Fraudulent Promotions at the Police Band

Submitted by John B

We are writing to alert Barbados about fraudulent plans to promote members of the band who are not in any way properly musically qualified, professionally certified, or have gained respected musical competence in no way whatsoever.  This being the case, the director of music is looking to place certain individuals in senior positions in the organization and destroy our beloved band.

We first highlight acting inspector of police 99 Patrick Austin. This officer has been a member of the police band for some time and has not yet ascertained basic musical qualifications to his name, cannot arrange any music whatsoever, struggles to properly play his instrument (Basson) and has embarrassed himself trying to conduct the band on the few engagements that he has done.

Secondly, Sgt 39 Gennine Julien, this member of the organization has been promoted but fails to provide any musical proficiency or certification whatsoever. If asked at any time to play a scale or any simple musical piece on her flute, this Sgt wouldn’t know where to start.

Finally, the acting Station Sergeant 1378 Gamble. This vindictive young man who holds a Bsc in public sector management couldn’t care less about musical certification and walks around feeling on cloud nine about his elevation and has his bags packed, and is ready to move into an inspector’s office. This young man has been wickedly placed in front of acting Sgt 1732 Steve Sobers Msc Music and comes with heavy experience in the musical arena in Barbados, Con 1507 Clarke Msc Music and the Bandleader or the Junior Monarch band, Cons 1738 Abraham Millington Msc Music and well know in the music industry in Barbados,  Sgt O Neale Msc Finance and ATCL Flute, etc.

This behaviour has to be highlighted because it is not fair and is causing a growing number of disgruntled workers. We would like if possible that all media houses be sent this information as well as the Prime Minister of Barbados Ms Mottley and her administration so that the people of Barbados be made aware of what is going on.This is a very serious matter which needs to be addressed with urgency and all  of the content is factual and can be confirmed with the Hr department of the Royal Barbados Police force.

106 thoughts on “Fraudulent Promotions at the Police Band

  1. Was there a hullabaloo recently when a second assistant of Commissioner in the person of Oral Williams was appointed to oversee HR matters?

  2. David

    Senior Superintendent of the Police Band Andrew Lynch is not even qualified to be the Band Master because he did not do the Band Master Course, most of his qualifications were gained online, but the man under him the Superintendent is well qualified, he did the Band Master course. The Lynch whom I know personally because I knew the first day, he jointed the Band back in the early 70s, mother and father have big political connection.

  3. David

    They would not promote Emerson Brown who is the Station Sergeant of the Band and whom have been in the Police Band much longer than Lynch Austin and Inspector Whitehall, whom is also incompetent.

  4. David

    They are two Inspectors and one Assistant Superintendent in the Police Band:
    1) Codrington-Assistant-Superintendent
    2) Austin-Inspector
    3) Whitehall-Inspector

    And when I tell you that I knew these three guys personally, I meant it, because I knew the first day they all joint the Police Band.

    And out of these three guys, Codrington whom have been in the Band long before the Director Senior Superintendent Andrew Lynch, Whitehall and Austin, is well qualified because I saw the time and energy Bomziie Codrington, put in on his off days playing the clarinet, the saxophone and many more instruments.

  5. Now in all fairness, I never saw Lynch, Whitehall or Austin, took up an Instrument of any sort and played it on their off days as Codrington had done, but Lynch is a nice guy and is well loved throughout the Ranks, plus his parents has big political connections, as well as when Ellis ( not quite sure if I am spelling the name correctly) the Former Director of the Band left, he recommended Lynch to the Rank and file to take his place even those the duty to Lynch was much more qualified but he was too young they must have assumed.

  6. David

    But this all started with the Double promotion Director of the Band Andrew Lynch had gotten and the volatile relationship Former Director of the Band Keith Ellis had with Brown, Boyce and Tank, whom were actually taken out of the Band and sent to worked on the regular Force ….because of the unfairness regarding promotions in the Band.

  7. David

    Just look at the unfairness in the Mounted Branch as well …. Marshall and Jessamy were dismissed over the double promotion this female Inspector of the Mounted Branch had gotten. She is now in charged of the Mounted Branch ….Jessamy retired and Marshall died …..

  8. Remember: Codrington, Lynch, Austin and Whitehall were all promoted under the Director of the Band Keith Ellis …over Brown, Boyce and Tank …… Whom have been in the Band longer than the above four.
    Also note that these promotions were made on the recommendation of the Director of the Band……

  9. David

    You talked about the debacle over Deputy of Commissioners of Police Oral Williams promotion, but has this man every walked one day on the beat? Was he a member of the CID or the Special Branch etc? I did not realized that this man was a member of the Royal Barbados Police Force in the 70s, when he used to visited his two older brothers in the Police Band then because all I heard then that he was in university.
    All I remember about this guy as far as actual policing in concerned, is the fact that he was the Commandant of the Regional Police Training School.

  10. “You talked about the debacle over Deputy of Commissioners of Police Oral Williams promotion, but has this man every walked one day on the beat? Was he a member of the CID or the Special Branch etc?”

    @ Dompey

    It seems as though you want to impress upon BU that you’re an authority on police issues. I’m surprised that, with all this ‘inside information’ you’re ‘exposing,’ you do not know anything about DCoP Williams.

    Perhaps you should consult with one of your ‘confidential informants’ about Mr. Williams before spewing nonsense about him.

    • @Artax

      Based on your understanding of the system can promotions within the Police Band be so influenced as articulated in the submission?

  11. Wasn’t Garry Sobers made a member of the Band as a young man?

    “As a teenager, Sobers’ talent was recognised in local cricket in Barbados. He got his first break at a more senior level through a police inspector named Captain Wilfrid Farmer. Eager to get the young boy into the police team, he enrolled Sobers into the band. “I had never played an instrument in my life but accepted the offer as first-team cricket was the next step up,” Sobers said. Even when an injury prevented him from attending the band’s practice, much to the chagrin of the bandmaster, Captain Farmer helped him out. Sobers was now put into the Police Boys Club, which kept him eligible for their senior cricket team.”

  12. All I knew is that when Dr. Christopher Artherley was the Director of the Police Band, Oral Williams older brother, Andy Williams the Superintendent under Artherley had had a volatile relationship with Dr. Artherley, and Assistance Commissioner of Police Oral Williams, would come up to the Band and throw around his weight.

  13. Frank

    no I was never a police, but I have many many personal friends who are and were police, as well as I was born and bred right behind a major police station and spent all my teenage years working with the police as an Assistant Groom and many more chores brother. Listen! I have been all around Barbados with the police to every tattoo and at every plantation in Barbados for the grass for the horses. In other words, everyway the Mounted men went I was there Frank because I love horses and a kid.

  14. Artax

    I Knew Oral Williams personally and he knew me as well and I founded him to be a very polite and respectful guy, but that still does not change the fact that his promotion had within the makes of political favoritism.

  15. Artax

    Sir my long term memory is excellent and when I tell people things that occured 50 years ago, they are utterly surprised or rather shocked.

  16. Artax

    I can tell you about an incident that occured 50 years ago when I was still wetting myself and all my childhood friends could accounted to it because they were also there when it occured.
    This prison got always from District A run behind the wall, and the police pursued him and caught him hiding in one of my childhood friend back yard. And a CID Detective name Barcar, took up a big rock and licked the man head right in front of we kids, and the prison vomited up ABC soup. And that memory stuck in my mind all these years and I am only 55 years old.

  17. Someone poison Barcar in the later 70s or early 80s, and his son who was a childhood friend of mine, rebelled and started robbing tourists on the breaches of Barbados.

  18. Artax

    I can tell you when my good Police friend Sergeant Calendar had go to court because he was a suspected or involved in the Victor Pele Parris murdered.

  19. Artax

    I was in the station the morning the CID detectives brought Ronnie Briggs to District A…. And it had to be in the early 80s or later 70s …..don’t quite remember the date right now

  20. Artax

    I can tell where the government of Barbados stored the pieces to the Cuban Airline that crashed over Barbados in the 70s. The pieces to that plane were stored in a building in the back of District A were the old Mounted Barrack were located. One morning Cuban officials came to District A to expected the pieces of the plane and I distinctively remember see a wheel and pieces of metal and a lot of orange plastic .

  21. David

    The fact of the matter is, Brown, Boyce and Tank, had had a volatile working relationship with Director of the Police Band, Keith Ellis over the promotion of Austin, Whitehall and Lunch and to the point where the three of them were moved to District A Station temporarily. Remember the Band Master makes the recommendation for promotion!

  22. Sorry lynch who had gotten a double promotion and did not even completed the Band Master Court at Sam Hurst….

  23. Dompey May 16, 2021 7:57 AM #: “I Knew Oral Williams personally and he knew me as well and I founded him to be a very polite and respectful guy……”

    If you claimed to have “known Oral Williams personally,” then, why did you ask if he “ever walked one day on the beat? Was he a member of the CID or the Special Branch etc?”

    Also, with all due respec, this thread is about alleged unfair promotions in the Police Band. Why bore the forum, as you usual do, with mundane details about the mounted branch and your adventures roaming about with policemen from District ‘A’

  24. @ David

    A very interesting article. Makes me wonder if there wasn’t a ‘hullabaloo’ as well, concerning Patrick Austin’s lack of basic or professional musical qualifications, at each stage of his promotions from Constable – Sargeant – Station Sargeant – Acting Inspector of Police.

    In other words, here is an officer who it is alleged does not have any musical qualifications, but benefited from three (3) promotions, which now comes into dispute, as he is about to be promoted to Inspector (or Assistant Superintendent) of Police.

    Also, wasn’t there any concerns about Sgt 39 Gennine Julien’s musical proficiency on the flute during her tenure as a Police Constable?

    Surely it should’ve been obvious to who was Director of Music at the time Julien was recruited for the band, that she did not possess the requisite musical qualifications, yet, she was recommended for promotion to Sargeant.

    • @Artax

      All rather strange that unqualified musicians were promoted above qualified musicians. Hopefully we will get some clarity from officialdom.

  25. David

    Trust me when I tell us this: Former Director of the Police Band who is actual a good musician and composer had no academic qualifications for music, and was promoted before Inspector Nurse who holds a bachelor’s degree in music from Berkeley. Assistant Director of Music David Codrington should have been promoted before the current Director of the Band Andew Lynch because David Codrington Assistant Director of Music can play many instruments and well as to carry the Maze competently, all I remember Direct of the Band Andrew lynch, doing is played the Trumpet and running down women.

  26. David

    This pattern of unfairness in promotions have been going on in the Band for quire a long time: Former Direct of Band Keith Ellis, who is a competent musician and composer, has no musical academic qualifications, but he was promoted ahead of Inspector Nurse who holds a Bachelor’s Degree of music from Berkeley.

  27. @DAvid
    “All rather strange that unqualified musicians were promoted above qualified musicians. Hopefully we will get some clarity from officialdom.”

    Don’t hold your breath. This was a simmering pot from Lynch’s promotion and before. “Home drums” beat louder than musical drums.

    Just observing

  28. For many years they were certain individuals in the Force that got way with murder or could have do the worth of things that others would have gotten fired for.
    Talbert Lowe, a Mounted man got way with nuff murder. Lowe would go out on duty on the horse and ride back pissing drunk to the station, and at times the Horse would returned to the Station without Lowe because he was too drunk to ride back to the Station. Lowe, migrated to the States in the early 80s, and is drawing his Police pension today, as a matter of fact, I heard Lowe turned Preacher.

  29. Am sure others have noticed, but why does the police force, etc, the whole civil service, carry the same last names/surnames EVERY generation. wonder everything has DEVOLVED into a real shit show of nepotism and political yardfowlism…just like the parliament and everywhere else ,it seems to be a family affair to NOWHERE.

    definitely not suitable, socially or mentally healthy for YOUNGER or INCOMING generations…

  30. Wuh Dompey I never asked you to give me a story bout anything.

    For all I know what you telling us here today could be hear say.

    I thought this blog was about promotions. You gone adrift of the subject with a lot of unnecessary gossip bout things that not really got nothing to do with what we supposed to be talking bout.

  31. Frank

    I am going to tell you ignorant ass again ….this is not gossip ….these are fact yah Johnie …

  32. @ David

    Dompey ‘just don’t know when to quit.’ He has essentially rendered the this and the ‘Flashback To Old Barbados” blog useless.

    But, yuh know, some of these contributors amaze me.

    Domps ‘told’ the blogger Frank, “I am going to tell you ignorant ass again ….this is not gossip ….these are fact yah Johnie …”

    He has taken pleasure in insulting 555dubstreet about ‘his black ass’ and mother; asking Donna if she was taking ‘dickie lessons; and now calling Frank an “ignorant ass… Johnie.”

    Read “The Caswell Franklyn Column – Government Ignores the Law and Does What it Likes” article to see what Domps ‘told’ a contributor:

    “Dompey October 12, 2016 3:20 PM #: It is not a sign of true intelligence to have to resort to name calling because you can’t have it your way. Sir you’re beginning to sound more like the nincompoop Donald Trump with his Ivy League education and can’t even construct a simple sentence tah save he life. And finally, only an idiot like you yourself haven’t enough perspicacity to interpretatively extrapolate that only two real antagonist traverse this blog Sir.”


    • You know when the blogmaster has to censor what will happen. Time longer than twine some say.

  33. David

    You all should thank me for giving you all my unique insight in the corruption in this some island, before you all seek to accused me of gossiping and fabricating these stories. And if you noticed, Frank seems to take what I’ve revealed here personally, as though he was part of this corruption.

  34. David wuh happen to the fireman blog that was part and parcel of BU
    Those stories would have blown the roof off the Dept
    Talking about salacious and downright void of moral content
    David I know u remember

  35. Those who have never read the Fireman’s Blog on BU the expression of the day to day going ons in the dept left nothing to the imagination
    These workers went all out to expose what and with whom the sexual encounters and who was sleeping and cheating with each other
    The comments were expletive sufficient and enough to ask if this was a job or the making of a reality show
    David wuh happen to the Firemam Blog

  36. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. When the band plays we will know if the standard has been compromised.

  37. Such a shame. If I recall correctly both Lynch brothers were promoted through political connections back in the mid 90’s
    1071 Paul Lynch who knows no policing, was considered to be a police driver, couldn’t construct a proper crime file or write a statement was promoted over Con 764 N. Blackman. An unassuming fellow who knew the job.

  38. 1071 Paul Lynch and his brother Andrew Lynch were promoted due to their political connections. I recall the fire at the dump which blanketed Bennett’s, all families were offered $5000, the brother refused that for promotion see who was their representative at the time that was made easy.
    1071 Lynch was a member of the Task Force at the time while his brother Bumpy was at the band. During that time I was also at the TF, Paul was as dumb as they came, all he knew about was military courses, talking loud, imitating the English soldiers and driving. But Freddy White and Crichlow liked him. He was an under performer at policing. Cons Blackman however quiet, knew the job and handled himself and his juniors well. Any time he took action would only call to inform what he was doing or where he was. He worked well without supervision. Such a pity when he left the force. He was really unfaired. Word is that he was promoted and not Lynch but politics had its say. I do believe that if Blackman checks service commission he’ll find that he was promoted.
    So it’s not only the DOM, his brother too

  39. When I heard that Austin and Whitehall were promoted to Inspector, I knew then and there that the Royal Barbados Police Force Band had hit rock bottom.

  40. There is one woman in RBPF name Assistant Superintendent Christine Stanford, who is going places in this organization, because she came out of the Defence Force in the early 80s, and joint the RBPF, where she served as the Second woman to joint the Mounted Branch, and after the Mounted Branch she served in the CID, for a short spell, and after the CID, she was assigned to the Royal Barbados Regional Training School. Now what has the Female Inspector in charged of Mounted Branch have done to deserved her double promotion?

  41. Now that we are on the subject of promotion, there was a guy in the RBPF name Austin, who got promoted to the rank of Inspector at the age of 26 back in the day. Talk about being a Custer …. Austin was heading there, but an unfortunate incident derailed his police career.

  42. Gabriel, Aaron, Connell and Codrington carried the Maze, but Gabriel top them all because it was as though Gabriel was born to carry the Maze. Gabriel, was the backbone of the RBPF back in the day because at parade time everybody came to see Gabriel because of his drilling ability.

  43. because she came out of the Defence Force in the early 80s, and joint the RBPF, where she served as the Second woman to joint the Mounted Branch,

    Dompey, what the hell is joint the RBPF and joint the Mounted Branch? Man, with all of them big words you does use and how you does want to correct other poeple, yuh woulda think you would know better.

    Man look, it is JOINED the RBPF and JOINED the Mounted Branch…….. not JOINT, Dompey.

    And a next thing too, gossip means idle talk about the personnel or private affairs of other people. That is what you are doing on BU when you talking bout all the personal information about policemen, and you don’t know when to stop.

    You is A GOSSIP, somebody who does enjoy talking about other people’s private lives.

  44. RAPING underage girls is not personal lives of policemen, it is EXPOSING CHILD RAPISTS in the police force..

    yall are WICKED and IGNORANT and love to hide crimes against children and the elderly….and HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES against the Black population.

  45. One of the stories Dompey related is about 40+ years old.
    The COP and Austin were both on a fast track through the ranks of the BPF.
    I find him very believable with his police tales.

  46. Careful Theo…the child rapists may attack you for exposing their own….ya done know they are always in cover up mode….about everything.

  47. Yes, it is true that Exley Austin, Tyrone Griffith, Lionel ‘Mark’ Thompson, Erwin Boyce all benefited from ‘double promotions.’ I believe Exley was the youngest officer to reach the rank of Inspector of Police at that time.

    However, Dompey ‘talking’ about policemen engaging in sexual activity with school girls cannot, in all seriousness, be described as “EXPOSING CHILD RAPISTS in the police force..,” simply because he did not mentioned the names of the officers who allegedly sexually assaulted those young ladies nor did he REPORT what allegedly occurred.

    ‘Don’t get me wrong,’ I’m NOT suggesting the events as described by Domps did not occur. However, in all fairness, please ‘tell’ the forum WHOM did he EXPOSE?

    The point I previously made on this issue was, and remains, rather than coming to BU 40+ years after to glamorize what he alleged occurred at District A…….. at the times of those ‘incidents,’ Dompey should have made a complaint to a senior officer at the station or the officer in charge of the Bridgetown Division.

    Only then could he be ‘congratulated’ for “EXPOSING CHILD RAPISTS.”

    By NOT REPORTING the matter, he essentially ASSISTED in “hiding crimes against children.”

  48. I agree that there was a failure to report misdeeds.

    I will make no excuse for this failure, but perhaps not reporting these misdeeds was because of a few reasons
    (1) it required a level of courage that was not present at that time,
    (2) fear of retaliation or
    (3) a friendship that prevented snitching

    But I fully agree, that his lack of a voice assisted in hiding these crimes.

  49. Artax

    How could I have reported the incident of child sexual abused, when the abuser was one of the top officers at the station at the time? I told you that this man behaviour was common knowledge in the neighborhood because one of mothers confronted the Inspector of Police, when she founded her teenage daughter with birth control pills, and the mother did so in the Station in front of a crowd of people and a Senior Officer of the Station and nothing was done about this man’s behaviour.
    Artax, you have consider that kind of Barbados we were living in at that time, and the time period in which this incident took placed. I am talking about close to fifty years now Sir!

  50. Fuck the Police
    Criminals in Jail say the two worst type of Criminals are
    – Pedophiles
    – Police
    NONCE – Not On Normal Courtyard Exercise.

  51. Artax

    I am beginning to suspected that you were a Police or have had a closed association with members of the Force, because your details of the persons whom were promoted at an early age are better than my own.

  52. Dompey knows where the bodies are buried and should name and shame the Po Po who fingered little girls pussies because they could abuse their power with their sickness

  53. @Frank

    And Frank, needs to learn or know the difference between Gossip and Fact, before he elects to call me a Gossip, which I am no way close to.

  54. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

    Some good points were made by both sides. Accept and move on.

  55. @Frank

    There isn’t much we can do about the past, but learn from it because the perpetrator of this unspeakable violation of trust and abused of innocence and authority, has long gone onto the Great Beyond, but I felt is necessary to shine light the on an incident which occured in my childhood, and I had I to do it all over, I would it again.

    However, my intent weren’t to exposed anyone, or denigrate the reputation of the Force, in anyway, shape or form, because the same way I have pointed out the bad regarding my association with the Police, I have also pointed out the good about men and women of the Force, whom have been good role models, to me and many other young people of our day.

  56. 555dubstreet

    You ought to genuflect and thank the Men and Women of the RBPF, for keeping this little island, Safe and Civil because I saw the sacrifice, these men and women have made to returned this infinitesimal island to a level of safety and security, when the criminal elements of this little island disturbed the Public Peace and harmony.

  57. Dompey has got good memory

    but the thinking part of his brain no longer works

    the bioelectrical thought circuits have failed although the data banks are full of shit

  58. Many would have known about CHILD RAPISTS in the police force and said and NOTHING as is the norm, including the negro nobodies in the parliament from 1966…who control the police and would know exactly what they did and do.

    up until 2005 they were still around operating trying to TRAP people’s underaged daughters, through their many connections in the taxpayer funded organizations….that one i know about, but did not know they operated as far back as the 70s.

    people talk still about the children being sold to plantation owners by the FRAUDS calling themselves fake elites and pedigree back in the day, but not many heard about CHILD RAPISTS IN THE POLICE FORCE…NOW the whole world knows they exist, the only thing left to expose is EXACTLY WHAT DID THEY DO…it had to be a network that lasted for DECADES..

    no wonder when they get old and soft in their heads and attempt to talk to ease their recently developed conscience, they are either poisoned or brutally murdered.

  59. No, Domps….. your suspicions are wrong. I am not a police officer or “had close association with members of the force.”

    Even if I had applied, I would’ve probably failed the entrance examination and the other assessment tests.

  60. @ John

    Rereading this article, I was led to concluded that John the author of this article have to have had been a member of the Police Band, or he may have gotten his information from a member of the Police Band, based on the in-depth details John, included in this article.

  61. Artax

    The Police Examine back in the day consisted of Dictation and General knowledge and the rest were classroom of the physical aspect.

  62. Artax

    You obviously have to know both the Criminal and Traffic Laws that you are going to enforce, as well as Drill and PT ….
    ( I don’t think that they had any Forensics and Ballistics back in the 70s)

    However, back in the 1970s a certain aspect of the Traffic Enforcement Course was taught at District A Police Station.

    In the Old Front Office Building at District A Police Station there was a Dummy they kept under the cellar that they used to trained the recruits from the Training School with, in the Traffic Enforcement aspect of the course.

  63. Artax

    Back in those days kids were allowed to traversed the entire Station, because back then the OLD District A Station was comprised of the Front Office Building upfront, the Barrack, the Horse Stables, the Mounted and the Groom Quarters in the very back of the of the Station and the dog kennels in the Back next to Band men quarters

    And the remaining portion of the Station consisted of the two paddocks, one in the very back of the Station and other on the right side of the Inspector offices adjacent to District A wall.

  64. In the Old Front Office Building at District A Police Station there was a Dummy they kept under the cellar that they used to trained the recruits from the Training School with, in the Traffic Enforcement aspect of the course.





  65. BAJE

    Common knowledge for all the kids who grew up behind or near to District Police Station back in the day.

  66. A lot of people may not be aware of this fact, but back in the day, the Foundry which burnt the old Barbadian currency, was located in the very back of District A Police Station.
    I can vividly remember finding pieces of the old Barbadian currency with Queen Elizabeth face on it as a kid playing in that area.

  67. @ Dompey May 17, 2021 5:35 PM
    “And the remaining portion of the Station consisted of the two paddocks, one in the very back of the Station and other on the right side of the Inspector offices adjacent to District A wall.”

    And it was behind those very walls of sexual child’ abuse that the poor ‘coloured Fenty’ boy aka Dompey lost his anal innocence.

  68. Artax

    I don’t believe any of the kids in Barbados have had the kind of childhood, as the kids who grew up behind District A Wall, Bush Hall, the Prison, the National Stadium, the Rockie, the Globe, the Empire the Plaza, the Garrison Savannah and the Spring Garden Highway.

  69. Miller

    I won’t even waste my time responding to your egregious and despicable comment, because your very utterance tells us more about your sexual inclination, than the ones who you elected to accused of sexual abused.
    So cease and desist, because the more you open your mouth, the more you are reveals to us, your sexual tendencies.
    Now, are you sure you want to take on Dompey?

  70. Miller

    And by the way: I dodge more ballars on my way to primary school, than I did associating with the Police. Who never brought any funny business to me or around, because I was a hothead ignorant kid and youth, who wouldn’t have thought twice about cussing yah off in a minute. You better ask about me …. I never rump as a youth in Barbados….remember I from Bush Hall rite?

  71. @ Dompey May 17, 2021 6:24 PM

    So, Sir Domps, how come you have the moral gumption to reveal all the ‘dirty’ things the policemen did to those innocent schools girls but become highly offended when you are exposed for running errands and doing other ‘blow’ jobs for the same officers engaged in paedophilia?

    Weren’t you that special ‘red boy’ who ‘loved’ to be made to feel ‘deeply’ important?

    The ‘Merrick’ boys who used to live behind the same wall used to monitor your movements to and from those very barracks and horse stables which were your favourite play pens.

  72. Miller

    And by the way, I knew Officer Bovell personally, He was working at District A, when he got arrested for buggery, but he knew better than to bring his funny business around me.

  73. Miller

    I also knew Mr. Merrick and his brother who used to lived down in Hindsbury Road …. He died quite early …. I think Merrick brother was related to my childhood school Wilbert webb….

  74. Miller

    On a more serious note Sir: I only knew of two real bullars in the Force, Bovell, who was convicted of sodomy in the 80s; and the Mounted man name Corporal Beckles, who died of a heart attack in the early 70s. Corporal Beckles, made it no secret about his sexuality then, Corporal Beckles was openly gay, when being gay weren’t popular. Anyhow Miller, Corporal Beckles was a big haft White man like you, who rode a Black and White Clydesdale horse called Salem.

  75. Miller

    In 1979 my good friend and father figure the late Mounted Man and Acting Inspector of Police Richard Crichlow, rode Salem to St. leonard Boys Secondary and shout your nemesis during lunch break, and the students were utterly astonished to see your nemesis rubbing on Salem ….it is a memory, I will die with …. because Crichlow was a friend, mentor and father figure…..

  76. Frank

    We have to developed the testicular fortitude to acknowledge our past, no matter how sensational or despicable it maybe have been- because there is where the healing process begins.
    As well as, the Past with its good and evil lives in the present and the old is in the new concealed, as well as the new is in the old revealed.

  77. David, Miller, John and Artax, this is my last comment on this post:

    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr: ” Truth crashed to the earth, shall rise again.” And if you think for one moment that you are escaping judgment in the terrestrial sphere, I can almost guarantee you that you will get in celestial sphere.
    Peace, love and blessings…. Eat, drink and be merry Solomon said ….all the rest is vanity and vexation of the spirit….

  78. “I was a hothead ignorant kid and youth, who wouldn’t have thought twice about cussing yah off in a minute. You better ask about me …. I never rump as a youth in Barbados….remember I from Bush Hall rite?”

    You roared like a spineless chicken when you knew of the abuse of young girls.

  79. TheOGazert

    Until you walk a mile in a man’s shoes, then you will understand the reason why a man does the things he does. So Brother, with that being said, you aren’t in any position whatsoever to speak into my life and tell me, what I ought or ought not to do because you weren’t privy to circumstances and consequences of reporting such an incident.
    Blessing up …. Me still talawa ….

  80. Dompey May 17, 2021 5:20 PM #: “You obviously have to know both the Criminal and Traffic Laws that you are going to enforce, as well as Drill and PT …. (I don’t think that they had any Forensics and Ballistics back in the 70s).”

    @ Dompey

    I believe you are confusing two separate issues…… recruitment and training.

    You ‘said’ “the Police Examine back in the day consisted of Dictation and General knowledge,” which is true. However, “the classroom and drill” are all aspects of the training process.

    The minimum height was 5’8″. During the recruitment process, candidates also had to pass an IQ test, background checks, psychiatric assessment by Dr. George Mahy, medicals by Dr. Bannister, an interview by the recruitment officer and a final interview by the selection committee.

    Successful candidates were asked to report to Central Station to collect their ‘kit’ and they would leave there a Saturday morning for the Training School.

  81. Artax

    I understood all of that …. you just do not walking into a police job without doing a physical, and who does not understand the height requirement? The psychological testing, I was not aware of, but the height requirement today can be seen as discriminatory.

  82. 555dubstreet

    You read the Privy Council report on the Peter Bradshaw case, and the reason why he escaped the hangman loose? It is online Boss…..

  83. Dompey May 18, 2021 5:58 AM #: “I understood all of that …. you just do not walking into a police job without doing a physical, and who does not understand the height requirement?”

    My friend, it is obvious “you just do not walk into a police job without doing a physical.” I never disputed that fact.

    And, where did I mention anything about you or anyone “not understanding the height requirement?” In your May 17, 2021 12:20 PM contribution, you mentioned “the height requirement”………. I simply reminded you it was 5′ 8”.

    So, what exactly is your point?

  84. Back in the DAY Nepotism was widespread in the RBPF, because once your father or uncle were a Police, it was automatic for you to get into the Force. And it was said to a former Mounted man who was born and bred behind the Wall by certain members of the Mounted Branch: that if they knew that he was from behind the Wall, he wouldn’t have gotten into the Force. Note also that back in the DAY, there was some level of discrimination against individuals from town area who tried to join the Force.

  85. @John

    John, the authored of the article possessed unmitigated gall, to accused me of gossiping, but yet he runs here on BU, with his bag of gossip, regarding who is competent and who is incompetent, and who ought and ought not to be promoted, but had he the Balls, he would have emerged from behind his verisimilitude which masquerade, and boldly state unequivocally, the facts regarding the partiality related to the promotions in the Band, but instead he elects to entertained hear and say and gossip regarding the members of the Police Band. And has specifically targetted Inspector Austin, as though he sits in front of him, when he directs that Band.
    Nevertheless, I know Inspector Austin personally, as well as Inspector Whitehall, and when I heard of their promotions, I thought they may have made a mistake, because Brown, Boyce, and Griffith would have been better choices for these promotions.

  86. Let me drop this last fact because most of the players have shed their earthly tabernacle and gone on to the Great Beyond.

    As a kid growing up in the Station back in the 70s, there were several CID Detectives whom worked at District A for many years, and these men were respected and feared by the criminal element of the day.

    1) Taylor
    2) Merrick
    3) Arthur
    4) Eswick

    These men were before the day of the Dirty Harry, Tracksuit Top, and Invader 1 …. etc….

    These were the men who dealt with Doctor Rat, Buddy Brathwaite, Big Michael, Derrick McAllen, Theophilus Pile, Mark Young and Bend Toe …..

    These four CID Detectives took their job very serious, (as a matter of fact, they were no nonsense type of men) and it was as though these four men spent more time at work than they did at home, especially when one of the notorious criminal were on the rampaged….

  87. These four men hadn’t anytime to interact with the kids of the day, because they were always about their business.
    These were the seasoned Detectives who understood and did the job with competent, dedication and a lot of sacrificing.

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