The Indian community in Barbados: business, religion and race-relations

Submitted by Dr. Kumar Mahabir

Barbados is located in the Caribbean near Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and Martinique. It is 34 kilometres (21 miles) in length and up to 23 km (14 miles) in width covering an area of 432 km (167 square miles). The present population of Barbados is 287,000 persons (just more than a quarter-million people) based on Worldometer elaboration of the latest United Nations data.

Five things that have made Barbados world famous: Rihanna, the international singer, songwriter, actress and designer, was born in Barbados; so too is Sir Garfield Sobers, the greatest cricket all-rounder of all time. And the Honourable Mia Mottley is the first female Prime Minister of Barbados. Barbados has also produced the oldest rum in the world from its Mount Gay Distillery. There are also its pristine, peaceful beaches.

Barbados has the head office of the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) which is under attack these days for its grading system. Prime Minister Mottley is also the Chair of CARICOM (the Caribbean Community) which played a critical role in restoring democracy to Guyana during the recounting of votes following the March 2020 elections.

The following are HIGHLIGHTS of an ICC ZOOM public meeting held recently (25/10/20) on the topic “The Indian community in Barbados: business, religion and race-relations.”The Pan-Caribbean meeting was hosted by the Indo-Caribbean Cultural Centre (ICC). The meeting was chaired by Sharlene Maharaj of Trinidad and Tobago (T&T) and moderated by Sadhana Mohan of Surniname.

The speakers where HAJJI SULEIMAN BULBULIA, Secretary of the Barbados Muslim Association and the Muslim Chaplain of the UWI, Cave Hill Campus; and SABIR NAKHUDA, author of the book Bengal to Barbados: A 100-year history of East Indians in Barbados (2013) extracts of which are reproduced below.The discussant was DR KUMAR MAHABIR, an anthropologist from T&T and an Organization of American States (OAS) Former Fellow.

Affectionately called “coolie-man”

East Indians (Indians) have helped shape the social, religious, cultural and economic landscape of Barbados. To understand these impacts, the focus must be on the itinerant traders (affectionately called “coolie-man”).  

For the itinerant trader, the main driver of undertaking an economic enterprise is to generate income. But his business had several unintended consequences, many of which were positive for the Barbadian society for over 100 years.

The “coolie-man” became more than a friendly trader in the neighbourhood; he became a member of the family, a counsellor and an advisor at times. The “coolie-man” in Barbados has many anecdotal stories (positive and negative) which have entered into folklore of the island and have been immortalized in local songs.

The experiences of those who benefited from access to goods on extremely favorable credit terms, at a time when buying cash was the only available option for the poor, is noteworthy. Credit to the average Barbadian was unheard of, and many residents had to struggle on the meagre earnings they received to get along as best as they could.  

In the Foreword to the book Bengal to Barbados, former Prime Minister of Barbados, Freundel Stuart, wrote: “… for many years, I experienced directly, the impact this important group made on the village in which I grew up in the parish of St. Philip. I saw these men alleviate the financial distress of many people who lived in Marchfield, St. Philip.

“They took care of back-to-school requirements for parents who could not afford to buy school uniforms by extending generous credit terms to them. At Christmas, the poorest households benefited from credit terms no less generous.”

Unlike the early Indians in Guyana, Trinidad & Tobago, St. Vincent, Grenada and other Caribbean Islands who went to work in the sugar plantations in the 1800s, Indian indentured labourers were not brought to Barbados. Those who came never intended to come to Barbados, but eventually ended up in Barbados and made the country their home.

The early Indians came from three different parts of India. The first Indian came to Barbados circa around 1910 from the Hooghly District in West Bengal: Bashart Ali Dewan initially went to Trinidad from India where his father-in-law was residing. He stayed there for a short while and then – for some unknown reason – moved to Barbados. Other Bengalis followed, and Bashart Ali Dewan and these pioneers stayed in the Bridgetown area of Barbados.

From inception, members of the Indian community have continued to practice their culture and religion. The Sindhi-Hindu community made part of their homes into mandirs [temple] until the opening of the first Hindu temple in Welches, St. Michael on the 22nd of October 1995.

The Muslim community continues to practice their faith individually and collectively. In the early days, the Friday jummah [congregational prayers] were performed at private homes at Wellington Street and Cheapside in the city. In 1951, the first masjid [mosque] was built in Kensington New Road.

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  1. @ Miller

    No. It was another Hal Austin who proposed developing St Lawrence Gap, who worked as an insurance agent/salesman, who was involved in Canada with Bajan workers, or even the Marxist and Roman Catholic who thinks Bajan women are not worth marrying..
    I suggest we put them all under one umbrella. What are a few facts between friends?

  2. “After many years of study and hard work, and huge sums of money paid by Barbadian taxpayers for my education, I watched as a foreign company was paid $54 million by the government of Barbados to carry out bond calculations that I, and some other Barbadians, can do with our eyes shut. That gives me an idea of how much my knowledge is worth.”

    and then Fowl Enuff will want to get on BU and pretend that the frauds in the parliament are not the ones heavily invested in DISENFRANCHISING BLACK PEOPLE..even when taxpayers educated them and they’re willing TO GIVE BACK…the no good trash would prefer give the job to a minister in the Canadian government instead and pay them tens of millions of dollars and don’t want to pay Black people for doing an even better job… long as it’s someone white,, indian or syrian the lowlifes don’t want to see any black people benefiting or contributing to anything to uplift the black family..

    they could’ve found 2 Black Bajans on the island or in the diaspora to help them with the austerity plans but did they, nah, they colluded LONG BEFORE THE ELECTION to hire two fly by night white dudes who rent a broom closet in UK, who did not even volunteer for any anti-money laundering programs, pay them US $85,000 per month and a one shot deal of $62 million, still wondering if it’s US….and would not even want to pay Black professionals US$30,000 per month for doing a much better job.

  3. The BU Hal Austin is certainly the one that run wey from the “President” at the town hall in long though….nary a question. It was said he turned up all puffed up with note pad and all but disappeared before the applause ended only to appear on BU with a multiplicity of questions for the “President”. 🤣🤣

  4. @ Hal Austin December 23, 2020 2:10 PM

    At least you have a ‘cocky’ sense of humour; unlike that of the ’serious’ Jamaicans from Brixton.

    That must have been acquired from being around Darcus Howe and friends, including CLR.

    No Bajan ‘RH’s’ and ‘God blind ya’s’ from the back of the IVY.

  5. Salemite
    If Walter can do bond calculations with his eyes shut he should have been mekkin a mint and a name for himself advising all the other countries’ debt restructuring? Then he would have been known and easily tracked down by the government. In fact his own party should have consulted with him even before 2018, instead of wasting his actuarial talents on the W&W show. But in any event, he wudda been person non grata for the likes of you and Hal. Dr.Greenidge?

  6. “that’s because I CAN THINK FOR MYSELF, am not a yardfowl who has to hold a non-intellectual corner”

    Twist mout behaviour is not a sign of thinking for yourself. Especially a cut & paste expert. You’re a Salemite, with a love for hysteria.😛🤣

  7. @ TheoGazert



    @ HAL





  8. @ Enuff

    To some people, the following are facts.

    The government took over Rocklyn and Elite bus companies when it established the Transport Board in 1955.

    ACME made buses for the Transport Board in the 1960s.

    Barbados is free of crime if you define crime as as meaning arrests and prosecutions and convictions.

    To me, they are cheap laughs.

  9. “What are the different considerations at play affecting the different groups?”
    Everyone is an individual not part of any group with specific traits. Criminals are present in every culture race and creed.
    In USA and UK Blacks are pre judged as criminals by police and public not presumed to be citizens that need protection.
    Black skin can get you shot by cops.

  10. “Then he would have been known and easily tracked down by the government. ”

    you are lying, tell that to someone who never left Barbadod, they may believe that shit…that must be the reason scholars stay clear of both corrupt governments, in fear of their lives and sanity….and yall have to hire whites only even from the Canadian government and fly by night 2 man shows in UK to pay them tens of millions of dollars, money unnecessarily wasted.

  11. “You’re a Salemite, with a love for hysteria.”

    ya will see the real hyteria come 2021, but ya wont even know it’s there for a very long time…right up until election day…👌

  12. Salemite
    “…ya will see the real hyteria come 2021,”

    You said that in 2018 and 2019, and we’re still standing. Get a new line. But you do have a wonderful Christmas and ready yuhself to come at me anew in 2021. Peace and blessings.👊🏾

  13. @ Enuff
    This nonsense about“ put your money where your mouth is “ has no place in serious debate. This discussion was about the ascendancy of a minority that came here , a historically short time ago, and has built up considerable wealth by selling goods to Black people.
    Suddenly , we are analyzing ourselves most negatively. This crap about blacks not supporting blacks is a myth.
    Blacks have always supported blacks. Quite frankly , it would be almost impossible not to do so , when the make up of the population is taken into consideration.
    I guess all the Alleynes, Tudors, Millars, Jordans, Eastmonds , Ricks and now Bynoes are supported by whites and Indians. I guess all the black lawyers, doctors, trades persons, entertainers, snowball vendors are not supported by Blacks.
    I did not think it possible to argue such nonsense so eloquently.

  14. @ Hal AustinDecember 23, 2020 2:46 PM
    “Neither Darcus nor CLR was from Jamaica. But keep up the cheap jokes.”

    You are really more humourlessly naïve than your ‘bosom buddy’ Artax gives you credit for.

    Of course they were “Trickidadians”; along with Samuel Selvon!

    It only goes to show that you are totally unaware of the ‘subtle nuances’ of differences (or “Conditions”) among your fellow West Indians just as much as you are almost ‘blank’ when it comes to the English sense of humour by ‘reading’ between the lines of sexual innuendo of the Freudian kind.

    Trinidadians are know as having the greatest sense of humour among all West Indians.

    You should have spent a ‘little less’ time around your Bajan crew in Ladbroke Grove.

  15. Beware of your enemies / Kunta Kinte dub
    Par for the course the BU posse got the wrong end of the stick again misinterpreting the intent and nuances of a thread and commented about their own single minded agendas and read the context as

  16. It is rumoured that the indian coolie man me brought the collie seed to the caribbean and the hindu God Shiva survived on it
    here is a kriya breathing moving meditation yoga practise that came from india.. you can take it or leave it

  17. Enuff
    December 23, 2020 2:40 PM

    “If Walter can do bond calculations with his eyes shut he should have been mekkin a mint and a name for himself advising all the other countries’ debt restructuring? Then he would have been known and easily tracked down by the government. In fact his own party should have consulted with him even before 2018……..?”


    I congratulate you for igniting a discussion to highlight the importance of education and training to national development.

    Your comments can be analyzed from many angles, and there is a lot for us to learn from discussing them intelligently.

    Barbados cannot make meaningful national developmental strides unless it adopts and pursues policies aimed at putting BARBADIAN resources to maximum use.

    As a starting point, and as a means of ensuring that we are on the same page, I would like to state that I hold these basic principles, regarding the use of BARBADIAN individuals and companies to be self-evident:

    If the Government of Barbados has a choice between hiring a Barbadian (who, by education, training, and/or experience can get the job done) and hiring a foreigner, then the Government of Barbados has an obligation to hire the Barbadian.

    If the Government of Barbados has a choice between hiring a Barbadian company (which is staffed by professionals and employees with the education, training, and/or experience needed to get the job done) and hiring a foreign company, then the Government of Barbados has an obligation to hire the Barbadian company.

    Do you agree?

  18. If the Government of Barbados has a choice between hiring a Barbadian company (which is staffed by professionals and employees with the education, training, and/or experience needed to get the job done) and hiring a foreign company, then the Government of Barbados has an obligation to hire the Barbadian company.
    Do you agree?





  19. @ Walter BlackmanDecember 24, 2020 1:15 PM
    “If the Government of Barbados has a choice between hiring a Barbadian company (which is staffed by professionals and employees with the education, training, and/or experience needed to get the job done) and hiring a foreign company, then the Government of Barbados has an obligation to hire the Barbadian company.
    Do you agree?”

    Do you really expect that Red version of Mariposa to respond?

    That ‘red’ boy for a wannabe rooster in the red-painted yard would only agree with you if the other deceitful lying party(dlp) was ‘still’ holding the reins of government.

    He is suffering so much from permanent political conjunctivitis that he himself is unable to spot the difference between the BDLP and good governance towards the socio-economic advancement of the ‘genuine and patriotic Bajan people.

  20. The BUers love come fuh me yes.
    If getting the job done means ticking all or at least most of the priority boxes, then why would I not agree? Are you saying WB/his firm has the requisite experience and should have been engaged by the government but was overlooked?

    3-Degree aka 2 pseudonym why you don’t go pray Trump sign the stimulus so you can get your second cheque? It is clear that I live rent-free in your head and I love it. Anytime one has to convert one’s income from US to Bajan to sound rich need help. Just Observing.

    Milluh – Similarly, I live rent free in your head. No Hyatt comments today? 🤣🤣

  21. @WB
    maybe….but….I also hold the principles of rebates and principal worth to be self evident.
    The White Oaks contract was sooo egregious, you know most bidders (and I am not suggesting it was tendered) will be only too happy to rebate, under the terms and conditions set forth. It was almost as if prior administrations were being taunted with ‘look how much spoilage can be available’.

  22. “The BUers love come fuh me yes.”

    😂😂🤣🤣 happens when ya keep dancing around in yardfowl petticoats.

  23. Enuff December 24, 2020 2:48 PM

    If getting the job done means ticking all or at least most of the priority boxes, then why would I not agree? ”


    I think you are being quite honest, reasonable, and insightful here. I commend you for that.

    In a very succinct way, you have told us that you can clearly and instinctively visualize (in spite of “multiple sources” claiming that you wear a big black patch over, and can only see things through, one eye) a transparent process which starts with the Government of Barbados informing BARBADIAN companies of its needs (“priority boxes”, as you put it), the BARBADIAN companies assessing the requirements of the job and applying, and finally, the BARBADIAN companies being awarded the contract on the basis of “ticking all or at least most of the priority boxes” which were highlighted in the requests made by the Government of Barbados.

    If no Barbadian companies can be found, then the Government of Barbados has the right to seek the services of foreign companies.

    This is the picture your words have painted in my mind. On this topic, I share your vision.

    Now, let us take a closer look at the way that the $54 million dollar job was awarded. When we look at the process which selected a foreign company to do all of the work, and compare that process with the one that we both share a vision of, and have a preference for, what do we see?

    Are the two processes the same? Clearly no.

    IF the government had used the process that you and I prefer, who would have benefited? Clearly, the Government of Barbados, BARBADIAN companies, the taxpayers of Barbados, and the foreign exchange reserves.

    With respect to the actual process used by the Government of Barbados, who actually benefited? Clearly, a foreign company.
    With respect to the actual process used by the Government of Barbados, who actually got hurt? Clearly the Government of Barbados, BARBADIAN companies, the taxpayers of Barbados, and the foreign exchange reserves.

    Do you agree that THE PROCESS used by the Government of Barbados to award that $54 million dollar contract hurt, at least, Barbadian companies, Barbadian taxpayers, and our foreign exchange reserves?

  24. @ Walter BlackmanDecember 24, 2020 4:47 PM

    Your ‘friend’ isn’t man “Enuff” to challenge your professionally-informed repartee.

    He, the mutt “Enuff”, might be an emperor without clothes in PR aka bullshit propaganda and even fancies himself as a special advisor on hotel construction matters of the multi-billion kind.

    But let him deny that there might be some strong similarity between the award of that $54 million contract and the engagement of a Czar to market and dispose of the All Seasons sham to foreign interests.

    Let the that scarlet pimp for evil tell us which event would be ‘prioritized’.
    The sale of the All Seasons scam or Mal(m)oney’s erection?

    If only that jack-of-all trades Hal the NATO man would use his much bragged about contacts and pull a few strings from among his ‘journalist’ friends in high places we are sure the BU family would be get a scoop worth more than that US $ 27 million thrown into Maxwell pond.

  25. WB
    I can only agree if you can robustly demonstrate that there is a Barbadian company with the requisite experience etc that would have met the criteria and as such saved forex and hurt. From inception, many have questioned the appointment of a foreiegn company but no one has identified a local alternative with any seriousness. I was hoping you’d lay out your credentials. Secondly, like I have said before, context is important; therefore, in view of the timeline between the formation of a government (PM and AG) and the engagement of WO, how appropriate or practical would your preferred process have been? Thirdly, where in the world have there been open bidding for sovereign debt restructure services? It appears that the personnel utilised by the GoB, both WO and the lawyer, are synonymous with this type of work. Anyway it’s Christmas eve, enjoy the holidays and get dem contracts in 2021.

  26. @ Baje

    Have a Happy and Safe Xmas. Don’t forget midnight mass.

    @ HAL



  27. NorthernObserver
    December 24, 2020 3:14 PM

    maybe….but….I also hold the principles of rebates and principal worth to be self evident.
    The White Oaks contract was sooo egregious, you know most bidders (and I am not suggesting it was tendered) will be only too happy to rebate, under the terms and conditions set forth. ”


    I have thought about the rebating problem you mentioned, and I must confess that regardless of how many angles I view it from, an effective solution only lives for a few minutes in my mind.

    For example, I consider a system under which Government allocates a number of points (these are known by interested Barbadian companies) for each requirement. The company that satisfies the requirements and ends up with the highest number of points wins.
    What happens when more than one company end up with the same amount of highest points? An urge or opportunity for rebate is created.
    In any event, it would not always be practical to rely on the “highest number of points earned”. Sometimes, other benefits, circumstances, and features need to be considered.

    Have you been able to formulate an effective solution to this basic problem in your mind?

  28. David
    December 24, 2020 2:26 PM

    How business is done in Barbados is greatly influenced by your membership to the club.”

    I agree with you. The status quo seems to dictate that the majority of Barbadians must suffer for the benefit of a few club members.
    Can you imagine that it is practically impossible to get a few club members to suffer for the benefit of the majority of Barbadians?
    The road is long…..

    • Despite educating ourselves the primary loyalty is always to the club. Do not forget it if you want to win business (partnerships).

  29. Then some of you get on here singing the praises of this repulsive looking dead piece of racist =, i left out the info about Ghandi because he too was a piece of racist, and on some African forums they show proof where he was also a slimy pedophile, as were all of these frauds..

    gcDechecamsmbtcSeosuprm ao1r8f nascutaoetS 5r:30em PdcM ·
    “Winston Churchill was one of the most overrated political leaders of 20th century. His hatred against Indians caused one of the worst famine of 20th century, almost 4 million Indian died. New evidences are emerging that he was directly involved in causing ‘man-made’ famine. Following statements say much about his racist mindset. A man who considered white race superior to other and has a right to rule over others.

    On Races:
    “I do not admit for instance, that a great wrong has been done to the Red Indians of America or the black people of Australia. I do not admit that a wrong has been done to these people by the fact that a stronger race, a higher-grade race, a more worldly wise race to put it that way, has come in and taken their place.”

    In 1937, he told the Palestine Royal Commission
    “I am strongly in favour of using poisoned gas against uncivilised tribes”. He was recommending it against Kurd and Afghan.

    On Indians:
    “I hate the Indians. as a beastly people with a beastly religion.”

    On 1943 Bengal Famine:
    “Relief will do nothing, for Indians breed like rabbits.”
    He was blaming Indians (United India, Pakistan and Bangladesh) for the Great Bengal Famine. Actually he was diverting food supplies from India to stockpile in Europe for the WWII.
    When conscience-stricken British officials wrote to the Prime Minister in London pointing out that his policies were causing needless loss of life all he could do was write peevishly in the margin of the report, ‘Why hasn’t Gandhi died yet?’

  30. So who are they hiring – Jamaicans? If that is so the ex-workers should picket and make sure everybody knows what is going on. If the cave was not doing well it is most likely its management that was the problem, not the general staff or employees.

    We shall soon see what the true story is.

  31. Miller…ya know Fowl Enuff love to talk about these billion dollar projects and affiliation….well, remember the 50 billion dollars, (never heard the currency, but the way cousin Boris jumped out after hearing the demand like he got electrified, let’s say it was a US $50 billion request that turned him bluer than Covid did) so this is a really good time to ask, in the spirit of the season since Enuff is showing brotherly love to all and sundry….what they WERE plotting behind Black people’s back to do with that money, remember they put together a brand new blueprint and thought they could swindle our ancestors and Black descendants too.

    man…am sure the revelation will set tongues awagging…when ya think these couldn’t get any dumber, they always disappoint those who are dumber than them..

  32. I keep telling them our ancestors did not go anywhere, and as with all things related to these sellout BEASTS’ African BACKGROUNDS which they have NO RESPECT FOR, they don’t believe…but were hellbent on getting 50 billion in reparations off the backs of the horrific experiences of our ancestors…and us by extension…and to do what.

    Pacha, Theo, TSLN….all some of us can say is hmmmmmm.

    i now see why Piece just cut loose.

  33. All i can say about that is a lot of them must be crying in their big drinks for the season…..some say that’s all they can do about that blueprint…..🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂

    If Black people on the island refuse to believe that they’re at extreme risk and under threat from this black face government, they never will and THAT’S ON THEM, 8 years of warning is MORE than Enuff, because i was not the only person on BU doing so, most have left…i have moved on to bigger, better more empowering and now use what i know for those who are much more understanding and appreciative. Yall on ya own.

  34. It would be remiss of me and unfair to those whom i know are cognizant not to mention that no blueprint was created to dismantle the slave system, nor the racism, nor the apartheid, nor the discrimination and disenfranchisement, nor the thefts of Black people’s taxes, pension fund or VAT…it was deliberate.

    but their precious blueprint that they are now crying over for reasons best not mentioned…..was created to keep their Civilization of Caribbean Slave Societies, like if all the island would agree and go along with their evilminded shit, FIRMLY IN PLACE AGAINST the African populations for at least another 100 years…..longer than any of them can live, they just want their slave names attached to everything….these dirty ass parliament nigas don’t work for the black people who elected them., they only take your money every chance/opportunity they get..

  35. No names mentioned, but why do wannabe revolutionaries and cut and paste rightwing populist bait in the BU tribe need to call out names of other fellow travellers for mutual recognition and self reinforcement of all the points they make. Is sycophancy a bajan trait of underdeveloped minds and underdeveloped people.

  36. 555

    It is a trait of all with inferiority complexes masquerading as superiority complexes. It seeks to create a clique to exclude others and confer special status on the few. No different really from those they villify.

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  38. David
    The Nation is the Express sister. The same Express that up to a few weeks ago had the corporate communications officer of Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar writing a weekly column as an independent freelance writer.

    • @enuff

      Agree there is a lot of manipulation of public opinion by traditional media. The question therefore – is the public mature enough to filter news to discern truth?

  39. “No names mentioned, but why do wannabe revolutionaries and cut and paste rightwing populist bait in the BU tribe need to call out names of other fellow travellers for mutual recognition and self reinforcement of all the points they make.”

    simply because these are some of the names who actually know what the fcuk is going on and most others don’t and would continue their small minded, backward shite of opposing everything even if they did including covering up human rights abuses….and folks like myself who did not even come on the blog for any of this, came with a specific purpose in mind and ended up getting reeled into to all the nasty shit in Barbados, indirectly related to my intent….and felt in my duty to inform those who did not not know, not the wannabes who think they got an answer for everything they can suck salt……but now that duty is over…..and am free to salute those who are actually deserving of salutation…because they too tried to inform, now we don’t owe anyone shit.

  40. I direct those WHO WERE ON THE BLOG at the time to remember when DLP Cahill scam FELL OFF the BLP truck and the whole of BU had weeks and weeks of fun at the Canadian fraud’s and DLP liar’s expense…….well this one is bigger and sweeter……international arena worthy.

    Miller….ask Fowl Enuff………if ya think am joking…….😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣



    How state marijuana legalization became a boon for corruption

    Jasiel Correia’s star was rising.

    The son of Cape Verdean immigrants in the working-class Massachusetts port city of Fall River – famed as the home of Lizzie Borden — Correia was a home-grown prodigy. At 23, he was elected mayor, fielding congratulatory calls from Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Rep. Joe Kennedy.

    That was in 2015. Four years later, just a week before his re-election race, federal agents ignominiously led him away from his home in handcuffs and charged him with attempting to extort cannabis companies of $600,000 in exchange for granting them lucrative licenses to sell weed in his impoverished city.

    “Mayor Correia has engaged in an outrageous brazen campaign of corruption, which turned his job into a personal ATM,” declared U.S. Attorney Andrew Lelling during a press conference announcing the charges.

    The downfall of Fall River’s young mayor wasn’t just a tragedy for the thousands of people who invested their hopes in him: It was emblematic of a rash of cannabis-related corruption across the nation, from Massachusetts to California to Arkansas and beyond.

    In the past decade, 15 states have legalized a regulated marijuana market for adults over 21, and another 17 have legalized medical marijuana. But in their rush to limit the numbers of licensed vendors and give local municipalities control of where to locate dispensaries, they created something else: A market for local corruption.

  42. Almost all the states that legalized pot either require the approval of local officials – as in Massachusetts — or impose a statewide limit on the number of licenses, chosen by a politically appointed oversight board, or both. These practices effectively put million-dollar decisions in the hands of relatively small-time political figures – the mayors and councilors of small towns and cities, along with the friends and supporters of politicians who appoint them to boards. And these strictures have given rise to the exact type of corruption that got Correia in trouble with federal prosecutors. They have also created a culture in which would-be cannabis entrepreneurs feel obliged to make large campaign contributions or hire politically connected lobbyists.

    For some entrepreneurs, the payments can seem worth the ticket to cannabis riches.

    For some politicians, the lure of a bribe or favor can be irresistible.

    Correia’s indictment alleges that he extorted hundreds of thousands of dollars from marijuana companies in exchange for granting them the local approval letters that are necessary prerequisites for obtaining Massachusetts licenses. Correia and his co-conspirators — staffers and friends — accepted a variety of bribes including cash, more than a dozen pounds of marijuana and a “Batman” Rolex watch worth up to $12,000, the indictment charges.

  43. It’s not just local officials. Allegations of corruption have reached the state level in numerous marijuana programs, especially ones in which a small group of commissioners are charged with dispensing limited numbers of licenses. Former Maryland state Del. Cheryl Glenn was sentenced to two years in prison in July for taking bribes in exchange for introducing and voting on legislation to benefit medical marijuana companies. Missouri Gov. Mike Parson’s administration is the target of law enforcement and legislative probes into the rollout of its medical marijuana program.

    “The state Is given full control in an industry where there is so much competition — where everyone realizes how valuable these licenses are,” said Lorenzo Nourafchan, CEO of Northstar Financial Consulting, which works with cannabis businesses.

    Nourafchan cited some friends who submitted “incredible applications” for Missouri medical marijuana licenses only to see the licenses go to large, multi-state operators: “It just seemed to me and many others that it was not fair … people were not given objective and unbiased treatment.”

  44. Free the Weed
    Cheeba, Ishens, Tea, Holy Herb, Shit, marijuana, cannabis, pot, Sensi, Weed is a plant that grows naturally freely abundantly
    I am from the school of thought that is should be free like God and mother nature planned it.
    It should be decriminalised forthwith.
    Set the prisoners free so they can love up with their loved ones.

    You don’t know me, you don’t know

  45. @WB
    Seasons Greetings.
    The problem is so rampant and widespread, and I mean both geographically, and pervasive through all sectors, that any solution beyond personal standards, has eluded me.
    The challenge becomes greater, when arguments like ‘when was this type of contract ever tendered’, or ‘name a Barbadian company who was qualified’.
    The question should be, how can one justify a ‘success fee’, well into the double digit millions, for executing a plan where the result was guaranteed, based upon the parameters set?
    If Barbados can afford that, it doesn’t need to ask for any type of debt forgiveness.
    Your points system only works to ‘identify bidders’.

  46. “WURA
    Salemites, including you, are known for witch-hunts.”

    ah take it they told you nothing as usual, oh well, guess ya will just have to wait for the fireworks like everybody else, some fowl you are….🤣 locked out as usual…unless it’s you did the deed…

  47. Witch hunts….a new one every few weeks. Grand announcement followed by nothing. Whither the coroner inquest in London? “They” would have to leave me obviously, as I am not a part of “they”.

  48. Leave you huh!!…as soon as ya not sure what’s coming out, suddenly ya separating yaself, no more “we still here”…but the blue print was last updated in 2014, which means it’s been around at least from 1999-2000s, was too busy to check, but will soon

    …, who is behind another disenfranchisement of the black majority at the expense of the black majority, no wonder frauds talking about a Caribbean Civilization, yall have no shame……..ya should ask ya friends about the black wicked mindedness at play from the fake pedigrees…..anyway of course we know who, DBLP….ask if they found any backers lately, since the $50 billion reparations FELL THROUGH….now ya have to go looking for the next slave master with Enuff money..

  49. #DANCEAWAY2020

    Let A Bitch Know (Honey Dijon’s That Bitch Knew Extended Remix)

    Not About You (feat. Hadiya George) (Extended Mix)

  50. Wuhloss…fyah in ya wyah….😂🤣🤣🤣..too busy to post the whole barbadostoday article, but’s on FB..for anyone who wants to read….

    “The Government saw it fit to compulsorily acquire property on Bay Street to give to a developer. It must also do the same for the black working class through cooperatives for agriculture, business development, and housing.

    It is hoped that laws which still seem to be derived from the slave codes will be removed from the laws of Barbados. This is in reference to laws being written from the punitive point of view of ‘let us deny them that’ colonial mentality; as though some things are still just too good for the black working class of Barbados.”

  51. Another flop by the Salemite and only a few days ago you were trumpeting your ability to think for yourself. Do some reading before posting nonsense.

  52. Ah did some reading and saw one of the Donville ICBL partners being escorted to court, is it today, looks like it, is that about an international arrest warrant….or is that about something else… many more international arrest warrants are out there……🤣🤣🤣

    Fowl…you can never draw me out, ya think i don’t know what that document’s all about, but unfortunately for yall, am now a spectator….too busy to get embroiled in the hot shit about to pour on yall.


  53. Ah can’t wait for them to process some international arrest warrants for yardfowls, let’s see what they’re getting up to in US, UK, Canada etc, we done know it’s all criminal.

  54. Just bear in mind, no one gives a shit if tourists kill all of you on the island with the virus, particularly not me, won’t shed a tear either, yall had more than Enuff warnings.

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