The Long Road from Perdition – YOU, We and Crime

Barbadians are rightly concerned about a rise in violent crime, specifically with guns. Those in charge see it as a duty to paper over concerns because it is about maintaining calm in the society. Overall crime statistics may be trending satisfactorily for those whose job description should depend BUT there is is rising concern by the public about violent crime, specifically gun crime. A significant rise in the number of murders since 2018 has caused tongues to wag.

There are some issues we have to regard of national importance and work together to solve. While working together there must be leadership at every level to ensure the change desired is achieved. Do we have the right leaders in place as the Attorney General, Commissioner of Police, Chief Justice, Director of Public Prosecutions, Director of Welfare department, Director of Probation department, Dodds, GIS, Minister of Education – the list is not exhaustive. This is on the enforcement and rehabilitation side of the equation to curb acts of crime; recidivism.

There is more we are obligated to do. A chain is as strong as the weakest link. Each link represents YOU, YOU and YOU. We see every day the wheelies, running traffic lights, littering the environment, flouting of government’s financial rules, acceptance of monies from those in the shadows to the campaigns of politicians and so on. We know this, we see it , we condone it by turning a blind eye, then we complain.

Barbadians are happy to cede the awesome civic responsibility to politicians- we are delinquent as parents, teachers, policemen AND politicians and expect the police force, government and said other delinquent players to play clean-up. There is no doubt citizens expect if laws are broken the authorities must ensure justice is meted out swiftly. What we want as well is for deviant and dysfunctional behaviour that leads to increase crime and specifically gun crime to be arrested as well. We have to hold agencies responsible- this includes GOVERNMENT- for enforcement ACCOUNTABLE. We have to hold ourselves accountable in order to be guardians of our fate.

In much the same way garrison behaviour is a way of life in some neighbouring islands, we are seeing a similar trend of behaviour in Barbados with violent crime centred in depressed communities. In the lead in to the 2018 general election concern was expressed by some members of the public about then Opposition Leader Mia Mottley seen in the presence of questionable characters on the campaign trail. Again some questioned why questionable characters were invited to the opening of parliament. It has become too blatant for many although it is known that the relationship between the criminal element and public officials have been blurred for a long time. The chickens are coming home to roost. We have reached the tipping point. There is no moral leadership.

Has the Prime Minister addressed this video? Our leaders must not validate wrongdoing by their behaviour.

The Barbados we romanticize is no more. Like community spread of infection caused by the COVID 19 virus, so too we have community spread caused by crime. It is why the vacuous calls by politicians for citizens to give up the bad boys and girls will yield little if any positive results. The underworld economy is well managed and families and communities depend on the economic activities attached to the arrangement. In the same way extra income is derived from kitchen gardens, baking and other type activities so too is criminal activity for too many.

The recent murder of a police officer by a band of robbers in the North of the island is an example of today’s problem. The horse has bolted and it will require a long term commitment to solving the problem at every level of our small society. 

Will the real leaders raised wunna hands – that means YOU, YOU and YOU.


  • @John A May 24, 2021 12:00 PM “But is there not a segment out there that will still tell you ”I ain’t going out in no hot sun for $400 a week when I could sell that in weed in a day.”?

    So EXACTLY WHO is buying that $400 worth of weed?

    Where is that money coming from?

    Can that $400 not be better spent on things that would uplift family life?

    So whi is buying that weed?
    Poor people who struggle to pay the rent on their government housing unit?
    Middle class people who can barely meet their monthly mortgage payments?
    The rich people, who pay $400 per week wages?

    Where is that money to buy weed coming from?

    Can that $400 not be better spent on things that would uplift family life?


  • @Simple Simon

    These are the same people some berate for not supporting alternatives to the duopoly? Where has our education dollars gone?


  • “So whi is buying that weed?”

    everyone smokes weed from all walks of life

    Bajans should stick to their hard liquor that kills


  • @Donna May 24, 2021 1:15 PM “What causes somebody to raise a child that HIRES somebody else’s childto sell drugs and kill to protect turf while he stays in the shadows?”

    Complete CONTEMPT.

    The drug dealers, all of them, the big ones behind their gates and the small ones on the block hold the rest of us in complete contempt.


  • @ Cuhdear Bajan May 25, 2021 4:41 PM
    So EXACTLY WHO is buying that $400 worth of weed?
    Where is that money coming from?
    Can that $400 not be better spent on things that would uplift family life?
    So whi is buying that weed?
    Poor people who struggle to pay the rent on their government housing unit?
    Middle class people who can barely meet their monthly mortgage payments?
    The rich people, who pay $400 per week wages?
    Where is that money to buy weed coming from?
    Can that $400 not be better spent on things that would uplift family life?

    Can’t the same argument be applied to the money spent on the consumption of imported alcoholic beverages like brandy, whisky and vodka which stupid Bajans refer to as “big mout drinks”?

    You have just argued most convincingly for the total decriminalization of the local production of marijuana.

    What a perfect example for import substitution!

    From $400.00 dollars to $4-00 per ounce of mary jane with no need to commit any white-collar crime to get the foreign exchange to pay the overseas dealers.


  • NorthernObserver

    I would target ICBL, they apparently pay referral fees.


  • @Donna May 24, 2021 1:15 PM “The countries at the top of the COVID death list are the USA, Brazil and India.”

    Not really. The countries at the top of the COVID death list are: Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czechia, Gibraltar, San Marino, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Slocakia, Belgium, Brazil, Slovenia, Italy, Peru, Croatia, Poland, The USA, Spain and Mexico. Mostly smallish European countries hit hard-hard by the first wave, when hardly any country understood what was happening, or what to do about it.

    The mortality rate in India is still “only” 224 per million, not much different from Barbados’ at 163 deaths per million, compared to Hungary’s mortality of 3069 per million.


  • 555dubstreet

    Everybody in smoking nah marijuana, so I don’t no wah part yah get dat from. I only find out wah marijuana look like last year, when aa jamaican buddy aa mine show me some, and I has was to cut he off fah good cause, I don’t mess wah dat sort aa ting Ras.

    Yah see big man, de man dat shit in de bush don’t remember dat he shitted in de bush, it is de man dat steps in it does. Blessing ….. move love ….little more me brethren…


  • @ Northren

    Lord you too bad for true LOL!
    Theo ignore Northern unless orange is you favourite colour.


  • Dompey

    you must be autistic as you take every half a fucking sentence literally out of context with 0 social skills


  • Miller…they wasted 3 years playing games with the marijuana…the electorate needs to do the same when they turn up begging for votes…,,and remember they did not care about the HEALTHCARE of the people who are suffering and need relief by home growing their own few plants…

    the vote beggars need to be reminded at every turn how they mistreated the Black population because they did not want them to have the marijuana….but there is not much else to do with it now but free it up, or keep it and go nowhere….🤣😂😂


  • 555Dubstreet

    “Everyone smokes weed from all walk of life”

    Ras, leave de ganja alone because it aa mess with yah reasoning ability …. Bless up …..


  • I heard that there is a slogan contest

    Here is one, it isn’t original, but I heard that big money is being paid for used slogans (I prefer the term antique)



  • @Miller May 25, 2021 6:12 PM “Can’t the same argument be applied to the money spent on the consumption of imported alcoholic beverages like brandy, whisky and vodka.”

    Yes. The same argument can be applied to poor people wasting their money buying other people’s alcoholic beverages like brandy, whisky and vodka.

    I believe that poor people, and specifically poor MEN spend far too much money on recreational substances for their own pleasure, and too little on necessities for their families.

    If the thesis of David’s essay and many of the responses of commenters is that the drug businesses and the alcohol businesses are owned by wealthy Bajans and other wealthy people, why do we poor people continue to enrich the wealthy by our purchasing recreational products when as we say we have difficulty meeting the basic needs of ourselves, our children, our spouses and our elderly parents for food, shelter, education, health care etc.

    After all do rich people stick us up with guns and demand that we buy their marijuana, cocaine, brandy, whisky and vodka etc.?

    So I ask again why are we as a community spending millions of dollars each year on foolishness?


  • 555dubstreet

    Dred, put down de chalice and mad dem with de Holy Ghost because yah talawa …..


  • Some stats don’t always tell the full story, Cuhdear Bajan.


  • Additionally, it is reported that India’s stats are faulty. Deaths being undercounted in rural areas. Probably so in Brazil as well.

    It happens more so in large countries with remote rural areas and little infrastructure. It also happens within large extremely poor areas such as those found in Brazil and India, the likes of which are not to be found in Barbados.

    Our health facilities were never overwhelmed. Our undertakers were never overwhelmed. Nobody was denied care. No bodies were dumped into mass graves. Heartbreaking!

    All these things took place in the countries I listed.

    And THAT puts them on the top of MY list of deaths, especially preventable deaths caused by Extreme Stupidity of the Trumpian Kind.

    Hope that puts context to imcrease your understanding.


  • AC is like Tino Best. Every now and then she hits the wicket.

    She hit the wicket with the Little island, big copy fiasco.

    Tomorrow she will be back to breaking windows.

    But right now it is – Little research, big ripoff!


  • Miller….they OUTPERFORMED themselves with their ANTI-Black rhetoric and wicked actions…for 3 WHOLE YEARS……not even REPARATIONS that is RIGHTFULLY the Black populations’ they wanted them to have in their hands….they plotted and planned to keep 50 billion dollars away from the people….HAD THEY GOTTEN IT…..that’s how self-hating these parliament negros become AFTER begging BLACK PEOPLE for votes and becoming elected…and promptly fancy themselves elite and pedigree..

    the only people will forget what they did are the short memory syndrome, slow thinking yardfowl/Slaves.


  • See how easy it is for the honorable Slaves to pick up the BLACK population’s money and give it away by the millions and billions…they don’t even blink..

    their sidekicks at CXC made such an abrupt turn after UNICEF read them the riot act, ya won’t believe it’s the same nasty, arrogant lowlifes who were determined to disenfranchise the regions children….they all need to be BROUGHT TO THEIR KNEES.

    they are lucky, i would personally pull their accreditation and make sure they never set another curriculum/exam anywhere.


  • And they are so HYPOCRITICAL and FRAUDULENT….due to their DISCONNECTION from ancestors and the continent…they can’t even make a speech that sounds genuine for Africa Day……those who know can see and feel the absence of what comes naturally to others.

    it sounded and felt empty…just like them.

    selling out the ancestral spirit for far too long would do that….the only clowns who disrespect and care nothing about their Black/African ancestry…no other group does this…


  • It wasn’t Rasta
    I didn’t check details of that cop who got shot by some robbers incident or the gun crime in Little Island
    but it seems people are blaming Rastas and Weed out of ignorance

    10 against 1


  • Like

  • Little Island => Island Crazy
    There is something about the Little Island mindset that makes those who leave it feel liberated like they were given clemency from a death sentence


  • Well, well, well,

    I see that it has taken a member from our ethnic minority community to speak out over the death of Shaquon Cave who, allegedly, died in police custody over a year ago.

    We have have hundreds of underused and over qualified negro lawyers who remain conspicuous in their silence to defend the human rights of their own black people.

    What a ting!


  • This dude is the only one who looks into any type of breach…the 99.99% of Africans in the bar association have redefined the word useless as it relates to defending the majority population regarding human rights crimes committed against them….by everyone.


  • Should we dare to wonder if the Black/African lawyers in the bar association feel any shame….do they even carry that capacity..

    ..i know some were afraid for their safety for many years, to speak out against human rights abuses on the population, but given the way everything is rapidly EVOLVING…that has become a somewhat weak excuse.


  • It should be also noted that in a bar association established in 1940 that is of predominant Black/African membership, that this is the first time in 81 YEARS that any lawyer has publicly expressed concern about those violations and serious abuses against the population …and he ain’t even of African descent.

    yall should at least acquire the decency to FEEL shame.


  • TLSN…social media has gone wild with sharing that one…since MOST of the lawyers ….from the parliament to the judiciary, some turned judges, and others infesting here and there…..are the MAIN ABUSERS..

    an independent body from ANOTHER JURISDICTION…is sorely needed, they all need monitoring and the abuse cases should be investigated FORTHWITH….there is a laundry list of them…….stretching back decades…’s a big job requiring many well-heeled players from elsewhere.


  • Beware of the Afro Man promising to give you sweet dreams that will make you scream little children


  • @ WURA-War-on-U,
    The man has evidently taken a calculated risk to get involved in this case and I applaud him. Will the black law fraternity show solidarity and offer to publicly support this attorney of Indian extraction and by extension the dead man’s family. Or will it be business as usual?

    This is a profound story. And an opportunity for all Barbadians to come together to fight against injustice and fear of their leaders.


  • First opportunity in 81 years….that a bar association member actually stood up and said it’s time to look into the accusations. He should be commended, now we will see who is a human rights abuser in the bar association by how many join him….

    it will be in their best interests to not try to stop this, or it will be a thing from east to west….i promise.

    you should hear all the evil things they do coming out….people are tired and willing to talk just to end the nightmare.,,because they know their grandchildren will ask them WHY they did nothing…and claim to be educated.

    ..well i aint saying a whole lot anymore about human rights abuses, if they ever try any nasty tricks with another of my grandchildren, they will rue the day…am just waiting for the NEXT TIME…..with them there always is, these days they don’t know who is who…every generation mostly have different names…and that’s when i will go nuclear on them, they can guarantee that just as they are breathing.


  • African Online Publishing Copyright ⓒ 2021. All Rights Reserved

    it will be in their best interests to not try to stop this, or it will be a thing from east to west….i promise.

    in case they forgot, i already told them am set up on the continent, so in no time at all all 54 countries will know about them….and their Black human rights violations..


  • African Online Publishing Copyright ⓒ 2021. All Rights Reserved

    They love grabbing credit and notoriety and i got just the vehicle they need to achieve that..


  • “From $400.00 dollars to $4-00 per ounce of mary jane with no need to commit any white-collar crime to get the foreign exchange to pay the overseas dealers.”

    It is a plant that can be grown for FREE

    a bit of gardening with green fingers is all that is needed



    “Hilary Beckles, says the organisation is a “little surprised” by the recent concerns raised by UNICEF over the format of this year’s suite of regional exams.

    He also suggested the international body raised an alarm “without first having all of the information at their fingertips”.

    they are always surprised when they get caught violating rights. CXC has done crap for decades with their uppity ill-mannered selves and little itty bitty power over too many children’s lives..parents who can afford to have to find a better way.


  • They really need to get the minority “bastards” and “terrorists” who have the means and connections to IMPORT guns and drugs by the containers and boat loads, and TRAFFICK/DISTRIBUTE them into the deliberately pauperized, depressed areas where the young men have NO OPPORTUNITIES, no means of survival and turn into :bastards” and terrorists as a result….

    get to the root cause, shut down the minority big “terrorists” and big “bastards” living behind their electronic gates, and in huge mansions decked out with security cameras that can see all their surroundings..

    some of the security they have would put the WH to shame.


  • A comment from Dottin.

    Dottin feels community’s pain over officer’s shooting
    Darwin Dottin, a former Commissioner of Police, says he understands the public’s concern about the spike in gun violence.
    He also identified with the anger that followed the fatal shooting of Acting Station Sergeant Newton Lewis as he was attempting to thwart a robbery in his Rose Hill, St Peter neighbourhood on Saturday night.
    The gun violence and its causes have been getting the attention of those in authorities, said Dottin, a consultant to the Government.
    “I can say that from this position I know that the matter has been given careful study, particularly with regard to the causes that are driving this behaviour,” he said.
    In early 2019 it was announced that Dottin would be Government’s consultant on crime as violence continued to increase from the previous year and murders soared to a record 49 for 2019. Authorities recorded a fall in crime last year, particularly during the period when the country was under a state of emergency and a curfew was in effect because of the COVID-19 pandemic.
    Dottin said he was not willing to go any further on the matter lest he got ahead of those in authority who will officially speak on the appropriate responses to the situation.
    He said he was deeply saddened by the tragic incident that took the life of the bubbly officer.
    “He was a St Peter man like I am and I still maintain close ties to the areas where he lives. He is a very close friend of my brother and he was just the type of person you would like to meet on any day that you are feeling down. His shoutout and that infectious smile were sure to lift your spirit,” he said of Lewis’ personality.
    Lewis, a 46-year-old father, responded to a call for help to head off a robbery at a nearby shop. He and retired officer Lionel Ward, who joined him in the effort to stop the robbery, came under fire and while Ward escaped, Lewis was struck by a bullet and died on the spot.
    Police continue to hunt for his killers. ( AC)


  • “They really need to get the minority “bastards” and “terrorists” who have the means and connections to IMPORT guns and drugs by the containers and boat loads,”

    You seem to love up whites
    but they are part of the criminal syndicates


  • Did your DIM self not get on here and say you are NOT Black, so why are you inviting Black hatred…..find someone else who would share ya sadistic stupidity.


  • “Did your DIM self not get on here and say you are NOT Black, so why are you inviting Black hatred…..find someone else who would share ya sadistic stupidity.”

    you are the only thick headed black I have come across
    an empty vessel and echo chamber a racist troll army of 1


  • When Oral Williams was Acting Deputy Commissioner of Police, he stated in no uncertain terms that the illegal guns that were entering Barbados, were doing so by legal port of entry.
    So why haven’t Dottin and Williams devised strategies to stem the flow of these illegal gun, since the both of them were aware of the caused of the problem?


  • ” Sir Hilary stressed that the regional testing body was on the same page with United Nation’s Children’s Fund (UNICEF), as CXC was dedicated to the “principles of fairness”.

    He said the new changes announced yesterday were testimony to their endeavour to account for psychosocial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic as well as the volcanic eruption in St Vincent”

    This is like verbal judo where you use the momentum of your opponent to your advantage.

    “Like you I care. In fact, I am out there showing care”. You don’t deny and counterattack. Embrace and twist to suit.


  • William Skinner

    @ WURA
    The NBA now has a presence in Africa. Over one billion invested . Involved is former NDP player .Basketball Africa League( BAL). African players in NBA are investors.
    Like you said the message is getting through.
    We can either deal with what’s happening or continue to be …….,.,,,.
    Holness,PMof Jamaica Aldo looking to Africa after forty two years in the IMF.
    Reality kicking in ………..


  • William…Let these small time rats stay in their permanent colonial tourism dependent slave positions…

    …,the more intelligent among us have ALREADY moved BETTER and GREATER…..African Americans/UK Africans etc already saw what time it is, even Stevie Wonder, the blind man who could see..

    and NOT for the element of corruption in Ghana or Kenya or Morocco as fowl Slave Enuff is hinting…


  • William…this is the new mindset of the younger generation on the continent. Don’t know what Fowl Enuff and its handlers think they will meet in those 3 countries but it may not be what they expect. They must have salivated at the amount in thefts via corruption they heard about….and fantasized at what corruption they can initiate. Again, they may get a shock.

    “Politicians never tell the truth! We all know this, but we support them and defend their wicked lies because we have been conditioned into accepting that it is okey to lie in politics 😭😭😭

    It is time to recondition our minds that it is NOT OKEY to lie to the people about today’s development and create an unbearable burden for tomorrow’s generations and it is not okey to defend corrupt politicians who intentionally destroy all progress of our society.

    It is time for change of mindset in order to change the political and development paths of Africa.”


  • The younger generation is POISED to take over the continent because it’s just a matter of time before all the old colonial has beens and sellouts DIE OFF..

    …… the corrupt in Barbados, their legs are TOO SHORT…… 😂😂🤣🤣😜

    they wasted too many decades with black self-hate, anti black and anti-African philosophies and MISSED THE BOAT…..back to the continent…wasted too many decades being disrespectful of their ancestry and ancestors.


  • 555 wuh shite you talking? LIBERATED, MY ASS!

    My mother could not wait to get out of England and back to Barbados! I have had many relatives that have returned when they had enough of England and America and several more planning to return. Bajans do not complain too much about Canada but I have a young cousin who was born there and is planning to leave and build his house on family land next to me. If not for COVID he would have been here a few times last year. Expect I will see him soon. He cannot keep away from Barbados!

    Why do you people seek to behave as though Barbados is a prison? Some of us were born elsewhere and could easily return. But Barbados, though far from perfect is a cool place for many of us to live.

    I smile and laugh far far far more than I frown, sulk or cry.

    Put that in your spliff and smoke it!

    And by the way, I don’t need a spliff for artificial happiness! The sun lifts my spirits when it rises.

    Natural high! Like the Commodores album.

    You may cuss me now! It will not remove my smile. Got too many mangoes, coconuts and sour sops on the trees and even the almond tree is bearing again!


  • @ Donna May 27, 2021 7:42 PM
    “And by the way, I don’t need a spliff for artificial happiness! The sun lifts my spirits when it rises.
    Natural high! Like the Commodores album.”

    Oh Lordie!
    Even the Anglican-blind Donna is coming around to see the Light.

    Keep on like Saul on the road to Damascus.

    Someday you might just arrive at that crossroad of Truth to choose the path that leads to the most beautiful sight on Earth which is that very Light (right) above.

    “The Lord bless thee, and keep thee:
    The Lord make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee:
    The Lord lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.”


  • So, if O’Halloran was allowed to take 10%, what does it say about Eric Williams, as there is no way that Williams did not know what took place. Or do you think that Williams just let O’Halloran run rampant, with no benefit for himself? Have the US prosecuted the principals of the US company who Lindquist says paid the bribe?

    How does this compare to the Inniss case and his prosecution?


  • You are one senile old miller! How many years and how many times have I told you that I am not a blind dogmatic Christian? The reason why I am Anglican is because Anglicanism allows me to be open-minded and rational.

    Do you see me staring into the skies watching for,

    “Lo, He comes with clouds descending”?

    No, I’m looking at the fluffy clouds and admiring their splendour!

    I have always been a nature lover. Communing with nature has ALWAYS been my way of connecting with the spiritual. And hence my solitary hikes and pauses at the edges of cliffs and the like.


    Every religion has stories! I can listen to all of them and gain something.

    Brer Anansi stories teach us much as well. Always loved Brer Anansi stories.


  • Good for you Pillie.

    Pilgrim calls for cooler heads after shooting
    By Colville Mounsey
    Prominent attorney at law Andrew Pilgrim QC says those charged with the shooting death of police officer Newton Lewis cannot count on him to represent them in court.
    He said he would regard any involvement as counsel as a conflict of interest since he knew the fallen officer well and was also a close friend of retired officer Lionel Ward, who was by Newton’s side when he died.
    However, he urged Barbadians to temper their passions, warning that cooler heads needed to prevail to ensure the course of justice was not compromised.
    The Acting Station Sergeant was killed on Saturday night by three gunmen while responding to the robbery of a shop near his home.
    In an interview yesterday, Pilgrim said he was concerned that with passions running high and the public pressure for a result mounting daily, coupled with police efforts to bring to justice those responsible for killing one of their own, extra care must be taken to ensure that everything was done transparently.
    “I wish that we could get a handle on all crime, but especially violent crime. Murders are always awful news.
    Murder of a decent, hard-working, loving Barbadian is always depressing. The danger with the death of a policeman is that it excites so much passion in the populace that we all are engulfed in the situation and the zest for resolution can lead to anger and irrational thinking.
    “I hope the Commissioner of Police puts his best, most judicious officers on the case, treat all suspects fairly and transparently so the public can feel confident in the process,” Pilgrim said.
    “. . . I will not be involved in this one as counsel. I would regard it as a conflict. My condolences to his family and friends and the force,” he added.
    With the ongoing discussion surrounding gun crime, Pilgrim said he had noticed an above normal amount of fingerpointing at lawyers, who were merely fulfilling their obligations as officers of the court. He said that especially in cases where emotions are running high, people forget that justice hinges on the principles of innocent until proven guilty.
    “The role of the defence attorney is to defend his client to the best of his ability and that is not going to change when there is a spike in crime.
    Responses when there is a spike in crime are oftentimes based on passion and vitriol, but we need the system to provide a fair trial for
    everyone all of the time and that is not going to change.
    “So I do not get excited when people are saying the things that they are saying now.
    I have even heard police officers say that they would like members of my family to be killed so that I could feel what it is like,” Pilgrim said.
    He added: “This is not how the system works, it is supposed to be fair all of the time and it should be available to everyone – every poor person should be able to have a good lawyer. This is to ensure that the system is fair, so that if people are beaten in police custody it can be addressed.
    “However, we often assume that whoever is on the front page of the newspaper is guilty and that the police did everything appropriately. I believe in the principles of innocent until proven guilty and I will fight for that until the day I die.
    So, for those who would like to see myself or my colleagues punished for doing our jobs, I feel sorry for them.”
    Commenting on the spike in violent crime, the lawyer said that in addition to penalties, there must be redoubled focus on addressing the root causes of crime.
    “We must continue to look to the sources.
    Why are our young men, our sons, brothers and cousins and so on turning to robbery and violence as ways to earn or to settle disputes?
    We all know these boys.
    Can they be reached?
    Can we help them before it gets to this?” he asked.

    Source: Nation


    Table Tennis Association wants to reach at risk youth
    By Mike King
    Concerned about spiralling crime figures, the Barbados Table Tennis Association (BTTA) wants to embark on a community outreach programme designed to take at risk youth off the streets.
    BTTA president Dale Rudder told the Weekend Sport his association would place table tennis boards in community centres across the country.
    The BTTA has negotiated a sponsorship deal with Indian sports equipment manufacturer Stag, and Rudder said the equipment has been cleared duty-free from the Bridgetown Port.
    “This is integral in my plan in terms of reintroducing the sport across the country. I had meetings with the Minister of Sport (Dwight Sutherland) and the head of the [National] Sports Council (Neil Murrell) and we want to put table tennis boards in most of the community centres.
    “I am concerned with the level of crime and it is important we start doing things to keep the youngsters engaged. When you look at the issues with some of the youngsters, in my time, we didn’t have any time for that. It was all sports, but we are not involving the youngsters in sport. We have to take the sport to them, take the sport to the blocks,” he said.
    Rudder said the equipment would comprise boards, rackets, nets, and so on.
    Seven centres identified
    He said that seven community centres have been identified for the first phase.
    “The focus is on awareness and we are looking at community centres in St Philip, St George, St Michael, St John and St Joseph. We want to go around the island; we have got national coaches assigned to deal with these things and conduct training sessions,” Rudder said.
    The programme will be headed by coach and former Caribbean men’s singles champion Trevor Farley, and coordinator Sabrina Worrell-Wood.
    Rudder, a former schoolboy and national junior champion, said that the communitybased thrust was a way of reviving interest in a sport that has produced household names such as Robert Earle, Gladstone Wharton, Carl Sealy, Robert Roberts and Kibibi Moseley.
    “Growing up in Deacons Farm, every single centre had a tennis board. If you played football at Emmerton pasture, a table tennis board was in the centre. I remember a table tennis board at King’s Park. I want to see a return to these days and renewed interest,” he said.
    “Sports teaches you the value of hard work, teamwork; it puts you in
    a different mental state; it allows you to think and be creative. I really want for us as a nation to start investing in human capital because we have got so much potential and natural athletic ability in this country but we have to tap into it,” he said.
    Career in sports
    Rudder says the time has come for a cultural mind shift.
    “We need to start looking at sports professionally, so that from as early as primary school, a youngster knows that he or she can have a career in sports. Once that paradigm shift has occurred, we will explode.”
    Rudder said table tennis players were ready to go back into competition mode but were awaiting clearance from the COVID-19 Monitoring Unit as the BTTA had submitted its health and safety protocols.
    “We are more than keen and ready to restart. I hope we can start in early June.”

    Source: Nation


  • So what happened to the national stadium, they need maloney cow bizzy or one of the other known crooks and parasites to ROB the treasury or pension fund to rebuild that too..


  • “I have even heard police officers say that they would like members of my family to be killed so that I could feel what it is like,” Pilgrim said.”

    so whatever happened to the case where a police dude shot and killed his neighbor and injured his son for no reason other than he was being a lowlife with a gun and calling himself a police officer., where is that case, still stuck in the magistrates court six years now and why can’t the parents whose son got killed by police just before George Floyd get any answers….

    people need to look at things in practical ways, these are the same ones jump in a church and talk about forgiveness and a load of shite until something happens..


  • Not going to throw shade, but will comment.
    When I look at the number of murders in Barbados, I found it surprising that St Lucy appear to have more than it share.

    I am hoping that government officials come around to thinking that St Lucy needs whatever they are getting for their constituencies.

    I had to Google the BLP St Lucy’s representative name.

    Free advice to Peter Phillips: He needs to raise his media visibility. A poke at Verla every now and then would be useful. (I can be hired – not politics or party, just dollars)


  • On a small phone… Some ‘s are missing above.


  • Won’t stop their fraudulent crimes against the Black population especially the Rasta community.
    Please share.

    “Rastafari want just cannabis reform for all, not just some.

    The Rastafari community in Barbados continues to be disadvantaged by the government of Barbados as far as cannabis justice is concerned.

    The foundational position of the Rastafari community is that cannabis has medicinal and spiritual properties, and as such should be made legally accessible to all the adult people of Barbados. It is the further position of this community that cannabis should be legal, however, having it regulated in a manner that affords all Barbadians the green light to cultivate a couple plants for their medicinal and spiritual uses in the privacy of their respective homes. No other working relationship can be built with the government of Barbados as it relates to cannabis while we the people of Barbados remain cannabis criminals. Our brothers and sisters remain in prison for seeking to economically empower themselves through the sale of cannabis, as the government is not setting themselves to do. How can this be moral?

    The head of the Barbados Cannabis Licensing Authority Dr. Munroe-Knight recently announced that her agency signed a memorandum of understanding with the TVET council as it pertains to cannabis cultivation for the medicinal cannabis industry. The unconscious, uncaring nature of the Barbados Labour Party utilized the expertise of Rastafari, namely myself, to assist with the creating of teaching modules that will be used within their intended cannabis cultivation course. I was chosen to assist with this initiative due to my experience in cultivating cannabis. Please note that I like many others, due to unjust cannabis laws have had to, and continue to risk their lives and freedom to preserve a Barbadian cannabis culture. This means the immoral nature of the government will allow it to utilize my knowledge of cultivating cannabis while actively seeking to incarcerate me if they catch me growing a few plants.

    I note that it was recently reported on the news that the government will be making allowances for the Rastafari community to cultivate an acre of cannabis to be sold within the medical cannabis industry. It must be noted that no discussions have been held with the Rastafari community as it pertains to this. Further to this, one acre of land to cultivate cannabis for the medical cannabis industry does not address the issues pertaining to cannabis that the wider Rastafari community have.

    The government continues to attempt to divide the Rastafari community on its stance as it pertains to cannabis by discussing issues and solution to the above-mentioned issues with a few Rastafari brothers and sisters who are BLP party faithful’s. These are Rases who are duty bound to agree and praise the BLP for whatever crumbs they see fit to dust of the table for us. This has proven detrimental to the Rastafari community, although beneficial to the individuals in question. While waiting for a meeting with the Minister of Agriculture and the Prime Minister to discuss issues pertaining to the wider Rastafari community (Rastafari Reparations), including just cannabis reform, the government has gone ahead and announced plans for this acre of land for Rastafari to cultivate cannabis for the industry. This was thought to be highly disrespectful by the majority of the Rastafari community, who then exited a WhatsApp chat designed by new party member Rodney Grant and veteran party faithful Trevor facilitate that meeting.

    The BLP is trying to cover up their unconscionable actions as they pertain to the people of Barbados and the Rastafari community, by trying to make it seem like they are working in the best interest of the people. They are not! The Rastafari community demands the same respect that is given to Caucasian people, Syrian people and the well to do African descended people in Barbados.

    No one wants to be ruled by an unjust and uncaring government. The words spoken by the Prime Minister that she cares is not manifested in her actions.

    Written by Paul Rock (Ras Simba Akoma)”


  • Too many corrupt players in the Caribbean, these are the crooks that cause crimes to rise when they call shots and the parliament negros jump..

    “Choksi, 62, was granted Antigua & Barbuda citizenship four years ago under the Citizenship by Investment Programme.

    He is wanted by the Indian judicial authorities for criminal conspiracy, criminal breach of trust, cheating and dishonesty, including delivery of property, corruption and money laundering.

    Indian authorities want him extradited to face the charges,”


  • Let the BLP change the law in the first instance, then the rastas and youths will liberate the weed for all to remedy the hypocrisies


  • 555dubstreet

    The Healing Of the Nation:
    Jacob Killer Miller… Tired tah smoke en aa gully… Time fee smoke weed en aa de out ….De Healing Of De Nation…. Liberated the Weed ….


  • Who will survive America
    few Americans
    very few negroes
    and no crackers at all


  • @ WURA-War-on-UMay 28, 2021 3:24 PM

    That guy Paul Rock aka Ras Simba Akoma would make a powerful human rights advocate and an outstanding legal luminary.

    He has put forward a solid and irrefutable case for the decriminalization and, by extension, the ‘democratization’ of the natural plant called cannabis sativa aka marijuana.

    What ought to be brought to his attention is the glaring ‘fact’ that the piece of legislation which grants his Rastafarian brethren special privileges to use marijuana based merely on religious (sacramental) grounds is obviously Unconstitutional.

    He has reinforced this point when he argues:
    “No other working relationship can be built with the government of Barbados as it relates to cannabis while we the people of Barbados remain cannabis criminals. Our brothers and sisters remain in prison for seeking to economically empower themselves through the sale of cannabis, as the government is not setting themselves to do. How can this be moral?”

    We can only wish that he would be that prepared to prosecute similar arguments on behalf of other disadvantaged and openly victimized minority groups within the wider Bajan society.

    How can a God-given plant be good for medicinal (and unconstitutionally sacramental) purposes but bad for culinary and other usages like cosmetology?

    Are these two-bit human beings calling “God” an incompetent madman?

    This disappointingly deceitful BLP administration is nothing more than a twisted two-faced hypocrite when it comes that plant called marijuana.

    What would the tourism administrators do when the KLM arrivals from Amsterdam descend on Barbados looking for a ‘high’ time from the tropical Bajan brand of Mary Jane? Tell them to drink rum and piss in the sewage-infested sea?

    Would you expect any of the disappointed brand of new age visitors to return (as repeat visitors) to the Bajan shores or would they seek out more welcomingly attractive shores like Antigua?

    Small island but Big on hypocrisy and double standards!


  • If BLP implement half assed laws, it will be the start of the battle not the end


  • Nurse: Jail still best deterrent
    By Colville Mounsey
    Don’t blame the prison or its rehabilitation programmes for any spike in violent gun-related crimes, says Superintendent of Prisons Lieutenant Colonel John Nurse.
    The man who heads Her Majesty’s Prisons Dodds said whenever there was a jump in such incidents the prison system was often the “low-hanging fruit” which the public picked at when apportioning blame, forgetting that communities and families had a major role to play in effecting reform.
    His comments came in the wake of the recent spike in violence and gun-related crime, including the shooting death of Acting Station Sergeant Newton Lewis last Saturday night by three gunmen while he was responding to a robbery near his Rose Hill, St Peter home.
    Nurse said that prison rehab programmes could not function in isolation, as the problem stemmed from inmates being released back into the very environments that facilitated their life of crime. He maintained that jail remained the best deterrent against crime.
    He told the Saturday Sun that, based on his experience, the majority of people leaving prison actually had no desire to return and wanted to change, but in many cases their environmental circumstances made it quite difficult to do so.
    “A lot comes down to the receptiveness of the community that he or she goes back to. They need assistance from their family to keep them on the straight and narrow. The former inmate needs employment, they need housing, so it is a lot more than what happens inside the prison,” he said.
    “The easiest thing is to look at the prison and wonder if the rehabilitation programmes are working, but we can tell you that we believe that the programmes are working. [This is] especially when you look at the educational levels that we are able to achieve for those who come in with no education; when you look at the skills we can give to people in terms of carpentry, masonry, farming and so on.
    “However, if they are not given opportunity to use those skills and are rejected by their family, which often happens, they return right back to the criminal elements that embrace them . . . . All of that [rehab work] could be unravelled the moment he or she is released back . . . to the very persons who put them to doing nefarious acts.”
    IDB report
    According to a report released by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) in 2020, in The Bahamas, Barbados, and Trinidad and Tobago, the largest proportion of inmates – roughly 50 per cent – had been in prison more than three times.
    The details were outlined in the IDB’s Regional Comparative Report – Survey Of Individuals Deprived Of Liberty: Caribbean 2016-2019. It revealed that Barbados had a 60 per cent rate of recidivism, which was the highest among the territories surveyed (Jamaica, Guyana and Suriname were the others in the study).
    With regards to the deterrent factor, Nurse said Barbadians should not be fooled by the unbothered looks of those being whisked from the courts to serve their sentences. He said after that first night in the prison, they were quickly disavowed of the notion that prison was a fun place to be.
    “I wish people could see these persons getting off the bus at the prison compound. It is very different when the reality sets in that most of your liberties have been removed from you and it is not at all glorious and glamorous. Those leaving the courthouse and waving on the bus have no idea what to anticipate, because [people] see certain things on TV and believe that prison is a badge of rank.
    “You should hear how some of them plead for bail when they go back to court after a few weeks. You are told when to get up and when to go to sleep. So prison is an effective deterrent, but the mistake we make is believing that once a person comes out of prison they should be automatically reformed.”

    Source: NAtion


  • “That guy Paul Rock aka Ras Simba Akoma would make a powerful human rights advocate and an outstanding legal luminary.”

    yes he is, i want him to get his case to the international courts and expose this government for what they have been doing to the Black population, they are ALWAYS VIOLATING BLACK RIGHTS…

    imagine using the Rasta Community to help them design programs related to marijuana although they were warned not to…. AND STILL REFUSE TO RECOGNIZE THEIR HUMAN RIGHTS….if that is not the true definition of human rights violating uppity nigas…i don’t know what is.

    “This disappointingly deceitful BLP administration is nothing more than a twisted two-faced hypocrite when it comes that plant called marijuana.”

    and this is the reason they should be dragged up to international human rights tribunals…let them explain their hypocrisy and down right criminality, when they themselves have been SMOKING and their families SELLING MARIJUANA FOR DECADES.


  • Negroes are the Subordinated Subjugated Subservient Slaves and there are many of these African ilk who bend over to the white man rule

    Revelation 5:5
    And one of the elders said to me, “Weep no more; behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has conquered, so that he can open the scroll and its seven seals.”

    Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Elect of God


  • “Do not remove the kinks from your hair – remove them from your brain.”

    “You can enslave, as was done for 300 years, the bodies of men. You can shackle the hands of men. You can shackle the feet of men. You can imprison the bodies of men. BUT YOU CANNOT SHACKLE OR IMPRISON THE MINDS OF MEN!

    Dive down Black men and dig. Reach up Black men and women, and pull all nature’s knowledge to you. Turn ye around and make a conquest of everything North and South, East and West. And then when you have wrought well, you will have merited God’s blessing, you will have become God’s chosen people, and naturally you will become leaders of the world.

    And as you bow down to white man today, so will other races bow down to you and call you a race of masters, because of the superiority of your mind and your achievements.

    Because, no race has the last word on culture and on civilization. They do not know what we are capable of. They do not know what we are thinking. They are thinking in terms of dreadnoughts, battleships, airplanes, submarines. You know what we’re thinking about?… That is our own private business.

    So give us credit for being able to use our minds. And with people becoming conscious of themselves, determined to use their minds, you do not know to what extent they can go. Liberate the minds of men and ultimately you will liberate the bodies of men.”
    ― Marcus Garvey

    So what are these Rastas thinking of when they get high and go deep

    It are
    the R
    the A
    the S
    the T
    the A
    the F
    the A
    the R
    the I


    Detective says some killers in their teens being recruited
    Trigger-happy young men are turning into “contract killers” for between $10 000 to $15 000.
    “That is the going rate. People in the underworld know who these guys are and they use them to carry out these bloody acts,” a detective, who has been involved for many years in solving murders, told the Sunday Sun.
    He said a number of killings over the years, including drive-by shootings, are being undertaken by hired hands and he was concerned that a number of young men, some teenagers without “a care in the world,” are being recruited.
    “Sometimes it is an initiation to show their loyalty to the boss; sometimes they do it for money, drugs and guns. Men who sit on the block share a lot of information among themselves, including who they want killed,” he said, as he lamented that the block culture was a big contributing factor to the crimes.
    Another senior cop disclosed that some contract killings were for “petty stuff”, as in one case a contract killer confessed that he and the getaway driver were paid $5 000 each to carry out the dastardly act.
    “A man carry way another man girl or a man come on the block and look at another man too hard. These people are taking another human being’s life over nonsense.”
    He said there were also instances where there were revenge killings over stealing drugs or refusing to pay for them.
    “. . . A hitman was taken out by another hitman because anytime you are a contract killer your life is also at risk. These hitmen have to walk and look over their shoulders. For instance, we have killers confess that they kill a man who killed their family or friend sometimes ten years earlier and they were waiting for the opportune time to ‘tek them out’.”
    “We have also had situations where families – a brother or a cousin – would hire a hitman to kill someone who killed their relative,” he said.
    Sources said a well-known hitman who may have killed more than five men was recently gunned down because it was believed that he was responsible for the killing, earlier this month, of another man who was considered a “boss”.
    A man who limes on the block revealed that killing was a moneymaker for the young people.
    “Five grand to carry out a job is nuff money for these young men who do not work. They hit mollies or blackies (illegal substances) so that they can psyche out themselves to do the
    job. They become ruthless and would hit anything in their path to get at the target. That is why we have so many drive-by shootings.”
    He recalled that a few years ago a notorious “hitman” who had assassinated many men was “killed like a dog” in the Pine, St Michael.
    “He kill the wrong man. Men drag he in the road and pepper he with bullets. Up to this day, nobody ain’t get charged. That was a big one that get tek out. People say he use to kill men for a spliff.”
    One of the cases which exposed the hitman trend in Barbados was the 2004 Coroner’s Court inquest into the 1999 shooting death of Carl Lashley, where witnesses testified that he was killed by 18-year-old Jerry Grant, a notorious “hitman” who was also murdered.
    Two weeks ago in the No.2 Supreme Court, Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions Alliston Seale mentioned that there was a “vigilante system in Barbados where everybody is exacting their own revenge among these various lawless groups”.
    “When you hear of a shooting, when you check the history, we who deal in the criminal justice system know that somewhere along the line this man trouble somebody some time.”
    Seale, who was prosecuting in the manslaughter conviction of Ryan Omar Samuel, of Grape Hall, St Lucy, who killed Charley Dume on April 26, 2014, reacted to the news of a man being held with an AK-47.
    When contacted, Deputy Commissioner of Police Erwin Boyce said he could not comment at this time without a review of investigations.
    However, three weeks ago he told this newspaper: “The [police]Force is indeed concerned about the recent incidents of violent criminal acts, particularly those that are gunrelated, bold and reckless acts of execution, which seem to be centred around certain areas or districts . . .”.

    Source: Nation


  • We talk of hitman. Yet refuse to acknowledge that these guys are the sum product conceived by a higher placed social economic group.

    Follow the money to trace the origins of the hitman rather then turning a blind eye to the politicians, the local business communities and the domestic minority and international communities who are fueling the growth in gun crime.


  • TLSN…they will never do it, won’t want to upset the bribery corruption order A to B to C as you called it…

    targeting the dudes on the block whose lives they manipulated in the first place is low hanging fruit, they must have someone, more often their VICTIMS, to hang the blame for their crimes against the people on, arrest and imprison, so that they themselves escape from scrutiny and prison time….a nasty bunch.

    don’t expect a lot from them, they are KNOWN BY THEIR DEEDS.


  • You see the above article, that information has been known for at least 20 years, i mentioned what the street was saying was the price for a hit years ago, they have since dropped the rate by half……this is NOT NEW INFORMATION…as they would like you to believe..

    the ones importing the guns and drugs are responsible…they have the means, the greed and the resources to bring in containers and boat loads of drugs and guns….to destroy the already pauperized depressed areas.

    just like the funded bus crawls with the nasty brandy & punnany organizers who set up young people and then pretend they are leaders of government….same scenario.


  • WURA-War-on-U,
    Here lies the tragedy with Barbados and its black majority population. Rather than being proactive and rooting out the source of this evil. They have chosen to remain mute and have given free rein to these small minority of players who take delight in persecuting them.

    The majority population must stand up and use every trick in the book to assert their inherent claim to the island.


  • Yes they must, they have been warned and warned, but they still identify with their abusers and oppressors….they still seek to remain at the bottom as opposed to shaking off the corrupt and sellouts…..and RECLAIMING WHAT’S RIGHTFULLY THEIRS…

    they still identify with criminal churches, SO as long as they keep up their self-destructive streak, nothing will change.

    even after seeing this posted everywhere they will still cling to what destroyed their ancestors..


  • TLSN…this is how criminal they are

    the hurricane Tomas was 11 YEARS AGO…insurance in US PAID OUT WEEKS LATER….these savages NEVER took the money and helped the people rebuild, most houses are still in the same state…..they never said what they did with the payout, i saw it in the media where the insurance company paid out to rebuild EVERY DAMAGED HOUSE…

    now these frauds are bigging up the thieving private sector and government for assisting in building a one bedroom house for this elderly person….who should not have to be used for their fraud show of pretending they are giving back…someone should ask DBLP what happened to the insurance money the company in NYC paid out for hurricane relief…these are some REAL snakes…

    won’t be surprised if they all TIEF the insurance money 11 years ago and now using it as a publicity stunt…for those who know no better.


  • Son beats back robbers
    AFTER HIS SON bravely fought off two armed robbers, a lawman is pleading with those who know about the illegal guns to tell the police.
    Sergeant Seibert Johnson made the appeal yesterday while revealing that two young men, one armed with a gun, tried to rob his son while he was using an automated teller machine (ATM) in Speightstown, St Peter, on Saturday night.
    Barbados has been battling a spate of violent gun crimes, with a particularly eventful and deadly May that started with shootings in three different locations in The City on the night of May 1. Following the killing of a policeman attempting to head off a robbery on May 22, public debate on the gun crimes has intensified.
    Johnson, the voice behind the popular and informative early morning traffic report, said it was sheer bravery on the part of his son, who wrested the gun from one of the men and kicked it out of his reach. As a result, the weapon is now in police custody.
    “The shootings are too frequent but rest assured, we are going to do something about it from our end as we continue to ensure that our country is safe for all citizens and those visiting here,” he said.
    He pleaded: “If [you] know of anyone who is in possession of an unlicensed gun . . . if you are not sure, just give us a call and let us check it out because that firearm probably could have been used in one of those serious crimes. We would be happy to retrieve it or solve the matter.”
    He warned those utilising ATMs to be careful, whether they were using the facility during the day or night and particularly if they were alone.
    As he related the attempted stick-up, Johnson said his son was struck in the head and his wallet taken before he made the courageous decision to fight back.
    “I’ve warned him before. I believe he thought in his mind, ‘I could be dead’ or [the robbers] could shoot him. It was there and then he had to make a decision – by all means he was going to get back his wallet and disarm him and he did that. He was able to kick away the gun after he disarmed him. He held
    onto the man and the watch he (the robber) was wearing apparently slipped through his hand and came off. He was able to evade my son and he got away,” Johnson said.
    The other man had fled at the point of the gun being taken.
    “We don’t know where these guns are coming from. Some guys feel they are not strong enough unless they have a firearm. I don’t know if firearms make them feel that they are stronger than the average person, but the firearms are a concern not only to us in the police force but to the entire country.”
    May has been marked by the deadly shootings of Shamar Lynch, 31, at St Ann’s Road, Pinelands, and Erwin “Redman” Thomas, 49, of Bellevue, both in St Michael, the latter murdered in his home district.
    Police are still hunting for the killers of Acting Station Sergeant Newton Lewis, 46, who was shot to death in the road as he responded to a robbery of a shop in his Rose Hill, St Peter neighbourhood.
    On Sunday night two men were injured in the Dalkeith, St Michael area after gunmen opened fire in the district. ( AC)

    Source: Nation


  • Judge: Amend Firearms Act
    ‘It’s a means of cracking down on mock guns’

    A HIGH COURT judge has called for an amendment to the Firearms Act if lawmakers want to capture those who walk around with mock guns in public places.
    The call has come from Justice Carlisle Greaves who yesterday released a man, who was on remand for two years, because the prosecution’s expert witness failed to prove that the .177 Ruger Airsoft pistol, which police said he had, was a gun under the Firearms (Amendment) Act.
    Tre DeCoursey Lowe, 23, of Allamby Gap, Spooner’s Hill, St Michael, had initially confessed to having the air pistol on April 27, 2019.
    However, his attorney Shadia Simpson petitioned the court to vacate Lowe’s plea after she contended that the air gun/BB gun was a toy gun and, therefore, not illegal under the Act.
    Senior Crown Counsel Rudolph Burnett, who appeared for the prosecution, argued that it was illegal and he called the police force’s Sergeant Roger Bullard as the Crown’s expert witness.
    Yesterday, Justice Greaves said based on the evidence and the fact that the gun “imitates its true cousin, it would appear that the gun would satisfy the requirements of an imitation firearm”.
    Under Section 2 of the Act, an imitation firearm is defined as a toy gun or anything which has the appearance of being a firearm but which is not capable of discharging any shot, bullet or other missile.
    “The problem,” said Justice Greaves, “is that given what he gave as the reason for its possession, no offence would be met under any of the provisions of the Act.”
    He explained that Section 20 would have required that Lowe had an intention to commit an indictable offence.
    The judge added that though Lowe did have the gun in a public place, Section 21 did not refer to imitation firearms.
    “It seems it would be necessary to amend the Firearms Act to meet situations such as this,” Mr Justice Greaves noted.
    “In addition I think the Section 2 definition of imitation firearm may need to be amended as well to remove the words “and is not capable” and replace with the words “whether or not it is capable of discharging,” he said.
    The judge suggested local legal draughtsmen look to the Bermuda Firearms Act 1973 which he said defined an imitation firearm as anything which has the appearance of a firearm . . . whether or not it is capable of discharging any shot, bullet or other missile.
    “In addition Section 26 (A) of that Act may be found useful if included in the local legislation,” Justice Greaves added.
    Did not give relevance
    “That section makes it an offence to use a firearm or imitation firearm to commit an offence or attempt to commit an offence whether or not any harm occurs. It goes further than the offences sections of the local Act,” he said.
    The judge went on to say that while the police expert had said air pistols did not discharge a projectile at a velocity exceeding 535 feet per second and that it had a muzzle energy exceeding 5.98 jolts, he did not give the relevance of those findings.
    “I am not left in any state of confidence or certainty that he has established this instrument to be a firearm as defined by the Act,” Justice Greaves said.
    “His failure to mention or explain the relevance of the instrument’s inability to achieve the velocity or force he mentioned leaves me unable to accept his conclusion.
    Raises discomfort
    “Furthermore his failure to test fire the pistol, or attempt to test fire it, raises some discomfort. Added to his evidence that he concluded it was a firearm within the meaning of the Act, coupled with his evidence that he did so based on his examination and test, without explaining that test, does not inspire in this court the degree of confidence necessary for it to accept his conclusion.
    “In addition, his repeated error displayed in his description of the calibre of the pistol when the true calibre was displayed on the firearm by the manufacturer does not inspire the confidence of this court that he bore sufficient knowledge of this type of instrument or that he sufficiently examined it to support his conclusion,” the judge declared as he vacated Lowe’s plea.

    Source: Nation


  • You absolutely cannot make this up.

    California judge overturns assault weapons ban


  • Three held in probe into cop killing
    TWO MEN who are on bail in connection with a high-profile murder which occurred in 2016, are assisting police with investigations into the shooting death of Acting Station Sergeant Newton Lewis.
    Police sources confirmed that the two, along with another man, were in custody and charges were imminent.
    The two men were arrested in 2016 with two others, for the executionstyle shooting of another man, which was caught on camera and widely shared on social media.
    Sources said they received bail from the High Court only last year.
    Lewis, who was buried on Tuesday, was gunned down near his home at Rose Hill, St Peter, on May 22, when he responded to a distress call from a neighbour of a robbery in progress at a nearby shop.
    He was confronted by several gunmen who opened fire, killing him on the spot. They then took his police service revolver before making good their escape.
    Lewis, a 46-yearold father of four, was also the driver of Commissioner of Police Tyrone Griffith.
    A few days after the killing, police took possession of a burnt vehicle which was discovered at a cart road at Jackmans, St Michael. It was said to be the getaway car which was used after the robbery.

    Source: Nation


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