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Submitted by Grenville Phillips II

If your house was flooded with water, and the water level was rising, what would you do? The obvious solution would be to close the water faucet, and then start cleaning up.

With our COVID-19 cases rising, we recommended closing our borders to visitors and shutting down the economy for 2 weeks, starting Wednesday 25 March 2020 (Point 1 on the graph). We stated that that date was critical to reducing internal transmission rates to zero, with minimal disruption.
That advice was not accepted, and we waited until the horse was out of the stable to do a half-hearted shut down on Sunday night (Point 2 on the graph). However, for some mysterious reason, we kept the faucet running.
All of our cases can be traced to someone who was allowed to enter through our open ports. If we wanted to keep them open, then the obvious solution would be to test everyone for the virus before letting them into our general population.


That advice was not accepted either. So to the present day, we continue to allow persons to enter Barbados without being tested. We again plead with the Government to close the faucet, so that we can start to get this under control. This now has fatal consequences.
On Wednesday 1 April 2020, the Government instituted a mandatory 14-day quarantine for everyone who arrived in Barbados. It would be a far more efficient use of our resources to test each traveller, and only quarantine the infected persons. But that advice was not accepted either.
As can be seen from the graph, the number of cases is not declining. How can it unless we close the faucet, or at the very least, test everyone who enters? Why is this so difficult to understand?
A 14-day shut-down could have been effective, but we are not taking advantage of this opportunity. If the number of cases on Sunday 12 April 2020 is about 75, then we would have unnecessarily squandered this opportunity.
If the shut-down is extended, because there is no improvement, then you need to survive. If you are receiving welfare grants, or have been selected to share in the Government’s $10M needy families program, or similar programs, then you should be looked after.
Due exclusively to Government’s procurement policies, many Barbadian are either working-poor, or house-poor, or both. If their job or house excludes them from receiving assistance, then they still need to look after their families.
Banks have provided a useful mortgage deferred payment initiative. Banks will allow persons to not make any mortgage payments for the next three months. After that time, you may have three options.
You may: pay the accumulated mortgage after the 3 months; extend your mortgage for three months; or treat the unpaid mortgage as a short-term loan, and pay it back over an agreed time.
The main benefit is that if you are not earning for a prolonged period, then you have the option of spending your remaining money on food, without putting your mortgage at risk.
We recommend that you communicate with your bank on what you want to do, before making another mortgage payment.
Grenville Phillips II is a Chartered Structural Engineer and President of Solutions Barbados. He can be reached at

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  1. A World Heath Organization official said that she suspected human-to-human transmission of the coronavirus “right from the start,” a claim that runs counter to the guidance that the organization was giving to the rest of the world during the early moments of the pandemic.

    “Right from the start, from the first notification we received on the 31st of December, given that this was a cluster of pneumonia — I’m a MERS specialist, so my background is in coronaviruses and influenza — so I immediately thought, given that this is a respiratory pathogen, that of course there may be human-to-human transmission,” Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove said Monday during a WHO press briefing.

  2. A bit off topic, but since there is a widespread assumption that Covid-19 will only be licked into submission when a vaccine becomes available, I thought this is some information that should be more widely available.

    Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has released a “pistol ball” of an open letter accusing CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta of spreading on air misinformation (i.e. FAKE NEWS!!!) about the assumed safety and effectiveness of vaccines when peer-reviewed science shows that at times they definitely can cause harm and at times do not necessarily fulfill the promise of effective immunity put forth by their promoters

    Flu Misinformation and Coronavirus Fears: My Letter to Dr. Sanjay Gupta

    By Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Chairman, Children’s Health Defense

    Dear Sanjay,

    Last week, your CNN producer, Matthew Reynard, notified me that CNN is featuring me in a documentary about “vaccine misinformation”. As usual, Mr. Reynard did not point out a single factual assertion by me that was incorrect (I carefully source all of my statements about vaccines to government databases or peer-reviewed publications). CNN uses the term “vaccine misinformation” as a euphemism for any statement that departs from the Government / Pharma orthodoxy that all vaccines are safe, necessary, and effective for all people.

    I respectfully point out that CNN and particularly you, Sanjay, are today among the most prolific broadcasters of ‘vaccine misinformation.’

    I have always admired you, Sanjay. Your obvious talents aside, you seem to be genuinely compassionate and to value integrity. Earlier in your career, you showed a courageous willingness to challenge Big Pharma’s vaccine orthodoxies. However, I respectfully point out that CNN and particularly you, Sanjay, are today among the most prolific broadcasters of “vaccine misinformation”. Over the last several years, I cannot recall seeing a single substantial CNN segment on vaccines that did not include easily verified factual misstatements. CNN’s recent special, “Pandemic”, was a showcase of erroneous assertions about the flu vaccine. Since I don’t like to think that you deliberately mislead the public—particularly about critical public health choices—I have taken the time to point out some of your most frequent errors.

    I hope you will take time to read this. This critique has special relevance during the current coronavirus crisis, not to mention its important implications for the roles of government and press in a democracy. CNN and other media outlets treat CDC, NIH, and WHO pronouncements as infallible truths. In fact, regulatory capture has made these agencies subsidiaries of Big Pharma, and the lies that CDC has been telling us about flu are now muddying the debate over coronavirus.


    CNN assertion: On March 5, 2020, you and Anderson Cooper did a “Town Hall” segment, “Corona Facts and Fears”, in which you fervently urged listeners to get the flu shot as the best way to keep healthy during the coronavirus pandemic. According to Anderson, “If you are concerned about coronavirus, you should get a flu shot”.

    Fact: However, the only study we have been able to find assessing flu shots and coronavirus is a January 2020 US Pentagon study that found that the flu shot INCREASES the risks from coronavirus by 36%. “Receiving influenza vaccination may increase the risk of other respiratory viruses, a phenomenon known as “virus interference…’vaccine derived’ virus interference was significantly associated with coronavirus…

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