How Long More Can the PPP Hoodwink World Powers?

Submitted by Rickford Burke

The election impasse between the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) and the opposition People’s Progressive Party (PPP) persists without mitigation, except a lull for an imminent Supreme court ruling on the sub judice matter. The impasse arose because opposition leader Bharrat Jagdeo and the PPP fraternity, including some private sector actors, are seeking to impose a counterfeit “birthright” to dominance of Guyana.  The actions of this group of “Orwellians” are imperiling the rule of law and democracy.

Their exudation of this contrived supremacy has engendered a specious morality where, for them, the law is malleable and applies to them only on their terms. It is this hegemony of lawlessness which they advance as their concept of “democracy.” In reality, this pathology is the Orwellian Entitlement Syndrome (OES).
Fantasy Superiority:
Their fantasy superior citizenship fuels their drive to manipulate the law on a presumption that they alone control commerce, industry and capital in the country. Their contempt for authority suggests the thinking that such affluence entitles them to domination and,  more so, flagitious conduct. It is no wonder that they attempt to challenge judges who rule against them with impunity. And no wonder they fell they can abuse and threaten police officers who disallow their lawlessness with dismissal, if they return to government.
The masquerader in chief of their apparent junta has committed treasonous acts against the state. He has also threatened to “go after” political opponents and their families presumably with death squads much like the old days. This  insidious rhetoric has aroused sagaciousness in Guyanese. It is easy to recognize that the brazen effrontery is given oxygen by pronouncements from international actors  who’s  irresponsible narrations are talking points provided by PPP  lobbyists.   Someone recently remarked that when the unrest they are instigating begins, which of the instigators will survive? Do we need further evidence of how provocative and combustible this rhetoric is in a volatile environment?
Foreign Observers:
Foreign observers have pronounced that results from Region 4 are “unverified,” because the Returning Officer (RO) did not entertain objections during the vote ascertainment process. The PPP has weaponized these uninformed statements. They purport that “unverified” results are fraudulent results. However, Chief Justice Roxanne George, in her March 11, 2020 judgment, held that the RO must use numbers he received from presiding officers, and that “verification” is not provided for in law.
No doubt, some of the Observers’ pronouncements emboldened Jagdeo and his comrades. They stormed the Elections Commission with guns and inspired riots. Supporters in Region 5, chopped police officers and assaulted innocent citizens and school children.  Victims still await charges and prosecutions of the perpetrators.
The Elections Results:
Declarations by the ten ROs show that the APNU+AFC coalition has won the elections. Chief Elections Officer (CEO), Mr. Keith Lowenfield, has submitted his report to Commission Chairman, Justice Claudette Singh,  and the awaits the final declaration of the results. However, the PPP is insisting on a ballot recount in District 4, although GECOM has already denied all recounts on account of nonconformity to the law. Also, the statutory period for recounts has long expired.
A subsequent CARICOM recount initiative, which was widely viewed as illegal, was halted by the Supreme Court, pursuant to a lawsuit. This case resumed today, March 25, 2020, before Justice Franklyn Holder; who has been subjected to abominable, intimidation attempts and bigoted attacks on his family by PPP websites.
The Law and the Courts:
Our courts exist to interpret and enforce the law. The law proscribes challenges to elections results, except by way of an election petition. The Orwellians believe that they are above the law. Hence, they are circumventing an elections petition and are using the recount provision and court injunctions to challenge the election results. They must not be allowed to manipulate the law and the court for political expediency,  as if the court is a personal football.
The no confidence motion cases saw PPP lawyers eloquently and vociferously arguing that Charandass Persaud’s election to Parliament can only be challenged through an elections petition. Chief Justice Roxanne George and the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) agreed and ruled in their favor. Now, in 2020, they’ve come to the court with a reversed argument.
PPP’s history of subverting democracy and the law:
Laws are constant. They don’t change based on which party is in government or based on a political party’s misfortune. The December 20, 1997 Stabroek news editorial precisely delineated the PPP’s conduct when opposition parties challenged the tabulation of votes in the December 15, 1997 election. Quote: “The Chairman of the Elections Commission, Mr. Doodnauth Singh, yesterday declared the presidential candidate of the People’s Progressive Party, Mrs. Janet Jagan, the duly elected President of Guyana even though the final count of votes was not complete and the votes in quite a number of boxes remained to be counted,” end quote.
In the December 15, 1997 elections, PPP Returning Officers refused to “verify” SOPs and denied all requests for recounts. They merely declared the results and closed the process. When word leaked that the opposition PNCR was seeking an injunction to stop the declaration of the results, the PPP secretly and unlawfully swore Mrs. Janet Jagan in as President, while votes were still being counted. Mrs. Jagan and her bodyguards later assaulted the chief marshal of the Supreme Court who served her with the injunction, which she pitched to the ground. Where was their commitment to democracy and the rule of law then?
The law in 2020 is the same as 1997:
Subsequently they made substantial submissions to the court detailing why the court lacked jurisdiction to hear the matter except when the PNCR files an elections petition to challenge the elections results. Now they have abandoned this mantra which they intrepidly proclaimed in 1997 and in 2019. Ironically, the PNCR filed an election petition, which was heard by then Supreme Court Justice Claudette Singh – the incumbent Chairman of GECOM.
Justice Singh vitiated the December 15, 1997 elections results and ordered fresh elections.
Guyana is a functioning democracy with an independent and efficient judiciary. The judicial process must be allowed to function without external interference. The process worked in 1997 and in 2019 when the court ruled against the government in the no confidence vote.
Interference in the elections:
Western countries must not be allowed to abrogate the mandate of the courts of Guyana to themselves. Statements like “a transition of government…would be unconstitutional”… without Guyanese  courts so ruling, and ..regardless of how the Guyana Supreme Court rules the installation of a new government based on the declared results will be deemed illegitimate..’ must be rejected. Guyana is a sovereign, democratic state. Interference in Guyana’s elections, to tip the scale for a particular party, as well as preemption of its courts, violate international law.
The court is arbiter of elections disputes:
This elections matter is before our courts. Guyana’s history of obeying judgments of the court has enriched our democracy. GECOM, not the government, controls the elections process. The Orwellians hiding behind the skirts of diplomats and calling for sanctions to hurt Guyanese and destabilize the Caribbean, are the same dastardly cowards who perpetrated genocide in Guyana.
Their foreheads are marked from their crimes of extrajudicial killings, gun and drug smuggling and money laundering. But for how long can their lobbyist, Mercury, hoodwink world powers? How long more can the Orewllians play deceptive games in the arena of international politics? We will see!

23 thoughts on “How Long More Can the PPP Hoodwink World Powers?

  1. As I have said let the courts decide the matter. Both sides have the right to file injunctions .Surely it cannot be fair for one side to file injunctions and everything is deemed honky-dory, but it is deemed as underhand when the other side files for injunctions. I again ask what was the role of the Canadian government in the whole affair that started this whole thing. I say again that the Amerindians should expel both groups from their country.

    • @Dr. Lucas

      You are being naive about the issue affecting Guyana. Everybody has the right to file. However we know the underlying issues remain the same as they have for the last 50 years. Three weeks since an election and what. Nothing has changed court ruling to come or not.

  2. @ David March 26, 2020 5:49 AM

    In what way? I am aware of the race problem. All I am saying is that both sides should be able to file without there being noise about one side being underhand and the other side squeaky clean.

    • @Dr. Lucas

      Long after th decision is handed down the racial and political divisions will continue to hamper progress in Guyana. The court case is a continuing manifestation, the warts that have become cancerous.

  3. @ David March 26, 2020 6:14 AM

    You have a point. That is why Guyanese of both races have fled the country. It is a pity that the original inhabitants are not in a position to drive them out. As I said previously I expect a civil(race)war.

    • @Dr. Lucas

      What a shame given its natural resources. Guyana is a big let down to compromising the Caricom experience.

  4. @ Robert Lucas,
    There is no need for a civil war. As I have already indicated it would make more sense if the country were partioned into three. The only question that remains would be how could this be equitably achieved.

  5. @ TLSN March 26, 2020 12:22 PM

    Let me repeat what I have stated else where on this Blog: 96 percent for the Amerindians and three percent each for the others. Any noise by the others should result in them being ejected all together.

  6. By Staff Editor March 26, 2020

    On behalf of the U.S. government, Acting Assistant Secretary for U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs Michael G Kozak today summoned Guyana’s Ambassador to the US Riyad Insanally to warn against the illegal installation of a government here.

    On his Twitter feed, Kozak said: “I summoned #Guyana Ambassador to the U.S. Riyad Insanally to convey our firm position that any government sworn in based on flawed election results would not be legitimate. Every vote must be counted”.

    It is the latest high-level intervention by a US government official over fears that GECOM may attempt to swear in President David Granger again despite widespread reports of fraud in the region Four tallying.

    Kozak had previously warned of consequences of electoral fraud.

  7. Why the hell doesn’t the US stop meddling in the internal affairs of other countries? It has no moral authority to condemn any country.

  8. @ robert lucas March 27, 2020 2:18 AM
    “Why the hell doesn’t the US stop meddling in the internal affairs of other countries? It has no moral authority to condemn any country.”

    Is that you, Bricky??? Lol!!

    Now is the time for some form of American-imposed racial entente cordiale in that politically cursed but resources-blessed country formerly called B G as a result of Covid and with the oil bonanza pipedream about to burst.

    How about making Guyana ‘great again’ as it was up to the 1960’s attracting thousands of immigrants of various racial hues including Bajans to its developing industries and fields of natural riches?

    What do you think would happen if Venezuela- as a way to get back at the bully farther North- invades Guyana under the guise of national security arising from the current political instability and racial divisiveness which could lead to the breakup of the nation state called ‘English-speaking’ Guiana?

    Which Caricom ‘nation state’ is up next on the podium of racial strife and political apartheid?

    Trinidad to trigger the breakup of Caricom as every ‘island’ dog begins to fight for its own share of the remaining economic bones stripped of the tourism meat by Covid-19?

    As you are quite aware, any geographical dividing-up of Guyana along ethnic lines (as you are proposing) would be the silver bullet to rip apart the wider Caribbean and put a time bomb under the regional integration project called Caricom in which only a politically-stable Guyana can perform as a ‘grandmaster’ player.

  9. @ Robert Lucas
    The same way CARICOM leaders correctly intervened and tried to bring some calm to the situation in Guyana , it’s time for the same leaders to tell the USA that whatever government is declared to be duly elected will be legitimate and not dependent on any validation from the USA. All progressive forces must watch this development closely. CARICOM did not tell Florida how to count votes or the USA government to halt voter suppression especially against blacks.

  10. @ Miller March 27, 2020 8:12 AM

    Have you ever heard of a partisan war. In those jungles. It is great for ambushes. So watch yourself if you side with the enemies of the Amerindians

  11. Bharrat Jagdeo and the PPP are the antithesis of democracy that they now clamor for

    Guyana’s Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo possesses considerable skills as a politician. As president of Guyana, he displayed and utilized autocratic tendencies, didn’t care much for the independence of GECOM except when it served his purpose of never holding local government elections in the 12 years he was president or the 4 years as puppeteer for Donald Ramotar’s marionette of a presidency.

    Jagdeo amassed immense wealth while in office and has become one of Guyana’s wealthiest citizens all of this in stark contrast to his humble beginnings. This was not lost on many of his PPP cabinet members, operatives and those with political connections. They also became fabulously wealthy as is the case of the PPP’s current presidential candidate Irfan Ali, who as Minister of Housing, also came from hard scrabble beginnings but now owns a palatial residence. Unexplained wealth, corruption, bribery, graft, money laundering, narco-trafficking and any means of pillaging the national coffers became the hallmark of successive PPP administrations. Those activities operated side by side the death squads and disappearance of over 400 Blacks and to a lesser extent poor Indians and those who stood in their way, such as Minister of Agriculture, Sash Shaw whose murder was never solved and happened on Jagdeo’s watch.

    It is important to understand that what we see playing out in real time with the dispute over the March 2nd elections, for Jagdeo and the PPP it has more to do with who controls Guyana’s new found oil wealth, access to power and Indian triumphalism than democracy and integrity of the electoral process. The PPP admitted in their eyes, there were no Black Guyanese to represent the country as foreign ambassadors overseas. Lest we forget, it was less than five years ago that America, Britain, Canada and the European Union labeled Guyana a narco-state racked by endemic corruption and money laundering during successive PPP administrations and was on the verge of international sanctions for failure to comply with anti-money laundering laws.

    Now, every right thinking Guyanese must ask themselves if the country is no longer labeled a narco-state under the APNU government and no longer face the threat of international sanctions, what happened?

    The PPP had a plan to regain office the day they were voted out. The very GECOM that is now being vilified suddenly became important to the PPP in the name of holding local and regional elections. PPP knew that due to the numerical superiority of their Indian support base, they should win but were concerned about decreased support from that demographic due to high emigration. GECOM’s bloated list of electors (registered voters) became a gold mine. In a country with a population of less than 800,000 there are over 600,000 registered voters or nearly 80% of the population? The overall participation rate in the March 2, 2020, on a day declared a national holiday was approximately 65%. Even when controlling for crossover votes (very little), which is infinitesimal as evidenced by the totals received by each of the other smaller parties who competed nationally; in areas that PPP won, support approached 85-93 percent. That is an amazing feat…if true. The PPP had to show enormous gains of 2.5 to 3 times the number of votes APNU received in other areas to blunt the deluge that they would face in region 4, Guyana’s largest population center and support base of the APNU. Based on PPP’s own data, they expect Guyanese to believe that they gained over 10,000 cross-over votes, APNU gained less than 500 and the other parties gained a statically insignificant amount of votes in region 4.

    Enter the relationship of Jagdeo and Mercury Public Affairs (MPA). Mercury, no stranger to controversy and involvement with the Russian interference of the 2016 American elections, set about rehabilitating the image of Jagdeo and the PPP. Jagdeo who will do anything at all cost in order to amass more wealth, is the same person who attempted to hire convicted felon Bernard Kerik (at the time was arrested and under indictment) to lead the Guyana Police Force and reform that agency around the time of the death squads. Mercury has aggressively lobbied the current American administration and members of Congress as well as worked closely with the OAS, who by the way has a lot to account for in the removal of president Evo Morales of Bolivia ( Mercury’s game plan was for PPP to declare themselves the winners of the election, claim electoral fraud against the sitting government and accuse their opponents of corruption being worse than the PPP. In other words, present a false binary choice to the Guyanese people.

    Over a year ago, Jagdeo and his handlers (MPA) without evidence of polling data or research, started laying the narrative of PPP as winners of the coming election after the Charandass no confidence vote in Guyana’s parliament. Jagdeo has a ubiquitous media presence in the Guyanese and international media scape that easily dwarfs President Granger’s and the APNU. In this regard I believe Mr. Granger has been poorly served and is surrounded by incompetents who have not vigorously pushed back against Jagdeo and the PPP who ran Guyana like a criminal enterprise during their time in office. As a matter of fact, Jagdeo and the PPP have made direct and specific threats to business owners who they view as APNU supporters and is said to be compiling a list of enemies to go after should they accede to office.

    Jagdeo and Mercury Public Affairs have operated a misinformation and disinformation campaign to play the Guyanese people for suckers with the end goal of Jagdeo installing his second hand picked puppet as president to rape and pillage Guyana’s oil wealth. Should this happen, expect Jagdeo to have the Constitution changed for him to serve as president again, much like Putin did in Russia.

    Make no mistake, the $34 million dollars that Jagdeo (and his “investors”) have admitted paying Mercury will seem like pocket change and a shrewd investment compared to what they will reap over the next 20 years while Guyanese will be worse off with Jagdeo and his band of kleptocrats in office. To prevent this from happening, Mr. Granger must continue to abide by the Constitution, the Courts and GECOM being the only duly authorized independent body that can declare the results of the elections.

  12. @William Skinnen March 27, 2020 9:16 AM “CARICOM did not tell Florida how to count votes or the USA government to halt voter suppression especially against blacks.”

    Perhaps CARICOM should have. Perhsaps CARICOM should still do so.

    Wrong is wrong whether in Guyana, lorida, the United States or Barbados.

    We understand that CARICOM is not a military nor political threat to the USA, but when the USA does wrong, CARICOM should raise its voice, even if it cannot raise arms nor economic muscle.

  13. @ Silly Woman
    Let us not forget that when it was in their interest, the USA had military bases in Barbados and Trinidad. That was when it did not want us to become too cozy with Cuba. Also don’t forget the invasion of Grenada. Once the Cold War between the USA and Russia faded; the US had no more real interest in the region. You will note it’s hand now in Venezuela- there is oil there. We must also pay attention to the recent oil take off in Guyana. CARICOM may not be a super power but at certain times position is the art of gunnery.
    However your point is well taken.

  14. Madmen ah run tings now

    Mar 28, 2020 Features / Columnists, Freddie Kissoon 0 Comments

    My wife looked at “Dancehall Queen” for the second time recently (we kept the movie) because there is a one-second scene that she finds utterly hilarious. The dancehall contestant put her mentally challenged brother to run the vending stall. When the rogue cop saw he was selling, overcome with disbelief, he exclaimed, “madman ah run tings now.”
    One of the most macabre election processes, that perhaps has never been seen in modern times, took place in Guyana at the beginning of this month. There have been countless election frauds over the past hundred years by military dictators and in Latin American banana republics. But even in those places, the madmen that perpetrated electoral fraud went the usual way of rigging the process.
    The usual egregious stratagems include physical take-over of the operation then announcing that they won. Prevent people from voting with barefaced denial. Using the military to hijack the ballot boxes then declare victory. Rush thousands of persons into the ballot stations, coerce officials to let them vote, then include these fake ballots as part of the official count.
    I have seen some aspects of these things in my own country, but what has taken place in March this year was oxymoronic – comical yet bizarre. I know that persons may not read all that I have written, because this is a daily offering, so just in case someone reads this piece here and not the other columns on the 2020 election monstrosity, I will describe the oxymoron once more.
    A normal tabulation is taking place and in a few hours, the results will be declared. The tabulation is mysteriously stopped for the day. It resumes the next day and the tabulator falls “ill.” He puts another person to continue the process, but that person is not an authorized election official. He engages other officials. They become tired and want a rest. The tabulation is halted once more.
    The tabulator returns and resumes operation, but he has a piece of paper that guides his enumeration and no one knows where he got it from and what’s on it. When he reads out what’s on it, consternation pervades the room, because what he has on the paper does not correspond with what was published on the documents given to party officials and posted up on the walls of the polling stations. The operation goes into hibernation once more.
    The original tabulator himself goes into hibernation. Two persons doing the counting want a rest because of pregnancy, but are seen entering a room engaged in discussion rather than resting. A young man enters the tabulation room, takes a laptop and flash drive and disappears with them. He is followed and discovered to be in a room doing things.
    The next day, the original tabulator, announces election results from the balcony steps of the election centre. He says that is the only route to travel since the noise in the building has unlimited decibels. It becomes funny because on many of the statements of poll (SOPs), there are more votes than electors for particular districts.
    The court declares that what the tabulating man did was invalid and orders him to do it again with transparency. He leaves the election building with a projector, goes to another election building, throws a bed sheet over the projector and reads again from SOPs that are questionable. But this time, he reads so quickly that the average person can’t catch up with him. He declares an election result again.
    Things look so bad that the tabulator and his SOPs are swept aside. The real big man, the president, meets with the other big man from the other side – the opposition leader. They agree to recount all the ballots. This brings an end to the ignominy of a show that makes Guyana look like a tenth rate banana republic.
    But the show doesn’t end there. It goes on. The decision of the two big men is decapitated, because a lady doesn’t want the recount. She asks a judge to stop it. He stops it. The big man from the opposition asks the very judge to finally end the show by having all the SOPs brought before the court. The lawyers for the election officials say; “no, no, no.” The judge says no too.
    Against this oxymoronic backdrop, madmen continue to run tings. They ignore the concatenation of events that made the world laugh at us, and when the world stopped laughing, the world told Guyana that the show is funny alright, but it has a huge sickening ring to it and it must stop, or it will punish the madmen who at all cost want to run tings.

    (The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of this newspaper)

  15. PPP GECOM Commissioners Attempting To Block Full Recount, Say Examination Of Ballot Boxes Countrywide Is Illegal

    April 10, 2020

    By Staff Reporter

    PPP GECOM Commissioners Attempting To Block Full Recount, Say Examination Of Ballot Boxes Countrywide Is Illegal

    Tempers flared at a 7 hour-long Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) meeting yesterday as People’s Progressive Party (PPP) commissioners Sase Gunraj, Bibi Shadick and Robeson Benn, desperately tried to block a nationwide recount as well as scrutiny of the contents of each ballot box. Opposition Commissioners on Monday railed against a proposal by Chief Elections Officer (CEO) Keith Lowenfield, which outlined a 156 day plan for a full recount of all ballots cast in the March 2, 2020 general elections, in all ten Regions.

    Benn and Gunraj vigorously argued to the press that the exercise will take a much shorter time. Government commissioner, Vincent Alexander, on Monday subsequently told the media that their meeting was adjourned at the request of Mr. Gunraj, who asked for twenty-four hours to modify the CEO’s proposal. Yesterday when the commission resumed its deliberations, PPP commissioners reportedly stunned fellow commissioners and GECOM officials, when they abandoned their previous support for a countrywide recount and fought aggressively for hours to block a comprehensive recount exercise.

    The PPP commissioners also insisted that the count must start from Region 4. This suggestion was, however, shut down by the majority. A decision was then taken for the count to proceed numerically, from Region 1 to 10. PPP sources say that their original plan was to start with Region 4, and if the vote totals for the governing APNU+AFC coalition turned out to be less than the numbers declared by the Region 4 Returning Officer (RO), Mr. Clairmont Mingo, the Party would declare victory and withdraw from the count. This plan has now been thwarted as they will have to await findings of a complete review of the contents of the ballot boxes before s winning can be determined.

    PPP commissioners also left their colleagues and GECOM staff astonished when they insisted that it would be illegal to open ballot boxes to examine ballots and other contents, and to cross-check ballots with a register of all who voted. Having lost the recount argument, PPP commissioners equally alarmed the commission with an additional demand. They asserted that only ballot boxes where Statements of Poll (SOPs) in possession of the opposition do not correspond with numbers from the RO’s declaration should be considered. This demand was also shut down by a majority of commissioners. Had this PPP demand been accepted, it would mean that only Region 4 ballots would have been recounted.

    Observers say that it is clear that the PPP is petrified of a nationwide recount and a meticulous examination of the contents in the ballot boxes; including a review of ballots issued and ballots used, against the checked list of electors who voted. Reached for a comment, a respected civil society leader said he is uncomfortable with the conflicting positions of the PPP. “They appear to be publicly supporting the recount, which they requested, but are privately in the board room at GECOM throwing up road blocks against a national recount. Why do they only want Region 4 votes to be recounted? What are they afraid of? This is deceit. They are making all of us fools,” he contended.

    Speaking on condition of anonymity, a senior leader of a small party which contested the elections said the actions of the PPP are suspicious. The candidate added that he believes that the PPP duped the smaller parties into accepting numbers that, to date, have not been supported by any documentation but a spreadsheet, which they distributed to small parties and observers. He said the only way to truly ascertain the votes for each party is by recounting every ballot from scratch. He noted that the PPP’s shifting positions have now caused the focus to move from the Region 4 RO to the PPP itself. “What do they have to hide so badly that they are resisting a nationwide recount? I’m puzzled,” he questioned.

    Meanwhile, staff members at the GECOM secretarial have said that the 156 day recount proposal was drafted to accommodate opposition commissioners who demanded to both oversee the recount process while simultaneously making policy decisions and adjudicate disputes. This would have been a clandestine way to take away control of the recount process from the secretariat. They say that it is deceitful for the PPP to make draconian demands from the commission, which created conditions that lead to a 156 day recount plan, then pretend in public that they had nothing to do with it, and that the CEO’s proposal is offensive.

    Observers say the PPP’s consistent dishonesty throughout the process has worn out the patience and credulity of the nation. They stressed that it is time for the Chairman of GECOM, Justice (ret) Claudette Singh, to swiftly settle on guidelines for the recount and work quickly to end the month’s long election debacle. Following yesterday’s meeting, the CEO was asked to revise his proposal. The commission is expected to peruse and ratify Lowenfield’s revised strategy for a full recount next Tuesday.

    Mr. Alexander as well as Mr. Gunraj have said that the proposal for commissioners; one from each side, to oversee three recount work stations will be discarded. This will allow for the CEO to plan for additional work stations. They also said Caricom will be invited to validate the findings of the recount exercise.

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