Barbados Elections 2022: Factors and Losers

2022 Barbados General Election
Submitted by Observing

The dust has settled, the people have spoken, and we now prepare for at least 3 ½ years of BLP governance. There are many issues and factors which impacted the result, including campaigns and candidates but I have chosen to highlight those that were considered fringe but were still collectively significant.

31 months of silence only to emerge to “counter program” our Sunday Sun with a narrative on the Prime Minister’s great traits and Mrs. Depeiza’s negative one. Definitely blunted anything Lucille Moe said (not that she had much of an impact anyhow) and reminded a large enough percentage that it should have been him after David. They speak about a woman scorned but it seems a Chris scorned is even worse and more bitter.

With 18 months to go and a full majority in hand the dice were rolled knowing that the other players weren’t ready. Politically sound and brilliant. The result speaks for itself. We can debate constitutional changes to a PM’s power for snap elections but the gamble paid off, politically at least. Otherwise I am not so sure. The Omicron spread will be an entirely different beast. The return to school is the first casualty. There will be more. As TheoGazerts said in another thread, the government would do well not to view this a as a sweeping/clear mandate.

Covid and Turnout
A large amount of persons still remain in their curtilages up to this day even without Covid. Many of these are older persons. I am certain that many did not venture out to vote. Also, 4000-5000 persons were not facilitated to vote. A turnout of 43-44% in a modern democracy is the inevitable result and should be cause for concern. Effectively the ruling party has received the support of 28% of the voting population. Let that sink in for a bit.

Guy Hewitt
The contest for President of the DLP over the last tow cycles took some nasty turns. It is reminiscent of the primary battles of United States politics. Guy Hewitt’s pronouncements on Mrs. Depeiza and the ensuing brutal battle however left lasting damage. First, because the statements were perceived to be true. Second, because they occurred close to the election and before she had any chance to recover, consolidate and groom her young team. The rapid disappearance of the said Guy rather than a kumbyah moment also lent to the view that the DLP wasn’t ready and the leadership battle is far from over.

Glorious years? Seriously? Stupse. Won’t bother to waste any more words on this one.

BLP Solidarity
It is a known secret that there was trouble in the BLP camp. The “pick up stumps and go home” move forced the hands of those that may have wanted to be eager. True to form though, this was NEVER spoken about on the BLP’s side. No one denied it, no one hinted at it, no one even acknowledged it. This is the existential difference between the two parties. One airs its laundry in public. One pretends it has no laundry. One bludgeons itself with barbs pointed inside rather than outside. The other is polite and vague even in criticism. One looks for ways to divide itself hoping for spoils that will lead to victory. One focuses on victory first, spoils after. I think all Bajans know which is which.

Mia Mottley’s stature
Perceived personal flaws aside Mia is a lifetime shrewd politician whose 2018 insurmountable margins made it near impossible for the DLP to make inroads. Couple this with recent international acclaim and it was always going to be difficult. The DLP erred in focusing on Mia again too much, but then again what do you expect with Steve Blackett as your campaign manager. Hopefully they finally listen, learn and allow the new candidates to grow in their positions and focus on ISSUES rather than the INDIVIDUAL. There is still room for them even against Mia but they have to take heed. It is an indisputable fact that she is not as popular locally as she would lead us to believe and she is definitely not at her 2018 levels and still falling.

Special mention: The Biggest Losers
• ALL of the Old Guard
• DLP strongholds of St. John and St. Lucy
• Joseph Atherley
• Voices of opposition in the country
• Trade Unionism


  • @ John
    Obviously @ David does not know anything about Sir.Philip Greaves. In the hey day of the DLP he was a major player , up there with Cammie Tudor. He was instrumental in removing Mascoll from the leadership.
    You are absolutely correct.
    Any student of political history in Barbados knows this simple fact.


  • This man was to take over from Erskine Sandiford … as Barrow said, after me it is Sandiford then Greaves and then any number can play!!

    Had not Sandiford called snap elections, he would have been PM.

    The three stalwarts were Barrow, Sandiford and Greaves.

    You really don’t remember this?

    Evelyn Greaves, Bobby Morris etc etc were relegated to the background.

    You like you don’t know your history.


  • The Dems sent a UWI lecturer to run in St.James South even though they made students pay fees at UWI and surprise the lecturer lost by 1,300 votes. Where is SJS in relation to UWI and what are the demographics of SJS?🤣🤣


  • @ Enuff
    What about the thousands that went free and are now living the great upper class lifestyles and their children who enjoyed the same.
    Your cock eyed view of everything is partisan and down right stupid.
    BTW, removing the fees was good social policy by the BLP .
    Owen Arthur went free and became PM. Go through the list of the Duopoly and see all those who benefitted from free university education before you post BS.
    Clyde Mascoll went free . Hundreds of doctors went free. Thousands of civil servants and teachers went free. People and friends of yours probably went free.
    You are an embarrassment to common sense to post such BS. Shameless partisan crap. Everybody did not have money to send their children up to England.
    Like I said it was good social policy to remove the fees but thousands benefitted before the fees were put on and many will now get back that opportunity.


  • @ Enuff January 22, 2022 8:11 PM

    The DLP cadet, moreover, is a conspiracy theorist, who is quite clearly waffling about blackmail and election rigging. What scandalous misconduct! The UWI should draw the consequences from this and encourage him to find other employment as a lawyer.

    If anyone here is allowed to make assumptions about rigging, it’s me. As a court jester.


  • 🤣🤣@ws


  • Take a deep breath and get off that corn cob bro


  • What started the discussion William? Can you honestly state Phillip Greaves is perceived as a heavyweight nationally in local politics?


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @David, I too was surprised by your comment “Philip Greaves is not perceived as a heavy weight in the party or nationally.”

    I thought I was missing something and that u would clarify … because what @Skinner stated above had immediately come to mind when I read ur post this morn….

    But as I often express to u: your too succinct remarks are often works in progress that need a tad more elaboration!

    So after reflecting and knowing that ur historical knowledge ain’t THAT fluffy that u mean he has no persuasive heavy weight status NOW and that his legacy up north and across the nation may not be very impactful …

    Tru Dat! It seems.

    Some folks tell me that Depeiza suddenly became Greaves-Depeiza in St. Lucy and that got attention just like the cement dust … annoying steuupses!

    BTW, see that comment that he had a hand in removing Mascol. … well, that starboy turn didn’t work out to well now did it!

    So maybe there is GOOD REASON why Greaves and all-a dem maguffies are mere figurines these days. Just musing!

    Liked by 1 person

  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @Skinner, as an avowed socialist I get it that u would be forever an advocate of free UE education … but life evolves sir.

    What happened for any of us who benefitted from that is exactly relevant but for different reasons I suggest to you.

    As you allude to many of us took that education and are now higher and better off … there are significant segments of our society who will take family trips to Disney (pre covid of course) annually: and will do many other money spending discretionary highjinks with 3 or 4 fours cars at their homes and all dat.

    It is absolutely not untenable that fees were asked for students at UWI … our society has MATURED….

    Now sir that can be means tested easily enough to ensure those who truly need the helping hand get it.

    Afterall comrade, last I checked they were several BILLIONAIRES out of communist Russia and China who own Premier League soccer teams, NBA franchises and mansions all bout de place … things never remain at a standstill do they!


  • @ David
    That’s why I said in the “ heyday” of the DLP However, . he was as recently as the Mascoll leadership issue.
    Now I am prepared to say , I might have missed something. To answer your question , I will have to say in the current scenario: No.
    You have made your point.
    You are correct my Brother .


  • @ DPD
    Ideologies apart , you are correct.. However, I found @Enuff comment to be pure BS.


  • I don’t know if Greaves was a heavyweight or not in Bajan politics but wasn’t he part of the delegation that accompanied Barrow to Britain to negotiate Barbados Independence in 1966?

    That alone should garner him some respect.


  • WS
    I seldom respond to you. Your 8:30PM post justifies this. It is clear you read whatever I post to oppose, but talking about being partisan. Get up good. #30-0


  • @Enuff,
    You are a partisan immature manchild. Can you not see the dangers of a 30 nil whitewash. The country is heading towards a dictatorship. The pressure relief valve may result in unbridled anarchy by the masses if Mia missteps. These are dangerous times and should not be underestimated by all concerned parties.


  • @TLSN

    Can you tell the blog why voters voted or behaved the way the did last Wednesday?

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  • African Online Publishing Copyright ⓒ 2021. All Rights Reserved

    ” we win, we win:

    don’t mind the intimidation and vote buying we win, we win, that is all that matters…don’t mind that everyone everywhere know and are APPALLED that we sunk that low as a tiny, broke, starving, DEPENDENT, overly indebted island, we still win”

    that’s the retrograde, backward mentality…they can never hide it….it’s the fuel that drives them….have you not seen how much confusion it causes on the blog and still….all we can do is watch as they sink further and further into infamy…

    .just be prepared to JUMP REAL FAR BACK FROM ALL THE INCOMING SPLATTER…you want none of this on you.


  • African Online Publishing Copyright ⓒ 2021. All Rights Reserved

    TLSN…what they don’t know is, they can only go THAT FAR….and NO FURTHER…

    so let them enjoy the CHARADE and delusions.


  • “Can you tell the blog why voters voted or behaved the way the did last Wednesday?”

    Perhaps it was characters like yourself who intentionally decided to take a biased stance in Barbados domestic politics.

    @African Online Publishing Copyright ⓒ 2021. All Rights Reserved

    You are describing the moral equivalent of two bald men fighting over a comb!
    A good artical today from your pal’s love child Adrian Greene


  • @TLSN

    You are free to increase the dosage of your meds.


  • The professed non partisans reek of yello shite and can see or smell it on themselves
    But can see Ted one on other

    WS comment took the cake



  • Enuff fo not worry with Mr Skinner the so called neutral dem.Take note everytime you mention one of his favoured dem he comes flying out of the blocks to defend.These dems are always hiding Look at them TLDN , Observing, Gazzerts, Baje and others who vlsim they are not members of amy party but from their postings you can immediately see which party they either favour or belong to.They got their ass kicked yet again and are struggling to come to terms with it afyer all the dirty yricks they tried including Ms Moe claiming all of a sudden that she afraid of Ms Mottley.It did not help them.Skinner implied that more or less the decision to implement fees was necessary try telling that to the many who had to drop out of university.Now they tslking about low turnout.Next they will be saying if pigs could fly.The bottom line is this the persons who voted voted for the bees 30 to 0 nothing you say will change that.Time for the dems to refocus going forward getting rid of all the persons who were around the cabinet between 2008 and 2018 in my view. I gone.


  • “What started the discussion William? Can you honestly state Phillip Greaves is perceived as a heavyweight nationally in local politics?”

    there are no permanent heavyweights

    Shabba Ranks was the Dancehall champion until Ninjaman destroyed him in Sting but that is old history and there is a new generation now

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  • We had 30-0 for 3+ years. We had a reset and 30-0 in 2022.
    What will be getting that is different from what we got in 3+ years?


  • TLSN
    The man child man enuff to sense a beating though. I repeat, the Dems sent a UWI lecturer to contest SJS even after they made students pay UWI fees. If wunna can’t grasp the essence of my comment, who really is the immature and man child? Yuh fingers gine be sore from typing anti-BLP rhetoric on BU. 30-0 in yuh craw….again.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @Enuff, I originally thought you were being your facetious persona with the remarks that “the Dems sent a UWI lecturer to contest SJS even after they made students pay UWI fees” but you have repeated it suggesting you are aiming towards your other insightful persona!

    So clarify for me: 1) Are you actually saying that (a) the constituents of SJS are heavily UWI students/parents/employees or so heavily invested in the economic and other well being of the campus that they reflected their anger at the badly implemented DLP decision onto Yearwood; and (b) if so the DLP did NOT do the granular work to understand those dynamics and thus he was unable to properly address those issues.— I listened to ZERO of his meetings so have no idea what was truly contested in that riding.

    And 2) Are you saying that your party does NOT accept the practical merits of means testing UWI tuition costs and WILL NOT reimplement any of that even when the IMF stipulates as part of conditions upcoming???

    Just trying to get past all the school boy ‘beak brek’ stuff you are engaging with @Skinner (I presume you are all from that adolescent era of then – mine too- foolishness) and dig into how serious you are.


  • Off topic here listening to in my view the dem Dr Kritina Hinds trying to interupt and sidetrack Mr Hartley Henry and Mr Peter Wickham while giving free reign to Dr Yearwood. Of course she is failing in that regard as Mr Henry is a seasoned campaigner who she cannot railroad.Poor moderating by Dr Hinds.I gone.


  • de pedantic dribbler
    At least you have the brain cells to begin to properly analyse my comment.


  • (Quote):
    … Are you saying that your party does NOT accept the practical merits of means testing UWI tuition costs and WILL NOT reimplement any of that even when the IMF stipulates as part of conditions upcoming???

    Precisely my own thoughts on Enuff’s attack against the untarnished Dr. Ronnie Y, the obvious next leader of the DLP soon to be reborn.

    Does Mr. Enuff see a rising Achilles in Ronnie and is taking aim at his heel exposed at Cave Hill?

    But we are facing up to a similarly vulnerable man called Enuff fashioning himself after the petty-minded god called Narcissus who adores looking into his own mirror and likes to take the greatest pleasure in lying to himself about his own career achievements.

    Dr. Yearwood’s career achievements are written in an open book of honesty and hard work; not through ass-licking to move up some imaginary corporate ladder.

    Hasn’t the IMF issued a ‘writ’ to the GoB regarding the urgent need to impose USER FEES in order to reduce the high level of transfers to government funded institutions; whether partially or fully financed?

    Wouldn’t there have to be a trade-off between free tuition at Cave Hill and the large number of Bajans with crippling NCD having free access to public health care?

    Don’t University-imposed fees represent a classic case of User Fees underpinned by that well-known Benefit principle in the field of Public Finance?

    Why should the IMF (as the banker of last resort) facilitate the funding of ‘free’ university education for Bajan young people when no such largesse exists in countries providing the said money to the GoB?

    Don’t be surprised if the expansion of the student loan scheme is recommended to fund the re-imposition of tuition fees at the UWI as part of the inevitable restructuring and refinancing programme earmarked for the UWI and specifically the Cave Hill Campus.

    Quo vadis the long promised University College of Barbados (UCB)!


  • I see the supposed anti-duopoly jumping up to say ‘praise’ to their messiah who is positively B->DDDLP

    All ah DEM is one don’t mind how hard DEM try to hoodwink that DEM neutral


  • It is noticeable that you’ve focused on means testing, which my comment bears no relation, but completely ignore the other conclusions arrived at by de pedantic. What would I know about government’s plans? I can only speak about what they did–restore full payment of UWI tuition. The optics of a UWI lecturer patrolling SJS to sell the DLP’s suitability for government after introducing tuition fees at UWI is bad politics. Simples. Wunna can twist and engage in verbosity and character assasination ad infinitum. Nothing new, especially when $1B project stuck in yuh craw.


  • @ Enuff January 23, 2022 4:52 PM

    Come on, girlie Enuff, have you been screwed so hard that you have even taken leave of what’s left of your manhood to fight back for all to see?

    Agree that you know nothing about “government plans”; just like you knew even less about what was contained in the May 2018 Big red bag or even its January 2022 redesigned version.

    But, at least, you ought to be aware of those serious decisions and far-reaching changes which have to made to the political economy of your now all-red dear beloved country which is indebted to lenders for more than just “$1 B” and is indeed punching above its Lilliputian weight when its comes to world ranking in the land of indebtedness and potential sovereign insolvency which not even the Chinese are interested because there are no raw materials to fuel their industrial economy.


  • I’ve noticed something on BU, which reminds me of what often occurs on the ‘call-in-programs.’

    When moderators and callers express opinions that obviously favour the BLP, people deem them to be BIASED. But, words such as FAIR and BALANCED are used to describe the views of those moderators and callers that are sympathetic to the DLP.

    Likewise, here on BU, while the usual suspects admonish John 2, Lorenzo and Enuff’s for their pro BLP comments and remind them of their bias toward that political party……

    …….. they PURPOSELY IGNORE angela cox’s DLP biased comments, which are often questionable, untruthful or ‘bull shit,’ because she usually MISREPRESENTS the TRUTH, while RELYING on ‘hear say’ and unsubstantiated information to criticize the BEES and support the DEMS…….

    Instead she is told ‘you go girl.’

    The results of recent election has exposed certain self-proclaimed ‘neutral’ individuals and the side to which they REALLY lean, especially those who are still presenting several ‘if, but, could have, should have scenarios to ‘scratch around’ for votes and take it upon themselves to tell others they lean to one side.


  • Artax I noticed that one of your favorite characteristics is to start mayhem
    Recently.u said that BU is boring but for what ever reason you seem to have an addiction of wanting to control
    Hence if u leave u relinquish that control


  • Artax spot on as one used to say.Enuff, john 2 tron and myself are known supporters of the Blp but you have so called neutrals on here like Observing, Skinner, Gazzerts, TLSN, Baje and a few others that claim they do not support either party but from tjeir posting you can clearly see who their support.That is their right but i do not know why they are hiding makes no sense.The call in programme moderators the same thing Dr kristina Hinds and mr Walter Blackman are clearly biased towards the dems in my view.The bottom line as i have is the dems have now lost twice 30 to 0.This tells me that bajans in general have zero confidence in the dems to lead Barbados anywhere anytime soon.Let that sink in.I yhink that is what has these dems so angry and looking for all kind of excuses and rambling about talking about turn out etc.The people has clearly spoken get over it.I gone.


  • Freundel ‘unmoved’

    Stories by RACHELLE AGARD

    FORMER PRIME MINISTER FREUNDEL STUART is adamant he will not be swayed by detractors or take on criticism of his actions.
    That was his response yesterday when asked about some stinging criticism from Stephen Lashley, one of his former ministers in the last Democratic Labour Party (DLP) administration.
    During the just concluded General Election campaign, Stuart appeared on a political platform in support of the DLP candidate for St Michael South, attorney Kevin Miller. It was the first time he had made such an appearance after losing 30-0 to the Barbados Labour Party in 2018.
    However, Stuart’s declaration that the ten years his party ran the Government from 2008 to 2018 were “glorious” became a bone of contention for many Barbadians.
    Stuart, a former Member of Parliament for St Michael South, said Barbados was worse off than it was three and a half years ago and that he would be making no excuse for his stewardship.
    In a letter in last Friday’s DAILY NATION, Lashley said the DLP needed to carefully choose who spoke on its behalf and took a swipe at Stuart.
    “Sadly, some whose days have long passed should never be speaking on behalf of the DLP. It was also an enormous mistake for Freundel Stuart to be allowed to take to the platform and speak at a political meeting. I’m of the view that Stuart’s comments railroaded the DLP’s campaign and ignited persons who were not quite keen on voting to make that dash to the polls,” he noted.
    Stuart said yesterday he would not respond to such criticisms as they were merely opinions.
    “I was chairman of the Cabinet of Barbados for just shy of eight years and I accept that there are people who have strong feelings for me; there are those who have strong feelings against me. The one thing you will not find me doing is commenting on anything at all that I think would conduce to the lowering in the public estimation of the Democratic Labour Party,” he said.
    “People are entitled to express their opinions with let or hindrance. I do not worry about those things . . . . I am accustomed to that and it really does not matter,” Stuart said.

    Source: Nation


  • angela cox January 23, 2022 6:47 PM

    Was what I mentioned the TRUTH?

    There wasn’t any other person who caused more mayhem on BU, by constantly insulting the blogmaster and likening contributors who disagreed with him, to dogs, pigs, wild beasts and predators….

    ….. and had “an addiction of wanting to control” what issues should be discussed, the manner in which they should be discussed, the type of English language to use and how David should conduct himself and the blog, more so than your mate, ‘the brilliant journalist.’

    Rather than condemn his behaviour, you CONDONED and ENDORSED it.

    But, eventually he left and “relinquished that control.”

    And, there is enough evidence in this forum’s archives that would clearly indicate similar criticisms could be likewise leveled at YOU and a few others present.

    A few weeks ago, after accusing the blogmaster of distracting from ‘government’ because you could not CONTROL what issues he posted for discussion, you ran off from BU to some other forum, where you claimed you were bowling like Ambrose and knocking over BLP foot soldiers stumps.

    And, you’ve returned.

    I suggest you reinforce your glass house before throwing stones.


  • @Artax

    Ac isn’t the sole guilty party but not to worry, it is water of a blogmaster’s back. Let stay the course by focusing on the issues. The blogmaster promises to be less tolerant in 2022.


  • Milluh
    Once again I have catspraddled you with an uppercut🥊. Are you a masochist? The final blowout is yet to come though, tek it light. When cornered you resort to verbosity, but verbose ramblings do not equate to thoughtful, ask Freundel.


  • @ Lorenzo January 23, 2022 7:14 PM
    Artax spot on as one used to say.Enuff, john 2 tron and myself are known supporters of the Blp but you have so called neutrals on here like Observing, Skinner, Gazzerts, TLSN, Baje and a few others that claim they do not support either party but from tjeir posting you can clearly see who their support.

    Ok Mr Black or White, we all know how Ms “ac” stands but what about Miss Cuddear Bajan or even the Ma(d)dame Donna to make you really ‘totally’ partisan and genuinely non-sexist?

    What, though, is quite clear is that you have totally misunderstood the ‘hidden’ role and, hence, have ‘misclassified’ our beloved court jester the supremely satirical ass-licking Tron all bedecked in a bloody-red costume.

    It is Tron who both selects the all-red wardrobe and dons the costume on your naked Virgin Empress and, like Lady Godiva, will soon be performing the act outlined in the Sinckler-edited double-dealing play.

    Tron is clearly not what you want him to be for he is, ironically, both a Brutus and a Cassius all in one while rivalling Orwell on his “Animal Farm”.


  • @ Miller
    Don’t you get it ? The only balanced people on this blog are those who apparently have anti-DLP or Pro-BLP opinions. Once you don’t accept that, they try to drag you into their BS. They are a bunch of hypocrites. In the minds of these clowns, once you don’t declare you are a Bee or a Dee, they are pissed off. I have no interest in picking sides but I will say this: @Enuff, is one of the most intellectually dishonest persons on this blog. He is actually the very worst defender of the Barbados Labour Party.
    I hope they all burn in the political hell.


  • @William

    Why not make your points and move on? You are commenting in a public space and it means criticism is par. Is there anyone who attracts more criticism than the blogmaster?

    Grow a pair man!


  • @ David
    Is this an attempt at censor ? Let me know. Peace.


  • William

    To me it sound like u are looking in the mirror and thinking you are speaking to/of the enuff look back at you .

    Enuff has right to be as political bias as mariposa, tlsn, TheO or as political “netural” as you pretend to be.

    Its her damn choice to spew he bias Bs as it is your to spew your neutral/ duopoly BS

    Is the 30-o corncob bulling you that much ?


  • @ John2
    Correct , Sir! And you too are entitled to your views.


  • @ Enuff January 24, 2022 8:12 AM
    “Once again I have catspraddled you with an uppercut🥊. Are you a masochist? The final blowout is yet to come though, tek it light. When cornered you resort to verbosity, but verbose ramblings do not equate to thoughtful, ask Freundel.”

    So why would you want to bury a man who, unlike you, doesn’t rely on any crumbs from any political table?

    It’s comforting to know that one’s financial navel string is buried in a more salubrious clime and not subject to the whims and fancies of an IMF-controlled puppet.

    You lost all credibility when you made the cardinal mistake of lying, consistently, about yourself to yourself.

    Why not let us have that “final blowout” in the foyer of the Hyatt Hotel which has been under construction since May 2020 and due for its official opening in 2022?

    It can be billed as the Big Showdown between the King of Verbosity and “Enuff” wearing the crown of Queen Liar.

    We are surprised at your incurable addiction to read and swallow the very ‘same’ verbosity which seems to be the elixir for your intellectual improvement.

    Please don’t get too constipated and end up with a massively swollen head.

    You might not be able to swallow what’s on the table in the coming months.


  • @ Miller January 24, 2022 8:32 AM

    My Nibelung loyalty to the Supreme Leader is unbreakable.

    Whatever that means …


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