Cynthia Forde Do Your Job!

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Remember the Menendez Brothers who hacked their parents to death in California in 1986 and claimed it was a botched robbery then claimed sexual abuse by the father. Well!

Elder abuse is very serious. It is not a game for ignoramuses especially when ex-wives and properties are involved.

So Stephen Lashley gloated in the press on July 19, about me not having standing in the elder abuse matter and that my actions were an abuse of the court. Stephen Lashley only knows what he knows. I reiterate that I did not take a Mental Health matter to court but in fact the Judge told him, I filed to bring the matter to the attention of the court What he should have told the Reporter was that he removed himself from the case after filing the Claim Form and why he did so.

Now I have the Order and requested the file. On February 25th I advised the court that the elder had another child from a previous union. Everyone was shocked by this revelation. The Judge warned the defence team to be transparent. Counsel prepared the Claim Form then passed the matter to another Attorney who then passed it on to another. When you see such movements you deduce that persons are playing Pontius Pilate

So the very Perpetrator I brought before the court was given Receivership. She not only misrepresented the fact that there was another offspring but also neglected to give the elder or inform him that he was required to be present in court on the first day of the proceedings.

But worse than that it can be deduced that the receiver or her agents are tampering or manipulating the elder’s medication. If Doctor Charles in his report of ​March 2, 2020​ stated that he had been attending to the elder for three years and diagnosed Dementia on April 9, 2019 and prescribed medication to keep the disease stable then on July 30,2020 Dr Nya Maughn assessed the elder ​once and conclude that “he lacks capacity to make decisions in his welfare and had difficulty understanding information and expressing himself” it suggests strongly that the perpetrator(s) either did not give him his medication or gave him too much (depending on what medication it is)

What we have is a brewing crisis. The Welfare Unit was not invited to provide a Report on the elder’s circumstances. Wuhnna got to be kidding. Elder abuse and no welfare intervention? The judge was invited to liaise with the unit of the Ministry of Elder Affairs to get guidance on this matter and reneged on that arrangement.

This matter was plunged into a crisis since that faithful misstep. Not only that but the Judge also refused to provide protection for the elder against any form of psychological or emotional abuse and intimidation or harassment.
Dr Charles’ Report also noted anxiety on the elder’s visit in June 2017. Just about the same time I visited and was alerted to the untenable conditions he was surrounded by.

What is Cynthia Ford doing for the salary she collects?

Do I have to spend the rest of time monitoring this human being’s twilight days? Cynthia Ford needs to get up off her laurels and get an elder abuse legislation with so me teeth on the table. This is an embarrassment!

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19 thoughts on “Cynthia Forde Do Your Job!

  1. Jokers and frauds collecting free salaries off the taxpayer’s back, they will never do any better, mentality is too low crawling and nasty…they are products of the miseducation they received and believe they’re so intelligent, bunch of laughing STOCKS.

  2. “it suggests strongly that the perpetrator(s) either did not give him his medication or gave him too much (depending on what medication it is)”

  3. The yardfowls will come on the blog and tell ya, so why DLP didn’t do something about these problems, and if the people did not tire of DLPs ass and kick them to the curb, just as will happen to BLP, their equally dumbass yardfowls will come on the blog and tell ya, so why BLP didn’t do something about these problems,…all of them rip off the taxpayers and that’s only when they’re not tiefing from the pension fund too, take their monthly salaries and don’t do shit, just like the frauds in the supreme court and everywhere else ya find these despicable subhuman trash.

  4. Elder abuse is a very ticklish thing under the best of circumstances especially when the person is deteriorating and has dementia or Alzheimer’s. They really need professional caretakers which most can’t afford.

    To help people who don’t know any better, guidebooks need to be produced and given to people so they know how to properly handle persons with various conditions.

    Lots of people are badly struggling and most doctors are interested in taking your vitals, giving you a prescription and getting you out their office as fast as they can to see the next patient.

  5. It all starts right there with both elder and their family not knowing their roles, responsibilities and options available to handle the situation so they start off wrong.

    Many of these so called elder abuse situations could have been prevented with proper upfront planning freeing the authorities and courts to deal with true cases which I call elder victimization. Abuse can be unintentional when people are uninformed but victimization is purposeful.

  6. @ critical Analyser.
    Elder Abuse to my mind is an understated term. I agree with you that another word should be used but not victimization. An abused is a victim. six of one and half a dozen of the other.

    But I can tell you estate planning in the form of Wills cannot protect against criminal masterminds/intent. Some of the very Attorneys that elders trust to make their will cheat them out of their property. I knew this elder for over 2 decades and when he complained and lamented about that daughter’s developing character I suggested he put his estate in order. He asked me to accompany him to his attorney to explain what instruments he should use. I advised on a Trust. The learned attorney said he didn’t know what I was talking about and he would do some research . He then drafted a Deed of Gift of half the properties to the two only children in Barbados, unknown to me. So that was misstep number one.
    Number two there are case where elders made their Will long in advance and when relatives notice the onset of Dementia they would take the elder to an Attorney and have them make a new will or worse they make the Will and ask the trusting elder to sign here…not realizing that it is a new Will and overriding their original one. This comes to light after death and other siblings or relatives are not named in the will or their portion is greatly reduced and they challenge the presented Will.
    Thousands of such cases in the High Courts overseas.
    What helps is vigilant Welfare Officers.
    Legislation with teeth.

    Can you imaging a High Court Judge issuing an Order for Receiver (a derogatory term) of an elder, purported to be presenting with a mental impediment but accepted the BLANK ‘Notice to the Patient”, and did not request a Report from the Welfare Unit of the relevant Ministry?
    One visit (45 mins) to a Shrink and that did it?

  7. This crop of judges, apart from being political henchmen/women is a classic case of Peter Principle.

    I filed that matter as an Ex Parte Application as a friend and concerned person 9as per the Human Rights Law and with the Elder as thesecond Claimant.. Stephen Lashley bawled that I was not a proper party. So I could have been disinvited but what about the elder? He wasn’t a proper party too? LMAO

    The judge agreed with Lashley. LMAO The filing, naturally was of the quality a nauvice would compile but my contention is if it was bad in law as she purports why allowed it in her court for two occasions and give instructions for me to serve the entire bunch rather than the elder alone, first, hear his case then decide from there.

    she gave me bear work now to clean up the mess due to her incompetence. AFTER SHE SAID SHE WOULD INVITE THE RELEVANT UNIT OF THE MINISTRY TO COME AND GUIDE HER. And I am bloody mad as hell because this is Cynthia Forde’s portfolio.

    That sure is a ship wreck…

  8. It would appear that others are in a similar situation to what you are encountering. Are there groups that you can join and make this a fight for all in a similar situation.

    Keep up the good work.

  9. What is BARP doing? I think I recently missed the annual general meeting. I only just remembered it. I meant to attend but I need to keep a diary these days or i’ll forget.

    Seems to me that BARP should be educating, advocating and assisting in elder affairs matters.

  10. New approach to justice
    THE GUN-RELATED and other serious violent crimes in Barbados affect people emotionally which is why the talk is about retribution and revenge against the perpetrators. There is no tolerance for compassion and redemption.
    This is why prosecutors seek harsh penalties for those convicted of using weapons in the commission of their crimes; for major drug traffickers and for sex offenders.
    The attitude is that there must be no leniency for serious crimes and those found guilty must be locked away for a lengthy period. The stiff sentences would send a message to the wider society about such wrongdoing. We still need evidence whether this tough-love approach has worked.
    What is clear is that extended punishment leads to an overcrowded prison which becomes a financial burden on the taxpayers and where the convicts are ill-prepared for their eventual return to society. Many of them become repeat offenders.
    We must move beyond the rage and examine the available data to arrive at empirical findings on the issues connected to and causing crime, including low educational achievements and mental health issues.
    The criminal justice system inherited from the plantation society was one of maximum punishment and little emphasis on rehabilitation. That approach has no place in modern Barbados which needs a comprehensive criminal justice reform initiative.
    At the same time, we must pay greater attention to victims’ rights which are often overlooked. Locking up those who run afoul of the law cannot be the only solution.
    What we need is a criminal justice system that is more effective at keeping our society safe. It may be difficult for many people to understand or appreciate speaking about prisoners and upholding certain basic human rights while considering what must be the society’s objectives for these lawbreakers.
    As a country guided by the rule of law we are breaching the rights of many accused people on remand at Dodds Prisons by keeping them there for unacceptably long periods waiting until a court determines their culpability or innocence. This is a serious violation which can include denied access to effective preparation for their trial. It needs to be urgently addressed.
    In an era driven by technology, we need to review whether imprisonment is being overused, especially in instances where electronic tagging and monitoring can be instituted. The parole system which has been discussed over many years needs to become a reality.
    Yesteryear policing methods and prosecutorial approaches that reinforced rather than corrected the society’s prejudices must not be maintained. Our measurements to determine success must also change since they cannot be either the number of convictions or length of prison sentences. While we support both the police and prosecutors, we do not see them as the authority who know what is best for society.
    This newspaper strongly supports improving public safety but not the tough on-crime narrative where the strategy is imprisonment. Our criminal justice system must be transformational.
    The criminal justice system inherited from the plantation society was one of maximum punishment and little emphasis on rehabilitation. That approach has no place in modern Barbados . . . .

    Source: Nation Editorial (21/12/2020)

  11. @ Cherfleur

    What you said at 10.23 a.m. in the words of Mr. Hal Austin are “spot on”

    Some of the very Attorneys that elders trust to make their will cheat them out of their property.
    …elders made their Will long in advance and when relatives notice the onset of Dementia they would take the elder to an Attorney and have them make a new will…

    These two matters are part of the myriad tricks that are employed or the third trick which is as follows

    Family member dies. Remaining family member is without any money in cash for the funeral arrangements but Lawyer goes to family member and says that “he will bury the deceased”

    Goes to Funeral home and makes all the arrangements and then has the family member sign over property to him, in lieu of funeral expenses.

    But what the rat does not know is that *** so he continues happily along thinking that he is isolated against any recourse because, after all he is a big time lawyer!

    The issue is expansive but, IF PEOPLE UNDERSTAND THAT THEY ARE GOING TO DIE, there are ways to prevent these sorts of things from happening and protecting the estate from vultures and RATs


    And ef the RATs feel that they are totally isolated then they should go ahead and pursue probate in their names


  12. @ my Brother Hants

    Merry Christmas to you too and all de best in the New Year.

    I here hoping dat de new year treat me better that de ole one as it relates to begging for assistance


    I responded earlier but you know how tings is

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