Russia, Ukraine, the United States, and the Caribbean Scumarama

Submitted by Nathan Green, SVG, 2022

The unfortunate thing about the US is that its current government are cowardly actors for the greater part. The previous president was a strong man and was hated for being a strong man. Cowards hate men of strength; because they frighten them.

Today the US has the weakest and most cowardly president of all time. He is a man that has spent years telling lies and making false statements to the American people. The cause of today’s most awful problems with Russia invading Ukraine comes from Bidens most apparent weakness. The World sees him as an old man battling senility. Perhaps he is not knowingly a coward because he is not fully complementus.

The other problem is that Biden is surrounded by left-wing jerks who support Russia, therefore Biden is fed mal advice; what is worse, he takes it. Today, the US Generals appear as third rate actors, and one must wonder what would happen if they had to fight a war.

Who advised Biden to pull out of Afghanistan? Who told him to allow the US troops to be pulled out before the Americans living there were evacuated. There were also many Afghan interpreters, US supporters, and employees of the US who would indeed be targeted and killed if left in situ. Low and behold, they were dumped as well; I suppose if they were willing to dump their citizens, they surely would not think twice about dumping the Afghans. When they left, they abandoned more than $80 billion worth of equipment — including 22,174 Humvees and 33 Black Hawk helicopters — in the hands of the Taliban. Most of the equipment was brand new and unused.

Today, some excellent people in the US military ranks are willing to give their lives for their country. The present war in Ukraine is a direct threat to the US because Putin will never be satisfied with taking just the Ukraine. He wants to rule the World. He has threatened the west with atomic weapon retaliation unless they accept he has the right to own Ukraine.

No country has the right to attack another unless that other country attacks them first. There can be no right to go to war because you disagree with the other countries’ policies or leadership.

Russia and Putin commit war crimes in Ukraine, killing and murdering innocent people. Bombing schools, hospitals, and apartment blocks. There is an ongoing attempt to kill every Ukrainian man, woman and child; it is a genocide.

The problem is that the sanctions being used by Europe and the US do not go far enough. If harming one’s economy is a by-product of sanctioning Russia, so be it. Apply every possible sanction right now cut off oil and gas sales. If China backs Russia, tell them they will have the same sanctions applied. If Chinese companies supply Russia, blacklist them and apply sanctions to them.

Is the World able to trust the US to do the right thing over Ukraine? There have to be some serious doubts in that department. The recent record of the US is not good; they are hardly seen as trustworthy with regards to their allies.

Putin’s undeclared palatial mansion in Spain

The US has been faced with an actual situation with an enemy growing in strength for the last twenty years. A state that wants to be the revived all-mighty USSR once again. Yes, I am talking about Russia, Vladimir Putin to be exact. The US government have always known Putin is a scumbag. He became president when almost penniless. Within a very short time, Putin became the richest man in the World with as much as a trillion US dollars tucked away all over the World. The US know Putin is a thief and yet have done business with him for the longest time. Putin only earned $133,763.63 in 2015, which is $18,676.91 more than he made the year before, according to his declaration published by the Kremlin. Yet he has accumulated so much wealth and power that he believes invincible.

The problem with extreme wealth is that those with it lose reality; they believe there is nothing they cannot do, and no one can stop them from doing anything they want. You can see that reflected in some of nuevo riche in the US the owners of high technology, media, and internet companies, people that can control the present US coward class government. They can say to Biden jump, and instead of saying how high, he goes and sits in his basement room for a week or two and tries to figure out what they meant. He can then ask his son what do they mean? Who after a visit to them, for who knows what. Perhaps even selling one or two million dollar paintings on the way home. Then he goes back to daddy and says, jump this high pop.

It may even be that Putin has become mentally deranged. A man like Putin understands and respects very few things, paying people off, sending his secret service to murder people, a man capable of showing equal strength. If you are a senile US leader or a coward, all is lost, and in the present case, the World as we knew it might already be lost. I say that because Putin smelling the US leadership cowardice, even the stench from the streaks in their underpants has made veiled threats of using atomic weapons. That only caused more streaks and a stink rolling around the World.

There may be real dangers for the US from Venezuela and Cuba. Because for years, there have been whispers of atomic missiles once more secretly located in the Caribbean and Venezuela.

People in the Caribbean, like Ralph E Gonsalves, the PM of SVG, support Venezuela and Cuba. Some people have even described the US as evil etc.; in a speech in Cuba, Gonsalves said, “It never amazes me the hypocrisy of the empire.”

The US has allowed communism to flourish in the Caribbean, and spending a little money closer to the home could have nipped it all in the bud.

There are a few past things to read:-

Make sure you read the comments

In this Cuban News Paper, he said the following:-

“Ralph Gonsalves, Prime Minister of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, highlighted today the need to defend the revolutionary processes in Cuba and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and coordinate alliances among progressive movements in the interest of guaranteeing the necessary unity to succeed.

Gonsalves, Cuba – “When speaking at the panel *Desafios para una articulacion solidaria de nuestras luchas*, he ratified the absolute solidarity of his country with movements focusing on a better future against the imperialist wave and pointed out the right of nations to develop freely without foreign pressure.”

Gonsalves, Cuba – “Saint Vincent and the Grenadines stand against those who want to impose a non-democratic solution to countries and use different methods that include violence.”

The people of the Caribbean are waiting for Gonsalves to make a statement about Russia invading Ukraine. After all, he did say the above about Cuba and Venezuela, “the right of nations to develop freely without foreign pressure”, “stands against those who want to impose a non-democratic solution to countries and use different methods that include violence.”

So let us see what he says about Ukraine!

Putin is today as Hitler was yesterday; those countries and leaders who want to collaborate with Putin should be punished.

PS does anyone have a reinforced heavy-duty static gymnasium exercise bike with three wheels and truck tyres?

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  1. John….the history of Russia and Ukraine did not start in 1917, just as the our Afrikan history did not start in the 1400s and ended in the 1800s, their wars have been ongoing since the days of the vikings etc….and they still carry memories of it…

    and Clement Payne was no such thing…it’s the nasty, greedy, lazy bajan whites who were strangling the Afrikan population in poverty that caused what happened, not paying people livable wages, always want slaves to feed off, to this day…

  2. The invader is always the bad guy

    Russia is the bad guy once again.
    China takes a back seat in the geopolitical soap opera. It would be entertaining if not for the actual loss of life that is resulting from these silly war games.
    The cowboys seem reluctant to ride in from the horizon and save the day like they did with Iraq and Afghanistan and Libya.
    My tongue is boring a hole through my cheek.
    Russia is the bad guy once again. At least it is for those whose faith is in the gospel according to CNN and the BBC and those who see James Bond as immaculately conceived by Ian Fleming to save us all from communism. It’s kind of like how some people see Horatio Nelson as having saved us from the French. The only question is, who was supposed to have saved us from the British?
    Never mind that. Russia is the bad guy once again and whatever evils the nations of Western Europe are guilty of must pale in comparison.
    Because those evils were and are largely perpetrated against non-Europeans. One Ukranian life is apparently worth 12 African lives.
    My cheek is sore.
    Two wrongs don’t make a right.
    However, thinking of centuries of innumerable wrongs does usually make me write. I feel that if I really wanted to I could make a reasonable argument in writing about why Russia is in the right. After all, what would you do if the same guys whom you just saw beat up your friend were drawing up in a corner and looking at you and whispering with your enemy? An ounce of prevention is supposedly worth a pound of cure.
    Well. Russia is trying to make sure they don’t need a cure with a mobatonne of prevention. Overkill?
    An overreaction? Unnecessary? All I can do is repeat the immortal words of that icon of 80’s philosophy, Boy George. “War, war stupid! And people stupid.” And the immortal words of the philosopher Forrest Gump.
    “Stupid is as stupid does.” Well, who does war better than Europe and their spin-off the US?
    Killed off
    When I was a boy I was taught that the peaceful Arawaks were killed off by the warlike Caribs. When I was a child I believed childish things. But now that I am a man I put away the fairy tales and see things more clearly. At least, that’s the way it’s supposed to be.
    But when the fairy tales come with the authority of an international media agency and statements from high-level officials
    many of us turn into children again. Some still believe in the narrative of the warlike Caribs.
    Seeing is not believing as we were led to believe. Believing is seeing. And so, some still can’t see the warlike nature of certain groups because only Caribs can be warlike. My cheek is starting to bleed.
    Old fire stick easy fi ketch.
    The cold war is heating up. Russia is the bad guy once again. I am not saying they shouldn’t be. I’m with Boy George on this one. I was with Caribbean musical icon Eddie Grant when they sent the invitation to the war party and he sang his refusal. I know history. Heard about the last one, so thanks, but no thanks.
    Any invader must be the bad guy.
    But Bajans have a saying. “When a tief tief from a tief, God does laugh.”
    Well, when an invader, invades the ally of an invader, what does God do?
    I don’t know. I can only tell you what I do. I sigh. Because everywhere, from ever since, is war. And innocent people pay the price.
    Adrian Green is a communications specialist. Email: Adriangreen14

    Source: Nation

  3. Shared humanity
    My humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together.
    – Archbishop Desmond Tutu
    Days such as International Women’s Day, marked just last week on March 8, ask that we look at the experiences, challenges and achievements of specific groups of people and that we recognise that despite differences, we are equal in our humanity. March 21 marks World Down Syndrome Day, on which people may be seen wearing colourful and often mismatched socks to raise awareness. These sorts of days, of which there are many, are not just occasions for fancy dress or to host and attend events but should be part of continuous processes of trying to do better in our individual capacities, in communities and through the many institutions of the state towards ensuring that the humanity of varied groups of people will be honoured.
    The current war in Ukraine also brings our shared humanity into focus. For all the discussion of Russia, Ukraine, the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), the USA and other states, we should really centre the effects of military actions on people. Prior to the Russian incursion into Ukraine on February 24, there were 847 000 internally displaced Ukrainians inside of the country, according to the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). This has created a refugee crisis so that by March 11 more than 2.5 million Ukrainians fled to neighbouring countries, most seeking harbour in Poland.
    This awful situation exposes the heavy human cost and disrespect for humanity that wars bring. The reports of racism experienced by black and brown people seeking to leave Ukraine also expose that even in times of significant human suffering people fail to recognise our shared humanity. Yet, this discrimination is unsurprising.
    Between August and December 2021, Poland, the same welcoming recipient of Ukrainian refugees now, was involved in a stand-off with its neighbour Belarus over refugees, resulting in many being stranded and even dying in these border lands.
    There are multiple ongoing crises around the world that contribute to refugee situations. The UNHCR’s Global Trends report (2020) presents a worldwide figure of 82.4 million forcibly displaced people comprising 26.4 million refugees, 48 million internally displaced people, 4.1 million asylum seekers and 3.9 million Venezuelans displaced abroad. Syrians constitute the single largest group of refugees and asylum seekers (6.8 million), followed by Palestinians (5.7 million).
    Didn’t experience empathy
    Unfortunately, many of these people did not experience the empathy that Ukrainians now do. Despite, the highly contentious 2015 European migrant crisis and hyped political and other debates about refugees across Europe and America, most refugees do not seek succour in Europe, the UK or the USA. Instead, only 14 per cent of displaced people find sanctuary in developed countries. What is more, as of June 2021, Turkey and Colombia were the two countries hosting the most refugees and displaced Venezuelans (3.7 million and 1.7 million respectively), followed by Pakistan and Uganda (1.4 million each) and Germany (1.2 million).
    While we may follow this crisis in Ukraine considering the implications for the cost of living in Barbados and getting carried away with the voyeurism that constant media coverage can encourage, we may benefit from contemplating what it can teach us about the human costs of state actions ranging from wars to economic and social policies. We may not be able to fix global crises but by recognising that we all are worthy of dignity, perhaps we can be motivated by wars and days such as International Women’s Day and World Down Syndrome Day, to do what we can to improve our world, including by calling on those in political high office to constantly keep people in focus when making decisions.
    Dr Kristina Hinds is a senior lecturer in political science and head of the Department of Government, Sociology, Psychology and Social Work at UWI Cave Hill. She is also a moderator of VOB’s Down To Brass Tacks.

    Source: Nation

  4. African Online Publishing Copyright ⓒ 2022. All Rights ReservedMarch 13, 2022 7:00 AM

    John….the history of Russia and Ukraine did not start in 1917,


    Russia did not exist before Ukraine!!!

    Kiev existed centuries before Moscow!!

    Get your “ancient” history straight.

  5. African Online Publishing Copyright ⓒ 2022. All Rights ReservedMarch 13, 2022 7:00 AM

    and Clement Payne was no such thing…it’s the nasty, greedy, lazy bajan whites who were strangling the Afrikan population in poverty that caused what happened, not paying people livable wages, always want slaves to feed off, to this day…


    Clement Payne like the others sent out of Trinidad to other islands was a communist agitator, like it or not.

    By then, communism had claimed the lives of in excess of 15 million people in the Soviet Union.

    Check out Karl Marx’s “Doctrine of increasing misery”, the brainwashing worked pretty well on some people and is present to this day!!!

    The Ukraine is evidence of people’s refusal to go back under the yoke of communism.

    The various countries of Africa have been destabilised in the same way as was planned for Barbados by Clement Payne’s puppeteers.

    The results are there to see, check out food security in Africa.

    You will find that there were several larger world events that dictated poverty in Barbados … for all colours and classes
    and from time to time.

    After slavery, migration was the only solution for most … not many if any went to Communist countries.

    Were it not for WWII, the situation would continue to exist.

    The economy boomed because of sugar demand allowing the Government to provide better health services for people after WWII.

    A dependable and safe water supply was the biggest contributor to the improvement in health of the population.

    Capitalism works, communism sucks!!

  6. Some Ukrainians even joined the SS to fight against the Soviets until they discovered that fascism and communism are one in the same, offshoots of socialism.

  7. “John….the history of Russia and Ukraine did not start in 1917,


    Russia did not exist before Ukraine!!!”

    John….they are ONE PEOPLE….ONE BLOODLINE whether they name or rename themselves Kyiv…which is the original name or Russia or Ukraine…one people…the name ain’t shit.

  8. and while you are here expounding on shit, things are moving…lol

  9. African Online Publishing Copyright ⓒ 2022. All Rights ReservedMarch 13, 2022 1:45 PM

    and while you are here expounding on shit, things are moving…lol


    As they have been doing for ages.

    We are all of one bloodline!!

    What separates us is how we think!!

    Federation failed in the West Indies because of differences in the ways people thought.

    The differences arise through different experiences in history.

    Federation will never happen again just as the Soviet Union will never happen again.

    People just think differently at both the group and individual level.

    That’s a basic truth.

  10. Did you know that the entire Romanov family executed by the Bolsheviks have been elevated to Sainthood by the Russian Orthodox church?

    Despite the efforts of the communists to eliminate religion, today, Russia has over 103 million Christians, almost 3/4 of its population.

    Only America, Brazil and Mexico have more Christians than Russia!!

  11. JohnMarch 13, 2022 8:51 PM

    Only America, Brazil and Mexico have more Christians than Russia!!


    China is up there too, but only a mall percentage of its population is Christian!!

  12. Musk is a joke….only got lots of paper going for him.

    from what am seeing daily, the MAJORITY in Barbados are waking up, wunna betta doan try to put them back to sleep…it will blow up.

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