Stephen Lashley – He Lie!

Submitted by Cherfleur


In The Sunday Sun page 9A Stephen Lashley postulates that Ms Medford did not consult with ‘the patient’s’ attorney and could not act in this matter without adhering to the Mental Health Act and thus that after reading my ‘documents’​ it was clear that I had not consulted the ‘patient’s’ Attorney and that my statement regarding Barbados’ laws are without foundation and further that the proceedings were bad in law. ​Which Law?

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First of all I did not undertake to assist a ‘patient’ but a human; an older person. Thus I was instructed by the International Human Rights Act, since Barbados has none. I filed a Statement of case with two Claimants. The Attorney General of Barbados and Barbados’ Law does not speak anything to the International Human Rights Act as regards ​older persons​ that I know of. Therefore I was guided by precedents from afield. The Human Rights act regards persons over 65 as older persons, humans not patients. ​Bang!

Thus I did not have to adhere to the Mental Health Act which in itself, used as Mr Lashley and his clients are purporting to use it, is a violation of the older person’s civil liberties. Bang!

Secondly, I have known the ‘older person’s’ attorney, having accompanied him on occasions to conduct matters and I did consult that Attorney and alerted them that the older person was in distress. With the landline removed and the mobile under the control of the perpetrators the Attorneys could not make direct contact and he did advise me to try to get him into the office. I retained my Attorney to meet with the older person but when I went to the premises to get him I was told he cannot leave. From 2018 to 2019 when I decided to put the matter before the court he was denied as well as privacy to speak to me. ​Access to legal services is a civil right of older persons​. ​Bang!

At the end of the hearing on 25 February 2020, which Mr Lashley attended for the first time and was the third of these proceedings, I asked if he had spoken to the older person and he said ​no​ but that he would be representing the entire family in the matter of the . He misled the Judge. He and his clients are circumventing the law. He is proposing to represent an older person without the older person’s knowledge (at the time of requesting the permission to act). In so doing he is denying that older person the right to his own representation.

Thus for all intent and purposes of my case 333 0f 2019, Mr Lashley could not have been the elder’s attorney nor the rules and procedure he refers to could not have or should not have been applied to my case. IT WAS NOT A CASE UNDER MENTAL HEALTH ACT. BARBADOS cannot dictate what act a claimant brings a claim under.

Based on that conversation with Mr Lashley I filed my Submissions quoting the Human Rights Convention on Older Persons and cited cases and academic materials on cases of elder abuse using this Act.

The decision to have the case dealt with under the Mental Health Act was already entertained on the second meeting , 13 February 2020 before Mr Lashley’s appearance and permission was given after he indicated that it was his client’s intention to file such Application. All before my submissions. My submissions were never reviewed. The documents Mr Lashley refered to could not have been my Submissions because they were not filed when the decision was made to go with the Mental Health Act. The court took the position that the matter was best dealt with under the Mental Health Act. ​This is a travesty and miscarriage of justice​ regarding older persons’ protection because the very perpetrators are the ones seeking to manage the older person’s assets and welfare.

In dismissing the case on 26 June 2020, I asked the Judge Why. In reply she stated that my case was not procedurally sound (etc). ​Procedure and Form are not by themselves grounds for dismissing a case that is a matter of Law a​nd​ especially one founded on Human Rights or on older persons. T​his case is not a frivolous matter. In fact it is constitutional.

With regards to cost, Mr Lashley and his clients will be waiting ​a darn long time​ for that. First there were two Claimants; the older person being the 2nd Claimant. This does not obtain under the Mental Health Act. Secondly Mr Lashley before even meeting or speaking with the older person but following instructions and allegations from his clients is prematurely diagnosing the older person as ‘a patient’ (that suggestion that the person is incompetent to make decisions for himself merely because of his age).

There are pieces of legislation, the DPS in the Ministry of Elder Affairs said so. But none of the agencies I approached could use the legislation to move in and investigate and correct unless the older person themself made the complaint. ​That is what frustrated the case. ​Mr Lashley needs to familiarize himself with that technicality. The judge herself was wary of issuing a Protective Order​ to remove the offending party(ies) or the older person for fear of allegations of trespass (?) and opt instead for summoning all parties to appear before her. Mr Lashley’s clients did not pass on the summons or the statement of case delivered for the elder to him. Devious. Contempt of court. (​mail tampering and a violation to the older person’s rights to privacy).​ Therefore he did not appear in court to say one way or another in the matter 333 of 2019 or was he asked whether he agrees to the defendants’ application to represent him as Receivers. ​So we head to Appeal.



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  1. Barbados’ black governments do not recognize international human rights acts, laws or declarations that can protect the majority population, they do not ratify them and even if they are ratified internationally they pretend these human rights and the accompanying laws don’t exist and refuse to implement them enforce black rights..

    they are well known for outright REFUSING to acknowledge the international human rights of children and the elderly….

    these frauds pretending to be leaders, but fancy themselves rulers, have proven themselves over the last 50 years to be self-hating and anti-black, every one of them..not one of them are any good for the Black population…and all of them have the low crawling mentalities of plantation overseers, filled with a lot of long, useless talk once they have cameras pointed at them…….disgraceful and non-progressive..

    .as long as the toxic, dangerous, racist and utterly useless colonial political slave system remains in place in this new era, that is all they will ever be….they are merely colonial created and designed slaves with titles complete with shallow under-developed minds, especially the lawyers…most of whom infest the parliament…..looking at the state of the judiciary, of the social deterioration of the island over decades, tells us all we need to know about all of them.

  2. The Mental Health Act is the right topic. I think the act misses a chapter on WURA-War-on-U, our keyboard warrior.

  3. So you colonial slaves are starting to feel helpless and mentally confused, good, that is progress…see how easy it is to take away the delusional powers of the mentally enslaved and ya ain’t seen nothing yet, so save the whining..

  4. The Mental Health Act is the right topic. I think the act misses a chapter on WURA-War-on-U, our keyboard warrior. {Quote}

    @ Tron

    SPOT ON!!!

    Just now the idiot gine copy and paste articles from human rights for indigenous people and say they are for the descendants of slaves, because Africans came to the West indies before Columbus. Dem wasn’t no slaves when dem come in this part of the world at that time.

    She want to tell we that all along we din have human rights before or that the international human rights din apply to we, so we had to wait 59 years for human rights for indigenous in 2007.

  5. This is a RATIFIED charter on the rights of the elderly in Latin America and the Caribbean…IS IGNORED by Black governments in Barbados…dated 2012…that they SIGNED on to and pretend don’t exist…..ya can’t even tell if the judges in the supreme court know this exists….some of them rob and violate the rights of the elderly themselves, so even if they know about these charters….they dont care…

    lol…ah see the fowl slaves are still lost….but that is the REASON why alyuh are STILL SLAVES…and everyone is having a good laugh from coast to coast….watching the mentally enslaved on display…

    “We, the representatives of the Governments gathered in San José, Costa Rica, from 8 to 11 May 2012 at the Third Regional Intergovernmental Conference on Ageing in Latin America and the Caribbean,

    Determined to identify the key actions relating to the human rights and social protection of older persons
    in Latin America and the Caribbean,Aware that age continues to be an explicit and symbolic basis for discrimination which affects the exercise of all human rights in old age and that older persons require special attention from the State,

    Expressing concern over the dispersion of measures to protect the rights of older persons at the
    international level, which hinders their implementation and results in a lack of protection at the national level,
    Convinced that it is essential to take additional steps to protect the civil, political, economic, social and
    cultural rights of older persons, including the possibility of developing new international instruments,

    Recognizing that, despite the efforts made by several countries in the region to incorporate greater
    solidarity into their social protection systems and expand the protection of the human rights of older persons,
    limitations and exclusions persist, which affects the quality of life and dignity of these persons,
    Having examined the reports of the special mechanisms of the United Nations Human Rights Council, in
    particular the thematic study on the realization of the right to health of older persons
    1and the Report on the
    question of human rights and extreme poverty,

    2Guided by the general comments of the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, which cover
    issues of special concern to older persons,

    3General Recommendation No. 27 of the Committee on the Elimination
    of Discrimination against Women and General Comment No. 2 of the Committee against Torture,
    Endorsing the conclusions and recommendations arising from the meetings held in follow-up to the
    Brasilia Declaration between 2008 and 2010; the International meeting to monitor implementation of the Brasilia
    Declaration and promote the rights of older persons held in 2011; and the International Forum on the rights of
    older persons held in 2012,

    Expressing satisfaction at the creation of the Open-ended Working Group on Ageing, which was
    established by the United Nations General Assembly under resolution 65/182 of 21 December 2010, and bearing
    in mind the conclusions of its first and second meetings held in 2011,

    Recognizing the systematic work carried out by the Economic Commission for Latin America and the
    Caribbean (ECLAC), through the Latin American and Caribbean Demographic Centre (CELADE)-Population
    Division of ECLAC, to support the countries of the region in incorporating ageing into their development
    agendas, and expressing appreciation for the support provided by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)
    and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO),

    With the firm determination to adopt measures at every level to gradually expand the coverage and quality
    of social protection systems, including social services for an ageing population, and implement actions designed………….”

  6. lol..short memory syndrome caught the fowl slave again…someone must start making money off all that free stupidity….and if no one else is willing, i will find a way..

  7. @ Robert

    Haven’t you realized 98% of BU’s contributors give that ‘nut job’ free range to post a multiplicity of irrelevant contributions and they don’t respond to her nonsense?

    What do you expect from someone who openly ADMITTED to “making up things just to make things interesting?” In other words, they are WILLING to LIE, just to keep the ‘conversation’ going.

    This ‘nut job’ DOES NOT know who I am or what languages I speak, yet said she set me up to troll her over social media by posting contributions in French and Spanish.

    Then we had the Fulcrum Chambers debacle. She joined with her favourite source of information to proudly accuse that law firm of money laundering in the form of merging with Bermuda’s Butterfield Fund Services. She did not have the common decency to at least APOLOGIZE for MISLEADING this forum.

    She would rather call you a ‘slave’ than ADMITTING when she’s wrong.

    She and her partner also used a directorship flowchart of a company, on which Caswell Franklyn is listed as a director, to accuse him of being crooked and having an offshore bank account.

    Back then she was just as obsessed with posting those flowcharts as she now is with posting articles from the rights of indigenous people.

    Perhaps it’s about time you gave up and let her have her ‘moments of fame’ on BU.

  8. I am going to have to write a book about these fowl slaves, one way or the other i will exploit this idiocy, everyone is amazed that they actually exist and don’t believe ya until ya actually show them the utter shite they write and post on a blog that is pretty popular in other forums, they never have a solution for anything, always willing to point out to everyone how dumb they are, never achieving anything, a sad existence..

    ….a whole blog about an elderly person being possibly victimized, their human rights not being recognized by the judiciary and the best the fowl slaves can contribute is more backward nonsense, while other people have moved on to better things, higher levels of recognition, more activism that are results oriented and here they are still on a blog posting the same shite from 8 or 9 years ago, still posting nonsense, still public nuisances with nothing useful to offer and believe that things will ever change on the island with that mindset to nowhere, no progress, nothing to show…..yall just don’t know how ya are laughed at…if you knew you will have some semblance of shame and self awareness.

    …ah will be sure to make some money off of that, will never let that opportunity go to waste…watch muh nuh…

  9. @Cherfleur” Mr Lashley’s clients did not pass on the summons or the statement of case delivered for the elder to him.”

    How do you know this, since you have said that you are not allowed contact with the elder, how can you know what he has received or not received?

  10. “He [or she] who serves as his[or her] own counsel has a fool for a lawyer and a jackass for a client”
    Abraham Lincoln

  11. What’s preventing you from doing similar to me and using the ‘scroll key?’

    However, you’ve provided BU with a perfect description of yourself. Yes, you’ve been posting the SAME SHIITE to EVERY BLOG, for the past 8 or 9 years.

    If the topic is about ICE CREAM or CRICKET, you will respond with “black faces in parliament, crooked lawyers, minority thieves stealing from the treasury and pension fund.” All irrelevant.

    You can’t contribute anything other than that. You are devoid of any independent thought. That’s why you copy and paste other people’s ideas. You are a blog nuisance. You ‘water down’ the blog. Stop riding on other people’s success and claiming their victory as your own. That’s your idea of contributing something to society.

    ARGUING that the duly elected member of St. Thomas was Dr. Rolerick Hinds, based SOLELY on a campaign billboard that was situated near his constituency office.. When Simple Simon pointed out your error, rather than ADMIT you were WRONG, you went on arguing the people of St. Thomas told you so. In the abundance of water the fool is thirsty.

    What is amazing is you call people ignorant for exposing your dumb stupid ass. At least you admitted our stupidity is WORTH something. I’m sure if anyone presented a business plan with your type of stupidity, the loan will be immediately rejected.

  12. Apparently very few of these lawyers in Barbados actually know anything about law, the PM and AG both lawyers made utter asses of themselves recently with the 2nd Deputy cop affair….and that can be attributed to many of the lawyers stinking up the parliament with their presence and not having any real skills to brag about…how can you have a law degree, claim to have decades of legal experience but when it’s time to put it into practice ya seriously lacking unless it’s something corrupt… but ya all over the place boasting about how brilliant ya are…

    Fruendel’s reputation as a lawyer is an ugly affair and he is not the only one….who the hell unleashes these pretend lawyers into the society and for so many decades and all of them aspire to be politicians destroying the country, must be a degree mill…

    ah still waiting for their brilliance to show itself, all we see is brilliance in lying, tiefing, destroying the judiciary and anything else any of them touch…

  13. @ David
    I believe you are asking a question. Yes. The Nation asked my comments. Its how the writer knows my grouse about the International Human Rights Act and that the matter is going to Appeal.
    Quote: “A bend in the road is not the end of the road”.
    The CPR advises on wasting court time and materials. Lawyers use Strike Out, for what purpose, I really do not know, because the Claimant can refile or Appeal. It really is just delaying the inevitable. Mr Lashley’d Defense consisted of a single cart balance denial of all the claims and a statement glorifying and extolling his clients.
    Trust me this is not over as yet.

  14. I cannot but help remember Sparrow, I think it is that sang about the booked we were forced to read and recite from (Dan is a man in the van etc) when he said, “If I was good in school I’d be a damn fool”.
    Then I think of the Holy Bible stories and 10 Commandments and how slavishly we afro-Caribbean people follow them.
    My take is that these instructions and directives were/are to keep us “in our place”, marginalized and backward while the others and the “great” authors or leaders we love to quote used those same directives to forge ahead while they keep us enslaved.
    I have represented myself on occasions in the Magistrate’s Courts and got my judgment; several. The High Court is only a new arena but the same Laws and Appeal is a very favourable and useful tool.

    Nothing ventured nothing gained.

  15. Barbados, if I am not mistaken is to face a Human Rights violation at the CCj.
    URAP, an organization that represents persons whose human rights are being violated brought a case against them at the CCJ. So too Guyana.
    The fact that these ex-colonies have not sought to implement the laws they ratified, into their constitution does not absolve them from responsibility.
    I always use the Human Rights Laws when I am not clear on something. It is far reaching.

    I am appauled that Mr Lashley and many only know or appears to know only one way/Act to deal with persons of older age.or in fact many other matters. This is a classic example but it is not the only case I have had using one Law/Act and Attorneys went hell-bent along a trajectory using the popular Act.
    Not too long ago I defended a matter concerning Pensions. It appears there was never a challenge to a Pension Policy before. All the Attorneys, over a dozen that I consulted, were saying if so facto and quoting the Insurance Act and crowning it with ” That’s what I know”. Turns out there is a separate and distinct Act for Pensions. “Pensions is not Insurance”. Seems nobody knew or knows this. This was the catalyst for me taking charge of my defense in the high courts and the Maria Agard case.

    So URAP has another case coming


    Aand don’t let Attorneys and anyone tell you that you need them to do your business. All you need are the facts and some balls. 🙂

  16. @Cudear Bajan
    I had made a decision not to respond to any of your banal comments.
    How does one know that water boils if you put it over a fire at 212 F?

  17. Contrary to Mr Lashley’s uninformed posture, I have a slew of Attorneys for advice. However I did contact Ms Alicia Archer after reading her article in the Barbados Today of 2016 on the topic of eldere abuse and was told that domestic violence or fraud are two options for addressing this complaint. I did not seek advice on initiating a claim. I chose human rights because I am more familiar with issues under this law, it has a wider berth and for this instant case, I did not need any other collaboration (as in the matter of fraud) but my observations interacting with the parties.

  18. “My take is that these instructions and directives were/are to keep us “in our place”, marginalized and backward while the others and the “great” authors or leaders we love to quote used those same directives to forge ahead while they keep us enslaved”

    still hell bent on keeping a slave society alive with their own people as the mentally and physically enslaved on the island, for their own repulsive selfish reasons, but they are going to be made real famous worldwide for those crimes as long as they continue. they REFUSE to hear that Black people’s history, the indigenous African descended in Barbados and the Caribbean, DID NOT start with slavery, but them and their mentally deranged fowl slaves want to continue that narrative into another generation, many people are going to make sure they do not succeed….

    they are already being talked about from coast to coast, now that the world has been made aware what they have been doing to their own for far too long, what they do not know is that there are other even more creative ways to make them famous…until they shut down that slave society they kept alive for decades when there was absolutely no need to outside of their dirty, greedy corrupt ways.

  19. Just another crooks ass lawyer doing the same court games with the crooks of the court! Now some of the new crooks they made judges who also names will be called soon in other court cases as they step off the bench to call Defendants! This was not a mental case, How did it turn into a mental case. Do we have a Mental Health Court in Barbados? They need to stay on the Subject Matter! The Judge is not a Doctor! But the Judge is a crook hiding on the Bench fooling whoever they can fool with the rest in the Yard!

  20. @ CherFleur the One Lady Army to Be Feared.

    De ole man bows my head to you.

    You are to be congratulated for what you are doing.

    God WILL grant you success!

    Do not fear the short me crutch fool Lil Caesar

    You WILL overcome

  21. @Bajan Free Party 2023 0r sooner July 22, 2020 2:22 PM ” This was not a mental case, How did it turn into a mental case. Do we have a Mental Health Court in Barbados? They need to stay on the Subject Matter! The Judge is not a Doctor.”

    You are not a doctor either.

    Neither is Cherfleur a doctor.
    Perhaps the elderly gentleman has dementia/Alzhiemer’s disease and

    Perhaps the elderly gentleman is being properly cared for by his wife/ex-wife/estranged wife because their adult children have asked her to do so and she has kindly agreed.

    If you were old and unable to care for yourself would you not consider it a blessing to be cared for by your wife/ex-wife/estranged wife acting on the instructions given by your mutual adult children?

  22. Is it not an ideal arrangement that elders are cared for by those who have known them for a long time and have loved them well, and who now retired but in good health have the time, skill and energy to provide good care?

    I don’t like this business of rushing old people in declining health off to lawyers.

    What old people need most is not lawyers, not court cases, not endless legal or emotional conflict.

    What old people need most is tender, loving, competent care.

  23. Perhaps Stephen Lashley thought this was just another photo opp. Perhaps he forgot he is no longer Minister of Culture and COnfusion. he adores posing for cameras.
    Can someone, anyone tell me why Mr Lashley is emailing me, or the Judge for that matter, in a case that has been adjudicated and dismissed?

    Deducing from his reaction it seems that Mr Lashley didn’t know or expect that his was only one side of the article.

    Lashley keeps harping this tune that I was not a legal party to the claim as per the Mental Health Act, that only which he knows. He was full of glee to report that the case was dismissed with cost. Mr Lashley’s response to my claim was a denial and an application to strike out on the grounds of Abuse of Process. There are several instances of abuse of process and I am not sure not being a proper party is one of them (at least never read of that one). But being as it may, I must reiterate that I never implicitly or explicitly stated that I intended to be a party to the claim Mr Lashley is alluding to.

    Further, being a novice, I am of the view that Mr Lashley was supposed to furnish the courts with Authorities supporting a claim being dismissed because someone is not a proper party when in fact the claim is substantive and was not properly settled in jurisprudence (whatever that is). In other words, the weight of the claim so outweighs the ‘li’le’ error (oversight) that it should have been allowed to be corrected rather than to sweep the claim under a carpet. However, that does not apply to my specific claim.
    This is very smelly.

    Or is it that the prospect of an Appeal rattles Mr Lashley? This will expose many irregularities. The claims against Mr Lashley’s clients are so grave but he ignores them, claims “1st claimant has no right to the proceedings and alleges “no reasonable grounds”(in a human rights claim) then applies for them to be Interim Reciever of the very person who complained against them. But what about the 2nd Claimant? The devil is in the details.

    And he wants costs too. Pulled a $3500 out of a lucky dip plastic bag for appearing one day and 5 minutes by Zoom. What de hell! Mr Lashley like he hungry. He is not even a QC. The judge slashed that to $1000 and he’s not gonna get even one red penny from me because I intend to appeal this farce.

    I’d be damned!

    —–Original Message—–
    From: Stephen Lashley
    To: Sophia Blades
    Cc: Kim : ; Christienne
    Sent: Tue, Jul 21, 2020 7:08 pm
    Subject: Sunday Sun Article

    Good evening Ms. Blades,

    Kindly bring this article also to the attention of the Judge.

    Stephen Lashley GCM
    Denaz Law Chambers
    Strathclyde Crescent
    St. Michael
    Tel: (O) 12464273100
    Fax: 12464365618

  24. @BU How did it find its way into the Nation*****
    Someone sent the Reporter a clip from some social media platform and I obliged. Mr Lashley too obliged

  25. @WURA-War-on-You
    **** apparently few lawyers in Barbados knows the Law*******
    I am coming to the same conclusion. But there is something more ominous taking shape.
    Clients cannot be getting value for their money.
    Throw a curveball and many of the recent additions to the Bar are going to raise their bats but are not au fair with the ball thrown but are going to grab and poke at it.
    This Strike Out is like a Cancer. Rather than litigate, many seek to avoid answering the claims/charges (or better still advise their clients to settle) by applying to strikeout.

  26. Like I said, this place is truly an island.
    Am reading and discovered that the authority (accepted practice) is that it is held to be inappropriate to strike Out a claim brought in a developing area of Law. BOOM!
    Elder abuse is such a topic; around the world.
    Secondly, Human Rights too, is another developing area of Law and particularly in this region. I have noticed various cases brought by Prisoners under Constitutional Law but I haven’t seen any for Human Rights.

    “The blind leading the deaf”

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