The Long Road from Perdition – YOU, We and Crime

Barbadians are rightly concerned about a rise in violent crime, specifically with guns. Those in charge see it as a duty to paper over concerns because it is about maintaining calm in the society. Overall crime statistics may be trending satisfactorily for those whose job description should depend BUT there is is rising concern by the public about violent crime, specifically gun crime. A significant rise in the number of murders since 2018 has caused tongues to wag.

There are some issues we have to regard of national importance and work together to solve. While working together there must be leadership at every level to ensure the change desired is achieved. Do we have the right leaders in place as the Attorney General, Commissioner of Police, Chief Justice, Director of Public Prosecutions, Director of Welfare department, Director of Probation department, Dodds, GIS, Minister of Education – the list is not exhaustive. This is on the enforcement and rehabilitation side of the equation to curb acts of crime; recidivism.

There is more we are obligated to do. A chain is as strong as the weakest link. Each link represents YOU, YOU and YOU. We see every day the wheelies, running traffic lights, littering the environment, flouting of government’s financial rules, acceptance of monies from those in the shadows to the campaigns of politicians and so on. We know this, we see it , we condone it by turning a blind eye, then we complain.

Barbadians are happy to cede the awesome civic responsibility to politicians- we are delinquent as parents, teachers, policemen AND politicians and expect the police force, government and said other delinquent players to play clean-up. There is no doubt citizens expect if laws are broken the authorities must ensure justice is meted out swiftly. What we want as well is for deviant and dysfunctional behaviour that leads to increase crime and specifically gun crime to be arrested as well. We have to hold agencies responsible- this includes GOVERNMENT- for enforcement ACCOUNTABLE. We have to hold ourselves accountable in order to be guardians of our fate.

In much the same way garrison behaviour is a way of life in some neighbouring islands, we are seeing a similar trend of behaviour in Barbados with violent crime centred in depressed communities. In the lead in to the 2018 general election concern was expressed by some members of the public about then Opposition Leader Mia Mottley seen in the presence of questionable characters on the campaign trail. Again some questioned why questionable characters were invited to the opening of parliament. It has become too blatant for many although it is known that the relationship between the criminal element and public officials have been blurred for a long time. The chickens are coming home to roost. We have reached the tipping point. There is no moral leadership.

Has the Prime Minister addressed this video? Our leaders must not validate wrongdoing by their behaviour.

The Barbados we romanticize is no more. Like community spread of infection caused by the COVID 19 virus, so too we have community spread caused by crime. It is why the vacuous calls by politicians for citizens to give up the bad boys and girls will yield little if any positive results. The underworld economy is well managed and families and communities depend on the economic activities attached to the arrangement. In the same way extra income is derived from kitchen gardens, baking and other type activities so too is criminal activity for too many.

The recent murder of a police officer by a band of robbers in the North of the island is an example of today’s problem. The horse has bolted and it will require a long term commitment to solving the problem at every level of our small society. 

Will the real leaders raised wunna hands – that means YOU, YOU and YOU.

280 thoughts on “The Long Road from Perdition – YOU, We and Crime

  1. He should be speaking to his partners the minorities, they all got a prison pipeline going….they should put their heads together..

  2. I agree 100% with UNICEF…..CXC should not be setting any exams period, they should lose their certification…were it up to me they would for sure.

    United Nations children’s agency (UNICEF) on Monday urged the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) not to proceed with this year’s Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) and Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations in their current form and has called on education ministers to intervene urgently.

    In a strong statement, Four UNICEF representatives – Aloys Kamuragiye, for Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean, Alison Parker of Belize, Jamaica’s Mariko Kagoshima and Nicolas Pron for Guyana and Suriname – recommended that the regional examining body make adjustments to the content and administration of the exams to ensure students are not disadvantaged.

    They declared: “These are unprecedented times and will collectively require us to adapt and recreate normalcy and routine, for the many lives disrupted. A moment like this calls for innovative approaches, to stem the effects of COVID-19 on generations to come.”

    As a result, the UN children’s advocates called on education ministers “to request CXC to adjust the CSEC and CAPE exams 2021, and to further simplify the content and the methodology of the exams across all subjects and adapt the timeline to the challenges currently faced by the students to ensure equitable accessibility and participation for every student.”

    Citing strong grounds for a different approach, they pointed to the COVID-19 pandemic which they argue has further exacerbated the gaps in preparedness amongst the most disadvantaged students. They also stress that there is a higher risk of students in vulnerable conditions never sitting the exams and this could seriously affect not only their further education at higher secondary or tertiary levels but their future.

    “Our main concern is the low level of preparedness (academically and psychologically) of many of the thousands of 16–18-year-old students across the region to sit the exams. In this context, requiring students to sit an examination that includes components that cover an entire two-year course of study would risk being ineffective,” the UNICEF officials said.

    Their position comes amid a vibrant lobby of CXC by the Group of Concerned Parents Barbados, the Regional Coalition for CXC Exam Redress, the Caribbean Union of Teachers and students to change course.

  3. You and you
    Not me
    Btw what happened to the black guy who was a crew member on the.drug hauling luxury yacht

  4. @ac
    I hear the beat up old sailboat a.k.a the luxury yacht, is for sale. Still impounded as “evidence”. It will rot before that case gets heard. You could buy it cheap?

  5. NO
    That is the kind of justice system people must risk their lives a govt boasting about that is not who we are
    The same govt today telling the people it about you you and you
    But the same govt shielding and protecting
    Can’t understand how a citizen under judicial alleged misdeed can have the PM number and calls her when the RBPF seeks to investigate them about quarantine laws broken

  6. Gotta agree, CXC is a hot mess! Colonial massa mentality well intact, looking to make life unnecessarily difficult just to enjoy the wielding of petty power over the people. A total jackass at the top that you can lead to the water but cannot make him drink. From the time he opened his mouth to speak last year all reasonable people recognised he was a typical brayer.

    But why should it take Unicef to advise MOE to intervene? Are they not paid to look after the interests of our students?

    Children are struggling to stay sane in this pandemic. Are we trying to push them over the edge?

  7. I saw first hand the damage CXC wrought on the minds of those young people who are OUR FUTURE….and who had such high hopes, because they are high achievers and don’t just aspire to be common class political pimps, slow thinking yardfowl/Slaves and parasitic do nothing, self-serving CORRUPT government ministers…..or TIEFING LAWYERS…

    CXC should have their accreditation PERMANENTLY CANCELLED.

  8. Right…so if that is not reason Enuff to SHUT DOWN the evil minded minorities and their cartels, crime syndicates and the control they have over DBLP corrupt, BRIBETAKING government ministers…….well, yall can keep them to continue importing your guns and drugs, distributing them to the depressed areas, while the sellouts for government ministers SIMULTANEOUSLY help them rob the treasury, pension fund and VAT by the BILLIONS OF DOLLARS….. creating MORE POVERTY and more depressed areas to distribute MORE GUNS AND DRUGS….and see where it ALL leads with your grandchildren and great grands already here or on their way..

    Bonne chance..
    Enchante d’te avoir recontre

  9. People who see fighting crime to mean locking up poor people, or de boys on the block, the socalled bad boys and bad girls, are misguided.

    Under Trump and Biden the USA from whence we get our daily bread has been openly stealing Syrian crude oil and using the proceeds ro sustain the military occupation of that country.

    Yet some Bajan sensibility will rejoin by saying that because dem do it, we should not. But we could accept tainted monetary sustenance as a national imperative and not a bad boy or sweet girl will pick a “teete”

  10. “Under Trump and Biden the USA from whence we get our daily bread has been openly stealing Syrian crude oil and using the proceeds ro sustain the military occupation of that country.”

    White crimes like Wars, Slavery, Colonialism are on such a big scale they become normalised.

    Nowadays it is cheaper to buy mercenaries from ME and use drones to kill humans like bug splats.

  11. Is that not what they do by confiscating the proceeds of crime give it to the police so they can fight crime.? No different Should americans allow the syrian boss to gas his own people, what are you saying

  12. Lawson can be well depended upon to accept any and all atrocities even about matters in which their propaganda has well polluted his one-celled brain.

    You are too far gone. For you, cancellation is the only cultural construct left.

  13. Israel has been engaging black ops in Syria, talk was “they” (USA UK Israel) invented Isis when people voted against their Syrian war. ]
    Problem Reaction Solution runs tings. White boy propaganda is for White boys (Devil’s pickney).

  14. Wura

    I am deflecting a bit away from that topic before deliberation here just to make a point regarding the slave mentality still present in some of our Black people.

    I was invited to a 50th Birthday Celebration( an all White Affair) and the invited guests spoke favorably about this person who was being honored for her Birthday, until one of her three children got up and recalled an instruction given him by his Mother, when he was attending High School.

    This insensitive ill- mannered young man stated that his mother ( the person who was being honored) told him in no uncertain term: “not to go out in the Sun during recess ( school break) because she did not wanted him to get too Black.

    And the insensitive and ill-mannered West Indian youth made this statement at this predominantly Black West Indian 50th Anniversary Celebration Party.

    And I came away from that Birthday Party feeling more angry at his mother, than this poor great West Indian youth who made the statement.

  15. “… make a point regarding the slave mentality still present in some of our Black people. … “

    Everything is relative
    British Slave mentality of Bajans is worse than
    Anglo American slave mentality of USA which is worse than
    Spanish Slave Mentality of South Americans and French slave mentality of their colonies
    and even the Jamaican Slave mentality where all unruly belligerent Bajan slaves were sent

    In Barbados there was nowhere for Bajan slaves to run to
    unlike the Underground railroad and Maroons

  16. A break down of the 2 categories of good crime/bad crimes on the island.

    Good Crime:
    Donville taking bribes from ICBL
    common excuse…wuh it does happen everywhere and dah is how we do business on the island all de time..

    Bad Crime:
    stealing a nailclip, ya Black so one year in prison..and lots of media coverage…for the ridicule element.

    Good Crime:
    government ministers and lawyers helping corrupt minorities rip of the treasury, pension fund and VAT by billions of dollars…
    common excuse….wuh it does happen everywhere and we don’t mind if dey tief some…says the slow thinkers while they are and their children suffer…

    Bad Crime:
    stealing a salt bread, ya Black so 6 months in prison and lots of media coverage, for the ridicule element.

    Good Crime:
    minorities, syrians, indians, local and foreign whites trafficking guns, drugs and stolen vehicles into the island….causing violence, death and societal destruction.
    common excuse: wuh it does happen everywhere we cahn do nutten..

    Bad Crime:
    youngsters going to prison for marijuana because the governments maliciously continue the CRIME of stealing opportunities from them to maintain a second economy for the minority criminal cartels and syndicate to make millions of dollars annually.

    Good Crime:
    violating Black human rights at the supreme court, refusing to finish personal injury cases, refusing to hand down decisions, refusing to expedite court matters for the elderly, stealing estates and bank accounts from the elderly and their beneficiaries in collusion with lawyers including those from the parliament..
    Common excuse: wuh it does happen everywhere, we cahn do nutten bout dah.

    Bad Crime:
    exposing them all and being attacked, standing up for your basic human rights and being threatened..

    Good Crime:
    lawyers, up to and including government ministers stealing from and selling out their clients;
    common excuse…we cahn do nutten bout dah

    Bad Crime:
    talking about the criminal activities that the lawyers in the bar and especially the parliament engage in against the Black population..

    Good Crime:
    thieving racist employers engaging in stealing the labor, salaries, benefits and severance of the Black population with the blessings of the honorable sellout Slaves
    common excuse…we cahn talk bout dah, it would make de country look bad..

    Good Crime:
    racist hoteliers, restauranteurs, store owners etc showing blatant racism to Black locals and Black tourists alike.

    Bad Crime:
    exposing it to the world…

    Good Crime:
    minority criminals still living in the depressed areas still houses and land from the poorest in the areas, displacing them and their children and never arrested.

    Bad Crime:
    complaining about it.

    It’s a racist slave society maintained with Black people’s money by la basura and stinking sellouts in the parliament….and yall still don’t believe ya have a very serious problem that is spreading and growing by the SECOND exponentially…because of the length of time, decades, it was allowed to permeate the entire island.

  17. Good Crime:
    minority criminals still living in the depressed areas STEALING houses and land from the poorest in the areas, displacing them and their children and never arrested

    personally, i would burn their asses all out let them return to india or where ever the hell they crawled out from and see if they could pull that there.

  18. Bad mind crime

    Marrying a white man and running down blacks and browns and yellows daily like a white man

  19. kiki is a coward, still can’t answer me about who IS FORCING the honorable sellout Slaves to collude and commit all these crimes against the Black population in Barbados….does he think it’s UK…still can’t answer….still can’t give an opinion…still driving all over BU trying to evade the question.

  20. 555dubstreet

    “Skin Color and Ethnicity have no place in a romantic relationship”

    1) Love
    2) Faithfulness
    3) Trust
    4) Loyalty
    5) Compassion
    6) Reciprocity
    7) Receptivity
    8) Communication

    Are the subjective and intangible characteristics, which are conducive to a romantic relationship.

  21. ““Skin Color and Ethnicity have no place in a romantic relationship””

    you should never marry a racist wit more ass than class Hal Dompey

  22. “who IS FORCING the honorable sellout Slaves to collude and commit all these crimes against the Black population in Barbados”

    ask you hubby and hate them blacks in power with a passion that can not be rationed and then get on the African bandwagon cussing all day everyday venting like a bitch

  23. Blood of the Prophet part 1 and part 2

    Good crime
    Jesus of Nazareth preaching love and inity to jews and gentiles

    Bad Crime
    Jesus Barabbas the Hebrew Hero they chose to free up instead

    The blood of the prophet
    Is on the shore of Babylon
    Whoah, what a woeful situation!But I and I and I and I and I and I and I
    Have done no wrong

    I won’t be no careless Ethiopian
    To go down in the abbey with Babylon
    Coz I and I and I and I and I and I and I
    Have done no wrong…

  24. 555dubstreet

    The reality is we better get use to the idea of living in harmony on this earth as a collective human specie or try to, because White, Black, Red, Brown and Yellow aren’t going anywhere soon.

  25. The REAL CRIMES are committed between the honorable Slaves and the corrupt minorities…that is who should be looking at THEMSELVES and stop trying to ASSIGN BLAME to the majority population….and that is why this gang should be thrown out of parliament and make sure they land on their heads…..

    the last ones landed on their asses but these should never be able to think they can crawl, SLITHER and slime back into the parliament for any more cycles of wash, rinse and REPEAT…

    they had ample warnings and even more time in 3 years to end that social carnage against the Black majority.

    • It does because it allows observers to do a pulse check if this was a blatant disregard for police authority.

  26. Waru
    Talking about crime and violence. Bad crime, good crime.
    Today is essential George Floyd death remembered, one year on.
    In media attemps are continuing to rehabilitate the criminal Jesse Jackson.
    Jackson was an FBI agent spying on MLK.
    Indeed, Jackson knew beforehand of the government’s plot to kill MLK. In fact, part of that plot was giving instructions to the shooters as to who were friendlies in MLKs encourage and who were not. Friendlies would be without a neck tie. Unfriendlies, like MLK, as per usual, would be wearing ties.
    We now know with certainty that MLK found out that Jackson was an enemy, there’s even video and legal depositions etc supporting these claims.
    Correta Scott knew before her death as well.
    And yes Jackson comes on TV to talk shite even as an octogenarian.
    Lastly, there can be no rasssoul body who loves Afrikan peoples everywhere more than this writer. We love us will all our percieved faults, apologetically. But that Jackson could carry on this charade for nearly sixty years is criminal. These are good crimes fit for CNN

  27. David

    It is to be expected because it occurs periodically …. I was present at the National Stadium, the night my good friend and Mounted Man Marlon Moore got shot in the leg back in the 1980s.

  28. “Jackson was an FBI agent spying on MLK.
    Indeed, Jackson knew beforehand of the government’s plot to kill MLK”.

    just recently i told someone in UK that Black people are our biggest enemies, they refused to understand the dynamics at play…..days later it was proven to them, now they are very afraid…

    ….remember the hot mic, when he got caught bad talking Obama and saying how he couldn’t stand that “niga”….but would never tell him to his face, but would continue smiling and hugging him and everything….that’s the original backstabbing Slave….there was always something very wrong about that one…ya can see it in every move he made….i just could not feel him period..

  29. Wura

    If Jesse Jackson worked for the FBI, then Reverend Abernathy worked for the CIA, because he was the one who I spilled the beans on Martin Luther King Jr?

  30. Can’t preach and teach love as theory you have to live it

    I am Love
    Aham Prema
    I am love.

    Inner Tuning: Throughout the day, I focus my attention again and again on the centre of my chest – known as the heart chakra. May the love that I am radiate into the world.

  31. Wura

    Reverend Abernathy, in his autobiography divulged the fact that Dr. King was a womanizer, despite the fact that J Edgar Hoover had been wiretapping King.

  32. @David May 25, 2021 10:59 AM
    I don’t think it would have mattered if he was wearing uniform or not, he would still have been shot at. However, I don’t think they knew otherwise, I don’t think they would have taken his gun because no one will want to be caught with that gun in their possession.

    Based on what retired inspector said about they coming from an unexpected spot, it might have been an unfortunate case of them running into each other unexpectedly and they just opened up like cowboys.

    P.S. My earlier comment you responded to seems to have disappeared.

  33. 555dubstreet

    You can in fact teach and preach love as a theory …. You just have to have a basic understanding of what a man and a man responds to emotionally, coupled with their cultural ethos …

    Listen! I do not have to know through learned experienced that women resolved a lot of their problems by talking them out, or can I learn this fact through basic observation?

  34. Two things I don’t buy
    1) crab in a barrel, and
    2) that Black people are our biggest enemies,
    If you believe that, then you can close shop and stop talking

    • @CA

      Your point is where the query came from, then again anybody who is of the mind to shoot another human being cannot be second-guess.

  35. David May 25, 2021 10:50 AM #: “Do we know if the robbers knew they were taking aim at a policeman?”

    Good question, David.

    I understand one of the suspects is in custody and the car that was allegedly used has also been recovered.

  36. Critical Analyzer

    Didn’t the notorious criminal Sandfly tried to actively kill Keith Whittaker of the CID?

  37. “You can in fact teach and preach love as a theory ….”

    you cannot teach me anything Dompey Donkey the Donut

    “I discovered that teachers could teach me nothing. I refused to waste my time listening. I go to trees and flowers in the jungle and have them show I what I should know, learn what I should learn.”

  38. David

    We ought to remember that when Peter Bradshaw and company killed the Plantation owner, the first Officer on the scene was shot in his face, or a pellet from a shotgun blast meant for him took out one of his eyes.

  39. David

    I vividly remember as a teenager when Tracksuit Top was watching his car next to the old District A Police Station, he showed me a scar in the shaped of a triangle that he sustained as a resulted of being shot in the ankle.

  40. It’s amazing how the perrenial idiots here possess no limits to their ignorance.

    We have no evidence about Abernathy or anybody else in MLKs inner circle.

    David, if others want to engage in blackguarding other people without proff we let you at them.

  41. David

    My point is, intentional, or unintentional these incidents have occured during the years, and I can vividly recall when a former Mounted man, and very good friend of mine was stabbed by a criminal while on duty.

  42. That maybe so. But this writer takes seriously the claims made. They were specific.

    And only an idiot would seek to generalize those claims made to everybody else as consistent with a racist mentality.

  43. Pachamama

    Go and read the article: Ralph David Abernathy’s Betrayal of his Trusting Friend ….because you Skippa, is unbridled by intellectual arrogance…and shackled by a stonewall intelligence …

  44. This level of grand charge requires more than a single article. We are talking about court documents, depositions taken under risks of perjury, attorney interviews, foia disclosures from fbi files etc.

    No one songle article or series thereof reaches that bar. In these circumstance we must demure. This is the standard required.

    You may have the last word.

  45. Theo…as heart wrenching as it is, we cannot escape the reality that Black people are our biggest enemies, you may not be in a position to see it, but every day they prove it… causing pain, poverty, distress, crimes and loss in the lives of other Black people…

  46. If I gave my son that message and he believed me, then, for self preservation, he would become greatest enemy to all who are black like himself.

    I cannot let him carry self defeating luggage.

  47. Don’t believe these new age kids think like that, you ought to give him more credit, they will tread carefully and use their intelligence to not become victimized or trapped in situations where they cannot escape.

    Most times people get sold for a dime because of lack of knowledge or because of the determination of sellouts….the youngsters are now putting systems in place so that these old colonial educated, lack of intellect SLOW THINKERS will be just a sordid memory and footnote in an ugly history..

    the youngsters, our future, know what they are doing..

  48. @Dompey May 25, 2021 12:21 PM

    I don’t know what their first intention was but I would hazard to guess it was not to kill people, it is to get what they came for and get away quick and clean.

    A robbery is a very fast moving, unpredictable, uncontrollable situation and if both robber and victim don’t keep their wits about them things can go very wrong extremely fast before anybody can say the word gun.

    The problem we have with the robbers these days is that if you put up a resistance, they are more inclined to get violent and start shooting like mad because they have a gun with bullets and replacement bullets seem to be cheap and plentiful these days.

  49. btw…i heard the population on the island is not just a little bit upset by what is happening. Mia could never say she wasn’t warned, but the majority population is never their priority once they beg them for their votes and get elected…

    Marijuana boat is literally gone
    crime out of control
    drugs and guns still coming in by the container and boat loads
    cartels and criminal syndicates still in full swing
    low to no opportunities as usual for the majority population who fund the country
    nothing for the younger generation to look forward to, as usual, if they don’t have strong family support

    poverty is now a staple
    minority thieves and racists still on the loose
    diversify is still a foreign and alien word to the honorable Slaves
    the natives want to know why they are suffering but over quarter million US dollars disappeared for a slogan that is old and well used by multiple countries…they want to know who got that money
    island is sinking further and further into debt, the people want to know who got their 5-6 billion dollars ripped off from VAT, treasury and pension fund

    this is the RECKONING..

  50. @Critical Analyzer May 25, 2021 3:10 PM “A robbery is a very fast moving, unpredictable, uncontrollable situation and if both robber and victim don’t keep their wits about them things can go very wrong extremely fast…”

    Actually a robbery is a thing that has gone very wrong from the time it was just an idea in the robbers mind, long, long before he [or she] has even left home.

  51. Stop with the negativity. Allow me to share good news.

    I have just been appointed chairman of the slogan committee and the first slogan I came up is “Buy one (US $330K), get two free’
    Here are my samples
    “Little island, big slogan”
    “Little island, you and you and YOU’

    There is a referral fee.

  52. So before the robber leaves home he [or she] should study his [or her] head and figure out if mummy, granny, and auntie [becausin’ we know for sure that no daddy is going to show up in the courtyard with you, and if he int coming to court we know that he int spending any of his money on you] have a spare $50,000 hidden under the bed to pay a lawyer to defend you. And if your family has that amount of spare cash just lying around why the hel1 are you out robbing anyhow?

  53. @David “Barbadians are happy to cede the awesome civic responsibility to politicians- we are delinquent as parents, teachers, policemen…”

    Some of the politicians, teachers and policemen are lousy parents too. If such people can’t or won’t raise their own children properly, why would any sensible person except politicians, teachers, policemen and may I add priests and pastors to raise their children for them?

  54. I am no leader, neither am I a hero. I don’t want to be a dead hero. I would rather be a living coward. Politicians and assorted big shots and dans can talk their talk and say otherwise, but this is my truth.

  55. The drug dealers can import or grow their drugs locally. We understand that they are motivated by making money.

    But exactly what is it that motivates US to hand over our good money to them for substances that we know are bad for us, when we know very well that our money would be better spent feeding, clothing and educating our families.

    The drug dealers make money.

    What good are the rest of us getting from them in exchange for our money?

  56. More yoga..
    Less chatter
    to make the weak heart scatter
    1 spliff a day
    to keep the evil away

  57. @David May 24, 2021 8:36 AM “What is the definition of civic awareness?”

    What civic awareness you talking ’bout? Perhaps lawson [with whom I seldom agree] is right when he talks about people mistaking real life Barbados for a Hollywood movie. Just today a man on Brass Tacks speaking too the moderator seemed convinced that Barbados has some 5th amendment to its constitution that guarantees a right to remain silent; and that police have to read “Miranda” rights at arrest.

    There is a lot of misinformation around. Some people are convinced that Barbados and USA is one and the same, and that a Hollywood movie and real life in Barbados is one and the same. So let we blaze we guns, and when t is all done we will as big time movie stars d=be driven home in our limousines to our mansions in the Hollywood Hills, when in fact we live in a government housing unit with ma.

    We have a long, long way to go.

    • @Simple Simon

      These are the same people some berate for not supporting alternatives to the duopoly? Where has our education dollars gone?

  58. @John A May 24, 2021 12:00 PM “But is there not a segment out there that will still tell you ”I ain’t going out in no hot sun for $400 a week when I could sell that in weed in a day.”?

    So EXACTLY WHO is buying that $400 worth of weed?

    Where is that money coming from?

    Can that $400 not be better spent on things that would uplift family life?

    So whi is buying that weed?
    Poor people who struggle to pay the rent on their government housing unit?
    Middle class people who can barely meet their monthly mortgage payments?
    The rich people, who pay $400 per week wages?

    Where is that money to buy weed coming from?

    Can that $400 not be better spent on things that would uplift family life?

  59. “So whi is buying that weed?”

    everyone smokes weed from all walks of life

    Bajans should stick to their hard liquor that kills

  60. @Donna May 24, 2021 1:15 PM “What causes somebody to raise a child that HIRES somebody else’s childto sell drugs and kill to protect turf while he stays in the shadows?”

    Complete CONTEMPT.

    The drug dealers, all of them, the big ones behind their gates and the small ones on the block hold the rest of us in complete contempt.

  61. @ Cuhdear Bajan May 25, 2021 4:41 PM
    So EXACTLY WHO is buying that $400 worth of weed?
    Where is that money coming from?
    Can that $400 not be better spent on things that would uplift family life?
    So whi is buying that weed?
    Poor people who struggle to pay the rent on their government housing unit?
    Middle class people who can barely meet their monthly mortgage payments?
    The rich people, who pay $400 per week wages?
    Where is that money to buy weed coming from?
    Can that $400 not be better spent on things that would uplift family life?

    Can’t the same argument be applied to the money spent on the consumption of imported alcoholic beverages like brandy, whisky and vodka which stupid Bajans refer to as “big mout drinks”?

    You have just argued most convincingly for the total decriminalization of the local production of marijuana.

    What a perfect example for import substitution!

    From $400.00 dollars to $4-00 per ounce of mary jane with no need to commit any white-collar crime to get the foreign exchange to pay the overseas dealers.

  62. @Donna May 24, 2021 1:15 PM “The countries at the top of the COVID death list are the USA, Brazil and India.”

    Not really. The countries at the top of the COVID death list are: Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czechia, Gibraltar, San Marino, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Slocakia, Belgium, Brazil, Slovenia, Italy, Peru, Croatia, Poland, The USA, Spain and Mexico. Mostly smallish European countries hit hard-hard by the first wave, when hardly any country understood what was happening, or what to do about it.

    The mortality rate in India is still “only” 224 per million, not much different from Barbados’ at 163 deaths per million, compared to Hungary’s mortality of 3069 per million.

  63. 555dubstreet

    Everybody in smoking nah marijuana, so I don’t no wah part yah get dat from. I only find out wah marijuana look like last year, when aa jamaican buddy aa mine show me some, and I has was to cut he off fah good cause, I don’t mess wah dat sort aa ting Ras.

    Yah see big man, de man dat shit in de bush don’t remember dat he shitted in de bush, it is de man dat steps in it does. Blessing ….. move love ….little more me brethren…

  64. @ Northren

    Lord you too bad for true LOL!
    Theo ignore Northern unless orange is you favourite colour.

  65. Dompey

    you must be autistic as you take every half a fucking sentence literally out of context with 0 social skills

  66. Miller…they wasted 3 years playing games with the marijuana…the electorate needs to do the same when they turn up begging for votes…,,and remember they did not care about the HEALTHCARE of the people who are suffering and need relief by home growing their own few plants…

    the vote beggars need to be reminded at every turn how they mistreated the Black population because they did not want them to have the marijuana….but there is not much else to do with it now but free it up, or keep it and go nowhere….🤣😂😂

  67. 555Dubstreet

    “Everyone smokes weed from all walk of life”

    Ras, leave de ganja alone because it aa mess with yah reasoning ability …. Bless up …..

  68. I heard that there is a slogan contest

    Here is one, it isn’t original, but I heard that big money is being paid for used slogans (I prefer the term antique)


  69. @Miller May 25, 2021 6:12 PM “Can’t the same argument be applied to the money spent on the consumption of imported alcoholic beverages like brandy, whisky and vodka.”

    Yes. The same argument can be applied to poor people wasting their money buying other people’s alcoholic beverages like brandy, whisky and vodka.

    I believe that poor people, and specifically poor MEN spend far too much money on recreational substances for their own pleasure, and too little on necessities for their families.

    If the thesis of David’s essay and many of the responses of commenters is that the drug businesses and the alcohol businesses are owned by wealthy Bajans and other wealthy people, why do we poor people continue to enrich the wealthy by our purchasing recreational products when as we say we have difficulty meeting the basic needs of ourselves, our children, our spouses and our elderly parents for food, shelter, education, health care etc.

    After all do rich people stick us up with guns and demand that we buy their marijuana, cocaine, brandy, whisky and vodka etc.?

    So I ask again why are we as a community spending millions of dollars each year on foolishness?

  70. Additionally, it is reported that India’s stats are faulty. Deaths being undercounted in rural areas. Probably so in Brazil as well.

    It happens more so in large countries with remote rural areas and little infrastructure. It also happens within large extremely poor areas such as those found in Brazil and India, the likes of which are not to be found in Barbados.

    Our health facilities were never overwhelmed. Our undertakers were never overwhelmed. Nobody was denied care. No bodies were dumped into mass graves. Heartbreaking!

    All these things took place in the countries I listed.

    And THAT puts them on the top of MY list of deaths, especially preventable deaths caused by Extreme Stupidity of the Trumpian Kind.

    Hope that puts context to imcrease your understanding.

  71. AC is like Tino Best. Every now and then she hits the wicket.

    She hit the wicket with the Little island, big copy fiasco.

    Tomorrow she will be back to breaking windows.

    But right now it is – Little research, big ripoff!

  72. Miller….they OUTPERFORMED themselves with their ANTI-Black rhetoric and wicked actions…for 3 WHOLE YEARS……not even REPARATIONS that is RIGHTFULLY the Black populations’ they wanted them to have in their hands….they plotted and planned to keep 50 billion dollars away from the people….HAD THEY GOTTEN IT…..that’s how self-hating these parliament negros become AFTER begging BLACK PEOPLE for votes and becoming elected…and promptly fancy themselves elite and pedigree..

    the only people will forget what they did are the short memory syndrome, slow thinking yardfowl/Slaves.

  73. See how easy it is for the honorable Slaves to pick up the BLACK population’s money and give it away by the millions and billions…they don’t even blink..

    their sidekicks at CXC made such an abrupt turn after UNICEF read them the riot act, ya won’t believe it’s the same nasty, arrogant lowlifes who were determined to disenfranchise the regions children….they all need to be BROUGHT TO THEIR KNEES.

    they are lucky, i would personally pull their accreditation and make sure they never set another curriculum/exam anywhere.

  74. And they are so HYPOCRITICAL and FRAUDULENT….due to their DISCONNECTION from ancestors and the continent…they can’t even make a speech that sounds genuine for Africa Day……those who know can see and feel the absence of what comes naturally to others.

    it sounded and felt empty…just like them.

    selling out the ancestral spirit for far too long would do that….the only clowns who disrespect and care nothing about their Black/African ancestry…no other group does this…

  75. It wasn’t Rasta
    I didn’t check details of that cop who got shot by some robbers incident or the gun crime in Little Island
    but it seems people are blaming Rastas and Weed out of ignorance

    10 against 1

  76. Well, well, well,

    I see that it has taken a member from our ethnic minority community to speak out over the death of Shaquon Cave who, allegedly, died in police custody over a year ago.

    We have have hundreds of underused and over qualified negro lawyers who remain conspicuous in their silence to defend the human rights of their own black people.

    What a ting!

  77. This dude is the only one who looks into any type of breach…the 99.99% of Africans in the bar association have redefined the word useless as it relates to defending the majority population regarding human rights crimes committed against them….by everyone.

  78. Should we dare to wonder if the Black/African lawyers in the bar association feel any shame….do they even carry that capacity..

    ..i know some were afraid for their safety for many years, to speak out against human rights abuses on the population, but given the way everything is rapidly EVOLVING…that has become a somewhat weak excuse.

  79. It should be also noted that in a bar association established in 1940 that is of predominant Black/African membership, that this is the first time in 81 YEARS that any lawyer has publicly expressed concern about those violations and serious abuses against the population …and he ain’t even of African descent.

    yall should at least acquire the decency to FEEL shame.

  80. TLSN…social media has gone wild with sharing that one…since MOST of the lawyers ….from the parliament to the judiciary, some turned judges, and others infesting here and there…..are the MAIN ABUSERS..

    an independent body from ANOTHER JURISDICTION…is sorely needed, they all need monitoring and the abuse cases should be investigated FORTHWITH….there is a laundry list of them…….stretching back decades…’s a big job requiring many well-heeled players from elsewhere.

  81. Beware of the Afro Man promising to give you sweet dreams that will make you scream little children

  82. @ WURA-War-on-U,
    The man has evidently taken a calculated risk to get involved in this case and I applaud him. Will the black law fraternity show solidarity and offer to publicly support this attorney of Indian extraction and by extension the dead man’s family. Or will it be business as usual?

    This is a profound story. And an opportunity for all Barbadians to come together to fight against injustice and fear of their leaders.

    • A comment from Dottin.

      Dottin feels community’s pain over officer’s shooting
      Darwin Dottin, a former Commissioner of Police, says he understands the public’s concern about the spike in gun violence.
      He also identified with the anger that followed the fatal shooting of Acting Station Sergeant Newton Lewis as he was attempting to thwart a robbery in his Rose Hill, St Peter neighbourhood on Saturday night.
      The gun violence and its causes have been getting the attention of those in authorities, said Dottin, a consultant to the Government.
      “I can say that from this position I know that the matter has been given careful study, particularly with regard to the causes that are driving this behaviour,” he said.
      In early 2019 it was announced that Dottin would be Government’s consultant on crime as violence continued to increase from the previous year and murders soared to a record 49 for 2019. Authorities recorded a fall in crime last year, particularly during the period when the country was under a state of emergency and a curfew was in effect because of the COVID-19 pandemic.
      Dottin said he was not willing to go any further on the matter lest he got ahead of those in authority who will officially speak on the appropriate responses to the situation.
      He said he was deeply saddened by the tragic incident that took the life of the bubbly officer.
      “He was a St Peter man like I am and I still maintain close ties to the areas where he lives. He is a very close friend of my brother and he was just the type of person you would like to meet on any day that you are feeling down. His shoutout and that infectious smile were sure to lift your spirit,” he said of Lewis’ personality.
      Lewis, a 46-year-old father, responded to a call for help to head off a robbery at a nearby shop. He and retired officer Lionel Ward, who joined him in the effort to stop the robbery, came under fire and while Ward escaped, Lewis was struck by a bullet and died on the spot.
      Police continue to hunt for his killers. ( AC)

  83. First opportunity in 81 years….that a bar association member actually stood up and said it’s time to look into the accusations. He should be commended, now we will see who is a human rights abuser in the bar association by how many join him….

    it will be in their best interests to not try to stop this, or it will be a thing from east to west….i promise.

    you should hear all the evil things they do coming out….people are tired and willing to talk just to end the nightmare.,,because they know their grandchildren will ask them WHY they did nothing…and claim to be educated.

    ..well i aint saying a whole lot anymore about human rights abuses, if they ever try any nasty tricks with another of my grandchildren, they will rue the day…am just waiting for the NEXT TIME…..with them there always is, these days they don’t know who is who…every generation mostly have different names…and that’s when i will go nuclear on them, they can guarantee that just as they are breathing.

  84. it will be in their best interests to not try to stop this, or it will be a thing from east to west….i promise.

    in case they forgot, i already told them am set up on the continent, so in no time at all all 54 countries will know about them….and their Black human rights violations..

  85. They love grabbing credit and notoriety and i got just the vehicle they need to achieve that..

  86. “From $400.00 dollars to $4-00 per ounce of mary jane with no need to commit any white-collar crime to get the foreign exchange to pay the overseas dealers.”

    It is a plant that can be grown for FREE

    a bit of gardening with green fingers is all that is needed


    “Hilary Beckles, says the organisation is a “little surprised” by the recent concerns raised by UNICEF over the format of this year’s suite of regional exams.

    He also suggested the international body raised an alarm “without first having all of the information at their fingertips”.

    they are always surprised when they get caught violating rights. CXC has done crap for decades with their uppity ill-mannered selves and little itty bitty power over too many children’s lives..parents who can afford to have to find a better way.

  88. They really need to get the minority “bastards” and “terrorists” who have the means and connections to IMPORT guns and drugs by the containers and boat loads, and TRAFFICK/DISTRIBUTE them into the deliberately pauperized, depressed areas where the young men have NO OPPORTUNITIES, no means of survival and turn into :bastards” and terrorists as a result….

    get to the root cause, shut down the minority big “terrorists” and big “bastards” living behind their electronic gates, and in huge mansions decked out with security cameras that can see all their surroundings..

    some of the security they have would put the WH to shame.

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