The Grenville Phillips Column – Welcome to Our Police State

Barbados hosts a significant number of visitors, from countries that are serious about protecting their citizens’ personal information or data.  In Barbados, their data can be held by Government agencies, and every business that records any information about its customers.

To facilitate international trade, Barbados needs to have a Data Protection law that makes selling or sharing someone’s personal data, without their consent, illegal.  Our Data Protection Bill was developed in our Senate, and was referred to a joint select committee of the House of Assembly and the Senate.

The Committee requested public comment on the Bill, and Solutions Barbados submitted its comments on 20 June 2019.  We received no acknowledgement.  After seeing others being allowed to present their concerns about the bill to the Committee, I called several times requesting the opportunity to be heard.  I also sent e-mail correspondence, but got no response.

This experience was different from the respectful way we were treated, when we presented on the Integrity in Public Life Bill.  We were allowed to discuss the loopholes we found in that Bill, that allowed persons who received bribes to legally avoid punishment, and keep all bribes paid to them.  The Data Protection Bill contains loopholes that are a lot worse – for us.

The Data Protection Bill makes a weak attempt at protecting the privacy of personal data.  Worse is that it can easily be used to terrorise businesses and individuals for political reasons, with the end-game of politicising the private sector.  That makes it a very dangerous bill.

I was shocked to learn that the Senate passed the Data Protection Bill on 24 July 2019.  I read the amended Bill and found that that our senators left all of the vulnerabilities for politically directed harm intact.  Why would they do that?  Further, by not allowing us to express our grave concerns to them in private, they have forced us to make them public.

If the amended Bill becomes law, then you may wonder how your competitors obtained your most sensitive business and personal information.  If that information is used to bankrupt you, then you can thank our senators for failing to protect us when they had the chance.  Thanks senators.

Relevant link: Data Protection Bill, 2019 (as amended) and The Report of the Joint Select Committee 

Since our senators seem not to have acted in our best interests, my only recourse, as one who has reviewed the Bill in the public’s interest, is to appeal to the members of our House of Assembly.  Our main concerns follow.

The Bill requires every business in Barbados, who records any information about their employees or clients, to pay a fee (or tax) and register with a politically appointed Data Protection Commissioner.  If you choose not to register, then you may pay a fine of $10,000 or be imprisoned for 2 months, or both.  If you do not maintain your registration, then the Commissioner can fine you $50,000.

The Commissioner can go through your files at any time, and must report any results to the Minister.  Once you have attracted many clients, or are a school with many students, then you are rewarded for your success.  You must employ or contract a Data Privacy Officer, whose allegiance is to the politically appointed Commissioner.  This Officer must have expert knowledge of data protection law and practices.

The Data Privacy Officer is like a Government spy in your business, who must provide all information about your business, including your clients, to the politically appointed Commissioner, whenever they ask for it.  In return, your Business must provide the Data Privacy Officer with all of the resources needed to both spy on your business, and be educated in the latest spy-craft.  They must also be given unfettered access to your employees.

If you get fed-up with the spying, then you must learn to lump it, because the Data Privacy Officer cannot be dismissed or disciplined for spying.  If you do not employ or maintain a suitable Data Privacy Officer, then the Commissioner can fine you $50,000.

If the Commissioner feels that you are not complying with the Data Protection Act, then they can effectively close your business.  If you resist, then you get to pay a fine of $15,000 or spend six months at Her Majesty’s Prison.  Also, the police can forcibly enter your business and seize your files and computers.  If you do not assist the police in their search for incriminating evidence on you, then congratulations, you get to pay a $100,000 fine, or spend two-years in prison, or both.  Lucky you.

You can always appeal the politically appointed Commissioner’s decisions to a Tribunal of five persons.  However, all five members of the Tribunal are selected and appointed by the Minister – so get with the program.

The 102-page Data Protection Bill provides an unnecessarily complicated bureaucracy, that can easily be corrupted for politically partisan reasons.  If we want to protect the privacy of personal data, then why not simply state that?  Why not simply define personal data, and state that sharing or selling a person’s personal data, without their consent, is an offence which entitles a victim to damages.  Why is that so hard?

The victim can then quantify their loss of business and/or reputation, and a judge can determine what is valid, and award damages accordingly.  What type of Barbados are we designing for our children to live and work in?  How can they possibly prosper in such a quasi-police state?  How dare our senators pass something so ridiculously dangerous to the public of Barbados?

Grenville Phillips II is a Chartered Structural Engineer and President of Solutions Barbados.  He can be reached at


  • @ Piece

    You are a real real jackass and a pompous fool.

    Your turd Party of Corrupt Joe and his forty thieves will never win an election in Barbados in your lifetime.


  • Baje agree with you 100%,this madman Piece actually beleives Rev Atherley has a chance of winning an election in Barbados.Wuhloss looka my crosses.The shite talker states Atherley has profile.This guy won his seat on the coat tails of Ms Mottley and the BLP and will lose it in the next election along with Mr Franklin and all the other members.You like predictions old man let me give you one not one damn seat for Atherley or bis group.Put that in your pipe and smoke it jackass.


  • @ Piece

    Could you please tell us why members of any political party should fear Caswell Franklyn?

    What is his track record as a trade unionist?

    What has Franklyn done that is so exceptional to merit being feared, other than picking and choosing certain issues to be outspoken on, just like everyone else, or issues that would make it appear that he is actually taking a stance on something?

    For months you have been cussing Atherley, now because of Franklyn you are backing his party?

    Some of you don’t really have a reason to revere someone other than based on sentiment or if that person contributes to BU.


  • @ Piece

    What happened to your prediction that 6 BLP parliamentarians would have crossed the floor by January 2019?


  • Piece the Legend


    Hello my adoring fan club

    Hello Baje, how are you?

    You ent got no more vocabulary?

    Hello Hee Haw of the pair of Rented Jackasses that are beaten badly by the person renting them

    Hello Robert Goerring,

    Wunna ent shame doah?

    Mugabe send wunna to say tings dat is to deride de ole man.

    Wunna is to mek viable points and show conclusively that Senator Caswell Franklyn IS NOT GOING TO CARRY THE DAY WITH THE COMING FLEECING THAT MUGABE GOING GET IN 2023!!

    But here is de 3 uh wunna lame donkeys saying de same lying over and ovah again

    Without any respect for de ole man!!

    I is Piece the Legend and wunna is to address de ole MAN respectfully!

    Look how I does call Baje (low Wages) and Hee Haw Hee Haw and Goerring the Boring by wunna right names.

    If wunna dont address me by my right name I ENT GOING TALK TO WUNNA FOR A WEEK.

    And dat means dat Mugabe Mottley ENT GOING PAY WUNNA FOR A WEEK!

    I is de source of wunna income and DON’T WUNNA FORGET IT!!

    Ammmmmm I wants wunna to comment on de Stoopid Cartoon below


    De ole MAN predictions all come true so do not fear

    When de 6 DLP fellers see how she spying on dem wid de equipment dat de ole man send down deah for dem to put pun dem phones IT GOING BE ALL OVAH.

    De fellers dun pay for dem hardware so dem only want evidence.

    Now one feller at a time my faithful fans!


  • Piece the Legend

    Wait where wunna gone?

    To Pan pun de Beach?

    When wunna get back heah is a second assignment.

    Mugabe Amin Mottley, using all she political machinery, send out a survey to every bajan in Barbados AND ONLY GET 5,000 responses,

    Me and me grandson send out one Stoopid cartoon and get 7,000 responses

    Here is de Cartoon

    Which uh de two uh we, MORE POPULAR???

    Piece or Mugabe?

    Dis us for 5 points!


  • Piece:

    Is your memory that short? Do you not remember that both Caswell and Drakes promised the public of Barbados that they could be trusted, because they were not and would not be politicians? Don’t you remember both Caswell and Drakes promising that they would not deceive the public of Barbados. Then what happened. They both became the very thing that they swore they would not become – politicians.

    Both of these senators supported the BLP in every damaging act for Barbados whenever it counted. When I was warning about the loopholes in the Integrity legislation, who opposed me when we presented in the select committee? Was it the BLP? No, it was Caswell. That was your “one swallow”, so I left it there.

    When I identified the dangers to Barbados with the Data Protection Bill, who sided with the BLP every single time on opposing our amendments. You guessed it. Drakes. That was another “swallow”.

    Then we have Atherley encouraging our PM to act like a despot and a dictator, in using the 30-0 to ram republicanism down Barbadians’ throat, whether we want it or not. How many “swallows” do you need Piece? Wise up.


  • I haven’t seen the sunlight fighting to get into my home, but it already feels like a beautiful day.
    I hope you have the same feeling, sunshine or rain.
    Have a great day Barbados


  • @visionary
    Hang in there my friend.
    In addition to the call for banning, it appears that there is an orchestrated attempt to drive you from BU.
    Your appearance is like a handful of scratch grain to three of them ((Goering, Lorenzo and Baje) . You can see them come running across the BU yard like excited chickens.

    Hang in there, my friend. They know as well as I do that time is their greatest enemy.


  • The USELESS massa government only seem to know how to ERASE taxes and HARDSHIPS…FOR THEIR BRIBERS..

    How about ERASING…taxes and HARDSHIPS…for the MAJORITY POPULATION …who pay your SALARIES and WHO ELECTED YOU….how bout that..


  • Guys, I may be returning to Barbados a little earlier than I expected.
    I may have found a business that I can invest in.
    I am collecting VAT. You walk through the door and I take one look at you and charge VAT.
    If I can make it for a few years, the slate gets wipe clean and I continue on.


  • Why is Barbados Today clamped down on views that are crtical of govt but allows the blp yard birds to make swipes at past govt.
    Has Barbados today drank too much of the Koolaid
    Has Mottley sent them a message to infer it would not be business as usual if they want any of govt revenue spent on commercial advertising
    Or have Big business that support this govt sent Barbados Today their version of Money Talks.



    “According to reports, the new permits being granted were authorized by the former Democratic Labour Party (DLP) government.”

    Didn’t we[:-)} beat those jokers 30-0 and they still running the country..
    They signed off on Cahill
    Do you know that if White Hoax was 9 days earlier, they would have signed of on that too..


    Jail should always be rough but this statement alarms me.

    Sir Marston said: “In the absence of any eyewitness, fingerprint or other trace evidence or DNA or other forensic evidence or any other evidence to corroborate the appellant’s oral statements, we hold and do so with the greatest reluctance that this case ought not to have gone to the jury at all, however credible the oral statements may have appeared to have been.

    “Accordingly, there is merit in the appellant’s contention that the verdict is unsafe and unsatisfactory in so far as the case ought not to have gone to the jury. There was accordingly a lurking doubt about the verdict, the appeal must, therefore, be allowed. The appeal is allowed, the conviction is quashed and the sentence be set aside. Mr Holder, that’s the judgment from the court.”

    Trying to figure out what went on here..


  • Usual incompetence and making dumb shit up as they go along, nothing new…Theo

    Useless Chief Justice, i believe it was Simmons at the time of this muder, too busy eyeing old people’s lands for thefts, useless lawyers, can’t even describe the police actions…but the corrupt DPP, deceased…would have been hip high in this wickedness, incompetence and travesty, he would also have known about the human rights abuses of locking up people without evidence or trial, a real piece of shit…that goes for all of them taxpayer funded…lowlifes.



    Trying to get me head around this
    ” He was stopped and a search was requested which resulted in the discovery of 5.5 grammes of cannabis.”

    “He is accused but was not required to enter pleas to charges that he did not have a driver’s licence, insurance and used fraudulent plates when he was the driver of motorcycle M245 on July 31 while on Green Hill.”

    5.5 grams = 0.194007 ounces. 2/10 of an ounce.
    Now I don’t know about these things but that seem like “not even enough” for personal use. That is the big deal and the guy is allowed to walk on “he did not have a driver’s licence, insurance and used fraudulent plates”

    Ass backwards


  • “Or have Big business that support this govt sent Barbados Today their version of Money Talks.”

    FIRST…they have to STEAL the money from TAXPAYERS and PENSIONERS…then the money TALKS…

    ..only then do any of them have any money to talk with…that is the only way any of them got any money to begin with….as far back as the 1970s.


  • Piece the Legend

    @ Commander Theophillus Gazerts of the 7th Battalion in the North

    How are you doing up there?

    The weather is cooling down slowly and fall is soon coming.

    Did you notice them too?

    As soon as de ole man talks bout Senator Caswell Franklyn ALL UH DEM TURNS UP.

    Even Grenville!!

    Here is an article in de newspapers today which says

    “…Indeed, the word on the streets is that Franklyn is really the most effective voice against the Government.

    He usually outperforms his leader, the Bishop, and keeps the Senate and airwaves hot with his direct detailed dissection of whatever policy position or new legislation is brought to Parliament.

    It would be interesting to see if Franklyn will raise his hand and join his PdP colleagues to contest the next general elections.

    For sure, he is considered by many as the most effective voice of the official Opposition in Barbados.

    And given that he is still a relatively young man, he could still have a thriving political career if he so desires…”

    Theophillus you see how de ole man sighting dese tings dem?

    Big like breadfruit!!

    Now ALL AROUND BARBADOS de same things dat de old man saying IS BEING SEEN BY EVERYONE!!!

    So why happening?

    Mugabe vex AND SEND DEM to get de ole man banned.

    Now here is a secret.

    The Honourable Blogmaster is really a good man in he heart.

    When dem telling HD dese tings, TRUE DE OLE MAN SORT OF DISRESPECTFUL TO HE AT TIMES but he does say, “doan mind he mouf, de ole Man talking dd trufe”

    And he scared cause whereas de ole man got me flick WAITING FOR DEM ASS, he concerned bout he family which I understand.

    But he also sees 11,000 views!!!

    11,000 views and from the viewpoint of a webmaster he understands what that HAS TO MEAN for a 2 man team!

    He understands that Mugabe only get 5,000 views.

    But he also understands in web lingo WHAT GOERRING AND BAJE AND THE RENTED MULE HEE HAW understand only politically

    The Dangers of De Ole Man!

    Dem not only hate me but dem fears me.

    So leh we see whu dem going do.

    A Kashoggi heheheh

    Now dem start to onerstand what must be happening and if dem going try a ting and get ketchup heheheheh


  • Piece the Legend

    Your assistance please with an item here thank you kindly Honourable Blogmaster


  • The o gazing blog police is at it again.
    Because a man may not agree with some of the nonsense Piece posts, he has to be a yardfowl sent by Mugabe Mottley? Grenville Phillips II has been knocking some holes in what Piece has been saying, so Grenville must be a yard fowl being paid by Mottley too?

    The o gazing blog police should READ and understand instead of GAZING. There is no where in the report that says the man was allowed to walk on “he did not have a driver’s licence, insurance and used fraudulent plates.”

    Foster has to APPEAR in the District A Traffic Court ON August 6, to ANSWER the traffic charges “that he did not have a driver’s licence, insurance and used fraudulent plates when he was the driver of motorcycle M245 on July 31 while on Green Hill.”

    However, he was given community service for the herb, which is a slap on the wrist for what is an illegal offence. “No conviction will be recorded against him if he completes the service successfully.”

    Uh wondering now who ass it is dat is backward.


  • Piece the Legend

    @ Goerring the Boring

    Morning, how you?

    Since you is the resident interpreter on duty this morning explain for de ole man where Grenville has been “knocking holes” in ” what I am saying”?

    What am I saying?

    And what are the holes?

    Mugabe Amin Mottley is a one term government and the Third Party Movement will see to this

    Watch Muh Now


  • Thanks. Looks like I woke you up.

    Indeed I missed that one sentence
    “In the meantime, he will make his first appearance before the District ‘A’ Traffic Court on August 6 on three charges.”

    Like you, I will assume that the three charges are lack of driver’s licence, lack of insurance and the use of fraudulent plates”.

    I still think that they could have passed on the little bit of drugs and focus on the big issues. Priorities are still ass backwards.


  • Looks like the Piece worshipper and bandwagon hopper Gazzerts is back to defend his idol.I wonder if this jackass supports his disrespecting of the blog master as well i would assume so.I wonder if he supports traitor joe as well and beleives he can win a governmemt.Seeing that he beleives everything Piece says and unable go think for himself probably does.Gazzerts get one thing clear you nor Piece have any capacity to impress or frighten me and anyone who disrespects the blog master should be banned.


  • Free in time for crop over..

    Murder accused Juneil Shaquel Holder was yesterday granted $110 000 bail.


  • Sorry dude,
    Just don’t have time for kids today
    Perhaps later


  • Could both of these be true or is someone lying?

    “When contacted by Barbados TODAY, chairman of the Transport Authority Ian Estwick pointed out that the decision to grant new permits was not taken by the authority, but by Cabinet”

    Then this:
    “According to reports, the new permits being granted were authorized by the former Democratic Labour Party (DLP) government.”
    Is it the cabinet or the DLP? The DLP still calling the shots 15 months after losing power? Someone should be upfront with the truth, the TB is slowly being decimated, PSV’s are unofficially officially the Nation’s transportation carrier.

    Like it or lump it.


  • “Could both of these be true or is someone lying?”

    Next question…is there ever a time that they ALL ARE NOT LYING..and over important issues where there is no need to lie.


  • Robert

    If the POS accuse GP2 of being a Motley yardfowl it is nothing more than GP2 reaping what the sow.

    They are both using the same method of operation.


  • Gazzerts you are a funny dude you should be in comedy fest.I asked you a question do you agree with the jackass Piece disrespecting the blogmaster yes or no? Be a man for once in your life i know as band wagon hopper you might not want to answer.


  • Like you, I will assume that the three charges are lack of driver’s licence, lack of insurance and the use of fraudulent plates”. (Quote)

    Nah, you did not wake me, but it’s obvious Baje, Lorenzo and I woke you up into a bad mood that you attacked us.

    Anyhow, there is nothing to assume here.

    Traffic offences, such as the ones you listed that were allegedly committed by Foster, are heard in a Traffic Court, in this case, the District A Traffic Court. The traffic offences here are indictable, which meant the accused is not required to enter a plea. His case was probably set for the next available court date.

    On the drug charge he would be required to enter a plea of guilty or not guilty. He chose to please “guilty” and the case was dealt with immediately. The amount of herb in his possession, though a small quantity, is still against the law.

    Maybe the Magistrate took into consideration that amount and the guilty plea, and sentenced him to community service. You should also realize that the offence would not be recorded against him if he successfully completes the service.

    If he had entered a “not guilty” plea on the herb charge, is case would have been heard on another court date.


  • I did not consider it as an attack, but I can see how the word scratch grain could act as an irritant.

    You accuse me of policing the blog, but that was the second or third time you attempted to make a citizen’s arrest on me…

    I hope your knowledge of the law was as a result of your studies and not from frequent troubling contact with the law.



    Is there sexism at work here?

    I mean our Olympic teams have under-performed over the years and none of the coaches or officials sat in the hot seat. This female coach is under pressure because just like our cricketers and Olympians, the team put up a poor showing.


  • 👍

    This is the way it should be done. Stopped the old talk about when you are going to pay people and put the money in their bank account

    Great story


  • It is obvious that certain opposition figures want to undermine and discredit our legitimate government. The term “police state” is a first-degree affront that puts Barbados on a par with Venezuela and North Korea. That must not be allowed to happen.

    Our Attorney General can no longer be generous and watching. We need tough action against such lawbreakers.

    Those who have nothing to hide have nothing to fear.


  • What about the ones…WHOSE LANDS AND ESTATES YALL STOLE for wicked Cow et al and for ya own GREED, robbing their beneficiaries…and are now threatening with arrest….for their own properties….huh…what about them..


  • THEO

    When the cricket coaches get fired its sexism then?


  • @WURA-War-on-U August 3, 2019 12:21 PM

    Stolen? Can you prove that? Since when do you steal land like bananas or a barrel of rum? All gobbledygook!

    Those who attack the authorities should not be surprised if they switch off the internet and electricity. However … You still have time to ask the Lord of the plantation for forgiveness and to feed his pig 😉


  • Looks like ya developing another level of STUPIDITY….

    Here is some history to help you backward, ignorant house negros that not even ya white massas need or want anymore because ya have become so useless…even to


  • Does any of this sound familiar to the stupid house negros in the parliament, ya should be ashamed of your backward, criminal selves.

    “The various privileges extended to the enslaved elite helped to create a conservative attitude among some – keen to protect what they had gained. They also produced an aspirational culture, of sorts, within the slave community – a bleak and tragic shadow of the ‘American dream’ of independence and riches that motivated the slaveholders. Those slaves who lived long enough and were not physically or psychologically broken by plantation work could aim to join the ranks of the skilled, privileged plantation elite. And there is evidence that those who won the favour of white managers and avoided fieldwork cherished those advantages. One slave in Barbados even killed his successor, and then committed suicide when a white manager stripped him of his job as a watchman.

    Such stories upset common assumptions about slavery – and about slaves. In the popular imagination and in much historical scholarship, there has been a tendency to perceive enslaved people either as downtrodden victims or as romantic rebels: we often prefer to think of slaves as having been innocent drudges, suffering inescapable torments, or as brave resisters and rebels, taking decisive action against their oppressors. It is a contradictory simplification. The bland confining categories of ‘victim’ or ‘rebel’ (or even ‘collaborator’) cannot properly capture the experiences or choices of enslaved people, including those of drivers, of enslaved Anglican converts, or of a thwarted Barbadian watchman.

    Those people show us, instead, that slavery was as complex as it was cruel. Negotiating its grim realities required determination and skill, even selfishness; and it was next to impossible to endure without making compromises of one kind or other. All enslaved people – from newly trafficked Africans to seasoned field workers; from children forced to work as soon as they could use a small hoe, to experienced drivers such as Reid – responded to their predicaments in ordinary ways, albeit under extraordinary pressures. They did what they could to keep alive and, if possible, to capitalise on scant opportunities within the system in which they were trapped.

    And their stories remind us that they were all trapped. However complex and divided the slave community, however many people we find who were able carve out precarious positions of relative comfort, we find them struggling to live within a system designed to promote disunity, anxiety and fear. Even the most valued of drivers could be demoted on a whim. Some brave or desperate souls chose to flee. But the fine-tuned system of divide and rule helped to deter all but the most determined of rebels.

    Before the late-18th century, the sophisticated and cruel management strategies of white slaveholders were highly effective: overt challenges to white authority foundered, and slave-run sugar plantations prospered. It was only with the outbreak of the Haitian Revolution in 1791 and the growing influence of humanitarian campaigning that the inner workings of the British slave system began to buckle and break, as enslaved people in the Caribbean seized new opportunities to undermine the world that the slaveholders had made.”


  • Piece the Legend

    So now that the scratch grain gatherer and Hee Hee and Hee Haw have retired look at this.

    “…The new European data protection law requires us to inform you of the following before you use our website:

    We use cookies and other technologies to customize your experience, perform analytics and deliver personalized advertising on our sites, apps and newsletters and across the Internet based on your interests.

    By clicking “I agree” below, you consent to the use by us and our third-party partners of cookies and data gathered from your use of our platforms.

    See our Privacy Policy and Third Party Partners to learn more about the use of data and your rights.

    You also agree to our Terms of Service…”

    For those of you who have been watching the forcing of the law upon bajans by Mugabe, You will note that there is a conspicuous absence of and commensurate law on Governmdnt sites TO PROTECT THE PUBLIC!

    It is obvious that Mugabe is putting down laws for sheeple but SHE AND HER TEAMS OF BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU, are above the law.


    All around civilian rights are being abrogated and not a body opening dem mouf and saying a ting.

    Just eveybody drinking rum and farting whole Mugabe strips them of their rights ONE DAY, ONE RIGHT LESS


  • Well..,there are always HUMAN RIGHTS BODIES…who actually monitors these things….ALERT THEM.

    Saying that because the more people contact them and complain about these small island wannabe shitehounds for dictators…the more they will be monitored.

    She only THINKS she is a power onto herself until she sees what REAL power looks and feels like.


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