Minister Adrian Forde MIA

Submitted by Kammie Holder

We thought it could not get any worse under Dr Denis Lowe as Minister Of Environment who I must confess represented Barbados well on environmental issues internationally.

Perhaps, the fact I seldom remember the name of the current Minister of Environment is indicative of his lack of visibility other than the local Clean & Green initiative. I am concerned that in 2021 we still have not done anything to protect pollinators, ban RoundUp or Gramoxone nor ratified the Rio Principle 10 Declaration.

It’s hoped we will not loose our place within international fora. Let me say I further hope Minister Forde is big enough not to be like Denis Lowe and take my environmental concerns personal. Please find information on diseases linked to pesticides usage.

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  1. I agree with you on pesticides but there is an increase in bee keeping among the youth. Cannot remember who is responsible.

  2. Kammie Holder
    Haven’t heard your voice with heightened concern about the ungodly destruction of the Coral Reefs
    Haven’t heard your voice with heightened concern about the the effulent from the south west sewage system being placed in the ocean
    As a matter of fact haven’t heard your voice on issues dealing with the environment that daily affects the lives of the people of Barbados

  3. DavidJune 30, 2021 5:40 AM

    Maybe you need to follow his Facebook and other social media channels.


    Should not have to how about others who does not
    Here he comes to speak about a problem which he finds of concern
    So why not others

    • You have no issue following DLP, Irene Sandiford-Garner. Azzizi Walcott. Ashton Turney et al. Kammie is all I’ve social and traditional media with his messages. Unfortunately because you operate in bubbles you will miss it.

  4. There needs to be a ban on all products containing glyphosate. The constant fogging for mosquitoes also needs to be addressed.

  5. However I do remember his vocal and well placed opposition to Cahill
    Haven’t heard him saying anything of relevance to the destruction of the reefs
    Also I saw nothing on his fb page

  6. I was wondering about the fogging. It seems to have replaced Environmental Officer boots on the ground. I have had only two visits since they were called Health Inspectors. I wonder what they do every day. Have we reduced their numbers?

    I remember the days when they visited every household and kept people in line. If you admitted to keeping potted plants inside your house, they came inside to check the “saucers”.

    There was a white bucket of water at obviously abandoned property next door for two years after the renters left. If I had not paid somebody to bait for rodents I would not have discovered that mosquito breeding site.

    The Environmental Officers are MIA.

  7. (Quote):
    There needs to be a ban on all products containing glyphosate. The constant fogging for mosquitoes also needs to be addressed. (Unquote).

    Good point.

    Maybe the same chemicals used to “control” mosquitoes are themselves responsible for the collapse of the bee colonies and those of other beneficial insects required to keep the insect world in a state of balance and hence the plant food sources for human survival.

  8. Also the closure of landfills when they have reached their capacity to handle large volumes of garbage

  9. Barbadians have endured many environmental hazards over the years
    The same problems coming from these hazards that effect humans affect plant and animal life
    The advocacy against these types of hazardous problems is sorely lacking in Barbados
    Sooner rather than later the chickens will come home to roost
    Landfills and garbage dumps have already shown their ability to spill dangers toxins in the air
    We have all heard about the fires

  10. glyphosate?

    Is your mosquito spray killing pollinators like bees and butterflies?

    Efforts to keep yards and pools mosquito free could be putting the food supply at risk.

    Hot, damp weather means more mosquitoes spawning and experts say using chemicals to kill the pesky bugs can also result in killing bees, butterflies and other pollinators.

    “What most companies spray for mosquitoes are general insecticides,” said Dr. Michael Reiskind, an entomologist at North Carolina State University. “Most of the sprays kill insects, they don’t just kill mosquitoes. If an insect hits that spray, it’s going to get killed, if there’s a pollinator there, it’s going to get killed.”

  11. On behalf of the BU household the blogmaster extends sincere condolences to the prime minister of Barbados Mia Mottley on the passing of her brother. May he Rest In Peace.

  12. I do worry about that fogging and the bees, butterflies, ladybirds that seem to have disappeared from many neighbourhoods. I wonder if it is the destruction of their habitats through clearing of pastures etc. for development areas or the fogging that did them in. They have made a come back in my garden for sure. Still, I always worry about them during fogging.

  13. @David June 30, 2021 9:35 AM “On behalf of the BU household the blogmaster extends sincere condolences to the prime minister of Barbados Mia Mottley on the passing of her brother. May he Rest In Peace.”

    I join you in this David.

    Those of us who have lost parents, siblings etc. knows that death is painful for those of us left behind. And if it is a sudden death of a young or middle aged person it is even more painful.

    There is no partisan politics where death is concerned because we understand what the elders meant when they say “is today for you, tomorrow for me.”

  14. Who’s talking about partisan politics? We, the righteous ones, are on a mission to defeat “The Devil”!

    Aren’t we?????


  15. @Donna June 30, 2021 7:09 AM “I was wondering about the fogging. It seems to have replaced Environmental Officer boots on the ground. I have had only two visits since they were called Health Inspectors.”

    Lucky you.

    I have had one documented visit in more than 30 years at this address. Documented in that they left a card. Maybe they come when I am not at home, but I have been retired for more that 5 years now and I am yet to see a “sanitary inspector/environmental health officer” in the last five years. Maybe we need to train more people to do the job? It is a good job. One of my many siblings did it for years. Young people need work.

    But too many of us are too untidy, throw our plastic and other containers all over the place as though we expect the government to pay a personal nanny to pick up after each and everyone of us. I wonder if people are not ashamed when they nasty up the place.

    Prevention is ALWAYS better than cure.

  16. @Miller June 30, 2021 7:18 AM “Maybe the same chemicals used to “control” mosquitoes are themselves responsible for the collapse of the bee colonies…”

    Maybe some of the bees wer killed by the volcanic ash. Immediately after the volcano a noticed a dramatic reduction of the number of bees around my place. I have a sweet basil plant dozens of bees would be on it. After the volcano, only a few. In this is the case this is also an environmental loss.

    Donna did you notice anything like this up by you? And if John comes on this blocg, and if he is in Barbados, John did you notice any loss of bees after the middle of April this year?

  17. Farmers: Ease us

    Another call for removal of garbage and sewage tax

    AS COMPLAINTS of rising food prices continue, farmers are again calling on Government to remove the Garbage and Sewage Contribution (GSC) on water used on farms.
    Chief executive officer of the Barbados Agricultural Society (BAS), James Paul, told the MIDWEEK NATION yesterday that farmers were also calling on the ruling administration to revisit the land tax calculations for their properties.
    He said farmers were already reeling from the increasing cost of inputs and therefore if farming is to remain viable in these times, while helping to lower the escalating cost of food in Barbados, Government needed to make some concessions. Since the introduction of the GSC in 2018, which tacks on $1.50 per day on water bills of households while commercial premises will pay 50 per cent of their water bill, farmers have complained of it being unfair to them given that they dispose of their farm waste.
    However, with COVID-19 throwing supply chains out of whack, in addition to increased shipping costs which are impacting the agricultural sector and cost of living in general, farmers are now lamenting that the tax burden is just too much to bear.
    High cost
    “We have to seriously look at the high cost of water and we believe that Government needs to remove the garbage tax from the water bills of farming enterprises. We are calling for this because all of the established farming enterprises dispose of their waste and they do not rely on the Sanitation Service Authority (SSA) to take up their garbage. This is a big issue for us,” said Paul.
    “We also have to relook the property tax for farmers because along with all of the other increases that farmers are experiencing, there were increases in property taxes. This now has an impact on the viability of farmers who are property owners. Under the old dispensation, farmers who had properties were given a lower rate of taxation. So, if we are serious about food security, you have to make sure that local farmers can compete in the market.”
    The BAS chief said the rising cost of fuel was also taking a toll on agricultural enterprises and farmers were in the process of implementing several measures to cushion the impact.
    He also contended that if local farming is to provide a buffer to rising food prices, food production must be ramped up, but to do so, farmers must be guaranteed the commensurate market share.
    “We have noticed significant cost increases in farm inputs, but we are also significantly impacted by the rising cost of diesel and fuel to farming enterprises. We recognise that the Government needs to continue to ensure that we do not
    get unfair competition from the import of products into Barbados. Farmers need to speak in a unified voice on these important issues to ensure that we get better prices for the industry now.
    “One of the solutions is certainly more coordinated purchasing of inputs by farmers because in so doing, we can hopefully bargain for better prices for our inputs. Also, if we start doing this, then we would see the price of inputs start going down,” he said.
    He maintained that instead of putting taxes on farming enterprises which are supposed to be producing food, Government should lower them.

    Source: Nation News

  18. Cuhdear Bajan,

    I think I there was a slight reduction in the number of bees but pollination is still occurring.

    My bee-keeping cousin said his bees were indeed affected by the ash on the blossoms and flowers.

  19. Always only negative things about Barbados. It is obvious that the opposition wants to destroy the island.

    How about some positive comments about our honourable government for once? Has it not brought peace, freedom, justice and security since 2018? Has it not reduced the national debt and restored the island’s reputation?

    Maybe we should talk about that for once.

  20. Off topic i just wanted to express my deepest heartfelt sympathy to PM Ms Mia Mottley on the passing of her brother Warren Mottley.It is always difficult to lose a loved one.Although i did not know him personslly it still saddened me when i heard.Therefore to Ms Mottley and her parents and siblings please stay strong.

  21. Likewise, my condolences to our Supreme Leader´s family. I hope that Mia Mottley will be in the very best condition to lead the island for a very long time to come.

  22. Dear Angela Cox, may I pinpoint you to the page “Bajans Against the $700M Waste To Energy Plant.” On that page you find daily information on environmental issues, solutions and documents within the file section from contributors and I.

    Did you not see the Future Centre Trust make a comment and conducted tours with residents in the area of the dump? When one is critical of a decision it’s only decent to offer alternatives and not just criticize.

    I am also busy trying to finish school. Do you know how many articles I have written in the past year that were rejected thanks to a protective compromised media and an antiquated Libel laws in Barbados. What do you really know about me other than I am blunt without bias?

    In addition you sometimes have to let the boat sink for persons to take responsibility for their own survival, if you are the only person plugging the hole in the boat no one else is concerned.

    Oh, my loyalty is not to any self serving political party as I am highly allergic to deceit and folly. The two labor parties continue to bamboozle citizens with menial jobs offers and handouts while destroying the legacy of future generations.

    One must be strategic in advocacy lest docile Barbadians who prefer the status quo, turn on you for fighting for them. A refrain commonly heard from sheeple” who prefer silence hoping problems will just go away’ “ He again.”

    Mrs Cox, why not let us collectively call for better governance and accountability from all political parties as well as the establishment of the of independent oversight offices with REAL teeth,

    On another note, too many we thought were social activist have sold their souls to their political masters just for a pick on a board or committee.

  23. @David et al, I have as well as the FCT written and discussed the issue of illegal dumping but sadly no action is taken until is a crisis, it makes money for someone or it makes a great photo opportunity.

    Here is a précis of suggestion to deal with illegal dumping as sent to MOE years ago and discussed as well as written in the media.

    1) All waste haulers to be registered once you are carting away grass or anything. Registration categories for gardeners with a minimum registration fee.

    2) No payment unless official receipt is shown proving refuse was delivered to a registered and authorized landfill. Home owners or business owners must issue an Waste Hauler Permit which can be downloaded electronically. Thus it would be an offense to be transporting rubbish without such a permit or to falsify such a permit.

    3) Police or Traffic warden should have authority to stop any vehicle and request to see authorization and destination of landfill.

    4) All appliances must be registered in a central registry and accessible by Ministry Of Health and Ministry Of Environment. Monitoring and tracing can be outsourced for free to an environmental NGO. ( To the naysayers every tv was once registered)

    I have posited relentlessly that the littering problem is a behavioral issue and removal of fee will not stop illegal dumping. Did it stop? A survey has shown it’s getting worse.

    However, someone will say that littering has no linkage to moral decal and the Auditor Generals ignored reports.

    To give credit to the current MOE his greening initiative is laudable but it does not treat the root cause or mitigate littering reoccurrence.

    • @Kammie

      The program rolled out by the MOE cannot be described as laudable if it is not addressing the root of the problem.

      Good luck with your program!

  24. “He again” or “SHE again” a common refrain in Barbadian society.

    At least you do not have to endure the “She want a man” refrain. Lol.

    Do it YOUR WAY, Kammie! Ignore party hacks who have a nefarious agenda!

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