The Volcano is Going Off!

Submitted by Nathan’ Jolly’ Green

The volcano is going off! what volcano is going off? They are all going off!

The volcano is going off, what volcano is going off? They are all going off. What do you mean they are all going off? When that last happened in 1816, it created the Year Without Summer and almost brought the end to all humanity.

Vincentians know what is happening in their back yard, and often in their neighbours. But currently, Saint Vincent is in such turmoil with people running frightened from the COVID 19 virus; few look over the neighbours’ fence anymore in fear of catching the COVID. Vincentians know that La Soufrière is erupting, but all the others in the world who cares.

Around the world currently, most of the volcanos are in some state of eruption. They are all smoking, rumbling, or fully erupting. We lack the final piece in the 1816 year without summer equation, Indonesia’s Mount Tambora erupting explosively.

In April of 1815, Mount Tambora exploded in a powerful eruption that killed tens of thousands of people on the Indonesian island of Sumbawa. The following Year 1816 became known as the “year without a summer” when icy, wet conditions swept across Europe and North America in August.

The Year 1816 is known as the Year Without a Summer (also the Poverty Year and Eighteen Hundred and Froze to Death) because of severe climate abnormalities that caused average global temperatures to decrease by 0.4–0.7 °C (0.7–1 °F). Summer temperatures in Europe were the coldest on record between the years of 1766–2000. This resulted in significant food shortages across the Northern Hemisphere.

Evidence suggests that the anomaly was predominantly a volcanic winter event caused by the massive 1815 eruption of Mount Tambora in April in the Dutch East Indies (known today as Indonesia). This eruption was the largest in at least 1,300 years (after the hypothesized eruption causing the extreme weather events of 535–536), and perhaps exacerbated by the 1814 eruption of Mayon in the Philippines.

With most of the Worlds volcanos making activity from 1800 causing cumulative upper atmosphere contamination, that in 1815/1816 the upper atmosphere was densely contaminated with ash and debris which blocked out the sun. Everything needs the sun to grow, needs the sun to live. But 1816 saw a year of little sun and a year-long winter. In August in New York, Frost and snow and freezing fogs, people starved around the world as crops failed, no wheat, and bread riots in Switzerland. People in the East Coast US marched across the country having heard it was a little warmer on the West Coast. Domestic farm animals were dying no food, no grains, no vegetables. Wild animals and birds stopped breeding, stopped replacing those that were dying by the millions. Had the intense volcanic activity continued for another two or three years and continued to exclude the sun. It would have most certainly been the end of humanity.

But back to the matter in hand, you can stop looking over the neighbour’s fence. Let us look again at the current evolving eruption of Saint Vincent’s Mount Soufrière. What is the worst that can happen?

Massive eruptions bring massive lightning storms, a deposit of ash that blocks rivers and closes off roads. Bridges fail due to the rivers’ blockage. The rivers in Saint Vincent are traditionally poorly maintained almost always containing lots of dead trees and debris, mix that with volcanic ash, and pop goes the bridges. Landslides block roads; roads collapse; people are stranded, no escape. Do we have to wait for all that before we attempt to evacuate our people from a situation that would prove impossible and the people may perish?

So why not rescue the people in case a tragedy unwraps, how about evacuation just in case? How about evacuation as a precaution? How about evacuation right now?

One of the most significant strains on the Vincentians’ minds living in the red and yellow zone is not knowing if or when not knowing the evacuation plan. Not knowing the meeting points, what they should bring and how to get there. No trial run of evacuation, no test run, no information, can you imagine how that plays on these people’s minds.

For the government to wait until something happens before they move into action, really may be just too late. Tell the people the whole plan, tell them now, they are not children, tell them, comrade. Give every one of them written instructions.

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  • Babylon falling. Greed and spite and an unquenchable thirst for power. Allyuh stop looking back at Soddom an Gomorrah, lest you be smite.

    Is mankinds wuflessness dat gottem so Is thirst of flesh an materials thing. False prophets too. Who preach but hate. Whose inhumanity is hidden by false words.

    Babylon falling.


  • Wait, are you saying that Fumble and his useless government have gone to Vincent and is now in charge? No, plan, no action? Sounds like that to me.


  • Before Wily comments he’s waiting to here what Barbados SUPREME leader has to say, would not want to anger the GODS.


  • Why wait on goverment?

    Your emergency bag should be packed and waiting by the door. You should have an idea of where you want to go.

    In others words, you should have an emergency/evacuation plan for you and your family as should each family. It will help both you and the government if/when the trigger is pulled.

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  • @John

    Emergency bag packed, LOCKED DOWN, cannot go ANYWHERE. Waiting on word from the Supreme Leader.


  • Evacuation order issued for residents near La Soufriere volcano – Evacuation order issued for residents near La Soufriere volcano:


  • Let wish the best for our Vincie brothers and sisters.


  • Nathan ‘Jolly’ Green seems to St. Vincent’s version of our ‘Trinidad Woman,’ Angela Cox or Carson C. Cadogan.

    Judging from Green’s articles, I’m given the impression it’s impossible for the Gonsalves administration to get anything right. Everything done is always wrong.
    As the ‘old saying’ goes, “even a broken clock is right twice a day.”

    In all fairness, I’m finding it extremely difficult to believe SVG’s government does not have a contingency plan in place for if or when the volcano erupts.

    That’s why I believe in remaining in the middle and hearing ‘all sides of the story,’ before rushing to condemn one side or the other.


  • @ David

    I join you in expressing similar sentiments to our Vincy neighbours.


    Vincentians being evacuated as La Soufriere’s on the brink
    By Colville Mounsey
    St Vincent and the Grenadines has started to evacuate 11 000 people from the red zone of that country, which up to last night was under imminent threat of an explosive volcanic eruption.
    Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves issued the immediate evacuation order as the situation at La Soufriere volcano deteriorated further yesterday afternoon.
    He made the announcement on the advice of the country’s disaster officials, after Professor Richard Robertson, the lead scientist monitoring the volcano, reported further activity at La Soufriere.
    Gonsalves announced that several cruise ships would be arriving from today to help get residents out. “The cruise ships of Royal Caribbean will be first used to transport the persons from St Vincent and the Grenadines who are to be evacuated to other countries in the region who have offered temporary hospitality, namely St Lucia, Grenada, Barbados and Antigua,” he said.
    In an interview last night, Minister of Agriculture in St Vincent and the Grenadines, Saboto Caesar told the Weekend Nation that the task of evacuating 11 000 people from the red zone had began.
    Caesar, whose constituency is in the orange zone, painted a picture of chaotic scenes, noting there continued to be a rush on financial institutions, gas stations and groceries while vehicular traffic on the windward side of the island had increased about tenfold, as the race to secure life and property begun in earnest.
    “All throughout the day when persons were seeing increased activity there has been long lines at the banks, massive lines at the supermarkets and gas stations; in fact, most gas stations have sold out. Traffic is also extremely heavy as vehicles from all over the island are concentrated in this area to help people move out. All government agencies are fully activated, and we are basically bracing for a sleepless night as we try to complete this process,” he said.
    Following the evacuations, Caesar said the next pressing concern was ensuring that COVID-19 did not break out in the shelters. “There was some apprehension among some people with regards to taking the vaccine, but we have a lot of vaccines available for persons and we also have the testing equipment available as well. So, we have to embark on a programme of mass testing and mass vaccination so that we can protect our citizens as best as we can,” he explained.
    He also noted that food security was going to be a worry as the island produces a significant percentage of what it consumes and much of that agricultural production takes place in the heart of the danger zone.
    “The red zone is predominantly the bulk of our agricultural areas and a significant percentage of our national food consumption bill is from food produced locally. We eat so much of the food that we sometimes do not have enough for export. So, we are going to have a food security threat. So this is something that we need to work on right away,” said Caesar, who noted the burgeoning marijuana sector was also under threat.
    In a statement yesterday chair of the Caribbean Community Dr Keith Rowley, said CARICOM had “mobilised” to support St Vincent and the Grenadines and that member states “have offered support to house evacuees from the affected area”.
    Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley in a nationally televised press conference last night vowed that Barbados would be their brother’s keeper as it related to rendering assistance to its closest neighbour St Vincent and the Grenadines.
    Mottley disclosed that her Cabinet was integrally involved in the arrangement of two cruise vessels that had been dispatched to St Vincent to assist with the evacuation effort. She said Government was already coordinating with the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA) and the Regional Security Services (RSS), but it was now a wait-and-see exercise in determining what further interventions would be required as well as the steps that must be taken to execute within the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.
    “It is too early to say at this time, but rest assured that Barbados will remain engaged. I think we have demonstrated that when difficult times occur, we are not ones to run from a difficult situation; instead, we stand up and we are counted. At this stage it is still too early because we need to first assess. We have already been cooperating with them by helping them procure the ships and helping them put other arrangements in place and working with our regional institutions,” said Mottley.

    Source: Nation


  • The government of Barbados and PM Mottley must be given credit in her willingness to assist others in distress. We should recall the Trinis who were refused entry by its government at the beginning of the pandemic and also Barbados involvement in offering itself as a transhipment point for airlines and cruisehips


  • If you don’t help people then you should not expect help when your time comes. Time for all Caricom members to get it together!

    “Today fuh me an’ tuhmorra fuh you!”

    That’s Bajan for – trouble comes to all people eventually.


  • Photo ops and self interest is what Mityley has thrive on
    Not surprising to see her grab hold of another unfortunate circumstance to earn some much needed political points after the past few days of muddle explanations and political volcanic eruptions on home turf


  • Barbados is the closed island to St. Vincent. St. Lucia and other surrounding islands have agreed to provide safe harbour to a Caribbean nation in distress. You are a politically sick person.


  • Damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t!

    What then is a politician’s incentive to do the right thing?

    What then is a politician’s incentive to do better?

    Experts say that positive reinforcement works well with children. I suspect it works well with adults also.

    I know we are expected to bash politicians all day, every day as the root from whence flows all evil but having known many of them before they became politicians, I see them as flawed human beings, as we all are, in need of some form of rehabilitation.

    I believe that people who lust after money and power are lacking something inside that they need to be happy with just being themselves. I saw that in Donald Trump. He is an empty shell desperately seeking SOMETHING.

    It has been my experience that there is a warm feeling one gets from doing the right thing and having it acknowledged that no money or power can buy. One can get addicted to that feeling.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if we could replace the addiction to money and power with the addiction to that warm feeling of doing the right thing and having it acknowledged?

    Polyanna thinking that has worked for me with some people!


  • Make that “POLLYANNA”.


  • PM Mia Amor Mottley has thus far distinguished herself as being of true and true Barrow and Adams heritage and shown herself, by her treatment of fellow Caricom and indeed, international, citizens, as being a true Stateswoman.

    Her understanding of the need for acting in good faith and with outreach to St.Vincent is admirable and will go down in history.

    The detractors will do their thing, or as the youngsters say, ”haters will hate”.

    But Mottley clearly sees the way to a new Caribbean order. An order dreamt of by the late great Sir Grantley Adams, thrown to the wind by egotistical leaders in Manley and Eric Williams.

    Today is you, tomorrow is me.

    Together we stand, divided we fall.

    Whom Jah Bless, No Man Curse.


  • Ms. Mottley, whatever else she has done wrong, has TODAY done the right thing.

    Whatever her motives, that is my takeaway.

    We should prepare to welcome our Vincey brothers and sisters properly.

    Maybe something good can come from all this dislocation in the Caribbean. Maybe we can recognise our common fate and formulate a common plan to rise from the ashes!


  • This is from St. Lucia Times:

    > *Press Release:*– Following the update from the Office of the Prime > Minister, on the situation of the Saint Vincent and the Grenadines La > Soufrière Volcano, the Saint Lucia Air and Sea Ports Authority (SLASPA), > through its Disaster Preparedness Committee, has activated its Port > Response Plan to facilitate and receive evacuees. > > The plan identifies the George F.L Charles Airport and the Castries > Seaport as the > designated entry points for evacuees. > >


  • Barbados, in the spirit of ‘noblesse oblige’, must welcome any evacuees with open arms of friendship and a show of good neighbourliness.

    The people of Saint Vincent & the Grenadines have been genuine friends- and in some cases, with close family ties to Barbadians- for a long time going back to the arrival of the ‘bountiful’ breadfruit tree from Tahiti on the HMS Bounty to that most fruitful place in the lesser Antilles.

    Barbados was once the regional HQ for Britain’s colonial administration of SVG to which many ‘educated’ black Barbadians were sent to work especially in the fields of teaching, law enforcement and the clergy.

    Even the Father of Bajan Independence was an example of an ‘extended’ member of the classic ‘educated Bajan family’ some of whom were “born in jail” in St. Vincent about which EWB often jokingly mused.

    As a matter of fact it, would be safe to say that the Vincentian brothers and sisters- the friendliest islanders of the Caribbean- are the only Caribbean nationals who have a genuine appreciation and respect for Bajans with a large Diaspora community living in Barbados since the 1960’s.

    Now where is the cantankerous PM Browne of ANU when he is required at this time of need for regional solidarity?


  • Donna ya cant let go of trump lol He aint coming for you …he got a hot wife.
    Sad to see prince Philip has passed away. Any truth his last words were a commonwealth without barbados is not a world I want to live in


  • Mia not saying or doing anything would be a first missed opportunity to grab hold of political pickings Not gonna happen
    Never mind the pilots and crews members of Liat have been suffering for months on end and nay word out of her mouth
    Fool me once can’t fool me twice with political grandstanding
    Still remembers how she was first in line to steal Ross from Dominica a country which needed all the economic help it could have held on to in their times of trouble


  • The Volcano has erupted.


  • Barbadians should help their Vincy neighbours.

    PM Mottley will lead from the front.


  • For real? @ David


  • Got it


  • Once again I am at a loss as to how we found a next issue to divide ourselves on.

    Our brothers and sisters on a next island finds themselves in a desperate situation. As any person with a heart would attempt to do and as a timely response is required, Mia quickly offers to lend a helping hand. And unexpectedly, some believe that her offer to help can be used as a wedge issue.

    Just opposing her every action is folly. Instead of diminishing her, you are magnifying the good that she does. You are playing to only your own crowd as the b’s will not buy your story and thinking men and women will believe she is doing the right thing; even a few d’s might applaud her efforts.

    The strategy here should be (1) not to criticize or (2) to praise her. The strategy should be to put her in a box with others.I would have pointed out that like Barbados other Caribbean leaders are lending a helping hand to the people of St Vincent. hand. This is what family does and should do. My story would not be that of Mia alone but of a group response, but that she is mimicking the behavior of others. In this way she is “Mia the Ordinary” and not “Mia the Superstar”.

    But then you make it all about Mia and becomes “Mia, superstar and goddess of help to her fellow islanders”.

    Don’t just oppose, think as well. Find issues, real issues.


  • @ David

    Angela Cox’s sole mission on BU is to criticize Mia Mottley. Whatever Mottley does draws criticisms from Coxy.

    It has become tired, worn out and very boring.


  • Not only her, we have others. Nothing wrong with criticism of if it is constructive.


  • Disgusting Lies & Propaganda TV

    @DavidBU that is the problem…Angela Crocs aka Maripoorer aka The Treacherous Clown is just using BU to vent CRAP and not “constructive criticism”


  • I am so glad the Moses was not named Mottley otherwise A C would have blamed him for crossing the dessert at the hottest time of the year, not having a plan for feeding the Israelites, falsifying the nutritious value of manna, not calling ahead to arrange for sea transportation, endangering lives in crossing between waves without erecting a sea wall and acquiring tablets without FDA certification.


  • @ David

    But, David, most times Coxy’s criticisms are not constructive or based on fact. They are usually based on the comments of others contributions, to which she adds generalised statements, metaphors and what she believes the topic is about. And, it’s clear she does not THINK. Perhaps it’s the result of ‘learning by rote.’

    You could only imagine the psychological state of mind of someone who, if they couldn’t find anything about Mottley to criticize, they would sink so low as to ‘say’ her red spectacles’ frame is a ‘symbolism of selfish motives.’ Then some idiot would attempt to convince the forum that Coxy is ‘spot on, correct or intelligent.’

    Reminds me of another ‘BU regular’ who’s also obsessed with Mottley that, whenever he can’t find anything about her to criticize, he cleverly ‘sneaks’ in his childish mantra of ‘eyes staring, hands flaring and fist pumping.’

    As I mentioned previously, it has become tired, worn out and boring.


  • On a related matter the blogmaster listened to a regular caller yesterday to the callin program who goes by the name of Alvin, he said something to the fact if Jesus were to lead the BLO he would never support that party. In his comment we should understand why change is difficult in our system of governance.


  • axApril 9, 2021 10:25 AM

    @ David

    Angela Cox’s sole mission on BU is to criticize Mia Mottley. Whatever Mottley does draws criticisms from Coxy.

    It has become tired, worn out and very boring

    Maybe you like boredom cause u read every word

    The defacto PM with her gapped tooth smile can fool all uh wanna but can’t fool me
    Her actions speak louder than words

    Mia took advantage of pensioners life savings
    Blow up the NIS building costing millions
    Bought 3 electric bases all running on empty
    Dug holes on people pockets after saying that taxing people to death can’t save the economy
    Invite men of illrepute to Parliament
    And the mostly black spent tone behind bars for breaking COVID protocols
    Recently tossed a political dry bone called a wage increase in the mix for good measure


  • Psyops on the internet is all about mindless dumbed down soundbites to drown out and kill any sensible debate

    but the Angela Cocks seems to have mental health issues and slagging off Mia as a daily operation gets her Rocks off


  • Yeah. Guess I’m a sucker for punishment. But. it’s all worth the while when “every word I read” is shown as nonsense or lies.

    For example, I read every word of your “angela cox April 9, 2021 1:16 PM” contribution, especially, “And the mostly black spent tone behind bars for breaking COVID protocols,” and therein was MORE nonsense and lies.

    You’re essentially suggesting it was Mottley who wrote the COVID-19 protocols with the specific intention of targeting and instructing Magistrates to lock up Black people.

    The persons you referred to who breached the COVID-19 protocols, were arrested, charged and brought before the Court by the police, NOT Mia Mottley.

    “The mostly Black” who, according to you, “spent time behind bars for breaking the COVID protocols, received their sentences by a Magistrate in the laws Courts……..and NOT by Mia Mottley in Illaro Court.


  • DavidApril 9, 2021 12:28 PM…In his comment we should understand why change is difficult in our system of governance.

    That is only one aspect of it David. One major underlying reason is the excess reliance on political benefactors, in survival. How much money is spent on every election?

    How can one expect principle based governance, when elections for that governance are not based on fair principles. This is NOT a dig at the current ruling party, but a point on the long time status of elections.

    That is precisely why, my suggestion of giving all youngsters a leg up, well within the capability of any prior or current government, would be beneficial, because it would ease the reliance on political benefactors, by pushing people to financial independence.

    No, it would not remove reliance, but it would ease it. What opportunities exist??? If you get a masters in international law or economics you can work for the Central Bank, World Bank or IMF, or a PHD in biological science, you can work for the local labs or an international pharmaceutical company? How many people really achieve that?

    When only a fraction of school leavers actually attain eight CXC’s at grades one or two, that are required for further education, how can we say that we are providing for the youth and future generations?

    The education system is failing the majority, the system is failing the majority. Things need a change and land allocation is a start. The next thing is amending the education system to encourage far more people to succeed with a real world qualification and real world skill.

    People complain about youth selling drugs, well then opportunities need to be created. Again, land allocation and more training is one route.

    If measures are not put in place now, the problems will accumulate more. Then what?

    My suggestion may sound radical at first glance, but I assure you that it is very rational and far from what radical really is.

    The problem with many advisors is that they skated there on knowing the system, but when imagination and solutions are required, they are lacking. I have seen this in business too. Executives who are great at optics and corporate politics, but are actually unimaginative and unimpressive.


  • As I said before, Lawson, she is hot by white people standards, not by mine. Furthermore, if Trump came within ten feet of me I would throw up. She has a strong stomach. Money is obviously what matters to her. She, Donald and her son all have my pity.

    What they lack I have in abundance!


  • Some body says ac got mental health issues be ac criticize Mottley
    Boh has ha u h must be drinking too much kool-aid
    Yuh soon see who mental when all yuh rights become null and void by a stroke of the pen the PM will be holding


  • If you do not have anything constructive to add to the discussion why not go and watch CNN?


  • Now look at how the speckled fowl flys of the fence only when I defend myself
    In any case the political volcano that is about to erupt in Barbados gonna be worst than than natures fury in St. Vincent
    Presently the commissioner of police mouth is on lockdown too afraid to speak
    Yeah David I heard that on CNN


  • Donna we agree Melania does not have a large ass.


  • Do not forget to wear your mask over there.


    National Emergency Management Organization. Government of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines


  • Bajans told: Brace for ash
    Look out out for falling ash.
    That was the warning sent to Barbadians late yesterday evening from the Met Office after three eruptions of the La Soufriere volcano in St Vincent and the Grenadines.
    The first occurred around 8:41 a.m. sending ash up to an estimated 29 000 feet in the air, with the second occurring around 2:25 p.m. pushing ash even higher.
    A third began around 6:35 p.m. and lightning could be seen in the ash column due to its highly charged nature. Continuous tremors were being recorded since 3 p.m.
    It was the first time since 1979 that the volcano had erupted.
    Chief Medical Officer Dr Kenneth George, speaking at a press conference earlier in the day, warned Barbadians, particularly those with respiratory ailments, to be on guard.
    “A lot of the issues surround respiratory issues, usually allergies, so persons who have asthma and persons who have chronic lung disease need to be aware of the situation and need to take protective actions,” he said.
    Farmers and pet owners have also been urged to take stock of their animals as volcanic ash could be toxic if ingested. The side effects could include ulcerations and irritation of the eyes, nose, ears and mouth.
    Meanwhile, St Vincent’s Minister of Tourism Carlos James painted a bleak picture for his island. He told the Saturday Sun the explosions not only hampered visibility for air and sea vessels, but could set back the ailing tourism industry by days, weeks or even months after they were trying to pick up the pieces from the COVID-19 fallout.
    “We have been set back significantly. Rather than focusing on reopening the tourism sector, we must now concentrate on stabilising persons in shelters and getting them the necessary resources. Unlike other disasters, we can’t tell how long this is all going to take; we can’t say if it’s next week or next month because right now the volcanic activity is very hard to predict,” he said.
    James added that the most current needs were non-perishable items and cots for those evacuated and staying in shelters.
    The Barbados Meteorological Services warned there would likely be ash falling across the island from evening throughout the night.
    Some implications
    While it reported just a light plume of ash had blown across the island from the morning explosion, a later announcement after the second eruption said more ash was making its way to Barbados, with “current trajectories of the ash plume and recent satellite imagery indicating that ash fall was likely across Barbados”.
    Minister of Home Affairs Wilfred Abrahams, also speaking at the news conference hours after the first eruption, urged Barbadians not to panic.
    “The disaster is going to have some implications for Barbados and we have been inundated with questions from the public that require answers so that people’s minds can be put at ease, and so that people can take the necessary steps to properly secure their animals and have questions answered,” he said.
    He advised Barbadians to monitor “official reliable channels” for credible and up-to-date information.
    Asked about preparations to accommodate evacuated Vincentians, Abrahams said “the plan is evolving as the need arises”. He added that while there had not been any “formal request to house persons in Barbados as yet, we can’t wait until then to put measures in place [so] the necessary protocols are being worked on now”.
    Lead scientist with the volcano monitoring team, geologist Professor Richard Robertson of the University of the West Indies Seismic Research Centre, urged Vincentians to protect themselves from inhaling the volcanic dust. His succinct advice to people in vulnerable areas was: “If you like living in ash, you could stay in those areas . . . . If you like living, move from those areas.”
    Speaking in a radio broadcast, he said the ash would go out to sea and possibly reach as far as Barbados. He added there would be continuous pulsing of ash, gas and steam from the volcano as new pressure built up, and this would cause eruptions to continue.
    He said the second eruption saw emissions that reached as high as 51 000 feet into the air.
    A noticeably tired Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves echoed that appeal in an address to the nation, telling his countrymen: “Please leave if you are still there, for your life and for your health.”
    Gonsalves also encouraged Vincentians in shelters as well as those being evacuated to get vaccinated against the coronavirus, since this would be required by countries and the cruise ships which had offered to evacuate them.
    Both regional and international airlines cancelled flights into and out of the island yesterday.

    Source: Nation


  • Mount Soufriere which lies within the best group of islands anywhere on earth sends off another warning to us all.

    All this as a vast number of other eruptions, across all environments, are happening all over the body of The Great Mother

    Pachamama has unprecedented political eruptions going off in Ireland, Wales, the USA as empire enters nadir and as She welcomes Her new astronomical alignment, more fully

    Still, instead of looking to the majesty of all these events The Great Mother will no doubt have to witness homage being paid to the German, one Philip The Barbarian, who was a stalwart supporter of Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich, maybe until his demise, as was much of this unworthy family.


  • That’s shapely ass, Lawson! Not flat and folded inwards like the flaps on an envelope.

    Do not forget the lips that disappear into the piehole, the elephant ears, beaky nose and owl patches around the eyes that are a feature of your kind.

    Don’t blame me for telling you as I SEE it! You did admit that most of you aren’t so good looking. It explains why you are so excited when one of you looks half-decent like Melania!

    If she has not yet had it, there’s probably a face lift already scheduled for some time down the road. The expiration date on her skin cannot be far off! Shouldn’t be as expensive as the dental work she must have had.

    (Had a British dentist once who said your teeth were crap. Had a British Physics teacher who said your skin was crap. Had a British cosmetologist for my friend’s wedding who said we don’t need makeup, only a dash of powder and lip gloss. Some of you are honest.)


  • lawsonApril 9, 2021 6:21 PMDonna we agree Melania does not have a large ass.

    She does. He usually stands right next to her. Or at least within the distance that she can bear. Money can buy some semblance of love, but it is somewhat superficial.


  • @Hants

    Barbados is currently being assaulted by the effect of the volcano plume creating haze like conditions and light ash falling on the island.

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  • “She does. He usually stands right next to her. Or at least within the distance that she can bear.”

    Not bad at all. Very good.


  • I dont know Donna it seems a lot of your boys chase the white stuff, just look at most of your sports stars and actors . I hate to think you have a little jealousy thing going on. Now I know you had a poster of Elmo Lincoln with his long hair a muscles rippling on your wall when you were a young girl so dont get all uppity with the race crap.


  • cruseo keep up
    D What they lack I have in abundance

    we agree melania has small ass


  • David

    In the late 70s lots of ash fell on Bim. When the Lady erupted.


  • @Pacha

    79 to be exact. This is shaping up to be a dossie, nothing to compare to what Vincy people are currently experiencing.


  • DavidApril 10, 2021 10:40 AM

    What if St.V goes the way of Montserrat and becomes uninhabitable? This could be tragic.


  • @Crusoe

    Pachama’s call. We would have to deal with it.


  • @ David,

    the whole island covered by a light haze. Bajans should stay indoors.


  • @ Crusoe April 10, 2021 10:46 AM
    “What if St. V goes the way of Montserrat and becomes uninhabitable? This could be tragic.”

    We should look on the ‘bright’ side of how Mother Nature works!

    It could also bring a readymade’ solution to Barbados’s pending demographic problem.

    Don’t the Bajan policymakers always complain about the small island’s pending demographic time bomb on their ‘incapable’ hands?

    Why not invite many of those potentially permanently displaced St. Vincent residents to come to Barbados to reside, permanently, as many of their compatriots have done over the years to ‘help out’ their brothers and sisters in their ‘neighbourly’ coral island since the pre-Columbus and Portugese arrival days?


  • @Hants

    So far it is not as bad as 79 from reports.

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  • Focus is in La Soufriere as it rightly should be but there is definite increased activity on other volcanoes in the southern Caribbean including Kick ‘Em Jenny and the deadly one Mt Pelee in Martinique. Prayers for the region and hope our governments are developing contigency plans. This s#$t is no joke as the La Soufriere eruption is showing us. St Vincent now set back by 10 years at least


  • Poor Lawson persists in thinking that I am fat no matter how many times I correct him.

    That’s all he got!


  • Hello, hello
    Any religious nuts out there?
    What does this volcano thing tells you?
    Are these the last days?
    Is the dust falling on Barbados a warning to change our ways?
    Is St Vincent being punished for sins?
    Do you remember hurricane Katrina?
    How it was a warning to sinful America?

    Hello, hello
    Are you out there
    Should I take it to the Lord in prayer
    I want back the religious kook
    So he can point to pages in his book
    And confuse me with his explanation
    Of how God acts in an election
    choosing a man of hate an venom
    To bring his plans into fruition.

    Hello, hello

    Are you out there

    Forgive me, I fear the brain is shutting down.


  • Theo, yuh killing muh doh. hahaha.


  • With so much.ash raining over Barbados along with hazardous weather conditions
    Why hasn’t govt issued an emergency order for business to close allowing employees to go home early before conditions further deteriorate
    Furthermore that volcanic activity contains deadly toxins which can severely affect peoples health later in life


  • This volcano like it hit TheO’s funny bone!


  • I inside de house. De dust inside wid me.

    Makes little difference where you are.


  • TheOGazertsApril 10, 2021 1:08 PM

    Theo, you pun a roll man. Do ya ting.


  • DonnaApril 10, 2021 12:48 PM Poor Lawson persists in thinking that I am fat no matter how many times I correct him.

    Donna, please allow the man his dreams. He done fuhget Melania’s posterior. He cannot stop thinking of yours, it seems. On that note, here is a dedication, that I put from Lawson to you. Seeing as he is too shy to put it himself.


  • @ Wily Coyote January 30, 2021 12:13 PM

    I commend your patriotic attitude. Only our Supreme Leader is able to enlighten us about the caprices of the volcano god Hephaestus, as she is part of the divine order and revelation as High Priestess of our national Goddess Bim.

    Perhaps a human sacrifice could also help. According to what I have heard, our Supreme Leader is currently preparing this sacrifice on the legal butcher’s block in New York.


  • angela cox April 10, 2021 2:29 PM #: “With so much.ash raining over Barbados along with hazardous weather conditions. Why hasn’t govt issued an emergency order for business to close allowing employees to go home early before conditions further deteriorate. Furthermore that volcanic activity contains deadly toxins which can severely affect peoples health later in life.”

    Sheesh!! You definitely need ‘stop telling lies’ and get a life.


  • Artax
    What lie did I tell
    Isn’t the ash composed of toxins
    2 did govt excute an emergency order of any kind

    Sheesh why must u always be holding umbrellas over govt head


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