13 thoughts on “Barbados Aggressively Promoting Sports Tourism In Europe

  1. Nicely done promo ad. But what really makes Barbados stand out from other destinations? Others can offer the same and more for less. How can we overcome that?

  2. islandgal246 “others can offer more for less”.

    You should ask the repeat visitors.

    The reality is that Barbados may be terrible for you bloggers who live there but it is a great place to vacation.

    Barbados is not as “bad” as some of you suggest. I have friends who went to nassau for a week and loved it. Cost the two of them $5000 Cad all inclusive.

    Guess where they are going later this year?

    • Hants has a point.

      Bajans take for granted the stable social and political scene supported by reasonable infrastructure for a 2×3 island.

  3. And clean water.
    And food handlers who understand and practice cleanliness.
    And hotel staff who are ALL immunized against the major infectious illnesses (although I think the Ministry of Health should add chicken pox vaccine to the formulary)
    And no tuberculosis.
    And no children begging in the streets or airports or around the hotels.
    And policemen and women who mostly decent people.
    And Bajans who are mostly helpful and decent.
    And a place where everybody speaks English (ok except maybe Latin speaking Waldo)
    And no religious conflict. You worship God your way and I worship him my way, or like island gal not worship at al, and all o’ we cool wid’ dis

  4. Al Gilkes threatening to sue.
    Sue who?

    As I see it, he has two choices, God or the devil. Or, here’s a thought, maybe he could sue the devil for causing the rain and the flooding (which lead to the postponement of the concert) while simultaneously suing God for not intervening and allowing the devil free reign to work his maliciousness on the reggae loving people of Bim and Al’s pocketbook.

  5. He maybe a little upset the emergency people called it off given that there was a storm watch on. It is all about money isn’t it?

  6. Minister Sealy Keep On Keeping On you are a breath of fresh clean air a real change since the removal of the lazy arrogant idiot Lynch.

    This is what is needed now in these difficult times someone who can think with sense and reason, not one looking to pay for his plantation house with Carnival Cruise Lines hand outs and kick backs and Taxpayers monies.

  7. to the minister of tourism. so what have became of the barbados tourism club, was that organisation doin a great job……………

  8. Surely Al Gilkes et al could have taken Pluvius insurance to be compensated if the event was canceled because of the weather. If he did not, he should be blaming his advisors for this failure. This is not the first event he has promoted.

  9. David wrote, “It is all about money isn’t it?”

    Yes it is but I hope the BU family living in Barbados will respond to reports from the DEM and the Met office.

    Flooding will be an increasingly dangerous event in Barbados because of the concrete and tar covering what used to be cane fields.

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