Visit Barbados, The Last Caribbean Authentic Experience You Will Ever Have


Barbados (IPA: [bɑrˈbeɪdos]), situated just east of the Caribbean Sea, is an independent island nation in the western Atlantic Ocean. At roughly 13° North and 59° West, the country lies in the southern Caribbean region, where it is a part of the Lesser Antilles island-chain. Barbados is relatively close to the South American continent, around 434 kilometres (270 miles) northeast of Venezuela. Its closest island neighbours are Saint Lucia and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines to the west, Grenada to the south-west, and Trinidad and Tobago to the south, with which Barbados now shares a fixed official maritime boundary.

Barbados’s total land area is about 430 square kilometres, (166 square miles), and is primarily low-lying, with some higher regions in the island’s interior. The organic composition of Barbados is thought to be of non-volcanic origin and is predominantly composed of limestonecoral. The island’s climate is tropical, with constant trade winds off the Atlantic Ocean serving to keep temperatures mild. Some more undeveloped areas of the country contain woodland and scrubland. Other parts of the interior which contribute to the agriculture industry are dotted with large sugarcane estates and wide, gently sloping pastures, with many good views down to the sea coast.

Barbados has one of the highest standards of living and literacy rates worldwide. Despite its small size, Barbados’s Human Development Index ranking is consistently among the top 35 in the world. It is currently ranked third in the Americas, behind the United States of America and Canada. The island is also a major tourist destination.


Sometimes we forget the beauty which our country Barbados possesses. Having travelled to many islands in the Caribbean Barbados stands out in our opinion. No wonder we are trying so hard to keep the flag flying high.

By the way, if you can’t afford the top tier hotels there is always the small cozy establishments which can make your holiday one to remember.

6 thoughts on “Visit Barbados, The Last Caribbean Authentic Experience You Will Ever Have

  1. As a Barbadian I like other Barbadians am proud to read testaments like this of our homeland.

    However given the many comments on this and other blogs including the mainstream press am I wrong in saying that some of what is being claimed is not reality in the real world?

    One wonders if the timing of this piece is not politically motivated!

    Who was responsible for it and are they credible?

  2. After reading that lovely piece on the Barbados that was – I would like to add another sentence:


  3. BTA

    Thank you. I really do not see a lot wrong with it to be truthful.

    However it is always risky to embellish as this story has done a destination that so many know intimately and which is not in keeping with the Barbados as it is today. And I dare say some of what has been said is really stretching the truth.

    The last paragraph is so full of BS one would need a shovel. What agriculture industry is left?

    Anyway whatever you guys think works go for it!

  4. I actually quite like the ‘ad’ but one fatal error!

    No call to action.

    The ‘ad’ ends with the Barbados flying fish logo BUT no website addresss for the next move. or

    Quite remarkable when you consider that the lady in the ‘ad’ is sitting behind a laptop.

    I am really suprised the creative people let this happen.

    Perhaps someone could explain or was part of the ‘ad’ missing?

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