Explaining the LOST DECADE

Posted as a comment by Greene to the Government Using Throne Speech to Signal Fresh Guard

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Over the years and with experience, I have found that humans don’t analyse events properly and thoroughly. They come up with excuses and not the proper aetiology for why events occur. Thus they solve for the wrong problems or don’t learn from past events making the same mistake over and over- a recurring loop so to speak.

Take for example the so called lost decade between 2008 and 2018 where it is often bruited about without proper analysis that BIM lost its way. Because that was the period BIM’s economy plunged in line with the economies of most countries- a period roughly between 2008-2016 known as the great recession, a PM who was not a great communicator when not on the campaign trail, and where the populace believed that Govt MPs got rich beyond the salaries of their offices.

However, if the period prior to this is examined, you would find that on the face of it the economy was travelling at warp speed in line with but lagging the tremendous economic growth that visited the rest of the world. We had an effervescent PM perhaps because of the economy and he enjoyed great political freedom and gravitas, MPs got rich over night with little push back from the citizens because everyone was in an economic state of euphoria. This for the most part was the period between 1994-2008.  There were many scandals from the GEMS project to Greenland to Hardwood to the Kensington Oval redevelopment to the Barrack Building to EDUTEC not necessarily in that order and that is only a few. What really marked that period for me was there was no attempt at building a sustainable black economy. Government’s capital projects were mostly, if not all routed towards the traditional money class Bajans who do not reflect the racial make up of most Bajans.

I have always contended that that period signalled the no return point for BIM. The desecration of the West Coast, the sell off of Government lands, the borrow and spend policies by Government, followed by the borrow and spend habit of the population at large, the rise of land prices and other prices with no comparable rise in salaries, the stupid mantra of land is only an asset and the push to make BIM a first world country built on credit and piss poor laws and enforcement thereof, were a milieu for disaster.

It was a slow burning crisis that just needed a catalyst to set events in motion as BA Turner theorised in his 1978 seminal work called Man-made Disaster as distinguished from natural disasters although it is arguable whether there is a difference. He posited that all disasters have an incubation period where latent pathogens go unnoticed or if noticed excuses are created, erroneous analysis made, or cultural habits prevent proper fixes

All the signs were there of system failure- huge national and personal debt, corrupt politicians, a population spending beyond its means, weak legal infrastructure, dilapidated island wide physical infrastructure, a failing unreformed civil service, an uncaring and expectant public, an unchecked criminal underbelly, and a greedy private sector.

Then entered a deep recession as I mentioned above (2008-16) and the flaccid DLP regime after Thompson. It failed to arrest the slide if it could have. It is my contention that would have called for a PM and Cabinet with huge cajones to effect systemic changes that were needed and long overdue, an understanding civil service and a pliable private sector and public. None of that was present and none of that could have been, given the heady days of the previous years and the expectations that those days would continue and hence the deep disappointment that they didn’t.

That the DLP didn’t recognize this pending disaster or if it did, did nothing, is what Turner (1976) called rigidity in organisations, inability to handle multiple issues, ignoring warning signs, and a tendency to minimise problems that often negatively impact disaster mitigation. And so the DLP was blamed for the drastic economic slide of Barbados and was soundly embarrassed at the polls. It did not win a seat and won 1 or 2 constituency voting boxes.

Returning to Normalcy
The present Govt headed by MAM labelled that period the lost decade and every ill that BIM ever suffered was located there. No attempt was made to differentiate the period of PM Thompson from the period of PM Stuart and none was made to examine whether they inherited any problems from the previous administration. Perhaps because some of the new MPs were in Cabinet in the 1994-2008 period, it was enough to give Bajans a place to direct their anger at the failings of the DLP. As Drubek (1994) contends, the politics around accountability substitute systemic failures for individual guilt. And as Boin (2005) points out, even when this is known, leaders spin this information to assign blame away from them-selves.

From deliberately defaulting on the debt repayment, to BERT, to BOSS, to BEST and the rest, MAM and the BLP have sought to return to normalcy, if normalcy can be defined as the period between 1994-2008. They have been diverted partially but not entirely by; COVID, legal missteps (ACOP bungling and the failure to pass Anti Corruption law in the Senate), and policy issues (Ministry of Education numerous faux pas).

That leads into the question of capability to solve problems. Capability in government often relates to political leaders and government department possessing the technical and financial, organizational and policy wherewithal to respond to the matters at hand (Cigler, 2007). Effective response may be hampered by lack of delegation, spotty decision-making and inadequate communication (Paton and Jackson, 2002). Furthermore, apathy (political and public) to pending problems, budgetary restraints and organizational dysfunction militate against disaster planning and response (Drabek et al., 1981). It is a matter of argumentation whether such issues depict the present BLP under MAM

To the very present
So here we are after a Throne Speech that inter alia, sees BIM becoming a Republic next year, civil unions for gay couples, and a host of financial manoeuvrings which are yet to be digested fully by the public. Suffice it to say the prospect of civil unions is an easier sell than gay marriage, and becoming a Republic are the topics occupying the minds of Bajans. Some ask whether this Thorne Speech hullabaloo was a reset or more hot air from a PM who loves to talk but delivers very little in terms of substance. I will state definitely I don’t see a reset. Moreover, the question that remains is, are we in a recurring loop?


  • @Tell me Why September 19, 2020 9:53 PM

    Your god Barrow was a mediocre socialist ideologue.

    Every child knows that Marx designed socialism as a progression of industrial society. One must be mentally retarded to misunderstand Marx. That is why all countries in the Caribbean, South America and Africa failed with socialism – there is no shortcut from the wild plantation to socialism. In Barbados, Barrow could only redistribute poverty, but not wealth.

    The declaration of independence was also very bad for Barbados. Have you ever been to the French or Dutch Antilles or to French Guyana? Here in Barbados, after 10 years of DLP rule, it looks like the African or Amazon jungle, everything run-down and broken, while in the European overseas territories in the Caribbean the standard of living is much higher than here.

    The Barbadians have to pay a very high price for the fact that a megalomaniacal potentate with average intelligence led Barbados to independence in 1966. It would have been much wiser to negotiate an autonomy status and generous subsidies with Britain. Then we would be much better off today. The blacks would then also have taken power, but without the high costs of a complete state apparatus and with monetary gifts from London.


  • “Referenda because the European countries uses them?”

    yall are the same mentally weak a*sholes who continue to double down on your lack of consciousness while showing the world that ya incapable of living and surviving without European tourists, don’t have the mental acuity to do anything constructive to lift yourselves out of that trap, and instead of moving away from it, like a magnet ya still drawn to dependency and won’t see what is wrong with that until it’s too late, although it’s too late already…..so what is wrong with using referenda…

    African countries are still colonized just like you….the one difference between you and them is……….you have no clue what’s going on in Africa…….but there are tens of millions of Africans more than conscious, spiritually ready and able to do what is necessary, yall still know not that you know not and are still firmly entrenched in the 18th century in your minds……that’s the difference.


  • yep…the legacy of being lead slave master overseeing one of the most racist countries in the world, against Black people, it has to be a childhood dream, that’s how toxic and deadly colonialism is….yet fowls don’t think the island should use referenda….watch much nuh..

    “From the outset let me state that I am one of the individuals who placed my x on a ballot paper in 2018 and got rid of arguably the worst government Barbados has ever seen and a Prime Minister, as intelligent as Freundel Stuart was reputed to be, who never saw the danger or irony in referring to himself as a “sleeping giant”.

    Which political leader wants to be seen as a sleeper, even if we all see? It provides too much fodder for opponents. But I must say that as much as I love and respect Prime Minister Mia Mottley, her haste in doing things seems to suggest she is more interested in creating a legacy than anything else.

    It is like a Prime Minister in a hurry.

    I hope I am wrong but I am watching her carefully………………….”


  • Question still gone unanswered.

    Help me free mind from bondage

    When in the HISTORY of the African countries that we came from was their ever a use of a referendum?

    I am not for or against any referendum. but for a “pro” black to say to do it because the “whites” are doing it is pure BS!
    If quaker john had made that statement you would have be all over him


  • Here is what going on in the consious africa today. Not in the 18th century in my mind


  • “When in the HISTORY of the African countries that we came from was their ever a use of a referendum?”

    you need to google that answer yourself, and never ask a question unless you know at least a quarter of the answer, ya can return and tell me what you found….do not ask questions unless you already know the answer, don’t just ask questions to impress.

    someone posted that same link to FB and i asked them if they wanted me to post the laundry of problems Barbados got…..the poster did not even know that there was such a thing as genetic memory, which means the problems found in Africa can also be found to a lesser extent in Barbados, the island is small and population is just yeah above 260,000 Africans…..


  • if you dont know the answer just say so.
    I know the answer long before i asked the question.

    My point is is if you want to eradicate white from our minds then if you going to push something then push it because blacks did it not because “europe” does it.

    You could have easily use the other caribbean countries

    You should know by now thet i dont just spout to impress like YOU do. i always have back up

    you may have the last word.


  • well i know the answer about Africa too, why don’t you post your answer and i will post mine, yes, ya trying to impress because if ya really did ya research ya would know that it’s a shite question, i know people on the ground in Africa, some in positions of power, so i should know certain things..

    … there is still a petition being signed BY PEOPLE ON THE CONTINENT and in the Diaspora to be presented to AFRICAN GOVERNMENTS…regarding the discussion for citizenship for Diasporans on the Continent….i posted it in the west myself.

    …why you would think that no African countries hold state referendums is beyond me….and if ya say otherwise ya lying…

    it just highlights fowl slave dumbness, like not knowing that we were all born in the Americas or that the Caribbean is in the Americas……and we already know yall don’t know shit about Africa, don’t care how many bones or duppy dust ya run down there to bury, ya never considered yaselves black let alone African, ya always considered yaselves english slaves, property of the crown…now ya are an expert on Africa..and don’t even know who the hell ya are…

    .all of a sudden ya want to unshackle from UK. but the continent is being warned about all you frauds, pretenders, sellouts and traitors.

    now you can have the last word..


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