Minister Ronald Jones Sagging Under The Weight Of Two Hats – What Human Development Strategy What!?!

Minister of Education and Human Resource, Ronald Jones

… AND WHEREAS this Human Resource Development strategy is aimed at empowering citizens to actively contribute to sustainable growth and development in a dynamic, global and competitive economy’…

Human Resource Development Strategy 2011-2016

We live in what is described as an increasingly global competitive economy which makes a tiny country like Barbados – with scare natural resources – very vulnerable to what economists delight in describing as exogenous shocks. To maintain our standard of living which strives on consumption expenditure, there is consensus we will have to rely on services for the foreseeable future; until Barbados is able to discover black gold or other eureka finds to reduce reliance on tourism and international business.

Singapore is held up as the model for service-based economies. The efficiency of its civil and private sectors along with the ancillary services is a key attribute to the competitive advantage Singapore has built over time. We must be honest and recognize that the discipline which exist for Singapore to achieve what it has is derived from a command and control approach operating in a ‘dictatorship-like’ system. If Barbados is to be able to compete draconian changes will be required both in the public and private sectors to improve efficiencies.

Barbados has made the financial sacrifice in the post-Independence period to educate its people from primary to tertiary at taxpayers expense. The strategy worked for us when we operated in a world of quotas, preferential agreements and excess capital from G7 countries searching for offshore tax havens to invest.

What a difference a decade makes!

If Barbados is to raise its game we must embrace a culture which has as part of its ethos a system of meritocracy. It seems the private sector understands the benefit of implementing a performance management system which has as its objective taking care of its employees while thriving to maximize productivity; a work in progress one must admit. Then there is the public sector which accounts for 30+% of government’s expenditure where there is no discernible performance management based approach to managing the civil service. It was interesting to observe the war of words in the media last week between the QEH management and BAMP about the need to implement a performance system in 2011.

Perhaps what epitomizes the challenge we face in Barbados to improve national productivity is aptly demonstrated by the results of the Barbados football team between 2008 and the present. It is no coincidence this period has been selected. From 2008 under the reign of Minister if Education and Human Resources Ronald Jones the football team has slipped in the FIFA rankings 25 places; from 122 to 147. Minister Jones under pressure in some quarters for holding on to the Presidency of the Barbados Football Association given his weighty ministry, has been given a good reason why he needs to resign. The fact the minister won re-election for four years during the slide in FIFA rankings speaks to the disregard Barbadians seem to have for performance.

The greatest irony of all is that Minister Jones is the person responsible for developing the human capital of Barbados. His refusal to resign as head of the Barbados Football Association is endemic of the culture of under productivity which pervades our island.  Jones and his government are clearly not practicing what they are preaching.

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  1. I heard that there are demons everywhere in football and education. Can you all guess who is the biggest DEMON around town?

  2. I have been as harsh a critic as any about Jones retaining the Presidency of BFA while a Minister of Gov’t, but pray tell, what does the ranking of a Football team mean in the context of the article?

    And why since 2008? What was magical about 2008? Was it the year of the Black Belly Sheep? The year of Juicy Cane? The year of the Mongoose? The year of the Green Monkey? The year of the Centipede? The year of the Flying Fish?

    I think I got it, it was the year the DLP was elected to Gov’t.

    • @Sarge and Spratt

      Do you appreciate that Jones as head of the BFA has responsibility for the developments of football in Barbados?

      If under his stewardship the national team is heading the wrong way in FIFA rankings who do you think should be blamed?

      Joel Garner who is the head of the BCA perhaps?

  3. “The lack of ability of Barbadian footballers cannot be blamed on Jones, as pathetic as he may be.”

    True but the blame game is on so he is getting blamed for things he did and for things he didn’t do. Jack Warner had to be forced out of FIFA for him to resign his position in Trinidad while holding a government position. Jones obviously can’t see his position as conflict of interest. Unless he is told to choose which hat he wants to wear he will continue to serve two masters.

  4. David, do you really believe that Barbados’ football can go anywhere but down? If Sir Alec Ferguson were in charge, I doubt we would be any higher. Much like our athletics. Should those in charge of that not resign too?

    • @spratt

      The simple answer is yes. There is no reason why a minister should be president of the BFA for 13 years and there is no forward progress.

      Barbados use to whip Guyana and you know what happened last week.

    • Anyway it looks like Mia Mottley plan to upstage Jones with this football thing:

      Rosemary Parkinson
      PLEASE REPOST: Great football gine on at The Stadium tomorrow…players vying for big money so you know it gine be hot! Opening ceremony is 5 p.m. and match begins at 6. Tickets at the door $10 & $20. A full evening of entertainment for little money…the excitement is who gine win the ultimate prize of BDS$100,000. Wish I could play football…but wait… I can!…Mia Mottley wey de women’s competition? I gine to de Stadium with a banner hear?

  5. Have to cosign with you David on correlation of football’s decline with Jones tenure. Never was local footbal in such a sad weak state. Bdos is not a sure bet to beat any team in the region nowadays including Anguilla and Monsterrat things are that bad. Jones a football neophyte having never kicked an empty sardine can in his life is out of his depth. He may have political leadership skills but is unable to tranfer them to footie. He’s surrounded himself with a small circle of pimps and lackeys in footie admin and management they dont have a vision or clue how to put footie on the pathway to progress. They more interested in their egos and their pockets. Guyana was Bdos’ whipping boy for years now we cant come close to them at home or abroad. Jones should go though if the pimps around him stay we will continue to spin top in mud. Mia’s boldface political move to organize footie competition is to outflank Owen but national good may come of it if it throws up a few good people with leadership skills, a vision for the sport and confident enough to take on Jones and throw out the pimps in his admin. Jones isnt doing a bad job as Min of Ed on the other hand his football stint is woeful.

  6. For as long as I can remember the B F A has been a haven of cronyism,like most institutions in Barbados. No is the answer to the question should super human Jones be at its helm. However his removal from the helm would have zero impact on performance,for there are multiple problems that plague the B F A. Governmental lip-service for one would be a good place to start.We never took the sport seriously yet we expect good results. Superman Jones has a full plate and should think about where his attention is needed most,and at this critical juncture it sure aint on football.

  7. Football is the most popular sport in the world and potentially is a vehicle which can be used to bring economic success to our youth. Unlike cricket many more stand to benefit. If Minister Jones is serious he should be able to recognize the drag being caused by wearing both hats. In fact a lot of the blame should be shared with the Prime Minister.

  8. Can anyone shed any light on the truth or otherwise behind the rumour that BFA has not produced any financial accounts for years. The suspicion is that money given to Barbados by FIFA does not actually make it into the game.

  9. Another question for the entrenched BFA President and Minister of Education and Human Resources:

    Despite several strategic documents prepared over the years not one seems to have made it to the glare of the BFA AG and the public? Why is it the BFA is run like a personal play thing of the President and inner ring?

  10. On today’s VoB talk show the topic is -What’s up with sports in Barbados?

    What we will not get on the agenda is the lack of transparency and leadership which inflict all sporting agencies in Barbados.

  11. The presdent of BFA has outlived his usefulness and should step down and let somebody else run the show or the clubs should vote him out. It is time for a change, he is wearing too many hats.

    Barbados sports are in the doldrum, football, netball, athletics,bodybuilding, hockey and even our dominance in volley ball has gone. The Minister responsible for sports needs to have a blue print for the development of sports ans sprots tourism. There need to be trained leadership at NSC who has a vision for sports.

    THE oecs countries are producing world class athletes and we are producing pretensious athelethes.

  12. @Whitehill

    The author of the post could have made his point without the extraneous issue of Football, having brought Football into the mix it invites opinions about the subject. That is one of the issues that I have with some of the pieces on BU, instead of addressing a single topic, contributors think there is a need to bring up everything about the piece (TMB I’m looking at you) and the whole point is lost.

  13. Barbados’ World Cup fortunes look bleak


    THE performance of the Barbados National Senior Football team against Trinidad and Tobago recently can only be described as pathetic as they went down 2-0.

    With so much to play for and with the fans hoping for at least a competitive game, whether there would be a win or loss, it was not to be a lopsided affair.

    Coming off the recent 2-0 defeat by Guyana, the Trinidad match would have been seen as an almost must-win situation.

    It is highly impossible to lose your first two matches and expect to qualify from the group,

    It is amazing to hear from the BFA officials about their inability to get overseas-based players to come in before these engagements.

    Early preparation and planning seem not to have been undertaken and those players who played in the first two matches did not bring anything to the national team.

    Frank Gill, Terry Sealy and Coach Colin Forde must be answerable for some strange decisions regarding the final selection of the two teams that played against Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago.

    CG at Barbados Advocate addSherlock Yarde to list of Frank Gill, Sealy.

  14. @Sargeant

    It is disappointing that the lack of concern by Barbadians which ignore the need for leaders to produce at the national and in this case club level as epitomized by Jones cannot be seen by you.

  15. This could be a start to getting the players to perform when they make the national team.

    A NEW chapter will open in Barbados’ football history when the richest ever local tournament with $250 000 in prize money kicks off tonight at the National Stadium.

    Mama Mia!

  16. The B C A has gone full circle and the time is here when they (and they know who they are) have got to admit that TABACCO had the right approach,but his tenure died all because of the aforementioned cronyism. I wonder if that institution is still the piggy bank of THE CHOSEN FEW. Cuss me all ya want, but ya know dat I aint lying.

  17. The BFA is given quite a tidy sum of money by FIFA to develop football in Barbados annually, what is the BFA doing with that money? As head of the association Mr Jones is accountable. I also understand that FIFA has given sum money to the construction of an new football stadium, if this is true, where has that money gone?

  18. No more sweets will be coming to the Caribbean football with Jack Warner out and Sepp Blatter not depending on them to vote for him because this maybe his last session as president.
    Barbados football has been on the decline for years. Just name one player who can join a professional club in Europe.
    They do not train hard or do they have the mental toughness required of international sportsmen.
    Football is a liming spot for spectators who go and all you see are clouds of marijuana smoke floating in the air.
    Mia and her associates barely wasting money. The standard will be poor compare to what happens in the other territories where football is played. Last night on television a player said it was time enough the players get paid. Paid for doing what, kicking the ball outside every two minutes.

    • @Clone

      Mia might have some grandiose idea that there is a Maradona in the rough waiting to be discovered but she understands that football, poor quality not withstanding, is a popular sport; Ronald Jones does too.

      Mia is your consummate politician.

  19. @David

    It is disappointing that the lack of concern by Barbadians which ignore the need for leaders to produce at the national and in this case club level as epitomized by Jones cannot be seen by you.
    Does the word “realist” exist in your dictionary? In your honest opinion do you have World Cup ambitions for Barbados?
    I’ll await your response before I continue further.

    • @Sargeant

      Football is the type of sport which can satisfy the economic needs of hundreds of girls and boys given the professional and semi-professional leagues scattered across the globe.

      This is the difference between cricket and football.

  20. @David

    OK I get where you are coming from, you see Barbados as a feeder country for the professional and semi professional football leagues across the Globe.

    Unfortunately that is the same attitude many African Americans have for their sons in relation to basketball, they think that if their sons can bounce a basketball they will be playing in the NBA.

    However, your wish though far fetched may be possible but do you understand who those Bajan boys and girls ( not sure about women’s leagues) are competing against?. First of all those leagues are likely to employ home grown talent and unless one is exceptionally talented they won’t get the opportunity, plus they are likely to be competing against every young player with the same ambition who ever laced up a cleat.

    A nation the size of Barbados was fortunate to produce exceptionally talented cricketers but the rest of the Caribbean have caught up with us and lightning is unlikely to strike in the same place twice. So while one or two locals may reach the lower tiers of the professional soccer leagues I won’t hold my breath expecting them to crack the upper levels of the Premier leagues.

    It has nothing to do with who is leading the BFA, Barbados simply does not have the resources i.e. money, venues, coaches and most important a large pool of talented players.

    • A person can hold your position about anything and therefore do nothing.

      How do you explain a country the size of Barbados being able to supply the world with so many cricketers?

  21. “How do you explain a country the size of Barbados being able to supply the world with so many cricketers?”
    In them days no TV or internet.
    The chance of county cricket was an achievable goal for the talents on the block,
    Now unfortunately there seems only one chance left for economic promotion.

  22. The fair minded do support a case for Jones giving up, his BFA shelf life reach.
    Some of the current reasons are the embarassment of a string of pathetic defeats of the national team and the Jac Warner scandal( do we know yet if bfa officials took $40,000 bribe money?)
    Word is English premiership players Emmerson Boyce and more professionals were available for Barbados but never arrived because of incompetent planning and the refusal to bring them by the team management.

  23. Barbadian sportsmen do not have the mental toughness, the correct attidude or motivation to do succeed. In fact, their performance is a reflection is what happening in society among most of the males. Most barbadain men seem to go through life with out a purpose. Their emphais is either ho much drug they can smoke or push, how many persons they can lay and inpregnate, or what transactional encounters they can initiate.

    They are net even succeeding academically, look who is securing most of the scholarships, what percentage of the uwi intake is men.

    With such defeatist attitude, do you expect them to succeed regionally or internationaly in any sport. I dont. We have been sending athletes overseas for years and how much of them have excellled internationally, very few. The men are not hungry to succeed and they are falling by the way side. Some research needs to be underteaen as to why this is happening.

    Mothers are not insisting that their young men participate in activities, like the scout movement, the church lad brigade or even attend churh. As a young person i had to do so, and no member of my immdeaite family dare refuse to attend chuch until he or she was eighteen.

    These same men refuse to work, breed the young girls and their mothers encourage them in their actions by supporting them and feeding them while they stay on the block smoking and or liming.

    Barbadian professional women might soon have to start looking outside their race or the country to find partners they can converse with inteliigently and procreate.

    They are being outnumbered in every profession by the ratio of atlest 3 to 1, they are a rarity in the teaching profession. Do they have anything to aim for if they are very few models for them. They performance is a reflection of what is happening in society among the male specie. Is this specie an endangered one in the work place?

  24. We understand Minister Jones is to be congratulated for rolling out two additional six forms, Foundation and St. Michaels. Now we can manufacture more paper trophies for the job market at an even faster rate..

  25. @David

    Hpefully graduates from those schools will delay their entry into the workforce by going on to unversity.

    How about that?

  26. obediant cant agree with you more:

    {We have been sending athletes overseas for years and how much of them have excellled internationally, very few.}

    I always wonder where the dozens of track and field and football youth who ‘obtain’ scholarshps to USA disappear to because you seldom ever hear from them again. The likes of mout giants Jerston Clake and Jack Bovell bump their gums about how many scholarshps they arrange the photos appear in the media the youth fly off to USA and vanish without trace.

  27. @ obediant | September 13, 2011 at 1:10 PM |
    “Barbadian professional women might soon have to start looking outside their race or the country to find partners they can converse with intelligently and procreate.”

    What you have said about black men is nothing new or unique to Barbados.

    Your assessment can be replicated right across the Black Diaspora especially in the US and UK.
    It sounds as if you are marching to the drum beaten by Robert Mugabe in his similar assessment of Jamaican men.

    If Barbadian professional women want partners whom you deem to be compatible then they can import some from China. There is a surplus of over 17 million young men (as a result of China’s previous one-child policy that favoured baby boys) looking for wives. Many of these men have university degrees and what you would call “good job prospects”.
    We import at least 90 % of our domestic goods and appliances from China so there would be no major trade barriers to impede the importation of Chinese sperm and conversation dummies. The long and short of this proposal though is that Barbadian professional women have seen a certain size to use as a standard to make comparison with other ‘outside’ men and for sure the Chinese will come up woefully short in this department. Maybe dildos made in China can be used as imported substitutes for the shortfall of the non-black men.

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