A Flawed Governance Setup

Senator Kerryann Ifill, President of the Senate

Senator Kerryann Ifill, President of the Senate

George Orwell said, “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act”.

There was a time not too long ago if asked about the possibility of high gun and drug related crime and corruption occurring in private and public office in Barbados, most Barbadians would have said not a chance. […]Although the landscape of Barbados is not yet comparable to neighbouring islands, there is no doubt the quality of life Barbadians have become accustomed has deteriorated.

BU, as we have done several times, can list many institutions not functioning efficiently to support a high social and economic quality of life. The time has come to mobilize and leverage the power of an educated people. It is evident the political class is struggling to direct a new path. As a people we have abrogated our rights as citizens to said political class. We label ourselves as educated and yet we fail to recognize the consequence of disengaging from the system of government.

There is the old cliché, “what gets measured gets done”. Whether at the personal or organizational level, we must set clear goals and execute effectively and efficiently on tactics to achieve the desired the results.  We allow political parties in the election cycle to load manifestos with pie in the sky promises. We allow our expectations of political parties to be defined by them. In our hearts – even the die hard supporters – we are resigned many of the promises will never be realised as originally proposed in our lifetime. We are selling ourselves short.

We need parliamentary reform to give immediacy to the voice of the people. We have allowed members of parliament who comfortably reside in the political class to hijack how our country should be governed.  The design is for them to serve us, instead we have allowed them to reverse roles.

A downside to being an educated society i.e. book learning definition, is that we now armed with the knowledge to defend all positions. The definition what is right or wrong can be robustly challenged. The  diminution of Bajan values as a result of surrendering our values and borders to  marauding regionalists,  globalists – some say hegemonists – means we have had to become like them.

And so it will be.

The following article could easily be addressing challenges in Barbados. This is Ghana.

Of justice, the cedi and the rule of law

The Judiciary is a sacrosanct organ of state and one of the fundamental support pillars of every democratic society. An independent, well-functioning and efficient judiciary is an essential requirement for the consistent, fair and impartial administration of justice.

In all matters brought before it, the judiciary is expected to handle them impartially, on the basis of facts and in accordance with the law, without any restrictions, improper influences, inducements, pressures, threats or interferences, direct or indirect, from any quarter or for any reason.

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  1. pieceuhderockyeahright October 13, 2015 at 5:59 AM #

    @ De Blogmaster

    Thanks fuh dis blog cause I did starting to feel guilty replying to dem fellows pun Claire Cowan Site but I kun jes lef someting dat dealing with de flawed governance system widout responding

    @ Artaxerxes

    Forgive me for tiefing your words from an earlier post as I seek to mek a point to annuder blogger (De Ingrunt Word) and also try to explain to Baffy why I know he jes “agitating”

    You said “After 6 years and 10 months of him pleading to 3 different ministers, (Sinckler, Lowe and Blackett), and the NDU has NOT been relocated…”

    You know Artaxerxes when I read through you posts and Dem uh Bush Tea one ting dat I does notice bout fellas like wunna (Prodigal and Colonel Buggy) the very ting dat wunna cant hide in wunna pronouncements (Frustrated Businessman) is dat wunna is “practitioners”.

    Wunna is men who is be in de trenches pun a day BUT, due to de unrelenting victimization dat does go on pun a day in Bulbados, does hide in de cloak of anonymity like Batman.

    Observe the “essence” of what you said in your presentation about the disconnect between the Senator for Disabilities and dem stairs to the Disability Unit!!

    Dat nuance of the ;light of the beneficiaries of said agency IS COMPLETELY LOST ON politicians and de posturers like Hinkson and de next fellow dat did get groom by being in the lions and the Rotaries.

    It is like de David Come-and-Sing-A-Song political activist fellow dat does post heah (almost said pose) and den disappear.

    @ De Ingrunt Word

    All dat preamble DIW is to respond to you question bout “how would you explain the success or lack thereof of Pinelands in getting its members’ needs met vis-a-vis having a rep in Parliament?”

    A Discussion paper on (the Comparison of) NGOs in the Latin Americas and the Caribbean states “Over the past three decades there has been a notable increase in the importance of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) in the field of cooperation and development. Around the world these organizations have been gaining visibility, recognition and legitimacy in the eyes of governments, international organizations and agencies, the media and the general public, not only thanks to their humanitarian aid action on the ground, but also, increasingly, as protagonists in development and social regulation on an equal footing with the State and the private sector…”

    What does this mean to you? and other readers?

    Barring Artaxerxes (and the other fighters in the trenches i already mention Hants, the Annunake, the Blogmaster) the people who are at the forefront of the NGO fight against scourges such as poverty, famine, illiteracy and social marginalization are not the LIONS nor the Rotary Club and the “we love the newspaper spread” Auntie Olga posturers.

    Even Donna, is a real real NGO fighter in she sunday school

    It is the Rodney Grants and one time Harry Bishops of Deacons, the men and women who have, without them fancy words that you posit hers bout representative in Parliment, and without much money, doan mind that money DT gi dem, evey cent uh dat get account fuh..

    Did you know that Hamilton Lashley, the man who changed sides from the DLP to the BLP etc., like a ballsless yo-yo, IS THE CREATION OF PINELANDS???

    And I do hope that you did not cast a tongue-in-cheek insult regarding “the success or lack thereof, of Pinelands, in the face of that vacillating representation by spineless MPs?

    What is you barometer of success sir?

    You know how many people Pinelands sent to PHVCKING school, tek from being hoares, mek into mens and wummens through dance and drumming and giving peeple dat unna so does look down pun and gi dem self esteem and still does do every PHREAKING day”, WIDOUT THE ASSISTANCE of dese TV announcers Steve Blacketts and short me crutch Lil Caesar Steohen Lashleys dat only good fuh wukking up at Kadooment?https://www.guardian.co.tt/gallery/sites/default/files/styles/node_gallery_display/public/node_gallery/Mike,%20Stephen%20Lashley,%20Juliette.JPG?itok=GKG4Gm40

    You know whu Pinelands do to permanently change the derogatory “Pine. Perry, Prison?

    That is the phvcking disconnect that I talking bout when fellows like Baffy (whom some would say come from the Priveleged Side uh de Pine and David Come-and-Sing-A-Fvcking-Song from de nex side uh de Pine) want to talk bout NGOs. I nevah see dem donkey anywhere in dese trenches so forgive de ole man Scunt

    First tings first find out whu NGO mean in de context uh Barbados, define for me what is the success of an NGO and den start tuh talk to me bout ineffectual (nearly say effeminate) representatives in Parliament..


  2. pieceuhderockyeahright October 13, 2015 at 6:01 AM #

    Sorry Blogmaster but i was trying to show de Short Me Crutch Caesar and where he priorities lies but I cyan get de picture copy and me grandson ent heah…


  3. David October 13, 2015 at 6:03 AM #


    Who are good choices to lead the lobby for change to the governance setup on VOB talk radio?


  4. David October 13, 2015 at 6:08 AM #

    Fixed it for the ole man!


  5. ac October 13, 2015 at 6:28 AM #

    The collective voices of a society are the ones that would make a difference for “change not just “lobby “but Demand change, A few disgruntled political self serving individuals would not make a difference . There must be a “cause” one that is affecting the largesse of a society
    Words like transparency and corruption are ineffective they are buzz words to the poor and underprivileged . the biggest and most effective way to herald in change is for those that cry and complain to form watch dog committee without govt or private sector support
    Barbadians in general are tied politically to one party or another ,Therfore most are subjected to be scrutinized or having self serving interest and doing the bidding of one party or another
    Seek among yourselves and if there is a Martin Luther or a Mandella then the call for change would be heard and resonate among the people
    It is not only the message but also the messenger/s,


  6. Bush Tea October 13, 2015 at 6:45 AM #

    @ Piece
    Hammie Lashley is a one-in-a-million people person. A simple down to earth man who REALLY CARES about his people. What he has done with the Pine CAN be replicated throughout Barbados, but it will NOT happen because you cannot find a dozen Bajans with his attributes.
    We NEED to create an environment where the hundreds of other latent people – centered leaders (who may not have his tenacity and drive) can feel empowered to ACT like he did (does).

    The political system we have HAS SERVED ITS PURPOSE.

    It was created by strong, visionary men who CARED about people – Adams, Barrow.
    They created movements called ‘parties’ around them to facilitate their purpose. Obviously, 90% of those who tagged along were lackies and yardfowls of the AC class, and now that the founding fathers have gone on, the riff raff has risen to the top, taken over the parties, and converted them into gangs….specialising on raiding the treasury.

    We either have to rise up and kill nuff people, mash up the country and destroy all that we have managed to scrape together …. or find a SENSIBLE way to take back the country from these two gangs.

    What better way that by calling out the good old ‘posse’ of ORDINARY CITIZENS in the form of community groups, NGOs, churches, Sports Clubs, Rum shop groups ….shiite man, we can even call in the diaspora NGO heavy hitters …. (not the ingrunt ones of course 🙂 )

    What is a better plan?
    Beg the gangs for mercy…?
    Hope for a benevolent Gang leader to come along?
    Just bend over and take it…? …cause THAT will be Mia’s mantra…. which is why she and Peter tight…


  7. David October 13, 2015 at 6:51 AM #

    @Bush Tea

    It will be a struggle this you already know. Years of indoctrination/brainwashing mean we have developed a population of wait and see people. If culture and the underlying values are changing all the time then the system we have created to govern ourselves must constantly change as well.


  8. Artaxerxes October 13, 2015 at 7:12 AM #

    pieceuhderockyeahright October 13, 2015 at 5:40 AM #

    “Observe the “essence” of what you said in your presentation about the disconnect between the Senator for Disabilities and dem stairs to the Disability Unit!!”

    Thank you PUDRYR, you placed my comments in a “smaller context” by mentioning “about the disconnect between the Senator for Disabilities and dem stairs to the Disability Unit!!”

    But I also included the INACTIONS of her 2 colleagues who were ministers responsible for the NDU at some period of time and being members of the “collective,” to reinforce my point that there is a “magnetic resistance” between the NGOs and political parties.

    Yuh know the resistance yuh does get when yuh trying to put two magnets together? Dah is wuh I mean.


  9. David October 13, 2015 at 7:35 AM #

    A reminder to ALL who want to contribute to this debate the goal is about creating the best governance system to promote a wholesome living for citizens NOT politicians. It is not a political conversation. Emancipate yourself from mental slavery…


  10. de Ingrunt Word October 13, 2015 at 7:46 AM #

    Pieces, thank you for the response. I posed my query because your first comments re Pinelands hinted at real meat and you have not disappointed. Your post can now be examined as the seminal post on this subject.

    If dispassionately and properly explored the remarks highlight clearly what is wrong with the governance system (and yes my Hamilton sideways reference was deliberate), gives excellent examples of the growth of NGOs, pellucidly identifies that governance change is needed and shows for those with eyes to see why the change proposed in what started as an academic exercise is exactly what was noted earlier: George Orwellian redux.

    Will come back to revisit. But absolutely great post Mr. Pieces.

    Incidentally, why would you perceive that I would look down on those from the Pinelands area who made it good due to whatever worthwhile actions from their leaders. What from my personality displayed here ever suggested that. Tut, tut!

    I look down all types of naked aggression and impropriety whether it comes from the rough side of the tracks or from the fingers of BU intelligentsia. Because people are poor it does not mean they should be uncouth and irrational…same for those not poor.


  11. ac October 13, 2015 at 7:46 AM #

    No one is going to listen to a bush shite his mouthings are formed and dictated by his intolerance and his impatience with any individual point of view.
    He does not possess or have the desired leadership skill to listen without being insulting.
    So far if there is one person during the course of this discussion who have the potential to interact without having the need to be implosive is d I grunt .What he possess is a leadership skill that is compelling and wether one agrees or not is truthful


  12. William Skinner October 13, 2015 at 8:32 AM #

    @ David
    The question is : Is proper governance possible under either the Barbados Labour Party or the Democratic Labour? There is no difference in their approach to governing. The apologists for them may want to fool others that there are different but it cannnot be proven in any serious debate /discussion.


  13. Vincent Haynes October 13, 2015 at 8:43 AM #

    Bush Tea October 13, 2015 at 6:45 AM #

    @ Piece
    Hammie Lashley is a one-in-a-million people person. A simple down to earth man who REALLY CARES about his people. What he has done with the Pine CAN be replicated throughout Barbados, but it will NOT happen because you cannot find a dozen Bajans with his attributes.

    Bushie…….you got me confused again,in order to enact Animal Farm you need a lot of foot soldiers and some NCOs……….yet you state above that you cannot find a dozen bajans with that commitment.


  14. Vincent Haynes October 13, 2015 at 8:48 AM #


    For the record I will reiterate for this post that the only solution lies in the laws of the land that have be fully utilised,updated,changed,amended,new ones brought in,old ones tossed out,etc,etc,

    Laws have a purpose,hence from kindergarten stage the concept of justice must be drilled into the future generations.

    Note,I am willing to listen to all other plausible alternatives.


  15. Enuff October 13, 2015 at 8:51 AM #

    How sensible people can continue to misunderstand or ignore the role of the THIRD/CIVIL sector in governance is baffling. The latest contribution by piece is a belly searcher, did he raise the elitism inherent in the touted “game changer”? However PUDRYR Hammie’s tenure as a Minister is a good peek into the mind of the NGO Cabinet member.
    Disconnect? Plain ignorance!! Anyone within government or the NGOs talking about wheelchair accessible homes being a policy objective?
    I already listed muh ideas…lol and you called them theoretical though citizen participation in budgeting is in fact in use in many places; but an unknown idea steeped in idealism is championed.


  16. BAFBFP October 13, 2015 at 8:51 AM #

    David “The design is for them to serve us, instead we have allowed them to reverse roles”
    Bush Tea “The political system … created by strong, visionary men who CARED about people – Adams, Barrow.They created movements called ‘parties’ around them to facilitate their purpose”

    NO NO NO NO. The Westminster model was designed to serve the elite. The very constitution of Barbados was most certainly written by some White Englishman, or at the very least heavily influenced by them.

    Adams/Barrow may have had a soft spot for labour (hard not to do in those days) but they stuck with the already established Political Party arrangement (no formal registration, and with the power to select every blasted individual for key posts including who sits in Cabinet) to facilitate his humongous egos. They were no heroes, but they did bring some good to the land scape


  17. David October 13, 2015 at 8:54 AM #

    @Vincent and Enuff

    Laws alone do not define a governance system.


  18. pieceuhderockyeahright October 13, 2015 at 9:19 AM #

    @ Bush Tea

    Doan mind de Antichrist. She gine bray all de time every time you pun heah.

    You said, and I quote “..What better way that by calling out the good old ‘posse’ of ORDINARY CITIZENS in the form of community groups, NGOs, churches, Sports Clubs, Rum shop groups ….shiite man, we can even call in the diaspora NGO heavy hitters”

    De udder day, your friend DIW, was improving pun whu a nex fellow was saying about paper posters about Clare Cowan.

    DIW suggested making the information that is here on BU available, all ovah Barbados by making some sort of e-document. So de ole man dis was had an idea.

    Why not jine together “you posse uh ordinary citizens wid electronic google maps?

    Show de gud teachers and de gud community workers and all sorta peoples dem pun google maps.

    Leh we see who dem is and whey dem living!!

    I call me grandson and axe he tuh check out dis fuh me. Daat boy bright enough and he suggest dis to me.


    You know dat boy bright. Look how he mek de “Assification Plant” IPO, which now has 908 views!!

    Bush Tea, what if we was to to tek you lists of “Possee of Outstanding Menses and Wummens” and mek one uh dem fancy google map tings, instead of using we old time, calcified word of mouf ideas and leh peeple see who really doing tings in de community instead uh dat Community Independence Awards shyte!!

    But den de ole man had a nex taught!

    When it dun mek and all uh de information pun de map, how we gine use um?

    It cyan be jes be “likes” or “dislikes” (dat de Antichrist does score so much of) I was figuring dat peeple, real real peeple, was gine have to put dem real name and information as endorsements fuh dem ordinary citizens.

    Like how Kammie get all dem peeples to sign dem petition online bout “ME Clare Cowan and ME Gine Mek Wunna Natives Shyte”.

    So you would got a map showing “exemplary citizens”, wid dem credentials, and a number of likes, showing people who support dem. We would be building out we own community lists widout tekking a cent from dem DLP or BLP clowns!!

    Real peeple, jes like how de neighbourhood communities in Murica got de names and de faces (and de houses) uh de paedophiles pun dem Neighbourhood maps.

    Whu Bush Tea somebody may even put up a ticker show de house uh dat fellow who beleive dat “Rape Is Fun” so dat we kin keep we daughters away from he place!!

    I gi credit tuh me granson fuh dese hi faluting ideas.

    Bush Tea you know sumting doah, if we was to get Digicel relaunch de Digicel Fugitive shyte ting using a similar map ting pun de internet, in two twos dat competition wud get oversubscribe.

    But, if we try to use technology to advance citizen participation you feel dat it gine go anywhere?


  19. Artaxerxes October 13, 2015 at 9:22 AM #

    Bush Tea October 13, 2015 at 6:45 AM #

    “Hammie Lashley is a one-in-a-million people person. A simple down to earth man who REALLY CARES about his people. What he has done with the Pine CAN be replicated throughout Barbados, but it will NOT happen because you cannot find a dozen Bajans with his attributes.”

    Man, Bushie, yuh like yuh vex ‘bout me telling yuh the whacker dead.

    On a serious note, although I understand the gist of your above comments, we must give credit to whom it is due.

    Pinelands Creative Workshop (PCW) was conceptualized by Ralph Walker, who was a Community Development Officer at the time. Walker thought he could change the negative reputation of the Pine and unite residents, by establishing a community based organization, which would give residents an opportunity to express themselves positively through a number of community based activities.

    This paved the way for the creation of a dance group and residents being able to produce a number of plays during the late 1980s to mid 1990s.

    Walker brought Hammie Lah on board and charted a new course in his development. However, we must admit that PCW “prostituted” (or aligned) itself to the BLP when DeLisle Bradshaw was the representative for St. Michael South East, and the DLP when that constituency was subsequently represented by Hammie Lah after he won in the 1994 elections.

    PWC is now a “shell of its former self.”


  20. watchman October 13, 2015 at 9:32 AM #

    Even if the God we prayer to come in a physical form to lead a government of Barbados and the people of Barbados persist to live without integrity, lacking cohesion , not seeking righteousness , we shall continue to be the way we are


  21. William Skinner October 13, 2015 at 9:39 AM #

    @ Artaxerxes,
    Hammie was involved in the community life of Pinelands, long before there was a Pinelands Workshop. Ralph Walker would have wanted Hammie because Hammie was already well established, as a tireless community worker in Pinelands.


  22. David October 13, 2015 at 9:42 AM #

    We will always need to good people, people of integrity. We will need to have a relevant governance framework to encourage people with integrity from being sideswiped.


  23. Vincent Haynes October 13, 2015 at 9:46 AM #

    @David October 13, 2015 at 8:54 AM #

    My point is that the mindset of the people has to change and that can only be achieved by starting the educational process with the infants and accepting that we will have to wait 2-3 generations before the fruits of the labor are seen.

    We will not change overnight.


  24. David October 13, 2015 at 9:50 AM #


    Agree with your earlier comment. It is difficult for many to have a discussion in Barbados about governance without injecting BLP and DLP. A read of Auditor General reports through the years, the catastrophic failure of the system to regulate CLICO, today’s Cahill ….should remind us that the checks and balances we thought were built into the system have failed us. We need to new way; a modified way, to improve how we manage our affairs.


  25. Bush Tea October 13, 2015 at 10:07 AM #

    @ Baffy
    The political framework as defined in Barbados was framed by men like Adams and Barrow. That they used the Westminster model framework only tell us of their educational and cultural backgrounds. Barbados had low-hanging fruit in those days – considering the conditions of blacks….and there CAN BE NO QUESTION of the impact of these pioneers in redressing that situation.
    The condition of the masses as it relates to poverty, education, wealth and health has changed so that the new challenges are different …. as per Maslow’s hierarchy of needs….
    …and a NEW vision is needed to address that.

    @ Piece
    Boss, you gotta outstanding grandson there yuh…. the madame like she got good genes…
    Great idea, and if we had a media that understood its role, such persons would have been household names in Barbados LONG AGO…and ALL BAJANS would be aware of the little GEMS that we have across the country…

    Bushie had always read about Hammy Lashley’s political exploits and was led to believe that the man was just a ‘political grass hopper’……UNTIL BUSHIE MET THE MAN….and saw him operate in the community’s interest….
    Hammy’s problem is that his personal interest in SERVING people transcends politics…. the man don’t give two shits about Bees or Dees or Pees…. But being FORCED to operate in such a system compromised his public integrity and made him look like a parasite …. Bushie has even more admiration for the man ..now that he DONE WITH THAT SHIITE.

    It is not hard to grasp why some of us are reluctant to grasp the OBVIOUS point – that it is the POLITICS of Bee/Dee that warps the integrity of otherwise good citizens….because we know that MANY parasites actually DO feed of the existing political monster that is killing Barbados….
    …and of course there are those who are genuinely dense….

    @ Artax
    Man, Bushie, yuh like yuh vex ‘bout me telling yuh the whacker dead.
    au contraire !!
    Bushie can take MUCH MORE than he gives…
    …besides, a dead whacker CANNOT possible have destroyed so much ingrunt grass, anti-christ consortiums and other shiite talkers as has the Bush-whacker on BU .. 🙂

    You think Bushie will waste time arguing with you…. You are TOO damn bright NOT to get the point of this argument. One suspects that the implications for your visualised future – should such an approach be adopted in Barbados- may change dramatically.
    What you should consider …is the possibility of that change being for the COLLECTIVE BETTER.

    2 Dee Ingrunt bowl
    “I look down all types of naked aggression and impropriety …”
    That is quite evident….
    Unfortunately for you, Bushie is ‘down here’ …and will ‘whack’ some lashes in your ass EVERY time you ‘look down’ here and attempt to dump shiite….


  26. Hants October 13, 2015 at 10:07 AM #

    David wrote, ” the checks and balances we thought were built into the system have failed us.”

    Except on this occasion…. ( tongue in cheek )….read page 3 of BarbadosToday…captioned…

    Cheerio Fat Child.


  27. de Ingrunt Word October 13, 2015 at 10:09 AM #

    @Pieces, interesting ideas @ 9:19. In fact not interesting but a good solid commentary that can be moulded into different good solutions.

    Those people so identified who would have been doing those awesome deeds for years (like the Hammie Lal note above) can ore integral to the growth and development in their communities. O course some of them will abhor the spotlight and the bad things that come with it.

    As someone noted above this matter of Hammie Lal is a good representation of how an interest group can get sucked up by politics. The simple fact is that regardless of the political system at the time Mr Lashley (and I say this with all due respect) evolved into a man driven by the lucre.

    Undoubtedly a lot of the lucre was pushed down to the community but all the hard work of building pride in achievement and stepping out from dysfunctional structures got subsumed in unseemly pursuits.

    Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    As was noted above, as successful as Lashley was in Pinelands he was unable to replicate that success as resoundingly at the national level…certainly there was great stuff he did but surely we also remember the infighting and ‘turf’ battles that took place — not the political ones.


  28. de Ingrunt Word October 13, 2015 at 10:29 AM #

    This too long frankly so really only expect two people to read (and surely not you Bushie) LOLLL. Anyhow, will make this my last treatise on this subject, so here it goes====

    Changing our system of governance to ensure that political representatives respond to the needs and wishes of the citizens is vitally important. Of that we can all agree.

    The entire suffrage system of electoral representation was built on that premise.

    We cannot forget that it was the interest groups who abhorred slavery that drove the changes to outlaw that blight on human evil. Similar interest groups drove the change to allow women the right to vote and of course gave Blacks that privilege. This happened across the globe.

    Interest Group participation is the controlled and often uncontrollable anger and frustration of the grass-root soldiers of our societies forcing an agenda from bad governance. Their involvement in the electoral and governance process is an entrenched part of our system.

    So rightly at this time of government ineptitude and widespread corruption we look again to these groups to force change. Nothing is wrong with that and empirically there are scores of interest groups Uin Barbados; hundreds outside) forcing their voices to the elected officials.

    So the real question is: are we now ready to install the ‘Interest Group’ and their leaders directly into the governance process and what improvements would that serve?

    Would that not flatten the operational structure (of checks and balances) rather than expand it?

    Would there still not be a role for groups to advocate causes and hold the feet of the government to the fire when gov’t leaders flout the wishes of the people? How will conflicting interest be managed.

    There will be a natural disconnect between certain interest. Aren’t leaders supposed to be able to operate outside the interest group and act in the best ‘interest’ of the country?

    With the large number of interest groups on the landscape how will the selection of group leaders be managed? It is based on % representation of citizens and if so are we not effectuating the current representational process?

    What makes these interest group leaders more morally steadfast than other leaders? And if the control mechanism is ability for automatic recall then why is this not a mandate to improve the current system?

    Change is needed because our governance is not working as it should be. However, as George Orwell showed “four legs good, two legs bad “ is the right dictum until the very moment that it no longer serves the purposes of the elected leaders.

    In that regard, the consideration that an interest group leader would make a more credible and morally superior representative is appealing…very appealing. Four legs looks awfully good right now to all of us poor animals!!

    Alas, if the animals were able to FORCE the governing farmer to implement better control and respond to the injustices they suffered it is self-evident that they would not have brought on themselves greater pain from vicious brethren dogs who turned against them while those who so championed the change BECAME those who they once condemned.

    We need to force better control along with PRACTICAL changes to meet the ever changing needs of society and we need to force a fix of the blatant injustices and abuses of power.

    Wise men (and fools like me too) can disagree. And we must examine realistically and rationally WHY and WHAT any change will actually achieve.

    Some change like Orwell suggested can quickly become ‘WHO LET THE DOGS OUT, Bite, bite!’. It’s really no change a-tall !


  29. Donna October 13, 2015 at 10:31 AM #

    I have never really interacted with Hamilton Lashley but I have seen him and the way he is. His humility is written all over his face. I had been told about what he did with his monthly salary by persons who lived around the Pine area and had already concluded that his party hopping was an attempt to access resources for the people rather than himself. Of course no man is perfect but his heart is as far as I can see in the right place.


  30. ac October 13, 2015 at 10:37 AM #

    So what does that say to your last comment d I grunt. As influential as Hammie was!his influence became dwarfed as a Minister most likely because of the political one arm bandits liurking in the dark pulling at his coat strings demanding their slice of the pie


  31. Donna October 13, 2015 at 10:54 AM #

    It is quite true that we will have to work on the young ones and will not see any change for a while. This system is deeply entrenched into the Barbadian psyche. Even here very few people can accept that anyone can be impartial. You are either a DLP yardfowl or a BLP yardfowl. We are divided down the middle with the servants we elected as our masters. The political party as it stands is concerned only with the narrow interests of the party and its core members. All others “should starve” as far as they are concerned. As it is politics is a dirty game and therefore only the dirtiest can win. So what does that say about the persons who get elected? Do they shed their dirtiness when they assume the reins of government?

    There are decent people out there who would like to serve but they could never win in this system of party politics. And yes, power can corrupt but does it always? It has been shown that if one says it often enough anything will be believed. Remember that Animal Farm was just a book written by George Orwell. Power will corrupt some people but certainly not ALL of them. At any rate a person does not become corrupt overnight and can do much good before succumbing to the Dark Side.

    To my mind the system we have at present REQUIRES that the majority of winners be corrupt. Therefore most of them are already corrupt when they ENTER government. Surely we would stand a better chance if we change the requirements for office by changing the system to allow decent people to come to the fore!

    Pieces, you are quite right when you state that “even Donna is a NGO fighter in she Sunday school” Just this Sunday we were discussing BU topics in our session. Christianity is about social justice not just “pie in the sky when we die by and by” I am starting with the youngsters. They like it when I “keep it real”.


  32. Artaxerxes October 13, 2015 at 11:43 AM #

    @ William Skinner

    “……. Hammie was already well established, as a tireless community worker in Pinelands.”

    To me, Hammie Lah is not just an acquaintance, I know him personally, to the extent that his mother owned 3 guess houses in Barbados. One was named the Indrama and was located in St. Lawrence Gap, on the spot where the “Steak House” once stood.

    I won’t argue with you, lest I place my knowledge of Lah in the public domain. He is a good man as Bushie alluded to in a previous contribution, and can be considered a “man of thick moral fibre.” Unfortunately, his association with the BLP and DLP has somewhat “tainted” his reputation.

    But perhaps you should define the phrase “a tireless community worker.”

    @ Bushie

    The educated individuals among us are often chided for they seemingly not wanting contribute to or participate in the development of Barbados. This is far from the truth.

    The stark reality is the status quo has built a wall that is difficult to penetrate, unless there is a revolutionary type change, similar to the period of Reformation in 16th century Europe. That was a time when there was a “religious, political, intellectual and cultural upheaval that splintered Catholic Europe, setting in place the structures and beliefs that would define the continent in the modern era.”

    What we need in Barbados is a similar process of religious, political, intellectual and cultural reformation that would give way to the establishment of structures to define Barbados in the modern era.
    Structures free of political interference that would pave the way for Barbadians to participate and contribute to the development of this island, through education, entrepreneurship and exportation of vocational/academic skills. And not through the creation of artificial “structures” such as the political motivated Constituency Councils.

    Under the present system, politicians control jobs in the civil service, while Caucasians, Indians, Arabs and expatriates control the jobs in the private sector. I will use the government’s Financial Intelligence Unit as an example. I called Personnel Administration to enquire if an individual with forensic accounting qualifications could apply to the FIU. The lady told me she does not know what forensic accounting entails and suggested I should have first verify if I would be able to obtain a job in Barbados before undertaking this line of study. After explaining to her, she told me that the prerequisite for jobs in the FIU is a law degree or ACCA.

    Why would government establish a Unit to investigate fraud, money laundering and other types of financial improprieties and not employ a forensic accountant/auditor? But the Unit is a quasi government entity, we done know that de politicians’ friends gine get the pick in dey.

    Do you know there are no forensic auditors in the Auditor General’s Office either, and every year Trotman does report ‘bout nuff t’iefing that gine on? And we claim to be serious talking shiite ‘bout “it can’t be business as usual” because dem words does sound “purty.”

    What about those individuals who graduated from UWI and BCC in tourism studies and are unable to find employment in that sector, other than as maids, beach boys, bellmen, housemen or maintenance men, especially against the background that the hoteliers know duh got the guv’ment by the balls and would find all types of excuses to bring in expatriates for certain jobs?

    How do you think those waste haulers feel being taxed to the hilt, and a tipping fee has caused the demise of many of these entrepreneurs, while Butch enjoy tax free concessions?

    So tell me, under these conditions, is not the only other option is to get a job “over in away,” mek some money while assisting in the development of that country, and come back here to spend halcyon days in yuh twilight days?


  33. Bush Tea October 13, 2015 at 11:44 AM #

    @ Dee Ingrunt Word
    man Bushie read um fuh spite… lol !!
    ..and is none the wiser…

    ..You agree that there is a NEED for change…
    ..You agree that advocacy groups CAN (and have in the past) played roles in the system
    ..you agree that ‘Change is needed because our governance is not working as it should be”

    Then you delve into ‘minuta’ like how will conflict be managed ..and how will leaders be selected… , talk some shiite about some fairy Animal Farm story ..and end on you usual lukewarm, nonspecific note….

    Now THAT is why you does get Bushie vex…!!!
    Lotta facts … Lotta research… lotta talent …. NO Damn action.
    You are a NATO man Word… NO Action, just alotta Talk Only… 🙂


  34. Bush Tea October 13, 2015 at 11:53 AM #

    @ Artax
    Boss ..you beginning to sound like Dee Word yuh….

    Here we are talking about a REVOLUTIONARY new political approach ..and you jump in the discussion complaining about the status quo… Bushie tell you to stop this lotta interaction with AC… 🙂

    Wunna fellows seem to be arguing that we should desist for pursuing such a change to a community-centric political approach because the PRESENT party-centric ARRANGEMENT IS FLAWED…..???!!!



  35. Donna October 13, 2015 at 12:09 PM #

    Bushie in fine form today!


  36. Donna October 13, 2015 at 12:21 PM #

    This “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely” thing almost gives the politician an excuse to do as he likes. What it says is that nobody would do any better than I, so nothing is wrong with me or what I am doing. If I don’t rob you somebody else will. Either way you will be robbed so why shouldn’t I be the one to benefit?


  37. David October 13, 2015 at 12:30 PM #


    What are you trying to do MCG?


  38. Artaxerxes October 13, 2015 at 12:31 PM #

    I agree Donna, “Bushie in fine form today.”

    When it come to these types of “discussions”, Bushie does do the dog…… he does be in he “element.”

    Never-the-less, he is making sense.

    Perhaps he held a seance early this morning to raise the whacker from the dead….. LOL.


  39. MCG October 13, 2015 at 12:56 PM #

    @ David
    That was an article carried by MCG when Hammie was about to retire from Parliament. We just thought it was relevant to the current discussion. Apologies if it was inappropiate.


  40. ac October 13, 2015 at 1:04 PM #

    BTW it is the educated individuals who having been at the top of the helm . The same type that walk the halls of B U
    Just check their credentials and one would find that most of the BU household have a commonality with new and past leaders of Barbados and have said most of what being said here.The Hammie lashley types are a rear breed and mostly are found in the households were poverty and for the most part having the vision and the foresight to identify with the poor working class
    Most who talk about change here on BU seems change not for the betterment of the country but what is best for themselves.


  41. David October 13, 2015 at 1:14 PM #


    You posted the admin link which prompted commenters to enter a password. Yo need to post the correct url.


  42. MCG October 13, 2015 at 1:26 PM #

    @ David,

    This is the link:


  43. de Ingrunt Word October 13, 2015 at 2:32 PM #

    @Bush Tea in simple terms the system is flawed. And in equally simple terms your “community-centric political approach” is re-heated milk.

    You are recommending that citizens’ groups who are already at the trough drinking should be given more direct and explicit control of the drinking troughs.

    Despite the evidence of Mr. Lashley (there are others) who moved from being a mere drinker at the trough to being controller of all troughs and with that experience showed that interest groups currently can wield effective power and can also be stymied, you are confident of rousing success.

    I applaud that conviction.

    But for a man who often espouses mathematical theory with such facility I am of the view that you likely would do some type of modeling/predictive scenarios before jumping into something of this magnitude.

    I would be interested to know what your modeling says of how long it would take before these ‘community-centric’ political groups are as dysfunctional as the pols they replaced.


  44. chad99999 October 13, 2015 at 3:10 PM #

    Why is Barbados sinking into a quagmire of public squalor and corruption? Because the mostly nouveau riche middle class and lower middle classes are unfortunately greedy, ill-bred, and increasingly influenced by the vulgar, mercenary habits of North Americans. (Not that the Brits are much better). Not even the blessings of small-island social controls can shield us from this onslaught.


  45. Frustrated Businessman October 13, 2015 at 3:48 PM #

    Integrity does not win votes in our democracy, podium politics does.

    If you want to improve management of this country you must remove management responsibilities from the elected.

    In the first world people aspire to a career in the civil service, here it is a ‘job of last resort’ contaminated by otherwise unemployables and political lackies.

    The first step towards reform should be total divestment of gov’t from business operations and statutory corporations which compete against the tax-paying private sector.

    Liked by 1 person

  46. Bush Tea October 13, 2015 at 4:19 PM #

    @ De Word
    I would be interested to know what your modeling says of how long it would take before these ‘community-centric’ political groups are as dysfunctional as the pols they replaced.
    It does not really matter…. in fact it is probably inevitable.
    However you can rest assured that Bushie and BAFFY will have a 12 point plan ready and waiting for that eventuality… (inevitability?)

    @ Chad
    Why is Barbados sinking into a quagmire of public squalor and corruption?
    Actually the whole damn world is dying, and just as Bushie’s parents and grand parents tended to deteriorate physically as ‘that’ time came… so is it with our world.
    However that does not stop us from applying the appropriate ‘bush tea’ or the occasional ‘rub down’ to the aches and pains… 🙂

    Agreed Frustrated B.
    We need PROFESSIONAL MANAGEMENT if we expect to get competitive performances. Honestly … if stinkliar or froon came to apply for a management position with Bushie’s company …LOL …wuh the bushman would dead wid laugh….!!!
    um would haffa be a joke….


  47. Hants October 13, 2015 at 4:34 PM #

    Bushie wrote ” Bushie and BAFFY will have a 12 point plan ready”

    We waiting Bushie.


  48. Prodigal Son October 13, 2015 at 4:41 PM #

    Richie Haynes’ proposal of a Contractor General now makes sense….if only the person would be a Bush Tea who would not be pressured to award contracts to certain people!


  49. pieceuhderockyeahright October 13, 2015 at 6:10 PM #

    @ Bush Tea

    As you pointed out to De ingrunt Word it is inevitable dat, ovah time dem gine change and probably become corrupt.

    But here is the thing though.

    In the new system where we can recall dem scvunt when dem mess up it won’t be an issue at all cause we gine all sign a petition and send dem home hopefully WITHOUT A PENSION.

    The way that the dynamic will work is that for 10 years YOU GINE BE HONEST and give sterling service to the cvntry.

    After dat you cud go home causing you ideas dun outdated anyways

    It would only be those bright sparks whose “Use By” date seems perpetual that will remain true “survival of the fittest”

    De Grandson sen me dis and tell me only to send it tuh you

    So i gine put it in brackets and sen it



  50. Hants October 13, 2015 at 6:33 PM #

    @ Pieceuhderockyeahright,

    Whomever created that video should be part of the team to market the “New Governance Proposal”.


  51. pieceuhderockyeahright October 13, 2015 at 7:31 PM #

    @ Hants

    I gots to give credit to me grandson at ** Bank he is a bright boy.

    But the thing bout dis Hants is dat most uh we who blogging heah pun BU love we cuntry real bad and DO NOT WANT TO SEE IT DIE at the hands of these or the other set of DUFUSSES.

    We, the People, can show how petty minded dey are.

    We, the People, can show how igrunt they are and while, @ today, we cannot get the Director of Public Prosecution nor the Commissioners of Police to do their respective jobs, what We the People CAN DO is bring the eyes of the world to see how incompetent they are.

    I ent got long heah Hants but one ting dat all uh we who remaining heah got in common is de ability to act like “real, real NGOs” de ones dat Bush Tea talking bout (and dat my friend Baffy jes get pun de bandwagon recently bout) and show dem how real battles does get fight.


  52. Enuff October 13, 2015 at 8:19 PM #

    “Wunna fellows seem to be arguing that we should desist for pursuing such a change to a community-centric political approach because the PRESENT party-centric ARRANGEMENT IS FLAWED…..???!!!”

    BushTea you’re one of the biggest politicans on BU, you spin, obfsucate and sidestep with such mastery.
    A political party as a whole is a community made up of individual communities both geographically and ideologically speaking, hence it is community-centric. Futhermore the individuals have various “interests” and as such represent a far bigger bowl of interests that you want us to believe.
    In a small space like Buhbaduss, a geographcally defined community-centric approach to decison-making would be very problematic given that there are many key issues that are “trans-community” for example infrastructure, transport etc not to mention the income inequality across communities. Both factors breed NIMBY. From an “interests” based community perspective, the same applies–interests are inter-connected and in some cases will coalesce while in others there could be conflict leading to NIMNGO.

    When I made this statement “…Hammie’s tenure as a Minister is a good peek into the mind of the NGO Cabinet member” it seems like folks msinterpreted good. Good here refers to the view not the picture lol. Mentioning Hammie name in the same sentence as good governance is tantamount to sacrilege.

    Aint others talking bout constitutional change, what could be more about law than such a proposal?


  53. Bush Tea October 13, 2015 at 8:39 PM #

    @ Enuff
    “A political party as a whole is a community made up of individual communities both geographically and ideologically speaking, hence it is community-centric”
    ….either your head is bad..
    or you think that Bushie was born recently.

    Shiite man …or maybe both…

    A political party is a mafia-like gang comprised of a political class of white collar criminals and of large numbers of yard fowls who don’t know their beaks from their asses. The yget to make the rules, administer justice and share the spoils just like the real mafia.

    Only a mafia Don himself would seek to promote the kinda shiite spin that you so eloquently attempted at 8:19 pm above…
    LOL ..perhaps AC will support you…

    @ David
    What happened to Dompey???
    You ban ‘ee D? 😉


  54. Enuff October 13, 2015 at 9:07 PM #

    At least yuh is Miele and not a Maytag..lol.


  55. Bush Tea October 13, 2015 at 9:57 PM #

    Um is the whacker string you see spinning so… ?? 🙂


  56. Caswell Franklyn October 14, 2015 at 5:09 PM #

    I can’t help noticing Lashley caressing that firm body with a grin on his face. I wonder what he is thinking.

    This is a nice story coming out of Vanuatu. The Speaker and a number of politicians were facing jail terms of up to ten years for graft. Under the Constitution when the President is away, the Speaker acts as President. Well when the President was away, the acting President pardoned the Speaker and the other convicted MPs. Follow the link below:



  57. Kammie Holder October 14, 2015 at 8:28 PM #

    Excerpt from 2008 Throne Speech

    Good Governance is essential for the sustained development of Barbados. Its
    characteristics include participation, accountability, transparency,
    responsiveness to the needs of voters, effectiveness, efficiency, equity,
    authentic inclusion and respect for the rule of law.
    Good Governance assures that corruption is minimized, the views of the
    people are taken into account and that the voices of the most vulnerable
    members of society are heard in decision-making.
    My Government will put systems in place to reverse the trend of concentrating
    power into fewer and fewer hands, as well as attempt to rekindle trust and
    confidence in the system of parliamentary elections and constituency



  58. Kammie Holder October 14, 2015 at 9:19 PM #


    “The Asset Recovery Unit which was set up by the APNU+AFC coalition government has recommended charges for at least five former People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Ministers over their alleged misconduct and abuse of office while in government.

    The misconduct surrounds the procedures used by the former PPP ministers to acquire prime government lands in the Sparendaam, East Coast Demerara area referred to as ‘Pradoville 2’.

    The former government officials who were named in a document seen by NewsNow are former President Bharat Jagdeo, then Agriculture Minister Robert Persaud, former Minister of Public Service Dr. Jennifer Westford, former Education Minister Priya Manickchand, former Labour Minister Dr. Nanda Gopaul and former Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee.

    The lands were transferred to the former ministers and Jagdeo with several conditions which stated that failure to comply will result in penalties by the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA).

    Clause ‘C’ of the condition stated that, “the transferee shall not be at liberty to sell, lease, transfer or part with possession of the said property within ten years of transfer without the written consent of the Minister responsible for housing.”

    Former Ministers Priya Manickchand and Robert Persaud allegedly sold their lands without consent from the CH&PA which is a breach of clause ‘C’ of the agreement.

    In the case of Manickchand, she sold her land to one Dave Narine for some $100M on February 21, 2013, three years after it was purchased.

    While former Agriculture Minister Robert Persaud first transferred his land into the names of his wife Kamini Persaud and two children on 18th September 2014. The said land was then sold to LRS Company for $90M, also allegedly without written permission from the (CH&PA).

    The document went on to state that the Deeds Registry has since released information that the company which Persaud sold his property of land and house to has the secretary and its single director as one person whose name was given as Andrew Pollard.

    The document also states that the Overseer of Industry/Plaisance indicated that no rates and taxes have been paid since the occupancy of the land.

    The document also stated that the lands were grossly undervalued and sold substantially lower than the market value, “thereby depriving the state of its full benefits.”

    Other persons who managed to secure lands in “PradoVille 2” include Ghansham Singh and Kamini Parag-Singh the son and daughter-in-law of a former minister, Florrie Loretta Ramnauth, Compton Bourne, Ramesh Dookhoo, Geary Best, Shalimar Ali-Hack and Moeenul Hack, Raj Singh, Shaik Baksh, Lisaveta Valantina Ramotar, Andrew Ranji Bishop, Safraaz Khan, George Hallaq and Nada Hallaq and Future Developers International (Guyana) Inc.

    Meanwhile, the lands at Sparendaam which were under the control of the National Communications Network Inc. (NCN) were sold by the National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL) in 2010 following Cabinet’s approval.

    The recommendations, NewsNow understands, have been sent to Attorney General Basil Williams. The Unit has since submitted that the former Ministers could be held liable for misconduct in public office and in the absence of a ‘SARA’ legislation the AG may institute proceedings against the former Ministers.

    The unit cited a recent decision in the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) case of Floerencio Marin Jose Coye Vs the Attorney General of Belize, where the court held “that the former Ministers could be held liable in misfeasance for loss of public property and that the AG, as the guardian of public rights, was the person entitled to institute proceedings.”

    The report concluded by stating that, “the former ministers should not benefit from their acts of misconduct while being holders of public office. A strong message must be sent to the offenders and potential offenders.”


  59. pieceuhderockyeahright October 15, 2015 at 3:54 AM #

    @ Kammie Holder

    You like you is an international sleuth yuh!!

    Whey you pick up dis gem??

    That it is informative goes without saying but that it is possible for a cuntry like Bulbados, after the fact of illicit sales and profiteering by ministers of an administration, to have the successive administration, tek de criminals to de Caribbean Court of Justice, is quite interesting!!

    I have a few observations/question though.

    It would appear that one Floerencio Marin Jose Coye, AND NOT THE SUCCESSIVE GUVMENT, tek he life in he hands and carry de former Attorney General to the CCJ which suggests that he has a locus or is it possible for a common citizen to start such an action?

    I do hope that the Compton Bourne mentioned in this investigation by the Asset Recovery Unit is not the same Dr. Compton Bourne 67, Chancellor of the University of Guyana, former President of the Caribbean Development Bank??

    Say it aint so?

    You mean dat aftah a man get all dese kudos as “Air Bourne” (cause uh all de time he spend flying bout de world pun CDB money) dat now it gine jes be dat he is a common crook?

    Man dat wud mean dat when a fellow demit office like say Obama, dat all he got in store fuh he and Michelle is tuh become a ‘fisticated Bonnie and Clyde robber!!

    My last question doah.

    Given dat Adriel Nitwit de Attorney General and Dale “Smiley Teets” Marshall possibly de nex Attorney General (dat is de fellow who ,in de Arch Hall collapse say “de dogs is looking for living specimens”) is both menses whom CANNOT prosecute de nex fellow befo’ dem, who you tink is gine (be foolish enuff to) put dem name pun a document against de Guvment uh Bulbados fuh all dis teifing and Cahill comess en ting?

    Jes axing!!


  60. pieceuhderockyeahright October 15, 2015 at 3:57 AM #

    @ Kammie

    Jes to be sure is dis de same man mentionned in de investigation??


  61. Hants October 16, 2015 at 9:02 AM #

    Page 14 of BarbadosToday.

    Wake up call for the Region.

    Worth reading.


  62. Colonel Buggy October 19, 2015 at 6:08 PM #

    An ex Barbados Coast Guard Officer found shot dead.


  63. Kammie Holder August 31, 2016 at 12:44 AM #

    Wanted: Politicians who will not sell Barbados to the neocolonist nor commit the country to Mendicancy. Unfortunately the current crop of politicians do not posses skills to navigate thru complex problems we face or the ability to engender confidence and pride in the masses.


  64. Bush Tea August 31, 2016 at 6:34 AM #

    @ Kammie Holder
    Wanted: Politicians who will not sell Barbados to the neocolonist nor commit the country to Mendicancy
    WHY? HOW? WHO?
    What qualifies Barbados to DESERVE such politicians /leaders?

    Is it our national focus on JUSTICE and righteousness?
    is it our penchant for hard, productive work?
    …is it our ingenuity and creativity in developing our blessed country?
    …is it the growing legacy we are establishing for our future generations?

    Do you understand that a people always get EXACTLY what they deserve?

    We are ‘wuk-up’ people!
    Crap-Over is our highest religious festival – where our “who’s who” parade the streets dressed like whores and behaving like animals….
    Our Church leaders are all shiite-hounds…
    Dirtiness is our trademark…

    Shiite man…. we sound more like penny-whores…..
    why should we not be controlled by low class pimps?

    ….and you looking for high quality leaders…?
    Part yuh gwine get dem from?
    …Del Maestro /Clare Cowan of Canada?


  65. David August 31, 2016 at 6:39 AM #

    @Bush Tea

    Our entitlement comes from billions sunk in education post Independence.


  66. Bush Tea August 31, 2016 at 6:50 AM #

    You mean our “MISPLACED sense of entitlement”.
    As Hopi correctly quoted recently….
    ONLY righteousness has the ability to exalt a nation.

    The money we poured into ‘education’ post independence has been largely wasted – as easily seen by the results.
    We continued to spend millions each year maintaining a system that was well suited for the 1960’s. We are so damned retarded that we even continue to do so in 2016…..

    Sorry David.
    This is more a case of a fool and his money being easily separated…..


  67. David August 31, 2016 at 6:52 AM #

    We produced citizen like you Bushie, what are you saying?


  68. Bush Tea August 31, 2016 at 7:00 AM #

    Bushie was ADOPTED and modified…. practically viet armis.

    Bushie is Bushie DESPITE all the influences of the Bajan education system.
    Shiite…. Bushie is ‘BUSHIE’ DESPITE bushie… LOL


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