Lawyer Vonda Pile Found GUILTY as Charged!

Vonda Pile was found guilty earlier today of thieving close to $200,000 dollars from a client Anstey King. The blogmaster salutes Mr. King for finding the time to pursue this matter which was kicked about in our dysfunctional justice system for several years. If the judge suffers no damascene moment- like in the  James O’Rourke matter- Pile will be handed a hefty sentence for breaking the law stripped of her role as an officer of the court. She was remanded until July 16.

Vonda Pile is featured in Barbados Underground’s Lawyer in the News.

One regret of this blogmaster is that John Griffiths did not have the wherewithal to also criminally prosecute former Speaker of the House MICHAEL CARRINGTON.

Another matter irking the blogmaster is to observe former minister of Michael Lashley in our Courts on a daily basis representing minibus men by exploiting laws he helped to enanct as a policymaker. There is something very wrong here.

Time longer than twine!


156 thoughts on “Lawyer Vonda Pile Found GUILTY as Charged!

  1. @ Dullard June 6, 2019 5:02 PM


    Black Bajans, especially the so-called middle class and bureaucrats are still very much in “slavery”.

  2. The 7 Jurors who voted for guilty conviction are Barbados unsong heroes who did the right thing and should be applauded.

    The 2 Jurors who voted against I wonder if they were Lawyers or 2 blind mice.

    It was highlighted in the Press about a dozen Lawyers cried, a bunch of criminals themselves who only care about members of their Fraternity.

    You never see these same DISHONEST Lawyers crying when their Clients lose a case and who paid them in the most cases for poor representation.

    Barbados where the Cartel gather wearing Robes and Titles.

  3. While it might seem cliche, the fact is that, pressure does burst PIPES.

    Do ole man would look for that man who was on remand for 10 years and ask him to name names.

    Cause the judge wo put him on remand want LOCKING up for 10 years .

    So you ent even ask a question bout de man you lock up?

    He need to sue the Government of Barbados

    @ Gabriel the Archangel

    You said and I quote

    “…A passing reference was made to Attorney at law Philip Nicholls.In his book More Binding than Marriage Nicholls was arrested and locked up on orders of one DPP Leacock who also charged him with stealing money and with money laundering and is alleged to have made use of his connections at the US Embassy ( recall he was representing the US in a local court matter involving a case of extradition)to have Nicholls’s visa cancelled…”

    Where is this fellow the lawyer Nicholls now?

    That is another matter dat should be made into a Biopic for public consumption.

    He does not need a book, HE WANTS ONE OF DE OLE MAN STOOPID CARTOONS and that will be more effective than his book.

    But yah see, wunna lawyers too bright for these actions to totally destroy your enemies…

  4. Bot related, but here is a good place for this

    “Jones was residing in Canada when he was convicted of drug-related offences on November 11, 1993 and August 31, 1994. He was sentenced to six years, four months and seven days imprisonment.

    However, after serving 1,430 days in prison Jones was released on full parole. As part of his conditions he was required to periodically report to his probation officer.”

    Look at the dates (1994, 1997 and 1994+6). This is 2019
    The man is 64.
    Canada/ the US are always deporting people(some after they served a jail sentence). This is what happened here.
    Twenty years later they want to jail a 64 year-old man for 3+ years. Then they will send him back to Barbados.
    Nonsense. I doubt the Canadian were serious.

    Canadians displaying contempt and disrespect for this national. To allow this would be a poor reflection of what it means to be a Barbadian and to our sovereignty.

    Great job, Chief Magistrate Christopher Birch…..

    Wondering if any island in the Caribbean ever attempted to extradite a US/Canadian citizen from US/Canada to the Caribbean. If so, were they successful?

    Great job, Chief Magistrate Christopher Birch…..

  5. Why corruption will always prevail.

    Read the story and for 10 marks tell me the name of the company involved. The name/names of the culprits companies are never mentioned.

    What makes a journalist write a story like this and not mention the company name?
    This is worse that rumor mongering, for there you may get a name…

  6. @ Theophillus Gazerts Commander of the Northern Battalion and Naval Guard.

    You said and I quote

    “…Wondering if any island in the Caribbean ever attempted to extradite a US/Canadian citizen from US/Canada to the Caribbean.

    If so, were they successful?…”

    Dem is trying….heheheheh

  7. “However, the auditor general found that only ONE mortgage certificate was presented for audit inspection and no evidence was provided to verify that the other tenants at the Grotto had submitted mortgage certificates at the time of applying to rent/purchase the units.”

    How do I take that one person …
    proof that there is one honest man in Barbados?
    Proof of one fool in Barbados?
    Proof that there is one man who don’t know anyone who can pull strings?

    I suspect that there is now one angry tenant in the Grotto… “They got me playing by the rules and everybody else is getting a pass”

  8. This man who has served longer than the maximum sentence is due damages from the State. Will the State do the right thing or will his case, if he chooses to bring one, be lost in the system. He should not have stolen, that is true, but the State also has a responsibility to follow its own rules.

    Think also, this could also happen to a person who never committed a crime. In a small country such as Barbados how could somebody be lost in the system? This is appalling!

  9. @ Donna June 7, 2019 8:13 AM
    “Think also, this could also happen to a person who never committed a crime. In a small country such as Barbados how could somebody be lost in the system? This is appalling!”

    More than just “appalling”! Only lends credence to Hal Austin’s mantra about Barbados being a “Failed State”.

    What kind of Prison management has been in place to allow such an abuse of human rights to occur for such a long period of time?

    Who will guard the guards?

    One is left to wonder as to what would have occurred if the man had pleaded ‘Not Guilty’?
    Would he have been returned to the same prison on further remand to languish for another 3 years pending his trial before a jury of his ‘peers’?

  10. WURA,

    CGI may be clogging up the courts but the other insurance companies are not much better. They slow walk the negotiations to put the injured under such financial duress that they are forced to take any scraps they offer just so they can keep a roof over their heads, send their children to school and even eat a decent meal. They attempt to deduct from the value of the settlement the National Insurance benefit received. This benefit was paid for with the contributions of the injured party and the insurance companies wish to be the beneficiaries under the guise of the “no double compensation” principle. This is not supported by the law. If anyone is to benefit from the contributions of the injured party fairness suggests that it should be the one who actually paid the contributions.

    For all those who do not know it there is something called an interim payment that can be applied for once legal proceedings have been initiated to level the playing field somewhat and relieve the financial duress that would cause an injured party to capitulate to unscrupulous insurance companies.

  11. Miller,

    Since I have more time on my hands to consider this country I have been forced to revise my opinion of it. Indeed for many years I was living in a fool’s paradise. But no more. Don’t be too hard on the average Barbadian. They have long known what I am now finding out and are of the opinion that nothing they can do will change it. They are wrong because there is power in numbers but they believe that the best option is to concentrate on their immediate needs and survival and fight battles only when they personally are affected. That, unfortunately, is precisely the reason why things never change.

  12. @ Donna June 7, 2019 8:44 AM

    Donna, we are NOT talking about the “average Barbadian”.

    We are talking about those who were educated at the expense of the same ‘ordinary’ people to the highest level.

    What have these parasites been giving back to the society?

    Just look the Auditor General’s reports!

    Look at the judicial system manned by educated people to the highest university level!

    Look at the state of the environment and the public transport system!

    There nothing about the educated class in Barbados called ‘Noblesse Oblige’.

    Where is the return on the so-called investment in the Bajan human capital?
    Billions of taxpayers’ monies (including millions borrowed from overseas) just gone done the waste pipe to the unfathomable well of arrogance and incompetence.

  13. Miller,

    I understand. Parasites almost all of them. Don’t see them changing unless forced to by the ordinary men and women who don’t seem to be energized to do anything more than talk and are hiding in their holes fearful of the consequences.

    There is power in numbers.

  14. “For all those who do not know it there is something called an interim payment that can be applied for once legal proceedings have been initiated to level the playing field somewhat and relieve the financial duress that would cause an injured party to capitulate to unscrupulous insurance companies.”

    crooked insurance companies like CGI pay hefty sums to plaintiff’s attorneys to bypass that process.

    criminal to the core. that is when you know your attorney is a sell out.

  15. Wura,

    The granting of the interim payment is dependent on the strength of the case or the admission of liability. I have no doubt that some attorneys keep their clients uninformed. That is why i am spreading the word.

  16. Yeah Donna…

    forever useless bajan lawyers, cry for the thief and not a tear for the client who lost his money to this Vonda tief.

  17. Donna girl…we gotta go full blast, clients are still at risk of being robbed by tiefing bajan lawyers…they can’t stop overnight, they have been lifelong thieves.

    Black women, girls and children are at risk of being raped and sexually assaulted by white tourists who should be in prison, but then released by the nasty Mia government when they interfere in the court case against white rapists and sexual predators…..women are at risk, this government is extremely dangerous and cares nothing about black people, especially vulnerable women and children.

    so we know what we gotta do..

  18. ” Offering sympathy to Pile, Weekes said her heart goes out to her colleague in the legal fraternity, and suggested the criminal justice system may be making an example of the attorney-at-law, amid concerns of mishandling of funds entrusted to lawyers.”

    “I am sorry that Ms Pile had to be the method of example”

    ““This is a ten year-old case and there is another that is coming up which is also ten years, and people would tend to say that we are just running down the clock until people forget and then we put it aside,” Weekes said.”

    ” she was found guilty on a majority verdict of stealing $191,416. 39 (US$96,008.22) from her client, Anstey King.”

    How about sympathy for Mr. Anstey King ?

  19. No! I think what is happening is that you realize that we the people are NO LONGER PREPARED to accept that you are above the law. We put the heat on you in a sustained manner and you felt it prudent to respond.. Or as Piece would say – pressure does burst pipe. We on BU have a pressure cooker ready for wuhnuh asses.

    The heat and the pressure are on. One example will not suffice because one swallow does not a summer make.

    A word to the wise.

  20. @ Donna,

    Slowly but surely…as the wheels of time gring onwards, The “Voice of the People” is starting to be heard.

    And as you said eloquently Donna

    “…No! I think what is happening is that you realize that we the people are NO LONGER PREPARED to accept that you are above the law…”

    And, while you and others here on Barbados Underground are not able to see the statistics, the Honourable Blogmaster and his team, are noticing the rapidly increasing readership.


    Notice now Donna how Piece no longer has to use the older type of engagement style of rabid contention AND THAT THE LANGUAGE OF BASE CUSSING AND ABUSE has been “cleaned up substantially”?

    But also notice Donna how many other “voices” have been added to the spectrum of people who speak out AND SPEAK OUT LOUDLY AGAINST ANY AND ALL INJUSTICE!

    You then wisely continued to say

    “…We put the heat on you in a sustained manner and you felt it prudent to respond…”


    For a while we commentators we stuck in the DBLP BLAME GAME MODE.

    So the plants Hee Hee & Hee Haw were able to come and run us ragged with their strategy of causing INTERNAL DISSENT AMONG THE VIRTUAL NATIONAL DISSENTERS

    And for a while it was working and the infighting was breaking the ranks.

    And the results were like what is happening with the Crucible article right now.

    Causing a bigger issue of Above the Law International Business Companies to implode because of personality issues.

    Few people are trained in the type of warfare sooooo… when it comes, there matures whell up AND THEY IMPLODE.

    And then it becomes like what Dr. GP said CAUSE IT IS DR GP’s statement no mine…


    • @Sargeant

      You followed the case? She admitted she withheld payment to offset monies alleged were owed to her.

  21. She did the crime AND MUST DO THE TIME

    @ Mr Hal Austin

    Hal, your point about where Vonda has come from AND THE FACT THAT SHE IS NOT PART OF THD BOURGEOISIE is to be noted.

    She arrives from a non community on the bajan defensive landscape.

    Additionally she black and not brown skinned like other criminal lawyers who tekking money from people AND WHOSE CASES HAVE YET TO BE HEARD!

    And she ent got no Jada Pinkett Smith features IF YOU GET MY DRIFT.

    Time alone will tell if this is just a token thing where a non connected black woman who ent no “Angela Bassett” is being incarcerated as a token ONLY cause people like Jackmsn et al, from the Lawyers in the News Carousel on this page WILL NEVER SEE A SIMOLAR TRIAL far less be sentenced.

  22. Sargeant

    Forget the nonsense about conviction. That is a social construct. The substantive point is that criminality is common among Barbadian lawyers; why is it that an ordinary working class woman should be sent to jail. List all the lawyers accused of robbing their clients and the ones brought before a court..
    I was told by a leading QC that the young lawyers in his chambers disliked people returning from the UK with over Bds$1m in their bank accounts and they did not even go to university. They are the ones who rob their clients. The politics of envy.
    These braindead second rate lawyers sit on their bums with their scrappy bits of paper saying they are professionals begrudging ordinary people who had to get up at 3 and 4am to go to work in the snow for 40 years.
    Vonda might have made a mistake, but the class-ridden idiots on the bench are only too pleased to show her where she belongs. AND YOU SUPORT THIS? Grow up. Vonda is a victim of class prejudice.

  23. HA

    If you read any comments issued by me over the past several years you would know that I hold many lawyers in low esteem as I have heard too many stories of lawyers withholding funds or otherwise engaging in acts of subterfuge especially when it comes to funds from Bajan nationals who reside overseas. They know the client is overseas and they can avoid the calls and when the client shows up provide some cock and bull story until they leave again.

    I am just glad someone got convicted, it’s up to you to make her the patron saint for justice or a victim of classism in Bim but maybe the sentence sends a message to others who are busy doing the same things.

    As a final comment there are too many lawyers in Barbados, the cake can only be dividing in so many pieces so they have to resort to underhand activities to make a living and keep up appearances. Our education system is adrift and it seems no one is capable of righting the ship.


  24. @ Sargeant

    I agree with nearly all you say; my only difference is that the person the corrupt legal system has chosen to make an example of is an ordinary working class woman from Deacons who never was part of the clique. She is as much a victim as the clients the legal thieves rob.

    • And to repeat it does not absolve her from the crime. She did the crime to Dodds she goes. Focus on the CJ, or Stuart who was an AG from a l’o-class hood’, pick any other. Not many in Barbados are that far removed from the low socio economic bracket you are waving about.

  25. I am not going to get into class or color.

    Separation of clients from their monies has been going on too long and too often. It was time that someone should be made an example of.

    To some, this points out further flaws in the system. To me, it is warning message to all lawyers that such behavior will not go unpunished.

    My concern about race and color only arises if VP is the first and last lawyer to be punished in this manner then “Houston, we have a problem”.

  26. @ David

    Are you playing at being stupid, or are you really that dumb? What socio-economic bracket? Is that what they taught you in your American university?
    Vonda comes from the working class and she was proud to be from Deacons. According to the class traditions in Barbados, on becoming a lawyer she should have pretended to be middle class and no longer a Deacons person. That is why she was punished. hat is the Bajan way. We need more lawyers who identify with the working class.
    It is interesting seeing BU standing up for returnees who have been robbed by local lawyers.

    • Guards to you. You visit BU daily, you know the issues. You had a chance to quizz Mottley at a town hall in England and said Rh nothing. You know what to do.

  27. David

    You are exactly what I think you are. You take @Enuff’s word as gospel. Grow up silly man. Let me declare a truce. The two of us will never agree on any thing of political importance and should just agree to disagree. I have a very low opinion of you and nothing will change that. I shall ignore your diatribe from now on.

  28. @Hal AustinSeptember 6, 2019 6:03 AM “an ordinary working class woman from Deacons.”

    ALL lawyers in Barbados are the children or grandchildren of ordinary working class people from the rural and urban working class villages. However by the time they become lawyers they are no longer working class. I put it to you that Vonda Pile is not an ordinary working class woman from Deacons, but a middle class professional who has likely lived away from Deacon’s almost as long as you have lived away from the Ivy, and almost as long as I have lived away from my rural working class village.

  29. @DavidSeptember 6, 2019 5:22 AM “You followed the case? She admitted she withheld payment to offset monies alleged were owed to her.”

    Many years have passed. She is a lawyer. If as she claims the client has withheld payment from her did she hire a lawyer to bring a civil or criminal case against him?

    If not why not?

    Even now she can still bring a case against her client. Will she do that?

    It is disingenuous to see her as a working class victim.

  30. This is how I have dealt with lawyers in land sale, house lease matters.

    Gimmee an estimate of how much the job will cost.

    I will bring you a certified check or bank draft for half the amount.

    When the job is finished email me and tell me the balance.

    I will come to you office with a certified check or bank draft for that amount.

    You the lawyer will have a bank draft or certified check for the money received for me. Yo the lawyer will give me that check.

    We exchange certified checks or bank drafts.

    We shake hands, and we are both smiling.

    I leave your place.

    What is so difficult about this?

    Excerpts from the story
    The magistrate then informed the defence that such an offence carried a $10,000 fine and or 12 months in prison.

    Reid, however, pointed out that his client was in an “impecunious” situation as he worked for $500 every fortnight as a watchman and was responsible for his aging mother.

    Agard was fined $4,000 to be paid on or before March 31, 2020. If he defaults on the payment he will spend six months in prison. He was also given a three-month sentence which has been suspended for a year. (Quote)

    ***The magistrate was too lenient.. He should have taken his money and jailed the man for 12 months.

    I can guarantee you that it will not happen again,” Agard said as he left the court. (Quote)

    **Agard can work as a comedian. There is no need for him to do anything again. The damage has already been done.
    Women in Barbados need to march against this judge. We want him off the bench.
    Resign today or order the arrest and jailing of Agard — today.
    Jail Agard’s ass for 12 months and forget he is there for 2 years.

  32. There is a picture of a man covering his face.
    I did not see the video, but I will assume that he exposed more than the woman’s face and now has the gall to cover his.
    Jail the man — TODAY…

  33. It is about time that Vonda Pile was released from prison. Vonda, despite her alleged abuse of a client’s money, has been the victim of the most vicious, class-ridden, nasty justice imaginable. There was a dislike that she came from Deacons, and wore it with pride, unlike some of her fellow lawyers who hate the fact that they came from a working class background.
    It is worth noting that her bail is more than the amount of money she allegedly defrauded her client of. That is why we need to hear the voice of the underdog, why we need to hear from @Mariposa.

  34. These savage, uncivilised brutes are going for Vonda Pile again. They will not rest until they see her sweeping the streets. Vonda was convict ed and sentenced to imprisonment; she has now successfully appealed. In any civilised country until the appeal has been heard she will be allowed to practice (ignore the Latin)
    Now some are trying to prevent her from even representing her clients. Cicero had a lot to say about the higher moral law.

  35. It appears that Vonda Pile will be in court again – May 7.

    From todays BT:
    “It is alleged that she stole $205481.88 via the proceeds of a Royal Bank of Canada Limited cheque payable to Patricia Hall between January 2007 and March 16, 20011. She is also charged with with engaging in money laundering in that she disposed of the sum, being proceeds of crime.”

    (1) I hate this drip, drip. of information. We need her total body count and we need it today. We don’t want to be hearing of a 2016 victim in 2027.
    (2) Note the length of time this case took to get to this stage (11-15 years)
    (3) The biggest money laundering is having these trials. The money is further washed as lawyers generate bills for legal representation

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