Michael Carrington and Allison Helen Alexander-Lovell – Is the Law an Ass?

Allison Helen Alexander-Lovell

This week [9/5/2017] the local press reported as follows:

a “41-year-old female attorney-at-law was Tuesday suspended from practising law in Barbados for 18 months, after she was found guilty of professional misconduct. Tuesday, the Court of Appeal handed down the decision against Allison Helen Alexander-Lovell of No. 140 Breezy Hill, Halton, St Philip, who was released on $50,000 bail with two sureties in March last year on a charge of stealing $165,543.88 belonging to Cecil Marshall between July 30 and September 7, 2015“.

In January 2015 BU reported as follows:

The Speaker of the House Michael Carrington QC has been ordered by Justice Jacqueline Cornelius of the High Court of Barbados to hand over $250,000.00 to a client. A transaction in abeyance for the last two years.The ruling confirms what the BU household has been posting about and what Barbadians already know – Barbados Underground

Is the law an ass?


  • Franklyn Alleyne

    Let me get the thread started and the ball rolling. Michael Carrington (scumbag) got it easy because his party in power. As far as this scumbag goes I have no sympathy for him and do not plan on electing him (ever) again. He is not involved in anything positive and I have not seen him in public addressing any issues whatsoever. All he is do is make himself a nuisance in the House. I can’t stress enough that Michael Carrington could not continue as an MP if he was indicted on fraud and embezzlement (both serious criminal offences) so that matter had to be resolved quietly, and quickly (see: judiciously)

    In case you don’t know, DLP is before country. It would of been bad for guvment if Carrington was indicted and had to resign from politics because that SMW seat would go to BLP in a jiffy (Bi-election). (No sitting MP can have a criminal record; read the constitution people)

    Notice how Fruendel didn’t have anything to say to Michael Carrington except to seek legal counsel to save face and appease the public. DLP would do anything, even if it means breaking the law to protect themselves and scumbags like Michael Carrington, and the 16/14 majority. These miscreants accustom to jumping through loopholes. That one Lashley yet to explain why he can’t go back to US (another seat would be gone that is why)

    As for Alexander-Lovell, had she been DLP she would not be out on bail or even suspended. In fact all she would have to do is wait it out. I suppose she would also write a fancy cheque to make it all go away.

    Do you see the trend here? DLP OR GO HOME. Fruendel Stuart would do anything, will jump through any loophole and lie to the people of Barbados to avoid dealing with consequences that would rattle the DLP, even if it means protecting that scumbag Michael Carrington. Get a lawyer. (wtf?)

    I don’t know what changed these men between 2013 and now because these are not the same people we chose to lead the country in 2008.

    I will take my X elsewhere and lead all Barbadians to vote Dem out of office throughout this land, far and wide, and across all districts. Not one DLP seat in 2018! And if Dem think the law is an ass, let Dem pontificate with any shenanigans over the next 6 months leading up to elections, or anytime during the election (iPads, $100 bills), and I will dismantle the DLP one constituency council at a time.

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  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    The DLP should never be reeldcted or given not one seat ever again for their dusregard fir the people particulsrly those who suffered injury at the hands of their criminal minded ministers and their criminal friends…read CLICO..

    Likewise BLP has their own criminal friends in the background waiting for the opportunity to continue their own criminal actions against bajans. ..they all must be stopped.

    The lawyers in Barbados needed a very serious wakeup call….they have helped to destroy the island and any confidence people had in them with their cintinuos thefts of clients funds and selling out their clients to insurance companies and anyone who would pay them, the amount of exposure they have gotten over the last few years in the newspapers and on social medial should tell them that Bajans are no longer willing to be victimized by those lawyers who are greedy and have no souls.


  • It isn’t one but two lawyers whose cases seem to be going together ….. ah ha you say … productivity improvements at last on the horizon in the system!!!

    The Court of Appeal and Chief Justice have been at the two ladies since last year.


    “Chairperson of the Disciplinary Committee of the Barbados Bar Association, Marguerite Woodstock-Riley QC, in requesting an adjournment, informed the court yesterday that there had been a matter of procedure that was to be addressed, since neither of the attorneys nor their defence counsel had been sent copies of individual reports pertaining to their cases. The Court of Appeal, headed by Chief Justice Sir Marston Gibson, acceded to the request and ordered that relevant submissions should be made before July 29. (TS)

    June 16th 2016 …. matter adjourned until June 29th 2016!!

    For sure, matter of procedure cannot take too long you would say … just need to send the individual reports to the two ladies and their counsel!!!

    Not so fast, a year later and here’s the progress of the Court of Appeal and Chief Justice!!


    “In the meantime, another female attorney, who has found herself in legal hot water also appeared before the Court of Appeal this morning. However, the disciplinary case brought against Joyce Griffith did not get off the ground since Griffith was not only reportedly unwell, but showed up without legal counsel. “The court gave her an opportunity to find representation and that matter was adjourned until June 29,” Weekes told Barbados TODAY.

    Ms Griffith hasn’t got a lawyer!!!

    … and when google is consulted this has been going on since for ever.


    ordee broomes
    October 21, 2013 at 2:31 am
    I think that is so awful what those crooked lawyers is doing to their clients i know because it happen to me i sold a property in holetown st jameS first street barbados the lawyer by the name of joyce griffith pin fold st stole my money from the sale i have not receive a dime till this day somebodx else own my property iam very broken hearted behind this situation she stole 128 000 american dollars i complain to the bar association so far havent heard from them there are wicked people down there in barbados iam ashame of my peopLe never want to ever step foot back down there ever in life

    In the intervening years, Joyce Griffith has had a whole book written in her honour!!


    … and meantime the mess continues.

    Ordeen Bisbop Broomes October 11, 2016 at 2:26 AM #
    My name is Ordeen Bishop Broomes. I have a “Theft of Property Sales” case against Joyce Griffith, in the Supreme Court. I’ve been fighting this case for 3yrs. now…. Still no justice! October 6, 2016 case against Joyce Griffith, applies to me…. My Attn: Leith Summons was hired to pursue Joyce Griffith. Feel free to email me your take on what’s gonna come out of all this…

    Who is Leith Simmons now????

    One could be tempted to take the name of the Lord in vain at these events unfolding before our very eyes and call down divine retribution on the courts, judges and lawyers in Barbados!!


  • What changed between 2013 and now is the curse of an evil bunch of ugly DLP people


  • Blp miischief makers get over it. Michael Carrington is going no where. Yes i know the silly season has begun but it does not mean that the blp operatives must always be front and centre displaying their idiocy


  • These lawyers are really degenerates.
    The ” gang” that comprise the Political Class (lawyers) in Barbados are the biggest crooks/fraudsters on the island.
    They operate like a criminal gang..looting..stealing..etc at will.
    God forbid anybody ever question them…
    They are shameless & pompous degenerates who are a detriment to progress.
    Dead weight dragging the island down into a cesspool of graft/sloth & intolerance.
    Apparently we like it so.


  • The inability of the government and Disciplinary Committee to resolve long standing issues associated with managing backlog and related reflects the same underperformance in parliament and ancillary support services where lawyers dominate.


  • The Court of Appeal, headed by Chief Justice Sir Marston Gibson, acceded to the request and ordered that relevant submissions should be made before July 29.

    This is a court order by no less a person than the CJ!!

    Submissions by 29th July 2016!!!

    We assume in one case they have been made and the CJ has resolved it a year later.

    What about the other?


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    I knew that name Joyce Griffith sounded familiar, yep, part of Nicholls’ book, definitely, these lawyers have to stop stealing from and colluding against their clients.

    People are now angry enough and prepared to send the names of thieving lawyers to every Bar Association in the Caribbean and around the world so it will be kept on file.

    They will never be able to work anywhere but Barbados.

    Dont fool yaself As’s….Michael Carrington is going somewhere, he will never be elected again, he can say like that arrogant Christie that not even his god can stop him……but the electorate is GOD…..they can stop him and humble him, just like Christie.


  • It certainly is!


  • @ Angela Skeete

    The DLP,PM, Ministers and yard-fowls members have developed some HABITS that are evil toward the electorate, and the rest of Barbados , it will be the END of the DLP in Barbados whenever election is call


  • Vincent Haynes

    As Ado sang…..Two Barbadoeses…….or in a classical vein one law for the medes and another for the persians……who de cow like she does lick…..

    Why are we so surprised…..has ever been so on this 2×4 incestous little rock and will continue so with whichever of the 6 or more acronyms waiting to get their hands on govt……every body is connected to somebody who is connected to somebody all the way up the line.


  • All cases are not the same. They are subtle differences. Folks charged with the same crime are often given different punishments in the court of law.


  • @Kevin

    What punishment did Carrington receive?


  • What punishment what??!!
    What country with ANY degree of pride …allows a damn crook to preside over its highest court?
    What parliament worth more than urine …sits under the chairmanship of such a damn, low-class thief?

    This is not a case of two Barbados’,
    it is much more a case of low-classed national brass-bowlery…..
    of a sub-human culture,
    and of a lack of morals and ethics at the highest levels.

    Every one of those parliamentarians who continued to sit under this man’s chairmanship have, by so doing, cursed themselves in the worse possible way….

    Shiite man!!!
    To rob an old man in a wheelchair in the broad daylight of parliamentary immunity is coming from near to the bottom of the swamp.

    Worse, it seems as though Trump has adopted the DLP’s strategy of governance…
    ..Filling the swamp instead of draining it as promised (ITAL within 100 days)
    ..Firing the Chief law enforcement officer (Comey and Dottin)
    ..Focusing on the wealthy (Trump’s cabinet and Froon white shadows)
    ..Building shiite monuments (Trump’s towers and Froon’s erection at the Garrison)..

    Perhaps Bushie is right …. that these morons are being controlled by the SAME IDENTICAL demonic forces…

    We are in SOOOOO much trouble….!!!


  • @David, he was ordered to return the funds, and that was it. It was a suspended sentence 😀


  • @kevin

    you are really LOST ,suspended, from where


  • @Kevin

    Note you were not able to maintain a straight face when scribing your comment.


  • David. It seems the more money you carry away, freedom will come your way.
    Bushie. You real bad, but so true.
    Angela. Silly season always a part of you.


  • I think I recall reading in the Saturday Sun’s Flying Fish And Coucou column that another client had complained that the talkerman Carrington was holding back her money also and if he hadn’t coughed up by a certain date she was ‘going in the main guard’ for ‘im.Looks as though Grantley shat in the required numbers.


  • @Bush Tea May 12, 2017 at 2:03 PM “Froon’s erection…”

    What erection what?



  • Don’t laugh Simple S….
    Have you been by the Garrison lately…?
    That ‘erected’ pitchfork has ‘Froon’ written all over it…

    …and too, besides, de man got a big able daughter….


  • The legal system is a complete circus headed by the biggest clown: Chief Justice Sir Marston Gibson, and ring master Fundel Stuart! The citizens have to live amongst the elephant shit, and live off peanuts. While Maloney, Cow, Bizzie, Simpson, and Seal operate the box office.


  • Speaking of court and cases:
    PM Stuart and his counsel should read.


  • @enuff

    A good find and along with rubbishing Stuart’s claim directed at Comissiong it should encourage others to up de ting as far as citizen engagement is concerned.


  • David

    Come Budget day…..I will see to it that a tax is implemented to tax your BU…..out of business.

    That is , if you persists with your unwarranted attacks and rants against Barbados’ most esteemed PM in the person of Freundel Stuart and his had working DLP administration.

    By the way didn’t the new Central Bank of Barbados Governor revealed that Barbados Econ in the first quarter this grew by 2 percent…… under PM Stuart and the DLP ?

    Another good reason to disband your BU……for peddling lies & propaganda.


  • Vincent Haynes


  • Vincent Haynes

    Of politicians and the ugly truth about corruption
    Added by Barbados Today on May 12, 2017.
    Saved under Editorial

    Amid all the brouhaha domestically about the first quarter performance of the Barbados economy – and more specifically what Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler will be bringing in his much anticipated budget later this month – readers may have overlooked the findings of a very interesting corruption study released in Jamaica this week.


  • David BU arent you embarrassed to be holding hands with Comissiong a person who have no qualms about supporting corrupt dictatorship
    Or can it be that you are a glorified hypocrite only seizing every opportunity that is politically expedient to your message for change of govt


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    If Mia was honest and truly cared about ALL Bajans, she would expose ALL government corruption.

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  • BU has it from a reliable source that members of the political class from BOTH sides of the aisle contributed to the kitty to repay Griffiths. What does it say about the yardfowls from both sides?



  • angela Skeete May 13, 2017 at 7:56 AM #
    David BU arent you embarrassed to be holding hands with Comissiong a person who have no qualms about supporting corrupt dictatorship
    Or can it be that you are a glorified hypocrite only seizing every opportunity that is politically expedient to your message for change of govt

    Corruption is a real and present evil in Barbados.

    There is really only one voice raised against it …. it happens to be David Commissiong.

    Does that mean he will be the next PM?

    Is he even running for office?

    All I would say is that if the alternatives to the two parties don’t look sharp, he will be the only game in town.

    They will have given the game to him!!

    They don’t seem to realise what is the number one issue in Barbados.

    It takes a bunch of school children in Jamaica to bring the real issue to the fore in that country, do we have to wait on children here to do the same and point out to us what should be obvious?

    Look at the amount of time Grenville Phillips et al have been fearful of the repercussions they will face if they dare stand up and take on the powers that be frontally.

    The situation screams out for men and women to stand up and be counted yet that is not happening.

    Everybody prefers to keep quiet and avoid being run over and losing their picks.

    … except that they will be run over and will lose their picks!!

    We see the DLP/Kellman using parliament as a cloak to threaten Commissiong.

    Yet if you want a laugh have a look at what Kellman was able to do when it suited him and it was expedient to attack the BLP.


    … and the BLP had no qualms 20 years ago in threatening a private citizen who dared stand up to the corruption.

    The point is, neither party is any good.

    The alternatives cannot be worse although they may also be … no good!!

    But you never know!!

    The only fact not open to dispute is that David Commissiong is standing up to be counted!!


  • Can you imagine that once upon a time Dennis Kellman was the minister of the environment?

    The issue as I understand it is that the Government is not following its own Physical Development Plan, which is supposed to be a blueprint for the environment.

    If I get it right, the outdated PDP sets a limit on the number of storeys a building on the beachfront can have and it isn’t fifteen.

    Black and white!!!!

    Please show me I am wrong and it isn’t that simple.

    This is a gift for any man or woman who would dare stand up!!

    David Commissiong must be cracking up laughing!!

    … and a new PDP is in the process of being prepared!!!

    Given the issues with water and sewage we have witnessed it would be reasonable to assume the new PDP will contain more stringent conditions for “development”.

    Who knows, it might even ban any more hotels on the beach front!!


  • Just follow the rules

    … if there is a penalty for stealing client funds and it is jail, lock dem up … Trump!!

    In Jamaica it takes children to state the obvious about their country.

    Just follow the rules.


  • @ David
    BU has it from a reliable source that members of the political class from BOTH sides of the aisle contributed to the kitty to repay Griffiths.
    It is only obvious.

    What would YOU do…?
    If you too had been using clients’ funds as your personal piggy bank and waiting on Peter’s deposit to pay back Paul? Can you imagine the chaos that would ensue if this shit was to contact a fan…? …as would happen if Carrington’s case was publicly explored?

    In any case, those thieving lawyers would only have taken up OTHER client’s deposits to pay Griffiths, … in effect now taking Gregory’s money to pay back Griffiths … in order keep the brass bowls quiet, and to avoid someone like the Auditor General doing an audit….

    This place is an axis of evil…
    No wonder Satan wanted a monument at the damn Garrison….


  • what is so amazing is that the pooch lickers of Commissiong would get here and condemn govt as being exhibitors of corruption but would engaged and support a person who uses democractic laws in pursuit of destroying barbados economic progress while at the same time have an allegiance to corrupt govts.
    Only in barbados this sh..it would happen nowhere in the develop democratic community would a person of Comissiong standing would get on political platforms and sign the praises of corrupt dictatorships and be allowed to have any influence in the development of the country .
    This sh.it is truly mindbogglingly


  • We call on George Payne,Mia Mottley and all the BLP legal beagles to join Comissiong in this matter before the court.Note how the crooked Baloney bunch have joined the hearing alongside their comrades in arms,the Prime Minister and the Attorney General.If the AG had balls or cojones,he would be appearing for the government as he is their chief legal officer.Boy,how I miss Eric Fly.I can hear Fly in Brittons Hill creating more than a cave for Stuart to fall in and be covered up.




  • Angela

    All that needs to be done is the same survey of the children in Bardados as was done in Jamaica.

    What recently happened in the Bahamas is also indicative of the same fundamental issue there as well.


    Turks and Caicos has a trial of everybody from the Governor back down which has been going on for years now!!!

    It will never end!!

    The last I heard is that members of one party claims the billion in funds it received was not corruption, it was a political contribution freely given to which it was entitled!!

    Antigua, Guyana, St. Vincent Dominica …… and the list goes on.

    Same sh!t.

    Anyone who stands up to be counted will attract support.

    They will also attract threats from the powers that be wishing to hold on to that perceived power.

    It is no point hoping the BLP now all of a sudden will be struck blind as Saul was on the road to Damascus … that set inspires absolutely no confidence and was always blind!!

    Only a miracle could change that fact, but nobody believes in God and miracles nowadays!!

    Imagine George Payne now is raising his voice against Kellman regarding the threats to Commissiong and he never raised any objection to the threats his party were making to Richard Goddard!!!!

    These two parties have lost all credibility.

    Barbados is a failed state … B and D responsible.

    They have created the vacuum into which anyone can step … Commissiong included!!

    So, if you don’t want Commissiong in the running, then stand up, be counted and provide a better viable alternative!!

    Same goes for Grenville et al.

    … or for that matter anyone.

    The time to pussyfoot trying to avoid offending the power brokers has long passed!!

    …. but don’t worry … there is always the next generation who might figure it all out.

    They mightn’t have much left and will be saddled by the debts created … but where there is life there is hope!!

    Maybe they will believe in miracles.


  • peterlawrencethompson

    It is perhaps appropriate to mark the 30th anniversary today of Dipper’s Mirror Image speech.
    I had already fled Barbados when he delivered it on May 13th 1986, but 30 years later we still desperately need to take a look at ourselves in the mirror.


  • Dipper is a case study in why Enuff is wrong to think that a permanent solution to our problems can come from having ‘quality people’ get involved in politics.

    EWB was quality beyond question.
    However he managed to be effective and useful ONLY for a short time because he sought to impose his ‘quality’ on the operational side of life…. by improving standard of living, education, social outlook etc.

    On the other hand, he felt that he needed to guard society from the albino-centric, ‘parro’ types who were waiting in the sidelines like vultures (as always). It was such thinking than led to his public order act, and some other shiite that he did …in what he thought was the public interest (in that it supported HIS interest – and he was a public asset 🙂 )

    If he had instead concentrated on establishing a governance model that was self-sustaining, then we would be in a much better place today….
    It was either that, …or live as long as his pal Lee from Singapore, and make the damn dictatorship work….

    What a pity Forbes Burnham gave the concept of a ‘Co-operative Republic’ a bad name….

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  • Hmmm….
    Come with a plan
    THE SINGLE BIGGEST HOLDER of Caribbean government debt is giving most of the region, including Barbados, a failing grade for not articulating a clear plan for “fiscal…


  • The silence by our society to the sorry tale of a Speaker of the House of Assembly being ordered by a High Court judge to repay a client over two hundred thousand dollars sums it up. The idea of having to refer to Carrington as Mr. Speaker during debate is nauseating.



  • Vincent Haynes


    EWB was an interesting man,a very proud man especialy when it came to his antecedents,he was the first one to make me conscious of being a Pelau as he referred to his Jewish and Planter ancestry,he had no time for any black power movement or going back to Africa.

    He was a proud Caribbean Pelau who was accepted by the majority of his peers as their master and he was a benevolent one providing you did not cross him,possibly from his planter heritage.

    He had a vision for the Caribbean despite initially objecting to the federation and the little 8,where he wished to create a power house akin to his buddy Lees but his people could not see it.

    His major failing was his inability to create a cadre of individuals to follow his vision,he was a complex and a many faceted man.


  • Vincent
    Hush do.You en kno Ehurl Barrh.


  • What just happened in America is as a result of the same issue ….. leaders of parties forgetting first principles … and just too many failed people in government for the population to carry without complaint!!

    It is people who screw up and when there are enough of them failing, the screw up is big league, or bigly depending on how you like to spell it.

    Trump and Bernie were the result of the failure of both parties.

    One of the two them fell by the wayside, the other became president.

    Clinton was never going to get through!!

    Only a complete idiot would have clung to the status quo and set about destroying Bernie as a candidate!!

    Both parties are still in trouble!!

    Trump just moves on, infuriating the press, the democrats and the republicans.

    Ideologies are labels people hide behind to disguise their failure.

    Communism is a failure as a label, most would recognize that, just look at Russia.

    David Commissiong’s holds EWB as his hero, that’s my biggest issue with him, not that he may or may not espouse some idealogy or the other.

    That is his flaw in my book.

    EWB doomed Barbados!!

    Forbes Burnham was a failure.

    Bird, Manley, Seaga etc etc. etc. same failed people.

    Believe it or not Barbados was once run on the basis of cooperation, long before any of the ideologies and idealogues appeared on the scene … and it was not a failure.

    When all else fails, go back to first principles and see why they worked!!

    Strip away the untruths on which the labels are based and go after truth.

    Trump did!!

    He just listened to what people wanted and set about delivering!!

    He made things simple …. no big words …. in fact so simple that so called intelligent people reckoned he was stupid to their chagrin!!

    He is no saint, like all people, but success and failure do not hinge on sainthood!!

    Once he delivers what he was told to deliver, he will be remembered as a success.

    Still time for a Trump to appear in Barbados!!


  • If you listen to folks in the US trying to explain Trump one thing that say and that is “Trump has no idealogy”!!!!


  • Vincent Haynes

    Gabriel May 13, 2017 at 1:14 PM #

    Doofus#2………….Hahahaha…..We crayfished together,he spent time at my home and I at his,we eat at together and we never discussed local politics nor was I part of his political circle………who or what am I?

    Possibly you never knew the man.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @John at 1:22 PM …You were expounding quite well and then boom …

    Can you clarify…”Believe it or not Barbados was once run on the basis of cooperation…”?

    What period was this most evidently beneficial to Bajans?

    And “He just listened to what people wanted and set about delivering!!…Still time for a Trump to appear in Barbados!!”

    And clarify that too.

    What truths will the local Trump be able to bring to fruition?

    Do consider that the other Trump lies (no big words) daily says whatever he wants to say and browbeats almost to submission anyone who stands in his way.

    He has his own concept of law and order which informs that he does not have to abide by standard rules and regulations.

    And of course what he heard the people say was being said by less than half of them.

    And you are calling for a local Trump to dominate the scene…I thought we had a few doing his meme replica already!


  • angela Skeete May 13, 2017 at 7:56 AM
    “David BU arent you embarrassed to be holding hands with Comissiong a person who have no qualms about supporting corrupt dictatorship
    Or can it be that you are a glorified hypocrite only seizing every opportunity that is politically expedient to your message for change of govt”……

    Angela, David and these on here would go along with Commissong and his support for the current regime in Venezuela because he is throwing licks in the DLP. Nothing more, nothing less. These will turn a blind eye to the fact that Commission and members of the BLP like Prescod, blindly supports the wannabe dictator Maduro. Commissong is currently doing their bidding PUBLICLY: to agitate and stall progress in this country until the BLP gets in power which I predict will be in 2023. Commissong wants a fact-finding mission to Venezuela. Nothing wrong with that, we all know the ‘West’ manipulates the media to paint any person/country they want to in a bad light. We also know the ‘West’ will fund and support the opposition led marches. However the facts are clear, Venezuelans suffering, and fleeing their country under the current government. I know for sure hundreds are in the island of Trinidad. They also had a march here in Barbados. It was given minimal coverage, and definitely not highlighted here on BU.


  • @Kevin

    You can attack Comisiong all you want it does NOT change the fact that it is his democratic right under our laws to ask for a judicial review. You should note if you agree to his right to ask for a review it has nothing to do with the matter you raised concerning Venezuela. His views on Venezuela you may agree or disagree in much the same way you agree with a teefing lawyer continuing to preside over our Lower House.


  • @ Vincent Haynes

    From your postings here on BU about EWB, you never knew the man, he had no real vision, he was following a going trend for 10 years( 1961-1971 ) but, failed because of his inability to nip in the bud the corruption that come with the development , as John said, “EWB doomed Barbados”


  • Can you clarify…”Believe it or not Barbados was once run on the basis of cooperation…”?
    What period was this most evidently beneficial to Bajans?


    Sure, from after 1648 for about 300 years!!

    If you look at the utterances of the politicians from independence you will see they concentrate on division.

    Division is only necessary if cooperation exists among people!!

    You wouldn’t waste too much time trying to divide people who are already pretty much divided!!

    … and if there is something to steal as there was at Independence, then clearly Barbados must have been run in a beneficial manner.

    Now, there really isn’t much to steal any more!!

    Ergo, the post independence period mussee one of decline.



  • @ John, I know that you are a lover of history. Are you really saying that we can dismiss our slave history as one of mutual cooperation?


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    John…dont start crap ya cant finish….let’s stop at the corruption with the government ministers for the last 30 years or more while colluding with minorities to disenfranchise their own people, they do not collude with the couple local and foreign whites alone to tief from taxpayers and the pension fund, they collude with any minority for a cut, a car, for anything, they are prostitutes stealing from majority blacks.


  • Vincent Haynes

    Watchman May 13, 2017 at 3:09 PM #

    I have nothing to prove to anyone…..your opinion means exactly that.

    Note I have not stated anywhere that I disagree with what John has said,as a matter of fact I agree with him, as a reread of my piece would show.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    Look John…..they are demanding that the british return what was stolen from Africa, everyone is tired of thieves and liars.

    A British citizen has returned two statues taken from the Benin Kingdom 117 years ago during the invasion of Benin by British soldiers, prompting calls for other treasures to be repatriated. The House of Representatives, called on the British Parliament to intervene in Nigeria’s efforts to get stolen artifacts in various museums in the United Kingdom repatriated. The House in adopting a motion calling for the repatriation of the artifacts also took a decision to communicate it to the British parliament
    Mark Walker, grandson of Capt. Herbert Walker, outside the palace of the Oba (king) of Benin, now in Edo State, Nigeria. In 2014 he returned bronzes looted during the 1897 Benin Punitive Expedition.”


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger May 13, 2017 at 3:53 PM #
    John…dont start crap ya cant finish….let’s stop at the corruption with the government ministers for the last 30 years or more while colluding with minorities to disenfranchise their own people, they do not collude with the couple local and foreign whites alone to tief from taxpayers and the pension fund, they collude with any minority for a cut, a car, for anything, they are prostitutes stealing from majority blacks.

    …. um … what colour are the politicians?


  • …. and in whose name do they claim to be acting?

    …. see Liz Thompson!!


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    John….you chose to read only one part of my post, read it it’s entirety, I am no fan of liz Thompson, I find her pretentious, but just because she told Goddard she is not letting any white person in Barbadis tell her what to do and Goddard told a family member he felt like slapping her fir saying that……the family member told me, it does nit change anything.

    I am glad you lived long enough to see the British labeled the thieves that they really are and asked to return everything they have spent centuries stealing out of Africa, the thieves in the vatican are also being asked to return what they stole….also Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, the whole gang of thieves….and you lived to see it John….history has caught up.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    If you think Karma will not catch up with the black government ministers for stealing from, giving away the people’s money and selling out their own people to minority thieves for over 30 years…….both.you and them are wrong.


  • But how is Commissiong stalling progress? Maybe the government should learn to follow rules and regulations. I wonder who is stopping the Integrity Legislation from being proclaimed–Commissiong too?


  • When the government via the MoF wanted to fire DeLisle Worrell they very expertly and quickly shepherded the matter through the court system. What is the problem with the issue with doing same if the construction of the Hyatt is of national importance?


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger May 13, 2017 at 5:39 PM #
    John….you chose to read only one part of my post, read it it’s entirety,


    I was trying to keep away from Nigeria … it has its own problems which thankfully we have not had.


  • CUP/BFP.Violet Beckles Plantation Deeds from 1926-2017 land tax bills and no Deeds,BLPand DLP Massive land Fruad and PONZI

    Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger May 13, 2017 at 8:59 AM #

    If Mia was honest and truly cared about ALL Bajans, she would expose ALL government corruption.@@@

    Ya making jokes, we can trace Mia from 1997, Mia can never be Honest and never was, Don’t forget she also a lawyer and CROWN land crookNHC ,She is the 3rd stage of the Corruption with her 15%VAT speeding up the land fraud UDC,, after independence in 1966, Ahead of her was Sir Sleepy Smith as AG/then in 1986/Sir Richard/Sir COW, they are family . Cheltenham had to call Smith Uncle?So Mia and Owen ran that well, While Sir Sleepy had called his Aunt Beatrice Jemmott-Henry that he help rob her blind and Smith, Richard, Cow, Simmons to rob Violet Beckles family and Heirs.all the way to 2010.

    Mia does not dear open her trunk. Mia still telling lies now, If the DLP wants to get back in all they have to do is expose Mia and Owen and set the record right, with all the names mention above,Expose the National Trust and Sir Beckles for the cover up of Barbados True History after Slavery, More blacks own plantatons and land after slavery than the History book reflects, We cant get any where in the World for long teling lies,


  • no way in a democracy would a man of comissiong ilk with known ties to communist dictators would be allowed any political gains using democratic laws to reign down terror on democratic govts .
    this guy would be banned and or would be under the watchful eye of intelligent surveillance ad never be allowed to have full reign using the courts as as a sounding board to plant seeds of discourse and division, no court would even consider to give him the time of day based on the fact that he has shown on many occasion to be an enemy of democratic laws having a preference to dictatorship rules and laws


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    So Europe, North America, Asia etc dont have problems or are you just pretending they dont John.

    The days for pretendiing are over, the days for lying about Africa being the poorest and having all the problems in the world are over.

    You need only look in your own backward.


  • There is no lower for the DLP to take Barbados.

    Can you imagine how galling it must be for BLP MP’s to call this man Your Honour?


  • If Speaker Carrington is not bad enough then there is the Deputy. God help us.

    Was David Thompson’s will ever probated?


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    Dont even start on Mara, thankfully she crawled back into her hole after that very public beat down, ignorant woman.


  • So Europe, North America, Asia etc dont have problems or are you just pretending they dont John.

    If you remember, the Clinton Foundation benefitted from payments from the King of Morocco.


    Of course the USA has problems with corruption and the Clinton Foundation is a prime example.

    The King’s worth is estimated at $2.5 billion so a measly $28 million is not going to cause him any pain.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    John……..I dont know if you are keeping abreast, but the problems in the US have not even started yet, the mess has not been fully exposed yet. Africa will look like a paradise in comparison when everything has been told.


  • CUP/BFP Violet Beckles Plantation Deeds from 1926-2017 land tax bills and no Deeds,BLPand DLP Massive land Fruad and PONZ

    I have been calling these Lawyers that cross the path of Violet Beckles and other all over the World Crooks, Liars, and Scumbags and many defend their nasty ways , We all may have to be rob one by one to be understood the LEVEL of corruptions these Bitches are in, Just look at Barbados now when the lawyers take over the government and all thing dealing with money,
    Vote Bajan Free Party/ CUP to see them off the Island


  • CUP/BFP Violet Beckles Plantation Deeds from 1926-2017 land tax bills and no Deeds,BLPand DLP Massive land Fruad and PONZ

    The CJ and the crook DPP are talking about recovery assets, following the money can be hard these tics are dug in deep, but on land just follow the lawyers,


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger May 14, 2017 at 3:23 PM #
    John……..I dont know if you are keeping abreast, but the problems in the US have not even started yet, the mess has not been fully exposed yet.

    That’s why America is so lucky to be rid of both Obama and Clinton simultaneously!!

    Trump may not be a saint but he has a nose for tackling problems at source.

    That’s probably why the press and the democrats try at every turn to discredit him.

    My favorites for president were Marco Rubio and Ben Carson.

    But neither one has the streak in him that Trump has.

    I would imagine nuff people are petrified by him!!!!


  • I suspect Clinton is a target which Comey had as good as disqualified himself from hitting.

    It will be interesting to see who Trump picks to replace Comey, and what happens after that.


  • CUP/BFP.Violet Beckles Plantation Deeds from 1926-2017 land tax bills and no Deeds,BLPand DLP Massive land Fruad and PONZI

    Franklyn Alleyne May 12, 2017 at 3:27 AM #

    Let me get the thread started and the ball rolling. Michael Carrington (scumbag)

    I am so happy that another person will type what they are, Write one on Mia now, she in the group.And every stinking lawyer in government and past, Owen got out in time to watch the SHOW, But he also a crook , liar and scumbag also.


  • I found it absolutely amazing that political yard-fowl Angela Skeete described David BU as being a “glorified hypocrite” for his perceived support of David Commisiong’s exercising his legal right as a citizen, to challenge the Hyatt project.

    A similar characterization could also be applicable to Skeete, who displayed her “glorified hypocrisy” and “seized every opportunity that is politically expedient to (her) message to support” the unethical actions of this inept DLP administration.

    Recall Skeete in her FORMER PERSONA as the AC consortium of yard-fowls, “had no qualms about supporting this corrupt” inept DLP administration under circumstances where there was not any evidence of transparency and accountability.

    She was NOT “EMBARRASSED TO BE HOLDING HANDS” with and defending Leroy Parris; a known DLP supporter who duped several policy holders through the CLICO fiasco.

    The DLP yard-fowl was NOT “EMBARRASSED TO BE HOLDING HANDS” with David Thompson when she QUESTIONED the AUTHENTICITY of the Deloitte forensic audit of CLICO’s operations and defended a $3,333,000 payment to Leroy Parris through Thompson’s law firm, facilitated under the guise of by what the audit described as a “fraudulent invoice” for legal services that were never rendered.
    “ac July 10, 2012 at 12:35 PM #: So tell me BLP yardfowls what is so UNETHICAL about Thompson and Associates BEING PAID for SERVICES RENDERED or even attorney client privilege.”

    Angela Skeete was NOT “EMBARRASSED TO BE HOLDING HANDS” with “Douglas Leopald Phillips” when “he” for purposes of retaliatory aggression “published” on BU, information from Lisa Marshall’s personal to imply she stole funds from the Transport Board, because she used the “Brass Tacks” forum to ask for her legally due severance payment after she and other employees were retrenched from TB.

    Angela Skeete was NOT “EMBARRASSED TO BE HOLDING HANDS” with dishonest lawyer and Speaker Michael Carrington who ignored repeated request from his former client Michael Griffiths and with-held the elderly gentleman’s funds. Although the court found favour with Griffiths and ordered Carrington to pay the money inclusive of interest, Skeete was adamant Carrington was innocent.
    Conversely, Lisa was NOT DISMISSED from TB for THEFT or brought before the court via CIVIL or CRIMINAL procedures on THEFT CHARGES, but Angela Skeete was adamant that Lisa is a thief.

    Skeete was not “EMBARRASSED TO BE HOLDING HANDS” with dishonest lawyer and DLP member Richard Byer, when she DEFENDED his DISHONESTY for charging Caves of Barbados Ltd. $766,855.24 as legal fees to give an opinion on a loan, under circumstances where another lawyer charged $19,550 for providing a similar service.

    Skeete constantly displays “glorified hypocrisy” and, according to her leader Freundel Stuart, “sanctimonious hypocrisy.”

    What a shiite bucket!!!!!


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    John…all your favorites including the idiot trump are duds.

    Speak for thyself, no one is afraid of trump or he would not be making such bigly mistakes and screaming at the television in the white house.

    Have you not noticed that GP, MoneyB and Chadster all ran away and left you…lol

    “My favorites for president were Marco Rubio and Ben Carson.

    But neither one has the streak in him that Trump has.

    I would imagine nuff people are petrified by him!!!!”


  • The DLP has no shame,no morality,no vision.On Brasstacks a caller known as ‘de fella from Straker tenantry’ engaged Wickahm and posited that there are no mutineers in the DLP.I smiled.Peter did not bother to remind him of the Eager 11.
    Then on Sunday the ugly black lipped fellow name Densi Lowe berated childless women and the LGBT community.Bdos Today carry the story and the commentary of readers of the article.Some comments boldly assert the man got a virus known to the society and is in some type of closet hiding.Wuhloss….look who talking….a teef plus a botty man…..Wuhloss!


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