Vacation In Barbados Turns Simon Cowell To Mush

Simon Cowell

X Factor’s Mr Nasty, Simon Cowell, has revealed that he will leave most of his fortune to charity when he dies.The 48-year-old has shown a surprisingly soft side by telling the press that he wants to leave £90 million to children’s charities and animal welfare charities in his will. Mr Cowell is thought to have earned around £100million for his infamously harsh criticism of wannabe popstars as a judge on hit TV show The X Factor. He revealed to the Sun that he began mulling over how best to use his money after talking with his mother Julie when they were on holiday in Barbados over Christmas. Mr Cowell was quoted in the newspaper as saying: “Mum asked, ”Have you ever made a will?” I said, ”Thanks a lot!”. But it got me thinking.”

When asked whether his family or girlfriend Terri Seymour might be put out that he was thinking of giving his money to charity instead of leaving it to them when he is no longer around, he said: “Hopefully I’ll be a lot older when it happens, so it won’t affect them much!” Although Mr Cowell is known as Mr Nasty, it is not the first time he has shown his charitable side. He donated £10,000 to set up a dog sanctuary in Barbados and has promoted charity work on TV.

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First it was Warren Buffet, and now we have to add Simon Cowell to the list of people who should go to the top of the class. If he means what he decided on a beautiful Barbados vacation in December just past, then we promise to change our opinion of him.

How the hell does one give away 90 million pounds?

15 thoughts on “Vacation In Barbados Turns Simon Cowell To Mush

  1. Adrian, don’t say that!! De man lives here!!!! 🙂

    He’s been very clever to interest a lot of people in watching shows which, if we had n’t seen, I don’t think we’d consider we’d missed a great deal!

    Anyhow, he’s done it and I feel a slight degree of envy that it was n’t I who’d thought of those shows!

    Anyhow, I’ll try not to be too, jealous and wish him all the best and that he’ll remember Bim, the country he’s come to regard as his second home and where, I’m sure, he’s been very hapyy!

    Anyway, don’t expect it’ll be for a very, long time! In the meantime, continue to enjoy Bim, Simon!!!!

  2. Wuh Bimbro, I aint trying to take anything from Simon, and i too envy him for not having to worry about economic cycles and whether he can afford his mortgage next month. Believe me if i had the will, knowledge, and risk tolerence to start and as a result accumulated what he has, I would too. I don’t blame him for the truth that a fool and his money are soon parted. In all the question is still a valid one, no matter who it fits too, what has he done to amass 90 million pounds?

  3. You mean the rich get wealthy by peddling such twaddle to simple minded folk.

    Is it really that easy, Mr Murdoch.

  4. I’m flattered that you shoud call me Mr Murdoch, Anonymous. I only wish that I were. There’d be a few changes made!

    Apparently, it is so easy! As you see, Simon’s done it!!!!

  5. Bimbo,
    That was a rhetotical question to the proprietor of News International, in case you didn’t grasp it as such.

    It certainly was not flattery, I would be lost for words to attempt to flatter you.

    Why don’t you return to your beloved Bim and help maintain your image of an idyllic island ?

    I don’t know how your racist views would go down, but it may be more worthwhile than throwing rocks from England, surrounded as you say by your hateful Indian and Jamaican neighbours.

  6. ok, Anonymous. I guess it would be too, much to hope for flattery. Flattering me should be quite, easy! I’m always, amenable!

    Returning might be a possibility, but what u consider ‘my racist views’ might be the bout of realism which the country needs!!!!

    When you’re ready for a new, PM, please let me know!!!! In the meantime, let’s give Thompy a chance!!!

    Way Adrian, gone!!!! 🙂

  7. Anonymous // January 27, 2008 at 3:33 pm

    Lighten up and join the BNP ( Diaspora Wing ).

    Oddly you seem to share their political views.


    Ha, a touch of what they have to say might n’t be such a bad, idea!!!!

    BTW, how DO you reconcile silencing one group in a supposed, democracy???? i.e. the BNP?!!!!

  8. I watch American Idea once, and it was because i was at the local YMCA on an elyptical and had forgotten my MP3 player with 45 min. of LIL RICK music. LiL RICK music is the best music to “spin” with. 😀

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