Can Humans be so Bold?

Submitted by Steven Kaszab

Whether digital fake or the real thing, the though certainly counts. How many people did you help out yesterday? The day before? When was the last time you donated to a local charity helping those neighbors in need? Do you know of a family member or friend in need, whether it be financial, mental issues or just needing a few moments of your time to listen to them.

This is possibly the most difficult time of the year, in that personal, business and professional demands are upon you. Service to your community, church, neighborhood or a person you know is in need is the last thing you may be thinking about. It’s all about family, gifts, lost chances for celebratory gatherings during this pandemic winter. 

Please remember why half the world celebrates this season, a season of giving and receiving. I seem to give more than I receive but the love and care I receive through out the year energizes and motivates me to do good. We are told a legend of the Birth of a Christ Child. God becoming human. Why does it always have to be about humans and the divine? Perhaps we can look at it differently, that “Humanity is Divine”. 

Not a difficult concept. Ever pray for something most important to you, while in a situation of importance or for the benefit of another whom you love and care for? Are prayers ever answered? Well if you look at this concept, where we are in fact divine, then you can realize that you have the power of a god. You can create and destroy life, you can let the poor remain in their horrible life situation or you can change their lives by helping them. You can stretch out your hand in friendship to those who live in fear, are confused and in need.

I have been in many life and death situations, and while I did pray at times, it was my humanity that saved me, and those around me. Perhaps we need that little added incentive to believe whole heartedly that our god is with us, on our side guiding us. Perhaps we can hear that quiet voice telling us to help ourselves when the chips are down. 

Christmas is my favorite celebration. It is the image of Mother holding a Child that inspires within me the true meaning of love. Love is what it is all about folks. The power to share this emotion, this internal spring of giving will transform you, even if it is for a season.

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for a Better New Year

15 thoughts on “Can Humans be so Bold?

  1. So the last shall be first, and the first last: for many be called, but few chosen.

    The usual meaning given to this verse is that the rich and powerful will have more difficulty in getting into Heaven than the poor and the meek (the humble).

    Or, perhaps it means that you will discover wisdom of the meaning of Universe, God and Life last / when you pass / late in life / when the time is right

    Eastern religions and spiritual practice view Jesus as a prophet but their religion has many prophets who have many disciples.
    Jesus’ thinking was the same as these religions, such as Ahimsa non-violence, and God can manifest in Man.
    Seems like the Biblical manufacturers left out the key elements of Jesus’ wisdom in the way to find God within.

    Paramahansa Yogananda was an Indian Hindu monk, yogi and guru who introduced millions to the teachings of meditation and Kriya Yoga

    God is Eternal Bliss. His being is love, wisdom, and joy. He is both impersonal and personal, and manifests Himself in whatever way He pleases.
    When you become united with God, all your faults will leave you. Meditation is the only thing that will really change you. The only way to destroy weakness is to contact God. When you make up your mind that the only thing you want is God, and pursue that idea with determination, then you will find Him.


    [2] Hong Sau Meditation Technique Explained for Beginners

    Excerpts from the writings of Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda

  2. Daily Dosage
    Remedy for Spiritual Health and Wellbeing
    Do 1 and 2 above followed by 3 below
    Twice a day in the Morning and Evening
    Every Day

    Aum Meditation – Centre yourself with a short meditation focusing on Aum

  3. Brother From Another Planet

    How can you just leave me standing Alone in a world that’s so cold? (So cold) Maybe I’m just too demanding Maybe I’m just like my father, too bold Maybe you’re just like my mother She’s never satisfied (she’s never satisfied) Why do we scream at each other? This is what it sounds like When doves cry

  4. Yes. We are that bold and bolder. We as Barbadians are among the kindest and caring people in the world. I hope we do not carry this negativity about ourselves into 2022. Those on the blogs are not a random sample of the population. They therefore cannot and do not reflect our National Psyche.

  5. Merry Xmas Winter Solstice Hanukkah Kwanza to all the Antique Blacks of BU
    Let’s all look forward to the next wave new wave of younger ones with fresher minds to join and take over the future.

  6. angela cox December 24, 2021 4:25 PM

    Thanks BU for giving me wings to fly.

    angela cox, you mean thanks DLP fuh giving you DEM wings to fly, cause you is uh YARD-FOWL.

    If uh could only get de other RA idiot to fly away.

  7. 傳播 Transmission:

    the action or process of transmitting something, or the state of being transmitted.
    ‘the transmission of the virus’

    transmission applies to many things
    the above the line post on a BU thread
    the below the line comments made by general public
    the music you play and songs you sing
    the vibrational energy you send out to others

    Vibrational energy experts claim that certain emotions and thought patterns, such as joy, peace, and acceptance, create high frequency vibrations, while other feelings and mindsets (such as anger, despair, and fear) vibrate at a lower rate.

    HER 他 Transmission:



    傳播, 蔓延, 擴散, 擴展, 流傳, 散佈


    傳播, 宣傳, 散佈, 發放, 普及, 傳佈


    傳播, 宣傳, 宣揚, 傳佈, 孳, 繁



    傳播, 孳, 廣傳

  8. Why can’t this Christmas feeling go on?

    One of Barbados’ greatest lyrical philosophers, the calypsonian
    Bumba, asks the very pertinent question, “Why can’t this feeling, this Christmas feeling, go on?”
    That feeling of family, joy, peace and goodwill that is in the atmosphere this time of year. In order to get close to the answer, it might help to understand why Christmas has lasted as long as it has in the first place. The people who built and build Christmas infrastructure have power and an understanding of culture and marketing. They also had and have political and financial interests in Christmas and the Christmas feeling.
    For around 2 000 years or so
    Christmas has been a major event on the Christian calendar. But, for centuries before the Christian era, that period of winter, around the winter solstice, has been an important or celebrated time of the year for a number of non-Christian peoples.
    Yuletide is another name for Christmas. However, Yule is the name of a celebration of the Norse people of Scandinavia. Yule began around December 21 at the time of the winter solstice. The winter solstice is the day with the shortest period of daylight and longest period of darkness of the year. It is also the day when the sun appears to be at its lowest level in the sky. The Yule festival lasted for 12 days and it was believed that during that time the Norse god Odin would fly through the air on a magical horse attached to a sleigh, looking for naughty people to punish and nice people to reward.
    There were other celebrations in other parts of Europe around this time of year. In ancient Rome there was Saturnalia, dedicated to the god Saturn, which featured lots of food, drink and revelry. There was also the Juvenalia feast, honouring children.
    The birth of the god Mithra was also celebrated on December 25. Some historians believe that despite not having a true date for the birth of Jesus, the early church chose this period in an attempt to ease the transition to Christianity for pagan converts. The Holy Roman Empire conquered the bodies and lands of the rest of Europe by the sword, but the conquest was not complete until they conquered the culture by making Christianity an easier sell.
    When the Puritans came to power in England in the 17th century, with their solemn and stoic version of Christianity, they brought the jolly festivities to an end by banning Christmas. It was not until the 19th century that the festival had a rebirth. It was popularised by the work of artists like the novelist
    Charles Dickens and his book A Christmas Carol. The poem that begins, “Twas the night before
    Christmas,” was written in this era.
    Also in this era, the Catholic saint, Saint Nicholas, was first depicted as a jolly, old, fat, man with a white beard, by a political cartoonist.
    The popularity of Christmas was cemented by the arts of writing and illustration, propelling a shift in culture. At the end of the United States civil war, the US Congress made Christmas the nation’s first federal holiday.
    We see the church, the state and the arts coming together to build Christmas. But it was when business entered the Christmas arena it really took off. In 1890, a Massachusetts store owner decided to dress up as Santa Claus and greet children coming to his store and the idea spread. By the early 20th century Coca Cola was using images of Santa Claus in their advertising images all over America.
    That Christmas feeling was cultivated over centuries from pagan and Christian religion, European and American political action, by the work of artists and through commercialisation by big business.
    So why can’t we have that feeling for longer? Maybe we could, not necessarily Christmas, but that feeling of family, joy, peace and goodwill. But it would take a better understanding of, and more firm commitment to the arts and culture, beyond political and financial interests.

    Adrian Green is a communications specialist. Email: Adriangreen14

    Source: Nation

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