Who in the World Respects Black People?


Why pick on China?

Who in the world respects Black people?         

The English? No!                   

The French? No!                             

The Americans? No!                                         

Germans? No!

Canadians? No!                                                               

Ukrainians? No!                                                                         

Australians? No!                                                                                     

Filipinos? No!                                                                                               

Russians? No!                                                                                                       

Arabs? No!                                                                                                               

Anyone? No!                                                                                                                       

Blacks? Certainly not!!!

Quite apart from the fact that “Black” and “White” are artificial constructs based on bogus premises and stupid stereotypes (which distort our existential authenticity as much as it does theirs) the simple truth is: all we have to do is respect ourselves. REPEAT: ALL WE HAVE TO DO IS RESPECT OURSELVES! 

Respecting ourselves, truly respecting ourselves (not a stand-alone phenomenon, but one that is accompanied by self-esteem, self-belief, self-validation, self-actualization and, most importantly, self-love) is a mammoth undertaking for any people who have had a comparable history to ours. This turn of phrase is laughable for its emptiness, since no others have; not by a long shot. In short, nothing to compare! The task at hand is uniquely ours. The task at hand is two-fold. One. Demand & collect trillions of dollars in reparations from Arabia & the West for 14 centuries of material enslavement.   Two. Regain our rightful minds. This task is to effect our own rebirth and cease to be what Professor Thomas has aptly termed natally alienated and morally imbecilic. Admittedly, this is no easy task. One generation of enslavement is bad enough. Fourteen centuries of inter-generational dehumanization is deadly. But rise from the dead, we must! 

To every poison there is an antidote. Ours likely exists in our midst, hiding in plain sight. In fact our problem is not one of discovery but legitimization. Legit # 1: recognizing that we have a problem in the first place. Legit # 2: desiring its resolution. Legit # 3: actually taking the medicine. This is what we owe ourselves, our Ancestors and our children’s children. Yes, we owe it to ourselves! (What they owe us is trillions in reparations).  It is entirely likely that a handful among us have undergone this process and effected our rebirth. Speaking personally, we know of only a few; a precious few. And, at the very top of this very short list stands such luminaries as Mirambo, Nzinga, Sandy, Rodney, Azikiwe, Kaunda, L’overture, Hypatia, Nkrumah, Lumumba, Imhotep, Toure, Shaka, Diop, Nyerere, Garvey, Zumbi dos Palmares, Jomo Kenyatta,  av gbhnd, hiding in plain sight from most of our blinkered plant-African brothers and sisters, Molefe Kete Asante. Thank you Molefe and your illustrious associates for swelling our Ancestors’ chests with pride!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!So, let’s not pick on the Chinese or any other group. Let us simply respect ourselves, truly respect ourselves and be the self-validating people God intended us to be. This must be the basis upon which we relate to ourselves. And this, in turn, is the only basis upon which we should countenance transactions with  others; be they large or small, friendly or hostile, material or spiritual.

NM5. Ashe!


  • @ Et al
    Was very delighted to read in today’s Nation that small black contractor, Mark Maloney, is now partnering with the NHC in a $200 million housing venture. He is the same small black contractor who partnered with the last administration to build at Coverley and other places. Maloney is a shinning example of how the BLPDLP looks out for small black contractors/business people.







  • “Oops buses that are running empty. Garbage trucks having nowhere to dispose the tons of garbage.”

    The usual political nonsense. You’re always on about “buses running empty.” Provide BU with proof to substantiate your claims.

    I could understand if you’re arguing ‘government’ INCREASED Transport Board’s fleet by purchasing 35 buses and they’re running empty.

    But, they were purchased to replace 35 of the over 150 buses that were rendered useless under former Transport Minister, Michael Lashley. Imagine hiring a consultant at $22,000 per month and the daily availability of buses decreased from 80 units per day to 35?

    The new garbage trucks did not increase SSA’s fleet, but replaced trucks that were rendered useless under Environment Minister, Denis Lowe.
    Wouldn’t the new garbage trucks be disposing garbage the same place the trucks they replaced used to dispose it?


  • Miller
    I am no opposition for no political party
    I voiced my own concerns
    Not in no one’s pocket and that is the way I like it


  • Nothing to see there re UK putting them on money laundering list, it’s just their DECADES of EVIL SHIT….catching up with them, it’s called KARMA…


  • @ angela cox May 13, 2021 9:45 AM

    “Ac” the ‘dc’, you first have to convince you ‘new’ boyfriend Artax about that one before trying to lie to the miller.

    Your bugbear MAM, in her ‘AM’ (anti-Mal[m]oney) salad days used to peddle the same load of BS of not being in anyone’s pockets before becoming ‘PM’ in her ‘Pro-money’ turncoat days.


  • William Skinner

    @ Baje
    When it was claimed that Maloney should not have gotten so many millions under their twin, we the fools believed it meant that he should be getting less.
    It really meant he should be getting more. Oh well……..
    Don’t forget their first cousin took up the National Insurance money and put in another black man COW property at Apes Hill. In the meantime they allowed the National Stadium to fall into ruin.
    These two parties have nothing but utter contempt for white people. That’s why Blacks are doing so well. Just yesterday, there were dozens of white workers protesting that they are being denied severance. Theses two parties will never allow that to be done to black people. They look out for us. I am now hearing that white people in the rural areas can’t get water.
    After the ball was over, Mary placed her wooden legs against the wall/ Oh what has become of my Mary after the ball….
    (Apologies to the Merrymen)


  • @William

    The blogmaster holds no brief for Maloney but in the interest of balance concerning the project under discussion, Preconco is providing the financing and government is to be paid for the land when houses are purchased.

    Project to get middle-income home earners house and land kicks off: https://barbadostoday.bb/2021/05/13/project-to-get-middle-income-home-earners-house-and-land-kicks-off/


  • William Skinner

    @ David
    Like I said it is great to see a Black man like Mark Maloney , who apparently escaped from Dodds doing so well under both parties.
    It is also great to see that no black person / workers were among those protesting about their not getting severance in yesterday’s papers.
    No long debate about this from me. All is well my Brother.
    NB: Apologies about misrepresenting the Apes Hill information. No money was given to Apes Hill. That money was actually used by the last administration to completely refurbish the National Stadium. It is now considered the gem of stadia in the region.
    Apes Hill has fallen into an eyesore infested by rats and other vermin. It can’t even get a buyer.


  • @ William Skinner





  • yīn 陰 “black side” and yáng 陽 “white side”
    yang (as the sun principle) is considered superior to “yin” (the dark principle)
    ☰ is heavily yang, while ☷ is heavily yin

    BU appears to be more Yin and woman seem to rule men as they possess more Yang and the men appear to be the bitches


  • @William

    Both parties abuse the system. Most trade unions in Barbados renegade on effectively representing workers. In the prevailing environment workers will be abused. The work continues as it does everywhere:


  • Here is something for the blp apologist to chew on

    Sylvan Greenidge – FB
    Where is Clyde Mascoll in the midst of this economic crisis as reported by the Central Bank?
    Is Senator Moe in Barbados and still drawing taxpayers’ money?
    Where is Dottin in light of the continuing spate of gun violence?
    Is Billie still earning a salary from the government’s purse?
    Where is that white 747 jet that was parked at the Airport, registered in Barbados, paid for by the taxpayers of Barbados, and bearing the Barbados flag on its tail?
    Who now runs GAIA Inc.?
    Who owns the electric buses on our roads and how much is the government paying for them?
    Who owns the building where parliamentary sessions are now being held and what is the cost to the taxpayers of Barbados?
    What is there for Barbados to show for the billions borrowed by this BLP government since May 2018?
    What is the cost-benefit to Barbadians of the establishment of the Department of Propaganda? Nyobi D. Naziah
    Brilliant may I please just add one more. Have the three recently announced new diplomats taken up their post overseas yet? (Just asking because one who happens to be a neighbor I still see every day) appears there’s a lot of Gline Clarke who can’t get a flight out.


  • Who is going to respect a bunch of small time thieves, robbing the people who ELECT THEM, pay them a salary and leaving the populations in generational poverty for personal gain..

    “ST JOHN’S, Antigua – Three former government ministers, including the leader of the main opposition United Progressive Party (UPP), Harold Lovell, will re-appear in the High Court on June 14 on charges relating to the donation of three buses to the Antigua and Barbuda government.

    Apart from Lovell, the otters charged are former education minister Dr Jacqui Quinn and former deputy prime minister Wilmoth Daniel.

    They are accused of corruption, conversion and embezzlement in relation to three Daewoo buses worth over EC$600 000 (One EC dollar=US$0.37 cents) that were donated to the former UPP administration by the government of South Korea.

    The three former ministers have been accused of converting the buses for their personal use and had them registered at the Antigua and Barbuda Transport Board in their names, while they were in public office.

    When they appeared before Justice Colin Williams on Wednesday, all three, represented by attorney Leon Chakue Symister, all pleaded not guilty to the charges.

    The case was first dismissed in 2017 by Magistrate Conliffe Clarke, but in 2019, Director of Public Prosecutions Anthony Armstrong refiled the case on an issue of improper application of procedure.

    The matter was then heard by Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh, who ruled that there was enough prima facie evidence against the three accused, and, in June, 2020, she committed the matter to the High Court. (CMC).”


  • Where is Clyde Mascoll in the midst of this economic crisis as reported by the Central Bank?
    Is Senator Moe in Barbados and still drawing taxpayers’ money?
    Where is Dottin in light of the continuing spate of gun violence?
    Is Billie still earning a salary from the government’s purse?
    Where is that white 747 jet that was parked at the Airport, registered in Barbados, paid for by the taxpayers of Barbados, and bearing the Barbados flag on its tail?
    Who now runs GAIA Inc.?
    Who owns the electric buses on our roads and how much is the government paying for them?
    Who owns the building where parliamentary sessions are now being held and what is the cost to the taxpayers of Barbados?
    What is there for Barbados to show for the billions borrowed by this BLP government since May 2018?
    What is the cost-benefit to Barbadians of the establishment of the Department of Propaganda? Nyobi D. Naziah




  • Cuss me all yuh want calling me RH idiot till hell freezes over
    This present govt has done nothing to help country and the citizen struggling to make ends meet
    Garbage trucks and buses at this very low time in the economy cannot drive the economy out a the one way track to economic destruction
    nether can demolishing buildings to build more parks
    Govt keeps putting cart before horse while the economy fast track at breakneck speed over the fiscal cliff


  • ah wonder if the fowl Slave is still taking bets, i remember that they offered me in the last few weeks, twice, well we are on, let me know when ya ready..



    Massy group profits continue to climb

    Yet another regional conglomerate operating in Barbados is registering significant profit growth, even as the COVID-19 pandemic depresses Caribbean economies.









  • Have we reached peak BU and it all goes downhill from here. R.I.P. BU, or, is it just a quiet day
    Everything is relative. BLP is shit, but DLP is shit shit shit shit.


  • @ David May 13, 2021 10:35 AM

    Maloney explained that through the private sector partnership, the project is being funded by his company, while the Government will receive money for the land as homes are sold. (Unquote).

    As a major player in the arena of the burgeoning “Fifth Estate”, would you conclude from the above statement that Maloney has shifted his money from the Hyatt erection to Preconco housing solutions?

    Given this sudden focus on housing solutions, don’t you think its high time the Media delve into the status of the Hyatt project which has been lingering in the pipeline for over 5 years?

    Why has it gone off the radar of the current administration with its bevy of consultants?

    Why is this game-changing forex earning project no longer a ‘hot’ item mentioned in the country’s economic growth projections from the Guv of the CBB as was done in the past?


  • Hugh Thornhill

    @ Miller,

    Maloney is playing the long game. He knows that the BLP will win the next election.

    He is now an untouchable for the next six years.

    Do these new houses he is building meet GP11’s standards? Hurricanes Earthquakes, Ash ?


  • William Skinner

    @ et al
    The trade unions in Barbados have threatened to shut down the country if the white hotel workers are not given their severance in 72 hours. The labour minister is inflamed and has said that such exploitation against the majority race in the country will not be tolerated.
    A well placed source said they cannot imagine how the Black minority can be living so well with full employment while the white majority continues to suffer.
    However it is known that most minorities strive on the island. So therefore it is no surprise that the black minority is controlling the economy while the white majority cannot get their basic rights taken seriously.
    As is well known the government has 29 white MPs and the one seat leader of the Opposition is also white.
    Many international and global organizations have praised the way the government has enforced more rights for the Black minority while ignoring the plight of the white majority.
    Several countries are now studying this excellent model and the high level of race relations in the country.
    In a related story, a white couple from
    a district in the city is facing eviction after both lost their jobs. In a front page story, they said feeding their children is almost now impossible.
    It is expected that a well known charity operated by some minority blacks will come to their rescue.


  • Hugh Thornhill

    Remember when the BLP were complaining about the billion dollars in contracts going to one man ?


  • Hugh Thornhill

    Main contractor. Sub-contractors.


  • Heard a man dressed as a woman held up a bank at gun point….the PEOPLE ARE STARVING.


  • @Miller

    Is it Maloney money or Bjerkham.


  • Yeah…and someone(s) should GO TO PRISON.

    5 OR 6 BILLION DOLLARS missing from an economy, is not CHUMP CHANGE.


  • I won’t call you a “RH idiot,” but, you’re deserving of the name, if you believe any political administration, whether BLP or DLP, purchase garbage trucks or buses as a means of stimulating the economy.

    The BLP supporters see it as something to celebrate, while the DLP supporters, such you, see it as something to oppose just for the sake of opposing………. rather than seeing the purchases as an ‘obligatory requirement’ by any ruling administration.

    Ironically, criticism of the economy under the former administration were met with responses from the DLP that the island is still being provided with social services…… responses YOU agreed with.

    Now, you want to associate the current administration’s replacing old garbage trucks and buses with new vehicles…… with “driving the economy.”

    It’s a silly, nonsensical argument.

    Therefore, if we were to follow your argument, then, purchasing new police vehicles, groceries for school meals, pharmaceuticals for the National Drug Service or providing students with devices to facilitate online tuition, should not be undertaken because such purchases “cannot drive the economy.”


  • Look what others are saying about this govt

    Because of the shite did to the hotel workers when our government got up in 2020 and change the severance payment bill that disinfranchised the workers for the Rich foreign and other hotel owners the ramifications can still be felt
    The so call backbone of the Country has been home since March 2020 with out a stimulus check
    Other entities got stimulus checks
    people that was working for over $1000000 yearly getting $2000 monthly from the NIS, all this is ok with me because I don’t know their financial situation
    Plus employees need every help they can get
    But hotel employees home with out severance pay owning to them by the Barbados government and foreign hotel owners
    no jobs available as yet
    every hotel worker need to stand home when the Tourism season start back
    But we all brek, and that is what they did purposely
    When the workers go back they going back to 6 months contracts
    Where you pay in NIS, but can’t get vacation, sick benefit. unemployment or severance
    This was planned!
    black people are being put back to a time of servitude, with the basic things to help them survive
    while our Government continue to help out the rich ,while ignoring the plight of the poor
    Giving a basket of food stuff without any meat can’t pay rent, or a high water and light bill
    Giving an insulting basket ( insulting) because when the rich want help they get millions in dollars that they don’t ever pay back
    While poor black people get baskets because negroes dont know how to spend money!
    Now that those basket gone weeks ago, ( you all aint know they were suppose to last you a year,you greedy people should have pinch those thing!)
    baskets that the money were taken from taxes you pay
    The whole world saw Saint bountiful giving out baskets so she don’t care one kuant bout you, on the international stage she is one of the greatest people every walk the world stage
    You were used and will continue to be used till Barbados become a Republic!

    Mary p why


  • I hope to see those scam houses GIVEN TO THE BLACK POPULATION FOR FREE…to replace THE BILLIONS OF DOLLARS THEY LOST, through DBLP and minority criminals…. crimes and corruption.


  • @ David May 13, 2021 2:27 PM

    Money for which project?

    The old Hyatt ‘proposed’ erection or the latter-day housing joint venture with the NHC?

    BTW, whose money is alleged to be behind the Blue Horizon phoenix?

    Or has the same cowboy construction magnate backed away from the hotel business like David Ames with his Harlequin pack of cards?


  • What were they saying about the DLP?

    Can’t we agree that our political leaders have failed?

    Neither the DLP nor the BLP has governed for the majority of the people. Petty politicking in the pursuit of personal goals has been their currency.

    It has brought this country to a place where the people are finally sick of them. Only a few yardfowls still respect them. Most people I know generally steupse at their mouthings.

    We have a bunch of people who talk about corruption, say they are going to deal with it but behave as though they have to lobby somebody else to do it.

    Why can’t they even pass the laws to make it possible?

    The obvious answer is because they would be putting themselves in jeopardy.

    If we keep making this a Bee versus Dee issue we miss the whole point.

    Can’t we simply address the issues as they stand from a non-partisan perspective?

    To do anything else makes us part of the problem.


  • Making money off what they stole, while our people suffer.

    “Global Opinions
    Opinion: If U.S. museums say Black Lives Matter, then they should return Africa’s stolen art
    Image without a caption
    Three pieces of Benin Bronzes are displayed at Museum for Art and Crafts in Hamburg, Germany, on Feb. 14, 2018. (Daniel Bockwoldt/AP)

    Opinion by
    Karen Attiah
    Global Opinions editor
    May 12, 2021 at 3:35 p.m. AST
    In the 2nd century B.C., Greek historian Polybius warned mighty Rome and other powerful states against plundering cultural objects from the peoples that it conquered. He cautioned “those who take upon themselves to rule over others” that “they may not imagine that, when they pillage cities, the misfortunes of others are an honor to their own country.”

    Now, after global protests over white supremacy and the vestiges of slavery and colonialism, a number of museums have announced that they will repatriate items looted from Africa back to the continent.

    In April, Germany announced that Berlin’s Ethnologisches Museum would be returning hundreds of artifacts looted in the 19th century from what was the Kingdom of Benin back to Nigeria. Other European nations and museums are beginning to do the same: In March, Scotland’s University of Aberdeen said that it would send a Benin Bronze back to Nigeria. And last year, France indicated the return of artifacts stolen from West Africa. However, the government of Britain, the country that was responsible for the 1897 raid on Benin City, has by law prevented national institutions from returning looted items.

    That a number of European institutions are finally taking heed of what African scholars and activists have been demanding for decades is a welcome step. Alas, much less attention has been paid to the responsibility of U.S. institutions that choose to keep objects that were looted from African countries.

    So far, the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art have not commented on whether their institutions will return the artifacts that were plundered from the Kingdom of Benin, though the Smithsonian has said it is convening a working group to discuss its policy on looted art. The National Museum of African Art in D.C. has 42 objects from Benin; the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York has at least 160 objects that can be traced back to Benin City.

    Institutions such as the Smithsonian and the Met claim to want to start dialogue about culture and history. After the murder of George Floyd last year in Minneapolis, both released statements about combating systemic racism. The Met invested in antiracism training for its staff and said that it was committed to “new approaches” in “how we build, study, and oversee our collection and program.” So then why the silence and institutional foot-dragging on questions of returning looted art back to the countries that request and want them back?

    In 1897, the Kingdom of Benin was an advanced society. A British official named James Phillips traveled to Nigeria to meet with its oba, or ruler. (Some reports say he had asked his British superiors for permission to overthrow the oba, but he did not get the green light.) Phillips never returned.

    In an act of vengeance, the British Army sent 1,200 troops to plunder and raid the city. The soldiers took anything of value they could get their hands on, including objects from the royal palace, and brought them back to Britain to be given to Queen Victoria and sold to museums and other private collections. Today, Benin City has very few of the original objects taken from the raid, while thousands of those objects still remain outside.

    Nigerians and those from Benin City have spoken out about the bitterness and anger they feel at the historical insult of seeing what was theirs being kept in the institutions of the countries that subjugated them long ago.

    For a long time, Western curators patronizingly argued that African countries could not take care of their own cultural objects — an absurd argument, as if those objects did not exist for generations in those climates before the arrival of the Europeans. Today, Benin City is constructing a new museum, which will serve as home to the repatriated objects. The museum is slated to open in 2023, and Nigerian curators, artists and activists will work with their Western counterparts to return the items.

    With the advent of digital technology and the ability of artisans to create replicas, there is little reason to keep so many looted originals away from the places they were created. At this point in history, keeping these objects in Western museums amounts to holding on to mementos of subjugation and colonial nostalgia, all while gaslighting Africans by claiming these objects need to stay “safe” in the West. Considering that these museums have been accused of discrimination and failing to hire and promote Black and African curators and staffers, perhaps they aren’t qualified to lead discussions about keeping Black history and culture safe.

    U.S. museums need to step up and begin honest efforts to return looted treasures back to their African homes. If Black Lives Matter to American museums, then restoring the dignity of the Black empires and their descendants need to matter, too.”


  • The economy stupid
    People pockets empty
    Small business catching hell
    One trick pony days done


  • Govt policies
    So far none of the first three has accomplished anything for the bajan household


  • 🎵When people suffering is dis country uh cyan party🎶

    Is the one trick pony game over for the Dees as well as the Bees?


  • @ Miller.
    What is European DNA?
    There is no such thing as European DNA.
    Please do some research & come back & clarify your statements.


  • @ Miller.
    What is European DNA?
    There is no such thing as European DNA.
    Please do some research & come back & clarify your statements.


  • @ Miller.
    The Nonsense of White Genes:
    Washington Post: Friday, May 1, 2009
    Study Finds Africans More Genetically Diverse Than Other Populations:
    The first anatomically modern humans originated in Africa about 200,000 years ago, and all humans today are their direct descendants….

    Africans are more genetically diverse than the inhabitants of the rest of the world combined, according to a sweeping study…

    Actually, modern humans evolved earlier (400,000 years ago.)

    As the evidence clearly indicates, ALL humans are African, therefore ALL human genetics (DNA) is African. Logically then, ALL human haplogroups MUST be found in Africa!

    Caucasian (Albino ) people try to embed three thoughts into our minds:
    1) That they are unique, a completely separate branch of the Human Tree, a different “Race” if you will: and certainly NOT Albinos.
    2) They ARE Native to Europe.
    3) They were the “Original” people of Mans Ancient Civilizations.
    * All of which are of course total and utter nonsense.

    First and foremost: There is no such a thing as “White” genes! The reason for that is because a natural Modern Human is a “Black Skinned” African who evolved from earlier Homo-sapiens from about 400,000 years ago. Albinos, such as the European, evolved just 8,000 to 12,000 years ago, as a result of them foolishly breeding among themselves (which can only produce other Albinos), rather than as normally done – with a healthy Black only, which will produce mulattoes of various shades.

    The point being that the ONLY difference between original Black genes, and White (Albino) genes:
    are the following genetic mutations which cause “WHITE SKIN” (Albinism):
    TYR Gene – The official name of this gene is “tyrosinase.” – it causes Oculocutaneous albinism type I (OCA1)
    OCA2 gene (formerly called the P gene) – The official name of this gene is “oculocutaneous albinism II.”
    TYRP1 gene – The official name of this gene is “tyrosinase-related protein 1.” It causes Oculocutaneous albinism type 3 (OCA3)
    SLC45A2 gene – The official name of this gene is “solute carrier family 45, member 2.” It causes Oculocutaneous albinism type 4 (OCA4)

    SLC24A5 – gene has been associated with differences in skin pigmentation.

    As a point of fact: when Albino scientists examine an ancient skeleton to determine if it was Black or White, they look for one of two genes: The SLC24A5 gene, or the SLC45A2 gene, BOTH of which are “ALBINISM” genes. So Albino scientist know they are indeed Albinos, but they admit it to no one.
    Also, it comes as no surprise that “NO” – “NONE” ancient White/Albino skeletons have ever been found in Europe. That is because European White people (Albinos) are originally from Central Asia.


  • Rastafari family bitten twice by The System
    Today’s Editorial
    We must state upfront we do not condone illegal squatting. But we understand how and why people, ofttimes encouraged by politicians, find themselves in this precarious situation.
    Successive governments have failed to provide low-income housing at the same pace as the demand. While we have a history of living in extended families, the feeling of independence becomes crucial especially as our citizenry seek to build their own families.
    Earlier this year during the Estimates debate, former Minister of Housing George Payne accused his Government of moving away from its primary role of providing housing for the poor.
    Only this week at the groundbreaking of a housing project in Christ Church, Prime Minister Mia Mottley declared that solutions were coming for low income earners. and we anxiously await the delivery of her pledge.
    The PM said: “There is a category of persons in this country who does not earn $2,000 easily, or even if they do, does not earn in a sustained way such that the bank or the credit union is going to take comfort in giving them a mortgage. This country must see them…”
    As it relates to some in the Rastafari faith, living in a natural habitat as well as operating as a community away from “the system” they see as oppressive, is a must.
    So it was jarring to discover that an area in The Pine Basin where a Rastafari community has called home for over 40 years was being “uprooted” by the Ministry of Transport and Works.
    We are fully aware that Government does not need permission to develop or use its own land. That is not our issue. But as an administration that continually prides itself in being of the people and for the people, the lack of engagement with the Rastafari community leaves much to be desired.
    Reports indicate that the head of a household of four, Ras Ijuijah, said they were living in the area for over 30 years.
    The elder said: “I was on the verge of rebuilding because it was leaking so I gathered wood with the intentions to rebuild. After I came I started to resurrect the gardens, cleaning it up, just one day I come and see the bulldozer wipe out all of I history.
    “All I fruit trees, all gone. Since I have been here I never showed the ministry any disrespect. I never gave them any trouble. They went and deal in a more respectful way with the people up at the airport. I didn’t even know they was gine do this, they didn’t tell I anything.”
    St Michael East MP Trevor Prescod, who has chastised his Government, was visibly upset when he spoke to Barbados TODAY.
    The irate MP said: “They are not nuisances. They didn’t come down here and disrupt the entire social and physical environment down here.
    “Nobody over the years has ever indicated they were offended, now all of a sudden a Government that is taking a direction on economic enfranchisement and reparation come in the bottom totally disrespecting the Rastafari family.
    “They never engaged in any conversation but sent in a bulldozer to push down all the trees down here. Disrupt the entire group, you can’t expect Prescod to be silent.”
    A bland statement Thursday from the Ministry of Transport sought to explain the bulldozing but did not directly address the concerns of Ras Ijuijah or MP Prescod with respect to lack of notice and dialogue.
    The release mainly stated the purpose of the bulldozing and as though the Rastafari community had been invisible, it did not address the disruption to their lives.
    The statement read in part: “The Ministry of Transport, Works and Water Resources is strongly refuting the claims made . . . where a family occupying an area of land directly behind the Ministry’s headquarters in The Pine is ‘questioning the bulldozing of their home and destruction of full-grown fruit trees’. For the past two weeks personnel have been clearing the watercourse in The Pine Basin as part of the flood mitigation programme.”
    The statement went on to speak to Government’s commitment to mitigating against flooding, clearing watercourses, constructing retention and detention ponds to control stormwater flow and the like.
    Interestingly, since the Rastafari family has been at the location for more than three decades, the statement did not indicate why it took three decades to address a problem it suggested was at the root of the ministry’s action.
    Ironically, these folk are no strangers to the Government. The Rastafari family, led by Ras Ijuijah, were brought to the public’s eye in 2013 when they refused to send their children to school and opted for homeschooling instead. It was a matter that reached the law courts and the family elders’ actions were vindicated when three years later, Government’s case against them was dismissed.
    We can understand why Ras Ijuijah would take great issue with what transpired on Wednesday. He is now facing another challenge to his family life created by The System.
    We hope an amicable resolution can be found in this latest saga.


  • Knowing how some people in the often Uncivil Service operate I believe the Rasta’s account.

    It may very well be that they needed to do maintenance work in the area. What was neglected for decades may have finally received deserved attention. But if the people have been squatting for so many years without any action I think it is cruel to suddenly turn up with a bulldozer.

    If underprivileged young men turned Rasta and planted their own fruit trees, treated marijuana as a sacrament and lived simply crime rates would not be so high.

    Some solution should have been sought that did not cause unnecessary trauma.

    “Come let us reason together!”


  • Donna, I agree with you–simple reasoning and an amicable arrangement, unless that was tried to no avail.


  • When they have reached this level of CONSCIOUSNESS and independent thought, then they will know they have truly arrived and can DEMAND RESPECT from everyone, until then the leaders are cowardly, materialistic JOKERS….see them FAKE leaders.


  • @ rickross May 14, 2021 12:46 AM
    “@ Miller.
    What is European DNA?
    There is no such thing as European DNA.
    Please do some research & come back & clarify your statements.”

    You are ‘correct’. Scientifically speaking, there is no such thing as ‘European DNA’.

    It was simply used to refer to the biological outcome of the sexual rape perpetrated by melanin-deficient “European-descended” males against African women during the period of chattel slavery in the Caribbean.

    I should have said ‘Neanderthal DNA’- with a bit of ‘Denisovan’ thrown in for some Eurasian measure- and would have been closer to the melanin-deficient target or ‘farther’ down the evolutionary cul-de-sac.

    BTW, what has become of the Sun brother ‘Akhenaton’?


  • Yeap immoral and uncouthed actions by govt to its own citizens
    A govt lead by a PM who extended humanitarian arms wide open to the the big cruise line conglomerates
    Needles to say that industry is made up of the richness of the white majority
    The disrespect and low level of disdain for the black man whose livelihood was destroyed without warning should be a footnote which sends a strong message to the black people living on the island of Barbados which says yuh ain’t worth sh..it


  • Who taught you to HATE and DISRESPECT yourself, who continues TO REENFORCE those crimes against you and refuse to assist in the reversal, look no further than your CORRUPT PARLIAMENT.


  • @ Enuff May 14, 2021 7:06 AM

    We have noted your deafening silence to the award of the NHC JV housing contract to a man once considered ‘persona non grata’ in the eyes of your leader.

    Isn’t the financial river of this ex-leper already overflowing with ‘bigger’ high-rise projects when there remains a heap of capable contractors to spread the work and money around?

    What has become of the mantra that many (small) hands make light work in order to save Barbados from economic meltdown and social upheaval?


  • I dig the works of el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz aka Malcolm X aka Malcolm Little and also the daughter of Malcolm, Gamilah Shabazz


  • 2 Black 2 Strong


  • Malcolm X Legacy with Shabazz Sisters




    Attorney says police assault woman, 32, during search
    May 14, 2021

    Officers of the Royal Barbados Police Force (RBPF) are again being threatened with criminal charges arising from their alleged treatment of citizens in the course of their duties.

    Attorney-at-Law Asante Brathwaite on Thursday, revealed that one of her clients would be bringing charges of assault and battery arising from the execution of a search warrant that left 32-year-old Aisha Jones nursing injuries to her stomach, back, throat and foot.

    In an interview outside the Oistins Police Station, Jones, who lives at Golden Rock, Pinelands, St Michael, disclosed that officers arrived at her home around 5 a.m. on Tuesday with a warrant to search her house. Instead of searching, they arrested her mother, Mary Clarke, on accusations of theft.

    But the real trouble reportedly occurred around 3:15 p.m., when seven male officers returned to search the house and her brother Alphonzo Jones raised objections.

    “The sergeant came through the door, grabbed my brother by his hand and said ‘you are under arrest’. My brother asked what he was under arrest for like anybody would and started to stiffen up, and everybody started to cover him,” Aisha recounted.

    “So I said, ‘he is entitled to know what he is being arrested for, and all of you police are wicked’. The sergeant then choked me onto the wall and put his knee into my back and said, ‘I does beat b***** like you. I said, ‘suppose I was six weeks pregnant?’”

    According to her, the police officer suggested that he would “kick” the child out of her “guts” put her in a cell, she alleged.

    The young mother said what was even more painful, is that she is recovering from a hysterectomy, which she claims was exacerbated by an officer placing pressure on her stomach. Her eight-year-old son and six-year-old nephew are also said to be traumatised.

    When Barbados TODAY visited the Oistins station to inquire about the claims, an unnamed officer indicated there was no one present who could address the matter in the public domain.

    Clarke, who was also at the station, indicated that she was released on station bail on Wednesday night, but her son was still at the station and had not yet been formally charged.

    Further inquiries reveal that the allegations of theft against Clarke stemmed from a dispute over her power of attorney in relation to an 84-year-old man. Relatives of the elderly man’s deceased wife are said to have accused Clarke of stealing jewellery and a 40-inch television – a claim which she vehemently denies. From all reports, the police have not recovered the allegedly stolen items.

    Police have also expressed an intention to charge Alphonzo with using threatening words over the phone to a citizen involved in the dispute and for assaulting the officers on Tuesday.

    Brathwaite, a junior counsel at Michael Lashley and Associates, has advised her client to lodge a complaint with the police complaints authority as she brings a cross charge for assault and battery.

    “We have a medical report in that regard, so we will be pursuing the cross charge in the criminal court, and then we will be heading upstairs for compensation and I’ll be hoping to bring it under the Constitution for inhumane and degrading treatment from an officer of the state,” the Attorney declared.

    Brathwaite revealed that the station sergeant on duty informed her that, to the best of his knowledge, his officers had been assaulted and that he was happy that none of them was injured.

    “I don’t know the fullness of the facts. I can only speak with regard to my client’s position. But even if the officer is saying that the client was behaving in a hostile manner, there are other ways to restrain someone who is behaving in a hostile manner. I don’t believe a male officer should be choking a female. I believe that other measures could have been taken if it was a position that the citizen was behaving hostile,” the attorney contended.

    The young lawyer is no stranger to the issue of police brutality and has made numerous complaints in the interest of improving relations between the force and the public.

    And, she continues to go on record in support of calls from the Barbados Bar Association for an independent police complaints body with greater impartiality and accountability.

    “If we look at police brutality in Barbados, you would see that this is an ongoing issue that we have. Even before I came into the legal fraternity, it was an ongoing issue and to me, nothing fundamental has changed.

    “The same unreasonable tactics, force and violence are being used. So I am saying that it is only when average citizens who see officers using unreasonable force during the execution of their duties called them out for their actions, only then will citizens say ‘our voices are being heard’. But for now, it would appear that police can do as they like and there is nothing that ordinary citizens can do. And I believe the Commissioner really needs to address that,” Brathwaite concluded.






    Contracts to develop latest housing project ‘above board’ – Duguid

    Minister of Housing Dr William Duguid insisted Thursday that the award of construction contracts under the Government’s new $250 million Home Ownership Providing Energy (HOPE) programme was transparent and above board,

    The latest development, a “premium” project at Chancery Lane, Christ Church, features Preconco Limited operated by prominent businessman Mark Maloney who was awarded the contract without going through a tender process.



  • Black Brazilians protest racism, police violence
    RIO DE JANEIRO, (Reuters) – Black Brazilians demonstrated in the country’s two largest cities yesterday to protest against racism and police violence toward their communities in a local version of the Black Lives Matter movement in the United States, with some accusing the country’s president of genocide.

    They were also protesting what they called the “false” anniversary of the abolition of slavery, officially marked for the day in 1888 when the Brazilian monarch’s daughter, Princess Isabel, signed the law freeing slaves.

    Black Brazilians celebrate the end of slavery on Nov. 20, the anniversary of the killing of Zumbi, a figure of resistance against slavery and the last leader of a runaway slaves community called Palmares.

    Around 1,000 people marched through downtown Rio de Janeiro in the evening holding candles and signs saying, “Don’t kill me, kill racism,” and accusing far-right President Jair Bolsonaro of genocide through police violence.



  • Oistins Police Station? I believe every word the young lady said. Tried that shit with my son when he was a schoolboy. Grabbing him without warning when there was no threat to anyone (the schoolboy combattants had run away). When my son wriggled in his grasp asking what was going on the constable threatened to beat him to a pulp.

    When the mad woman went to the station the Station Sargeant first tried to justify it, talking about how I was lucky he did not pull his gun.

    I laughed because it was in fact the officer who was lucky he did not pull his gun.

    But before the madwoman left the station two hours later he was asking what he could do to make it right.

    And the officer who threatened my son now sees him, gives him funny looks but keeps his rh distance.

    The problem was that my son used to catch the bus home from school so they thought he “din nuhbody”. When faced with somebody who could boldly represent with fluency, they backed down. Oops! Not from the “ghetto”!

    And no, I did not name drop or make a phone call. Never even thought of it.

    But “high wind know weh ole house live”.

    This should not be. It is only certain people that they do this to. We need body cams on these power trippers.


  • Ok! Who got the briefcase of money this time? We know who got the last one.


  • No one in the Slave system of law enforcement etc likes to acknowledge that it’s THE BLACK POPULATION who pay their salaries and none of them should VIOLATE THEIR RIGHTS and brutalize them, neither should they beat the women, men or rape their children. They only do it because the 2 dirty governments will never stop them. Unless they are dragged up before world courts it will never end, because they believe themselves untouchable.


  • Whatever they got caught doing, they are now on EVERYONE’S WATCH LIST…we warned for years that they were going to get reeled in, they cussed us..

    we told them start educating the people TO THEIR ORIGINAL CULTURE, history etc and not a bunch of 400 year old made up shit devoid of ancestral identity, they cussed us, their Slaves did, now they believe they can slither into Africa and continue their scams uninterrupted without addressing any of the above, not a chance…road block.


  • BTW…ah heard what they been doing all these decades…shitload of trouble…


  • I would not advise Black people to invest in anything in Barbados, find other places to invest, the island is anti-Black/African and always has been, take pride wicked racism and always will.



  • Milluh
    I don’t have time to waste. Because everyone is pretending not to hear that an Expression of Interest (open tendering) was advertised in the newspaper at two separate periods and it was said that 15 of the 18 respondents have been selected for the projects in the pipeline. There is also pretense that a few weeks ago another set of EOIs were not in the paper for suppliers and small contractors for the same HOPE. It was said the small contractor just need to walk with tools and crew. Like I said weeks ago, if we talked less and acted more the government would not have to rely on Mamoney $$$. So instead of bragging about quadrupling revenue/profit, mobilise some dollars and submit an EOI too. What is clear is that Mamoney can’t pull a Coverley.


  • Milluh
    I don’t have time to waste. Because everyone is pretending not to hear that an Expression of Interest (open tendering) was advertised in the newspaper at two separate periods and it was said that 15 of the 18 respondents have been selected for the projects in the pipeline. There is also pretense that a few weeks ago another set of EOIs were not in the paper for suppliers and small contractors for the same HOPE. It was said the small contractor just need to walk with tools and crew. Like I said weeks ago, if we talked less and acted more the government would not have to rely on Mamoney $$$. So instead of bragging about quadrupling revenue/profit, mobilise some dollars and submit an EOI too. What is clear is that Mamoney can’t pull a Coverley.





  • take pride IN wicked racism and always will.


  • Coverley is a shithole…that’s all it will ever be, anything the corrupt touches, turn into shitholes.


  • Don’t start respecting each other.


  • Black People get respect when they die


  • @ Enuff May 14, 2021 1:36 PM

    That same line of reasoning was used by the previous corrupt administration to justify the award of multi-million contracts to the same lawbreaker as described by your leader still concealing that red handbag of deception.

    What has the man MAM done for your MAM to deserve this 360 degree ablution of political purification?

    Is it payback for switching sides in the campaign financing of the last electoral race by backing the red horse instead of the tired one which wore the yellow and blue livery?

    The man MAM belly is already impregnated with the Hyatt erection.

    What more does he need in government’s assistance to deliver the overdue economic saviour to Bridgetown?

    Or has he aborted his false hotel pregnancy?

    The ghost of Abijah has already read the tea leaves on the fate of your administration.

    You guys are just creating the type of environment for history of the 1930’s to repeat itself.

    “Deception may give us what we want for the present, but it will always take it away in the end.”


  • @ 555 dubstreet May 14, 2021 9:01 AM
    I dig the works of el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz aka Malcolm X aka Malcolm Little and also the daughter of Malcolm, Gamilah Shabazz. (Unquote).

    We believe you are aware that this radical prophet ‘has’ his maternal roots firmly planted in that ‘little’ but revolutionary-famous island in the Eastern Caribbean once invaded by the Reagan administration to show those uppity leaders who was the real cowboy in town.

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  • “The ghost of Abijah has already read the tea leaves on the fate of your administration.”

    using a deceased child to be elected whose death maloney caused with his illegal protrusion because he just had to show the whole of Barbados that he owns parliament nigas and they can’t stop him and he can do as many illegal things on the island as he like…

    having the child’s mother arrested and the case winding through the corrupt judiciary until next election or after….yep….the ancestors sure as hell won’t find that as funny as the fowl Slaves…

    just shows how disrespectful of the African population these thieving nobodies are…


  • Better be grateful for your ancestors, those disrespectful, corrupt, racists in Barbados don’t have shit, all they have ever done is ROB YOU AND YOUR GENERATIONS……and they are preparing to do so again….with their sellout negros.


  • Barbados media fraternity are a lazy bunch
    Only reporting a bunch of scripted news handed to them.by govt
    When Joe or Mary citizen presents them with an issue relevant to present day handling of the economy these la,zy buggers go on the defensive hurling ridiculous attacks against the persons input
    A relevant question to these armchair reporters sitting behind a computer in an air-conditioned office is why doesn’t the media get off their duff and do investigative research as to how govt conducts the business of handling or managing the country.
    What a bunch of jokers


  • “We believe you are aware that this radical prophet ‘has’ his maternal roots firmly planted in that ‘little’ but revolutionary-famous island in the Eastern Caribbean once invaded by the Reagan administration”

    I must have forgotten about his parents as I read a couple of books about his life but did not remember that.
    Googling shows his mum and dad were both activists and part of Garvey’s movement.

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  • William Skinner

    @ Baje
    Take it easy. They will eat themselves eventually. They are political cannibals .
    These are the people who control the Duopoly:
    The Williams Family (Whites)
    The Indians
    The Other ethnic Groups
    Let them burn in the political hell. It’s a waste of time engaging the apologists and cool aid drinkers. They cannot change. Until a third political party emerges we will continue to see the deception and theatrics. Some people have no shame.
    Barbados DOES NOT MATTER to them. It never did and never will. All they do is cuss people, occasionally cuss each other (acting) and orchestrate who should be ostracized on BU.
    Let them be. It’s their collective mess. Let them clean it up. These Bees and Dees have no blasted shame. They enjoy pissing on the country.
    Let them swim in their own cesspool of lies, deception and greed.


  • I have to disagree that Germans don’t have respect for People rich of melanin. While i can’t speak for all melanin poor individuals at least my German friends have RESPECT.

    On the other hand, i can’t agree more with you that the exploitation by slavery generated gazillions of profits. So the People of Barbados should definitely receive trillions in reparations. The questions is: Who needs to pay? and Who profited of slavery and exploitation?
    The working class is living from pay-check to pay-check and it makes no difference if you look into the Netherlands, Britain, USA, or Germany. So it’s less a question of nations, but bank’sters and other incorporated monsters. Obviously, they are based on the system of capitalism and took the wealth that was generated by exploitation. Those organisations are the only ones who could pay back.

    Since Karl Marx experieced the situation of the working class in London he developed the antidote against the banksters of england. So he wrote his book “Capital – a critique of political economy” for all the wage slaves. We as the People, need to stand up in Solidarity and speak with ONE voice to be heard.

    “Solidarity is the tenderness of the peoples.”
    – Che Guevara

    Everybody who can’t agree with Karl Marx & Silvio Gesell needs to invest in crypto-currency and becomes part of the problem.


  • At least BLM raised a lot of awareness in Berlin


  • “They will eat themselves eventually.”

    Karma dictates that they eat themselves, as long as they know that they OWE the Black/African population REPARATIONS for what they have done for the last 60 years, particularly the in the last 30…instead of sitting and counting how much in reparations they will TIEF off the blood of our ancestors for their CORRUPT St. Lucy Project, which is now a dream TURNED NIGHTMARE..

    as long as they know, the CONTINENT knows who and what they are, and keep their slimy, corrupt selves off OUR ancestral lands.

    as long as they know, the alignment of the stars is for them to PAY WHAT THEY OWE to the Black/African population on the island..

    and as for those petty little trained monkeys who believe they have Black lives to abuse to appease and enrich minority criminals using slave laws and slave codes….every dirty dog has their day, some have two.

    William…there is no getting away..so let them pretend until there is nothing else to pretend…burn they will.


  • William…these small island criminals were plotting and planning to keep the Black population in generational poverty, bondage and oppression for another 50 or 60 years so that the minorities little drug and gunrunning grandchildren and great grand children could continue benefitting and standing up on the population while stealing from the people nonstop with the help of parliament sellouts…they had NO INTENTION TO STOP…they better find real jobs…bunch of frauds….all should be in PRISON SOMEWHERE…especially for that money laundering they GOT CAUGHT in.

    anyone thinks it’s Donville alone who was watched gotta be mad, he was just more or less the greedy fall guy for the real money laundering taking place, but his conviction has sealed their wicked fates..


  • I know there is greed and then there is real greed and criminality, but it still mystifies…how the DESCENDANTS of the ENSLAVED…could be that vicious and self-hating, that they would sellout their own for over 60 years because they were given a few colonial titles and deluded themselves that it made them something or somebody, fake elite and fake pedigree, like the jackasses INSISTING that they be called “honorable”

    well I got one for them, how bout i call ya sellout asses HONORABLE SLAVES from now….because that’s all ya are or will ever be seen as in any part of the earth, except for ya fowl Slaves who are no different because of their ignorance.

    were i them, i would be ASHAMED…but instead they are modeling false pride, with nothing to back it up…not even reparations money they thought they could use to maintain and sustain corruption.

    someone was asking me recently what became of the Nigerian billionaire, the alleged financier of the last general election, like if i would know….but WHO asked the question was reason for me to perk up…antennas in the air.


  • It is disgraceful and down right disgusting how givt has turned a deaf ear and blind eye to the hotel workers who for almost a year have been walking in the protest lines in the hot sun demanding their severance dues from the Hilton Hotel management
    Govt continues to be a party to this kind devilish behavior
    Mostly sad is that Barbados govt has a financial interest in the Hotel and that being the case govt should move heaven and hell for these workers to be compensated
    So sad


  • Caring for tourism workers
    Today’s Editorial
    If a substantial number of tourism workers feel a sense of betrayal and ambivalence about the sector they have given so many years of sacrifice to, who can blame them.
    Often regarded as the key contributor to the economic engine which keeps this country going, tourism has become our nation’s lifeblood. The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has so altered the industry, that our economic planners are pinning hopes of an economic recovery on tourism, despite the health threats caused by COVID-19.
    It, therefore, cannot be a good look for a country that has placed so many of its eggs into the tourism basket, to so callously treat the people on whose shoulders, the industry’s success is so dependent. We continue to be saddened by the treatment meted out to so many workers in this sector.
    Stripped of their dignity, the ex-tourism workers, mostly women, are forced to picket the streets and outside the facilities of brand-named hotels.
    They are now appealing to the collective conscience of Barbadians and governmental authorities to step in and confront their former employers about severance and other payments owed to them.
    Earlier this week, former employees of at least three well-known hotels, continued their near year-long battle and public protests. Should not these hotels, which have been relying heavily on local patronage to keep their operations afloat, not feel a sense of obligation to settle their debts to these workers? What level of commitment are the current employees expected to display when they have witnessed the treatment of their former colleagues? Are they expected to provide genuinely customer-centric service to guests when they are aware of the fate that could also befall them? The placard of one worker put it quite aptly: “Dear Barbados Government. Is tourism still the main industry or have we switched to the cannabis industry? Hotel employees are suffering; no one is listening!”
    The fact that the Barbados Government has an interest in Hilton Barbados, one of the hotels being complained about, is a sad indictment.
    It was not surprising the recent observations of Roseanne Myers, a former president of the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association (BHTA) and the current chair of the Barbados Tourism and Marketing Inc (BTMI), who acknowledged some workers may have lost faith in the sector.
    She described as “unfortunate”, the way some former tourism workers have been treated since the pandemic began affecting the region, leading to the collapse of the sector.
    “It is unfortunate that some businesses made an early decision to close, some because they could do no better. The problem is that once you close, it is very difficult to reopen and that is why it was important for those operating in the sector to take advantage of the social safety net, try to hang on and then take advantage of whatever the government was offering.”
    An experienced tourism executive, Myers went on: “I understand fully why some workers would be disappointed because you gave your heart and soul to something for many years and then a business owner takes a decision that was not necessarily founded on good business practice because they did not go after the help that was offered. And so, I understand the disillusionment.”
    The hospitality sector is a major direct employer and thousands more jobs are reliant on the spin-off services that support the sector. The fact remains, however, that a significant number of tourism-related jobs are low-paying and lack security of tenure.
    It is not uncommon for hospitality employees to be laid off during the lean summer months, adding to the insecurity of year-round employment.
    As Barbados issues new protocols for the international travellers and has laid out the welcome mat for the cruise sector to resume, little has been said to address the labour issues that arose during the pandemic and how they are to be addressed going forward.
    Myers, the BTMI chair revealed that there is to be an audit of the skills available for hire on the island. While we commend the move, there is no guarantee that establishments that severed or laid off workers during the pandemic will have any obligation to rehire them when the sector is revived.
    Many of the employees are women and mothers. And so, the implications for their lives and livelihoods transcend the individual employee.
    Hospitality establishments may choose this time to “sweep the house clean” and hire an entirely new complement of workers whom employers believe can be shaped in the post-COVID operating paradigm.
    Hospitality workers face an increased level of exposure to the disease and so special provisions should be made for their safety, thus reducing their risk of contracting the disease.
    There are still not enough COVID-19 vaccinations for every adult in Barbados, and so can a hospitality employee bring legal action against an employer if he or she contracts COVID-19 in the course of doing their job? Should the Barbados Workers’ Union (BWU) and the Unity Workers’ Union (UWU) be seeking some form of hazard pay allowance for those in the sector? These are just a few of the issues which should also be occupying our policymakers as we seek to get Barbados out of the recession in which it has been stuck for nearly a year.


  • Govt of Barbados only seems to care or show interest in the “big business side” of tourism those who have clout namely the cruise industry whose cruise liners were given a safety net.of survival and security to dock their sickly ships in Carlisle Bay and destroy the coral reefs
    Then their were the tourist whose complaints to govt did not go unnoticed to their plight of lost money by their long stay having to wait for COVIDtest results and govt step up with a hastened response to seek resolution
    Now at home these poor Hilton employees continues to wait in vain for a response as govt remains deaf blind and dumb to their plight
    What a dam shame


  • Namibian jams
    Young T Wokongha Fikulimwe
    “Fikulimwe naame aika landa em’tuwa lange”, meaning “One day I will also be able to buy my own car”.


  • “They are now appealing to the collective conscience of Barbadians and governmental authorities to step in and confront their former employers about severance and other payments owed to them.
    Earlier this week, former employees of at least three well-known hotels, continued their near year-long battle and public protests. Should not these hotels, which have been relying heavily on local patronage to keep their operations afloat, not feel a sense of obligation to settle their debts to these workers?”

    Again…these hotel and restaurant workers are SEEN AS SLAVES, not real people deserving of payment or benefits, you can thank the two tag teams colonial Slave government ministers who barter with the same hoteliers and restaurateurs for free rooms and comp drinks and meals, so don’t expect the employees to be paid anything…employers have complained for years how DBLP extorted bribes from them, it has been a talking point on BU for years.

    Ask the employees how they are treated even in the best of times, the way these racist savages talk down to them, INSULT and DISRESPECT THEM…with the blessings of the honorable Slaves.

    It’s called modern day slavery, when the labor laws can be changed in the cabinet to benefit crooked employers NOT PAYING BENEFITS or salaries, what do you think that is, it’s SLAVERY…2.0 in the 21st century.

    either accept it or do something about the dangerous governments.


  • William Skinner

    @ WURA
    Remember the tax havens of the late 60s and 70s. Barrow allowed companies to set up in so-called industrial parks and gave them ten years tax free. They treated the workers badly. After ten years they would “ just left” without paying a cent into National Insurance.
    Fast forward to the present: Mottley writes off millions upon millions and then COVID strikes. What happens? She finds millions to give hoteliers. What do they do. They hold a meeting at the Barbados Yacht Club ( note the venue) and declare they would rather close down than prop up the industry. Result: Hundreds of poor white hotel workers begging for their severance.
    This is a brief historical journey of these two parties since Independence.
    Let the fools bray.


    BTMI launches new strategy to international community
    Barbados has relaunched its tourism brand to the world while unveiling a new tourism strategy.
    Just about two months before the island is due to see a meaningful return to tourism, the Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc. (BTMI) yesterday proclaimed the Barbados brand under the banner Little Island; Big Barbados.
    The virtual event, witnessed by partners from all sectors of the tourism industry, representatives of related Government ministries and private sector agencies, was also followed by an international audience, including several people involved in the travel trade. They were given a detailed presentation on Barbados’ plans to make a strong reentry into the global tourism market following the decimation of the sector worldwide
    by the COVID-19 pandemic.
    Minister of Tourism Senator Lisa Cummins said Barbados had endured 18 months of a slump in the tourism industry as global travel came to a halt with source markets closing their borders, airlines grounded and cruise ships idle at anchor as a result of the global pandemic.
    Back on track
    Yesterday, she signalled Barbados was back on track to welcome visitors again. She stressed the emphasis would be on a safe reopening and encouraged Barbadians, particularly those working in the tourism sector, to get vaccinated not only for their own protection but also because it would engender a sense of confidence in prospective visitors from source markets that have already made vaccination a priority.
    Cummins welcomed recent news that the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention just upgraded its travel advisory for
    Barbados from Level 4 to Level 3. She hailed the move as “a positive signal” and an indication by the US of the interdependency of the two countries.
    She also announced Cabinet had approved a new set of cruise protocols that would allow for safe travel for vaccinated cruisers.
    “Getting ‘Brand Barbados’ out there is what we are focusing on today, helping our people to inspire pride in who we are and to share that pride with global audiences,” Cummins said.
    However, she cautioned that the BTMI strategy would only be as good as its ability to monitor outcomes.
    “You will be required to monitor and ensure that the impact of our new rebranding and integrated approach to tourism is not just about marketing. It will be about people; it will be about partnerships.”
    The launch also highlighted
    BTMI’s plans for the development of several niche markets as an extension to the sand, sea and sun brand, as well as the refreshing and upgrading of existing tourism attractions. (GC)

    Source: Nation


  • I was impressed with, Baje’s and WS’s very clever inversion (switch) of the role of race in our GOB business transactions. It would be difficult for an ardent B/D supporter to read those brilliants posts and remain convinced that business as done by the DBLP GOB is for the benefit of all on the island.

    The Lorenzos/Acs types can continue to debate the mythical B versus B, but some local businesses have accepted that the BDLP is real and responded with a single BDLP representative (Maloney),


  • ” Little Island; Big Barbados.”

    What does this mean ?


  • “They treated the workers badly. After ten years they would “ just left” without paying a cent into National Insurance.”

    that’s why Barrow cannot be left out as the architect for the social and financially degradation, oppression, suppression, disenfranchisement and marginalization of the majority population, he SET THE PACE….and it has gotten progressively WORSE…with every lawyer etc who crawled on their snake bellies to go into that parliament….continuing where he left off, without fail.

    the slave master employers have now graduated to openly refusing to pay workers….instead of running off the island with all the money and owing the NIS and Inland Revenue tens of billions, they are staying and brave it out, once again, protected by the honorable Slaves.


  • https://www.nationnews.com/2021/05/15/former-buccament-bay-workers-get-ec2-000/

    “Kingstown – Finance Minister Camillo Gonsalves says former workers of the Buccament Bay Resort are to receive soon a pay out of EC$2 000 each.

    The resort closed it doors in December 2016.”

    UNDENIABLE slave societies in the Caribbean, they can always find some “investor” to help them with their SCAMS against the people. am sure that dude got arrested in UK for the harlequin scam..

    but tell the traitors of the Caribbean to EMPOWER the people so that fraud investors don’t ruin their and their children’s lives/futures AND THEY WILL FIGHT TOOTH AND NAIL SO IT NEVER HAPPENS……hint, hint, Mia with the marijuana trade that went BUST…because she don’t want to see the BLACK population independent and in EMPOWERED…..and now left with marijuana AND NO TRADE cause African RUN THINGS.


  • How Europeans evolved to have white skin, starting from around 8,000 years ago

    Europeans have not always been light skinned, and Caucasians are in fact a fairly new development on the continent, relatively speaking…
    When modern humans first travelled from Africa to the continent around 40,000 years ago they had darker skin, which was still seen in Spain, Luxembourg and Hungary around 8,500 years ago.

    These humans lacked two genes – SLC24A5 and SLC45A2 – which lead to the depigmentation and lightening of the skin. But in the far north, ancient bodies in Sweden from 7,700 years ago were found to have both these genes, and a third causing blue eyes, meaning they were pale-skinned and blue-eyed…

    From Independent.co.uk
    23 September 2015 .

    Science reveals how Europeans evolved white skin:
    Pale-skinned people first appeared in Europe around 8,000 years ago.

    Earlier migrants to Europe from Africa (circa 40,000) were dark skinned, and most suited to the heat and intense sunshine of the southern hemisphere.

    The later immigrants who arrived around 8,000 years ago and settled in northern Europe contained the genes that lead to depigmentation, or paler skin…

    ‌From Metro News.co.uk, Friday 3 Apr 2015.

    The Myth of Race and the Evolution of Skin Color

    This ground breaking documentary combines anthropology, paleontology and human genetics to show how that all humans, no matter what race, nationality or ethnicity you claim to be, share a common ancestor with a small population that lived in Africa between 150,000 and 200,000 years ago. It also explains in detail the biological process, known as mutations that happens every generation that causes humans to look different. And last, it challenges a long standing theory that the evolution of skin color is a result of humans proximity to the equator. The research conducted in this film shows that the evolution of skin color is the direct result of a skin pigment mutation known as albinism, in particular, oculocutaneous type 1 and 2 albinism.

    Key points:
    * Europe was first inhabited by Africans( Black people).
    * Black people carry the ancestral ( original ) genes for skin colour/ pigmentation.

    White people carry mutations of genes regulating skin colour leading to depigmentation.

    *The evolution of skin color is the direct result of a skin pigment mutation known as albinism.

    What caused the population in Europe to change from BLACK to White?

    1)The second Out Of Africa (OOA) migration event (The first being Humans to Australia), saw Blacks from Africa with straight hair and “Mongol features” take an “Inland route” through southern Asia and on up to China, where they settled. Included with this group, were straight haired Blacks “without” Mongol features – now called “Dravidians” who stayed close to Africa, and settled in India and other areas of southern Asia. Also included with this second (OOA) group were Albinos, who were probably motivated by a quest for relief from the heat and burning Sunshine of southern Africa .

    2)In Central Asia albinos started inbreeding.

    3) Between 1,500 B.C. to 500 A.D.) millions of Albinos (Caucasians) would abandon Central Asia and move to Europe.
    4) millions of blacks were driven by out of Europe or murdered during the Albino invasion of Europe.

    *Mongols are derived from Africans with what has come to be called Mongol features, admixed with Albinos – including the Dravidian type Albino. European Whites (formerly of Central Asia) are derived from the Albinos of the Dravidian type Blacks found in India.
    Albinos( white people) have neither the Genetic nor Physical wherewithal to compete successfully with Pigmented People.
    European Albinos who chose to settle in areas of the Earth between 40 degrees North and 40 degrees South; knew fully well that they would NOT be able to do the FARMWORK necessary to support themselves with FOOD in those areas due to the Damaging/Killing strength of the Sun’s UV radiation at those latitudes. So they resolved to use the Slave Labor of pigmented people as a means to supply themselves with enough Food to live in those Latitudes.

    Albinos (Europeans) committed mass killings of blacks all over the world.British Empire

    In places like the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada settler colonialism caused the indigenous population to decrease by over half after becoming a British colony. Foreign land viewed as attractive for settlement was declared as terra nullius or “nobody’s land”. The indigenous inhabitants were therefore denied any sovereignty or property rights in the eyes of the British. This justified invasion and the violent seizure of native land to create colonies populated by British settlers. Colonization like this usually caused a large decrease in the indigenous population from war, newly introduced diseases, massacre by colonists and attempts at forced assimilation. The settlers from Britain and Europe grew rapidly in number and created entirely new societies. The indigenous population became an oppressed minority in their own country.

    Europeans ( albinos) use mass killing, torture , incarceration & disease to reduce the black population. On the other hand, they use inbreeding & emigration from Europe to increase the white population.
    Another concern for white people is declining fertility.

    Fertility rate for white women plummets BELOW the limit needed to maintain the population in every single US state :
    Fertility rates for white women were down in every US state in 2017 – below the rate needed for the population to replace itself, a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reveals.

    However, among black and Hispanic women, fertility rates were up in 12 and 29 states, respectively.
    Dailymail.com, 10 Jan 2019.

    Sperm Count in Western Men Has Dropped Over 50 Percent Since 1973, Paper Finds
    New York times ,2017.

    Women who use fake tan could put themselves at an increased risk of fertility problems and having babies with birth defects, according to experts.
    Although seen as a safe alternative to sunbeds, the products can contain a ‘cocktail’ of chemicals which may pose a risk to health – and can even cause cancer. Among the dangerous ingredients found in fake tan are hormone-disrupting compounds, which can affect the healthy development of babies. The products often also contain carcinogens, including formaldehyde ….
    By CLAIRE ELLICOTT, 22 July 2012


  • Can remember vividly getting on BU sometimes 2 and 3 in the morning telling her for the last 2 years to LET GO THE MARIJUANA to the people…well now she can KEEP IT..


  • To read the jaw dropping rubbish coming from the minister of labour mouth spouting the words “not knowing ” in reference to the workers not receiving severance is a sadly telling tale of where govt priorities lies
    After more than a year worth of protest and pleading and begging of these past employees asking govt to step in and help them
    The minister of Labour tells all and sundry he now gets the message
    Boy uh tell yuh
    Bajans would continue to be treated like slaves as long as they continue to let headless chickens take control of their lives from inside the hallways of Parliament


  • Pacha etc am enjoying some stimulating, progressive and solution finding debates between the diaspora and the continent…they are going on in multiple forums at once. Asante Sana.


  • Milluh
    The difference is that there was no EOI, no engagement of multiple contractors. Maloney got Coverley, Country Towers, Valery and Grotto. Only Coverley was Mamoney money. Let’s talk about size, affordability and costs. Coverley was touted as low-income, government’s recently launched HOPE project at Vespera is providing 2 and 3 bed homes bigger and more affordable than Coverley. A 2-bed at Coverley starts at $290,000. The recently launched Atlantic Breeze that Mamoney is using his money, the starting price for a 2-bed is $265,000 about 100 sq.ft bigger and no zero lot. The former government paid $35M for 80 apartments at the Grotto and $24M for 72 at Valarie. Do the maths!


  • The Slaves are still boasting.


  • Miller….everyone is moving FORWARD…these clowns are MOVING BACKWARD…no one got the time for any of them…let them stay in their self-created agony.

    they were warned for years and years.


  • This is slavery and human rights abuse, as usual…and will only get progressively worse if like the Slaves want, everyone turns a blind eye and forgets about it.,,always Black women with children who take the brunt of these government led human rights violations…coming from the fraudulent oppressive tourism industry of criminals and their sidekicks in the private sector.


    “Some former workers of Silver Point Hotel are still awaiting severance payments after being let go last October.

    The women reached out to the Sunday Sun after repeated efforts to get their money failed.

    Stacia Daniel said they were given their documents and told the National Insurance Scheme (NIS) would pay them out but when they checked back at NIS they were informed that nothing had been sent.

    Daniel said they were told NIS couldn’t force anyone to sign the relevant documents for them to be paid and she feared that going to the Employment Rights Tribunal would take years for the matter to be resolved.”


  • *Miseducation of black minds responsible for our dysfunctional people.


  • “Some former workers of Silver Point Hotel are still awaiting severance payments after being let go last October.

    The women reached out to the Sunday Sun after repeated efforts to get their money failed.

    Stacia Daniel said they were given their documents and told the National Insurance Scheme (NIS) would pay them out but when they checked back at NIS they were informed that nothing had been sent.

    Daniel said they were told NIS couldn’t force anyone to sign the relevant documents for them to be paid and she feared that going to the Employment Rights Tribunal would take years for the matter to be resolved.”





  • “Daniel said they were told NIS couldn’t force anyone to sign the relevant documents for them to be paid and she feared that going to the Employment Rights Tribunal would take years for the matter to be resolved.”

    Giving people paperwork and not filing the supporting documents is nothing more than a scam/fraud. Trickery to get people out of the office and off the property.

    “You are out of luck is not a proper response”. Regulatory bodies must have more than rubber teeth. They cannot be as weak or as impotent as described. The GoB must represent and defend the people.


  • Side note:
    Allow me to ask a silly question .

    Has our notion of constituencies and parish making us feel we are bigger than we are and places limits on solutions to our problems?

    Why can we not address water scarcity as a national problem instead of addressing it as one constituency/parish at a time?

    Is this how parties build strongholds?

    I have not yet seen water scarcity in St Lucy addressed. Correct me if I am wrong.


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