Fraudulent Promotions at the Police Band

Submitted by John B

We are writing to alert Barbados about fraudulent plans to promote members of the band who are not in any way properly musically qualified, professionally certified, or have gained respected musical competence in no way whatsoever.  This being the case, the director of music is looking to place certain individuals in senior positions in the organization and destroy our beloved band.

We first highlight acting inspector of police 99 Patrick Austin. This officer has been a member of the police band for some time and has not yet ascertained basic musical qualifications to his name, cannot arrange any music whatsoever, struggles to properly play his instrument (Basson) and has embarrassed himself trying to conduct the band on the few engagements that he has done.

Secondly, Sgt 39 Gennine Julien, this member of the organization has been promoted but fails to provide any musical proficiency or certification whatsoever. If asked at any time to play a scale or any simple musical piece on her flute, this Sgt wouldn’t know where to start.

Finally, the acting Station Sergeant 1378 Gamble. This vindictive young man who holds a Bsc in public sector management couldn’t care less about musical certification and walks around feeling on cloud nine about his elevation and has his bags packed, and is ready to move into an inspector’s office. This young man has been wickedly placed in front of acting Sgt 1732 Steve Sobers Msc Music and comes with heavy experience in the musical arena in Barbados, Con 1507 Clarke Msc Music and the Bandleader or the Junior Monarch band, Cons 1738 Abraham Millington Msc Music and well know in the music industry in Barbados,  Sgt O Neale Msc Finance and ATCL Flute, etc.

This behaviour has to be highlighted because it is not fair and is causing a growing number of disgruntled workers. We would like if possible that all media houses be sent this information as well as the Prime Minister of Barbados Ms Mottley and her administration so that the people of Barbados be made aware of what is going on.This is a very serious matter which needs to be addressed with urgency and all  of the content is factual and can be confirmed with the Hr department of the Royal Barbados Police force.


  • 555dubstreet

    You read the Privy Council report on the Peter Bradshaw case, and the reason why he escaped the hangman loose? It is online Boss…..


  • Dompey May 18, 2021 5:58 AM #: “I understood all of that …. you just do not walking into a police job without doing a physical, and who does not understand the height requirement?”

    My friend, it is obvious “you just do not walk into a police job without doing a physical.” I never disputed that fact.

    And, where did I mention anything about you or anyone “not understanding the height requirement?” In your May 17, 2021 12:20 PM contribution, you mentioned “the height requirement”………. I simply reminded you it was 5′ 8”.

    So, what exactly is your point?


  • Back in the DAY Nepotism was widespread in the RBPF, because once your father or uncle were a Police, it was automatic for you to get into the Force. And it was said to a former Mounted man who was born and bred behind the Wall by certain members of the Mounted Branch: that if they knew that he was from behind the Wall, he wouldn’t have gotten into the Force. Note also that back in the DAY, there was some level of discrimination against individuals from town area who tried to join the Force.


  • @John

    John, the authored of the article possessed unmitigated gall, to accused me of gossiping, but yet he runs here on BU, with his bag of gossip, regarding who is competent and who is incompetent, and who ought and ought not to be promoted, but had he the Balls, he would have emerged from behind his verisimilitude which masquerade, and boldly state unequivocally, the facts regarding the partiality related to the promotions in the Band, but instead he elects to entertained hear and say and gossip regarding the members of the Police Band. And has specifically targetted Inspector Austin, as though he sits in front of him, when he directs that Band.
    Nevertheless, I know Inspector Austin personally, as well as Inspector Whitehall, and when I heard of their promotions, I thought they may have made a mistake, because Brown, Boyce, and Griffith would have been better choices for these promotions.


  • Let me drop this last fact because most of the players have shed their earthly tabernacle and gone on to the Great Beyond.

    As a kid growing up in the Station back in the 70s, there were several CID Detectives whom worked at District A for many years, and these men were respected and feared by the criminal element of the day.

    1) Taylor
    2) Merrick
    3) Arthur
    4) Eswick

    These men were before the day of the Dirty Harry, Tracksuit Top, and Invader 1 …. etc….

    These were the men who dealt with Doctor Rat, Buddy Brathwaite, Big Michael, Derrick McAllen, Theophilus Pile, Mark Young and Bend Toe …..

    These four CID Detectives took their job very serious, (as a matter of fact, they were no nonsense type of men) and it was as though these four men spent more time at work than they did at home, especially when one of the notorious criminal were on the rampaged….


  • These four men hadn’t anytime to interact with the kids of the day, because they were always about their business.
    These were the seasoned Detectives who understood and did the job with competent, dedication and a lot of sacrificing.


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