La Soufrière Volcano an open Doorway to Hell

Submitted by Nathan Jolly Green, May 02, 2021

This morning I was sitting in the sunshine watching the crystal blue sea peacefully lapping the white sand under a clear blue sky. Several thousand miles from the tragic Soufrière eruption.

I was thinking about my dear Vincentian friends and how they are suffering. Not just suffering from the eruption, but what they have suffered for the last 21 years, 21 years of sheer political hell. I remembered something a very dear, now deceased friend said to me in 2008, “a man who was thought to be an adorable saviour has turned out to be a representative of Satan.”

My old friend had also asked me, “how much evil must SVG absorb before total annihilation?” This dear lady was a devout Christian and judged all aspects of life against her faith and the actions of others around her concerning right and wrong. She was worried about the wrath of God inflicting punishment on not just the evil politicians but on those who recognised the evil and supported it. Those that took bribes to elect and re-elect a representative of Satan.

The mind is an amazing thing, and mine this morning was doing overtime in calculating the past and matching it to this dear ladies’ beliefs.

So, has God opened the door to hell and allowed us to look into the fire raging in Satan’s home? Is that what the raging volcano is about? Are we experiencing God’s wrath?

Telling numerous lies, making false statements and bearing false witness, rape, sexual molestation, sexual harassment, dirty masturbatory phone calls, ruining people lives, wrecking the lives and employment of whole families, taking part in Marxist Communist revolutions, interfering in the politics of other countries, changing laws to make guilty persons innocent, conveyor of spite and hatred, people’s homes and business raided by political police, people called nasty names, people called names to damage their reputations, nasty dirty hand gestures, purposely wrecking the agricultural sector, ignoring the constitution, crimes against humanity, assassination, causing illegal search warrants to be issued, nepotism, destruction of peoples business’s for political reasons, frightening people into running from the island, bribery, controlling the judiciary , controlling the church leaders, fraud, vote-rigging, creating a political dynasty, declaring the self-worship of Obeah, by invoking Gods wrath bringing epidemics of febrile illness’s due to dengue, chikungunya, and Zika viruses. Bringing crop diseases Black Sigatoka, planting a plague of willful ignorance among the Vincentian people, hiding the extent of how poor and distressed the Vincentian people are, taking the Lord our Gods name in vain, causing God to bring his wrath on the people of Saint Vincent.

Things can get worse, perhaps more so for him than the people.

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  1. Soil nutrients from St Vincent
    THE DAILY NATION of April 15 must be commended for highlighting a letter from the erudite professor, Sir Henry Fraser, on Page 9 where he brought attention to the valuable plant nutrients falling from the skies over Barbados following the eruption of the La Soufriere volcano in St Vincent on April 9. Subsequently, there were comments that the volcanic ash was likely to damage crops.
    Yes, this could indeed occur in the case of excessive amounts overwhelming plants, in much the same way that unpleasant results could have resulted had our parents overdosed us with Sunday morning portions of castor oil in our formative years or if, in later years, we overdose ourselves with readily available pain killers on pharmacy shelves.
    Individual plant species thrive on their own specific soil diets and liquid requirements, and need adequate radiation in the form of visible rays (usually but not necessarily direct from the sun).
    In the past few days the beneficial effects of the magmatic particles from the eruption have been observed on plant life in Barbados. There has been an eruption of chlorophyll in mangoes, avocadoes, other fruit, vegetables and ground provisions. This will most likely become more evident with the advent of the rainy season.
    The National Housing Corporation has fortunately recognised the value of the volcanic ash and taken the initiative to store this material, which would otherwise have been regarded as a nuisance and discarded.
    Forty-two years have passed since our limestone-based soil stood to be enriched with this bounty from St Vincent – transportation provided freely by upper level air currents.
    Need we be reminded that Barbadian ingenuity produced the first Internet search engine; a Barbadian woman excelled in the highly competitive field of entertainment; a Barbadian researcher led the world’s scientific community in the production of sugar cane varieties; mechanical cane harvesters were conceived in Barbados; our Barbadian aloe, the most potent variety of such plant species, has
    been transformed by foreign interests into a multibilliondollar industry from which we receive no benefits.
    In the face of our vulnerable and fickle tourist industry, it is vital that Barbadians explore all avenues for rebuilding this economy.
    Our people must not always look towards Europe and North America for innovation. We can and must develop our own research labs secured by appropriate legislative protection. We must pursue continued research on the Sargassum seaweed and now the volcanic ash and look upon these as opportunities and not simply ignore them as useless just because they were free of cost.
    Blessed with strong winds, abundant sunshine and the raw materials for photovoltaic cells we can provide opportunities for our youth by making quality training available at the technical and tertiary levels.
    In this regard it would be desirable for the appropriate unit of Government to add a new designation to all qualifying electricians, which would distinguish them as competent to install photovoltaic systems.

    Source: Nation

  2. Good morning madam, but the dear old Christian lady that the question regarding Suffering ought to have known that Suffering is part and parcel of the Christian walk of Faith. Suffering is meant to strengthen our Faith in God, and to question it is to question God’s purpose in our lives because the Apostle Paul said that whatever suffering he endures in his walk of Faith, he counted it all joy or he has learnt how to be contented because it only served to strengthen his Faith in God.

  3. What you have described above regarding the immorality and Sin of this world, is what the Holy Bible calls the Works of the Flesh, but when we turn to God, He rewards us with the Fruits of the Spirit which are Love, peace, self-control etc.

  4. A nonsense post, not the Ralphie part but the God part.

    I don’t know anything about Ralphie except that he did appear likeable in his UWI days in Barbados.

    Vincentians are no worse than any other people. Calamity visits us all at some point.

    The new mantra from the USA seems to be resonating worldwide,

    “Build back better!”

    Arise like a phoenix from the ashes!

    The Lord God and Mother Nature have provided the building material.

  5. What keep us going as a human species is Hope and Vision …. Without Hope and Vision our human existence would crumble, so in that respect, we have to Hope for the best, but expect the worse.

  6. It seems as though the author is promoting or engaging in an agenda of Defeatism and Pessimism, but has fallen short or has not considered the resiliency of the Human Spirit.

  7. Donna May 3, 2021 8:48 AM #: “A nonsense post, not the Ralphie part but the God part.”

    @ Donna

    Sure you don’t mean “another nonsense post?”

    It seems as though Green would blame ‘Comrade Ralph’ for anything that can possibly go wrong’ in St. Vincent.

    Perhaps he also wants to convince us Ralphie provoked God’s anger to the extent there isn’t anyone on the island that could intercede for Vincentians.

  8. St. Vincent is a volcanic island meaning that is how the land mass was created. In the olden days people used to believe the God(s) were angry and used to sacrifice innocent souls like babies children and virgins to appease them in their holy rituals, but is not recommended when you consider the science of volcanoes

    Volcano Hi-Power Sound System Live & Direct In Skateland Jamaica 1984 part 1

  9. Artax,

    I cannot swear for Ralphie. Maybe he is horrible. I don’t know. Maybe he deserves fire and brimstone. I don’t know.

    But I do know that the people of St. Vincent are not so evil that they should be singled out by God.

    Mother Nature has a marvellous regenerative system and all we need to do is to figure out how to work with her rather than fight a losing battle.

    Perhaps Ralphie was as nice as he seemed all those years ago but has been corrupted by power. There is a good reason for term limits. It is also quite believable that he is attempting to create a dynasty.

    If Ralphie has gone bad then the writer of this piece needs to state facts rationally and keep away from crazy “rhetoric”. Most young people don”t believe in that concept of God anymore. And he will need the young people to remove Ralphie and thwart his dynasty ambitions.

    But lookah how politicians fighting over little rocks in the middle uh de ocean!

    Pathetic! They need to get a grip! If you are going on a power trip you need a much bigger power source. Little rocks don’t count on the world stage.

  10. Every week the same anti-Gonsalves nonsense. Wheel and come with something more refreshing.

  11. There is absolutely no reference to a person in what I wrote, how do you all come to conclusion to whom it refers?

  12. What a long list more than a mile long attached to Gonvsalves name
    Mind boggling and easy to convince
    As to God’s earth
    There was an example in the book of Exodus
    Need I say more
    With such a long list of damming allegations
    Even the Devil would be mad
    Mad in everyense of the word that describes evil

  13. You really want to go there? Now you are damaging whatever credibility you had. A few supporters just disembarked your train.

    You are not going to beat Ralphie with stupid games like that.

  14. Yeap Ralphie credibility has been shot long time ago
    It is only those who rather tailgate on Ralphie coat tails sees nothing wrong
    The word of God is powerful
    Warning all those who hates his people or does wrong to his people

  15. Well….you’ve got ac, mariposa, angela cox!

    Three in one and one in three!

    Not the type I would want on my team though but may be a good fit for you.

  16. You seem to believe people are fools.

    My friend, there is a specific, personalized, consistency that is clearly recognizable in the method you use to express yourself in your articles.

    I suggest you re-read:

    December 30, 2020: “Sinful Leaders, Sinful Followers.”

    January 4, 2021: “Saint Vincent Judas Style:”

    January 12, 2021: “La Soufrière – It’s Karma Komrade.”

    All the above articles contain the SAME RHETORIC as your May 3, 2021, but with specific references to Gonsalves.

  17. It was not the best piece of footwork that I have seen on BU.
    It was like ducking into an uppercut.
    Better to own it than to attempt to distance from it.

  18. Don’t be weary in well doing
    The Bible declares
    Those who have eyes to see will see
    Many are blinded to truth
    Truth unlike milk does not sour

  19. Power corrupts
    Absolutely Power corrupts absolutely
    Nothing surprises me about the long drawn out dictators who sees power in there eyes as doing good for the people
    Meanwhile the people suffer in silence
    Gonsalves is not a sweet bread
    Not at all surprise if the handy work of God sent him a harsh message

  20. Not many people like me around but if you can find one I’d be happy to meet her.

    That would be great fun!

  21. For your further education on the whole subject see this

    • La Soufriere alert lowered
      KINGSTOWN, St Vincent – The government has moved the alert at the La Soufriere volcano from Red, the highest, to Orange, the thirdhighest on the four-level scale.
      Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves said on the state-owned NBC Radio on Thursday that the Cabinet made the decision a day earlier.
      The alert level was raised to Red on April 8 when the evacuation order was given, about 15 hours before La Soufriere erupted explosively.
      A Red alert means that an eruption is in progress or may occur without further warning.
      An Orange alert means that there is a highly elevated level of seismicity or fumarolic activity or both or other highly unusual symptoms. At this level, eruptions could occur within less than 24 hours’ notice.
      The last explosion at the volcano was on April 22, and La Soufriere has remained quiet since then.

  22. I feel so sad and heart broken when I know the ULP is still running the country, while most of the country voted against them they have more seats than before. If you say anything you are anti GULP. Three quarters of the working population earns less than five hundred dollars a month, most of the population lives under the poverty line. People don’t even know that they speak Patois and not English. And then those who have half of an education don’t know what to say in defense of the suffering poor.

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