Difficult Conversations – Open Letter to All Members of Parliament

Dear Parliamentary Representatives of the People of Barbados:

I feel compelled to write you this open letter, since you plan to make Barbados a Republic within three months, and no fair discussion of this issue is allowed in our traditional media.


When we make promises, we exchange something valuable if we break them. That something, is our integrity. After breaking promises, we may think that our integrity is intact. But like the parading naked emperor, our integrity is worthless to the ones who relied on our promises.

During the last general election, you made several promises that you likely intended to keep, but did not. Honestly explaining why breaking them could not be avoided, may restore your integrity. However, making promises with no intention of keeping them, just to secure votes, is another matter.


Not many of us swear oaths. We simply cannot afford the price of breaking them. In exchange for breaking an oath, we do not only sacrifice our integrity, which we may later try to restore, but we condemn our souls. That is why you only swear an oath, that you are individually willing and able to keep.

Sometimes, members of the public must swear oaths. For example, before we can give evidence in court, we must first swear, before God, to tell the truth. For believers, hellfire is a deterrent for lying after being sworn in. For unbelievers, the consequences of perjury may be the deterrent.


Since oaths take us into the spiritual realm, is it important to listen to Jesus, who will judge us all at the end of the age. Jesus advised that we should not swear at all, but simply tell the truth. He also asked us to consider the following. “For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?”

Some of us may be forced to do wrong on pain of torture or death. Jesus asked us to consider the eternal consequences. “And I say to you, My friends, do not be afraid of those who kill the body, and after that have no more that they can do. But I will show you whom you should fear: Fear Him who, after He has killed, has power to cast into hell; yes, I say to you, fear Him!”


All of you willingly swore an oath of allegiance, before the Almighty Creator of all that is seen and unseen, before you were seated in our House of Assembly. It is reported that all of you intend to break your sacred oaths within three months. Have you considered the consequences of your collective decision?

Do you reasonably expect anyone to believe anything you say, if you can break your sacred oath so carelessly? As leaders and representatives, do you want the next generation of Barbadians to follow your example?


You know that others willingly swore that same oath of allegiance, because they were confident that they would never be called on to condemn themselves by breaking it. Is it fair to put our: military, police, judges, parliamentary secretaries, public officers, Director of Public Prosecutions, Auditor General, and Governor General in your jeopardy?

Have you even considered that what you are planning to do is unlawful? Our Constitution is our supreme law that protects Barbadians from their elected representatives. Does Section 63.(3) not forbid you from making our Governor General your President? Does Section 49.(3) not forbid you from making Barbados your republic?


What is dreadfully tragic about your intended plans, is that you can get all that you desire without the collateral damage. You can do it lawfully. The Queen has agreed to release all parties from their oaths once the Government and the people of Barbados agree that we should become a republic. Therefore, forcing others to recklessly break their oaths is entirely unnecessary.

You promised Barbadians, on your sacred honour, a referendum to get their consent on becoming a republic. Why have you broken this promise? We already know the answer. We have seen it. You gave radical activists control of the train and they will not give it back. You are prisoners on this runaway train with one role to play before the foreseen wreck.


In 1977, there was a TV series called Fantasy Island, where people could play out their fantasies. Well, our radicals fancy themselves in the roles of Cuffy and Bussa. They think that had they led a similar rebellion, that they would have fared much better.

To cement their place in this fantasy, there must be no negotiation with the Queen, but a disrespectful confrontation – that is where you come in. Rather than allowing the Queen to release everyone from their oaths, you are living-out their nightmare.


You must know how this fantasy will end. You will have your unconstitutional fantasy republic, until you are voted out of office. Then normalcy will return. The peoples’ support for a republic will then be measured with a referendum, instead forcibly taken. We may then become a Republic, and you would have broken your oaths for nothing.

Our radicals, who promised you a glorious end, will have their wish of a disrespectful confrontation. Their reputations will remain intact, because they did not break their oaths, you did. They did not pass unconstitutional amendments, you did. They can only live out their fantasy if you go rogue.

Once you have condemned yourselves, by your own actions, you will then live Jesus’ description of the state of the condemned – weeping and gnashing of teeth. As a citizen whom you represent, I am pleading with you to awaken from this nightmare – and come into the sunshine.

Grenville Phillips II is a Chartered Structural Engineer. He can be reached at NextParty246@gmail.com

49 thoughts on “Difficult Conversations – Open Letter to All Members of Parliament

  1. Have you even considered that what you are planning to do is unlawful? Our Constitution is our supreme law that protects Barbadians from their elected representatives. Does Section 63.(3) not forbid you from making our Governor General your President? Does Section 49.(3) not forbid you from making Barbados your republic?


  2. The blogmaster was looking forward to a piece from Grenville this week about the mystery of prefab houses. The blogmaster did a double take after reading Grenville’s latest.

  3. @ David September 17, 2021 6:12 AM

    As it stands the Constitution of Barbados has to be amended to reflect the new power(s) of Parliament to change Barbados into a republic and to replace the GG with a President.

    And this ‘Act’ must be passed by both Houses and must obtain the assent of Her Majesty through Her representative the GG before it can become the Law of the Land.

    Then and only then will the ‘Will’ (aka approval) of the Barbadian People be expressed before 30 November 2021.

  4. @David

    “We are so consumed with a routine process we forget the objective.”

    So your one that says it’s ok to kill someone if YOU VIEW its justified, hmmmmmm.

    Living well beyond the dictatorship level.

  5. @ David September 17, 2021 7:46 AM
    “We are so consumed with a routine process we forget the objective.”

    The objective is to replace the current overseas-based Head of State with a Bajan Head of the republic without the need for a local deputy wearing the Grand Cross of St. Michael & St. George. Not even a ‘Dame’ of St. Andrew!

    How else can that be achieved without due ‘Constitutional’ process unless you are proposing a Pacha-type revolution?

    Do you really feel that either HM Elizabeth or Her British government gives two hoots whether Barbados goes republic? Little England is no longer an overseas jewel in the British commercial crown.

    It’s inevitable, “Innit”? Just like in the cutting of all ‘judicial’ ties with the Privy Council and, eventually, any claim for reparations on a ‘stand alone’ basis.

    • @Miller

      From what has been out abroad by the AG there is a recognized process to manage the tradition consistentl with these matters. Barbados is not the first country to manage this type of issue.

  6. “We already know the answer. We have seen it. You gave radical activists control of the train and they will not give it back.”
    For $10.00
    Give me the names of five radical activists

  7. @ Theo
    Grenville is seriously undermining his message , pretending that some mysterious group of radicals hijacked Mottley and forced her to declare November 30th as the date of the coming republic.
    It is unbelievable that he continues to pedal this hogwash. And he gets away with it almost every damn week.
    In this society the upper echelons have mastered the art of running with the hare and hunting with the hound. Grenville is obviously pissed that Mottley did not have some waste of time referendum. He cannot bring himself to castigate her for what he considers a departure from the constitution. He prefers to spread propaganda that she was forced to act on behalf of others.
    For the record: I support the PM on this issue. A referendum is useless. This is just another step on our March to full sovereignty.
    He should know that with a two thirds majority a Prime Minister can do almost anything he or she likes. The only threat to Mottley will be if 15/16 MPs go to the GG and inform her that they no longer support the current leader.

  8. Who are these radical activists and what radical notions are they forcing upon us?

    Since when is it radical for the enslaved to wish to break ties with the enslavers?

    To my mind, it is a thing most natural.

  9. Donna: Radicals are those who embrace as an end-justifies-the-means philosophy. Therefore, they will justify lying, stealing, and even murder to achieve their agenda. That is the ONLY thing that qualifies a person to be a radical.

    Therefore, it is not WHAT they believe (because it is good to have diversity of thought), but HOW they plan to achieve what they believe.

  10. Therefore, they will justify lying, stealing, and even murder to achieve their agenda. That is the ONLY thing that qualifies a person to be a radical. “ (Grenville)

    Did we actually pay for his education ? The taxpayers should be refunded forthwith.

  11. William:

    Regardless of what I post, you can be relied upon to respond with idiotic nonsense. The only reasonable explanation is that you are an “influencer” whom the BLP pays to troll those who post unfavourable comments about the BLP.

    If true, then evidently you are earning your money – but it is a terrible way to make a living. If it is not true, then clearly you need help. Therefore, either keep earning – or go and get help.

  12. @ Grenville
    Not one to go in the gutter. Obviously you know nothing about me.
    Your description of Radicals is an insult to all of those freedom fighters who have paved the way for you in this country.
    You probably drove past one of their children , grand children or great grand children this morning.
    Continue to enjoy the fruits of their labors.
    Enough said .

  13. Says the man who held up Donald Trump as being good for black people!

    The biggest liar, thief and even murderer on account of his covid fiasco!

    And that does not even take into account THE BIG LIE and the instigation of the murderous January 6th insurrection!

    He would go to any length to further his political goals.

    What are Grenville’s thoughts on Donald Trump. I have not seen a repudiation column.

  14. But seriously, your definition of radical is kinda NOT the true definition of a radical.

    And a radical is not necessarily a bad thing.

    Also, if I had been a slave, I would have lied to the Massa, stolen his weapons and murdered his whole damn family at the earliest opportunity!

    How about earning TheO’s $10 and naming these liars, thieves and murderers who are behind giving Lizzie the boot!

  15. William and Donna:

    Sometimes in history, radicals are needed. For example, during slavery and during times of war. There is no ‘playing fair’ during such times. Therefore, radicals – with an end-justifies-the-means philosophy, are welcomed and encouraged.

    In the current times, radicals do more harm than good. We have a country. We can achieve what we want without having to tear the whole thing down (which would be desirable if we were in the historic time of slavery).

    I trust this clarifies things for you.

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  17. And this ‘Act’ must be passed by both Houses and must obtain the assent of Her Majesty through Her representative the GG before it can become the Law of the Land.

    Then and only then will the ‘Will’ (aka approval) of the Barbadian People be expressed before 30 November 2021.”

    but did you not hear them say they will amend or redo the (new) constitution AFTER…in their usual assbackwards style……the fantasy of pageantry and pomp first and anything else after…i would not pay attention to any of it, they will ALWAYS be subordinate to commonwealth influence…..once again the only real power they will ever have is to terrorize the citizenry and engage in their illitcit extra curricular activities, = more of the same…

    same result from any manufactured negro stepping into the parliamenrt…

  18. No, Grenville. Your explanations make nothing clear, as usual.

    Make it clear by naming these lying, theiving, murderous “radicals” who are forcing Mia to complete our unnatural declaration of sovreignity!

    P.S. Anybody who can conclude about William Skinner what you concluded is unworthy of being taken seriously. Should I assume that you have never read any of his posts?

    If you have read them, then I worry that you do not understand anything you have read. If you haven’t read them, then I worry that you attempted to sully his character without due care and attention.

  19. William and Donna:

    I know nothing about both of you personally. However, I have read posts by both of you. On other BU pages, you may present reasoned arguments and engage in some heated but respectful discourse.

    On my articles, both of you can be counted on to add nothing to the discussion, except to be insulting and extremely disrespectful. That is what the BLP pays its influencers to do on social media.

    If you are getting paid, then continue earning. I will not take bread out of peoples’ mouths, so continue with your insults to show your political masters that you are earning your keep. However, if you are not being paid, then clearly both of you need a lot of help – and are damaging yourselves for nothing.

  20. @ Donna
    It is obvious that @ Grenville is off course. You have never engaged in such behaviour.
    Simply because you said he was wrong about calling me a “ paid influencer”. , has decided to put you in the same boat.
    Let him be. His nonsense certainly deserves no response.
    I guess in his world people who don’t kowtow to the ambitions of others are “ paid influencers”.
    @ Grenville is now engaged in BS.
    Let him be.

  21. @GP2
    Without intending to you may have unmasked two of the radical influencers. I will give you those two, three more to go.

  22. Grenville is a lone wolf double double agent working for the anglo-american propaganda machine and has same inherent bias and prejudice of the conservative white man who openly hates him. He is a radical anti-government activist who wants to overthrow the Government of Barbados for removal of the piggy British Royal family crown business and has made about 20 posts complaining about it, and all because he got a shellacking during his brief failed career in politics campaigning on a platform of full employment for everybody but nobody believed in him for obvious reasons and he lost his deposit and blamed voters for being too lazy to accept mindless soul destroying dog work like a slave. It is well clear that women make far better leaders than emasculated men in the stale old patriarchy who bankrupt in original thought with nothing to offer and are history.
    It’s a new world odour where white folks are making their final stand in the battles for the heart soul and mind.
    500 years of iniquity workers and systemic institutional racism for global inequality that was falsely justified with a brainwashed superiority complex to hold people down with oppression and a jackboot boot on their shoulders by a overbearing police state as they were deemed inferior sub-humans for being the same but different will soon coming to an end. But, it is the same old story same as it ever was, and all they do is try a new scam when their old scam is done.

    so get aboard the rebels train dub rebels dub departing from platform 1 in 20 minutes

  23. TheO:

    There is nothing radical about them. There is normally no attempt to engage in any type of rational discussion – I even tried with the definition of radical, hoping (in vain) I was not ‘casting pearls’. They seem compelled to respond to every engagement with their obligatory insults.

    Their extremely bad bahavior on my posts can be easily contrasted with their contributions on other pages. Therefore, it is purposeful and unnecessary. They do not have to comment here. That is why them being paid to be BLP trolls explains their comments.

    Nevertheless, if they must behave in that manner to eat, then I am willing to be their target.

  24. William Skinner,

    I confess that I am often disrespectful to those I do not respect.

    I do not repect Grenville.

    He had no problem with Trump’s disrespect and insults. He said Trump had done much for black Americans. Black Americans did not think so. But Grenville thought he knew better than black Americans.

    Black Americans thought Trump was disrepectful and insulting … and A DANGER TO THEIR VERY EXISTENCE.

    But Grenville thought he knew better than black Americans!

    Fancy that!

    I have seen no column from Grenville apologising for the disrespect he showed to black Americans.

    I saw who Grenville was long before he wrote that ridiculous column.

    A whiny little puffed up over zealous religious prig, suffering from arrested development, Eurocentrically challenged, obstinate and obsessive beyond what is normal.

    This man could find time to argue vehemently and obsessively for keeping Nelson’s statue. He has done the same to keep us tied to the British monarchy, believing that this provides “insurance” against our chosen government. He carries in his juvenille brain, an image of a white man on a white horse riding in to save us black people from our savage selves. He obviously does not believe that black people are capable of governing themselves or fighting their own battles. White people though, they are capable of ruling themselves. They need no “insurance”.

    Yet today, the Capitol is encircled by barbed wire to keep out the hooligans sent by Donald Trump, the man Grenville thought did well for black Americans.

    Now, how can I respect that????

    So yes, I HAVE been disrespectful and insulting to Grenville.

    And no doubt, I shall continue to be!

  25. Boy, when I was young I wondered why my grandparents, aunts, uncle and father were literal godparents to the whole of the adjoining neighbourhood.

    And why big men who were old enough to be my grandfather called me “Miss G…..”.

    My guess is that I was eating well some time before you were.

  26. “Black Americans thought Trump was disrepectful and insulting … and A DANGER TO THEIR VERY EXISTENCE.

    But Grenville thought he knew better than black Americans!

    Fancy that!

    I have seen no column from Grenville apologising for the disrespect he showed to black Americans.”

    They call it overt and covert dog whistle racism and gas lighting denials which is rebranded as populism

    in the numbers game of politics it is a winner as 75% white majority have no issue with old school racists and will vote for racist leaders to maintain their white privilege

    they are as subtle as a big black dildo but they think they are slick and full of stealth and not obvious

    all they have to do is put the racism a couple of times so people know where they are coming from

    Conservatives want a divided America to win by hook and crook and there is no unity just extremism

    Barbados has gone left of centre and not far right as the antithesis of racist whites as #blacklivesmatter

    Ku Klux Klan are dark

  27. Attention: Donna and William
    I suspect GP has thin skin but should realise that cutting BTL comments are par for the course.
    You may or may not be radical as accused for making a comment, but regardless of that if someone is going to accuse you of something and ignoring whatever you say about it then you may as well act like you are being portrayed and defined by that person.

    You should dread up and become militant like West London reggae band Misty in Roots.

  28. @ GP2,
    I believe we still live in a democracy? You are free to say whatever you wish.
    For those of you who like your guitar riffs –

  29. I personally find GP’s threads mind numbing which invites criticism of points made and coming from a wrong view which was termed politically incorrect.

    When a body is imbalance it needs to be adjusted balanced and centred to stand with ease with no effort instead of leaning one way and falling over flat on the face

    Grenville tries too hard and does not have the knack

    Effort A-
    Achievement E

  30. @ Donna
    Like I said Grenville accused you and I as being paid influencers. I said I have never seen or known you to act as such.
    Nobody on BU would ever agree with him describing you as such.
    Why should I try to engage a person who has chosen to expose that he knows nothing about me ?
    Grenville is into pure BS.

  31. William Skinner,

    Even his insults are nonsensical and juvenille!

    I didn’t think it was worth much of a rebuttal.

    So, I guess I went off on what I really wanted to say.

    But why would the BLP need to pay anybody to deal with a political nonentity?

    The people of Barbados knocked him clean out of the ring twice! If they had believed he could deliver on his grandiose promises, he would be talking shite in the H of A instead of here on BU.

    Clearly they thought he was as crazy as I do with his “Solutions” for St. George North unemployment.

    When Toni Moore fuh me an’ less fuh you could beat yuh suh bad, retirement is the only option.

  32. Grenville has the right to talk as much shite as he likes.

    And I have the right to call out his shite.

    By your own admission, you are known for talking loud and saying nothing.

  33. Getting up on stage and being heckled is soul destroying, but every artist performer has been through that embarrassment and humiliation stage. This is part of the learning process to focus the greats to become the best entertainers in the industry without making mistakes or fools of themselves in public, and for the wack performers to give it up.

  34. Our ISO Taliban rants about sterility through Corona vaccination and our unvaccinated citizens are dying like flies. Most recently, all six Corona deaths were unvaccinated.

    I recommend to all bereaved families to sue the ISO-Taliban personally for damages and compensation for pain and suffering.

  35. ” I hope that they are paying you well.”

    Just because you are suffering from paranoia that doesn’t mean they are not out to get you

    for the record how much do you think the market value is to post anti-Grenville sentiments in your imagination

  36. @ nextparty246 September 18, 2021 7:37 PM

    Thank you very much! I’m just playing with the golden taps of my shower, which my donors financed for me.

  37. @nextparty246 September 18, 2021 7:37 PM “The clown car has arrived and the usual trolls have tumbled out. They just cannot help themselves. Carry on haters – I hope that they are paying you well.”

    Just because somebody disagrees with you that does not mean that they hate you.

    Just because somebody disagrees with you that does not mean that they are being paid to disagree with you.

    Please note that it is entirely possible that people can hold views which differ from your, without being paid to hold or express such views.

    Please note that I have never been a member of any political party here nor elsewhere.

    Please note as well that I started working with my parents on their land when I was 4 and that at nearly 70 I still work the land. Please not that no politician can starve me out. Please note that I was gainfully employed from my late teens to my 60’s.

    Please note as well that the last time I was employed for a Barbados government agency was March 31, 1977.

    Please note as well that nobody in my immediate family, parents, siblings, spouse nor children are employed by the Barbados government. Not when the DLP was in office. Not now that the BLP is in office.

    Please note as well that none of us earn our daily bread from Barbados government contracts.

    And finally…

    Be off do.

  38. https://www.nationnews.com/2021/09/19/ag-bring-back-integrity-bill/

    They brought this protection of corrupt SCAM bill already, and refuse to hold judges on the bench accountable for their actions…….

    included protections for minority THIEVES in another anit-corruption FRAUD BILL…who get to arrange and choose their own methods of punishment for robbing BILLIONS OF DOLLARS out of the economy….and do it again, if they so desire….now they are bringing this again…..and that makes perfect sense to all of them…

    .but am sure Caswell will read all the sleight of hand language…

  39. Top jobs for political women

    By Ezra Alleyne

    Very often, events “over and away” help us to better reflect on our local political system and its practices and history.
    This week, for example, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson reshuffled his cabinet and for the second time in Britain’s very long political history, a female, Liz Truss, was appointed foreign minister.
    It is a prestige appointment. The first female to have been appointed foreign secretary was Labour’s Margaret Beckett in 2006. The foreign minister is one of the four great political offices of state.
    The other great offices are: the office of prime minister, that of the home secretary, and the chancellor of the exchequer, known to us as the Minister of Finance.
    People who get appointed to these offices are not run-of-themill politicians. They usually have something extra in the make-up of their political DNA to merit such an appointment.
    But in 1969, Margaret Thatcher, then a member of the British parliament, was realistically telling reporters that “No woman in my time will be prime minister or Chancellor or foreign secretary – not the top jobs. Anyway, I wouldn’t want to be prime minister. You have to give yourself 100 per cent”.
    Objectively, Thatcher’s statement was also true of the then state of affairs within the Democratic Labour Party.
    But like a cat on a hot tin roof, Thatcher pounced on Prime Minister Leonard James Callaghan with a no-confidence motion. He had just returned from a Caribbean visit where he was seen swimming while voters shivered in their homes as a result of discontent fuelled by union strikes.
    Margaret Thatcher thus became the first female elected as British prime minister and from 1979 to 1990 occupied the greatest of the four offices of state.
    Landmark appointment
    So, Owen Arthur’s appointment of Billie Miller as Minister of Foreign Affairs in 1994 was therefore a landmark appointment. That was ten years before Margaret Beckett became the first British female appointed as foreign minister.
    It also confirmed to one and all that women of political merit within the Barbados Labour Party would not be denied access to any of the great ministerial offices of state.
    That was evident more so when current Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley was appointed Minister of Economic Affairs in the 2005 reshuffle of the Owen Arthur Cabinet. That was also a truly historic appointment.
    For the first time, it gave a female Cabinet minister responsibility for managing the centralities of the inner aspects of the political economy.
    In Westminster, the commanding heights of the economic ministries have always been the preserve of males.
    But Arthur also elevated political females to a higher plane. He first appointed Miller as his Deputy Prime Minister in 1994, a post which she held until he appointed Mottley to succeed her as Deputy Prime Minister in the said 2006 reshuffle.
    As far back as 1987, I cited the several opinions of academic writers and one former Prime Minister and a former King (who refused to approve such an appointment) that the office of Deputy Prime Minister “is not known to the British Constitution”.
    Now, as reported, it seems that to appease Dominic Raab, the fired foreign minister, he is accorded the title of deputy prime minister. Thereby hangs a tale, because it now seems that “deputy prime minister” is a mere title used to show some kind of prime ministerial preference for a particular minister.
    So a deputy may not be essential at Westminster. But five years after she became prime minister, Thatcher was singing another tune. Asked about her deputy prime minister, the Rt Hon. Willie Whitelaw, she teased reporters by stating that “every prime minister needs a Willie” (the naughty pun seems to have been intended).
    But does the office now exist here? That a different (ministerial) salary is allocated to the holder of the “office” of Deputy Prime Minister suggests there may be such an office in our system.
    My final comment: The system we inherited has been tweaked in many ways. But Westminster is playing catch-up in accepting that women of merit should be considered for any of the great political offices. Perhaps they should also do something about the office of Deputy Prime Minister.

    Ezra Alleyne is an attorney and a former Deputy Speaker of the House of Assembly.

    Source: Nation

  40. but am sure Caswell will read all the sleight of hand language…

    and make sure they don’r pretend to forget to protect whistleblowers this time, like they were completely “forgotten” and the ones called out in the GIS torture of children using 1800s slave laws…removed the whole board in retaliation to perpetrate another cover up….whistle blower protection did not evn enter that pretender’s mind…he retaliated by default…..

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