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“…for they know not what they did”

The shocking truth about Mel Harding’s sudden death at Queen Elisabeth Hospital Barbados.
Barbados and the world lost a great man and outstanding citizen: Mel A. Harding, only 58 years old.
Top manager of the Crane Resort, Pioneer of Recycling in the Caribbean, father of internationally known musicians/filmmaker Jermaine and Jamar Harding and husband of Denise Harding, originally from Switzerland and married to Mel for 35 years.
He was admitted to the Emergency Department of Queen Elisabeth Hospital by Ambulance and diagnosed with a bleeding in the brain. He was put in a coma and after 2 days in intensive care he passed away. Had the family not requested an autopsy and engaged 3 medical specialists to study all medical records, the real reason of death would not be known. It would be recorded as just another case of: “death due to complications of a stroke”.

Read full text of the accusation – DEATH AT BARBADOS’ MAIN HOSPITAL

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  3. The state of the art QEh hospital knows how to deliver

    A startling sight at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital’s (QEH) morgue has sparked a war of words and deepened a family’s grief.

    On one side there is the mourning family; on another, management of Two Sons and the third is chairman of Lyndhurst Funeral Home, Peter Griffith.

    Anguish for family over state of body
    Kenneth Carl Holder (GP)
    Kenneth Carl Holder, 64, a former jeweller, passed away at home on January 3 after battling the effects of a stroke and hypertension. His body has been in storage since, but on Tuesday his brother Stanfield Holder went to the QEH to identify the body and he said he was shocked.

    “At the request of the hospital, I went to identify the body before an autopsy. The body had been stored at Two Sons and transferred. It was the most horrific thing I have ever seen. My brother was in a decomposing state with fungus growing from around his eyes, nose and mouth,” he said.

  4. The state of the art Hospital is flood resistant

    Workers at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) concerned about repeat flooding in the new annex of the Accident & Emergency department have been reassured that the issue is being worked on.

    Responding to today’s flooding issues, the second major such incident since the facility opened last year, Executive Chairman of the QEH Juliette Bynoe-Sutherland acknowledged the problem but told Barbados TODAY, that “new buildings occasionally bring with them challenges”.

    She said the corrective action will be at no further cost to government.

    “A retention is held back from contractors’ fees for a period of six months to one year so that any challenges which occur can be repaired by the contractor. We did have a burst pipe in the new AED. The contractors are engaged in making the repairs,” she said.

    “The contractor, Integrated Plumbing Solutions, came on site, made the repairs today. We are sure they would apologize for inconvenience caused to our staff and patients. We have been pleased with their responsiveness to the situation,” Bynoe-Sutherland added.

    A hospital source, who declined to be named, said staff were shocked when they reported to work this morning and were met by flooded rooms.

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