‘Lynch: Airport trolleys were news to me’


Source: Wednesday July 18th, 2007 – Midweek Nation


‘The first time that Minister of Tourism and International Transport, Noel Lynch knew about the introduction of trolleys at the airport was when the issue was raised by an Opposition MP in the House of Assembly’. He made this clear while addressing Parliament yesterday, charging that any claim by Grantley Adams International Airport (GAIA) Inc, former board Chairman Colin Brewer to suggest otherwise was a lie’.

Well who exactly is lying?


According to the Government Information Service own website ‘On Tuesday August 15th, 2006 the Minister responsible for International Transport, The Honourable Noel Lynch, M.P. met with the Chairman and Directors of the Grantley Adams International Airport.



‘Central to these discussions was the functioning of the Porter (Red Cap) service at the Airport. The matter was fully vented and all present agreed unreservedly that the Porters (Red Caps) would under no circumstances be disadvantaged relative to any role being performed by them at present or in the future of the facility’.

It added ‘The operational plans for the Arrivals Hall under the expanded and upgraded Airport and a new management structure had always contemplated the provision of ‘personal’ luggage trolleys for use by incoming passengers, operating in conjunction and along side Porters but never to the detriment of the existing porter corps’.


In today’s Nation report Lynch insisted ‘that the first time he had any knowledge of the introduction of trolleys at GAIA, was when the issue was raised in the House of Assembly by St. Michael South Central MP, Richard Sealy a year ago’.


Adrian Loveridge

6 thoughts on “‘Lynch: Airport trolleys were news to me’

  1. Barney may yet prove a liabilty to Arthur. He is starting to create mucho distrust among Barbadians.

    But are we being too harsh. Some people say that he is a hard worker. BU confuse!

  2. Well, well, well what a level we have reached when Lynch can refer to someone as a liar, we have reached a new low.
    When the accused can play in the same league as Lynch he is doing well as we have all witnessed that Lynch has no equal when lying is the issue.
    Do we remember his 90,000 vistors for CWC, or the 700 yachts visting or the 45,000 visitors on the 35 cruise ships or the sham of the lease of the Destiny for US $ 15 million.
    He is a compulsive liar with no limit to his fantasy, when will Muscle Mary finally awake from his slumber ?
    He can be very foul mouthed as well as was displayed at CWC earlier this year when he was confronted by someone he used more four lettered words than you can think of.
    Just simply a piece of garbage that should be disposed of.

  3. The cwc comment could be passed off as a grossly miss calculated error on his part, not an intended lie (just a comment).
    What more intrest me is the topic of the trollies. I would like to see the day when these red caps are no longer in the terminal. They are pushy, and rude when turned down. Like a flock of vultures zooming in for a snack. As for the charges, God forbid you give them a $2.00 a bag tip , the look that you get and the grumbling is ridiculous. They do our tourist industry no good, its time to move them out.

  4. Forgot to mention the “under the table” activity between them and the customs. Most everyone knows that if you know a red cap they can help you get through the line quick without hassle, for a price. I see it all the time (and I travel a lot) People coming through with 6 bags and get a smile, while others with 2 bags get shackle out and searched. Utter madness.

  5. I have to agree the ‘red caps’ are certainly not an asset. I understand however that they need to make a living so one can’t just dismiss them. However they do need some serious training.

    Whenever I come through the airport one is always quick to ask if you want help. And I do agree for that help….but whenever my bags appear on the carousel….there is never that ‘red cap’ around. I therefore have to lift them off.

    They usually appear as soon as you have your bags and are starting to move.

    I have to say that I then tell them not to worry.

    Thanks to the suitcase manufactures we now have wheels and handles which makes for easy handling!!

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