A New Political Alternative In The Making?

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Will Nomination Day to select BLP canditidates to represent St. James North be a watershed in Barbados politics?

The recent alleged letter by the so called Eager 11 on the one hand,  and the more recent outspokenness of Mia Mottley, on the other, prompts the consideration of the viability of a third political party and its sustainability in this present political climate. Listening to the call in programs, one could discern there exist a search and seeding for a new body to present itself as a third alternative .

The history of third political parties in Barbados and the Caribbean (for that matter) is  fraught with failures, and by no means a motivator to any potential candidates who is bold enough to put themselves forward as a new leader. For sure, given what prevails, he she should have no shortage in finding new recruits, for within both the DLP and the BLP there has been discontentment.

Could the current nomination  on Sunday, of St. James North candidate Rawle Eastmond be that watershed?  Will those divides mend in time before elections (on both side) and cast away without a shadow of a doubt, that entertaining the notion of third political parties within Barbados is nothing more than  a fallacy?

Aside: Congrats to Sir Richard Haynes  (of NDP fame) for the naming of the south coast board-walk in his honor.

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  1. A third political party at this time could only mean a mix split of DLP and BLP dissents coming together under this leader.How this would play out depending on the loyalty of those constituents( whether they vote party or individual) could effect both existing parties’ seat count.Depending on the charisma of that leader to attract, the political scene could become a real hot bed. This may not be as remote as one would immediately think,and come to think of it, after yesterday fiasco, a good probability.Some people may see this as their better alternative, as they have nothing to lose..all to gain.Yes this would be a hive of activity, igniting the somewhat docile political scene that exist at present.

  2. ISNT it too late for a third political party to make any significant impact in the next general elections which will come before Crop Over this year ???
    WUNNAH think that Freundel Stuart gwine wait till after Crop Over when the heat gwine be on with songs attacking he and the DLP BIG ON THE RADIO ???
    WUNNA aint see how the calypsonians attacked he last year ???

  3. @Just Askin
    Respectfully I disagree with you .Elections will run down to January next year, I bet.By now you should know that the PM is ultra conservative.Why rush things attitude..or he would have dealt with the E-11 every sense.There is no way I foresee any election until its full time is up.

    On the matter of too late..depends what is the aim of that NEW FORMATION..If you have six elected MP’s that have deflected ..(that would have already canvassed) willing to take they constituents with them,their homework would have been already done.

    Then there will also be plenty interested hopefuls (left backs) who could not make the nomination list (on both sides ) and ready to join the new party..Interesting possibilities exist.
    Lastly, Crop Over would be the worst time to call an elections..consider the logistics and loss revenue. Earlier ?..I doubt that also.

  4. On the contrary I heard that certain government departments are preparing for elections this year, so a third party will certainly not cut it

  5. I voting independent … If Eastmond had any real worth he would try and win as an independent … like Richie Haynes.

    Now what in God’s name has Richie done to deserve the honor of a land mark …

  6. Barbasdos watch yourself the caribbean is due for another earthquake and this could see the disappearance of the beautiful Island. Do not tempt God. Remember Port Royal.

  7. Sir,
    Am I right in thinking that the DLP was at some point a third political party? Why the pessimism? I remember the DLP’s formation well, the Young Turks, and its many promises.
    At the time my family were huge supporters of the trade union wing of the BLP – Walcott, Blunt, et al. and as a little boy I enjoyed going to King George Park every May Day.
    We have seen where political tribalism led Jamaica in the mid-1970s, and where it has the whole of Africa today.

    Hal Austin

  8. david all eyes are on the rawle eastmond saga but has any thought been given to the hammiela constituency and the possible quandary the dlp might find themselves in there if the situation is not carefully managed. Will the dlp dump their loyal, dedicated and committed servant undine whittaker in favour of the political grasshopper to hold on tothe seat.from all reports miss whittaker did quite well in the hammiela stronhold last time and was expected to tip the scales this time. It is said that hammila is not as much fool as people think and having smelled the rat crossed the floor to capitalse on the dlp popular support and his own when the election is called. so whither miss whittaker. will the dlp be willing to trust hammila again?

  9. @ David
    Hammie La would be a prime recruit in a third party. At last he would hopefully find a home.. as he seems to not like either.

  10. One thing for sure ..Freundel will not call elections until he has extracted some sort of justice on the E-11….so there is still timeroom to maneuver..
    Those Hushed MICE……look on in awe ..no man speaks outta turn nowadays do you realize? It is as if speak at your own peril…you have been warned.

  11. Agree there is a need for an alternative. If not a third party some strong independent candidates who can help to tilt the balance of power in the country.

    It happened under the BLP and it continues under the DLP. We have statutory corporations who subcontract work to their friends and work/purchases which takes months to complete takes the sub contractor weeks. The BWA is a good example. Both parties represent the same bullshit.

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  13. @ Carson
    Hush do……..where you going putting our business on a junk link? I credit Bajans with sense….and that was non-s

  14. While I am not sure what impact a third party can have at this late stage I do know that for the good of our Barbados,now more than ever an alternative is needed.With the demise of David Thompson came the cancerous tumours out of remission,accompanied by those we were led to believe were Yesterday’s Vultures.I would hate to see Owen Arthur at the helm of my country again and this has been made clear by my every post,but am I sure that my party as presently constituted deserves a second term? For this reason the PM has to ride this term out to the very end and use these last days—–precious and few they are,to restore confidence in right thinking persons who choose the flag of the country over the colours of any party.

  15. There are a number of very weak seats for both parties coming into the next elections, maybe if a third party can concentrate on six or eight seats, even at this stage and can cause a coalition to be necessary, then we can see the emerging of a third party, who can demand that one of them become prime minister and the others ministers withing the coalition party.

  16. @Hamiliton Hill
    For this reason the PM has to ride this term out to the very end and use these last days—–precious and few they ..

    You are RIGHT about” few and precious days left for the DLP”….but ride it out?…Don’t forget Budget time soon here ..and we almost run out of money….word on the streets is.. no cash circulating…businesses fed up and about to layoff more people..and you advising to WAIT??

  17. What does Owen Arthur mean when he says that there is nothing that will destabilize the Barbados Labour Party (BLP), and that the affairs of that party will never be arranged by any private meeting between individuals? Has he forgotten his infamous: “Prior Park Accord,” when he left home in the ‘dead of the night,’ to sign a deal and the plot that over-threw the then Opposition Leader, Mia Mottley? If: Barbadians expressing serious concern about the political leadership of the BLP turning a blind-eye to electoral fraud, voter-list rigging and “rigged-democracy” – is now to be described by Owen Arthur as a: “mocked division” – then law-abiding citizens have every right to conclude that another Arthur should also be remanded to prison.

    The point remains that Owen Arthur and his ‘indiscipline and un-governable gang of five,’ “ousted” Mia Mottley and along with their strategically placed operatives and goon squad – have now “deposed” Rawle Eastmond. All of that is the extent of the same rigging Rawle Eastmond warned about? But, on the very day the media was reporting that a man was gun-down and riddled with bullets on a Mini-bus, one Arthur was being charged with the illegal possession of 102 rounds of ammunition. This has to be embarrassing, and as a result, the other Arthur might have to quietly change his view about who the real “wild boys” of Barbados, are! Is Barbados now to be run by: “The Arthur Crime Family?”

    It was only last year when Arthur told the horrible lie in Parliament that he was not at Cabinet when the matter of VECO and the Prison at Dodds was discussed! He may now have to comfort his brother because the very prison that Owen awarded VECO a contract to build – will become home for his brother! And if – like Arthur – Mia Mottley practised ‘the politics of spite’ – she would now join the chorus of the hundred of thousands of Barbadians who feel that another Arthur should now be behind bars.

    Mia Mottley will find support within the DLP. We know that it was Arthur who run-up a huge national debt even during the time of plenty. It is he who has saddled the DLP and its Minister of Finance with a $93 million Statutory Fund Deficit at CLICO, plus hundreds of millions more in those Annual Flexible Plan Annuities; left millions being owed to Al Barrack and a huge BNOC debt. Such fiscal recklessness really deserves jail time.

    Every political crisis has its totemic moment; a decision that even at the time defies logic and in retrospect – will be seen as an act of gross stupidity. Yet, it takes more than one individuals (no matter how powerful) to manufacture a crisis and when sensible people review the facts pertaining to the destruction of Grantley Adams’ party and legacy – the list of guilty will include more than the “in disciplined and un-governable gang of five” and that Infamous “Prior Park Accord.” Imagine! Owen and his ‘in-disciplined and un-governable gang of five’ stabbed Mia Mottley in her back and have now “deposed” Rawle Eastmond by stealth and yet – Owen Arthur is some-how able to call for “healing!”

    When the BLP behaves as though it has flexible positions on serious issues, such dithering will continue to raise justifiable concern in the minds of the public, as to how it could ever be ready or rather: “ready for what!” The BLP will lose because it has become: “a party of deals.” Take the issue with Rawle Eastmond, as an example! That fiasco spiralled out of control because the re-cycled leadership of the BLP – ‘dare not tackle’ the serious complaint of: ‘election rigging; voters-list-padding and rigged-democracy,’ which Rawle Eastmond complained about way back in 2010 – when somebody (widely agreed by BLP members to be George Payne) went into Rawle’s St. James North Constituency (unknown to him) and paid $560 for 56 delegates, who were to vote for George Payne and against Mia Mottley in the then race for ‘Chairman of the Party.’ Jerome Walcott stated recently that people were removed from the St. James North voters-list, while the winning candidate himself – said he canvassed those “he could find living within the constituency.”

    Owen Arthur could not and cannot deal with voter-list-padding within the BLP because that will anger George Payne and has serious implications for him being “leader” so he has to turn a blind-eye and remain silent! Nobody in their right mind will ever vote-out – even an inexperienced DLP government (led by Freundel Stuart, who is easily the most decent and honest politician since Bree St. John) and replace it by a BLP led by Arthur, who: (1) continues to turn a blind-eye to the electoral corruption within his party and (2) put thousands intended as BLP campaign funds – into his personal bank account. Was that money intended to buy and stock-pile BULLETS?

    The country is now being told that even sitting BLP MP’s have to participate in a nomination process. But the country knows that the real issue within the BLP, as it relates to elections, is: “RIGGED DEMOCRACY!” They are also aware that when Rommell Marshall went to St. Joseph seeking that nomination, Owen Arthur had a lot to say, then? Why! Was it because of the provisions of the “Prior Park Accord” and one of the conditions of the deal that in order for him to be leader – Owen Arthur has to protect George Payne, Dale Marshall and the Gang of five?

    Even if Rawle Eastmond had indicated that he was not running, he can change his mind. Did Owen Arthur not give up the leadership of the BLP “and changed his mind” when he realised that David Thompson was terminally ill? And what is this hog-wash about somebody not turning-up for a meeting with Arthur? Is it not true that for three whole years, Arthur did not turn-up for Parliament? What ill-health? Is Rawle Eastmond’s health any worse than Owen Arthur’s, the latter of whom looks really shaky these days?

    What madness about somebody sending Arthur a request for a meeting by a “Text,” on a phone! Is the BLP’s geriatric brigade so obsolete as to be so intimidated by technology? What froth about a request for a meeting via the Press? And what ‘a load of rubbish’ and ‘horse-shit’ about disrespecting the office of Opposition Leader! Did Arthur not call a press conference at the UWI to cuss former Opposition Leader Mia Mottley and to tell Barbadians to find her unacceptable? Did Former Opposition Leader Mia Mottley not learn of an attempt to oust her from office as Barbados’ first ever female Leader of the Opposition – via a letter in the papers? Isn’t that the precedent set by Arthur that Mia, used? Disrespecting who or what office? Did Arthur not use the Office of the Leader of the Opposition to cuss Mara? Did he not try to give the impression that files and money were stolen by Mia when she was Opposition Leader! Why do bullies always behave like the victim?

    It is clear and the entire country can see that there is a war within the BLP: those who want to stamp-out corruption and those who have sworn to keep it. And, with Rawle Eastmond’s forced retirement – it seems like the forces of bad are winning. The BLP is about factions and DEALS and three BLP factions are killing themselves! Arthur’s power-hungry- geriatric-brigade; George Payne’s comedian out-fit and Mia’ crusaders who are seeking to stamp-out corruption and defend Grantley Adams’ name and his legacy. If this is how the Owen Arthur faction and the George Payne faction are behaving in Opposition and have declared open warfare on Mia Mottley, Rawle Eastmond and anyone who can be linked with Mia Mottley, heaven help those public servants or anyone who crossed those deadly bees, including those responsible for sending Arthur to Jail..But Arthur is deadly because he has access to bullets and lots of them.

    The Owen Arthur’s camp and the George Payne camp forcibly retired Marilyn Forde; Joey Harper (thereby declaring war on persons with disabilities) and now – Rawle Eastmond, thereby declaring war on senior citizens’ right to work. But if the BLP is hunting and treating their own so – Barbados’ 28,000 public servants should be scared, especially since Arthur has already been telling us in the DLP to cut cost or reduce expenditure, a term Arthur uses to mean: “send home people.”

    But, even with a rigged voters list – George Payne’s cousin: Doug Skeete, lost. The reason is simple: “Respectable Barbadians do not like corruptions and what George Payne stands for,” even if he and Arthur feel that a little corruption is necessary to grease the wheel. And yet, a vote for the BLP in the up-coming general election – will be a vote for George Payne to become Prime Minister of Barbados. Despite however good the BLP purport to be, the bottom-line is that the best brains of the BLP are all DEMS.

  18. @ nonsense above
    WHAT A LONG LONG LOAD OF HOGWASH…which thankfully nobody gine read !
    Please keep home your garbage for Thurdays for collection by the SSA.

  19. find the Dems are such hypocrites. In this very same riding, St James North, the DLP General Council imposed Harry Husbands on the branch over Austin Husbands. Not a word from the supporters on this blog that that was wrong.

    The BLP had a nomination and the better man won. What was the party supposed to do, wait and wait on Rawle whilst he dilly-dallied. He was playing the branch for fools.

    The Christ Church West branch of the DLP had a nomination, Taan Abed got 80 votes and Verla Depeiza got 5 votes. The DLP overturned Taan Abed and made Verla the candidate. And nothing was wrong with that, right Dems???

    Then they forced a candidate on the St Thomas branch without a word to the branch’s executive and although the branch kicked up a fuss, the doctor remains in place.

    Now tell me, out of the two parties, who is more democratic?? Come on Dems, you have no credibility, deal with the big beam in your eyes before you attempt to criticize the BLP, we are head and shoulders over you!!!!

    Sometimes these very same Dems get carried away writing a whole lot and say nothings.These are just manifestation of their party. Do tepidness , criticize and then get lost understanding what they write like than simpleton’s writing ABOVE…….Do I seen cunningness of someone hurt and did not come to the party ?

  20. No I take that back not cunning-ness…cowardice…to fool a sick man …to pretend you have A BIG FOOT move…..then to dwindle away like ..a phantom duppy..not even to show a FACE.

  21. A third alternative….anyone such dares…..we hear of dis enchantments..we hear of Jilts…we hear of losers who want to come again…Yo Ho all you and alike….get cracking..d bell soon ringing !!!!!

  22. Why I could just picture it now….PPM..led by Tony Marshall featuring Gray Bromes,as candidates Tan Abed, Rommell Marshall,Hal Gallop,Marlyin Bowen,Harold Chriclow.Lots more candidates ready to join ( maybe Bushie)..,Peoples Progressive Movement….Maybe it would be worthy for the PDC to amalgamate…killing 2 birds with one stone…

  23. I always came along hearing talk cheap……those that got nuff talk ….time to come to the fore……no tag alongs….form your ‘own thing.’…or shut up !
    T A L K >>>>C H E A P !

  24. @oLD ONION



  25. You know Blogger, I have promised myself not to engage you in any personal vendetta….so said,but I will reflect on the fact that you are very agitated of lately …For a self proclaimed million dollar man, in the autumn of ones life,… to be so ruffled by a pending DLP lost in bare nonsense…..Man take my advise….don’t raise ya pressure anymore…..stay away from the blog and save ya self lil longer for D nieces and gran daughters. PEACE

  26. @ONIONS


  27. Why don’t you stay off the bottle…..for that ..i am now well convinced ! articulate that…lol

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