Explaining the LOST DECADE

Posted as a comment by Greene to the Government Using Throne Speech to Signal Fresh Guard

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Over the years and with experience, I have found that humans don’t analyse events properly and thoroughly. They come up with excuses and not the proper aetiology for why events occur. Thus they solve for the wrong problems or don’t learn from past events making the same mistake over and over- a recurring loop so to speak.

Take for example the so called lost decade between 2008 and 2018 where it is often bruited about without proper analysis that BIM lost its way. Because that was the period BIM’s economy plunged in line with the economies of most countries- a period roughly between 2008-2016 known as the great recession, a PM who was not a great communicator when not on the campaign trail, and where the populace believed that Govt MPs got rich beyond the salaries of their offices.

However, if the period prior to this is examined, you would find that on the face of it the economy was travelling at warp speed in line with but lagging the tremendous economic growth that visited the rest of the world. We had an effervescent PM perhaps because of the economy and he enjoyed great political freedom and gravitas, MPs got rich over night with little push back from the citizens because everyone was in an economic state of euphoria. This for the most part was the period between 1994-2008.  There were many scandals from the GEMS project to Greenland to Hardwood to the Kensington Oval redevelopment to the Barrack Building to EDUTEC not necessarily in that order and that is only a few. What really marked that period for me was there was no attempt at building a sustainable black economy. Government’s capital projects were mostly, if not all routed towards the traditional money class Bajans who do not reflect the racial make up of most Bajans.

I have always contended that that period signalled the no return point for BIM. The desecration of the West Coast, the sell off of Government lands, the borrow and spend policies by Government, followed by the borrow and spend habit of the population at large, the rise of land prices and other prices with no comparable rise in salaries, the stupid mantra of land is only an asset and the push to make BIM a first world country built on credit and piss poor laws and enforcement thereof, were a milieu for disaster.

It was a slow burning crisis that just needed a catalyst to set events in motion as BA Turner theorised in his 1978 seminal work called Man-made Disaster as distinguished from natural disasters although it is arguable whether there is a difference. He posited that all disasters have an incubation period where latent pathogens go unnoticed or if noticed excuses are created, erroneous analysis made, or cultural habits prevent proper fixes

All the signs were there of system failure- huge national and personal debt, corrupt politicians, a population spending beyond its means, weak legal infrastructure, dilapidated island wide physical infrastructure, a failing unreformed civil service, an uncaring and expectant public, an unchecked criminal underbelly, and a greedy private sector.

Then entered a deep recession as I mentioned above (2008-16) and the flaccid DLP regime after Thompson. It failed to arrest the slide if it could have. It is my contention that would have called for a PM and Cabinet with huge cajones to effect systemic changes that were needed and long overdue, an understanding civil service and a pliable private sector and public. None of that was present and none of that could have been, given the heady days of the previous years and the expectations that those days would continue and hence the deep disappointment that they didn’t.

That the DLP didn’t recognize this pending disaster or if it did, did nothing, is what Turner (1976) called rigidity in organisations, inability to handle multiple issues, ignoring warning signs, and a tendency to minimise problems that often negatively impact disaster mitigation. And so the DLP was blamed for the drastic economic slide of Barbados and was soundly embarrassed at the polls. It did not win a seat and won 1 or 2 constituency voting boxes.

Returning to Normalcy
The present Govt headed by MAM labelled that period the lost decade and every ill that BIM ever suffered was located there. No attempt was made to differentiate the period of PM Thompson from the period of PM Stuart and none was made to examine whether they inherited any problems from the previous administration. Perhaps because some of the new MPs were in Cabinet in the 1994-2008 period, it was enough to give Bajans a place to direct their anger at the failings of the DLP. As Drubek (1994) contends, the politics around accountability substitute systemic failures for individual guilt. And as Boin (2005) points out, even when this is known, leaders spin this information to assign blame away from them-selves.

From deliberately defaulting on the debt repayment, to BERT, to BOSS, to BEST and the rest, MAM and the BLP have sought to return to normalcy, if normalcy can be defined as the period between 1994-2008. They have been diverted partially but not entirely by; COVID, legal missteps (ACOP bungling and the failure to pass Anti Corruption law in the Senate), and policy issues (Ministry of Education numerous faux pas).

That leads into the question of capability to solve problems. Capability in government often relates to political leaders and government department possessing the technical and financial, organizational and policy wherewithal to respond to the matters at hand (Cigler, 2007). Effective response may be hampered by lack of delegation, spotty decision-making and inadequate communication (Paton and Jackson, 2002). Furthermore, apathy (political and public) to pending problems, budgetary restraints and organizational dysfunction militate against disaster planning and response (Drabek et al., 1981). It is a matter of argumentation whether such issues depict the present BLP under MAM

To the very present
So here we are after a Throne Speech that inter alia, sees BIM becoming a Republic next year, civil unions for gay couples, and a host of financial manoeuvrings which are yet to be digested fully by the public. Suffice it to say the prospect of civil unions is an easier sell than gay marriage, and becoming a Republic are the topics occupying the minds of Bajans. Some ask whether this Thorne Speech hullabaloo was a reset or more hot air from a PM who loves to talk but delivers very little in terms of substance. I will state definitely I don’t see a reset. Moreover, the question that remains is, are we in a recurring loop?

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  1. @Greene September 17, 2020 1:19 PM “are you being sarcastic? i hope so. i didnt know that agreement was a prerequisite to the GG delivering the PM’s speech”

    Nope, not being sarcastic. The GG if she disagreed with the speech could have said to the boss lady. “I int doing it”

    The GG job is ALWAYS given to a pensioned elder. The fact that no GG ever needs the job in order to buy his or her groceries, gives any GG enormous power to say “NO”

    Still i hope to see a 35 year old GG before i die, that is sometime before 2043.

    But the GG is a lady.

    Not me. I am just a bombastic, ZR catching, working class old gal. I wouldda say “NO’ that very morning, if I disagreed.

    So I take it that the GG agreed.

  2. KKK
    Elsewhere is talking about the ‘death of the labour party’

    We trust he means both, but we highly doubt

    For they both came from the same root..

    For he is from the highly partisan and dominant majority

    Cuhdear Bajan is cut from the same cloth.

  3. @ Greene

    Are you happy with the ‘minor edits’ by the chairman? I do not think he understands basic journalism. Apart from news stories, you do not change a person’s copy without approval.

  4. I always hear this negative talk about the sale of coastal land along the west coast. It was one of the better land use policies of recent.

  5. Mira……here is the bottom line..another one, Buckingham Palace SAID…that the PEOPLE ARE THE ONES TO MAKE THEIR DECISIONS GOING FORWARD….Mia is your employee, I don’t give a rat ‘s ass who she thinks she is, she is a civil servant being paid BY BLACK PEOPLE….she is SUPPOSED TO BE WORKING on the PEOPLE’S BUSINESS…YOU ARE THE PEOPLE….you are the ones to hold her ACCOUNTABLE GOING FORWARD….she is a goddamn employee…NOTHING MORE…..don’t care what delusional bullshit she and her family carry around in their arrogant swollen heads…

    some people have it more difficult because they are the minority in a white-controlled country, you are THE BLACK MAJORITY POPULATION who FUND EVERYTHING in YOUR BLACK COUNTRY….you can tell Mia and her tiefing minorities and her fellow crooks in the parliament and bar association to GO FCUK OFF…ya not having any more of THEIR NASTY CORRUPTION, THEFTS AND DISENFRANCHISEMENT OF YOURSELVES AND YOUR CURRENT AND FUTURE GENERATIONS……


  6. @Hal,

    the chairman as you call him has my implied permission to edit and lead with my posts if he thinks fit. i wish he would extend that to correct minor grammatical errors. and i liked his headline. in short i dont have any issues with what he did.

    the only real issues i have with the chairman is sometimes i have a difficult time understanding what he is trying to convey

    • @Greene

      Feel free to submit articles via the contact page under Confidential Message at top of page. The blogmaster welcomes all perspectives. Your submission is do8ng well on social media.

  7. no problem, Mr Chairman. next time edit the minor errors nuh. is there a link to social media. i dont have a facebook account but i can use my son’s if he gives me permission lol

    • @Greene

      The blogmaster is not a grammarian and does not have the time to be a fully functional spellchecker. Simple Simon should volunteer for he job.

      It means the link is being forwarded on WhatsApp, posted to Facebook etc.

  8. “Warmed over soup”
    Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall & all the consultants (rigor mortis brigade) could come up with was warmed over soup.
    As the Texans would say; “all hat & no cattle”.
    Pass the popcorn..lol

  9. Mr Blogmaster I dont read social abbreviations perfectly well but ur 3:56 seems like real high level cuasing!😎

    So u want to tell @Austin a piece of ur mind … but u is the “chairman” tho … leave that for us.

    As “chairman” you MUST rise above the petty fights… how else can YOU have credibility when u drop a piece talking about today’s scandalous youth who cuss parents, teachers, siblings and more and support it with chatter about “back in the day” how discipline and respect was more ingrained.

    Sorta is a bad example.. you dont think … actually quite Trumpian or Mottleyistic; I can do and say whatever the badword I want to do and prance parade real pretty about what others shouldn’t do!

    Ah well … tis the times!

    • @Dee Word

      The blogmaster does not ‘cuss’ like the late Arthur did but will resort to muscular language from time to time if the queen’s English does not do justice.

  10. Interesting response to the lost decade

    Not sure why people get upset when the Prime Minister speaks about the lost decade when there was in actuality a lost decade. We are all aware that she makes errors during her ramblings. She just happen to have the period wrong. The lost decade occurred during the 1994 to 2008 period when the national debt increased from 54 million to 856 million.
    Let me explain what the losses are that the Prime Minister is referring to. She is speaking about the 35 million dollars poured into Greenland. The 50 million that was spent on EduTech. The disappearance of the 12 million that was supposed replace the old water mains. The 500 million from the World Bank for the Bridgetown re-development plan that followed the billy goat in the wilderness. The 400 million to build a prison that cost approximately 100 million. Then there was the high over runs of the ABC Highway. The disappearance of the 100 million that was borrowed for a rainy day. The 100 million that was given to LIAT in 2002 to keep Antiguans employed after the September 11th fall out. Don’t forget the millions lost during the World Cup preparations. The disappearance of the 50 million designated to build low cost houses. The 400 thousand golden bath, the 20 thousand spent to cut down the ackee tree, as well as the 20 thousand well. We can’t forget the CLICO fiesta where 2 million was given to a government MP. The 87 million tax write off during the CIBC Barclays merger allong with the half million dollar tax written off of a
    MP’s father’s tax liabillity. The millions wasted in the GAWS project. The alledge pay outs during the Port St Charles project.
    In addition to those high lighted there was a whole lot more that occurred in the Public Service. For instance, the Central Bank scandal, the theft at the Treasury and the Mental Hospital. I could go on and on about the wastage of public funds during the fourteen years of the Owen Arthur’s reign.
    If that is not the period of great economic loss, tell us what is?

    From a fb page

  11. @ Mariposa

    A brilliant piece on the Arthur years. All it needs is to be written in a serious style and not as gossip. The Arthur years underperformed the region and global economies.
    A proper analysis is a challenge for our academic economists.

  12. I belive the writer wanted to use the post as satirical and send the message neatly tied up in truth
    All day long BU lays out a table of mundane topics which distract from the realities of barbados economic mess
    That posting was a real opener posted under the topic

  13. @ Greene

    Not interested. More importantly, ordinary Barbadians are not interested. It will be read as party political. Barbadians prefer things as they are, when the president could talk in the Queen’s Speech about a surplus and not a word said in anger or inquisitorially.
    There is an essay called Ethics in Government, by Richard Baron, the moral philosopher, it is a good read. In it he talks about the duty of a government not to mislead people, a duty to act within the law, a duty not to cover up outrageous conduct and a duty to keep promises made in manifestoes.
    He writes for Philosophy Now, a good magazine available at WH Smith. Bed time.

  14. David BU you are the blogmaster and anytime anyone mashes the crease or insults you especially Austin or Mariposa ban their asses let them form their own blog.In my view you are far to lenient on those two.As for Greene comment about the GG i agree with Cuddear no one could force her to read any speech she does not want to.She would have read the speech beforehand in my view and could have refused.Lest we forget she would have been appointed by the Stuart administration and is a lady i admire greatly.

  15. In it he talks about the duty of a government not to mislead people, a duty to act within the law, a duty not to cover up outrageous conduct and a duty to keep promises made in manifestoes.




  16. Blame the media for the way barbadians response to the economic crisis
    Look how Mia used the GG to speak on her behalf
    A message whose content were laden with political speak and where the GG was placed in a position to participate in political gamemanship at the cost of being perceived as a being a wolf in sheep’s clothing
    No way should the GG being placed and position to be seen as doing the bidding of govt

  17. Ha.ha.
    Look how lorenzo flew off the fence like she frighten
    Did u read the 4.36 post
    As a matter of fact i will send it to PM Mottlly as a point of interest

  18. @Mariposa September 17, 2020 4:36 PM

    Mariposo if what is written here is true, why did not ‘your people” keep the courts busy? Get some convictions, and order the convicts to return the people’s money to the people; or were “your people” simply waiting for their turn at the hog trough?

    @Hal Austin September 17, 2020 5:11 PM ” the duty of a government not to mislead people, a duty to act within the law, a duty not to cover up outrageous conduct and a duty to keep promises made in manifestoes.”

    So “your people” were in office for two terms years and did not lift a finger to secure convictions and return of tax payers money even though they had “a duty not to cover up outrageous conduct?” or were “your people” simply enjoying their turn at the hog trough?

  19. Explain the Throne speech from a Mia fan fb page
    Called a pray for Mia

    I pray that mia get a conscience, and stop looking out for self, I pray mia stop pushing same sex on the youth, and bad morals, I pray mia get real friends👭👬👫 that would lead her in a positive direction, for the country and stop being fraudulent in everything, I pray mia, would use her charm to get investors that would create employment, I pray mia Don infect b’dos dose with 😷disease to get free Covid money, I pray, that people would stop kissing Mia’s a rse, mia is the government, she has muted her ministers and employ 👭👬👫, friends, I cannot say minister this or ministers that, because she has only 6, I see 🇧🇧 slipping, I see myself getting old and getting no NiS, that i contributed to, I see my grand children’s, lost / hopeless bright, but no opportunities in 🇧🇧, I see a woman that fake an image, fought for a job that she cannot get do, I understand Covid, but I see private companies doing well, with strategic planning before and after, mia is a failure, a fake, bare talk, useless, I will talk until I see change,

  20. Cuhdear are u serious about truth
    Did OSA deny or make statements to the effect of denial
    Barbadians do have short memories including yours i might say
    The best you should do with that 4.36 posting is read..sallow and digest
    This govt likes harping about the past but forget or conveniently tries to forget that their reign in fourteen years was not squeaky clean

  21. Cuh dear uh need to read with understanding in reference to private companies “doing well” the follow up points to govt strategies which are placing these companies on a foundation of govt funding to make it feasible and possible for them to move forward financially in this Covid environment

  22. Poor Mariposa you believe thst posting from facebook going to help you or the two losers vying for President? Everyone knows there is a lot of fake news on these platform. For all we know it could have been you who posted that rubbish since a lot of you Dems are dangerous and deceitful and would do anything to undermine this government not caring anything about the damage to the country, reputation or bajans in general.This is why it is important to keep the Dems out in the wilderness for at least 15 more years due to their sheer incompetence and dismal recent record.

  23. all Bim Govts accuse each other of malfeasance. that is by and large how they get elected. the one that seems less theiving in that period gets voted in. they all promise to prosecute and then they dont. same thing Thompson did and same thing MAM did, Thompson prosecuted no one and MAM hasnt. is she going to continue from 2008 feeding at the trough?

    in fact one of those who was vilified, Sinckler, she appointed to some do nothing council. are we to assume that he has done nothing, has been forgiven, or she has no intention to prosecute him?

  24. @ john2 September 17, 2020 10:15 AM

    How are we going to achieve this Q2 3 and 4.FOR 2021. What is your source of delivery?

    Our economy needs a short therm stimulus. Tourism isn’t a reliable prospect at the present time. Meanwhile, what are our options:

    1) ethanol production. We have the expertise in sugarcane cultivation. Offshore cultivation in addition if needed. Leasing a couple hundred thousand acres of land from Guyana. The technology for creating ethanol fuel has existed since the 1920s, but didn’t really take off until the 1980s, starting in Brazil. Looking for renewable, alternative fuel sources, the Brazilian government saw that around 90% of the country’s cars ran on ethanol in the 80s. Although this number dropped at the same time as oil prices, the use of ethanol has increased once again in the nation. Now, ALL fuels used must contain a minimum of 25% ethanol. Brazil is the largest exporter of ethanol in the world: approximately 98 percent of newly-registered vehicles there run on alcohol and it has 32 million of the world’s 54 million FFVs.

    Ethanol is therefore blended with petrol – usually 85% ethanol to 15% petrol, or E85 – to produce the most common biofuel in the States. The highest percentage of ethanol fuel sold in the US is E85, but in sunny Brazil/bim, E95 – starting the car in cold weather being less of an issue.

    It takes 10 to 14 pounds of sugar to make a gallon of ethanol. Right now, raw sugar sells in the UK for £0.27 a pound.

    Homemade ethanol guru Floyd S. Butterfield and Silicon Valley entrepreneur and innovator Thomas J. Quinn want to see you making ethanol in your backyard. Their creation, called the E-Fuel 100 MicroFueler, is a stacked washer-dryer sized reactor that can convert sugar into ethanol for (they claim) $1.00US per gallon.

    We ate, slept, cultivate, drink and burn sugar cane for hundreds of years.

    We were maestros at this technology during the 1640’s and still are.

    2) again, is it going to be the green gold of the future. Not the approximately 500,000 green monkeys that are reaping our crops daily and hanging out with the dogs that are supposed to be fending them off. Medical weed, medical weed. The country’s that are cultivating Medical Weed don’t have the natural climate and perfect soil as we do. There are using artificial hydroponic means to grow the product in extremely large incubated nurseries. Here we are with the perfect climate and procrastinating awaiting the EU/North American DELIVER….

    3) We probably will crash n burn in anticipation.

    I’m a MIA Mottley supporter 1000 percent……However, if I deemed it necessary to have a voice on any subject that supports the native people of our great paradise BDS, I will not hesitate and don’t care who it offends, DLP or BLP…..Take that to de IMF.

  25. @ TronSeptember 17, 2020 9:19 AM
    “What a great day for Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II! Finally, she no longer has to deal with rebellious, impoverished islanders.”

    The British government must be quite pleased with this proposed change in relationship. Barbados is finally going to cut the last thread sustenance holding together the apron string.

    Now the British toff can tell Barbados to get lost as far as demands for reparations are concerned.

    The burning question is whether Barbados can afford this massively expensive re-branding exercise or would a special levy have to be imposed in the next budget called the ‘Levy for the New Republic’.

    ‘No taxation without representation’!

    Why didn’t the MAM administration put this far-reaching national change in governance to the people in the form of a referendum, as was promised?

    Tron you better demand your right to be in the last band of recipients of the insignia of KCMG for unswerving loyalty to the Queen MAM.

    Rise, Sir Tron, for outstanding subservience to your Majesty Queen MAM! LOL!

  26. Lorenzo
    Dam as if i did not know you were going to cuss me
    In a word of wars the Truth is the first casualty
    Btw responding in your dishonest impolite manner does not change the truth of the 4.36 posting
    People across social media platforms are fed up.with this govt especially Mia new found advantage of taking an economic issue or any other issue dealing with barbados and turning it into a Mia Media story

  27. @ PachamamaSeptember 17, 2020 7:04 PM
    We’ve never discern any real differences between the two, have you?”

    How could the miller ever who dubbed both of them as mere ‘Tweedle BEE’ and ‘Tweedle DEM’?

    Why the creation of contradiction and confusion with the people’s livelihood?
    Is she creating an environment in which only the ‘rich’ would be allowed to possess and smoke mary jane?

    Why should the people in the ghettoes’ have to pay a fine of $200 for a joint of an herb which the real ‘Pachamama has provided freely for the healing of the body and mind of the people?

    Why can’t the MAM administration treat the decriminalization of marijuana the same way it is playing the ‘Republicanism’ political card?

    Shouldn’t both be geared to principle and goal of freeing the people from foreign control?

    Doesn’t she have the political capital to shoot another ‘colonial’ bird with the same ‘dictatorial’ stone?

    Maybe MAM is concerned about the irrelevance of the police force in its current configuration in fighting crime and want to keep it ‘occupied’ as another tax collecting agency to keep the poor in their current state of economic serfdom.

  28. @ Miller September 17, 2020 6:30 PM

    Thank you very much for offering me the nobility on behalf of our Leader. But this does not fit on my letterhead anymore. LOL. In addition, our Leader does not award titles in public to members of phantom units operating behind enemy lines.

    The reparations dreams did not take off until the CARICOM islands were all bankrupt. Before that, they wanted to be on equal footing with the whites from the North, to be first worlds, now the amateur actor “Professor Sir” Reckless has taken the leading role in the Caribbean theater. Once Reckless was a really excellent scholar, now he plays a beggar. How disgraceful.

    As for the republican dreams, these are the usual tropical diversionary tactics. What have our provincial politicians not already promised us: Wealth for all with independence, a new hospital, an affordable house for everyone, cheap food and social advancement through UWI. Unfortunately, the reality looks quite different. I even claim that today, September 18, 2020, the difference in wealth between the masses and the bel étage of society has never been greater.

    The only important thing is the message to our lords, the foreign investors: Look, we have the means to continue to lull the masses to pay off your loans.

    But we should still press ahead with the Republic project. It offers the ideal opportunity to tailor the constitution entirely to our Leader and to secure her rule permanently. I have already written the first articles of the new constitution. Let’s see what will be implemented …

  29. @ Tony

    Your contribution above is noted and very commendable

    You said and de ole man quotes

    “…1) ethanol production. We have the expertise in sugarcane cultivation. Offshore cultivation in addition if needed.

    Leasing a couple hundred thousand acres of land from Guyana.

    The technology for creating ethanol fuel has existed since the 1920s, but didn’t really take off until the 1980s, starting in Brazil…”

    And you continue to expand on how this idea could be implemented.

    Absolutely brilliant!

    Unfortunately, “thou pisseth into the sea” when you drop ideas like this among the visionless BLP (and certainly for the DLP who thankfully are out of the HoA and should never be allowed back in there for 15 years or when all the last lot are dead)

    Jewels like this are lost here

  30. @ Piece the Prophet September 17, 2020 9:29 PM

    Great Prophet Piece!

    With the ethanol plan we could reintroduce the true plantation (not the hotel plantation of the outspoken senator and plagiarist of my phrases).

    COW would then at least have a real benefit from his plantation house if he and his pig supervised 1000 unemployed souls in the fields every day.

  31. “Why can’t the MAM administration treat the decriminalization of marijuana the same way it is playing the ‘Republicanism’ political card?”

    All her ill-intent toward the Black majority is falling flat and being exposed everywhere, she wants to own an island to keep as a slave plantation to enrich minorities and her fellow parliament parasites sucking on the lives of the people, while the people remain in modern-day slavery to pay off loans she took,so they can keep what they all stole over the decades offshored..

    But she is famous everywhere no matter how much she whines about her fellow DLP leeches saying this and that…trying to distract and dazzle with bullshit.

    when we are done with them, they will all be pariahs worldwide.

  32. All those slave plantations in Barbados will be shut down, no matter how long it takes, even if they and their wannabe slave master managers have to be EXPOSED EVERYEVERYWHERE, EVERY DAMN DAY…..they can all take that to the bank.

  33. Be jeez! The same people that talk most about our African roots and reclaiming our African culture and dunning way with the murderous “white man” religion ESPECIALLY THE ANGLICAN CHURCH, now fear letting go of the “benefits” of the MONARCHY?

    Shite man! I going outside to talk to my plants, man. They don’t suffer from multiple personality disorder!

  34. Miller…you and Pacha need to help out MIa…she believe being subjected to 400 years of British rule and colonization equals being a culture in the lives of African descended people in Barbados….🤣🤣😂🤣

    even after fake independence the colonization continued unabated and was even UPGRADED post-independence that never was……but she is so desperate to manage a SLAVE COLONY…that the irony escapes her..

    more exposure for you Mia…return to your drawing board and come back with something genuine and applicable to the majority population BEING AFRICAN.

  35. Donna..i lost track since last night, it may not be that, it’s the way Mia is going about it, she is hellbent on keeping the colonial SYSTEM IN PLACE…and cannot be allowed to get away with it, the whole ugly racist oppressive thing has to go…that is how they have all, those thieves of parliament and the minority community…have been ENRICHING THEMSELVES FOR THE PAST 60 YEARS….by using and abusing the colonial system and directing it against the African descended.

    she is now calling it A BAJAN CULTURE…..🤣😂🤣..

  36. I have writings i don’t put on BU for a reason, because am well aware that the African population’s SPIRITUALITY was beaten out of them over centuries, criminalized AND eventually STOLEN completely from the people by your deceitful, blackface leaders when they were finally allowed to slither into the parliament..

    ……FIRST…that spirituality MUST BE RESTORED…..or the people and island will REMAIN COLONIZED indefinitely.

    yall are not ready for all that information just yet.

  37. Miller and Pacha will both tell you, this is not a battle against flesh and blood but a SPIRITUAL BATTLE…against EVIL in high (colonial) and low (the parliament trash and minority thieves) places.

  38. (Quote):
    with the murderous “white man” religion ESPECIALLY THE ANGLICAN CHURCH, now fear letting go of the “benefits” of the MONARCHY? (Unquote).

    That ‘bastardized’ religion is dying and will end up on the same real estate dump heap of TIME as its mother in England and the monarchy.

    Would the KJV have to be edited and republished to reflect the ascension of King Charlie or Willie to the throne of irrelevance?

    It’s time black people return to their ‘true’ faith in the worship of the Spirit in the Sky responsible for their ebony skin and kinky hair symbolic of their ‘original’ closeness to their Creator.

    Then Nana-Buluku would be most pleased to see the return of the people with the skin of black diamond to their roots in the New Age of enlightenment and the rejection of the white man created false gods of plagiarized Jewish mythology.

  39. God save the queen

    Breaking news
    It is pleasure that I announce the formation of a third party that has already demonstrated it’s punching power. We are punching well above our weight.

    Everyone thought Nelson’s statue was off to a new destination, but our behind the scenes moves and our application of pressure to the right points demonstrated that the ‘We Like It So” (WLITS) party is a force to be reckoned with.

    “Down tawh, no move”.

    WLITS will once again be demonstrating it’s punching power when we knock talk of a ‘Republic’ out of the ring. This project is dead on arrival.

    In addition, we extend a hearty welcome to the 80,000 new immigrants because they will give us the sorely needed boots on the ground and a voice in parliament.

    When we reinforce our economic power with our own political power (this new voting block) then the people of Barbados will no longer be faced with issues like those above.
    We will transform the discussion.

    New people power
    WLITS is the savior
    God save the queen.

  40. No problem with reclaiming our African roots. Just be consistent.

    I am not in Mia’s head. I do not know what is her intent. That is why I am watching her. I cannot say that she is intending to keep the colonial system in place. She has said she is making a republic. She says Nelson will come down. To me the two must go together. I will wait and see.

  41. TONY

    Let me ask you the opposite question. What factors will cause decline for those quarters in 2021 when compared to this year?

    let us take this Q3 as an example. The two main economic drivers crop over (none) and back to school (very little). compared to last year Q3 will be down by probably over 20-30 %. For next year what can cause us to go any lower than this year? no back to school?
    You can see that happening? i cant at this moment.

    I don’t expect the island to shut down again. the covid situation should be a little better (vaccine etc) so even if we dont have a crop over I still expect some bajan “Yankees” to come home to visit. So although ! dont expect 20% growth (to make up what we lost this year) i do expect some positive growth when COMPARED TO 2020.

    Any additional activity (even a reduced crop over) will cause a bigger positive increase.

  42. @ Hants at 7 :26 PM

    The Benz has an MP number plate. It belongs to us. If it stays there too long I will send Cuh Dear to drive it away and put it in the appropriate location.

  43. David,

    Yes indeed! It’s a beautiful day in my neighbourhood. The rain fell yesterday and last night. My plants are happy. They look happy. So am I. Not perfectly happy but happy enough to want to keep on living not just because i’m afraid of dying but because I enjoy living.

    I am beginning to wonder if some people know how to be happy in this imperfect world.

    There was once a cartoon where the characters were able to enter into storybooks. I wish I could help some people to do that so they could kill the wicked witch and live happily ever after.

    As for me, I will fight on here in the real world with real people.

  44. (Unquote).
    She has said she is making a republic. She says Nelson will come down. To me the two must go together. I will wait and see. (Unquote).

    Nelson should be pulled down/removed on the day celebrating the 54th Independence as a symbolic precursor to what has been announced for November 2021.

    The same way the exploited plantation masses used to burn Mr. Hardin’ so too should an effigy of Nelson be pulled down and treated (like the altar to Baal) as the scapegoat to symbolize the final break with the country’s slavery and colonialist past.

    We, also, would wait to see if the Bajan elite would wish to retain their possessions of titles of “Lady”, “Sir” and “QC” along with their monarchical bling under the New Republic.

  45. “She has said she is making a republic.”

    which should have been FOLLOWED UP…with…we are DISMANTLING THE COLONIAL SYSTEM, creating our own BLACK NATION…which would have all the rights and benefits of AN INDEPENDENT PROGRESSIVE COUNTRY……..that will no longer practice racism, oppression, segregation, exploitation etc, against the Black majority……that would be consistency…you are confusing yourself….and I hope for your sake because it impacts me not either way…that it’s not just to be contradictive..

    still won’t change how am putting out reality either way…it it what it is.

  46. @ Donna September 18, 2020 9:59 AM

    So what is going to happen to the demand for Reparations against Britain?

    Would the Republic of Barbados be prepared to put the UK government before the International Court of Justice if the UK fails to meet the demands for reparations arising from the commercial exploitation of black labour during the period of chattel slavery?

  47. It is what it is…

    Miller…that is the $64,000 question…trying to keep a slave colony but seeking reparations….hope everyone can see the predicament……😂😂🤣🤣

    cause in reality, if that was not the case….the slave colony would have been dismantled IMMEDIATELY post election 2018…i don’t need some halfassed PM to show intent which she has already shown multiple time, i can think for myself and actually SEE…

    but now that it has been HIGHLIGHTED IN BOLD and the question asked and reality SHOWN…maybe there will be a RETHINK…

    this is not about some PM consistently showing off her ass, it’s not about her, it’s about the people who HIRED HER and PAYING HER AND ALL HER HANGERSON a very scare monthly salary….in the tens of millions of dollars.

  48. @ David September 18, 2020 10:19 AM

    Sounds like a reasonable question to ask given the fact that the demand for reparations has been on the front burner long before the issue of the republic.

    Don’t you think it’s time some action be achieved?

    What is Sir Hillary saying (and doing)?

  49. “The Caribbean nation is, however, expected to remain a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, the 54-nation club of mostly former British colonies which is led by the queen, and includes India.”

    It appears that the only person fooling themselves on here today is Donna…does she even realize that when all the documents are drawn up re republic…..and Mia is kicked out in 2023 because in reality, she should not even be there, but it is what it soo….hello….do the math, I don’t have spoon feed you…

    hence..”we will be a republic by 2021..is it, or whenever the 55th fake independence anniversary is……it will take longer than that to:

    .. dismantle a centuries-old system,

    ….rejig the Constitution….

    ….revamp all colonial slave laws now a living curse on the statute books…

    ….completely overhaul the corrupt supreme court….

    ….and redefine A REAL BARBADOS POLICE FORCE ….and not one in the 21st century still calling themselves human property of a crown….and in the case of Jamaica’s court system, gotta holler out and make a fuss about some false god saving Elizabeth, at every session..

  50. This one should read:

    REMOVE all colonial slave laws now a living curse on the statute books..and revamp all statues and legislations sans colonial laws..

  51. “I listened to our Prime Minister give an interview on ABC Australia, part of which was carried on CBC-TV news on 17 Sep 2020. In it, the Prime Minister explained that Barbadians will not be allowed a referendum, to decide on whether they support Barbados becoming a Republic.”

    If what Grenville is saying here is true, then going republic should have been in Mia’s manifesto and not some light bulb idea hurriedly being shoved down the people’s throat WITHOUT ANY CONSULTATION, so she can continue promoting herself…

    constitutional lawyers on the island should be checking into this to see if she is not violating the constitution re referenda…and the people’s RIGHT TO PARTICIPATE.

    not everyone accepts mediocrity..

  52. The old ass racists are out to serve their own interests of trying to remain relevant and 1st class citizens, allowed to by black governments in a majority Black country..

    “the British Monarchists Society

    It is with great disappointment that we have learned of the governments intention to quit the Queen by November 2021. It is out of love and respect for the people of Barbados (our brothers and sisters under our shared sovereign) that we write this open letter, asking each Barbadian subject to demand that the government give the people the right and ability to speak for themselves regarding this national issue. Great constitutional changes, or events that are to transpire in the future, thus resulting in the drafting of a new constitution, should not be left to the political classes, but to all of the people of Barbados. The current constitution has served the realm extremely well since 1966, and any such move to discard this instrument of freedom should be voted on directly, through referendum, by the people of Barbados.

    As the constitution has served the Barbadian people so well, so has their Queen – a point not to be taken lightly. The prudent thing for Parliament to do would have been to make a clean break from the United Kingdom if and when the people of Barbados instructed them to do so, not make such an announcement as was done yesterday. The announcement that Barbados is to be a republic by November 2021 makes it quite clear that the political class, and not the people, of Barbados no longer wish to be a part of our family, to no longer enjoy the benefits of our shared Monarch – a statement that should have waited until Her Majesty was no longer Head of State. Your one party Parliament decided otherwise. Politicians always think they know better but they do not, especially when they are up against the worlds most experienced stateswoman, with 68 years of political knowledge under her belt. What a wonderful way to thank the Queen for her decades of care and concern for her people in Barbados, especially right before she is due to celebrate her Platinum Jubilee in 2022. Thank you to the members of the Barbadian Parliament.

    Though Her Majesty has stated that the issue of becoming a republic is for the people of Barbados to decide.”

  53. Where is the objectivity on BU?

    What I see here is a group of miserable middle aged and retired people knee deep in negativity.

    If the Mia, Grenville, Bishop Joe or Verla say something, some people always assume the worse and use worse case scenarios as their reason to bash those people.

    Last week they were talking about moving away from the Westminster system. This week the GG talked about going republic, now they want to know the benefits of going republic.

    You want to tell that there was NOTHING POSITIVE AT ALL in the throne speech that the usual naysayers felt that was worth discussing, instead of using the same talking points to criticise, be it from the speech being too long to somebody not offering the GG glass of water?

    How these people talking you would feel that there wasn’t no rehearsal and the government just got up the same morning to surprise the GG with that speech.

  54. Gotta thank Blogmaster for posting the Grenville blog, am yet to wrap my head around why the PEOPLE WHO FUND THE ISLAND…are once against being deliberately CUT OUT of participation through referenda by Mia, it’s like if she is insisting that they are not intellectually capable of making their own decisions that impact them and their current and future generations…i personally don’t want Mia or any of the other sellouts in the parliament to be making any decisions on my or my family’s behalf, I take it as an insult and total disrespect.

  55. If the MAM administration is using its massive majority to force through its republic status agenda why not do the same to push through the other much needed ‘human rights’ reforms by the removal of laws from the statue book which discriminate against minority groups?

    The move to a republic is a significant (and much welcome) milestone on the road to the country’s political maturity.

    Why not use the opportunity to come up with a revised (rainbow) Constitution similar to what prevails in South Africa?

  56. So why don’t you tell Europe to stop using referenda, ya won’t dare open ya mouth out there and talk that shite, don’t care how much citizen ya are…….one petition in Switzerland, Iceland and some other countries can remove whole governments, the people put them there, PAY THEM and should have the power to remove them AND have a RIGHT to be INVOLVED in anything that is counterproductive, negative or positive that impacts their lives….yall low intellect low vibrations clown are always trying to keep your own people in Barbados and the Caribbean in the dark ages, as long as you got out…you too are a part of the backward problems….

  57. Boy oh boy! What is wrong with remaining in the Commonwealth????

    Fooling myself? And happy with it too! Michael Campbell is correct. Wuhnuh real miserable. Nothing pleases you at all! Mia is damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t.

    I have never fallen prey to “herd mentality”.

  58. My Cuhdear imitation.

    “If the Mia, Grenville, Bishop Joe or Verla say something, some people always assume the worse and use worse case scenarios as their reason to bash those people.”

    ***It happens that those mentioned above often have different opinions. It would be a remarkable feat if a person could agree with all of them. It follows that some bashing should be expected from some,

    “Last week they were talking about moving away from the Westminster system. This week the GG talked about going republic, now they want to know the benefits of going republic.”

    ***The blogmaster has already stated the obvious. For clarity, new meat was brought into the arena and the lions are feasting on it. It would be silly to expect them to ignore the new and raw meat and consume only food from last week.

    “You want to tell that there was NOTHING POSITIVE AT ALL in the throne speech that the usual naysayers felt that was worth discussing, instead of using the same talking points to criticize, be it from the speech being too long to somebody not offering the GG glass of water?”

    ***Why don’t you state the positives. Why must others do it for you? Do you realize that you are one of the naysayers as you have added nothing, nada, zilch zero to the discussion.

    “How these people talking you would feel that there wasn’t no rehearsal and the government just got up the same morning to surprise the GG with that speech.”

    ***Was there a rehearsal? I am on the outside and do not have a clue if there was. Share the inner working if they are available to you.

    Raise your game.

  59. Well …the police force sure as hell don’t know what is going on and were never informed…lol

    some love being in their colonial comfort zone of the mentally enslaved, I am happy for them, but don’t try to keep others who HAVE WAKEN UP…there with you, we know misery loves company, but in this ya on ya own, thoughts and prayers be with the eternal and perpetual slave, but stay the hell away from those who are not. We know all about Stockholm Syndrome.

    “Confusion, Confusion Confusion! There is so much confusion surrounding the announcement of the “decriminalization” of 14 grams of cannabis or less by the Governor General of Barbados in her recent Throne Speech, that one has to wonder if the drafters of this proposal were under the influence of some sort of legal intoxicating substance.

    The confusion surrounding the matter at hand does not reside with the Barbadian public alone, even the Royal Barbados Police Force (RBPF) is confused. Granted that some of its confusion and concerns are founded in pure ignorance, their state of mind is a result of the Government’s attempt to bamboozle the people of Barbados.

    It would seem that no consultation was had with the RBPF before the announcement of this ludicrous proposal for cannabis decriminalization was made by the PM through the GG. The RBPF has a solid point when it asks the question, how will officers determine whether the substance they have found an individual with is cannabis? Before, an officer was arresting a person based on suspecting them of having cannabis. The substance found had to be tested, so that the arresting officers claim could be validated. Thus someone could be smoking something resembling a spliff and be arrested, could plead not guilty and the laboratory tests would confirm that the substance was not cannabis. The question is as relates to the ticketing of persons for 14 grams of cannabis or less is, how does the officer determine that the substance that they are ticketing the person for is cannabis? Should the police wrongfully ticket a person for smoking a fanta (tobacco) spliff, how then does the individual appeal the ticket, and who will have the evidence?”

  60. Me nevah was a slave. Me born with white woman lovingly wiping me ass. Me never wipe any ass but me son’s coffee wid milk coloured, cutie, little one. Me was mentally free from birth – a gift from me mother dat she get from she fadda. Me nah wuk fuh white man. Me nah feel oppressed. Me know we got to watch Mia an me watchin’.

    Me love me black self. Me love me African roots. Me accept me ancestors’ past an me want to reclaim me African heritage. Me still love British comedy and Agatha Christie an Charles Dickens. Me nah gi dem up. Me nah tryin to erase all vestiges of European influence. Me gun keep de good parts.

    But me cyan onstan why it bodder some suh much dat me nah feel like me live in a hellhole. It hot but not like hell. An when me las see Mia she nah had nuh horns.

  61. We had little choice. The DLP had to go. Any improvement is an improvement.

    And there have been improvements. I do not regret voting for the BLP fifteen minutes before the polls closed. That shows how reluctant I was. Thing is I voted at the same time in 2013. Equally reluctant to vote for the DLP.

  62. It’s not the “lost decade” it’s the LOST 60 YEARS….all Barbados’ black leaders are good for is DEHUMANIZING and DEMORALIZING the majority Black population and IGNORING high court decisions…….low vibration negros…

    “Two years after the local High Court ordered the Superintendent of Prisons Lieutenant Colonel John Nurse and the Office of the Attorney General to pay a prison officer his outstanding salaries, the judgment is yet to be honoured.

    On September 4, 2018, Supreme Court Justice William Chandler handed down the ruling in favour of prison officer Trevor Browne against first defendant Nurse and second defendant the Attorney General.

    Justice Chandler ruled that the claimant Browne was entitled to be paid the salary of an Orderly Officer during the period he worked in that post at HMP Dodds.”

  63. Referenda because the European countries uses them?

    This from one who want to done away with anything “white” ??????

    Which African country that we come from evuh used a referendum????

    Teach muh

  64. Way back the visionary Errol Barrow mooted this Great Land will be gaining Independence. Critics left and right went on a decrying spree and eventually accept that it was a great move. Before the passing of Mr. Barrow he stated that we should pull away from the Monarchy and become a Republic….no one said a critical word. Owen Arthur and Freundel Stuart stated we should become a Republic……everybody agreed but as usual, it was just talk and no guaranteed action. Dominica, had more guts and went ahead to become a Republic. Has it affected them being a nation? Trinidad did it. So tell me critical guys. Is it going to affect us or should we be holding on to the Monarchy dress hems like a country waiting on permission from our Colonial masters. Come on guys….let go and tek off wunna political hats and move on.

    In the area of Same Sex Unions…..this is nothing new. Way back in the 60’s it was a known fact that a man couldn’t bend down to retrieve anything in St. James without people stating “yuh lookin to be bulled”. The world is changing, almost every country is relaxing same sex behaviour. However, Same Sex Marriage is another thing that the people of Barbados will have to extend it to a Referendum. I will not expound which man living with another man or which woman living with another woman. That is part of a democratic system involving privacy.

    Looking at the Lost Decade. Piece went to work on past spending/disappearances of funds behaving like Trump using Twitter whilst he prefer the fb information to decry the country without realising that we are still reeling under this Covid 19 pandemic, yet this country is still able to do far better than most countries. Do tell the blogging community…Do you feel Barbados would have been better off with another Prime Minister? This is no play, play financial management, this is a serious problem facing every country in the world dealing with financial losses of great proportions

    Hal and William I proposed you challenge Verla for Presidency since she prefer to be a “critic on the wall” with no alternative ideas. She must remember that The DEMS should be an alternative government instead of an alternative Opposition. I said what i want to say. Nightie folks.

  65. @Tell me Why September 19, 2020 9:53 PM

    Your god Barrow was a mediocre socialist ideologue.

    Every child knows that Marx designed socialism as a progression of industrial society. One must be mentally retarded to misunderstand Marx. That is why all countries in the Caribbean, South America and Africa failed with socialism – there is no shortcut from the wild plantation to socialism. In Barbados, Barrow could only redistribute poverty, but not wealth.

    The declaration of independence was also very bad for Barbados. Have you ever been to the French or Dutch Antilles or to French Guyana? Here in Barbados, after 10 years of DLP rule, it looks like the African or Amazon jungle, everything run-down and broken, while in the European overseas territories in the Caribbean the standard of living is much higher than here.

    The Barbadians have to pay a very high price for the fact that a megalomaniacal potentate with average intelligence led Barbados to independence in 1966. It would have been much wiser to negotiate an autonomy status and generous subsidies with Britain. Then we would be much better off today. The blacks would then also have taken power, but without the high costs of a complete state apparatus and with monetary gifts from London.

  66. “Referenda because the European countries uses them?”

    yall are the same mentally weak a*sholes who continue to double down on your lack of consciousness while showing the world that ya incapable of living and surviving without European tourists, don’t have the mental acuity to do anything constructive to lift yourselves out of that trap, and instead of moving away from it, like a magnet ya still drawn to dependency and won’t see what is wrong with that until it’s too late, although it’s too late already…..so what is wrong with using referenda…

    African countries are still colonized just like you….the one difference between you and them is……….you have no clue what’s going on in Africa…….but there are tens of millions of Africans more than conscious, spiritually ready and able to do what is necessary, yall still know not that you know not and are still firmly entrenched in the 18th century in your minds……that’s the difference.

  67. yep…the legacy of being lead slave master overseeing one of the most racist countries in the world, against Black people, it has to be a childhood dream, that’s how toxic and deadly colonialism is….yet fowls don’t think the island should use referenda….watch much nuh..

    “From the outset let me state that I am one of the individuals who placed my x on a ballot paper in 2018 and got rid of arguably the worst government Barbados has ever seen and a Prime Minister, as intelligent as Freundel Stuart was reputed to be, who never saw the danger or irony in referring to himself as a “sleeping giant”.

    Which political leader wants to be seen as a sleeper, even if we all see? It provides too much fodder for opponents. But I must say that as much as I love and respect Prime Minister Mia Mottley, her haste in doing things seems to suggest she is more interested in creating a legacy than anything else.

    It is like a Prime Minister in a hurry.

    I hope I am wrong but I am watching her carefully………………….”

  68. Question still gone unanswered.

    Help me free mind from bondage

    When in the HISTORY of the African countries that we came from was their ever a use of a referendum?

    I am not for or against any referendum. but for a “pro” black to say to do it because the “whites” are doing it is pure BS!
    If quaker john had made that statement you would have be all over him

  69. “When in the HISTORY of the African countries that we came from was their ever a use of a referendum?”

    you need to google that answer yourself, and never ask a question unless you know at least a quarter of the answer, ya can return and tell me what you found….do not ask questions unless you already know the answer, don’t just ask questions to impress.

    someone posted that same link to FB and i asked them if they wanted me to post the laundry of problems Barbados got…..the poster did not even know that there was such a thing as genetic memory, which means the problems found in Africa can also be found to a lesser extent in Barbados, the island is small and population is just yeah above 260,000 Africans…..

  70. if you dont know the answer just say so.
    I know the answer long before i asked the question.

    My point is is if you want to eradicate white from our minds then if you going to push something then push it because blacks did it not because “europe” does it.

    You could have easily use the other caribbean countries

    You should know by now thet i dont just spout to impress like YOU do. i always have back up

    you may have the last word.

  71. well i know the answer about Africa too, why don’t you post your answer and i will post mine, yes, ya trying to impress because if ya really did ya research ya would know that it’s a shite question, i know people on the ground in Africa, some in positions of power, so i should know certain things..

    … there is still a petition being signed BY PEOPLE ON THE CONTINENT and in the Diaspora to be presented to AFRICAN GOVERNMENTS…regarding the discussion for citizenship for Diasporans on the Continent….i posted it in the west myself.

    …why you would think that no African countries hold state referendums is beyond me….and if ya say otherwise ya lying…

    it just highlights fowl slave dumbness, like not knowing that we were all born in the Americas or that the Caribbean is in the Americas……and we already know yall don’t know shit about Africa, don’t care how many bones or duppy dust ya run down there to bury, ya never considered yaselves black let alone African, ya always considered yaselves english slaves, property of the crown…now ya are an expert on Africa..and don’t even know who the hell ya are…

    .all of a sudden ya want to unshackle from UK. but the continent is being warned about all you frauds, pretenders, sellouts and traitors.

    now you can have the last word..

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