Storm Elsa is Here

Follow the authoritative source for weather information re: Barbados Meteorological Services as Storm Elsa begins to affect Barbados. For additional information on this tropical storm watch, please visit: . – Blogmaster

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  1. Karma is real

    Retribution is real

    and in extreme cases, they tend to work together…

    Miller….Abihah Holder and his mother….only a vicious, spiritless, evil beast would use a deceased child and his grieving mother to lie and deceive the public to win an election..

    .then allow the real demon maloney who caused the child’s death to escape accountability…

    .then have the mother arrested,

    then try to push the criminal down the population’s throat after saying he is corrupt, a criminal and should be in prison…

    Karma is real…so is Retribution.

  2. “And dis is gine over two years dat dis t’ing hay gine on……….” REFERS TO WHAT?

    The situation at the old Fairchild Street market………..

    ………….or when construction of the market facilities began?

  3. Here is what David said

    DavidJuly 5, 2021 2:44 AM

    Here is another example of your lies, you have been shown evidence many times – and it is available if you are interested in the truth – that construction of phase 1 of 3 phases bagan in 2020, you persist in posting it has been 2 years. Are you challenged with arithmetic? Are you comfortable with being a liar? Make you point but do it with integrity for crissakes

    I think the vendor should know best

    • What the vendor said has nothing to do with when the construction of the stalls commenced. The vendor is obviously referring to when the old Fairchild Street market was demolished because it had become a health hazard.

  4. “The vendor should know best” about what?

    The guy’s comments were vague, as he did not make a SPECIFIC reference to ANYTHING.

    But, David IS CORRECT. Your arguments were, construction of the new market facilities was ongoing for 2 years, over $2M spent, not one stall finished and the AudG expressed concerns about the project in his 2020 report.


    Anyhow, this discussion has gone as far as it could possibly go. So, let’s ‘agree to disagree’…… and move on.

  5. Good to know that Mia Mottley has been guiding us through the crisis since 2018 (national debt, volcanic ash and hurricane). Imagine how we would suffer under Big Sink, the Don from New York, Low and Eastwitch!

    Time to proclaim a new national heroine and put her in Admiral Nelson’s place.

  6. A personal note.
    As a parent, I have often told my son that people are not foolish.

    Some of the stories he gave me were so outlandish, that I felt it necessary to warm him about insulting the intelligence of others; he had to raise his game and not believe others had no game. His ‘weak story’ could be an easy win for others; I would be supporting him, but my heart would not be in the cause.

    Yes, I will give him my full support but he knows I want to be on the winning team and not supporting a lost cause. I believe the young man listened

    There is enough out there to work with. ‘Creativity’ is not needed.

  7. Uh-oh! Power gone again! Tomorrow I will buy a generator. Promised never to be caught again.

    Solar panels in the near future.

    My son needs electricity to work.

  8. @David, there is one thing about political pimps that never changes … they are always loyal to their ‘Knight’!

    Oh, a bit of messed up metaphors there … that was the ‘Pips and Gladys Knight” … but you get the point😎

    As @Artax suggests this particular pimp is uber faithful to any and all songs by their leader and will subvert reality completely to try to change history or attack the other leader.

    Its annoyingly ridiculous … and I am amazed that s/he does not realize how totally absurd their remarks are at times.

    But then again the ‘Emperor has no clothes’ is a tale written almost 200 years ago, so this type of egotistical, absurd lying in the face of all reality is nothing new.

    In modern chat, the higher this monkey climbs, clearly way too much of his/her unattractive backsde is exposed!

  9. The time frame of the video speaks to a recent taping of Mar 2021
    The man cannot be saying two years ago if he was just speaking of the demolition
    He was quick to point out that the pandemic had nothing to do with the project
    He said he saw ongoing work being done during the pandemic
    Two years and not one stall finished in a complete manner for the vendors to be housed

  10. This is the hurricane seasons
    The vendors are still without a finished stall
    Govt remedy is to move the vendors in an outside space in meanwhile hoping for a two year project to be finished in four to five months
    My observation bodes well to say head not brains

  11. How many years does it take to complete a stall
    All the distraction and noises does not take away that up to present not one stall is complete from a project that started two years ago
    Within a promised time line by govt to have 44 stalls completed with one year of the starting project
    This is now 2021 given that govt excuse is the pandemic
    I refuse to belive that one stall could not have been completed
    I have seen larger projects within my traveling experience completely finished
    Those projects started as well during the pandemic and finished in a timely fashion
    Here in Barbados transparency and holding those accountable is as far removed as day is from night

  12. THE disruption caused by Hurricane Elsa could have some implications for the local economy going forward.

    A local official said he has to await more information on what transpired and did not want to be too dramatic.

    However, he believed that with losses in agriculture, this can set back farmers while construction activity, which is poised to take off, could also be delayed somewhat.

  13. DavidJuly 5, 2021 4:37 PM

    We have to over this matter? Let us move on

    As a taxpayer I am within my rights
    Also I want to know if any damages occured on the site in respect to the building of the stalls
    Govt must be held accountable
    Two years and 6 mths and counting for this ongoing project deserves all and any answers
    Not so?

  14. Elsa move in and show up the derelict state of Barbados infrastructure
    Roads totally destroyed within hours of a cat 1 hurricane
    God forbide if Elsa had stayed on the island for much later
    Too much patch work and band aid politics involved
    Couple months ago there was flooding on the island and the water damage on street left cracks and holes in areas where govt spend on maintenance had already done repairs or resurfacing of the roads
    Examples of gross neglect and inferior accountability
    This should not be happening some one should be lock up

  15. @angela cox July 5, 2021 4:44 PM “Here in Barbadoa…holding those accountable is as far removed as day is from night.”

    But angela cox, we Bajans held those accountable on May 24, 2018.

    You forget that 30-0 cut tail already?


  16. @ John2

    During November and December 2019, the metal frame of the old market was dismantled and removed, while the buildings on the perimeter that were used as toilet facilities were demolished and the area was excavated, cleared of rubble and garbage before being enclosed by wire fencing.

    Vendors occupying the outer environs of the old market compound refused to adhere to notices requiring them to move.

    Golden Square vendors were informed the market would be closed on Friday, February 14, 2020 and demolished on Monday, February 17, 2020 along with the Fire Service Headquarters and the old NIS building.

    The island went on ‘lock down’ due to COVID-19 restrictions from March until July 2020.

    Construction of Phase 1 of the new market facilities commenced in September 2020.

    This is information that cannot be refuted.

    The food & beverage vendors displaced by the demolition of Golden Square were allocated their stalls during a recently held meeting with market officials and at which they were able to view and inspect the stalls. They are scheduled to fully ocupy them by month end.

    The lady’s aim is to presistently spread unthruths hoping she would “frustrate the living daylights out of people.”

    Another thing, the idiot has never visited the site and is engaging in a discussion about a situation she doesn’t know anything about, and spewing shiite as truth.

    We should take the blogmaster’s advice and move on.

  17. @angela cox July 5, 2021 5:09 PM “…some one should be lock up”

    Someone, the don will be locked up soon, soon. Let us give thanks to our American friends for that one.

  18. @ac
    You are correct. Spot on.
    Accountability is non-existent.
    As a taxpayer like you, I would like to know how the GoB could end up spending $124M via Clearwater Bay. (That could built several thousand vendor stalls).
    How could a respectful government ‘guarantee loans’ and end up having to foot the bill for nearly every effing one? And not one Shiite in terms of completed construction to show for it?? The guarantees were to restart the FS project.
    A boondoggle. As you might say, even a blind person on a trotting horse saw this coming.
    Any country that can give up that much relative to it’s overall output, must be thriving.


    “There is much to work with. Creativity is not needed.” Or something like that.

    “There is plenty to criticise without making stuff up!”

    I see no difference. So….. what was the dust up about????????

    This is all Artax and I were trying to say from the very beginning. It is irresponsible to cheer on someone when she is obviously misleading the blog. Artax does a brilliant job of proving that to all but the genuinely foolish or stubbornly foolish.

    Unlike you, I have backed down on occasion – when I realised I was wrong, as we all will be on occasion. I do not consider it to be a sign of weakness but rather of strength. I wear it as a badge of honour.

    I shall say no more on the matter.

    He who has ears and brain, and professes his love for Barbados, let him hear!

    It is only THE TRUTH that can set us free!

  20. 1/1
    It is not my intention to tell others what their response to any blogger should be.

    On my part, if there is truth in what AC says I will support her.

    If she is wrong then a dozen will criticize her. There is no need for
    me to join the circle of condemnation. I was never one for clubs and will not be joining the scarlet letter club.

    I am self contained. I do not buy or sell anything. I contribute only when I want to do so.

    One thing is certain … Foolish or not, here I come.

  21. On Barbados
    You will not find me questioning the love of others, but I will profess my own (if/when I choose to do so).

    There is no desire to match or outdo others. So, I leave the comparison and judging to others as I lack the required tools.

    Barbados, have a great day.

  22. “As a taxpayer like you, I would like to know how the GoB could end up spending $124M via Clearwater Bay. (That could built several thousand vendor stalls).”

    they assign Black people’s money to others based on skin color….if your skin is too dark EVEN IF IT’S YOUR MONEY…it’s too good for you//build you some ghetto looking 2×3 slave-like hut for a house or business place…. and….they have to pick up the YOUR BILLIONS and give it away to minorities under the GUISE OF ANYTHING….dependency tourism is their favorite deceitful dialogue….

    .this is what they are paying for right now, not wanting Black people to have what is rightfully theirs…and they will continue to PAY until they learn….which is likely to be never, but they will be gone at the end of it…

  23. And to hear people called me all kinds of derogatory names attaching me to party likes is laughable
    The govt tardiness to response to those things which are helpful to improving the quality of life for the small business man is deplorable
    Reason why I stomp kick and rightfully criticize govt lack lustre efforts
    PR and long talk does not add up to any thing
    Not one stall completed not having it

  24. Almost three years and the same voices crying for help are those of the black majority
    Don’t see or hear the minority white establishment crying for water or standing on long lines waiting and begging for the severance pay ( as a matter of fact they thumb noses at govt with an attitude of avoidance to pay )
    The minority white establishment has been given much financial help and relief in tax waivers and write offs
    Even the big cruise industry got to suck off the nipples of govt after given financial relief to sit in Carlisle back
    Meanwhile the blacks beg and are told to wait and see and not one stall completed in two years
    Not having it

  25. These comments from the sector are so predictable. Always reactive.

    Fragile houses
    Insurance execs call for mandatory building code
    THERE ARE STILL TOO MANY poorly constructed homes and buildings in Barbados, say insurance executives.
    The only way to get around it, they add, is for the country to make the long-mooted building code mandatory, thereby forcing homeowners and commercial entities to build hurricane-resilient structures. In the absence of that, it’s time to start retrofitting houses and businesses.
    Their sentiments come days after assessments of the damage inflicted by Hurricane Elsa last Friday continue to be undertaken. Up to Sunday night, Elsa, a Category 1 hurricane, had damaged 1 908 homes and destroyed more than 60, some of them uninsured.
    Chief executive officer (CEO) of Trident Insurance, David Alleyne, told the DAILY NATION that what Hurricane Elsa proved was that way too many houses built in Barbados were of a poor standard.
    “What we need is a mandatory code that would see houses being built to withstand at least the passing of a Category 1 storm. I must say I’m still surprised at the amount of damage we are seeing in our early assessment,” he said.
    Elsa slammed into Barbados early Friday morning packing winds of 75 miles per hour that ripped the roofs off houses across the island.
    “We have a building code in place, yes, but it is still only voluntary,” the veteran insurance manager said.
    “Maybe we do need to get to the stage where it is mandatory for anyone building a house. Our overall housing stock needs to be updated. It is not a good thing where we are as a country that would be in the direct path of a storm. A lot of damage took place. How much it will cost to repair remains to be seen but, for sure, our standards need to be improved,” Alleyne added.
    General manager of Cooperators General Insurance, Anton Lovell, said his company had already received 24 reports from policyholders after Elsa’s passing – 20 from residential customers and four from commercial clients.
    He, too, said there had been so many meetings of insurance personnel and Government stakeholders over the years, but the country remained in limbo with no mandatory building code.
    “We have been calling for a mandatory code for a while now. We’ve had all the meetings, and what we’ve noticed once more is that the standard of building in Barbados is very poor,” bemoaned Lovell. “A number of the houses I’ve seen damaged would not come to a standard where they should be insured.”
    He said engineers in Barbados had indicated it would take a little more money for homeowners to properly protect their homes by making them more resilient to Category 2 or even Category 3 storms, but that was when authorities started to back off from making the code mandatory.
    “We were very fortunate not to have injury or death from the latest storm, and we know the more resilient houses are, the better off we are in terms of probably losing any lives. From the time people hear about having to spend an extra $1 000 or $500 in insurance, they start to back off. But we have examples where people don’t want to pay less than $1 000 every year to insure a home valued at $200 000.”
    Lovell explained that many people felt chattel homes were not insurable or could not be built to withstand hurricanes, but that was not the case. “Once people in authority push the notion that insurance is expensive, then people will not come forward to insure their wooden homes,” he said.
    President of the General Insurance Association of Barbados, Randy Graham, who is also CEO of Massy Insurance, said some structures had held firm over the weekend, but still too much damage was observed from a Category 1 storm.
    “Barbados does have an older housing stock that we are concerned about. Many houses have roofs with no hurricane straps, and some have long overhangs that can be lifted by strong winds. We’ve also seen evidence of houses being placed on foundation but not sealed.”
    He added the discussion going forward could not just be about new building standards or a mandatory code, but also the ability of property owners to retrofit buildings as a matter of urgency. “That is what a country that is directly in the hurricane belt needs,” Graham said.
    However, claims manager at Sagicor General, Leo Watson, said it was a bit too early in the damage assessment to be critical of the overall safety of structures in Barbados. “We are satisfied with the standard of buildings within our portfolio as we conduct risk assessments as part of our underwriting evaluation,” he noted.
    “While reports on the number of damaged properties may appear to be high, it is important to look at these numbers in the context of the total housing stock in Barbados. In that context, it is probably premature to arrive at any conclusions in the absence of a more detailed investigation.”

    Source: Nation

  26. “It is irresponsible to cheer on someone WHEN SHE IS OBVIOUSLY MISLEADING THE BLOG.”

    “Only the TRUTH can set us free.”

    Stubbornly foolish. Definitely.

  27. Thanks Elsa have done an excellent job in exposing the weakness in govt policies
    Policies geared to shelter the white business establishment
    While the low and poor left exposed to the elements of nature’s power
    Oh I forget for the poor it comes to down to phases
    While the big business establishment it comes down to power and demands

  28. “It is irresponsible to cheer on someone WHEN SHE IS OBVIOUSLY MISLEADING THE BLOG.”

    “Only the TRUTH can set us free.”

    @ Donna

    Apparently not.

    After all, we were ‘told,’………..”I like the fact that she is running seven or eight of you ragged. All I can say is “You, go girl”.”

    Or, according to her, “The truth lies in govt hiding the truth” and “frustrating the living daylights out of them.”

    If they believe continually misrepresenting the truth to purposely mislead the blog achieves those objectives, then ‘truth’ and ‘responsibility’ becomes secondary.

  29. David,

    This Category One Elsa sprinted through Barbados like Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce. “Nothing to see here,” she said as she slipped on by.

    A permaclad sheet on the roof of one of my SHEDS lifted in the final hour of the hurricane. It lifted and flapped but it did not come off.

    When my cousin went to fix it, he found no nail holes in the portion of the sheet that had first lifted. There was space for two more nails. It is obvious that two more nails would have stood up against Elsa. But even without them, she failed to blow it off.

    A stone’s throw away, an entire house occupied by two cousins of mine was flattened.

    Two adult siblings occupying what used to be the best house in that area when their mother built it, flattened.


    The mother died several years ago. Two working siblings, one with neither chick nor child and the other, having grown offspring, if any, not wanting to spend money on a house that benefits the other.

    That’s how I figure it.

    There are many households where the same frame of mind exists among siblings who occupy their family home. I could name you several off the top of my head.

    The problem this time was not in the design of the house but in the lack of maintenance.

    There are some genuinely poor people who can do no better. And there are others who cut off their nose to spoil their own features.

    Donna is not giving one damn cent to any rebuilding effort unless a means test is done and those who can are made to pay back.

    My first order of business is the strengthening and maintenance of my house and the payment of my insurance. I am not paying for mine and theirs voluntarily.

    Grenville says it is no more expensive than a damn cell phone to secure one’s roof. A man said he lost his roof and two damn flat screen tvs.

    First things first.

  30. “Thanks Elsa have done an excellent job in exposing the weakness in govt policies”

    that is one set of political spin from a known extremist troll agent …
    … the counter spin is it exposed scavenger bionic rats like Angela “Bukkake” “Gangbang” Cox with the hurricane porn pretending to care about ghetto sufferahs to score political points

    Harold Hal Austin would be proud of level of dishonest rightwing news spin bullshit a la racist australian murdoch empire standards of misinformation and lying by his prodigy

  31. Artax,

    Apparently cheering on someone who is deliberately misleading the blog simply because she has seven or eight of us asking her to speak the truth will help Barbados to do better.

    Sometimes Angela Cox hits on a good point. When she does so, I too agree with her.

    Reasoned and truthful discourse is what it takes to whip a government into shape. Pure partisan poop will be dismissed and responded to in kind.

    Political pimping and yardfowlism is what got us into this mess. I guess in some people’s stubbornly foolish minds, it will get us out of it.

    Logic is your strong point. Logic is my strong point.

    Some people…. not so much.

    Keep on allowing the lies to run you ragged! lol. I will be there with you.

  32. 124 million hone Haywire
    Now 3.8million about to be blown out the back door and no one must say nothing

  33. No. No-one must TELL LIES.

    Perhaps you no longer know the difference between saying something and telling lies.

    If so, you have my sympathy on the death of your conscience.

  34. 3.8 million that you can see work being done. Some poor black men still making a living if they were working on the project for two years and eventually the vendors will be brought in out of the elements

    How many or who beniffited from the 124m ?

  35. “Perhaps you no longer know the difference between saying something and telling lies. If so, you have my sympathy on the death of your conscience.”

    Political lies serve agendas and are the foundation for misinformation and untruths that people want to hear for scripted arguments.
    Did you know that black people are an heathenish, brutish and an uncertain, dangerous kind of people was a preamble that allowed slaves’ owners to do entirely as they wished to their slaves, including mutilating them and burning them alive, without fear of reprisal. For example, if an African person acted violently against an English person the law stipulated that they should be severely whipped, have his or her nose slit and shall be burnt in the face, while the next offence shall be punished by death. This terror kept people who were labelled slaves in their place. I’m not sure if it applied to the white slaves though.

  36. It should never be about me.

    Ac is an adult who can do/write as she pleases. She is not my child.
    She does not submit her comments to me for my approval. If she is right, I will support her. If she is wrong, there are others who will let her know she is incorrect.

    If further action is required, then take it to those who manages the blog.

    I have refused to become personal with anyone (unlike the Englishman). Yet, at some stage, I expect to hear “Ban he. He supporting she. She telling lies”. It is the last tool in the toolbox.

  37. A few days ago BL& P spokesman said that 70 % of Barbadian households had electricity restored
    Now I am hearing via a press conference that only 1368 persons have electricity and presently 20thousand are without lights
    Another reason why I do not take much believability in the utterances said during these press conferences
    Which takes my mind back to what have been said by govt officials in reference to the Fairchild Street project
    There are observers on the ground who says differently those are who I belive
    Get it

  38. Gallery’s don’t hurt you head wrestling with them
    They have their truth and I have mine
    For them if govt say it is so it is so and that is the end of the story
    For me if govt say so I dig a bit deeper and look a lot longer
    Time is longer than twine

  39. angela coxJuly 6, 2021 4:06 PM

    Theo Gazzerts don’t hurt you head wrestling with them
    They have their truth and I have mine
    For them if govt say it is so it is so and that is the end of the story
    For me if govt say so I dig a bit deeper and look a lot longer
    Time is longer than twine

  40. I remember when Mia reference the good name of Barbados as being worst than Haiti
    Sadly she might have got her wish
    Sometimes a person utterances can return to bite them in the arse
    This I must say Mia might have received a double serving of bites by an unknown pit bullcall Elsa

  41. GOVERNMENT’S INCLUSION of natural disaster clauses in its restructured bonds could now provide some elbow room as the country increases spending to repair Hurricane Elsa’s damage.

    Did govt take full use of the clause now that Barbados has been hammered by Elsa
    Or is this another case of wait and see topped off by numerous phases which can last as long as finishing the Fairchild street project

  42. Barbados is probably the least prepared of all the islands within the region to cater for a category one hurricane. Equally worrying, the geography of the island is relatively flat and benign; and ripe for devastation should a stronger hurricane then Elsa decides to pay a visit to the island.

  43. TLSNJuly 6, 2021 5:07 PM

    Barbados is probably the least prepared of all the islands within the region to cater for a category one hurricane. Equally worrying, the geography of the island is relatively flat and benign; and ripe for devastation should a stronger hurricane then Elsa decides to pay a visit to the island.


    They can always pretend to be resilient when or if another one pass over the island
    Yuh now it is amazing to the level of dumbfounding how barbadians sit back with an nonchalant attitude while hell breaks loose around them

  44. If politics is about bullshit
    then AC is an accomplished bullshitter

    not even DLP can bullshit like her and get away with it

  45. Come on, there isn’t any comparison between you and the pompous, uncouth limey. Unlike him, you seem to be decent guy.

    I’m not a member of the ‘banning crew.’

  46. @angela cox July 6, 2021 4:03 PM “A few days ago BL& P spokesman said that 70 % of Barbadian households had electricity restored. Now I am hearing via a press conference that only 1368 persons have electricity.”

    And from the Light and Power link which you posted is written 1368 customers restored today.

    Which interpreted means that an ADDITIONAL 1368 customers were restored today. Typically there is more that one person in a household or business. So thousands more people had their electricity restored today, up to 80% of customers have had their power restored.

    Not that I am a spokesperson for Light and Power. And not that I am happy with how long the restorations are taking.

    But the truth is the truth man! Most businesses and homes NOT 1368 persons have had their power restored

  47. @angela cox July 6, 2021 4:03 PM “I am hearing via a press conference that only 1368 persons have electricity and presently 20thousand are without lights”

    Using your math am I to believe that 1,368 + 20,000=21,368 people live in Barbados?

  48. Somebody must be paying you to write lies/spread disinformation. Nobody would tell so many lies/sin their souls for nothing.

  49. @ Cuhdear Bajan

    “Don’t hurt your head wrestling with her.”

    Perhaps she isn’t being “paid to write lies/spread disinformation.”

    REMEMBER, “she has HER TRUTH and we have ours.”

    She probably mistook BL&P for BLP, and, you know “for her, if govt said, via a press conference that only 1368 persons have electricity, she dug a bit deeper and looked a lot longer” to give us HER VERSION of the truth.

    And, don’t forget, to ask or challenge anything she presents to this forum, according to the limey snob, means we’re “cyber stalking bullies in need of psychiatric help.”

    So, be very careful and ‘tread lightly.”

  50. All-out effort!
    HUNDREDS OF BARBADIANS who need temporary housing after being displaced by Hurricane Elsa will this week go into special accommodation secured by Government.
    Minister of Home Affairs Wilfred Abrahams said yesterday that the authorities would leave no stone unturned in their assessment of all the damage done by the Category 1 hurricane, and this would continue all week. He said officials already had a good idea of who the vulnerable were, and they should be in new accommodation from today.
    “We sustained a fair amount of damage to our housing stock and to our infrastructure as well,” Abrahams said during a press conference at the National Emergency Operations Centre in Warrens, St Michael.
    “But the recovery to date has been nothing short of phenomenal. This level of destruction had not been seen in many years.
    “I know some people still have some issues about where we are in terms of electricity. For those still affected, we may feel that nothing else has happened in Barbados, but the fact that the roads have been cleared as quickly as they have been, that persons have been taken out of collapsed structures and provided accommodation is testimony to the amount of hard work done,” he said.
    Director of the Department of Emergency Management (DEM), Kerry Hinds, said the latest assessment showed there were now 2 372 problems reported. These included 1 333 damaged roofs, 326 with other house damage and 145 houses collapsed, the majority of which (38) occurred in Christ Church. Twenty were destroyed in St Michael, and 14 in St John.
    In addition, 533 households have already indicated they will need assistance with alternative accommodation as a result of Elsa’s fury.
    Abrahams said Government had partnered with the Barbados Hotel & Tourism Association through the Intimate Hotels Group, which would be providing 108 rooms for displaced people. “That is over ten hotels and we are trying to add to that. We are trying for selfcontained units so persons can cook their own meals and prepare their own food,” the minister said.
    In addition, he said the Sons of God Spiritual Baptist Church in Ealing Grove, Christ Church, will provide 18 units, and the Barbados Workers Union’s Labour College at Mangrove, St Philip, another 13 rooms for accommodation. “The ones at the Spiritual Baptists are two-, three- and fourbedroom units, so they can accommodate families as well,” Abrahams added.
    He thanked all the critical agencies which sprang into action early Friday morning after Elsa had passed and the all-clear subsequently given by the DEM.
    He said the focus of Government now was to return a level of normalcy to the lives of people affected by Elsa.
    “We want to get you into some degree of comfort as soon as possible. This is now about the people of Barbados. We will get to rebuilding and restoration, but for now the critical concern is for the people. That is priority No. 1.”
    Abrahams said priority would be given to people whose houses had been destroyed after Elsa slammed into Barbados with winds that topped 75 miles per hour and lingered around for two hours before moving on to do more damage in the Eastern Caribbean.
    He noted it was not yet possible to provide a dollar value of the overall damage inflicted, and a report of a $5 million tally was just that of the insurance sector. He added it could be way more, as most of the collapsed houses were uninsured.
    The minister lamented the quality of housing across the island.
    “Our building stock has been shown up to be very fragile. A Category 1 system in the grand scheme of things is at the low end of cyclonic intensity, and yet we sustained some significant impact in Barbados. That alone tells us everything we need to know.
    “Yes, our building code is voluntary and points to best practice, and that is one of the things we are going to have to look at. There are lessons coming out of this event that we cannot possibly ignore, and that is there must be certain minimum legislative standards for building. There is probably very little you can do to existing houses, but going forward there must be some minimum levels that construction must meet . . . . We should not be getting this level of destruction from a Category 1 hurricane.”

    Source: Nation

  51. Artax,

    Decent guy for sure but stubbornly foolish and unable to back down.

    Neither you nor I have ever called for ANYONE to be banned. That is mostly Lorenzo. Can’t recall who else.

    I don’t know where this idea of more than one truth originated from but it makes no sense to me. One can interpret truth differently depending on one’s perspective but there is only one truth.

    This idea that I believe whatever this administration tells me is ridiculous. I didn’t even believe everything my mother said, my teacher said, my textbooks said, my doctor said, the priest said, the bible said…… not since I was a pre-teen. I question EVERYTHING and EVERYONE.

    Angela Cox digs deeper, she says, meaning she digs deeper down every White Rabbit hole some Facebooker starts for her and ends up in Wonderland with the Mad Hatter.


  52. Are the planting of a million trees still one of Mia great proposals
    That idea was laid out by Mia about two years ago
    Haven’t heard much about it since

  53. Btw what business is that of anyone in this forum as to who shows any level of support towards any individual or individuals
    Some of wunna arrogant as RH Stupse

  54. Bl&P sending restoration PR messages
    What about the incompetence on their part
    The various stories of rotten poles which came about because of aging and termite infestation should be on concern of the PR dept of BL&P
    Five days without electricity is unacceptable
    People being thrown into darkness after a cat 1 is unacceptable because of the internal handlings and preference level concerns bl& p gave to the managing of their infrastructure
    Many have lost all perishable
    Bl&p should be held accountable for some of these people looses
    After all … months before the hurricane many have laid complaints to bl&p management in the manner and way many poles were vulnerable to nature’s wrath if a hurricane struck the island

  55. Any situation, at any time, some people always have something negative to say about it. They are hellbent on constantly looking for the in every positive situation, just to give themselves something to complain about or criticize, because it is politically expedient for them to do so.

    Those persons are ‘damp clouds walking over every sunshine situation,’ hoping to drench other people with their miserable, distorted comments.

    Because they have a disagreeable inclination to stress faults and raise petty objections, I believe ‘captious critics’ or ‘miserable curmudgeons’ appropriately describes them.

  56. Artax

    Time we hit the ignore button

    Some people seem to be lonely and find solace in social media.

    Negativity is getting our attention and that’s is the sole intention to stroke ego

    As from today I am ignoring the ignorant attention seeking one.

    • That is not it, it is how some people remain relevant on the blog. You have been told many time yet you feel happy following.

  57. @ John2

    I agree.

    BU should be a forum where we could seriously discuss ideas and opinions rationally and reasonably.

    At one stage, BU was becoming a very toxic environment with all the insults, person abuse and derogatory remarks. Now, it’s becoming a political playground for idiots who prefer to misrepresent the truth.

    I was a bit more interested in seeking the truth and placing issues in their proper perspective……. while probably ignoring contributors are quite capable of separating ‘fact from fiction.’

    You are correct. Perhaps the time has come to “ignore the ignorant attention seeking one.”

  58. In all the PR “good messages” yet to hear a set policy on price gouging
    However I did hear govt had place soldiers across Barbados to stop criminality involving looters
    Meanwhile the uppity business class is left alone to gouge out the people’s eyes

  59. Now, there ìs one thing I have to say about B L & P. They obviously do not maintain their poles. Some of them had to be rotten. They also do not trim the trees besieged by wires as promised.. That I know because after numerous calls and promises, I ended up paying somebody to trim mine. He said he knew what he was doing but I was still afraid. Eventually, I cut the whole damn thing down to ensure it did not slip by me again. Planted a tree elsewhere to replace it

    • The bligmaster has license based on his judgement. Commenters have the opportunity add value to the blog by dissecting issues. Where is the value trying to debate a person being deliberately malicious?

  60. Interesting but never heard anythIng about the outcome of the investigation

    Read ePaper
    Home / Top Featured Article / Man falls to his death after being electrocuted

    Man falls to his death after being electrocuted – by Barbados Today July 11, 2020
    Police are investigating the unnatural death of a 21-year-old man from Baywoods, St James.

    About 10:26 a.m. on Saturday, police in Holetown received a report that a man had fallen from a tree whilst he was picking breadfruits. He was described as seriously injured at the time. On arrival police were informed by ambulance personnel who were on the scene that there was no sign of life. He was later pronounced dead at the scene by a medical doctor.

    A tender from the Barbados Fire Service also responded to put out a fire, which was coming from the tree.

    It is alleged that the young man was picking breadfruit with a rod, which came in contact with power lines. He was shocked and fell from the tree to the ground

  61. Here is another truth I found to be of interest
    Not my truth nonetheless a truth all by itself
    Sad especially at a time when people have no jobs

    I had my first price gouging experience to day. Six weeks ago i bought some plastic jars. Went back for some more price gone up! I wickedly asked if the price went up.

    Response this is what i seeing in the system.

    My response. I know the price gone up

    When i took the commodity to the person i bough them for, I asked what was the last price again. Our price matched and hence a sizable increase!

    How sad. Naturally the small business owner cannot absorb such cost. Where do we go from here.

  62. In one of Govt PR conferences I heard auntie Mia saying as a reference that in the good ole USA when there is a hurricane some parts of areas affected have no electricity for weeks
    Although some truth is in that statement
    The cat of hurricane to do that much devastation would have been one on the level of a cat 5 where there was multiple tornado activity
    Example hurricane David in fla and Katrina because of heavy flooding
    Those comparison gives a right of understanding the damage that would be done during a cat 4 or 5
    The comparison of a cat 1 hurricane with 75 miles per hour wind does not fit into the same category as one which can do the same catastrophic damage as a cat 5
    My mind tells me that auntie Mia rather than placed some kind of responsibility towards bl& p prefer to send a message of comfort looking past the hurt and pain people felt from the loss of electricty

  63. A cat 4 or 5 hurricane can un leash multiple damage bringing wide spread damage in many areas with out any exception
    Elsa a Cat 1 which was expected to cross fla would in know way do the kind of damage to fla infrastructure and electrical service as was seen in Barbados
    The truth of the matter as Elsa cross the West Coast of Fla upward into the Eastern Seaboard would only serve to exposed the bl& p incompetence and its selfish PR messages distancing itself from responsibility
    Whereby a low grade hurricane Elsa had very little devastating impact on Fla electric Service as happened in barbados

  64. Hmm

    The sum of twenty-two million one hundred and fifty-three thousand and eight hundred and seventy-five dollars ($22,153,875) should be approved under Head 34 – Ministry of Finance, Economic Affairs and Investment as follows:

    Head 34:



    Direction & Policy Formulation Services


    Programme 040:

    Sub-Programme 0022:

    Account Code 230: Contingencies – $22,153,875




    528,955 PM office

    1,113,781. MINISTRY of tourism and international Transport

    495,836 Attorney General office

    41,830Ministry of Innovation Science and Smart Technology

    15,000 Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade

    71,971.Ministry of Home Affairs information and Public Affairs

    52,880 Ministry of Finance Economic Affaiirs and Investment

    134,699 Ministry of People Empowerment and Elder Affairs

    464,294 Ministry of International Business and Industry

    99,238 Ministry of Maritime Affairs and the blue economy

    40,256 Post office

    13,278,978 Ministry of Transport works and water resources

    915,645 Ministry of Environment and National Beautification

    255,860 Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security

    327,409 Ministry of health and Wellness

    3,688,648 Ministry of Education Technology and vocational Training

    200,135 Ministry of Youth Sports and Community Empowerment

    428,460 Ministry of Housing Landa and Maintenance


    The sum of $22,153,875 is to reimburse Ministries, Departments and State-owned Enterprises for expenditure incurred from the clean-up process resulting from the ash deposited on Barbados.



















  65. ELSA passed through Fla and everybody has electricity
    Not so in Barbados almost a week later and people do not have electricity

  66. The restoration begun in the East coast of fla and electricity restored to most homes in a day
    Up until two days ago bl&p said that 20 thousand homes was without power
    Now u are not trying to compare bl & p long process which started almost a week ago and still not finished to a day and a half worth of completion of work to what has been done in Jacksonville to restoring electricity to about 12thousand homes
    No contest bl& p efforts made it easy for Elsa to exposed its incompetence

  67. Some how it feels real good being the lone man standing on the burning deck
    David flush out the ignoramuses real good
    Just rolling on the floor with laughter 🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣

  68. My friend after six days got back electricity today
    All perishables gone like down the drain
    Yuh think govt of Barbados gonna help those who have lost some of their food supplies because of nature’s pounding
    The elderly at least

  69. 11thousand in Barbados still without lights
    Bl&p says it might be a week longer before restoration

  70. Every hurricane season we are reminded not to fill our fridge with perishables. We are also reminded to turn our fridge to maximum before the storm. I took care to follow both of these and my meat was frozen after three days. The meat can last for another day or so chilled. And you can also prolong its life in a cooler with ice. So… you do the above and then you cook the meat and use it up. Nobody should be losing a whole lot.

    Having said that, BL&P have probably run out of transformers. They said 45 needed replacing. Probably weren’t expecting a hit. Not ready for it.

  71. I was searching for a post by GP2 where he gave some very useful information on home construction.
    Unable to find it and surprise that no one provided a link to this valuable infornation.

  72. Sometimes I am astonished how bajans view most of every facet of life in a singular lens
    Many barbadians especially the elderly does a weekly or monthly shopping preferring to by in bulk items like canned foods and meat
    There are many reasons which can contribute to people buying more of one product than the other
    Maybe a convient way of saving when prices go on sale
    Another maybe lack of everyday personnel transportation as might be with the elderly
    And maybe relying on a monthly check to do their monthly shopping
    The gall and nerve of insensitivity towards those who might have lost their perishables is downright nasty and speaks of a don’t carish attitude towards bajans struggling to make ends meet being thrown into immediate devastation by Elsa

  73. Govt needs to put in place a committee to look into the truthfulness of bl&p information regarding outages that happen because of down rotten poles
    messages sent to BL&p by concerned citizens on the concerns of leaning and rotten poles before the hurricane occured should be contacted
    Bl& p should bare some of the responsibility
    A week is too long for people to go with out electrify in a COVID environment

  74. One can always find somebody in every damn neighbourhood willing to buy you a chicken when necessary.

    I myself, the uncaring one, once volunteered to assist the lady who undertook such at the church I attended.

    I also planned and executed many programmes in my role as member of the League of Friends of one district hospital. Also executed one such programme with my workplace that lasted after my departure.

    So much for don’t carish, nuh!

    Piss off, you pox-filled plague of a political pimp!

  75. When Angela Cox has stood for two minutes with a youth group of teenagers, next to a previously unnoticed ball of shite and sung carols to the elderly patients of a district hospital, she can talk to me of don’t carishness!

    Only one young person couldn’t stay the carol’s course. She ran outside for air. The rest remained and sang with straight faces.

  76. Meanwhile, Donna has identified one elderly woman worthy of her assistance who lost her house in the hurricane.

    She passed me in my garden yesterday on the way to shout a relative before work.

    Not giving to people who refuse to help themselves. Not giving to government to help them.

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