Difficult Conversations – An Open Letter to Mr David Ellis

Dear Mr Ellis:

On behalf of Solutions Barbados, thank you for agreeing to lead the national COVID-19 public relations effort. Please consider the following advice and questions – but first, some context.


In 2020, the people of Barbados were united against fighting COVID-19. We sacrificed our freedom and earnings with the lock downs, and followed the enhanced sanitary measures. Soon, COVID-19 was defeated in Barbados.

For weeks, we recorded no cases. Then we allowed mass-tourism to resume, and COVID-19 returned. Fortunately, we had the isolation, quarantine and contact tracing infrastructure in place. So, again we sacrificed our freedom and earnings, and defeated COVID-19 as before. Then we received the first batch of injections.


Barbadians remained united. The elderly and those with underlying health conditions would be given the injections. The rest of us would continue with the sanitary protocols, and pray that the injections protected our most vulnerable residents.

Soon, healthy persons were given the option of getting the injection, and Barbadians remained united. But then something changed. Those who received the injections soon turned on their fellow Barbadians, and insulted them with accusations of being stupid unscientific anti-vaxxers. But it got worse.


Almost every economic problem, and many social problems in Barbados, were blamed on those who had not taken the injection. The so-called “unvaxxed” were responsible for our low economic growth, our students not going to school, and the pandemic itself. Our businesses believed this message and threatened to fire those who did not receive the injection. Then it got worse.

Many injected appeared to lose their humanity. In the US, many in health care openly advocated not tending to those not injected. Business places openly advocated not serving those not injected. In Barbados, the Government considered forcing people to take the injections, and got a legal opinion of doing so. Then it got worse – as if that were even possible.


When reporting those with COVID-19 in isolation, in ventilators, and who died, there appeared to be a certain glee in stating that they were all – then pausing for the theatrical effect – unvaccinated. This is currently where we are. The enemy is no longer COVID-19, but “the unvaxxed”.

Our political leaders have done what they normally do with excellence – they have divided us. Their divisive public relations has achieved its goal of complete, and now dangerous division. To their credit, they seem to have recognised their grave error, and hired a non-political person to unify us – that appears to be your role.


The first step on the road to unifying us is to restore truth – which was sacrificed shortly after the first set of healthy persons took the injections. The main public relations message was that the mRNA and DNA injections were just like the vaccines we had as children, or when we needed to travel. That is not true.

With all previous vaccines, researchers accepted their limitations. They introduced a weakened or inactive virus into our bodies, and trusted our bodies to naturally learn the best method of defeating the virus. With the mRNA and DNA methods, the researchers thought that they understood the extreme complexity of the human body, and gave our cells specific instructions on how to defeat the virus.

The mRNA and DNA-based injections are entirely new technology. Therefore, the long-term side effects in humans remain completely unknown. After we have trusted our bodies, as has been the method with all past vaccines, is it not reasonable for persons to be hesitant when told to trust the infallibility of mRNA and DNA researchers – who are still studying the virus?


The Chinese Sinopharm was reportedly developed in the traditional manner. The Government should be commended for giving Barbadians that option. It gave the public relations consultants an exceptional opportunity to effectively address reasonable vaccine hesitancy.

All they needed to do was to explain that Sinopharm was like the vaccines we traditional took. They just needed to be honest with us. But after going all-in on the obvious untruth that the mRNA and DNA types were like the traditional ones, their credibility is gone – entirely. The end never justifies untruthful means. You have a chance to restore credibility, if you allow truth to be your guide – wherever it leads.


There are at least two valid concerns with Sinopharm. The first is that the US has not approved it. Neither has Canada, the UK, or any member of the European Union. Therefore, those injected with Sinopharm would be classified as unvaccinated if they attempted to travel to any of those countries.

The second concern is the manufacturing standards. Normally, citizens need not concern themselves with such things. Governments are responsible for ensuring that vaccines imported into their countries are safe. Safety is defined by being manufactured to an internationally accepted quality standard. In manufacturing facilities in the US, millions of doses had to be destroyed because they did not meet the quality standard.


Those vaccines distributed through the WHO COVAX facility, are checked for compliance with the manufacturing quality standards before they are accepted. Where manufacturers do not meet the quality standards, they may off-load such vaccines on Governments that do not know any better. Barbados should never be named among such countries.

Therefore, can you confirm whether the Sinopharm we received came through COVAX? If it did not, then what evidence can you provide that it met the internationally accepted manufacturing quality standard? If there is no evidence, then on what basis are our health authorities claiming that they are safe?

Grenville Phillips II is a Chartered Structural Engineer. He can be reached at NextParty246@gmail.com

73 thoughts on “Difficult Conversations – An Open Letter to Mr David Ellis

  1. Dear Readers:

    I have been asked why I am offering medical advice in my last article. Please note that I am not offering medical advice. You should get your medical advice from medical doctors. So, what am I doing?

    As a Structural Engineer, I am responsible for the quality of all structural materials used in every construction project I supervise. I do not accept a Contractor’s confident assertions that the materials he brought to a construction site are up to standard – I investigate his claims by rigorous checking and testing.

    If quarried stone is used, then I check which quarry it came from. Then I get samples from that quarry and have them independently tested, to confirm that they meet the strength and durability properties that I specified in the construction contract.

    I also examine the laboratory that tests the stones, and request a recent calibration certificate for the testing equipment. I then verify that the calibration certificate is authentic with the entity that issued it.

    If concrete blocks arrive on the site, I select a few randomly for independent testing. If steel reinforcement arrives at the site, and there is no certificate from the manufacturer, then I get some samples cut and sent to a lab for independent testing. That is only the beginning of the quality control and assurance checks I do for my Clients.

    Does doing these things make me anti-construction? Of course not. So, why do I do them? Because when the Contractor submits an invoice for payment, and I approve it, then I become liable for what the contractor has built. Therefore, I protect myself by protecting my Clients.

    I do not normally concern myself with medicines that the Government imports, because I do not take them – I have not been sick in over a decade. However, if the Government is considering mandating that I and all Barbadians must take an injection, then I have a direct interest in its quality.

    Should I not give the injection, at least the same level of rigorous scrutiny that I would give to construction materials going into my Client’s properties?
    So, no. I am not an ‘anti-vaxxer’ – I am a Structural Engineer.


  2. I think I’ve always been this way, and I’m grateful: unable to accept propaganda. Toxic joiners. Toxic Marxists. I have and always will think for myself, encouraging others to do so, and also embracing the U.S. Constitution and freedom with real responsibility. **Here’s something to consider, that those who can’t think for themselves never considered: Natural immunity. Some people don’t get sick, or at least, not easily. I have never (After leaving home.) gotten the flu shot, and never got the flu, except when I got the flu shot. This Covid thing has been out what… two years, and none of my friend or I have gotten sick beyond a few days of sniffles, coughs, and body aches. So, why would we get a vaccine for a virus we’re immune to? This is more for readers who read articles but think for themselves, unable to be propagandized because of that very important and wonderful aspect of ourselves that truly understands. **The more they cry out in anger, pointing fingers, the more we will think for ourselves, see the true intents of control, and encourage others to never give in to toxic conformity. ** I am an an anti-vaxxer, if anti-vaxxer means responsibly thinking for yourself. I am not a toxic conformist.

    • That’s okay to think, in a free society, but also you’re demonstrating exactly what I wrote. Often, people can’t see themselves in the mirror, so blinded by their toxic rage and conformity. Such people, if they are as they portray, are like mists, vapors, having no real substance, afraid to examine themselves and their own reasoning, for they have none, but have been coopted by the propagandists. Thanks for making the point for readers to see. Any barbs will simply further affirm. **I think, with time, more people will realize those propagandists, who “hate” people who think for themselves with the responsibility, are akin to racism: racist against free thinking with responsibility.

  3. We have so much vaccine now that the first doses will expire soon.

    And what is Barbados doing? We continue to criminalize fully vaccinated tourists with Taliban quarantine, massively damaging tourism, economy, country, nation, and the employed black, fully vaccinated, decent black masses, while across the street the unvaccinated conspiracy theorists are rampaging and destroying our island. How many more people actually have to die before our government requires doctors and their staff and other exposed professionals to be vaccinated? Are we to live for years to come hostage to the unvaccinated mob?

    The August 2021 riots were without a doubt the low(est) point of this island since its discovery by the Spanish. I am writing this expressly to bolster our Most Honourable government, in the hope that rubber bullets and tear gas will finally be used in the next August riots.

  4. No, I meant that the dolphin can think more coherently. Your writing is a mess.

    Anyway now that we have arrived at the topic of vaccines, you are quite right to question whether or not you should take the vaccine. I don’t think, however, that after questioning you have arrived at the more reasonable position.

    I do not hate you for it.

    I think though that if people decide not to be vaccinated, we should not keep restricting those who have been vaccinated in an effort to protect those who have not been.

    So….I say we should open up and let the chips fall where they may.

    My only concern is for the young ones who cannot be vaccinated.

  5. Grenville is over thinking again

    If he had taken the vaccine his issue of contention would have been long over already

    an empty mind is better than a mind full of crap and the Chinese say the mind is part of the body and you have to be mindful of your body as where you mind goes your energy flows and with mindfulness can grow like a seed in the mud that blooms into a beautiful lotus lotus converting all pain into joy

    these are all esoteric concepts that will fly over GPs head without a doubt

  6. People are not born structural engineers that is just a j o b

    Darkness born from darkness the beginning of all understanding
    The Complete Tao Te Ching

  7. What I do not understand at all is why our government treats vaccinated people the same as unvaccinated people. By doing so, it takes away any incentive to vaccinate.

    After the August riots, it is finally time to lift the restrictions on the vaccinated and make life difficult for the unvaccinated. Unvaccinated people should generally be banned from going out, from school, from driving etc pp. In other words, a kind of house arrest.

  8. August 2021, Dr. Phillips, senior medical officer of health, said that there were:

         3 moderate to serious reactions
         442 minor reactions from over 182 000 covid-19 vaccine doses administered in Barbados. 

    He quoted data from the Adverse Effects Following Immunisation Committee, (AEFIC).

    Ms. Jean-Marie didn’t state the number of cases in Barbados, that she had knowledge of, who experienced moderate to serious Covid-19 vaccine side effects.

    Valerie-Suzette Jean-Marie, leader of the Barbados Independent Complaints Register clarified that there were discrepancies in the data mentioned by stating that,

    “….many people [in Barbados] are afraid to speak out and my figures show slightly different.”


  9. August 2021, Dr. Phillips, senior medical officer of health, said that there were:

    3 moderate to serious reactions


    442 minor reactions from over 182 000 covid-19 vaccine doses administered in Barbados.

    He quoted data from the Adverse Effects Following Immunisation Committee, (AEFIC).

    Ms. Jean-Marie didn’t state the number of cases in Barbados, that she had knowledge of, who experienced moderate to serious Covid-19 vaccine side effects.

    Valerie-Suzette Jean-Marie, leader of the Barbados Independent Complaints Register clarified that there were discrepancies in the data mentioned by stating that,

    “….many people [in Barbados] are afraid to speak out and my figures show slightly different.”


  10. Notice very much so that vaccinated people although told by world health organizations to wear mask and practice social distance rarely ever does
    WHO has indicated that vaccinated people can be infected
    As of many times I have seen and heard vaccinated people boasting about not wearing mask…makes for the asking what if they contract the virus and spread it to some one else
    It is all well and good to say that the vaccinated self interest gets to gain
    But what about the person suffering with underlying disease who comes in close proximity with them and contract the virus
    I belive govt is doing a poor job on communicating the seriousness of the viruses focusing more on scolding the anti vaxers and not sending a message that all are vulnerable in one way or another of contracting the virus
    The messages sent by govt are lost because the messages are bent towards one set of people as being the bad guys while the good guys do what govt tells them to do
    In my mind the messages should be developed in an informative fashion and not to cause division

  11. I have lost two family members, a friend and a around four acquaintances to this deadly virus. People playing stupid because they think it’s other people bad luck. Only when it hits home then it will be a different story.

  12. Those who refused to take the vaccine because of some stupid anti-vaxxer misinformation, should not allow to overburn the heath care system when they themselves become infected. Let them fend for themselves. Also, If I was running a business the same would apply, no vaccination, no job. You can’t want to have your cake and eat it at the same time.

  13. Here we are in the midst of a pandemic and people losing their mind over a flipping jab. You can’t make this stuff up. And when you consider we in the caribbean suffer from some of the worst life style diseases per capita… we don’t have the luxury to take this kind of stance.

  14. @ fortyacresandamule September 25, 2021 11:46 PM

    You are soooo right. We all lost relatives and friends. If I reproach myself, it is this: Why couldn’t I convince more people to get vaccinated?

    It is good to know you on the right side of history.

  15. I am of the rock-solid opinion that there should not be so much space on social media to the lunatic, mentally deranged opponents of vaccination. How many more naive people have to die because they are unvaccinated???

    1, 10, 100 ??? The numbers are shocking.

    Just asking.

    Barbados is in its deepest crisis since the abolition of slavery. And what are oppositionists, unions and the outspoken senator and others doing? They are backing anti-vaccinationists.

  16. Grenville actually wrote a 100% accurate and correct article I totally agree with. Every death included comorbidities but I don’t see a war being waged against those people. The government has made the unvaccinated the scapegoat for their failed COVID policies.

    As I have said in numerous earlier comments, our success was based on luck, not skill. It is very easy to mistake the two but luck is the one that runs out.

    FACT: The COVID vaccines are not vaccines. Unlike, MMR, chickenpox and other normal vaccines that make over 90% of the vaccinated immune to those diseases, none of the COVID vaccines confer immunity. It is far too weak to stop the transmission normal vaccines easily achieve and may even be pushing asymptomatic spread by the vaccinated.

    The science continuing to be ignored is leading us down the path of targeting the vaccine towards those with the age and comorbidities risk factors and leave everyone else to make their own vaccine choice. My body, my choice.

    What will all of you wanting to force vaccines on everyone say when cases of blood clots, myocarditis and death start showing up after the second shot in otherwise perfectly healthy (no comorbidities) children and young adults that have practically zero risk of serious COVID?

  17. Exhibit A. Case closed.

    As a right wing looney, I wonder if “my body, my choice” extends to homosexuals and pregnant women. How about black drug users?

  18. And you lie! Not EVERY death included co-morbidities.

    PLUS as usual, you are looking only at deaths and not serious illness and possible long term effects on the internal organs.

    • We just have to look at the global dashboard to pick up the trend, one does not have to be a stats major to regression analysis.

  19. DavidSeptember 26, 2021 12:09 AM

    Two years into a pandemic and we have a person blaming government for some people not taking the virus seriously.
    Here he comes with that battered beat up umbrella standing in the sun and throwing shade
    Did I not advice u to throw that umbrella in the garbage
    Now tell me I am not right

  20. More companies will follow stance

    By Antoinette Connell

    Expect more companies to enforce policies that practically ban the unvaccinated worker from the office without prior approval and insistence on PCR tests for access to the premises.
    This in the view of president of the Human Resources Management Association of Barbados Brittany Brathwaite in response to the actions of regional oil company Rubis Caribbean to the antivaxxers and the vaccine hesitant in the workplace. She also said that mandating vaccines for certain sectors should not be off the table as in some areas the unvaccinated worker was impeding companies from functioning.
    It was revealed last week that the oil company based in Barbados had issued a memo stating that unvaccinated employees had to request approval to work in the office or work location and failing to inform of their status would lead to disciplinary action. Such workers were also discouraged from having meals on the premises or using the kitchen, meeting or dining rooms unless there is no one else present.
    Yesterday Brathwaite said: “The stance being taken by Rubis is one that we probably can anticipate some private sector entities will feel the need to take in the coming months. In the absence of a national mandate, companies will, within the confines of what is legally feasible, take steps towards making a distinction between access to vaccinated persons.”
    However, she warned that Rubis and others that follow suit may face legal challenges on the grounds that they are changing the worker’s existing contractual terms and conditions.
    “They may be able to set pre-requistes for incumbent hires but if they are doing that for existing contracts that definitely could lead to some legal ramifications. I’m sure they may have engaged their attorneys and therefore they may be taking this step mindful of all the risks,” Brathwaite opined.
    From the association’s perspective, she said, it encouraged all to consult attorneys even in hiring or altering existing contracts in order to have mutual agreement before any blanket statements.
    “The general challenge here though – and I think it exists across the sphere for all private sector entities – is that in the absence of a national mandate for vaccinations, particularly for industries that are suffering like tourism and those frontline industries, you are really forcing the corporate entities into a corner and it is becoming increasingly difficult to do business particularly where your external business is being driven by persons asking about vaccinated numbers.
    She explained that businesses were finding themselves in “a bit of quandary” because they are not earning revenue for a while and in any situation where there are large numbers of unvaccinated persons impeding their ability to earn to change their contracts, if not mutually agreed, will prompt a pay out.
    “Many businesses are not in a position to do that so I think we have to look sooner rather than later at how close we are to saying that for specific industries there may be the need for vaccinations to operate. I don’t think that should be something that should be entirely off the table as we are seeing the private sector is taking the risk so that they can operate and offer employment.”
    Minister of Labour and Social Partnership Relations Colin Jordan said it would be for an employer to prove that the vaccination or test was absolutely necessary for the worker to function in the particular capacity. He stated that the Employment (Prevention of Discrimination) Act, among other things, prohibits discrimination against a person’s medical condition and employers were prohibited from requiring a person be tested either as a precondition for new employment or for continuing employment.
    However, he pointed out that under the Safety and Health at Work Act, the employer has to provide a safe and healthy work environment “for both workers and others who may be in the workplace” and also has the responsibility for undertaking risk assessments along with the steps to be taken to eliminate, reduce or mitigate them.
    Jordan said the worker has a responsibility for his or her own health and safety, as well as the health and safety of their colleagues.

    Source: Nation

  21. The unwillingness to vaccinate in Barbados is a typical sign to foreigners that our Aborigines are unable to govern themselves. The High Lords from the North have given them enough vaccine, but our native masses refuse the vaccine and soon let the first doses expire. These are facts.

    Our Supreme Leader must finally get tougher and crack down on doctors, trade unionists and opposition politicians who continue to blather about “freedom of choice”.

  22. What the hell is going on In Barbados?

    Why Are people waiting so long to seek mediacal help?

    It getting to a point now where it Seem best to keep mask on when you Are at home. Take off only for shower and eating. Yes sleep In it if you share a bed (eg. Sublings) – especially the unvacinated and deffinately if you have comorbidities

    Ellis need to Get a hot Line and a crew for quick dispatch. Get people to call In and give names etc of relative of friends that Are high risk and dispatch the crew to their hones ASAP and Get that first shot In the ass the same day ( if they refuse then ….. his job for that person was done)

    Unvacinated person with underlying conditions should now be PRIORITY #1

  23. @DonnaSeptember 26, 2021 3:27 PM

    You see!

    I can only advise all the relatives of these Corona victims to sue for damages the doctors, ISO-Taliban and lawyers who continue to claim that there is such a thing as “freedom of choice” in vaccination. The radical anti-vaccinationists who spread misinformation through the media should be brought before a criminal court and charged with manslaughter.

    It is not the honourable Maloney who has acted with the best of intentions that is the scandal, but the criminals who are responsible for the many unvaccinated deaths.

  24. The last two week is enuff information for them to make up their minds

    If the last two weeks cant help them make up their minds then their heads …….

    ALL unvacinated persons with underlying conditions report to a vaccination point or testing tomorrow or contact your doctor – Even if you still dont want to be vaccinated Get tested ( Even rapid test )


  25. If our PM wish 10,000 persons vaccinated per week then here is my humble suggestion:


    A recent experience at a Ch. Ch. Vaccination Centre is my example.

    Went to the Centre at noon ……. two ‘sort of’ lines in front of the facility…. absolutely NO SIGNAGE to inform new arrivals on which line for first-jab or second-jab! After asking someone in one of the lines, I found out which was ‘my line’ for the 2nd jab. Can’t we afford a piece of Cardboard and a Marker?

    After 15 minutes of waiting, with about 20 others in line, I realised neither line had moved forward … not even by one person! Folks were becoming agitated, as the Sun was very hot and there was no breeze or area to shade. Young & old were standing in the extreme heat!

    Fortunately, after about 30 minutes, a lady came out of the building and related that the “computer system was down but they are trying to get a backup going.”

    We had to assume she was part of the Vaccination Team but, being dressed like all of us in the line, who knew for sure? Why don’t they wear a badge or some official form of identification or a ‘health uniform’ of some sort?

    Well, after 45 minutes and still no progress, I joined the others who decided to leave and return home …. 2nd jab would have to wait another day!!! Efficiency at work!!!

  26. The more I see the more I like my position …… wait and see.

    I also know from the study in Israel that natural immunity is several times (13X) more effective than man made vaccines.

    So if as I suspect I had it last year February, I should be better off than if I had the vaccination.

    I’ll continue to wait and see what happens and keep away from water in the Southern Corridor.

    I’ll continue to wear my mask and obey all the protocols recommended and curfews imposed.

    Have to admit though I am getting kind of fed up with all the instructions that don’t seem to work.

    Right now the more I see the less I like the idea of vaccination for me.

    Maybe it will change by next year but pretty sure it won’t

    How many of those vaccinated on here know if they received their vaccination intravenously or intramuscularly?

    Come to think of it, how many on here even know the difference?

    Govt must take a stand

    PRIME MINISTER Mia Amor Mottley is facing increasing pressure as Barbados struggles to bring the COVID-19 pandemic under control.
    The community spread with rising numbers of positive cases as well as deaths being recorded in September will only get worse in October unless drastic action is taken to curb the spread of the virus.
    Big businesses are taking a firm stand by demanding vaccination of employees and our plethora of micro and small enterprises must also do what is right to contain the virus and protect people.
    This position will incur the wrath of labour leaders struggling to show their relevance and gain the attention of some lawyers making an impression across the national landscape. We must appreciate the severity of the problem before either the economy or the entire health system collapses.
    The national economy is already in a perilous situation that is being made worse by the cost to care for the hundreds in isolation, while many businesses are under financial stress threatening many livelihoods.
    Barbados is facing a conundrum that we can no longer tiptoe around. We understand the political, economic, health and ethical dilemma Prime Minister Mottley faces especially with a general election ahead. However, the electorate must be secondary to tough national decisions.
    There is vaccine hesitancy in this country with many citizens sluggish and recalcitrant in their attitude to the one known effective method of protection against the virus. We have the vaccines but we are also witnessing the scepticism amongst some people even though we know the benefits outweigh any negatives.
    Our political leaders must take a stand for the betterment of the majority. This is an occasion when the government must protect life and liberty through an ethical and lawful mandate.
    The country’s open economy
    is heavily dependent on tourism to provide jobs and earn foreign exchange. Many holidaymakers will want a safe environment, one where vaccines are mandatory and we also need such conditions for ourselves and our loved ones. After 18 months of various restrictions to curtail the spread of the disease, there must be some fatigue and frustration amongst the population. We are grateful to the scientists for their tremendous breakthrough in providing safe and effective vaccines and thank our frontline workers for their gallant efforts. At the same time, we commiserate with those who have endured hardship because of a job loss or the death of a loved one to the virus.
    So, we must be united in doing our part by ensuring compliance to the various procedures including wearing masks, physical distancing and no social gatherings. But more is required.
    Being vaccinated is no longer a decision to leave to the goodwill of man. Barbados, like other countries, has had to take drastic measures before during health crises for the good of all citizens, with exemptions only for those in special health circumstances.
    The issue of mandatory vaccines to fight the COVID-19 pandemic must be put on the table by the government. It must not be a drawn-out discussion.
    Being vaccinated is no longer a decision to leave to the goodwill of man.

    Source: Nation

  28. Religions may be works of fiction, but their original roots lie in the rhythms of the universe, as perceived by the creators impressions of the Creator.

    The Great Mother

    I do nothing

  29. If as I believe it turns out to be spread in the water, alot of people will look like utter fools, and fools with blood on their hands.

  30. It is pretty difficult to believe that a Government with all the geographic data of the distribution of cases and the failure of all the lockdowns, mask mandates and sanitization to curb the spread cannot figure out there has to be one or more other ways the virus is spread.

  31. Did you listen?
    I saw one of the ‘lawyers’ was looking like a deer caught in headlights. Was a good laugh, but I had to pass on the rabbit 🐇 droppings.

  32. At last, the Nation summons enough guts to state that the Gov’t should legislate/order mandatory vaccines.

    This only issue that the Gov’t has been resolute on, is the changing of the island from its status to a Republic. It has been wishy washy on legislation for legalizing marijuana; the removal of Nelson; the issue of the eleven plus; Integrity legislation and true to form its position on mandatory vaccines in an island where the number of those infected are rising at an alarming rate.

    A COVID public advisor is not going to change minds when people are apt to believe Nick Minaj rather than those in the medical community who have devoted their lives in efforts to prevent people from succumbing to various diseases.

    Imagine if the Gov’t had an overwhelming majority what it could do.

  33. Wait Sarge, you in favour of mandatory vaccines?
    I thought that was a Druggie policy?
    Actually don’t make them mandatory, just insist on proof of vaccination for a wide range of activities. Now he gone and shut down all the strip clubs 😂

  34. @NO
    Actually don’t make them mandatory, just insist on proof of vaccination for a wide range of activities
    That sounds fine but would it work in Bim? What wide range of activities? You must be a fan of brawls and mayhem.

    Desperate times requires desperate measures.

    BTW Druggie may be on the right track look what COVID is doing to Kenny

  35. @David

    Are you trying to tell me that the Gov’t is playing it safe because of an Election that is at least 18 months away? So, it should continue to fiddle while Rome is burning? If it doesn’t do anything I shudder to think of what the consequences for the country will be and it may lose the election anyway.

    • @Sargeant

      To make vaccines mandatory existing laws have to be amended. Can you anticipate the debate that would ensue? The best they can do is insist medical personnel take the vaccine which is supported by existing legislation.

  36. @ David September 27, 2021 3:26 PM

    If Corona stays as it is, the masses will soon be unemployed and many hotels gone. Government must decide NOW between losing elections in 18 months OR appeasing the Muslim brotherhooders, Rastafarians, ISO Talibans and other radical opponents of vaccination who aim to destroy our island.

  37. What can our Supreme Leader do for radical unvaccinated Corona opponents who are now dying like one-day flies? Don’t you remember the violent downtown riots in August this year where the mob protested against vaccination? Didn’t the BAMP president preach until recently that people had “freedom of choice” when it came to vaccination? Don’t our union bosses sometimes block attempts by employers to separate the unvaccinated from the vaccinated?

    All of this combined is to blame for our disaster, not our decent and caring government.

  38. Sarge
    By…Actually don’t make them mandatory, just insist on proof of vaccination for a wide range of activities…I was referring to my interpretation of what many in Canada are doing.
    Would it work in Bim? Haven’t a clue. Bajans don’t brawl? Nuff noise and long talk. You are telling them what to do, just what they cannot do.
    Don’t even mention Kenny, I think he is missing many brain cells.

  39. @Eugene/John September 26, 2021 7:55 PM “How many of those vaccinated on here know if they received their vaccination intravenously or intramuscularly?”

    The vaccines are being given intramuscularly. Easy for the vaccinator, easy for the patient, virtually painless. And unlike what is shown in the media the needle is NOT as big as a pencil. A very, very small needle is used.

    To give a vaccine intravenously takes considerably more skill.

  40. HantsSeptember 28, 2021 2:54 PM

    David Ellis says new record infections today. Check the dashboard later.



    Is it the Southern Corridor again?

  41. What became of Ellis?
    What became of JC
    I still here keeping noise and no one I’d offering me a little pick…

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