Lawyers Continue to Laugh at We

A few weeks ago Chief Justice Patterson Cheltenham revealed that after a ‘dig’ 70 matters were discovered lying idle in the court system. In other words, some lawyers are filing a notice of appeal and leaving the matter in abeyance without active follow up to activate the matter therefore adding to the burgeoning case load. When the matter is called by the Court of Appeal, according to the Chief Justice, the lawyer filing the notice is sometimes a no show and in many cases fail to also apprise lawyers representing the respondents.

Barbados Underground has been a strident voice over the years in the call for the Barbados court system to get its act together in order to deliver on the maxim – “justice delayed is justice denied”. Chief Justice Patterson Cheltenham was appointed from being active as a lawyer and should be aware of the gaming methods lawyers co-opt to frustrate the system. It is disappointing after all the years of criticism Cheltenham’s predecessors were unaware of the unethical practice by lawyers – legal officers of the Court – to file ‘empty’ notices of appeal.

Do we need to remind lawyers in Barbados that as legal officers of the Barbados Court they are saddled with the awesome responsibility of delivering quality justice? The inability of the court system to dispense justice has obvious implications for the quality of life in the society. To have to listen to the Attorney General and his predecessors express frustration with a court system about to crash under its weight is an embarrassment.

Kudos to the Chief Justice for identifying an issue to be solved. As usual what was left hanging is how lawyers engaged in depositing empty ‘matters’ in the court system will be disciplined. These lawyers are being dishonest and unethical in behaviour and should have to suffer disciplinary action. A part of the problem with rising crime and lawlessness in Barbados is the slow pace justice is administered, it also has implications for the international business sector to ensure speedy resolution to matters.

The blogmaster is aware the government has allocated monies to install additional judges. What good will come of it if key stakeholders in the system; lawyers deliberately frustrate efficiency by the court by clogging up the system with nuisance matters, are no shows, missing files at the Registry etc? It begs the question what motivates the behaviour. The blogmaster believes some lawyers see financial reward operating in an inefficient court system. 

Barbadians at home and in the diaspora have reached the limit of understanding why year after year we have been unable to improve the justice system. A bit of advice to the government, Attorney General, Chief Justice, Registrar of the Court, Barbados Bar Association, Disciplinary Committee, lawyers, police – time to start adhering to the highest ethical standards you have sworn to uphold on behalf of the clients who PAY YOU. If we do not we ALL will have to live in the type of society that evolves.

21 thoughts on “Lawyers Continue to Laugh at We

  1. The chief justice should also be EXPOSING the delinquent judges who deem themselves autonomous while SUCKING TAXPAYERS MONEY, perks and benefits.

    …how the hell could there be personal injury cases as young as 18 years and as old as 32 years lying around the supreme court WITHOUT A JUDGEMENT/DECISION HANDED DOWN..

    and if by some miracle you get the deceitful judges to answer a query, their answer is….i got a question of the lawyers…oh really, it takes 8 years AFTER a trial and a query for the judge to suddenly have a question….they all want FIRING…these uppity politically handpicked, colonial agents and uncaring jokers and frauds..

    .one publicly promised in the media when handpicked for the bench that decisions will be handed down forthwith…..up till today YEARS LATER…NOT ONE DECISION HAS BEEN HANDED DOWN…

    when ya got lawyers taking money from insurance companies in the form of COMMISSION….to make sure the claimant GETS NOTHING and to prolong the cases for DECADES…..the lawyers will live off those commissions and their clients and those in other cases will see NO RESOLUTION….all the information is coming out about how they all go about their bribetaking to NEVER END CASES at the court.

    these lawyers IGNORE human rights abuses, there is no measured depth that they would not go to sellout and take bribes, echos of the honorable Slaves in the parliament.

  2. Only because the erection of guillotines is deemed unnecessary.

    Sorry we went to such lenghts to stop a colleague from killing one, in a public and brutal manner.

  3. But isn’t it not encumbered on the Defendant or the Defendant relatives to inquire of the lawyer, or the Judicial System as to the Appeal Process?

  4. Pacha…i just don’t want to hear that anyone is arrested let alone convicted for doing in one of these judicial criminals….their lives aren’t even worth a parking ticket for the evil, nasty things they do to SABOTAGE Black people at the supreme court and they have done it FOR DECADES, this did not start yesterday, just give them a little title and what they perceive as big power and they are off on running violating Black rights….

    they keep pushing and pushing the people who pay their salaries and selling out at every opportunity and don’t think that one day they will push too far and sellout one too many times….these nasty negros with colonial titles… are positioning themselves to be famous from continent to continent.

  5. Let me state that I like this blog.

    I read it holding on to my seat as I expected a sudden detour down some political alley, but the blogger identified the issues and limited his discussion to them.

    Great job. 👍

  6. @David
    In a related matter some of us hear the political froth concerning a poorly drafted Amendment to the Bail Act. The question is do we need legislation of this type? Is there an urgen need for it? Can we have the Constitution amended please?
    The PM is a lawyer and former Atty General and we hear she is sharp as a tack, The Atty General has served in the position longer than any other Atty. General in the history of Barbados and yet recently we have heard of shoddy legislation e.g. the Deputy Commissioner and The Bail Act.

    Mediocrity is becoming the norm.

    • @Sargeant

      We have legal minds at the Chief Parliamentary Office, do we give them a pass?

      Court of Appeal divided on time limit for use of term
      By Heather-Lynn Evanson
      A Court of Appeal decision that there is a limit to the time a partner can be described as a “former spouse” and claim protection under the law from acts of violence has been slammed by a defence attorney.
      Lalu Hanuman says the majority ruling has removed the protection offered to victims of domestic abuse by the Domestic Violence (Protection Orders) Act.
      “This is a huge setback for women in Barbados. What this does is whittle away the justice and protection for the victims of domestic violence, and it has to be taken further,” he declared.
      His comments came after his appeal on behalf of a former live-in partner of a man was dismissed by the Court of Appeal on Thursday.
      Chief Justice Sir Patterson Cheltenham and Justice of Appeal Francis Belle held that there must be a time limit to how long a former spouse retains that title. They did not give an indication as to the length of time, however.
      Justice of Appeal Rajendra Narine dissented, saying there was no time limit to how long a person remained a former spouse.
      “The decision is a setback for protection, particularly women, but of course it applies to men as well in Barbados,” Hanuman said.
      “A lot of the violence happens after the relationship has finished and that is why it is in the act. Post relationship. Once they separate and become a former partner, that is when issues quite often arise,” he noted.
      “You do have violence in relationships as well but it is more likely to happen after the relationship has finished in terms of jealousy. People see people with another person or child issues in terms
      of access or maintenance.
      “The Domestic Violence Act is intended to cover those situations. It would be ludicrous if it doesn’t cover those situations,” he said.
      Hanuman had brought the appeal on behalf of the young woman and her son after her application for protection orders, one for herself and another for her son, was turned down by a magistrate.
      At the magistrates’ court, the attorney for the man had argued that the court did not have jurisdiction to grant the orders because the woman and man were no longer cohabiting.
      The magistrate agreed with the submissions and dismissed the application for the woman’s protection order, but applied an interim order for her son.
      Hanuman appealed the dismissal of the application.
      He contended that in the definition section of the Domestic Abuse (Protection Orders) Act, the parties in a domestic relationship included “former spouse”.
      Spouse, he said, meant someone in a marriage or a cohabitational relationship.
      He further argued that the woman fell squarely within the act and the court had “unfettered jurisdiction”.
      The attorney contended that a former spouse lost that title at death.

      Source: Nation

  7. @David, your intro in the sub post re “In a related matter some of us hear the political froth concerning a poorly…” could have led the original piece! … interchange/substitute “judicial” for political and you are good to go!😂

    You may actually be lamenting the ability for an accused to be out on bail but your point of the related nature of the ‘inactive cases’ and the bail bill is purposeful for the fact that they both show the complete and abysmal inefficiency (or is that corrupted) system.

    How can ANY modern government system of 2021 have to do a ‘dig’ to discover ***”matters […] lying idle in the court system”****.

    You were quite on point therefore with the language of a ‘dig’ … that clearly connotes a type of archeological event seeking some long lost historical artifact …. so in Bim’s legal circles I hope they do find the ‘integrity’ as they dig… because it surely has been lost and covered up long time!

    In sum, @David this is atrociously bad .

    BTW, if accused folks could get their matters heard (and investigated) in a timely matter then the issue of bail might not be such a big deal.

    I gone.

  8. It is good to know that the BLP is staffed by such capable jurists as Lord President Cheltenham and Lord Marshal Dale.

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  11. One does not need to kill or threaten the attorney. One only needs to tell him or her the true story of how you were minded to do serious damage to somebody else who was giving you the run around.

    Bajans frighten fuh lawyers. They do what you allow them to do.

    The mad woman has only to push a little and her matters are resolved.

  12. Seriously though, Bajans are generally afraid to ask questions of their attorneys. They take the lying excuses and wait for at least a year to ask another one.

    Ask your attorney what the hold up is and he (or she) gets on his high horse, spouts some jargon, some nonsense about your knowing nothing about the process, some stories about his difficulties with similar cases of other clients, all designed first to intimidate you and then to make you feel foolish and unreasonable.

    It works perfectly with the average Bajan. Makes them go away and it takes them years to muster up the courage to approach the attorney with another question.

    One must be like the Biblical widow with the unjust judge.

    Be persistant and annoying! Make them miserable! They will want to make you go away. The way they do that is to work on your matter.

  13. That’s all they do at that supreme court….violate the rights of everyone, an ex is an ex and nothing can change that

    no ass in a robe can institute time limits for an ex anything.

    give them a tiny bit of power to make decisions and they feel they have the power to change any and everything…..with their backward selves.

  14. lets play with words since they are so dumb

    an ex judge is no longer an ex judge
    an ex lawyer is no longer an ex lawyer
    an ex minister is no longer an ex minister
    an ex prime minister is no longer an prime minister
    an ex GG is no longer an ex GG
    an ex police officer is no longer an ex police officer
    an ex senator is no longer an ex senator.

    and that is the extent to the intelligence of these politically hand-picked jackasses.

    i notice all this CJ is doing is skirting all issues on the pile up of UNFINISHED CIVIL CASES that are over 30 years old lying around the supreme court….no mention of offloading the deliberately created, by lawyers and judges, BACKLOGS,…so that these cases can be closed and people’s LIVES are no longer HELD TO RANSOM so those so inclined can make money off the existence of never ending cases..

  15. Those in the supreme court have been monitored for many years and NO ONE can deny that all they do is sit on their asses SUCKING on taxpayers and conjuring up ways to VIOLATE HUMAN RIGHTS and NEVER end cases….particularly for the population. who look just like them..

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