Stephen Lashley Should be Disbarred

Submitted by Cherfleur

My post to BU on July 19, 2020 – Stephen Lashley – He Lie! and on December 18 – Cynthia Forde Do Your Job! – referred to case 397 of 2020 in which Madam Justice Shona Griffith made and signed an Order not drawn and prepared by Stephen Lashley but by another Attorney. The reason being Lashley passed the matter over to avoid adhering to the transparency the Judge requested i.e. being the elder has another child from a previous union and the Claimant (and her brother) are not his only children and really she really should not have been given receivership without that offspring being consulted and refusing to be a party.

Now, this case is trending in Guyana and for quick access, I requested a copy of the Order from the Registry, low and behold, Lashley has prepared another Copy of the Order with his name in the Legend and had it signed by the Deputy Registrar (ag) and filed on October 2, 2020.

My enquiry into the first Order was given the unadulterated response that when a new Order is made the previous is destroyed and the latter forms the records. There was no new Order since there was no new evidence nor did Lashley sit before the Judge and presented a case on behalf of the Claimants.  It is the same Order represented by Lashley to another Officer for signature.

Why didn’t Lashley return to the presiding Judge to sign the copy of the same Order?

What is happening in the Judiciary? I paid for and have a copy of that first order which was signed by the Judge.

Where is the Registry’s copy of that first Order and why Lashley found it necessary to make this change to the Legend and the Court’s records?

Shouldn’t there be an enquiry?


  • Should that be disbarred?


  • @Dame Bajans

    Disbarred from the Bar yes, debarred from an activity also yes. The blog posted as received.


  • @ Dame Bajan
    The real issue is, did Lashley act unethically or illegally?
    what was his motive for changing the Court Records?


  • “My enquiry into the first Order was given the unadulterated response that when a new Order is made the previous is destroyed and the latter forms the records.”

    Are there no electronic copies?
    Should records be destroyed or should they stamped ‘obsolete’ or some other term?

    If by chance we manage to digitize our records, will we be deleting old records?

    Any database without historical records is a potential field of scams.

    But which is not a legal or government agency has ‘historical records’.


  • Whistles and bells
    Backwards as hell


  • angela cox seems to be adhering to COVID-19 protocols and is ‘social distancing’ herself from this particular blog.



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