The Feud Between Shirley Linton And The Codrington's Which Continues To Embarrass The Nation, Britton's Hill Revisited

shirley_linton_baby.jpgThe following note was posted to BU last night and we have done enough checking to support our decision to give it more prominence. Many people have read about the squabble which occurred at the memorial service of the two deceased families who perished in the Britton’s Hill cave-in. What many of us do not know is the true reason behind the feud. The commenter (Oh my gwad) gives an insight into the longstanding feud between the two families.

We call for the vociferous Joey Harper and the Child Care Board to act NOW. Read the unedited version from the other side, the side which the Nation Newspaper neglected to print…


How is it that Minister Noel Lynch can be awarded $60 000 for being asked where he got his wealth and an ordinary working class family can have its character assassinated on page 16 and 17 of the Sunday Sun October 07th, 2007 and cant even get a lawyer to take the case.

The statements made in that article are defamatory, libelous and suggest that the Codrington family engaged in wrong doings at the thanksgiving service on Wed. Sept. 12

Did Melissa Wickham, whose by line appeared on the story contact the Oistins Police Station to corroborate Shirley Lintons’ Story. If she did she would have been told that the only FALSE REPORT Shirley Linton made to them at that time was that someone snatched the little girl from her hands.

Why did Shirley not make this report of gun and knife to the police at the time.

Photographs taken by Nation News photographers clearly show that the Lintons and their cousins the Oneals were the only ones in the melee and in fact the police called for the Linton family funeral cars and they the Lintons promptly left. I do not know if they were asked to leave by the police neither would I speculate.

I do know that the Codrington family are fourth and fifth generation worshipers at the church where the service was held and would never disrespect its sacred consecrated grounds.

To insinuate that someone on the behalf of the Codringtons pulled a gun and knife on her is a figment of Shirley Lintons imagination, the court case for her being a drug mule is not, it is a matter of public record.

Shirley Linton was charged in the law courts of Barbados either late last year or early this year (march) for importing drugs. Check the Nation archives. She was given nine (9) months to pay $50, 000 or go to Harrison Point.

At the time the matriarch of the Codrington family advised Donavere not to bring her anywhere near any of the Codrington family homes. THE CHILDREN AND CASSANDRA WERE ALWAYS WELCOMED.

A person or persons unknown paid off an initial $20, 000 of that sum. The remainder is due before the end of this year. However the money tree was buried in a cave in.

It is Shirley Lintons belief that no judge in Barbados would send her to Harrison Point if she is seen as a victim in the eyes of the public and as the only caretaker of Donnia Ciara Codrington. Shirley Linton does not even know how to correctly spell that childs name, she insists on calling her DONIYA ( total lack of Education).

On the Weekend after wet fete a concerned person (a female friend of Dons) telephoned the Child Care Board to state that Cassandra often left the children in the sole care of her mother while she worked or stayed at the Codringtons. The child care board had files on Donnia long before the cave in, hence the urgency to get out of the New Orleans and move away

The only member of the Linton Family to hold a legitimate job was Cassandra, who was paid by her husband Donavere like any other worker. Donavere fully supported the entire Linton Family through sales of DVD’s, second hand cars, computers and he was an appointed government employee in the Ministry of Environment and Energy, that is why Elizabeth Thompson called in the family to make arrangements for her ministry to pay the funeral bill. (But Trevor Prescod on the peoples business stated that two government owned oil companies put up $20, 000 for the funeral costs)

( the only person who witnessed the wedding was Shirley Linton which was held at her house at 6th Ave,. New Orleans in the late stages of Cassandra difficult pregnancy on a Sunday )

But I got news for Shirley, a trust fund don’t pay out no money. And it is an educational fund to boot.

Free pass to jail PARASITE the hosts are dead.

Check the archives, everything in the story can be verified. But the mainstream media will never print it because they want money for their telethon…. flip the money….a good name is rather to be chosen than silver and gold.

I demand justice for Donavere the original liquidsnake, thats why the women loved him.

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18 thoughts on “The Feud Between Shirley Linton And The Codrington's Which Continues To Embarrass The Nation, Britton's Hill Revisited

  1. Another case where the Nation news is onesided. Maybe got something to do with maintaining the status quo. A scandle would detract from the politicizing of this event.

  2. I want someone to locate the original drug case file and post it. Shirley should have let sleeping dogs lie.

  3. I do not doubt the veracity of this story. I found it strange following the chronological events of this tradegy that for a person supposedly in mourning she was exhibiting cantankerous behaviour. Most times a person exhibits the type of environment he/she is reared up in.

  4. A picture has 6 sides: top, bottom, left, right, front and back.

    I say to the families and close friends, “Let go and let God.”

  5. I don’t know how many of you watched the movie A time to Kill or read the book by John Grisham, but a black man was convicted of killing the white men who raped and left his 8 year old daughter for dead after dropping her off a bridge into a ravine below. The lawyer (white) to an all white jury asked a simple yet profound question, “what if she was a little white girl, your granddaughter, daughter, sister or niece., what would you have done?” I am asking this question to Frum de Outside Looking In. You talk about let go and let God but God does not like ugly, not does he like the ill treatment of young children or children period. “He said suffer the little children to come unto me… cause their’s is the children of heaven”
    Mark 10 v 14

    I wonder how you would feel if your granddaughter was in the home of a person who was known to assoicate with the scum of society – those who sell drugs to children and adults alike. This child is being exposed to language, enviroment, people that are not positive influences to her. The Child Care Board in it’s infinite wisdom should remove this child from even the suspision of behaviours that are not wholesome.

    This information is out there and as usual they will wait until something happens to this child or God forbid she grows in this enviroment and at age 3 uses language that does not become a toddler then what , we move.

    I am sick and tired of those in positions of power and authority allowing children to remain in situations that are not good for them when there are alternatives. I see so many children lost because the CCB or the courts don’t do what is in their the children’s best interest. They say oh a mother should raise a child or in this case grandmother. NO NO the best person a stranger maybe should be the best person for the CHILD.

    Unless this grandmother can show at least one year of none violent, non criminal behaviour she should not be allowed to raise this child.

    PLEASE don’t let her fall by the way another raisin lost in the sun.

  6. The child’s soul is in jeopardy any which way.

    It’s what you call between the devil and the deep blue sea.

  7. The child care board has the information but are in sympathy with Shirley because of the tragedy. This was Shirleys aim from the get go.


    Spectecular actress

  8. crook@carifesta.corruption
    He was the one that stole the million dollars when Barbados hosted the massive losses CARIFEST show here many years ago, the old people have a saying time is longer than twine, he is a crook that is rewarded by Owing for his dishonesty to the public of Barbados very much the same as was done to Obrien Trotman the holder of secrets for Owing from his second election.

  9. Could you not verify the information posted.

    Of course you can.

    Its all public record…may have to go back two years…granted.

  10. the person who did this need a job , shirley is the only person that can take good care of this child ……..leave shirley alone

  11. Anonymous // Oct 17th 2007 at 11:28 am

    the person who did this need a job , shirley is the only person that can take good care of this child ……..leave shirley alone.

    I am sure you meant to say: Shirley is the only person whose livelihood is dependent on being in charge of the care of this child?

    Do you know she recently visited one of the trustees begging for milk and pampers.


    A company is on record as saying they would provide milk and pampers for that child for a year.

    Where is the two thousand dollars given by Cheffette for the childs up keep. Or is the picture of her in the Sunday Sun receiving the cheque from Ryan Haloute a fake.

    Wise up anonymous or did you help her spend the money on Baxters Road.

    I do not know this Shirley Linton person but from the get go I had a bad feeling about her. When I saw her and the baby all dolled up with PM Arthur and Gabby at her side I wonder how could she be so grieved and a few days later is on the Internet like she had won the lottery. I did not know at that time she thought she did. I have since found out that this woman is a bombastic criminal. I was told she was that way practically all her life. Now my concern is, if I am here in Florida and do not know this woman, what for the life of me is the child care board doing when it comes to this child? What kind of life is this child going to have in the environment she is now in with her grandmother? Is she in a cave as well just waiting for the boulder to fall to shut her up? Wake up people and do something really positive for this child. Shirley Linton is not the way to go for the betterment of this child. Do something before it is too late. Because she had the child at the time of this tragedy does not give her the right to hold on to her. The child care board will be responsible for the downfall of this child if nothing is done to protect her. I knew from the beginning that this woman was all about the money and I was right. This woman needs money and she thought the way to get it was to play the part of a grieving mother and grandmother. Reality check, this woman is a criminal and Doniya will be one if she is kept in this household. Do something now before there is another tragedy. Very Concern

  13. You all really do not have anything to do. Who is it that should raise the child the other grandmother. Get real she is even worse than Shirley a deceiver. If Don’s family was any use would they not have had the child in the first place it is a norm for Shirley to have these kids.
    Don’t care who the person is the public would always have a problem and would find something nasty to say. Look what they did and are constantly saying about Rihanna. Everything that you hear is not always true.

  14. People are saying that Shirley was not welcome at the Codrington’s because she was a drug mule, but wasn’t Donavere known for his dealings with drugs also? What about the cousing who drives the HIV vehicle isn’t he well known for his drug habits also? But as family these are welcome!
    Is it right for the Don’s sister to behave the way she did by saying she helped build the church so she could behave the way she feels? As far as I could see the public is two faced when it comes to Ms. Linton.

  15. leave the blasted woman alone she is only human. When you live in a glass u dont throw stones many of u low down dirty commenters
    have the same problems you steal you lie an the list goes. most of you wish you were in shirle s position to get some of the money. some of you have family who are drug dealers,who steal who lie & some of u do it your self stop watch people an watch wanna mothers & wanna fathers wanna sons an wanna daughters. A PACK OF WOTHELESS BITCHES WHO LIKES TO TALK ALL OVER WANN FACE AN ALL WANNA SAY AN ALL WALL DO SHIRLEY STILL GOT THE PEROPLE ON HER SIDE {{ IT SHOUD BE ME CAUSE I GOT THE REAL DEAL FA ALL WANNA
    tttttttttttt SAY SO

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