Elder Abuse – To be or not to be

Submitted by Cherfleur
Stephen Lashley – Attorney

As we approach our 70s and go beyond, we have to be weary and decide whether it pays to live to ‘that ripe old age’ then be stripped of all assets and control of our own welfare or whether to say goodbye at this point, with our faculties intact and muscles taut and able to fight back.

Today I learned, while attending what should have been the appeal for that matter Stephen Lashley blushed, that the elder and co-applicant died since January 21, 2021.  Nothings pained like this.  It was not murder it was by Pneumonia and Dementia.  Seriously?  Dementia can kill someone?  Why is an elder contracting pneumonia when someone is responsible for their care?  I am asking because I really do not know/understand. 

This very end result was predicted and that was why I took the matter to court.  In the UK and civilized spaces, once in/before the court the matter has to be dealt with properly.  In this case there was no direction to the applicant to re file one way or other (although there were two sittings without the defendants) but a dismissal of the application in favour of another under the mental Health Act, which removes all ‘interested parties’ who are not blood relatives; to the detriment of the elder.

I turned my attention away in December 2020 and he, for all intent and purposes a good whole man, DIED IN JANUARY 2021.  Itn’t it a pity!

The matter was thus withdrawn. The object of the appeal was to get ceases to exist

But Stephen Lashley had the presence of mind to mention cost.  I honestly was so devastated that I can’t say whether he was offering it of otherwise.

Believe it or not, he complained to the three wise men that I like to go to the Press and give my perspective. Whose should I be giving?  Why does my affair with the Press un-nerve him?

“Unless the Lion learns to write, tales of the hunt shall glorify the hunter”

A human died and that was Stephen Lashley’s concern.  Members of that fraternity must now think me an upstart to saunter into their Club house and play that I can play ball.  I merely wanted to bring attention to the plight of an elder that was being abused so greviously and he couldn’t get to his Attorney or any agency to complain. He was held hostage and denied some basic human rights.  Lashley stated that there was ‘no evidence’ (proven/presented) of abuse. 

The man is now dead. Lack of proper care!  God knows what else.  The State should be sued. But who will do it?

Since the application under the Human Rights Act was substituted for a Mental Health Act,  how can such be proven?  The Mental Health Act, simply because persons are older and it is given that they would be presenting with a deterioration of body parts and function, ip so facto, it is a presumptuous position and in my view an abuse of aging people and their rights.

The fight for elders’ rights is going to have to get fierce. Lawyers won’t do it.   The fraternity will fight to lock laymen out of their midst but there needs to be some new ways and attitude in the region of how to protect these vulnerable people.   Though the Judge’s Order addressed the other points I rose under my application, it failed to give protection (remove the offending parties) from the direct care and access to the elder. The Mental Health Act refers to them as ‘patients’. This Act, and under which Stephen Lashley’s clients  brought their application, removed outsiders; persons or organisations which are knowledgeable and unbiased about the scourge of elder abuse from bringing a claim to court.  His death so soon after the Order, which included that all receipts of his expenses be presented to the court each quarter and that only his expenses must be paid for from his money is testimony that such orders without protection are an invitation and recipe for their extinction.  The Order also tells where we are as a region as regards the reality of elder abuse.

Think Hernandez Brothers.

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  1. Connecting wit Nigeria.

    Grammy-Award winning Nigerian artist, Burna Boy will be performing in Barbados this summer.

  2. https://www.nationnews.com/2022/05/18/lawyer-wont-pay-town-house/

    if yall saw what they did to the elderly in the 1930s and coming forward to steal their land and money, even the most hardcore fowls if they have any integrity or self-respect would cry shame….and the criminal legacy is still alive and well today, just like what is done to people’s children…

    all the information is available in black and white..

  3. @Bush Tea “all the other children are left on the blocks being mentored by the drug dealers and the ZR culture.”

    Where are the father’s of these children.

    Dear Bush Tea: What sort of father allows his son [or daughter] to be mentored by drug dealers and the ZR culture?

  4. Equal 24 day hour days are given to fathers, mothers, drug dealers, ZR men, etc.

    How can the drug dealers and ZR men find the time to do their work, AND mentor other people’s sons and their own as well?

    Aren’t we all receiving 24 hours each day fro the ALMIGHTY?

    If our men regarded child raising as so important that they used some time each day to mentor their sons, is it possible that we would have a far better society?

  5. @ Artax
    XXXXMany families in Barbados (and elsewhere) are sometimes confronted with a situation where unscrupulous individuals are ‘forcing’ themselves into the lives of unsuspecting senior citizens, under the guise of befriending and providing them with care, in the hope of ‘inheriting’ their money and property.XXXX
    So true.
    It is why there needs to be proper legislation.
    It is why family need to be around and involved in their elders lives.
    Bearing in mind that the statistics show tht the prevelence is great of family members and relatives – trusted ones being the common perpetrtors.
    What is happening, is the elders are being rushed off of the scene so tht those who did not accumulate wealth in theirtime or those who do not see the scope to do so can take over immediately.
    I suppose this is where The god comes in. This gentleman looked after his mother for years; decades. Raised those two singlehandedly. He did not deserve this treatment. It is why I went all out to get him the relief he sought, albeit, not swift or sound enough.
    Scenario: If it were and when outsiders are known to be unscrupulous with elders, the family has the power to bring them before the law and bring law suits against the perpetrtors. Had that been the case, I am sure a certain legal mind would have countered with allegations of misconduct. There were none.
    I did not even ask for the expenses incurred to prepare and file the Claim. I was just happy to serve.
    To do something that would make someone’s life worth living.
    Alas! It was not swift or sound enough.
    Legislation and informed population.

  6. If whunna know some of the things Social and Welfare Workers are faced with in the fields. You might give up on humanity.
    All they can do, in most instances, is talk to and admonish the offender to correct their ways. Regarding the pensions stealing the police deals with those ably. But how does a stranger/worker get a son or grandson/daughter to go visit and help an aging parent? How does he/she get them to cook and feed the elderly on time or ever or dispense life-saving medication correctly and timely? How does he/she get a child to take theire aging parent into their married home or single or young black proffesional (YBP) home or vice versa, to get them to shrink back into the little chattle house in the village to render critical support to the parent or grandparent who does not want to move from the place they have been occupying for 5 decades?
    Whunna give me a break.
    Take a look athe Elder Abuse Legislation of India. That’s is what I would like to have in the region for our elders and myself when I cross over that 70s milestone.

  7. https://www.dko-law.com/blog/2021/july/5-stories-of-nursing-home-abuse-you-need-to-know/

    #2Severe neglect
    How to get young people to go visit old people (who do not have whatsApp or internet)?
    How many of whunna visit the Geriatric Hospital, just for a Sundaw walk (before the drama of COvid)?

    #4 Negligent Homicide or in the British manner; criminal negligence.
    Both can cause deaths: to children, challenged youths, ailing adults, but especially to the elderly.

  8. Noone should hve to die (untimely) because they are old. Be it from disrepair aka dis-ease of manipulation.

  9. @ Simple Simon
    Dear Bush Tea: What sort of father allows his son [or daughter] to be mentored by drug dealers and the ZR culture?
    Why are you asking Bushie?
    Are you not a frequenter of ZRs? …and exposed to the culture?
    Wuh Bushie thought that ‘wunna womens’ had everything under control…? Mean wunna need a man for something important after all?
    SMH! Who woulda thought!!!

    Most likely the unfortunate brass bowl men are escaping from having to live around the miserable ‘women’ that represent themselves as mothers and wives in BBLand.
    Presumably, It is better fir them to live in a damn desert, than in a house with a BB miserable Bajan woman… judging from the frequency of this option being exercised….

    Or perhaps it is for the same reason that the MOTHERS allow their children to be so mentored…
    Perhaps both are brass bowls, who are unable to tell, even PRE-TEEN children, what to do or NOT do…
    Perhaps they are so lost and sheeplike, that they actually are INCAPABLE of guiding the poor children.

    In ANY damn case – THE DOG IS DONE DEAD!!
    soon, it will start to smell…

  10. @ Theo
    Thanks for sharing . Congrats on your son’s graduation.

  11. @ African Online Publishing
    XXXwhy even though my case ended six months ago…xxx

    Isn’t it a sad state of affairs? That the courts will ‘try’ listen to the gossip rather than ‘the law’!
    With people like Donna, reading, interpreting then persisting that what she gathered from the article is what was indeed expressed.
    Anyway, as with the Child Law, I’d hope that managers in the English Speaking Caribbean put down some principles on how to move in and assist and protect these ‘endangered’ people so they have a stress free twilight.
    But, clearly this group is deemed a burden to to the economy, even those who are solvent and can finance their own maintain to the end (all things being equal).
    Some of these very people on this blogg are in public service management, like the one who insisted that Pensions and Insurance were the same because, and just because, they both are calculated as annuities.
    Jupiter and Mars help us.
    I shall continue to push and preach and protect where I can

  12. Giving the benefit of doubt, because more than one had the misguided notion that I stated that I didn’t know that pneumonia kills as well as dementia, including my learned and temporate friend, I made excuses for my writing, only to revisit it and realise that it correctly stated what I intended – clearly – and the fault was that people, like Donna didn’t observe the laws of the pounctuations.
    Or that even people who have great knowledge, still, DO NOT KNOW IT ALL.
    i gone until my next on elder abuse.

  13. “Isn’t it a sad state of affairs?”

    Just imagine if i had put even one important detail of my case on here, or given any to Hal who was looking for leverage, my case would have been doomed before it started..

    The island started as a failure and has only been a success for slave masters…,,.the political pimping, yardfolwism, nepotism and corruption from the 1930s sealed its fate in the pokitical arena for those who could least afford it.., nothing much can come from a slave society still enshrined in slave laws and codes aimed directly at the Black Afrikan population, even after the fakery of independence and an even faker republic, even worse, with the same treacherous bloodline players at the helm….it is a failed endeavor wrapped in neocolonialism…and will go nowhere in its present state..as constructed.

    They can hide a lot, but not history and certainly not the truth..

    You can smell, hear and feel the loud silence now the 90 year old reveal is ongoing..

  14. Aha, but people like Donna HAVE visited the District Hospital and taken young people there!

    Boom yourself!

  15. William…it mystifies me why they thought it would all stay a secret forever, despite George Lamming’s published bok In the Castle of My Skin..in 1953…,despite others who have very accurate information on what occurred in the 1930s and why the FILTHY STENCH is still following everyone around in 2022 like the black colonial curse it is….

    for years we heard the Cat’s Castle stories, but i never knew who any of these people were, was not impressed then, still not, and look down on those who follow, endorse and support them….and those places in the city are still as blighted as back then..

    have even less respect for their STUPID fowls and pimps now, given what i learned.

    Don’t give a damn who is their kith and kin, the pretenders are extremely dangerous…i figured that out immediately before having access to info..all cut from the same evil cloth..and should not be around Afrikan people now or in the future, there is too much damage to clean up.

    We talk about slave master descents but there is demonic evil residing right among us…smiling with us…look just like us……

    .the enemy within…..Marcus Garvey..

  16. William….just saw a clip where the person looked familiar but for the life of me could not put a name to the face because of the aging process but then someone said to me it’s Johnny Tudor and in that video he said someone tried to poison him……but what lit up my interest are all those famous names he kept calling….

    The only thing i could ask is if he got a large estate….ghoulish i know but damn…the names called are not exactly shy and a couple are already resting on their dirt pillows…but the legacy they left behind is frighteningly out of the 1930s play book…..apparently something is going down, so keep ya distance…it’s all coming to a boil…lol.

  17. Sorry i laughed but it’s no joke, he said he was in a coma, nearly died, and now it’s a police case.

  18. Boil is not the correct word, FURNACE is more like it, sorry but i gotta drop out of this one, better more qualified people than i are taking over….but yall know where to find all the info…. and who name in BLP just got called in money laundering and this and that…

    .all i can say is KEEP YA EARS AND EYES PEELED…and if ya are a pimp or fowl…ah sincerely hope they GET YOU TOO…criminals…

    ..you see these LYING, deceitful pretenders and HYPOCRTES on BU…they also need a heavy dose of what is coming at those they put on pedestals, support, vote for and endorse..

    .i like being little stupid me, unsophisticated and humble..i don’t need no pedigree, shite title or shitier pretend elite pedigree status..

  19. No one is safe, invincible or untouchable anymore, temporary immunity don’t mean shit…can’t wait to see the fowls in handcuffs, getting a brand new camera for the occasion….lawd..


    “The two sons of former Panamanian president Ricardo Martinelli, RICARDO ALBERTO MARTINELLI LINARES, and LUIS ALBERTO MARTINELLI LINARES, were sentenced on Friday to three years in Federal Prison, and a $250,000 fine, for their involvement in the Odebrecht bribery scandal. “

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