current relationships with it.

Of course, the State Department will argue that Pelosi is the head of a separate branch of government. That the Biden administration has no control over what the Speaker of the House of Representatives does. The Chinese have long read this as a head fake while reiterating a firm determination to protect their sovereignty from America’s intentions to set up a military base in Taiwan – 100 miles from their shores. Images of Ukraine you say!

Like the Russians, the Chinese do not bluff! Readers of Chinese history will have an appreciation of the developmental arc which brought them here. For example, China was invaded by a fascist Japanese empire during World War 2. It suffered mightily under a brutal Japanese occupation in which it lost four million to ten million of its citizens. Project 731, as conducted by the Japs, represented the most grotesque human bio-warfare experimentation known to man, at that time. Today all the fascist countries of WW2 are allies of the West. That should tell us why the many fascist – Banderite, Karken, Azov and other battalions, to this very day, are marching in the Western proxy armies, still. Democracy?

After Ukraine and the robust defense by the Russian Bear, do they really have to poke this Asian Dragon? For a set of Western powers unable to defeat a tribal society on horse back in Afghanistan, what possesses these people to presume that Russia and China can be taken on at once? Is this not what Brzezinski, circa 1998, warned them about, with Iran making up the unbeatable ‘axis of resistance’ to those seeking to extend global hegemony by any means necessary?

One may argue that the naked desperation in Western capitals requires the mindless throwing of the geopolitical dice. And with elections beckoning, war hysteria at home could act as the instrument to beguile populations which are no less brainwashed about democracy than Germans were under Adolf Hitler even as fascism, as being again supported and represented in Ukraine, cannot be spoken about on YouTube. The revolution will not be televised by media whores on CNN, Fox News and MSNBC.

This week Russian Federation foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov is on a tour of Afrika. As part of the hybrid warfare systems of the West, the Arab League was sent a memorandum, or diplomatic note, requiring that he should not be met by high officials, that no pictures be taken with him. These were duly disregarded, of course. After Biden was left at the airport by Mohammad bin Salman (MBS), the crown prince, and his refusal to increase oil production followed. Instead MBS is emerging as Russia’s ally even as entente with Iran is well under way. Saudi Arabia is now buying discounted oil from Russia.

Only last week, Russia, Iran and Turkiye met in Tehran as power brokers in the Syrian War. A similar meeting took place in Tehran by the victors during WW2. On the sidelines, the equivalent of a forty billion dollar (USD40,000,000,000) deal was signed between Iran and Russia for investments in the Iranian oil and gas sectors. They are also constructing a corridor from Russia through Iran to the India Ocean. This is a minor part of the Eurasian architecture getting readied to deliver the coup de grace to the West, economically.

The world is ‘a changing’ radically. And despite assertions by Borrell and other French officials that Afrika is their backyard. Or the warning to Russia about spheres of interests, we project that ALL of the European powers will be run out of Afrika just now. About time!

In Congo, Lavrov is again receiving a welcome befitting a head of state. The Russians and the Congolese are speaking with one voice. But it is in Ethiopia, which will be the most interesting of all. For had not Russia intervened in Ukraine of February 24, 2022. the neocons in Washington would have mounted a false humanitarian invasion of this part of the east.

Truthfully, this writer has long considered Lavrov as the doyen of diplomacy. These days not so much. The state of war has seen him transformed into a no-nonsense character. He’s told a BBC journalist that he cares not what the West thinks about anything Russia is doing.

Taking a cue from Lavrov, Putin himself has called the West ‘racist’. Spoke of their colonial past and present. Certainty, these are not men representing a government looking forward to a time when hostilities subside and there is a return to the abnormal normalcy of Neo-liberalism, humanitarian interventionism, woke imperialism, techno-feudalism or war as a Western’s main instrument of foreign policy? No!

This writer has previously been accused of trying to tear everything down. However, Ancient Afrika cosmogony of tens of thousands of years ago saw the end of the Piscean Age and the rise of Aquarius as another of the mansions within the house which comprises our universes. Blame these forces not The Pachamama for the end of the dominance of all things fishy! No more centering of fishy ideas.


  1. If Western Christians believed in their heaven and hell Bible script not to sin, they would not behave like they do with wars, greed, racism, lies to create division, crimes to mankind throughout history, breaching it’s moral preachings.
    Religion is just another means for social control, to do what they say, and not do what they do.
    In order for Black Africans to regain spiritual power it is best to dump the Christian culture that was given to them, Barbadians are said to be the most British.

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  3. “We know that Afrikan peoples are very forgiving.but at some point the crimes committed must be brought into balance no?”

    and that’s what will cause their GENOCIDE AGAIN…with their ignorant fcukery….

    Pacha…saw Pope White Dress running up and down the place kissing hands and confessing about the church’s role in the genocide of Afrikan and other peoples….he is yet to OUTLINE all their EVIL CRIMES… will probably fill several volumes,…that is what they should UPDATE THE SHITE BIBLE TO INCLUDE….. every crime the churches committed against the world’s people…

    yet here we have a bunch of indoctrined useless breather negros still trying to force their Slave indoctrination on others…

  4. PachamamaJuly 30, 2022 9:49 PM

    We know that Afrikan peoples are very forgiving.but at some point the crimes committed must be brought into balance no?


    African peoples will kill one another at the drop of a hat, like the Russians/Ukrainians/Germans/French/British/Japanese/Americans ………………… etc etc. …………..Vietnamese/Chinese/Koreans/Australians/New Zealaneders/Barbadians …….etc etc etc.

    I guess one explanation might be that we all come from Africa, wouldn’t you agree??!!

    If we all come from Africa, then Cain, where all the killing started, must have been African.

  5. David,

    It is not in our nature to dream of destruction as the only solution. It is quite true that African people tend to be forgiving. But these white people, when faced with the inevitable colouring of their stolen world due to sheer numbers, do not shrug and give in to the inevitable. They will go down raging against it, as we can see in the mobilisation of the Far Right globally. The puppet masters are using the poor white puppets to keep them in power, against the interests of the same poor white puppets who cannot see who their true enemy is. (That is why Fred Hampton had to die. He was making a breakthrough in that regard.)

    What the West has brought to the world is the unholy concentration of wealth in the hands of 1 % of the people. It is disgusting and cannot be allowed to continue. The gap is getting wider. It is leading to chaos. Chaos, it seems, will come whether we want it or not. The poor white puppets will ramp it up with the pulling on their strings.
    It is hard to pity them since they did not need a whole lot of coercion.

    It sure seems more likely now that there is some shifting going on. With all the Europeans and their offshoots on fire at once, it sure looks like some force is out to get them. It appears that hell’s fire is coming to them instead of the other way around.

    And without Russian gas in the winter months, there may be a chance that hell could very soon be freezing over.

    What is also telling is that the Ukranian War has slipped to last place and is given just brief mention in the western news media. This cannot be attributed solely to waning interest in the viewers.

    They must be quite obviously losing on all fronts and no longer able to sustain the false narrative. They must be looking for an off ramp to regroup, restrategise and come again at a later date.

    Could the silence be golden?

    I am no expert analyst and so I make no predictions.

    But instead I say, ” Never say never!”

  6. Got some time on my hands, so I have stolen a plot and was rewriting it

    David of BU leads a vast army of BLPites to defeat the lowly ac, not only to fulfill the idea of “one Barabdos ruled forever by Mia”, but also to punish her for supporting the DLP. Accompanying him are Lorenzo enuff J2 and a host of others.

    After several days of fighting, David grows angry as his army is repeatedly routed by the ac. AC constantly beat back the mad horde, and following a mid July defeat David begins to consider withdrawing until he can equip a larger and stronger force and return at a later date. He prepares to withdraw, as advised by Artemesia ( 🙂 wait a minute… did he change his name?.. nah 🙂 Couldn’t be…. Let me try a next story. Sometimes the Gods just send material our way)

    Here was my plan ending “…But it was more than a victory for ac, it was a stirring example to free people throughout the BU world of what a brave person can accomplish once he/she refuse to submit to tyranny of a majority!”

  7. Old for New

    Old David suffered a nervous breakdown last week and produced a sick note for his absence.

    New David is still struggling with the same old debates and same old patterns.

    Level of thinking is shit and people need to up their game and produce some good shit.

    The average age of Bu posters is 75 with accumulative programming of human conditions including stubbornness.

    Here is some good advice for the Old Bu Team on the New Underground to change old patterns to new patterns formulated from not knowing better and formulated from the way of your education and the way your were brought up, the way of functioning of the last generation before us and the way we are continuously repeating our choice.

    Qigong Teaching – Deep Cause of Suffering – Our Programming of Old Habits

  8. Oh Jesus christ!

    War breaking on the Serbian/Kosova border.

    Serbian, a country friendly with Russia, had a number of border guards killed.

    The Serbian president addresses the nation.

    For the neophytes, this is a frozen conflict resulting from NATOs criminal war to partition the former Yugoslavia

  9. The Chinese are armed to the teeth in the South China Sea and the Straights of Malacca.

    So are the Western forces arriving.

    If Pelosi feck around Taiwan they intend to blow her ass out of the air and move their frontline troops into Taiwan.

  10. Pacha do you think that the wicked witch Pelosi will touch down on Taiwan province. Her itinerary did not mention Taiwan but that doesn’t mean anything in the grander scheme.

    • @Dullard

      You called it incorrectly? The wicked witch is being reported to have Taiwan on the itinerary?

  11. TheO

    Pure fiction of course. Only in your imagination. ac and her beloved party are toast.

    In the land of the blind, the one-eyed woman is queen.

  12. Dullard

    It’s brinksmanship. There are mixed feelings, suggestions. They include –

    One, these people are fixing for a fight with the Chinese, they real economic enemy. A fight they could never win in a million years. But war is their only hope to extend hegemony.

    Two, being desperate they my have a project to get her on Taiwan, maybe by submarine, in and out quickly, take a photo opp with the satraps in-waiting and then celebrate this as a successful violation of Chinese territory in Western media.

    Three, to back down after Afghanistan and the Ukrainian fiascos will be seen as weakness by the demented and drunken leaders of the Democrats weeks before consequential elections. This is not an option for Dems.

    Something is going to happen. But the determination of the Chinese is anything but unclear.

    • She needs to focus on midterms and bringing home the bacon which seems Elysian this stage. Perhaps she needs to go home as well as her counterpart in the Senator.

  13. Oh Pacha……the level all this has reached is stullifying…..totally relentless….the end result will drag on and on for years to come…i will advise those who are sitting on their backsides waiting to see HOW AND WHERE THEY WILL FIT IN because they do not WANT TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY or be held accountable for THEIR OWN FUTURE……….YA DON’T FIT IN AND NEVER WILL……..and if ya dont unnerstan dah, WE CAN’T HELP YA…

    that’s all we can tell them…they gotta figure out all the rest on their own… they are so expert in figuring out other people’s personal business without knowing anything about it….it’s all ON THEM NOW….their turn to save themselves OR NOT….

  14. Waru

    Have spent too much time reading histories, considering, present phenomena. But through the guidance of the ancestors have long determined that none of that makes complete without a ruthless focus on the future. For this is a major difference between us and them. That’s if we really want to be ourselves.

  15. “But through the guidance of the ancestors have long determined that none of that makes complete without a ruthless focus on the future. For this is a major difference between us and them. That’s if we really want to be ourselves.”

    all simple English words and if they can’t understand that IT’S ON THEM…..couldn’t break it down any easier…their downfall has come in the fact that they have not and don’t ever plan to……….”Have spent too much time reading histories, considering, present phenomena.”….especially when that history is THEIR OWN…

    we sat and watched them jump on the Ukraine bandwagon..without any information whatsoever…..then claim to be the most educated people in the Americas…

    the time for posting WITHOUT THINKING CRITICALLY is done and ….sees them at this point…they don’t want to put in the EFFORT….to GET UP TO DATE….they just want to listen to politician’s LIES and swallow every one of them, while regurgitating them as some truth and then sit and WAIT SOME MORE….until decades pass, and they find themselves in the same position, another generation lost to waiting…they will be the LAST OF THE LOSERS

  16. @David
    TSMC is the Taiwanese prize.
    The US would ‘really like’ an expansion facility on their soil? TSMC holds the key to many chips.
    On the defense, the Dems are back to ole time politicking. Promises of jobs and technology. Bajans understand that game well?

  17. David
    There is no dishonour in The Dullard being more hopeful than this writer.

    At least he was bold enough to estimate future events.

    In these, there’s always a high chance of being wrong.

  18. @David
    TSMC have subsidiaries all over, including the US.
    The US simply want more, and of more cutting edge tech.
    It is a play right out of the Chinese handbook. They know that R&D and manufacturing are usually very closely located. Get the manufacturing and the R&D will follow.

  19. For a rasssoul Black country, tictularly, any fuck could happen to Afrikan peoples all over the world and not a word here.

    Over the last number of days the criminal government of the empire has had the fbi raid the Uhuru Movement under the notion that there were Russian agents in the electoral process.

    As if Afrikans in America need be told who their real enemies are. Certainly, not Russia. But guided by the assumption that Afrikans in America represent the Achille heel at home.

    So when rasssoul people like David and ilk keep looking to our enemies for guidance even at a moment of empire’s collapse represents a suicide pact.

  20. A fourth response is evolving to Pelosi.

    Reading between the lines in the Chinese media is

    Letting the drunkard visit and as soon as she leaves initiate a total invasion of Taiwan

  21. @Dullard

    You called it incorrectly? The wicked witch is being reported to have Taiwan on the itinerary?



    It was correct at the time and technically still is in fact. Note that Taiwan is still not in the official itinerary that Pelosi released but they ie US and Taiwan have confirmed that the Wicked Witch will make a stop in Taiwan. It is all part of the US game of being purposely ambiguous.

    The US will still do what it wishes.

    Pelosi has to make the stop now. They’ve gone too far to not do so, literally and figuratively. All part of the US practice of saying one thing and doing the complete opposite, all the while chipping away at the issue using any number of underhand tactics in pursuit of their interests.

    I guess we will see on Wednesday how China responds. But I can’t see the status quo holding. This is a massive provocation from the US.

  22. Just remembered……

    I am surprised the resident analysts of American politics, have so far not mentioned former Republican and Democratic officials announced the formation of a new national political third party called, ‘FORWARD,’…… which was created “to appeal to millions of voters they say are dismayed with what they see as America’s dysfunctional two-party system.”

  23. @Artax, as one who opines often on US politics I would respond to your 7:45pm by saying that there is little benefit on debating idiosyncratic nascent folly that has minimal chance of REAL success.

    Such efforts are for debating socities or moot courts in schools so i presume we can waste time palavering too but it’s a freaking waste of time!

  24. Pacha…as a humanist i must take issue with this…..why would anyone put their people through these paces and if you will do it to your OWN PEOPLE…….exactly what do you have planned for US that you have NO RIGHT OR AUTHORITY PLANNING FOR AT ALL….given your centuries old history of NOTHING GOOD or HUMANE……

    we know the politicians in the Caribbean are useless…always have been anti-their own people….but those espousing democracy this and democracy that…;how do you make life unbearable for your people and sleep good at night….and don’t tell me that if the shite misleaders in the Caribbean could do it, you could do it too…then ya will be sounding just like a bajan….

    “Western Politicians Do Not Care About People – Putin

    Speaking to a metallurgy summit Monday, the Russian president said Western sanctions are working contrary to the principles espoused by the WTO.

    Putin explained that the West’s insistence on sanctioning Russia to the detriment of every-day Europeans, showcases the lawmakers’ indifference towards their electorates’ quality of life.”

  25. “For a rasssoul Black country, tictularly, any fuck could happen to Afrikan peoples all over the world and not a word here.”

    i took real notice of that…civil wars engineered in Afrika for centuries to carry out nefarious actions against those on the continent and us in the west…and not one word from these on here……but let the same players tell them about war in Ukraine and they are ready to take sides, never caring what happens to their OWN AFRIKAN PEOPLE…but care ever so much about what happens to people who hate their very being…..that’s why i take none of their crap…they are not credible…

    “So when rasssoul people like David and ilk keep looking to our enemies for guidance even at a moment of empire’s collapse represents a suicide pact.”

    we should not even care..

    first they came for…….then they came for…

    we just need to stay out of their way…let them meet their waterloo.

  26. David
    We are in the smallest of minorities when we tell the raw truth of what’s happening.

    Pelosi cares not about the Taiwanese. Hers is defense of imperium. She’s a multimillionaire with a husband making big bucks from investments in the war industries.

    The Biden administration’s feint of ignorance fails the smell test. For the president has exclusive control over public officials going anywhere,

    Was trying to tell you for a while that your so-called imperial democracy, America, has no respect for anybody’s sovereignty.

    Keep watching, a price will be paid as we warned you more than six months ago before Ukraine, That the Chinese and the Russians had coordinated responses to the Thucydides Trap wherein the West is located.

  27. I like the phrase ‘less is more’. Sometimes you try too hard and overreach.

    The material is there; the flaws are there. There is no need to be creative. Work with what is there.

  28. Isn’t the President responsible for foreign policy? Wouldn’t he have to sign off on an OFFICIAL VISIT that could provoke war?

    Then, what is this disingenuous narrative that the WH advised her not to go to Taiwan?

    Who is that meant to fool? Not Xi! Not any leader of any country. Can’t politicianz help themselves at all? Must they lie even when they know nobody will believe them?

  29. “Who is that meant to fool? “

    No one believes American narratives not even Americans

    narratives are pretexts for excuses for wars like false flags

    No one challenges American narratives for war and now it is more about building allies and propaganda

    US always fucks up as it cannot play the long game like China and they always rush in with bombs and next generation weapons but cannot last the distance

    Vietnam and Afghanistan shows willingness to succeed in fight against US imperialism

  30. Propaganda aside

    I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again

    For last 20-30 years
    USA and UK have been fighting easy targets in illegal racial war
    China has been helping developing nations develop

    I don’t diss China I diss USA and UK
    and all their cunting allies (aka white people and sell outs)

  31. G Forced Section V (Radiation Level High Mixx)
    G Forced Section V (Airborne Version)
    G Forced Section V (Tribal Mixx)
    G Forced Pull Ya Self 2Geth (Pull Ya Self 2gether Mixx)

  32. Call to keep eye on US, China tensions
    By Colville Mounsey

    With geo-political tensions heating up between the United States and China over Taiwan, one economist is warning Barbadians that they may find themselves bracing for even more increases in the already skyrocketing cost of living.
    Professor Emeritus at the University of the West Indies, Michael Howard, said this development should deeply concern the Mia Amor Mottley administration in light of the recent Central Bank report, which pointed out that the country’s foreign exchange gains are being negated by an increased import bill.
    Meanwhile, president of the Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI), Anthony Branker, urged citizens to temper any fears surrounding the development, noting it was too early to raise an alarm.
    However, Howard told the Weekend Nation that the waitand- see approach was not something he would advocate, as the country needed to start planning for the worst-case scenario.
    “I think we should be very concerned even at this point because it is a continuous thing. These tensions have been building for some time and I do not believe that is the type of thing that would just stop. We need to be prepared because based on the way the tide turns with this thing, we can start to see cost of living rise suddenly. We are aware of the volatility of the world market, and we know that if tensions continue to escalate, then the market will react badly to the development, so we need to be concerned in a very broad sense,” he said.
    Last week, the Central
    Bank reported that Barbados’ halfyear foreign exchange earnings from tourism had rebounded to $813 million, but this recovery was counteracted by what it noted was an “historic” $2.05 billion spent on imports in the same period. Howard warned that in light of this information, Government might not be able to further shield Barbadians should tensions between the US and China escalate to the point of sanctions.
    Capital works
    “I am concerned about this major capital works push that Government is pursuing because we are operating in a very uncertain time as it relates to importing certain things. We really need to be concerned at this stage. This situation also has implications for our foreign exchange as we may have to pay more for the importation of goods,” he said.
    “We must be cautious. I understand that people are suffering, but Government has to understand that they cannot shield Barbadians forever and therefore they have to be cautious about spending money. Barbadians may have to brace themselves for some pain.”
    Yesterday, China kicked off drills involving the navy, air force and other military forces in the waterways and airspace surrounding Taiwan.
    The drills – unprecedented in number – are a direct show of force in response to US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to the island, which Beijing repeatedly warned against. China’s live-fire military drills around Taiwan are threatening to disrupt trade and commercial travel in East Asia, forcing vessels to reroute away from one of the world’s busiest waterways and putting further pressure on already strained global supply chains.
    Branker said the situation was one which Barbados needed to monitor very carefully.
    “We obviously have to keep a very close eye on that situation between China, Taiwan and the US, but it is still a little early to say if there would be any economic impact on us. Clearly, if the situation escalates, then there most certainly will, but in the meantime, we are still in a wait-and-see position. The truth is that any sort of tension between superpowers like China and the US is very worrying, it is quite unsettling, and we would hope and pray that this type of tension does not escalate into anything more. We have to hope that common sense prevails,” he said.
    The BCCI leader added: “Should the worst happen, there is no one area that the impact would be limited to . . . . It is all going to boil down to how the US responds in terms of the types of sanctions, but as I said, it is still early. However, if it is a situation where we see sanctions imposed, then it could be a really dire situation because China is a major exporter to the world.”

    Source: Nation

  33. Party is finally over, but everyone is still free to live in fairy tale land with goblins, real life demons, dragons, creatures, monsters and other fantasies.

    Pacha….it’s a wrap.

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