Who in the World Respects Black People?


Why pick on China?

Who in the world respects Black people?         

The English? No!                   

The French? No!                             

The Americans? No!                                         

Germans? No!

Canadians? No!                                                               

Ukrainians? No!                                                                         

Australians? No!                                                                                     

Filipinos? No!                                                                                               

Russians? No!                                                                                                       

Arabs? No!                                                                                                               

Anyone? No!                                                                                                                       

Blacks? Certainly not!!!

Quite apart from the fact that “Black” and “White” are artificial constructs based on bogus premises and stupid stereotypes (which distort our existential authenticity as much as it does theirs) the simple truth is: all we have to do is respect ourselves. REPEAT: ALL WE HAVE TO DO IS RESPECT OURSELVES! 

Respecting ourselves, truly respecting ourselves (not a stand-alone phenomenon, but one that is accompanied by self-esteem, self-belief, self-validation, self-actualization and, most importantly, self-love) is a mammoth undertaking for any people who have had a comparable history to ours. This turn of phrase is laughable for its emptiness, since no others have; not by a long shot. In short, nothing to compare! The task at hand is uniquely ours. The task at hand is two-fold. One. Demand & collect trillions of dollars in reparations from Arabia & the West for 14 centuries of material enslavement.   Two. Regain our rightful minds. This task is to effect our own rebirth and cease to be what Professor Thomas has aptly termed natally alienated and morally imbecilic. Admittedly, this is no easy task. One generation of enslavement is bad enough. Fourteen centuries of inter-generational dehumanization is deadly. But rise from the dead, we must! 

To every poison there is an antidote. Ours likely exists in our midst, hiding in plain sight. In fact our problem is not one of discovery but legitimization. Legit # 1: recognizing that we have a problem in the first place. Legit # 2: desiring its resolution. Legit # 3: actually taking the medicine. This is what we owe ourselves, our Ancestors and our children’s children. Yes, we owe it to ourselves! (What they owe us is trillions in reparations).  It is entirely likely that a handful among us have undergone this process and effected our rebirth. Speaking personally, we know of only a few; a precious few. And, at the very top of this very short list stands such luminaries as Mirambo, Nzinga, Sandy, Rodney, Azikiwe, Kaunda, L’overture, Hypatia, Nkrumah, Lumumba, Imhotep, Toure, Shaka, Diop, Nyerere, Garvey, Zumbi dos Palmares, Jomo Kenyatta,  av gbhnd, hiding in plain sight from most of our blinkered plant-African brothers and sisters, Molefe Kete Asante. Thank you Molefe and your illustrious associates for swelling our Ancestors’ chests with pride!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!So, let’s not pick on the Chinese or any other group. Let us simply respect ourselves, truly respect ourselves and be the self-validating people God intended us to be. This must be the basis upon which we relate to ourselves. And this, in turn, is the only basis upon which we should countenance transactions with  others; be they large or small, friendly or hostile, material or spiritual.

NM5. Ashe!


  • Non-Black people who live in multi-culti places and mix with black people as friends and know their families, parents and children and grandchildren relate to blacks as humans will show respect which is reciprocated back. After a while you don’t even notice their afros or dreads and just see them as individual people with names and life stories

    One school of thought is there are no such things as victims – people chose to be allowed to be victims who are abused by others

    Here is an asana dhyana meditation prep and breathing practise to get inside yourself to find your true soul and inner bliss


  • NEWSFLASH!!…Chinese are among that group who have the least respect, and it’s all self-inflicted because:

    African/Black people DO NOT RESPECT their roots, culture, LOST identities, ancestors, ancestry, selves, each other, they show that disrespect and wear it as a PROUD BADGE every day,

    don’t respect their natural skin tone, natural hair, glorious history, education, NOTHING;

    don’t want to hear the TRUTH about what happened before, what has been ACCURATELY PROSPHESIED and WHAT WILL HAPPEN AGAIN;

    hold their captors and those who STEAL FROM THEM DAILY in high esteem instead of stripping them naked and destroying their arrogance;

    strip your dirty leaders to the bone instead of voting them in and listening to their daily diet of lies and putting them on a pedestal instead of knocking them down to the ground where they belong;

    don’t respect African head dress, clothing or colors, that self-hate is so despicable that people are shocked that people can hate themselves to that degree, your leaders are RESPONSIBLE FOR THAT and so ARE YOU, particularly in the last 30 years…ya can only blame colonialists for so much and their blame goes way above and beyond that at a level that self-hating Black people will never grasp….but these low levels and instances of hating what should be embraced to reverse the damage is self-revealing and easily recognized by EVERYONE because it’s so REPUGNANT and no one admires it;

    no one will like you if you are that gullible as the only group who IS that self-defeating and self-destructive;

    no one respects FOOLS who embrace every culture that HATES THEM and don’t embrace their own;

    at some point everyone will stop pointing out these truths to you and leave you to sink into oblivion and try to save the young only.


  • William Skinner

    @ et al
    Note that the writer mentions Rodney and Garvey. We need our children from very young to be exposed to such progressive thinkers/ writers.
    It’s actually very embarrassing to read people on a blog so inflamed about what is happening with unemployment worldwide rather than how we can solve it in Brittons Hill, Bayville, St Joseph , St Lucy etc.
    How can there be ever a vision if we see ourselves constantly needing guidance and hands out from others who are actually no better than us.
    Education is needed not defeatism !


  • @William

    The problem with you William is that your localize everything without realizing we exist in a global space that all decisions and activities are interdependent. You do not exist in a fish bowl so be embarrassed until you surrender to the mortal coil.


  • Blogmaster…you keep going down the wrong road, you are not seen as part of any global anything, you will be SHOCKED at what ya are actually seen as…..Pacha has tried to warn you, no disrespect, but it is the reality.

    ..it all HAS TO START AT HOME with the ACCEPTANCE of our ancestors, GARVEY, KING, MARLEY, NKHRUMA etc, they left MESSAGES for us that Black people CHOOSE TO IGNORE…..all groups EMBRACE their ancestors, all except the African descended particularly those in Barbados who have NO IDENTITY, NO CULTURE, NOTHING…that is why they are SEEN AS SLAVES STILL…

    Start at home, i see muslims walking around on the island in what they consider their cultural dress, and every Black person shows them reverence…i don’t recognize their culture for the simple fact that they hate and don’t recognize African culture, all the tiny groups of minority parasites on the island are like that….but Black people embrace them and hate the sight of their own…..and your wicked anti-African leaders bow, scrape and accept other cultures but NOT AFRICAN which is theirs….they REFUSE to encourage any of it period…..that is the TRUE definition of a slave society.

    William…am giving it a last gasp try….Pacha and others gave up long time, at some point i will abandon it too…they want to be something that IS NOT REAL…there are only so many ways to tell them..


  • “You do not exist in a fish bowl so be embarrassed until you surrender to the mortal coil.”

    What colour is a black person’s spirit or soul when they pass on to the heavens

    inside people are the same and skin is one superficial level of a person’s being

    the narrative that colour of complexion determines a person’s character is as old as the discovery of Americas and genocide


  • Am trying this one more time.

    “Neo-colonialism is based upon the principle of breaking up former large united colonial territories into a number of small non-viable States which are incapable of independent development and must rely upon the former imperial power for defence and even internal security. Their economic and financial systems are linked, as in colonial days, with those of the former colonial ruler.” Nkhruma

    This only works admirably, but not to the benefit of ANYONE BLACK, AND if there are no internal or external shocks, deliberate or unavoidable.


  • “…i don’t recognize their culture for the simple fact that they hate and don’t recognize African culture”

    If you ever reach Africa you may be surprised to see black muslims and mosques and brown muslims too they don’t even see colour like the West as Malcolm X said


  • So when Mia is running up and down the place begging to sit on this and that international chair to fool yardfowls and Slaves and impress bribers racists and thieves in Barbados…she might as well be invisible…public nuisance.


  • kiki….I am still speaking of Barbados…when it reaches the level of muslims in Africa, you will see the narrative change, many countries in Africa are predominantly muslim from THOUSANDS OF YEARS AGO,…not the same as indian muslims in Barbados..


  • 7th century
    Most historians accept that Islam originated in Mecca and Medina at the start of the 7th century CE. Muslims regard Islam as a return to the original faith of the prophets, such as Jesus, Solomon, David, Moses, Abraham, Noah and Adam, with the submission (islam) to the will of God.

    what colour were the prophets


  • Like someone is going to answer that……🤣🤣😜😎


  • William Skinner

    @ WURA
    It’s amazing that the same crap we encountered in the 60s from so-called educated people is still around today, It really shows a culturally lost people , who cannot break the chains of mental slavery. They are carriers of pure Eurocentric thought patterns.
    It’s not hopeless, perhaps the vicious and debilitating cycle will be broken by children yet unborn.
    I always used to laugh when Comrade Castro was addressing a world body, there was not even standing room. On the other hand, when other Caribbean leaders were at the podium , the only people present were janitors sweeping the floor.
    And these jokers believe that they are globalists and they alone understand international banking and finance. It’s a pseudo mentality. Sounds good, good to know but it does not save one child from going to sleep hungry tonight in any Caribbean island. It does it save any child in America from the same fate.
    But that’s the whole purpose of miseducating people . If well done it makes them accept slavery in any form . And that’s exactly where they were in the 60s andwhere they are today. Same wine but new casks. It’s how we were educated. We believe shit is cake.


  • @William

    There you go again. We are Black people, not 100% Black blood. We have to exist in the castle of who we are. Must we improve our awareness about our ancestry, of course. Must it be at the expense of our White blood, no.


  • “We have to exist in the castle of who we are. Must we improve our awareness about out ancestry, of course. Must it be at the expense of our White blood, no.”

    Afro Blue

    if you see a black and white jazz band who are your favourite musicians out of the singers of players of instruments


  • Who respects black people?



  • Keeping it simple..
    No group will respect us unless we respect ourselves.

    Not going to do a Wura, but in the Caribbean, many of our problems stem from the fact that our highly educated leadership seem to prefer second class citizenship for the masses.


  • black governments have NO self-respect and NO RESPECT for their Black citizens, how can they pretend otherwise when they keep their OWN PEOPLE in a full status of second class citizenship with NO KNOWLEDGE OF SELF……SHAMELESSLY…..DELIBERATELY….,MALICIOUSLY…when all of it can easily be reversed…

    Theo…it’s only because i have been exposed to more information…

    .most people who have had a FULL FRONTAL ASSAULT of information that we did not know exist….will react like that….or just drop out and say nothing, it is a VICIOUS PUNCH on the senses…seeing how we were deliberately RAISED TO KNOW NOTHING.


  • “Must it be at the expense of our White blood, no.”

    don’t you know enough about your white blood, do you really THINK you can handle more, i don’t think so….you do not know nearly enough about your AFRICAN ANCESTRY…you won’t be able to live long enough to learn everything…but if connected with your DOMINANT BLOODLINE…as some believe they are to white blood…. it all falls into place…

    not knocking white blood by the way, i carry more than i needed.

    btw…in case ya didn’t notice, ya dominant bloodline, black bloodline is AT THE BOTTOM…so as long as you are visibly black, even if ya carry 50% white bloodline, that is where you will stay..unless you know yourself….it is nothing personal, it is what it is.

    “It’s not hopeless, perhaps the vicious and debilitating cycle will be broken by children yet unborn.”

    they are OUR FUTURE and always will be, contrary to what IGNORANT corrupt leaders think, that’s why the young should be encouraged to NEVER VOTE FOR A SLAVE SOCIETY…. and the ones in Barbados who not only pauperize, disenfranchise and marginalize them to the point that all they know is financial misery and a prison pipeline, put in place in collusion with their filthy business partners…should themselves be IMPRISONED INDEFINITELY…

    “But that’s the whole purpose of miseducating people.”

    even more REVOLTING when the miseducation is perpetrated by black leaders/civil servants paid by taxpayers.

    we got a very long way to go…


  • Blood is red, but looks black on Black and White films, skin is black brown yellow red pink or alabaster depending on melanin content that constitues pigmentation or lack of. This is some basic level shit, Biology 101, or are you referring to white blood cells of the immune system that are involved in protecting the body against both infectious disease


  • How will we ever get any respect, when we have an unmanageable underclass in the major inner-cities of America, Africa and the Caribbean, that are conditioned by the frozen stereotypes of that environment rather than productive choices.


  • @Dompey

    Good question.


  • One Blood whether Black or White …..

    Modern vampires of City hunting Blood ………………….. One Blood Tony Rebel ……………………………


  • An umanageable underclass can be any shade of colouration anywhere in the world and is a symptom of ghetto life poverty
    from the school of hard knocks and there are many more of the same class who are law abiding. Criminals happen in all walks of life like white colour crime, political corruption, Nations Governments and Businesses break laws all the time on such a massive scale it becomes normalised and ignored.
    Clarification Disambiguation
    One Blood was by Junior Reid


  • Africa’s organized young are WAY AHEAD in understanding all of that, and have arrived at solutions, and yall are supposed to be first world right? and more civilized, right? so where are the solutions for the Caribbean.

    solutions are what’s needed….not underscoring without bringing agendas to the fore to make changes ..

    African women are organizing in unbelievable ways.

    Dompey, the young in US are also organizing, you just know nothing about it…in another decade you will see the full results when millions more get on board.


  • As i said, Africans are becoming awake and organizing themselves especially our African Queens, some in the Caribbean also have that determination, but too many don’t, hopefully they will get there soon…crying over colonization is no excuse, everyone claims to be educated..


  • It’s particularly galling that black leaders in Barbados are SO DISRESPECTFUL of the African people who elect them that they not only insultingly give them a second class citizen status but take the PEOPLE’S MONEY and maintain a first class citizen status for white, indian and syrian racist, thieves and criminals…

    you don’t get more DEMEANING to your people than that…and somehow it’s ok with a large cross section of the population….because they were miseducated to KNOW NO BETTER..

    so how do you expect anyone to respect you when you can’t see how your leaders are DISRESPECTING YOU in the most, VILE AND TRANSPARENT MANNER.


  • Oh lordie! David and Dompey have fallen for the white man’s line! John Knox would be proud of them.

    Violent crimes of acquisition are always more present in oppressed and depressed communities. It is a not colour specific.

    A better question would be – what causes the crime in these communities?

    Oh lordie!



  • The above video is the TRUE DEFINITION of Pan-Africanism, not the fly by night jokers who take money on the side to sell out, lie and hide information from the people….a totally different scenario.


  • And if any of those frauds get it in their heads to contact any of them to run some SCAM….watch yaself, cause i know one of them personally, KEEP YA SCAMMING TO YASELF…or run it on those ya sell out to..





  • The majority of Barbadians have a white lineage and the reverse is true for so called whites and the tar rule.

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  • Artistes/creatives/gifted in Barbados and the wider diaspora are ENCOURAGED to contact any one of the two ladies to PARTICIPATE in the virtual show next month if they so desire, i sent this same video to RENOWNED artistes, EVERYONE IS WELCOME….and promised to share further updates so those interested can make direct contact….that’s your MOTHERLAND your homeland you have an open invitation.



    the battle is REAL…every time you tell them about black empowerment…..they gotta tell ya oh, but what about the whites, we can’t leave them out…….who don’t include them in ONE SHITE…but are always down Bathsheba colluding with parliament negros…WHO THEY DON’T INVITE EITHER…..to sabotage Black progress and rob the population, pension fund treasury, the next generation of Blacks and the one after that…. and anything else that is nailed down or not…

    these act like they are joined at the hip of racists, who hate them with their whole being…


  • Clive West Indies Team was respected all over the world.


    They used their talent and the rules of the game to fight back and rise up ( to the top ) .

    Those who can will understand

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  • Steupse….ignorant Slaves should keep their backwardness to themselves.


  • There you go again. We are Black people, not 100% Black blood. We have to exist in the castle of who we are. Must we improve our awareness about our ancestry, of course. Must it be at the expense of our White blood, no.

    What nonsense! Just admit that you have an inferiority complex.

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  • Not really, the blogmaster is a disciple of MLK. The froth that some of you spew on the blog about promoting black awareness will NEVER see the blogmaster participating. When you become like those committing the wrong then what are you?

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  • Is this a true statistics..
    “The majority of Barbadians have white lineage and the reverse is true for so called whites and the tar rule.”


  • To know that everyone will have to be DNA/genetic tested, as i believe EVERYONE in the Caribbean should and especially since certain genetic companies refused to send test kits to the Caribbean because they know what they are hiding……. am of the belief because of certain information ,,,that not every one carries each bloodline or vice versa, but a great many do, particularly in this new era where many people don’t bother with all the white and black nonsense and relate to each other at the HUMAN LEVEL….who cares about all of that anyway, if you know you carry certain bloodlines, just use it to our own advantage for your OWN INTERESTS…

    . What i can also say is some bloodlines were manipulated over a 20 generation period in one way or another, but genetic testing only goes back 10 generations…to see certain things in bloodlines still, it would have had to be in there from the beginning of that journey…


  • What we should all be concerned about is seeing BLACK EMPOWERMENT….all the rest is useless noise..


  • @ Dompey May 10, 2021 12:14 PM
    “How will we ever get any respect, when we have an unmanageable underclass in the major inner-cities of America, Africa and the Caribbean, that are conditioned by the frozen stereotypes of that environment rather than productive choices.”

    Isn’t this phenomenon a striking paradox to the reality that the same “unmanageable underclass” are easily conditioned by the lies and fairy tales ‘preached’ in the multitude of churches which can be found on every street corner and whose slick-talking pastors and new-age apostles extract millions of greenbacks as donations towards the cause of a’ white’ JESUS in the performance of his social work in saving their sorry black asses from hell?

    Aren’t these con-artist pastors nothing more than disguised drug pushers of opiate to the same black fools who bow down to an image of a man diametrically opposite to them in colour?

    How do you reconcile that, Do(m)pey?


  • The majority of Barbadians have a white lineage and the reverse is true for so called whites and the tar rule.




  • “Is this a true statistics..
    “The majority of Barbadians have white lineage and the reverse is true for so called whites and the tar rule.””

    How about this for general wild ass guess finger of thumb rule. Everyone is in the Caribbean due to the legacy of Atlantic slave trade and plantations on captured lands legacy Africans were slaves and Europeans were the slave owners and slaver masters who cracked their whips to make them work in the burning sun from sunrise to dusk for free as they were property to serve the white man business
    Get wise and analyse history and geography


  • I saw a video posted to a forum recently, a 50 year old video, where MLK said he had made a strategic error wanting integration that racists are not capable of, the video was hidden, only came to light recently…..so when ya think ya following the ways of MLK even he knew he made an error in the Jim Crow era…he had not yet fully understood what he was dealing with….racist ARE FILTH….not even their own people want anything to do with them…


  • Another rabbit hole
    I gone
    Couldn’t care less who loves or hate me
    I am secure in my own blackness
    Needs no .one approval


  • @ 555 dubstreet May 10, 2021 4:55 PM

    It’s a ‘genetically-confirmed’ fact that Afro-Caribbean males have at least 25% male European DNA flowing through their ‘bloodline’.

    It might even be higher in Barbados which was the model of a veritable slave prison with no opportunities to escape from the Doctor Moreau type little island of physical exploitation and mental reprogramming.

    With so many European men seeking their fortunes in the so-called New World along with an acute shortage of white women in the colonies what do you think would result from the ‘forced’ transportation of the black female slaves to the Caribbean and the Americas?

    Don’t you think that many of those ‘captured’ females transported on those slave ships across the Atlantic arrived in the West Indies already impregnated by smelly white sailors?

    Who do you think was the first to pick the cherry from each young Nubian tree born on the plantation?

    Those brutal white men simply and obediently followed their religious upbringing of pillaging and raping.


  • They were their “property” to be had. The sexual perversions is a big part of their sickness and crimes committed. Unsurprisingly it has been buried by the people who dictate the “history” of the world.


  • They were their “property” to be had. The sexual perversions is a big part of their sickness and crimes committed. Unsurprisingly it has been buried by the people who dictate the “history” of the world.


    BANG ON.



  • @Miller

    The same people who scoff at our mixed ancestry and our Eurocentric ways based on how we have been educated and socialized post emancipation flipped the argument when we discuss repatriation, including you?


  • “Not really, the blogmaster is a disciple of MLK. When you become like those committing the wrong then what are you?”

    What does a disciple of MLK look like? I hope you are not like the White liberals who cherry pick only the most palatable (to the White palate) parts of King’s work? The conveniently overlook King’s reparation agenda or his views on Black economic empowerment.

    Becoming “like those committing the wrong” is just another white supremacist talking point and psychological trick commonly used to dissuade Blacks from seeking compensatory justice. It is as old as Western chattel slavery itself. For example, look at the ‘sweet by and by’ sermons preached to the Slaves on the plantation. “Don’t revolt, it is God’s will for you to be a slave”.

    Funny enough the accept-shit-on-earth-in-exchange-for-honey-in-heaven philosophy never quite seems to apply to white folk though.


  • @Dullard aka #throwashadecrew

    You can apply your definition based on what the blogmaster shares in this space. No time for middling exchanges.


  • “You can apply your definition based on what the blogmaster shares in this space. No time for middling exchanges.”

    Coming from the likes of you, “#throwashadecrew ” is an epithet that I accept with glee.

    The New David has been on the wrong side of every major issue.


  • Good, it means there is no need to worry about an echo coming from the blogmaster. Have the last word.


  • #BUEchoChamber

    Now, that’s my last word. My time wasting budget for today is spent.


  • I just heard on CTV news that 200 bajan dogs will be airlifted to Canada. Apparently, bajans cant fed themselves and the dogs are left to starve. At least, that is what was said on the news while they showed dogs with just skin covering their ribs.


  • @Dame
    You sent me googling


  • @ David May 10, 2021 6:10 PM

    Does that “you” also include those 340 odd Afro-Barbadians who- with the support of “Attwell”- ‘repatriated’ to Liberia in the 1860’s or even Mignon Lorraine Inniss from St. John who migrated early in the last Century to New York and then to Africa in order to make a name for herself in Ethiopia?


  • @Miller

    The blogmaster is always willing to sit at the feet of a sage. Tell us!


  • @Dullard

    Almost everything under the sun has a start and an end.


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  • Dullard is totally correct. That philosophy about becoming like those we criticise is meant to keep us quiet. You are falling for all their crap. Reverse racism is what they call that new pile of shit. But all the black people I know are fine with whoever is fine with them. This shit is on them not us.

    However back to my first point – I respect black people and like Angela Cox, I don’t beg for respect from any other race because I respect them only as they respect us.

    The way I see it, If they judge based on skin colour then they are fools unworthy of my respect.


  • So…. some Bajans are struggling to feed their dogs. And some Canadians are able to feed them.

    What is surprising about that? I guarantee you that there are other Bajans like myself who could feed at least one of those dogs and other Canadians who couldn’t.

    But as much as I love dogs, I have other priorities at present.

    Besides, I have just taken in two kittens.



    Academic institutions that he built 🔨
    – University Of Cape Coast (UCC)
    – Ghana National College, Cape Coast
    – Mfantsiman Girls’ SHS
    – Winneba secondary school.
    – Apam Secondary School
    – Swedru Secondary School (SWESCO)
    – Fosu Training College
    – Ofori Panyin Secondary School
    – Techiman Secondary School
    – Dormaa Secondary School
    – Tema Secondary School
    – Oda Secondary School
    – Labone Secondary School
    – Kwadaso College of Education
    – Atebubu Training College
    – Berekum Training College
    – Enchi Training College

    Turned University College of Gold Coast into the University of Ghana (He became their first chancellor)
    Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST)
    Institute of African Studies,
    Kwame Nkrumah Institute of Economics and Political Science(now the south campus of UEW)
    Ajumako School of Languages(now under UEW)
    Kumasi Technical Institute (now a University)
    Accra Polytechnic(now Accra Technical University).
    Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital(previously Kumasi central hospital).
    He made Korle Bu a teaching hospital and expanded its capacity by constructing the Medical, Maternity, Surgical and Child Health blocks.
    He established the Ghana Medical School.
    He made Medical care free to all citizens.
    He established GIHOC pharmaceuticals.
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    Adomi Bridge

    Credit: We Are From Ghana 🇬🇭


  • @ David May 10, 2021 7:11 PM

    That’s why it is culturally important to permanently recognize the role played by Afro-Barbadians on the international stage.

    In the same way white Bajans (and their black copycats) celebrate the arrival of the Olive Blossom why can’t Afro-Bajans lionize the Repatriation ship named “Cora” which docked on this very day in 1865 on the shores of Liberia to discharge its human cargo African returning nationals to establish the settlement of Crozierville.

    As part of the PR agenda to decolonize the minds of black Bajans through the route of republicanism why not erect, also, a reverse Ellis Island-type memorial to commemorate the contribution made by those post-emancipation black Barbadians who left the island not only to escape the local apartheid society but also to make a name for themselves while working their butts off to send remittances to their families in order to transform Barbados from a collection of plantation-dependent tenantries into an enviable land of housing in the heights, terraces and gardens.


  • As of 2019 the population of Ghana was 30.42 million

    Area: 92,099 mi²

    1st President of Ghana
    In office 1 July 1960 – 24 February 1966


  • Check out the GIANT.

    that’s the kind of leader to idolize…a high achiever.


  • “And some Canadians are able to feed them.”

    some got adopted in US as well…..it’s been about a month now that animals are being abandoned, they will have to ship them out.


  • “Reverse racism is what they call that new pile of shit.”

    reverse racism is actually anti-discrimination equal rights policy

    but whites moan it is prejudice against them


  • Who in the world respects black people?

    I do.


  • @WURA-War-on-U May 10, 2021 7:51 AM “…predominantly muslim from THOUSANDS OF YEARS AGO,…not the same as indian muslims in Barbados.”

    Not true.

    Islam is only about 1300 years old, so, NOPE, there were no Muslims anywhere in the world thousands of years ago.

    ALL Middle Eastern derived religions, Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Rastafari are ALL fairly recent, when we consider that humanity has been around for hundreds of thousands of years. And for most of human history there were only Africans.

    That’s it.


  • @Dame Bajans May 10, 2021 6:49 PM “I just heard on CTV news that 200 bajan dogs will be airlifted to Canada.”

    Don’t like dogs. Never have. Never kept one. Never will.

    I’ve kept cats. The last 2 lived to be about 13/14 years old each so I must have been doing something right.

    Too many Bajans seem reluctant to spay/neuter their animals, I spayed/neutered mine, as the female vet said “snip-snip and ther’e gone” the animals didn’t seem to miss anything that they had never tried, and so they lived happily to animal old age.


  • David even while I agree with you that many or perhaps most black people in the Americas, including Barbados are of mixed race, that mixing is nothing to celebrate since most of it came about through rape. Do you really think that white men in the Americas in the 15th to 19th centuries asked nicely before impregnating black teenage girls. The girls and women were property and white men could and did satisfy their lusts on these girls and women.What do you think happened when white men owned teen girls whose parents were powerless to protect them? Even now David in this 21st century when men are legally banned from raping, all over the Americas there are hundreds of thousands of men who rape.

    Have a heart David for the millions of black girls and women women who were impregnated without their consent, and whose children were then enslaved. These enslaved women were fully human just as we are. Feel for them David.


  • Makes ya wonder why some in Barbados don’t want to separate themselves from evil racists who destroy Black lives generationally and rob the people of everything. No one owe racists anything and particularly NOT those in Barbados who are nothing but low class thieves pretending to be superior. most of whom have a SLAVE PATROL background, i would not want anyone to know i know them, let alone let people hear me defend them….they should be isolated and BANNED from public life period…they should NOT BE AROUND Black African people. let alone feeding off them..

    again, NO ONE OWE THE THIEVING RACISTS IN BARBADOS ANYTHING and it’s an INJUSTICE in Black lives again, to pretend they do…IF YA FEEL SO STRONGLY ABOUT IT, give ya children to them to be the next generation of slaves, the oppressed, suppressed and disenfranchised….but don’t act as though anyone owe these stinking creatures anything.

    ..very few people seem to have a heart for how their own ancestors were brutalized dehumanized and destroyed by subhuman animals, even today….but can showcase how they seem to be mentally enslaved and underneath the descendants of those who still commit crimes against Black people.

    “Islam is only about 1300 years old, so, NOPE, there were no Muslims anywhere in the world thousands of years ago.”

    believe very little you hear from the Brits, they say 1400….not true…… Arabs enslaved Africans for at least 1400 years BEFORE the 500 years by Europeans…never believe what they put out there unless you know it to be fact. There are varying stories out there on how and WHERE Islam started..


  • Intelligent blacks no longer care what the Albinos in Europe think, the game is up.
    Europeans are ( melanin recessive )albino people, see evidence below:

    Straight hair – two damaged or recessive allele’s of the “TCHH” gene means straight hair.
    Red hair – usually results from a mutation in a gene called MC1R, which codes for the melanocortin-1 receptor.
    Blond hair – a single mutation in a long gene sequence called KIT ligand (KITLG) causes people with these genes to have platinum blond, dirty blond or even dark brown hair.
    White hair – is caused by a mutated gene called interferon regulatory factor 4, which is important in regulating and producing melanin in the hair.
    Blue eyes – a specific mutation within the HERC2 gene, a gene that regulates OCA2 expression, is partly responsible for blue eyes. Other genes implicated in eye color variation are SLC24A4 and TYR.
    White skin Mutations – Oculocutaneous Albinism (OCA 1-7) is a group of inherited disorders of melanin biosynthesis characterized by a generalized reduction in pigmentation of hair, skin and eyes. With OCA1A being the most severe type with a complete lack of melanin production throughout life, while the milder forms are OCA1B, OCA2, OCA3, OCA4, OCA5, OCA6, OCA7.

    European Albinos who chose to settle in areas of the Earth between 40 degrees North and 40 degrees South; knew fully well that they would NOT be able to do the FARMWORK necessary to support themselves with FOOD in those areas due to the Damaging/Killing strength of the Sun’s UV radiation at those latitudes. So they resolved to use the Slave Labor of pigmented people as a means to supply themselves with enough Food to live in those Latitudes.
    * Actually there is no safe place on the planet for European Albinos.
    Skin cancer rates in the scandinavian countries is very high, as it is in all of Northern Europe.


  • Europeans are greatest frauds/ liars.


  • Wura

    I am quite sure that you are aware of this fact, but when Blacks in Ghana read about some of the racist things that came out of the mouth of Mahatma Gandhi, regarding Black people, they tore down a statue of him that was erected at one of their major universities.

    Gandhi, hated the fact that the Apartheid White would compared the East Indian to the South African Black, who he openly described as Savages.


  • Another part of white supremacy which is still prevalent is talking about how great they are while ignoring how bad they are minimising accusations of their wickedness. Claims of random bad deeds in the past that should be ignored as they happened long ago and white supremacy over all other races is just the way things are but not the way things should be. Now they say they are not white supremacists and truly believe in racial equality but are they are still just lying like fuck.

    Break it down, white supremacy and racism manifesting in full effect.

    Manifest destiny the 19th-century doctrine or belief that the expansion of the United States throughout the American continents was both justified and inevitable.

    Monroe Doctrine principle of US policy, that any intervention by external powers in the politics of the Americas is a potentially hostile act against the US. Now extends to US ops and wars around the world.

    Slave codes laws relating to slavery and enslaved people, specifically regarding the Atlantic slave trade and chattel slavery in the Americas

    Since emancipation there were Jim Crow laws were state and local laws that enforced racial segregation in the Southern United States.

    After Civil Rights movement, the Southern strategy was a Republican Party electoral strategy to increase political support among white voters in the South by appealing to racism against African Americans


  • Trumps was born in 1946 before Civil Rights when blacks won rights to vote in Southern states in 60’s.
    When Trump won in 2016 he borrowed Nixon’s Southern strategy from Republican politicians of the 1960s which exploited white voters’ fears and prejudices. He hated Black President Obama and racist white supremacists knew what he meant by Making America Great Again. Trump lost in 2020 because of increased turnout among black and brown people and their white allies. His appeals to fear and division failed. This info was spun as more white males voted against him.


  • “Gandhi, hated the fact that the Apartheid White would compared the East Indian to the South African Black, who he openly described as Savages.”

    It was Whites that held Blacks down with Apartheid. After Slavery ended in 1800’s Colonialism of Africa started in 1870 by British.
    During this time of colonisation, an economic depression was occurring in Europe, and powerful countries such as Germany, France, and Great Britain, were losing money. Blacks pick up and propagate racist White tropes like Brainwashed Cunts.


  • 555dubstreet

    I think African Americans won the right to vote with the Civil War Amendments and particularly the 14th Amendment, but after this victory the 15 Southern states enforced their own racist laws to disenfranchised African Americans like the Literacy Test etc, but the Federal government stepped in and reaffirmed these rights with the Voting Rights Act of the 1960s etc.


  • 555dubstreet

    I hope you are aware of the fact that you are talking to someone who has a pretty good understanding of World History? Now if you wish to discuss the reason why Mahatma Gandhi spent 22 years in South Africa defending the large East Indian population there, as a young lawyer whom had graduated one of the major universities in England, we can go there Sir.


  • 555dubstreet

    The Apartheid Whites held Blacks, East Indians and Colours down in South Africa, as well as the many other countries on the African continent Sir.


  • Yup! They have highjacked the term “reverse racism” and now it means black people trying to be racist against them instead of what it really is – reversing the lingering effects of white supremacy in the system.

    Another term being brandished as a weapon is “cancel culture”.


  • 555dubstreet

    My point is that Mahatma Gandhi repudiated the fact that the Apartheid White regarding the South African Black on the same footing as the East Indian, because Gandhi thought very little of Black people and that is a historical fact.


  • Divide to rule.
    Tribal conflicts were manipulated for ‘purchasing’ of Africans with beads cowrie shells manillas guns tobacco alcohol for slavery in New World proving ‘ownership’.
    After Slavery from 1836 British employed Indians to do the admin in all of their plantations in Colonial Lands as indentured workers.

    Old Dompey reminds me of the ugly faced Hal the renown Indian Hater.


  • As though white supremacy is not an evil culture in urgent need of cancelling!

    Recently heard an argument advanced that teaching America’s TRUE HISTORY would traumatise the white children and make them feel guilty. Therefore the history should continue to be laundered.

    Imagine how self-centred white people have to be to advance such an argument!

    And what the hell are they so scared of????? Their ugly reflection in the mirror?


  • When I look in the mirror I am happy that their genes are not dominant!


  • 555dubstreet

    Wrong against Sir …. you forgot about the Apprenticeship period, however; East Indian Indentured started in 1838 and ended in 1919 Sir.


  • “Recently heard an argument advanced that teaching America’s TRUE HISTORY would traumatise the white children and make them feel guilty. Therefore the history should continue to be laundered.”

    Isaiah 8:12 NIV
    Do not call conspiracy everything this people calls a conspiracy; do not fear what they fear, and do not dread it.

    Misinformation and specious arguments is how Government, Spies and Media of Western Hemisphere operate, don’t forget they control the internet, public debate and curriculum.

    Nowadays if you use the word “White” there will be an automatic complaint that the word is racist as they are “individuals and are not represented by their colour and the idea communicated will be removed. Their reporters will then come up with a twisted argument which they call balanced, which is not open for comments, and is a script to brainwash people to be fools and talking parrots idiots to do their dirt.

    See 1 Example of British Duplicity after BLM protests kicked off last year after videos of the murder of George Floyd by Police touching issues such as historical links root causes Government Royalty perpetrators of Colonialism Slavery Racism, in the BBC Newswatch Propaganda for Dummies, which has typical British nuances wordplay understating misrepresenting one side and overstating the other side which is their side. They keep and archive all the comments they remove to use for their use news spin. They are now slowly ‘investigating’ the spread of wealth generated from their repugnant Slavery through History as if they don’t know already and feeding back the comments that we gave them .
    Slavery: What are reparations and should they be paid?

    I and I and I will now call and become a holy vessel to channel the spirit of prophet Dennis Emanuel Brown and my spiritual Father Jah and all my other teachers and Gurus in the heavens above to explain the full story of infamy in history and will dub it with version excursion in a Jah Shaka Zulu Warrior London Souyndsystem stylee to teach the youths to hear with rasta lyrics in these times of revelation manifestation.

    What about the half that has never been told
    Look how long it’s been kept a big secret
    Look how long it’s been hidden away


  • 555dubstreet

    The British slaves received their final Emancipation in 1838 and not 1834 as some may have thought …. and just after the final Emancipation of the British slave population in 1838, planters were faced with labour vaccuum which filled with the East Indian and Chinese Indenture contractual labourers ….


  • @ david comment 1647282 with a message of truths and rights human rights was blocked by babylon’s finest white boy spies

    you must never get your rights wrong

    are you pretending to support white racists because you know they are always watching I + I + I like a watch dog in a watch tower


  • “just after the final Emancipation of the British slave population in 1838, planters were faced with labour vaccuum which filled with the East Indian and Chinese Indenture contractual labourers ….”

    Blacks were still slaves to lazy white people in all but name
    Indians were also used as the middle men to take the blame
    there was no shame in their game
    it still remains the same
    so who is to blame

    in this time it is Whites against BAMES
    so which side are you on
    what box do you tick


  • Only ghandi’s masters were more savage than him, he was a stinking pedophile another reason his statute was torn down from Ghana…everything he wrote should be burnt, the racist hypocrite.


  • What are y’all DOING besides grandstanding on BU? This must be the umpteenth such thread on BU and I have yet to hear of one single initiative from the mouttas. At least Heather tried/trying with her pyramid scheme.


  • @ Cuhdear Bajan May 10, 2021 9:51 PM
    ALL Middle Eastern derived religions, Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Rastafari are ALL fairly recent, when we consider that humanity has been around for hundreds of thousands of years. And for most of human history there were only Africans.
    That’s it.

    Wow! Is that you, the Simple Simon(e)?

    Your many years of contributing to BU have been ‘duly’ rewarded.

    Now it’s time to ‘Ascend’ like a true Master.

    The Holy Trinity of Brahma and Vishnu and Shiva are there to assist you along the way.

    Why not spread the WORD that the petty-minded god called Yahweh in your Judeo-Christian book of myths and legend is nothing more than one of the thousands ‘recorded’ in the pantheon of man-made religions stretching over the Ages of human time.

    If you are searching for ‘greater’ enlightenment, why nor look up and see yourself reflecting in the Light of the World and NOT just that of the Middle East where- instead of peace and love- violence and mayhem reign Supreme; even today?


  • You have to know your roots and culture

    @David King
    What About The Half
    That has Never Been Told

    Comment 1647282 has been in moderation for 30 minutes


  • Fowl Slave be GONE…no one is putting any ideas out there for yall to TIEF…..even PLT understand that yall are merely COPYCATS and ideas SNATCHERS…..ya on ya own with ya intellectually BARREN selves, ya want ideas LEARN TO THINK OUTSIDE OF THE SLAVE PARAMATERS.


  • Hal / Dompey

    Can you give us a rundown breakdown of all the racist “News” organisations in the western nations of the white world first world deliberately holding back third world progress when it is actually one world and there is only one race the human race as you have inside knowledge as a loyal docile negro worker who knows his place below to serve his masters above and treat them as your superiors in the pecking order of power and the token that they will promote as a safe obedient subservient brainwashed African that can be easily subordinated. They say Covid is a time for the race of humans to improve.


  • Gerbals spinning wheel in mud


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