COVID 19 Update – 25.01.2021

The COVID 19 pandemic continues to be a challenge for many countries across the globe including Barbados. To shutdown or not is the question being asked by Barbadians. This evening’s briefing by the government will provide the answer.

Latest numbers presented by BU’s Lyall Small posted to COVID 19 Update page

Community spread has now been officially declared in Barbados and the testing backlog has been fixed. Attached are current charts up to 22nd Jan. We should now get a clearer picture of the dynamics of the virus in Barbados and the other 4 Caribbean countries we have been tracking. Panic now seems to be the general reaction here so far but I think that is unwarranted. I think that in about 3 weeks we should have a clearer picture of how the outbreak will likely progress here. In the meantime be very careful Lyall Small


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  • Jamaica widens vaccine net
    KINGSTON – The Jamaica government has started discussions with China, Cuba and India regarding obtaining COVID-19 vaccines for Jamaicans when they become available, Minister of Health and Wellness Dr Christopher Tufton has disclosed.
    He said on Monday that those countries were well advanced in the research and clinical trials of their vaccines and the government was interested in securing some. Earlier this month, Tufton announced that the administration was exploring access to safe vaccines outside of the World Health Organisation (WHO) COVID-19 Vaccine Global Access (COVAX) Facility. He said then that Jamaica would enter bilateral meetings with the three nations to ascertain their level of support and to determine the best arrangement for acquisition and distribution of safe vaccines to the population.
    “Further to the announcement that cabinet had given approval for the ministry to source safe vaccines from other facilities outside of the COVAX Facility, I am pleased to announce that meetings have been held with the ambassadors of China, Cuba and India,” he said Monday.
    “During these meetings we have expressed Jamaica’s interest in obtaining vaccines from these countries, once they become available and are safe for our population.
    “Our No. 1 priority remains the safety of our people, and the government, through the Ministry of Health and Wellness, will continue to seek out all avenues to ensure the best health outcome for every citizen,” he added.
    The deployment of COVID-19 vaccines in the Caribbean and the Americas under the COVAX is anticipated to get underway at the end of March.
    Two billion vaccine doses have been secured from Pfizer Inc. under COVAX for distribution globally in 2021, with another 1.3 billion programmed for 2022.

    Source: Nation


  • The blogmaster will REPOST this link.

    I am urgently soliciting the assistance of your Government to have access to 200,000 doses (for 100,000 citizens) of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine being manufactured in your country. We would appreciate your kind consideration of half of the supply and, if necessary, we would be willing to purchase the other 100,000 doses should it meet your favorable consideration,” PM Mottley wrote in her letter adding that the situation in her country has been exceptionally challenging as it has been affected by two waves of the virus.


  • David et al,

    It is looking like the friendly hand of Cuba may be our assistance again. Unlike those with strings, they do it as friends.

    MIA was more than right to rebut any attempts to have Barbados reject Cuban medical assistance. Can you imagine the cheek of that request?

    But if Cuba develops a vaccine, you can be sure that it works and safely. Their medical prowess has been known from long time. And without the arm bending, without the begging.

    Which is why Caricom needs to accept Cuba for whom she is and welcome her assistance and indeed, render her assistance, where it can.

    Barbados can pay for the Cuban vaccine, just as it will have to pay for any other. But at least you are paying a true friend and not some drooling profiteer.


  • India has two vaccines for inoculation: Covishield, made locally under licensed from Oxford/AstraZeneca, and Covaxin, a local product made by Bharat Biotech, a major generical drugs manufacturer.
    But even leading Indian scientists has questioned the Indian Government’s decision to use Covaxin, even if only in a “clinical trial mode”, without any details about efficacy. Many doctors and nurses have refused to take the vaccine.
    We have had television programmes with doctors and nurses explaining why they will not take Covaxin. Many people have asked the prime minister to take the vaccine in public; so far he has refused. Modi’s excuse is that he is awaiting his turn.
    There have been a number of programmes on BBC TV about the subject. Plato’s Allegory again.


  • @Crusoe

    Barbados has been a faithful supporter of Cuba through the years. Given the politics of big pharma in the traditional development world we must keep our options open.


  • The point dear man is that the extract from prime ministers letter is that it is specific to type of vaccine being sought.


  • Bush Tea January 27, 2021 7:00 PM
    “LOL @ Pacha.. January 27, 2021 4:16 PM
    This Covid bad as shiite yuh.
    That about sums it up boss…..

    Unfortunately it is only the beginning…. Remember Bushie’s advice that our donkeys were destined for the grass…?
    ….well the REAL thorns are yet ahead of us…”

    Is that the real Bush Tea, the BU Nostradamus of yore or just a copycat cyber hologram engaging in a séance to foretell the fate of Lady Bim?

    So you have consulted your tea leaves and found out that the old sage of a seer called “Bushman” has proven himself to be right on the money when he foretold that the Bajan overdependence on tourism is nothing more than a game of ‘glorified’ Prostitution at the national level now that the Bush Hill-type nudist camp is under long-term quarantine?

    What can Barbados do now other than (mis)behave like an old street whore wearing too much red lipstick to attract any virus-infected Tom Dick(ey) or even any unemployed Hariette from the “low” islands trying to replace the ole Bajan gal who clearly has had her halcyon days in the sweet life of the tourism sun?

    Dear Bushie, please stick around for a while and grace us with your sagacity.

    PS: Heard through the Nostradamus grapevine that ʹ 21 is going to be even ‘tougher’ than ʹ 20 according to the harbinger of a coming comet called Leonardo.


  • Covishield became the first Covid-19 vaccine to be recommended for approval in India Friday. It is pharmaceutical company Serum Institute of India’s version of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine that was approved by the UK government Wednesday.

    New Delhi has followed suit. On Saturday, the Union Ministry of Health said the vaccine has been recommended for restricted emergency us….(Quote)

    The Covishield vaccine trial in India became mired in a controversy last month after a 40-year-old volunteer allegedly suffered serious neurological impairment.

    The trial participant sent a legal notice to SII and warned the company of legal action if it didn’t stop the vaccine’s trial immediately and suspend all plans for its “manufacture and distribution”. Earlier this month, it was reported that the volunteer had decided to move court against SII. ….(Quote)


  • About two weeks ago Mia and other ministers stated they got the jab
    Since then PM has not given any further disclosure as to how and where she got the shot
    Minister Bostic promised barbadians that he would publicly allow himself to be seen getting the second shot
    Well the time period has gone by for the second shot to PM and ministers and not a word has been said
    Most already believe PM earlier utterances was fake news
    Could it be true


  • Hal is trolling BU and is such a waste of space it is not even worth bothering with him and his prejudice and ignorance, but to stereotype blacks like he does with indians, blacks come bottom in maths, logic and reasoning compared to asians.
    He doesn’t understand that when people take stats and divide population by colour where blacks are minorities and whites are much bigger majorities then results will skewer that blacks have higher occurrences of whatever such as crime, gun killings, abortions, single parents, covid deaths, refusal for vaccines etc when colour is not a determining factor in much of anything except racial bias.


  • PFIZER’S Covid vaccine is not as effective against the South African variant – but still works, a study suggests.
    The firm said the “small differences” detected in tests on the South African and UK variants are “unlikely” to render the jabs useless.
    Research showed the vaccine showed a less than two-fold reduction in the production of antibodies.
    Antibodies are immune cells that fight the virus and are produced by the body after vaccination or infection.
    This suggests the vaccine – shown to be 95 per cent effective in clinical trials – would only lose a small amount of effectiveness, and would successfully be able to neutralise the virus.
    But Pfizer’s work is only preliminary, published on a server site without review by other scientists.
    The study was conducted on blood taken from people who had received the vaccine.
    Pfizer tested the blood against some mutations found on the virus, and not the virus itself.
    They looked at three mutations – N501Y (in both the UK and South African variant), 69/70 deletion (UK) and E484K (South African).
    The most worrisome mutation is E484K because it is known to escape antibodies.
    This is the first signal from Pfizer that their vaccine does have some protectiveness against E484K, which is also in the new Brazilian variants.
    But all coronavirus strains have dozens of mutations, and so the findings from Pfizer are limited at this stage.
    The scientists are currently engineering a virus with the full set of South African mutations and expect to have results from that in around two weeks, according to Pei-Yong Shi, an author of the study.
    Pfizer has already said its Covid vaccine is likely to protect against the UK strain.
    So far results do not indicate that another jab will be needed to protect against new variants, the firm said.
    The results are more encouraging than another non-peer-reviewed study from scientists at Columbia University, published yesterday.
    It showed antibodies generated by the jabs were significantly less effective against the South Africa variant using a different study method.
    It comes after Moderna said its vaccine – which won’t be available in the UK until spring – will be less potent against the South African variant.
    The company found the jab, using the same technology as that made by Pfizer, produced six times fewer antibodies against the strain.
    However, the vaccine produced a high enough level of antibodies to kill the strain, Moderna claimed.
    The firm is now making another jab (mRNA-1273.351) against the variant which could be used if needed as a booster one year after people received the original vaccine.
    The South African coronavirus strain, which is more easily spread and potentially more deadly, is causing more concern than the one that first emerged in the UK.
    Studies so far suggest vaccines will work against the UK variant, which is also transmissible and deadly.
    The UK variant has made controlling the virus outbreak harder, and the Government is in a race to vaccinate as many as possible to drive down hospitalisations and deaths.
    So far 7.16 million people in the UK have received their first jab from either Pfizer or AstraZeneca.
    The next coronavirus-style pandemic ‘is around the corner’, scientists warn
    It means the UK is more than halfway towards its target of inoculating almost 14 million of the most vulnerable Brits by February 15.
    Yesterday Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the “vaccine rollout has to continue to be successful, as it currently is” in order for lockdown to be lifted in the future, starting with schools opening on March 8, at the earliest.
    “And we need to make sure the infection rate is in the right place and we’re continuing as a country to work together to drive it down by the means we’re currently using”, the PM told the Downing Street briefing.
    “We’re going to keep it all under constant review, particularly on February 15 when we will know whether we’ve hit our target of getting those most vulnerable groups vaccinated.”…(Quote)


  • Shop owners cry out

    Not everyone is happy about the upcoming of closure of village shops.

    In fact some people believe that Government is helping crush small shops, while simultaneously propping up big businesses during the “national pause”.

    On Tuesday, Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley announced that from February 3 to 17, village shops will be among the many businesses to close. During that period, supermarkets can operate from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. on weekdays but they will be closed on weekends.

    In response to the new measures which were imposed to limit the spread of COVID-19, some rum and village shop owners like Patsy Gooding of Patsy’s Crib said they should also be allowed to open for at least a minimum period.


  • @ John A
    You asked me: Also how many shops you think have a sanitizer at the door ?
    “The shopkeepers, who were all wearing masks and provided hand sanitisers before their interviews, insisted that they have been following the protocols – asking customers to wear their masks, sanitize and even have their temperatures taken.

    They said most customers complied but the few who refused were denied service.

    “Sometimes you might find one or two – but we always encourage them to wear their masks,” Jones said while Licorish whose shop’s sign says “place your mask on your face” noted that she ensures that “everything is in place to keep people safe in the community”. (
    I did some basic research with residents in many areas where these shops are located and many responded that there was some effort to follow the protocols. This bears out what I read this morning.
    Why were we not so vigilant when thepresent PM , the deceased former PM , and several minsiters and high flyers , were pictured in the papers, without masks, drinking and socialising, not following social distancing and breaking all protocols, at the opening of a Mark Maloney’s bar in St. Lawrence gap ?
    But somebody passed and see a few fellows drinking outside a small establishment , and all hell brek loose.
    Two Barbadoes !


  • We have people saying leave the small shops open, some are saying why close on Saturday, why close the banks, the government has created panic because Bajans despite assurances are crowding supermarkets. Where will it end?


  • In New Zealand, one of the safest countries in the world, two people have just caught CoVid while in quarantine.
    The big question is: quarantine versus closing the border. Discuss.


  • DofBU
    disclaimer: not sure of on the ground BBD lifestyle situations but..
    supermarkets are deemed essential services and are operating limited opening hours
    small shops are more scattered and can be used for chatting and socialising in communities
    banks tend to have long queues and slow service and people can start use electronic services by cards etc
    if covid spreads then office workplaces will need to be shut down
    supermarkets should start home delivery services


  • David
    Hal Austin is an expert in opposing Mottley for opposing sake. Your post about the vaccine specifically said AstraZeneca/Oxford. The know it all responds with an epistle about Covaxin. Once you pointed out that Covaxin is not the vaccine requested, he references old news about the Oxford/AstraZeneca Covishield and being sued by a volunteer. It is a sign of dishonesty or sloppy research. Maybe he should enroll in a Google search course


  • @ David
    Just count the number of press conferences in the last two weeks. You will then understand why the public is weary of the message.
    The first skill needed in effectively managing a conflict or crisis , is clear information and precise messaging.
    Regardless of how great the policy is or the product , wrong messaging and packaging can cause problems .
    And that seems to be the problem.


  • @William

    Yes quality communication is a must. The blogmaster is minded the government is trying to satisfy two masters, being crisp and transparent while avoiding national panic. It continues to be a difficult time for the globe as it wrestles with the pandemic.


  • A 2 week quarantine period is useful mainly for identifying who has been infected already and starts to show symptoms.
    After 2 weeks quarantine period when someone has no symptoms it’s a safe assumption that they do not have the virus.


  • You kissed somebody with a cold last night a where you get it from
    I would be a fool to take a kiss from you when I know what a kiss can do
    You might be someone who has the flu I thought you knew you would catch it too


  • “Boris could never string a sentence together, unless it was to show off his Latin.”

    oh i know he was less than articulate before, but he’s definitely impacted now, words are even more difficult for him to form and they come out all wrong…even his latin will be affected….would love to hear him speak french, the vulgar form of latin, that they claim is romantic.


  • “engaging in a séance to foretell the fate of Lady Bim?”

    i got the sense that Bushman left us a month or two ago.


  • Regarding shops and markets….if you listen to any HEALTH CARE EXPERT they all claim being outdoors is actually the “safest” place to be. Open air markets like cheapside or mighty grinner are 20x safer than standing in line to get into a Massey or Pricesmart and then walking around in an air conditioned environment and standing in massive lines.
    When it comes to my local vegetable vendor it is the same story. I drop down the hill, I ask for 5 tomatoes and 6 bananas. We are both outside and sitting behind her booth she is about 9 feet away from me. I spend a total of 1 minute with her. I interact with her and maybe one other person…..NOW you are going to make me go to Massey, Stand in Line to get in, walk through air conditiioned indoor store, go get my 2 items, go into another line to pay and meanwhile pass by and come in contact with 40-100 people.
    Village shop I go to buy my Nation Newspaper, I walk in, place my change on the counter say good day and walk out. Shop has open windows and two open doors. Again total time of interaction maybe 30 seconds……now to get paper will have to go through Massey situation yet again.

    End of story….this is an attack on the little guy and frankly an attack against all the science advice they love to spew at us now


  • DavidJanuary 28, 2021 7:41 AM

    Permit a straw man argument. If Barbados had a hurricane or earthquake, people would have to live with limits for months.

    All the government is asking for is two weeks of strict behaviour and adherence to protocols after that.

    What is so difficult? Barbadians have generally never taken that wild west approach of ‘I can do anything I want, I have first amendment’….

    I do understand those who need help, they are the only ones who should be complaining, because no pay for two weeks. But the people with money to queue up at the big supermarkets?

    Far from people panicking, I think that some really do not care, full stop. You see those crowds shopping, some with no masks? Are they utterly mad, or that element that says that Covid cyan kill?

    For this, we cannot just blame the government, it is general attitude. Not by all, but by some, more than few.

    Yet, if in two weeks there are one thousand in isolation, we will hear ‘but de Guvment’…


    Look, I hope an alien ship come, let them say, ‘de guvment cyan keep me inside’….

    The aliens will have plenty of specimens from Earth.


  • @ Ricardo January 28, 2021 10:02 AM

    Your argument is based on a good dose of ole plain Commonsense and backed by unbiased science not in the employ of Big Pharma.

    Just enforce the preventative-focused protocols and deal ‘forcibly’ with those who don’t adhere to them.


  • @crusoe everyone be blaming people….Lets get it straight, this is an aerosolized airborne respiratory virus, blaming a human being for catching a Cold Virus (which is Covid) or a Flu Virus or a Rhinovirus is like blaming a cheetah for eating the gazelle.
    For some reason in March of 2020, Politicians and scientists tried to tell their populations they can Stop a virus…well guess what that is impossible.
    And when it comes to behaving….people might have more respect for any health directives if they made sense and were based in reality.
    Masks do not work for respiratory viruses, they never worked, there is 90 years of studies and evidence, then come April/May in a time of panic and hubris the politicians start spewing this garbage to wear a cloth mask made from the same material in your underwear and this will stop you from catching a cold virus…really…are you kidding me. SO MASK DIRECTIVES ARE WRONG AND PEOPLE SEE THROUGH THIS….jeez now the health experts are spewing this junk about “double masking”…so for 7 months wear ya mask it protect me and you,now suddenly wear two mask….because why? oh because one mask not enough…next week wear three mask, then in April wear 4 and a condom.
    Cleaning surfaces incessantly is USELESS. Both the WHO and CDC have now said the chance of catching this virus or any virus from touching a table is literally zero.
    Social Distancing – again pure bollocks. Sars-Cov2 is an aerosolized airborne virus with particles 1-5 microns in size. Just as with the FLU virus or common cold virus these particles stay in the air and float around for 20-60 minutes. The 3 foot or 6 foot rule has been proved to be useless because of this. When you are inside Massey guess what, the Flu , cold,rhinovirus, adenovirus are all floating around in the air, they will be floating for hours and guess what, you will eventually get sick…its called Life
    Washing your hands – all this has done is actually lower the incidence of food poisoning and getting “vomitting disease” Your mother said wash your hands and she was right, but this idea of sanitizing and constantly cleaning, this does NOTHING against an airborne virus!
    Lcokdowns, well yes if you lock yourself in a room and dont interact with anyone for 3 weeks or 3 months you will not catch a cold, but you will probably die of loneliness or go crazy and guess what society and economy can’t function with everyone locked in a room.
    Notice also when you end lockdowns the “cases” go back up, guess why, you can’t eradicate a virus, it is always around.

    Although probably 65% of population have been brainwashed to believe the above protocols, the people with common sense see that it is junk science. NOBODY can stop a virus.
    The great influenza in 1918 took about 3 months to go through the population of the world in two separate waves. then it was gone because we had community immunity. Not to mention it mutated to be less viral.
    Sars-Cov2 would have been the same if the lockdowns had not occurred. All it has done is kick the can down the road of getting to the point of “community immunity”

    People do not listen to wrong and silly advice or notices. You can try to scare and brainwash but people deep down know the truth.

    Covid is a health issue, we have 115 Cubans and 80 beds in Harrisons Point. We have other health facilities here. You manage the health issue.
    Guess what the mass unemployment and 18% drop in GDP and now a 2.7 billion dollar foreign reserve deficit (all borrowed funds remember) is going to cause more health problems and death that sars-cov2 virus ever will.


  • Upgrading and preparing for shift in frequency


  • @Crusoe

    When we had Hurricane Janet, on September 22, 1955, the island was devastated. We survived and progressed. A crisis is a crisis. The next crisis may not be a pandemic, it may be a flood. The key is precautionary planning, what we call what ifs?
    When you plan with your family’s security you put in place life insurance, critical health insurance, income protection,, mortgage payment protection insurance,, motor insurance, home and contents insurance and after a certain age retirement planning and funeral cover.
    The point is, you prepare for any eventuality.


  • I beg to differ with Ricardo on EVERYTHING but the recent decision to close small shops, minimarts and open air vendors.

    The intention was to slow the spread until a vaccine or better treatments were developed. Not to do so would have resulted in ALL health care systems to be overwhelmed and people being left to die outside of the healthcare facilities.

    And yes, a virus can be stopped. We stopped it for many months. And yes if we kept to ourselves for a few weeks it would be hard but we would not go mad in a few weeks, especially with technology keeping us in touch.

    How did we stop it? With the very same behaviours your know- it- all, know nothing ass have said do not work.

    They worked when the housekeeper caught it from her employer, took it home and spread it to her whole family who kept it to themselves, even two young people at Ellerslie School.

    So again, the idea is to reduce the probability of catching it or passing it on. That is what the protocols do. Without them we all would have caught it by now and with the high number of diabetics, hypertensive adults, and asthmatics, we would have had maybe thousands of deaths.


  • Imagine, we followed the protocols, no COVID for months. We let the visitors back in. They break the protocols, then we relax and start bus crawling and visiting bars were these visitors may have been, and some high and mighty west coast locals were seen breaking the protocols. COVID returns.

    Conclusion – the protocols do not work and you cannot stop a virus.

    The logic of some people escapes me! Probably it is because they have none.


  • Six months after testing positive for COVID-19, one in eight survivors are diagnosed with a neurological or psychiatric illness like dementia for the first time in their lives, a study led by Oxford researchers found.

    Patients who’ve been hospitalized are especially susceptible to psychiatric complications, though even non-hospitalized patients had an increased risk for issues like depression and stroke, the study also found.

    The findings, which have not yet been peer-reviewed, add to growing evidence that the coronavirus can lead to short- and long-term cognitive and mental health issues. Just how long they persist remains to be seen. ….(Quote)


  • Hal barbados govt doesnt understand the realities behind this COVID
    Recently i spoke to some one who had COVID about 2months ago and that person said that there taste and smell was not back
    Can’t imagine having to live another year with those senses vdepleted
    At some point depression would come knocking out of frustration


  • Yall can sit down in Barbados and let Mia put yall asses back in slavery and with Covid 2.


  • @ Angela

    In the UK, Long CoVid is now a recognised medical condition. Loss of taste is the good side, many are still suffering fatigue; heart, kidney and liver problems; sight problems, chest pains, pain in the lower back, etc. The virus also attacks nerve endings. Doctors do not yet know the full effects.
    I am surprised there is not more public education in Barbados.


  • @Donna thanks for some support 🙂
    But again I differ when it comes to health care. Bahamas, Jamaica and Trinidad and Dominican Republic all have community spread for months now. In none of those countries is there mass death or mass hospitalizations nor has their health care system fallen apart. Barbados has the personnel and the facilities to handle this cold virus.
    On another note, there was covid here all these months. We all know that NO locals were ever being tested in the summer and well into November. I still remember the days where daily tests numbered in the teens and twenties, for a population of 290K.
    Just take the fact that after BiM started the ridiculous second test of tourists it averaged 1 per 100 testing positive (mind you not a one was ill from October to today). That means from mid June to October 15th you can extrapolate that 1 of 100 people flying in had covid and thus were spreading it when they were here.
    So there was no breakdown in the health care system then.
    And look at now. In 4 weeks 750 positive cases, 3 very elderly people who were dying anyway died “with” covid. Then a 50 year old now passes with multiple co-morbidities. Otherwise everyone is asymptomatic or mild cough. Most importantly 750 “cases” and 2 people needed more aggressive care, TWO, meanwhile we have Harrison with 80 beds and QEH and Bayview.
    Man, the entire prison population and every guard has now been exposed. No one sick and now all of them is immune.
    So in this supposed dark time with an explosion of cases the health care system has come under ZERO stress.
    Forget CNN and the fear propaganda, we have real world examples in the Caribbean and now here, nothing will fall apart…Only the economy from lockdown


  • Hal Austin has posted for you the longer term effects suspected to be resulting from COVID. We do not pay enough attention to these possibilities.

    Even when one is not hospitalised.

    What would such a thing do to the economy in the medium to long term?

    One in five adults in Barbados is diabetic. You want to unleash COVID on them????

    And what does it matter that there has been community spread in the other islands. Are they not dealing with it in a similar way? Do they not have similar protocols in place? Is that not the reason why they have not been overwhelmed?

    What exactly is your argument? You seem to have an agenda other than the well being of Barbadians.

    That is why you are twisting yourself into pretzel logic.


  • @Cuhdear Bajan January 27, 2021 10:40 PM “because men are expected to die a lot earlier … in their 70’s.”

    But John, I don’t invent the data. I take it from reliable sources such a WHO, PAHO, CIA, World Bank, World Life Expectancy, etc. Maybe all those place telling lies on Bajan men?

    Please note that I loooovvvveeee Bajan men. I think that they are the world’s best.


  • @ Ricardo,
    Why would any sane majority black population open up its doors to a rabble of racist tourists from covid-19 hotspots?

    You are asking for Barbados to remain open for business by concentrating on its tourism market. Never mind that Barbados has only one public hospital and that the health status of the average Barbadian is generally poor.

    You are fully aware that wealthy countries with their highly developed medical infrastructure are struggling to cope. However those countries have the funds to purchase vaccines for their entire population unlike Barbados.

    I would suggest that individuals such as yourself are secretly hoping that Barbados and the other islands in the Caribbean continue to embrace tourism in the knowledge that it will certainly bring death to its people by natural genocide.

    With a depleted population the region will see the introduction of a new population without any gun being fired!


  • @John January 27, 2021 11:25 PM “But Barbados does not have a million people!!
    It has about a quarter million people. So the most deaths we will have from Covid is 9 which we have had already.”

    You know and I know and everybody on BU knows that your response above to the data I posted stating Covid19 cases per million is incorrect. You is a HC fella, a Barbados scholar and all, I hear that you were seriously good at mathematics, that your mother like mine was an upright Anglican woman who would have taught you right so I am really, really surprised at your response.


  • “With a depleted population the region will see the introduction of a new population without any gun being fired!”


  • Thirty-four people were diagnosed with coronavirus (COVID-19) on Wednesday, January 27, from among the 363 tests conducted by the Best-dos Santos Public Health Laboratory.

    The Ministry of Health and Wellness said 19 people have been reported as recovered, and are therefore to be released from isolation. This would bring the number of active cases to 368.


  • @Sargeant January 27, 2021 11:40 PM @Cuhdear. Did I read that you have to shop for carrots, tomatoes and sweet peppers? Wuh happen to de garden?.

    It is our “winter” the dry season. Not much rain, and nuff, nuff wind which dries out the soil I still have cassava and sweet potatoes at the “plantation, and herbs and beans in small gardens at home. Right now we are working on clearing the field of weeds by hand, no herticides. Will plough in the “spring” when rain is expected, that is sometime in late April/early May. We have planted some cassava and since we grow the cassava solely by rainfall, no irrigation we are hoping it survives the dry season this year as it did last year.


  • @TLSN

    They like the country, but not the people. During the Arab Spring Europeans were still flooding to Egypt; during Franco they were going to Spain.
    Racists do not get on a plane and after seven hours become all liberal and non-racist, even if our tourism officials will like to think so.
    Look at Sandy Lane and Tinie Tempah, millionaire and friend of Royalty, we were promised an inquiry. What is the outcome?


  • ” During the lockdown period, Ministry of Health personnel will be going from house to house to test Barbadians using the rapid antigen test for COVID-19.”

    Like in the good old days when the Sanitary inspectors used to check round the house for stagnat water that could breed mosquitos


  • @ WURA-War-on-U,
    The Caribbean region is the ultimate destination for both the poor and the rich.

    It has the potential to be the ultimate real estate market to the entire world.

    This potential can only be fully realised if the region’s majority population could somehow be “disappeared”.

    If you can remember their was an American developer who on seeing a very popular beech in Barbados, patronised by blacks, allegedly stated that this beach was too good for these people and should be scaled up to more high valued individuals.

    We as a people have to remain vigilant to our governments and those individuals who have an influence on them.


  • @Hal Austin January 28, 2021 6:05 AM ” Plato’s Allegory again.”

    Who is Plato?

    And what does he have to do with Covid19

    And what does he know about vaccines?


  • @angela cox January 28, 2021 6:36 AM “Most already believe PM earlier utterances was fake news.”


    When and where did you carry out your survey to find out what “most believe”?


  • @Hal Austin January 28, 2021 7:44 AM “In New Zealand, one of the safest countries in the world, two people have just caught CoVid while in quarantine. The big question is: quarantine versus closing the border. Discuss.”

    You know that you are the only member of your debating club right?


  • Critical Analyzer


  • @angela cox January 28, 2021 2:05 PM “that person said that there taste and smell was not back Can’t imagine having to live another year with those senses vdepleted At some point depression would come knocking out of frustration.”

    Growing up and throughout my adult life I always lost my appetite, and my sense of smell whenever I had a bad cold or the flu. In 2012 after a bad flu I lost my sense of smell. It hasn’t come back. I am NOT depressed. I am NOT frustrated. However I have to be much more careful around gas appliances so I keep my kitchen windows open 24/7/365.

    As disabilities go the lost of sense of smell is a relatively minor one.

    Liked by 1 person

  • @Ricardo January 28, 2021 2:38 PM “…or mild cough.”

    My English sister, who is nearly 70 and who caught Covid early in 2020 told me that it is not a mild cough. It is a hard cough, virtually 24/7, you can’t sleep kind of cough, an exhausting cough, a feel like ya gine pee yaself kind of cough, a cough that makes you feel like you will get a hernia. Still she was in Barbados in the fall, doing hard labour on the land with us.


  • I see Ms Bradshaw is on the covid update today.By tomorrow her biggest fan Austin will be boasting how great she was.The jackass is comparing a lightweight to a heavyweight in Ms Mottley.In my view Ms Bradshaw might one day be in the same class as Ms Mottley but she has a long long way to go to acheive that goal.This is just Austin way of petty politics of trying to drive a wedge between the two esteemed ladies but it will not work.Lastly i do not agree with this lockdown but i will be supporting the government 100% if they feel it is the right way to go.A big thank you to the frontline workers for their hard work.


  • They say even more than Complaisance will cost lives.

    “If you can remember their was an American developer who on seeing a very popular beech in Barbados, patronised by blacks, allegedly stated that this beach was too good for these people and should be scaled up to more high valued individuals.”


  • They say even more than that.


  • So i see govt set up a bureaucracy plan for small businesses, assistance
    As all well knows bureaucracy is often given a failing grade which leads me to believe that when all is said and done these small businesses would be left holding a bag of long talk and nuff excuses by govt


  • Critical Analyzer

    @angela cox
    That money is foolish money. The people will get their money easy but expect Mia Tax and NIS collectors to come knocking in a year or make back that money and more from all the NIS and tax you avoid paying for years.


  • CA

    If they want to be paid/NIS in time like this then they should contribute in the good times.


  • Would not be surprised if their is a gimmick/ trick hidden underneath that gives way to the small business people
    However all the necessary paper work means that many cannot receive the aid leaving those who cant on shitty street trying a thing or two to get money
    For certain bills dont despair when one is unemployed


  • unemployed for two weeks? in an economy thats down the toilet? now you dont care about their health comes first and not the money? cheese on bread…. just cant please you.


  • John2 Amm u for sure not pointing a finger in my direction cause if i had a voice in this planning fuh sure ny voice would indicate borders closure in order to spot more infections from making way on the island


  • i am jucking you with my finger as i speak.
    when the hotels were closed and 300M was made available to them to help keep the workers employed at a potion of their wages. with the hotels choice of taking money or not and if they took the money then they have to pay it back….you complained that it is not being done for the smaller players.
    Now the smaller player are not making money for two week and they are being given money to compensate = and which they dont have to pay back = you still find something to complain about.

    If it was up to you you would have not borrowed any money, you would have closed the borders from last year, unemployment would have been double what it is now, food would have been scarce, prices 10x what it is now, debt not being paid, no buses, no garbage trucks, sewage plants stinking up the place because of lack of maintenance, bwa, TB, bnoc etc all privatized, QEH without drugs, equipment, toilet paper etc. i can go on and on with how it would be if it was up to you.

    You president, the night watchman supports the lock down and i sure she will support the small business getting a “bail out for the 2/+ weeks.
    but you just got to find something to complain about even when it was something you have been calling for for months.

    Just cannot please you.


  • Lockdown is just a state of mind. You can be in your cell depressed or happy so find your peace with it.


  • John2
    Your imaginary thoughts as to the outcome within closed borders is just that imaginary
    This Govt left the borders open spends millions trying to fight the virus
    Meanwhile employment did not increase with borders open
    The numbers are astronomical for a small island
    Also infections across the island has given way to community spread meaning more money spent towards health while the economy squeaks and crawls to a stand still
    So tell me how much or what benefits did the economy retrieve


  • U are straying from what I said mainly

    My maintenance point was about your complaint about the small businesses getting paid

    I know if two neighbors who started back working since the flight started coming back to bim
    The last just recently start back at a restaurant but now have to break for a a few weeks for the lockdown

    Tell her and her husband about closing borders when they have mortgage and car payments to make along with the other necessary bills


  • John2 u cannot direct my thoughts u made mention in regards to my reference of closing the borders to which i respond
    As for govt plan for small businesses
    How is it that small business have to go through bureaucratic loops like hotels get 300 million in govt hand outs without having to present themselves as being honest


  • hotel did not get handouts. they were offered loans with conditions attatched

    the hotel had a choice either to take or not to take.

    If they took then they have to pay back. From when do you pay back a hand out? and how many hotel took it?

    If the government give $10 000 to every small business then the next day you and your friend will be all over social about government giving to their friends and how much they will be getting in kick backs because this and that company does only make $1000 in two weeks and now getting free tax payers money.

    Then government would be paying the small business for money lost. they have to account for that payment.

    if you would take off the political blinders then you would see why the different approaches.

    You may have the last word.

    I will not be jumping from one thing to another with your political games.


  • Whatever government does, or does not do, my advice is for individuals to look after their own selves. Stay away from crowds, isolate as much as possible, aside from work, wear your masks and wash or sanitise your hands.

    Hal and I and it seems Donna and Cuhdear, are on the same page on this.


  • Ricardo ”Man, the entire prison population and every guard has now been exposed. No one sick and now all of them is immune.”

    Immunity is an assumption at this stage. Ask Hal for the latest on that. I bet he knows. You are writing this off as mild. The Western governments are still playing at it. We are only just seeing the beginning.

    Prepare for a paradigm shift in way of life. This could cause the collapse of capitalism as we know it.


  • Today we focus on trust.

    This session is advanced, you can quote me on it.

    Enjoy a quiet start. The art of listening and responding.

    But what are we listening to?

    My cues? Your body? What else?

    Peel back another layer of onion and open to your hidden truth.

    Listening cultivates trust.

    Leading with your breath creates an environment for trust.

    Trust the process.

    Trust the path.

    Give yourself permission to be here.


    Remember, one present moment is a window to the next… and we get to practice that on the mat.

    Trust that whatever you are coming to the mat with is good, darling. Maybe embracing the mantra,

    Everything is as it should be.

    What if that were true?

    The dance continues.

    Choose to show up.

    And explore!

    Uncover your hidden truth.

    This session is solid. I am so excited for you!

    I will meet you there.


  • Based on reports only 20 hotels have accessed the BESS program.


  • Ric.

    If people or tourist are not concerned about catching the virus / a little cold or what ever u called it then how do you explain the cancellations for feb as per Barbados today ?


  • And to think that Barbados only have one hospital and officials leaves borders open id mindboggling


  • Covid vaccine: Single dose Covid vaccine 66% effective


  • OTTAWA — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is expected to announce Friday new measures aimed at further restricting international travel as more infectious variants of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 spread around the globe.

    Trudeau has urged Canadians for weeks not to take any non-essential trips outside the country.

    And he has warned that the federal government could impose restrictions at any time that would make it harder for them to return.


  • CoVid can leave men infertile. So watchout.


  • Hal AustinJanuary 29, 2021 9:49 AM

    Would be better if you tell them that Covid makes men turn funny. The bajans would lock themselves in then.

    Problem solved.

    That said, if what you say is true… THAT would make me wonder if it was really a deliberate depopulation tool.


  • And the vaccine is said to make women infertile


  • Infertility
    A form of depopulation
    That story has been widely circulated
    The scientist have been tight lip on long term affects
    Where there is smoke there is fire


  • Cuba continues support of Barbados’ COVID-19 fight – Cuba continues support of Barbados’ COVID-19 fight:


  • OTTAWA — Canada’s major airlines have agreed to suspend all flights to Mexico and the Caribbean until April 30 from Sunday as part of the fight against a second wave of the coronavirus, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Friday.7 mins ago


  • PM Mottley & her BLP Team argued that Barbados’ borders remained open to protect the Barbadian – BRAND ‘

    Presumably….some bought into that narrative.

    Luckily Boris Johnson banned UK nationals from travelling abroad on leisure travel.

    Canada’s PM moments ago banned Canadian citizens from travelling abroad.

    That is how the Barbadian Brand is – protected – PM Mottley !

    Banned the flights / tourists !


  • Did govt say that the financial pkg to small business would be around 500 to 1500 per business
    Question is the numbers given per week or the complete total amount each business for the 2wk closure


  • Ok
    I got it the question resolved and the answer is Peanuts


  • If the airline stop coming then Barbados borders are unofficially closed to tourist
    Back to how it was last year


  • Cant imagine a business making more than govt allocated amount takes easily to that measly pkg when one factor other loss of income because of the lockdown
    Also having to pay taxes on the amounts received from govt
    This got to be monkey policy implemented by monkeys handling guns called govt ministers


  • We need open borders. Our Honorable Prime Minister is doing the right thing. As she so often does. It is obvious that the opposition thinks otherwise because they want to turn Barbados into a concentration camp or a new Drax Hall Plantation.


  • This is what happens when you allow your enemies who hate you to control the narrative, they don’t ever want to give up the power they have over politicians and will conradict and obstruct as they’ve been doing for the last 60 years…

    Black people need to shut the minorities down completely, let them find someone else to suck on and live off…they were never useful to the population and they’re even less useful to the Black majority now…..people like myself have absolutely no use for them, not even to clean my house…certainly don’t need their inferior quality goods.

    “The two-week lockdown has not gone down well with a key spokesman of the private sector, despite the full backing of the trade union movement, the medical profession and the island’s key political players.

    While the business community has said it will adhere to the order for the country to halt all but essential business operations from Wednesday, Edward Clarke, the chairman of the Barbados Private Sector Association is adamant that the action by the Mia Mottley administration is unnecessary.”


  • WW

    You dont see it as a political play? look MM stand up to big business and side with the unions/majority.


  • Mia knows that the people are thisclose to throwing her ass out in 2023, so yes, ya can’t put it past them to collude and pull a fast one, but let’s see how fast that one is when the Black population stop spending their money with minorities, pool their resources together and move as a collective at last.. Something they now have no choice but to do..


  • Something they now have no choice but to do….if they want to survive.

    just as Mia will have no choice…she and the other islands…but to open their borders to each other…if they want to survive…

    the minorities ain’t worth shit and no one should be listening to any of them…they’re on their way out.


  • Our government must now stand firm and not give in to the opposition’s agitation. It would be best to temporarily detain opposition members who stand in the way of fighting the pandemic. The emergency legislation grants absolute power to the government. Let us use it in the interest of the people, who have long been tired of the opposition.


  • Disgusting Lies & Propaganda TV

    I have listened to BrassTacks more regularly in recent times. Some people would have shared Auntie America’s SIMPLETON’S view he constantly espoused that there WAS no COVID-19 in Barbados, that all the cases were imported, that lockdowns (i.e. stay at home measures, night-time curfews) are unnecessary, heavy handed and costly for virus that has a low fatality rate. That “approach” to this virus is EQUALLY just as NAIVE and UNINFORMED as those who think that border closures IN ITSELF will stop an airborne virus spread INDEFINATELY. The CORRECT assumption was that this virus was coming and WILL penetrate BARBADOS especially after MANY countries worldwide had local\community spread by Dec 2020 and was by far the most serious pandemic for the past 100 years. It was a matter of when and not if and we had to be prepared. If many First world countries did not fare any better ,did Barbados REASONABLY EXPECT to avoid this FATE?!?!?!. Barbados is not some remote atoll in the Pacific!!!!!. The “panicked” response I am seeing indicates SOME Bajans were also naïve and were led into a false sense of security because the protocols\prevention measures that were in place for 4 months were successful and community spread was delayed for a further 5 months. During that time the world situation only got comparatively worse with regards to COVID-19.

    We have to study how the Chinese government reacted to virus and the subsequent measures taken. There was a 7 week lag between the initial case and the Wuhan lockdown. The actual lockdown was announced the same day it was to take effect. On that day an estimate of 300,000 people exited Wuhan . That 7 week lag and exodus would have been detrimental with a virus that is essentially a highly contagious variant of SARS. That lockdown was essentially a “draconian” 76 day stay-at-home order where (to summarize):-
    1) One person per household was allowed to leave every two days, night-time curfews essentially established
    2) All non essential businesses and schools were closed in the initial stages
    3) Movement via land sea and air was severely restricted between Wuhan and the rest of China. quarantines, temperature checks, and other movement controls implemented.

    The lockdown was extended to other cities in Hubei, when cases sprang up in neighboring provinces similar lockdowns were implemented. The Wuhan lockdown was relaxed after approx. 60 days and lifted after 76 days. This lockdown did NOT extend to all of China, no border closures IN THE TRUE SENSE even though China is the 4th largest country by size, shares a land border with several other countries and is the most populous nation. Other nations initially restricted travel to and from China by the end of January 2020 but by that time it was basically too late. The virus would have spread to other nationals who were less stigmatized and whose movement was less restricted

    I juxtapose China’s response to Trinidad’s. Trinidad closed it borders approx. the same time Barbados received it first cases (Late March 2020) and relaxed them in early June 2020. During that time Trinidad also had stay-at- home orders. Up to August 1st (i’m deliberately using August 2020 as it was the month of the last general elections) Trinidad had 170 REPORTED cases. In fact Barbados and Trinidad cases numbers were similar between March and August 2020. By August 31st, Trinidad had 1700 cases, 4400 cases by Sept 30th, 7100 cases by Dec 31st. Trinidad has 7x more cases but only has 5x the population of Barbados even though Barbados is FAR more dependent on tourism than Trinidad. My conclusion is that Trinidad created a false impressions that border closures would have been adequate response when in reality the virus was already spreading. They closed their borders just after Carnival 2020 (Feb-Mar 2020) which is attended by people from ALL OVER THE WORLD.

    We NOW have a world situation where the top 3 countries (in terms of total deaths from COVID-19) are USA, Brazil and Mexico. Countries that are on the OTHER SIDE of the planet of the two most populous countries that share a land border (China and India). These three countries have in common, heads of states that constantly downplayed the seriousness of the virus. THAT is the issue, not properly recognizing that COVID-19 can be fatal those persons with compromised immune systems, compromised respiratory systems, and is also producing a serious and fatal immune response IN SOME PEOPLE that prior to infection had no health issues whatsoever. Barbados has to prepare for perpetual curfews and stay at home measures as it has been PROVEN to reduce active cases OVER TIME. Bajans need to be PATIENT, DISCIPLINED and prepare for an extended fight with COVID-19


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