The Phartford Files: Agenda for a Third Party – Part 3

Submitted by Ironside

I ended part 2 of this series with the following:

Whether it is one third party or a coalition of third parties fighting the 2023 election is irrelevant. The important thing is to break the two-party system domination. Therefore, there are three things we have to do from here on: 1. Focus! 2. Focus! 3.Focus!

As I also pointed out in then, it would be foolhardy of any third party to count out the DLP. In point of fact, as long ago as October 2018, the DLP has started to get is political machinery in gear. Furthermore, Mr. Mayers, General Secretary of the party, had hinted at possible by-elections given that “a Member of Parliament…is very ill” and alleged that the head of one of the St. Philip candidates was “on the cutting board”.
Source: ‘Snap goes the Poll’, Barbados Today 10/29/18

Against the background of the above, I wish to raise the following two issues in relation to the agenda for a third party:

1. If Guyson Mayers is correct, should the PdP also prepare for and contest a by-election if and when it occurs?
2. Should the PdP fight the next election as a coalition?

Issue #1
On balance, I would answer in the affirmative with respect to this issue. The main advantage of such a move would be to test the waters for the new configuration that is called the PdP, birthed and bathed as it is, in controversy.

Of course, the question is whether the party has the resources to do so. I would argue that given the localization of the contest, the party should be able to drum up the resources. The real practical issue, however, is whether the party has such an election in its strategic focus and more importantly, the political machinery to tackle it.

Issue #2:
The issue of whether the PdP should fight the next election as a coalition is definitely a point open for debate. Peter Wickham does not think that the current opposition led by Joseph Atherley has a chance. Addressing the question of how Barbadian would vote if an election were called today he opines:

I don’t see him [Atherley] making it because…once parliament is dissolved Atherley ceases to be relevant ‘cause he has no political party to speak of, they don’t have any branches, they don’t have any branch movement…no branch chairman”
Daily Nation, Thursday 28 November, 2019

Is Mr Wickham’s opinion based on current/ recent research? The fact that he does not state so suggests the negative. The context in which Mr. Wickham spoke, a Rotary event, is also very interesting. Did he believe that he was speaking to a predominantly BLP oriented audience?

Those matters aside, if the deficiencies possessed by the PdP are as posited by Mr. Wickham, there is cause for concern for its status as a viable third party. Ergo, a coalition of some sort to fight the election will be necessary. But that raises the question of the readiness of the PdP and the “other third parties”.

I have always been very concerned about the issue of the readiness of “alternative parties” to fight elections in Barbados. It is quite clear that there is dearth of strategic (=medium to long term) thinking among the newer parties. Consequently, their appearance on the scene is almost without exception, ad hoc, i.e. for the current election only.

Such a non-strategic approach will not get a third party much traction – or respect for that matter – from the majority of the electorate. For this reason, the approach taken by Solutions Barbados re the 2018 election: that is engaging the Barbadian electorate some three years in advance, has to be commended. Where the party fell down is another matter.

The modus operandi has got to be that as soon as possible after the last election, party strategists get down to doing the hard research and planning to define the contours of a strategy going forward to the next election and even beyond. In the intervening years, that strategy has to be fleshed out and refined.

This is the same basic message that business students all over the world hear in any strategy management class. I am not sure, therefore, why any political party would think that its management is an exception to these strategic principles.

So the question is: Are the third parties, PdP in particular, listening to Mr. Wickham and to the strategic principles being enunciated here?

I wish to reiterate that there is mental space out there for a third party. However, as I have explained in previous instalments, capturing it will not come without a sustained battle.

Barbadians are by nature short-term thinkers. We are very much unlike many eastern peoples, the Chinese in particular, who are long-term thinkers. Speaking generally, that explains why we wait until a hurricane is upon us to buy emergency supplies, why we do not save and why we are always late! It is ingrained in our DNA. In the social psychology of Barbados, it is a major theme!

Now is the time for those who are committed to the development of a third party to get on board. Now is the time for such a party /parties to define their philosophy and goals and seek to attract quality membership. Three months before the election will definitely not do it. It’s all about three things: 1. Preparation, 2. Preparation, 3. Preparation!


  • @Sargeant

    Why should Eric Holder be given a national award?

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  • People who cannot read and write can still vote – thumb print etc. But how does one choose WHOM TO VOTE FOR, how does the voter critically assess a parties’ policies etc?
    very simple, ONE LISTENS

    This requires higher order skills such as analysis, evaluation and synthesis/creation if I may use Bloom’s taxonomy, a foundation of educational psychology.

    Here’s a social experiment for you, go to the people living in Hillaby and Millennium heights St. Thomas and get their critical analyses. You should find more persons in Millennium heights that have the higher order skills you believe a person needs. But their analysis will have very little to do with the plight of those living in their constituency and I believe will be biased by personal greed and alliances. Hillaby where you will get a larger percentage who lack these so called higher order skills otoh hand will give analyses of the state of roads in the parish, water issues, public transport. Tell me which group gives a better analysis? The Hillaby residents and clearly they do not need to be able to read to critically analyse a parties policies on infrastructure, water resource management and public transport because they live it everyday.


  • @David

    I wasn’t arguing for a national award for Holder, I was just highlighting the hypocrisy


  • “The Public is quite aware of the smoke screens and mirrors and the failures of those put in positions of responsibilities . And they are not amused nor charmed.”

    To which I will add, ‘and not doing a darn thing about it’. It is like it will fix itself. Possibly some form of divine intervention is expected?


  • @ Theo

    What do the quotes have o do with me? Plse explain in simple English; I do not understand your point.. By my last post do you mean:


    Wow! We need more people like you. More power to BU.?

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  • @Northern Observer

    Read the book you recommended. Knew about the corruption but the fact it was so endemic…

    Noted David Simmons report made it to the source documents of US law enforcement.


  • Endemic indeed. Each ELECTED admin ran on a platform of corruption eradication, now history shows, they were more corrupt than the one before. Very difficult to stamp out, when the revenue suppliers (media contracts et al) understand the money split to get any contract. After a few years, it becomes pervasive. The construction industry is a known example. where it occurs all down the line.

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  • @ Redguard: December 1, 2019 11:01 PM

    Nice to meet you for the first time. Let me organize my reply:

    (1) YOU SAY: You should find more persons in Millennium heights that have the higher order skills you believe a person needs.

    IRONSIDE SAYS: Not necessarily so. This is an assumption you are making. However, it does seem like a reasonable hypothesis. Behind it is an assumed correlation between “social class” [I use that term advisedly] – as evidenced by geo-demographic location- and “higher order skills” [HOS]. My submission makes no such assumption. It is an empirical question.

    (2) YOU SAY: But their analysis will have very little to do with the plight of those living in their constituency…

    IRONSIDE SAYS: Why should it? I mean, it would be a good thing if they did. But ALL of us – including myself – are creatures of self-interest! For example, would you expect the people in Hillaby to be concerned about the high property taxes paid by people in MH? Even the people in Hillaby are doing the same [expressing self-interest]; unless you are suggesting that the people in Hillaby are…less selfish?

    (3) YOU SAY: …Hillaby where you will get a larger percentage who lack these so called higher order skills.

    IRONSIDE SAYS: Ditto analysis at (1)

    (4) YOU SAY: Hillaby where you will …… give analyses of the state of roads in the parish, water issues, public transport.

    IRONSIDE SAYS: You do not need higher order skills [HOS] to determine that a road is bad. You are not using “analysis” here in the techno-psychological sense as used in Bloom’s taxonomy. Check that Youtube link I gave Hal [again].

    OTOH you need HOS [ viz analysis] to determine (1) WHY the road are bad (barring neglect of course) (2) what might be the best materials/ way of paving the roads to prevent a recurrence, flooding etc (3) how to carryout the job to minimize disruption etc.

    (5) YOU SAY: Tell me which group gives a better analysis?

    IRONSIDE SAYS: Neither of the two analyses is “better” because neither of the two interests or issues is “better” than the other. In my humble opinion, you can’t subscribe to equality and make that argument. Let me apply the marketing principle of segmentation here: these are just different “interest segments” that the PTB (powers that be) must address.

    But! Should we fix the bad roads in Hillaby first as against those in MH [or adjust the property taxes of those in Hillaby first] ? A resounding “Yes!”. I call that “social conscience”. Which those in MH should [hopefully] understand!

    None of this is very easy, I am afraid!


  • Ahhhh the blog has been given “a life” outside the stoopid limited vision of the Reincarnated Ironside

    And during his time on the revised throne many people are destroying his Pee Wee version of what his Third Party Movement non vision needs to be.

    De ole man will pick up from yesterday and run with the alternative opinions of the Bajan People WHO ARE THINKING SERIOUSLY ABOUT OUR OPTIONS.

    But de ole man will ask all of you to study Ironside’s format and content and once you see those clearly YOU ALL SEE WHY HE IS SAYING IT!


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  • Vincent Codrington

    Wuh Loss !!


  • Hal AustinDecember 1, 2019 5:20 PM

    @ Ironside

    Wow! We need more people like you. More power to BU.

    Apologies for the late response. Very time pressured. But compliment very much appreciated.

    I appreciate what David is trying to do so I am going to try my darned best to lift the level of debate here. This is the best way to pressure [or drive away] the bullies, demigods and bipolars that hitherto have regarded this as their eternal domain!


  • @Ironside

    Plse reveal your identity.

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  • @ Ironside

    My apologies. It was not meant as a compliment. It was meant as irony. That is the problem with this English language. Americans and Barbadians do not do irony. My fault for forgetting Bajans are a literal people.

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  • @Ironside: “This is the best way to pressure [or drive away] the bullies, demigods and bipolars that hitherto have regarded this as their eternal domain!


    There is actually a job description nowadays: “Professional Troll”. Pays good money!

    I have found over time, both here and at my current “hang-out” — — that enough sane voices with “signal” can overcome the noise.

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  • @Hal Austin December 2, 2019 1:38 PM

    Re: @Ironside……Plse reveal your identity.
    Why, Hal?


  • Hal Austin December 2, 2019 1:46 PM

    @ Ironside

    My apologies. It was not meant as a compliment. It was meant as irony. That is the problem with this English language. Americans and Barbadians do not do irony. My fault for forgetting Bajans are a literal people.
    So you took the bait!


  • @ Ironside

    Transparency and removes any doubt. Openness.


  • @ Ironside

    I am a fish.


  • @ Chris Halsall December 2, 2019 1:49 PM

    Makes sense!


  • @ Donna

    You said and I will quote you IN PART…

    “…Caswell could start a movement.

    He is the only one I can see as connecting with the people.

    But this will take grassroots activism that has not been seen in Barbados for decades…”

    Since de ole man is going through the comments in order, like Ironside, here is my comment Donna.

    To “connect to the people” one must immediately bridge “emotionalism of the sheeple” and the “logic of the people” ONE TIME!



    What Mugabe is afraid of is IMAGE!!

    My suggestion is spiritually authored

    The Reverend Atherley will see John 3:30 as the nexus of the message

    “..He must increase, but I must decrease…” that is ONLY IF JOSEPH ATHERLEY IS NOT A PLANT!!

    If Atherley is a Man of God, he will understand the true purpose of his being placed here in this position.

    He will comprehend that the Greater Purpose is not his wealth or riches or renown.

    He is there for this Connection to the People!

    Once he does this he can be proud of his service to mankind and country!

    You have understood what this article by IRONSIDE, WAS NOT SAYING!

    You are seeing the message! CLEARLY!


  • @Ironside

    Continue to make your contributions as you see fit. As an anonymous commenter you are doing better than others. As Bush Tea always stayed, the meat is in the comment and not the name.


  • @ Ironside
    “Transparency and removes any doubt. Openness.”

    You sound like Thomas!

    Anyhow, GP revealed my identity in a submission one or two articles ago. Sorry you missed it!

    Hal Austin December 2, 2019 2:09 PM
    @ Ironside

    I am a fish.
    Keep on “fishing” King Fisher.

    ‘Nuff said!


  • David December 2, 2019 2:27 PM


    Continue to make your contributions as you see fit. As an anonymous commenter you are doing better than others. As Bush Tea always stayed [sic], the meat is in the comment and not the name.
    With you Gov’nor!


  • Notice this?



    “… David December 1, 2019 2:47 PM

    @Ironside, Link updated to the original comment, apology for the omission…”

    Link updated and an apology!

    Yet, wunna is asked to go to the article heah on Lawyers and jotfiles dat de ole man was did had to fight to get posted heah as an article!

    Who de dog like it lik, but who um hate it bite!

    But wunna is expected to believe this site is for Bajan citizens.

    Watch carefully as you are being stroked for this Ironside character with his Marketing expertise, Financial Skills and Psychology Degree.

    It is call the SUCADOGGIE SYNDROME best attributed to Jerome and the pollster fellow whose name I cant remember right now


    Keep vigilant bajans, do not allow any Iron up wunna Back Side!

    De 2 uh wunna must hate de ole man bad bad!

    How de RH he does be so “savvy” and know dese tings?

    He cant be so mad aftah all, cause he 10 times more intelligent dan all uh we!


  • Ironside December 2, 2019 2:12 PM

    @ Chris Halsall December 2, 2019 1:49 PM

    Makes sense!
    P.S. I forgot to add “lunatics”


  • @ Ironside

    Heheheh or should one call you ***?

    In pushing your BULLSHIT TROLLING to cull the ideas of the best minds here on BU heheheheh you said and I quote

    “…I ask you and the blogmaster or anyone else: what mission statement, vision, values, philosophy should this TP have?…”

    Mr Hal Austin tripped you earlier with his sarcasm and you, always wanting to seem in control, LIKE YOUR TWO OTHER PERSONA HERE, tried to make it seem like you tricked him!

    Which is exactly what *** does EVERY RH TIME!

    Why would the Honourable Blogmaster collude with you to create this Ironside character?

    In one breath he is saying that a Third Party Movement is critical

    I submit an article WHICH HE REFUSES TO PUBLISH

    YET, In the next breath, you get a shoe in!

    Ohhhh now de ole man sees!

    My article was PdP focused!

    I told the PdO how to win!

    And he hated the 18 to 12 defeat of Mugabe!!!

    But he can accept yours because it means that his hero Mugabe is going to be in still!

    Wunna musee really hate de ole man doah!!!


  • @ the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please with an item here HELD IN SUSPENSE


  • @ Commander Theophillus Gazerts

    In an earlier submission you re quoted a dated comment in the US where one of the representatives in Albany said

    “…Delegate John Ross, who voiced numerous arguments in support of disenfranchising black voters, stated
    “they are a peculiar people, incapable, in my judgment, of exercising that privilege with any sort of discretion, prudence, or

    He added that black people were, like aliens or minors, denied the right to vote because “they are deemed incapable of exercising it discreetly, and therefore not safely, for the good of the whole community…”

    To be absolutely fair to this Ross and to the Reincarnated Ironside when de ole man speaks here of Sheeple and People, I do so, with great anguish in my heart, when I consider the thinking competencies of the rampant bajan populace!

    It makes my spirit drop to use the term BUT IT IS THE TRUTH, these are the 30% diehard supported whom Trumps said he could kill someone on Manhattan Avenue, IN OUR CASE BROAD STREET, and nuffin would happen to Mugabe.

    These people HAVE THE RIGHT TO VOTE, but cannot think!

    Dem is de one’s you got to emote with videos of Female Genital Mutilation showing de clitoris being bitten out.

    Or Jerome doing Wild Thangs!!

    To win this 2021 election, MUCH HAS TO HAPPEN


  • Again a third item held in suspense as the unbiased one does his duty in his fight to save the Barbados he claims to love



  • @ Sargeant

    You is something else!

    You does come wid one paragraph posts AND LIK UP NUFF TINGS!

    You said AND I QUOTE

    “…“Cabinet has announced that the former Attorney General of the United States of America, Eric Himpton Holder, has been awarded the Honorary Award of the Order of the Freedom of Barbados…”

    An excerpt from another article on the same subject reads…

    “…His name was not included in the official National Honours List 2019.

    Holder is being awarded for his distinguished and extraordinary service to Barbados, the Caribbean Diaspora and to humanity at large…”

    But Sargeant you dun already know “when you said Boychild” what this award is for.


    Imagine dat de Leader of the Opposition Reverend Joseph Atherley ENT IN THE HOA shouting bout how Mugabe

    1.jes carry way bones from Barbados UNDER DE COVER OF NIGHT AND BAJANS ENT KNOW NUFFIN BOUT UM and now

    2.awarding every body de order of Freedom

    Wunna got to ask de question “who boy child he get free?”

    If one were a serious Opposition Leader one would *** and *** but WHEN ONE IS PURPORTED TO BE A PLANT, one sits quietly and says nothing.



  • Ironside i see you ignoring the egotistical jackass Piece and have him rambling with himself likewise the blogmaster good for both of you.Nowadays not many people are responding to anything he or the other nuisance Waru says keep on ignoring them hopefully they get the message.



    About what?

    The Third Party Movement


    Sustained by whom?


    Enjoined by whom?

    During which what happened


    Whose identity was exposed?

    And who was seen to be complicit in hiding that identity?


    And was any name given by The Rambling Piece the Legend?


    I got a question for you Rented Jackass

    How many people dead for de year so far?

    Did I Ramble dat one???

    Has anyone other than Donna spoken to the issue of Reverend Atherley using his seat in the way de ole man suggested Hee Haw?

    Not even YOUR IRONSIDES?


    Why is that Hee Haw?


    Let de ole man answer that question Hee Haw

    BECAUSE it would do exactly as o have prophesied it will do!!!


    Get thee gone UNTIL I GIVE LEAVE THAT YOUR MASTER, THE EVIL ONE, CAN SUMMON YOUR PRESENCE AGAIN BEELZEBUB, wicked manifestation that you are, go back to sucking the pooches of your imps and wicking mistress!


  • So, having sent The Imp back to her braying spot de ole man shall continue to Ramble

    With the Pretend Psychiatrist Ironside or PPI which is pretty close to PP* (cant write that or….)

    So what does the People’s Party for Democracy and Development Image HAVE TO BE AT GET GO???


    atherley has to be seen as the PATRIOT who is falling WHILE Caswell Franklyn is to be seen AS THE PATRIOT WHO IS RISING!!!


    Are wunna following my Ramble now?

    You understanding de ole man?


    Atherley falls SYMBOLICALLY WHILE FIGHTING MUGABE MOTTLEY, the same person who created him, BUT CASWELL RISES.

    And de ole man weaves the story



    A champion of the Small Man


    All his battles for de small man, ALL THE BATTLES HE HAS WON!

    STAR BOY!!!

    Wunna still wid Piece the Legend as I rambling?

    De ole man got de script dat wunna like?

    See Caswell Franklyn at tables fighting against de big dogs

    See Caswell fighting de tribunal

    See the newspaper headlines

    See de menses dat he get reinstate!

    See de womens holding he hands and looking in he eyes (whu I would even do a subliminal shot of Mugabe looking at de womens too and licking she lips salaciously)

    Wunna wid de ole man rambling yet?

    Watch de ole man now, Hee Haw, watch muh RAMBLE ALL OVER IRONSIDE ARTICLE!


    Or he friend close down de blog for some jackass reason!


  • So let de ole man continue to Ramble

    Because of this carefully crafted message WHAT DE PDP HAS DONE IS PUSHED ITS MESSAGE OF



    Wunna understands dat?

    This is true Democracy and Citizen Development at work!

    Not one othe Rassh**e Party can fashion this message

    NOT ONE!!!

    But look how Piece the Legend come and tek OVAH some Iron up you back Side blog and get he vex and “flamed”?

    Wunna see de SHEER BRILLIANCE OF THIS egomaniacal strategy?

    Looka how every RH bajan going see de PDP!

    Reverend Atherley TEST DE OLE MAN IDEA!

    Call de nation tomorrow and say you planning to run in Mugabe Mottley constituency!

    Watch de responses my man!

    Listen to de ole man and win!

    Ignore de ole man AND LOSE!


  • So wunna starting to understand the ABSOLUTE BRILLIANCE OF PIECE THE LEGEND ‘s strategy of getting the entire Nation of Barbados on board with the PdP’s Message and Agenda

    My first step sensationalizes why the First Element of Atherley remitting and Caswell rising to the Challenge is needed for Barbadosto live!!!


    This, coupled wid de ol mans heavy lifting national sensitization and revioning campaign will explain to the citizens and the voters where the PdP change WILL TAKE ALL BAJANS.

    THE MESSAGE WILL SHOW THAT the Pdp, being forged from its beginning of sacrifice of the individual for the whole, is going to implement the first broad-based empowerment strategy that will reward EVERY SINGLE CITIZEN and will commit to a programme of merit based rewards.

    Additionally, unlike the way the traditional political parties enter the voting space, the PdP is being encouraged TO BRING PROJECTS TO THE TABLE in addition to their manifestos.

    They, understand and agree with de ole man’s strategy of getting people to buy in on concrete initiatives so that their support is based on them, AS A PARTY IN THE POLITICAL WILDERNESS, DELIVERING TANGIBLE PROJECTS, albeit scaled down.

    Their support is going to be based on “if wunna can do all dis shy$e while in opposition, WHEN, NOT OF, WHEN WUNNA GET THE CAPITAL, wunna going Rock like how Piece uh de Rock used to Rock de DLP

    and once we the Bajan voters get wunna pass the ballot box, AND INTO THE HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY, our country’s future is assued to be politically sound, economically incredibly and legendary.


  • @Ironside
    I appreciate what David is trying to do so I am going to try my darned best to lift the level of debate here. This is the best way to pressure [or drive away] the bullies, demigods and bipolars that hitherto have regarded this as their eternal domain
    I thought we were adopting a kinder and gentler approach to those with mental illness but there you go lumping “bipolars” with misfits.
    Recently Minister Prescod tried to assist some with mental illness and I applaud him even though his efforts was ham handed.

    Words matter


  • A whole blogged dumbed down to RH echolalia pun what one wannabe political strategist BELIEVES 300,000 people should run their Third Party Strategy!

    Not a body other dan Donna and Me William Skinner suggests what and alternative strategy should be?


    And how the PdP at least is looking to see which other minds are for them?

    Wunna understand what these men are risking for the PdP?


    Wunna recognise that this is something new AND THAT THEY NEED SOMETHING MORE THAN PLATITUDES?


    AT least say what wunna would like them to do TO SIGNAL WINNA DEM IS DOING THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE!

    This is a very difficult situation!


    de ole man understand how Mugabe got all uh wunna frightened BUT AT LEAST MOVE WUNNA LIPS TO SHOW WUNNA ALIVE!!!


  • Don’t want to give the Gov’t any ideas but Uganda is imposing a tax on social platforms e.g. WhatsApp and Facebook etc. ostensibly to stop “gossip”, which really means to stop criticism of the Gov’t.

    If the Barbados Gov’t adopts this taxation method it could wipe clear up the financial crisis in a nano second.


  • @Sargeant December 2, 2019 9:41 PM

    The insinuation is rather unfortunate. Apologies are in order.


  • @ Lorenzo: December 2, 2019 6:44 PM

    Ironside i see you ignoring the egotistical jackass Piece …..etc
    Always more than one way of skinning a cat! It’s all about strategy.


  • “Nowadays not many people are responding to anything he or the other nuisance Waru says keep on ignoring them hopefully they get the message.”

    “watch muh” AND WEEP…


  • @Sargeant

    Government the world over will be Monitor with a keen interest the implementation.

    Carl Moore too!


  • Not many are giving the governments of the world any leeway to reenslave Black people, the more intelligent are letting them know we know..

    only dumb yardfowls are yet to see what’s happening, i would be more than happy to click on their feet and hands the shackles and chains for them…let them take one for the team…damn dummies.


  • @Ironside

    Yours@9.41 pm Dec.2

    Thank you


  • @Sargeant

    Coming back to this award. It seems Mia is using the concept of branding to drag Barbados along, that is associate the country with people.


  • @David

    I like Holder but why couldn’t be Alan Emtage e.g.? I know he received an honorary Doctorate from UWI but has he received any National honours? (if he has then I plead ignorance)

    On another front I notice that Jason Holder has been named among the top 30 under 30 in Forbes magazine.

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  • @Sargeant

    Does Emtage have the greater brand? Not to diminish his accomplishment.

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  • That should be top 30 under 30 in Sports…..

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  • So the president is now off to Kenya? I wonder who is in her party and who is paying the costs?


  • @David

    How about conceiving and inventing the first search engine? Hasn’t that changed the world? I realize it is not a political brand but it has changed lives.

    People win Nobel prizes for that kind of achievement.


  • @Sargeant

    If he had patented it maybe.

    Go figure.

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  • Lately, in addition to the Barbados Underground experience, de ole man has been encountering various people and environments were it is painfully obvious that there is a lack of thought.

    Take for example Barbados Underground!

    Purportedly it seeks to be the Digital Think Tank Experience where policy makers, government officials, politicians and other creative and innovative people gather to exchange ideas and solutions for public problems.

    But at best, it’s a place where people put links to OTHER PEOPLE’s ideas and the furthest place people get to a think Tank is ad hominems and accusations about the previous government

    if one was to take this Third party article as a benchmark you easily see that we have a group of people assembled around what can be likened to a pedestrian hit by a car lying in the road.

    A sizeable group gathers around the body like vultures.

    And the driver Ironside, who has knocked down the pedestrian, periodically comments about the shoes his victim is wearing, what dreams they made when he hit them with his car, how far they flew in the air, and the pattern their blood is making in the road.

    The Police Officer, The Honourable Blogmaster, as opposed to doing his job and taking measurements, makes it his business to lock up any spectator who remarks about the 4 rum bottles under in the area in front of Ironside s drivers seat AND HIS BREATH AND STUMBLING GAIT.

    IN short, none of the so called thinkers are the least bit capable of commenting abou the accident I.e. the topic at hand.

    all stand in the circle making sure that the victim, democracy, and its widening circle of blood, 53 murders, garbage in tatters, hospital ef up, taxes ef up, making sure the blood dont touch their imported Nikes

    Here we stand around dying Democracy while inebriated driver, and policemen, and watching public, start tekking of the shoes of the almost dead victim cause “it look like we does wear the same size shoes”

    But de Blogmaster content with the clicks and the kudos cause IN THE BANANA REPUBLIC OF BARBADOS, he walking bout saying he is de owner of de Rodin Think Tank.

    They, the Mugabe regime, part of the DUOPOLY, HAVE LEARNT THEOR LESSON!!

    Kill all topics which will show the PdP WILL WIN!!


  • @ the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please with an item here thank you


  • Sargeant December 3, 2019 9:46 AM


    Yours@9.41 pm Dec.2

    Thank you
    No problem at all.


  • @ The Reverend Joseph Atherley
    Leader of the Opposition

    So de ole man has continued developing your strategy TO WIN

    The Brief Format of Your Statement to your St. Michael West constituents is condensed as follows

    “…THIS ULTIMATE FIGHT means i fight against Mugabe an EVEN IF I FALL, you have given me that the courage TO DO WHAT HAS TO BE DONE!…”

    De ole man has actually composed your speech and your video campaign into 4 segments comprising

    1.Sharing the news
    2.expressing your thanks
    3.Explaining the Reasons and
    4.Asking them to continue in collaboration with all Patriots to save the country from Imminent Dictatorship

    De ole man will provide an excerpt of your video narrative and a screenshot of the Digitally Rendered Speaking Facsimile which depicts you in all four messages.

    These become the PR for your Beginning your Succession Process for the LoO position nationally.

    For the benefit of the country Joseph!

    You enemy is planning you evil but your Father WILL TURN IT TO GOOD!


  • If you genuinely want to improve the wellbeing of bajans Reverend Atherley YOU WILL NEED TO STRATEGICALLY AND VERY SENSATIONALLY RELEASE THE REINS

    Reverend Atherley the temptation is great for you to think of “lingering” but you must not!

    Remember this verse and do what is the right thing

    “…He took up also the mantle of Elijah that fell from him, and went back, and stood by the bank of Jordan;…”

    Another will go forward, not you


  • Commensurate with the Public Relations videos and fliers that would broadcast the imminent departure of Reverend Atherley there would be a concurrent series featuring Caswell Franklyn as the LoO Designate.

    His concurrent video campaign would carry 10 segments comprising

    1.Commisserations on The News and the Sacrifice that Reverend Atherley was making

    2.Capturing Franklyn ‘s and all the PdP members expressing their opinions as to the nation’s loss and its gains

    3.Defining the PdP s Vision & Program

    4.Anchoring the Vision in Real Projects

    5.Presenting a Caswell-led series which introduced each PdP member WITH A REAL TIME RESULTS BASED PORTFOLIO

    6.Provided real time Access to the PdP mission, policies and programs

    7.Expanded PdP Community/Corporate Asking collaborations with all Patriots/citizens as the PdP demonstrated how it is rolling out the SAVE BIM initiative

    8.Proactively promote its National Sensitization Message to broadcast how Mugabe is implementing HER DICTATORSHIP BY STEALTH through her hiring practices, firing practices AND CHANGES TO LAWS, CONSTITUTION & OPERATIONS MANUALS OF SoEs.

    9.BY LAUNCHING THE PdP’s People’s Representation Forum which would register ALL THE NAMES AND CASES OF FIRED OR UNEMPLOYED BAJANS who are suffering under the BLP



  • @ the Reverend Atherley
    Leader of the Opposition

    So de ole man continues with a part of your opening script

    “…My fellow Bajans, recently you have been hearing people talking about my departure from Barbados Politics.

    Today I wish to announce that its is not entirely true, I am not leaving politics immediately but, as I will share with you, I have decided that my next campaign, which I will fight against Mia Mottley, may be my last campaign.

    I say may be, because I am a servant of God, and what He Will, will be!

    I want every one of you to know that I consider myself the most blessed man in Barbados.

    I have been in politics from 1999 until 2008 and again from 2018.

    During this time, I have never received anything but kindness and encouragement from you.

    I know many of you well, and many of you know me. I am a humble man who considers it an honour to serve St Michael West. I’m blessed to have served you over what is now 20 years

    I’m honoured that over these years, 15 thousand of you gave me your vote to represent you.

    I know without a doubt, I have your support when you tell me ” press on Joe” press on to change Barbados…”

    De ole man cant give you all BECAUSE MUGABE’S IMPS ARE WATCHING BUT…

    Remember that you are projecting THE ULTIMATE IN PATRIOTISM.



  • @ the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please with an item here for Reverend Atherley thank you


  • @ the Reverend Joseph Atherley
    Leader of the Opposition

    You need to understand that the Appointment of Lucille Moe as the de facto CBC reporting lies agency MEANS THAT THE OFFICIAL REPORTING OF THE PdP is now blocked!

    However, if you are serious about winning, the mandatory broadcasting of the Public Accounts Committee needs to be used for launching your Patriotism Message.

    Mugabe Amin Mottley CANNOT BLOCK THEM else she would be seen as not only being petty but confirming de ole man’s predictions that she is a Dictator

    So, if you are a true bajan, YOU WILL START TO SPEAK OF PATRIOTISM but if you are a Mugabe plant you will continue to drone on with meaningless waffle an RH useless talk!


  • So true to form THIS ARTICLE GETS DISAPPEARED INTO THE BU archive with 260 RH comments and this article Adrian Loveridge Column – Tax, Tax and VAT Refunds? With 4 effin comments is one of the top read BU posts

    You really think people RH RH Stoopid!!!


  • Piece the Legend
    December 4, 2019 10:37 AM

    @ the Reverend Atherley
    Leader of the Opposition

    “I have been in politics from 1999 until 2008 and again from 2018.

    I’m blessed to have served you over what is now 20 years”

    Piece the Legend,
    These numbers are not adding up.

    I suspect Reverend Atherley is waiting anxiously on your high-level strategic advice and guidance, so it might be a good idea to provide the correct figures before he utters them to his people.

    Just trying to help.


  • @ Walter Blackman

    It is good that you have come to discuss this topic


    “…over – definition – Through the period or duration of: records maintained over two years…”

    I am not speaking of 20 contiguous years which is one possible definition, but to the other which would have demanded a more specific statement.

    E.g. “for what has been over 20 years, while in and out of parliament, i served you from 1999 to 2008 and, while not in Parliament continued to do so UNTIL YOU REELECTED ME IN 2018”

    Glad to see that you are monitoring this article so closely and am appreciative of your 10.27 pm observations

    Given your own extensive strategic level experience in this area, dating back beyond 1991? would you care to weigh in on the main idea of Reverend Atherley reorienting his contribution to the party in the manner de ole man has described and detailed above?

    I have a few questions for you AND HOPE YOU ARE KIND ENOUGH TO RESPOND TO THEM

    1.Do yo think that with the controversial situation under which Reverend Atherley crossed the floor that his constituents will vote for him again?

    2.Do you think that with the multimillionaire Gibbs candidate now chosen to run in St Michael West that Reverend Atherley has a ghost of a chance to get back his seat?

    3.Do you think that with the currency of the PdP nationally THAT HE SHOULD RISK TAINTING THEIR CURRENCY and persist to run in 2021, as the fading force he is?

    4.Do you not see that Reverend Atherley serves his party more effectively TO GO OUT WITH HIS GUNS BLAZING AS I HAVE DETAILED?

    5.Do you think that Reverend Atherley can beat Mugabe Mottley in St Michael North East? Did that clown Patrick Tood have a ghost of a chance to beat her in 2018?

    6.what is the overall value for the PdP of leveraging the Imminent Departure of Reverend Atherley by having him fight Mugabe on his way out?

    7.Do you think that the egos of the PdP would, after seeing this strategy defined here, implement it?

    Do you think that they would be inclined to do THE ONLY THING THAT WILL GET THEM into 300,000 households in Barbados in 15 months OR THEY MIGHT BE SO PETTY TO SAY, “who he?”

    We have our personal differences Walter but I have respect for you ability to gauge certain things (notwithstanding your decision to run with those imps the last time around, but to err is human)

    I look forward to your responses


  • @ Walter Blackman

    One more question Walter.

    8.What effect would the PdP running on a clearly defined campaign that said WE ARE ULTIMATELY ACCOUNTABLE TO THE POPULATION would have?

    What would Caswell Franklyn launching 1 MULTI DISTRIBUTION SOCIAL MEDIA SAVVY CAMPAIGN FOR The Power of Recall , with the PdP modified Integrity Legislation and a Truly comprehensive representative Freedom of Information Act do?

    Looking forward to hearing from you Walter TO DEBATE THESE POINTS AS REASONABLE MEN CAN


  • @ Walter Blackman


    Yesterday, I had mentioned this to Mr. Vincent Codrington as part of the Pre Evaluation of the PdPs bevy of Shadow ministers and would seek your comments on same, if time permits you to respond.

    Remember that the posit of this Third Party Movement that is being floated here by Ironside WHILE HE DO NOT FULLY DEVELOP IT, is that it should be bringing changes, POSITIVE ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL CHANGES!

    You are a man who is deeply involved in financial matters so would you care to comment on the new model de ole man designed for the People’s Party for Democracy and Development.

    in my example, I had chosen transportation but it can easily be any Ministry.

    Every year, in order to serve x hundred thousand travellers the GoB spends y dollars.

    “Y” will be all direct costs and “Z” will be indirect costs. (INDIRECT COSTS REFER TO THINGS LIKE COSTS INCURRED WHEN PEOPLE CANT GET TRANSPORTATION TO GET WORK etc.)

    So Minister Drakes who I hypothetically assign the PdPs Minister of transportation, in my example, will be paid a salary based on her ability to control Y and Z.

    She has to perform since her salary is tied to these specific targets Walter. This concept IS NOT NEW TO YOU WALTER you have worked under such contracts, or have friends who are thusly employed in America!

    Anyone will rightfully ask “Piece, this performance based compensation contract sounds good BUT DRAKES IS NOT IN POWER therefore we cant test her competencies”

    I respectfully respond to say “we the people of Barbados CAN EFFECT SUCH PRE EVALUATION because Drakes, under the PdP model de ole man is insisting on, HAS TO SHOW HOW SHE, as shadow minister, has been able to run a small transportation project in some community in Barbados THAT CREATED SAVINGS IN THE TRANSPORT SECTOR.

    In fact, AS PART OF THE PREQUALIFICATION PROCESS for Barbados to even choose the PdP, or any incoming representative, like say Randall Rouse in Teets Constituency in St. Joseoh, we, THE PEOPLE, have to see verifiable evidence, of their abilities.

    So de ole man back to my concept of DELIVERABLES and if Drakes or any one of the PdP shadow ministers CANNOT PRESENT THESE, we dont want them either!!!

    I await your opinion on this PdP model Walter


  • Heheheheh

    @ Walter Blackman

    Walter, oh Walter wherefore art thou?

    Don’t say dat de ole man run you way with my 9 questions?

    You are a man whose political renown is comprehensive and has put you to fight Goliaths

    Let it not be said that you are running from what is a series of logical truths submitted by Piece the Legend?

    “Ambition should be made of sterner stuff…”


  • @ Piece the Legend December 6, 2019 6:29 AM
    “I am not speaking of 20 contiguous years which is one possible definition, but to the other which would have demanded a more specific statement.
    E.g. “for what has been over 20 years, while in and out of parliament, i served you from 1999 to 2008 and, while not in Parliament continued to do so UNTIL YOU REELECTED ME IN 2018….”

    Good riposte there, ‘masterpiece’!

    Walter B knew ‘exactly’ what you meant. He was just pulling your tail by trying to take you to pedantic political “Pieces”.

    If only you had used the hackneyed Latin legal proviso: ‘mutatis, mutandis” you would have covered all your bases to keep Walter out of the pettifogging game.


  • @ the Sage Annunaki,

    You are in a league of polemics second to none.

    I duff my hat to you, whenever you write, every submission is superlatively crafted.

    It is men like you and Vincent Codrington and William Skinner to name a few, who should be engaged to lead the creation of the curricula at our much needed revamped educational system/institutions.

    I do not expect Walter Blackman to return to this submission to discuss or prosecute it one way or the next.

    The subject matter and posits I present are too sound.

    And to engage de ole man what he would be would be doing would be to give validation to the concepts I espouse


    He will linger quietly on the periphery of his submission until enough time has elapsed and then commence another essay elsewhere.

    I have a digital video with the Reverend Atherley but I fear that,IF I PUT IT UP, he will take offence to its similitude.

    I dont want to offend him but, based on their collective inaction you can only hope that they will be moved to do anything other that what they are doing now


  • Doff not duff


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