Barbados Integrity Movement Promises to Shut the Country Down IF…!

Neil Holder, leader of the BIM

Neil Holder of Barbados Integrity Movement (BIM) promises to call for a national shutdown if the Freundel Stuart government attempts to circumvent the decision of the Fair Trading Commission’s concerning the sale of the BNTCL.

5 thoughts on “Barbados Integrity Movement Promises to Shut the Country Down IF…!

  1. Talk is cheap – probably because it’s fax free !! Does Holder have any idea how serious is the the economic situation is?

  2. David

    The act of shutting the country down is a maximum power but it cannot be unaccompanied by clear demands.

    And the central demand must be an election with a date certain. Then taking firms actions to alter the political culture fundamentally.

    This is what we have been saying to the so-called third parties – mere pressure groups!

    They have no power unless they could have used this lever to force the government into an early election

    Unfortunately, the BLP will win such an election. That is the only real problem.

    But had the third parties, years ago, organized for these events and fought against the duopoly, as a block, outcomes might have been different.

    Too late and gross misguidance shall be their cry!

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