Dysfunctional and Chaotic @MTWM

Let me have men about me that are fat, sleek-headed men and such as sleep a-nighs. Yond Cassius has a lean and hungry look, He thinks too much; such men are dangerous.”

-Julius Caesar Act 1, scene 2, 190-195

One of the enduring criticisms of the Mia Mottley government which dovetail those about austerity measures implemented has been the appointment of a 26 member Cabinet. When the bell is rung to end this Barbados Labour Party (BLP) term in the legislated 4 more years, one of the questions the electorate will have to answer is whether ‘value for money’ was delivered.  Time is indeed longer than twine.

There is no doubt significant remedial AND strategic work is required within central government to reposition Barbados as a lean and hungry central government operation. The dysfunction that exist within the public service is legendary. It is an entity using obsolete and redundant systems made worse by a level of political  interference translated to square pegs serving in round holes. A state of affairs that has transcended both of the major political parties.

After one year in office, one ministry can easily be held up as an example of the systemic dysfunction. A ministry that has two ministers at the helm- William Duguid and Peter Phillips. Some are of the view glaring errors which have and continue to plague at the Ministry of Transport, Works and Maintenance (MTWM) exposes a lack of ministerial experience. The government promised to hit the ground running and there is a reasonable expectation by Barbadians ministers in charge supported by the technocrats possess the skill set to get the job done.

There is no need to list the cock ups that have occurred in the last year under the MTWM to explain waning public confidence. One suspects this ministry is in line for a shake up when Prime Minister Mia Mottley does an obligatory annual performance review. The dysfunction one may argue has led to the resignation of Gregory Nicholls as Chairman of the Transport Board after being publicly criticized by Mottley.

Unfortunately for Messrs Duguid and Phillips the blogmaster intends to highlight the dysfunction at MTWM in upcoming blogs as the poster ministry. The objective: to  expose an inefficient approach to doing business in the twentieth century. Although policy positions of all ministries ultimately impact the electorate the MTWM by the nature of its operations is seen as one of the most visible.

One area that is an embarrassment is the system to register a vehicle at the offices of the Barbados Licensing Authority. To be fair, Barbados Revenue Authority (reports to the Ministry of Finance) must share in the chaos Barbadians are subjected to on a daily basis. Annually owners of vehicles must make the trek to the Pine or its satellite offices to show proof of insurance to receive a document to display on the vehicle. The process is one where people have to carve out 1 to 2 hours to stand in a line to complete the transaction. This is clearly a systemic problem from casual observation and should have been fixed a long time ago.

If we want to send the right message to Barbados workers and the general public, we must fix as a matter of urgency. We cannot be sending home workers, paying consultants millions from the public purse, jet setting across the globe in business class and being accommodated in 4 and 5 star hotels, YET, there is no commensurate lift in the operating efficiency at public agencies.

Minster Duguid note the blogmaster has not included the matter of Alden BLACKman. A  matter that will continue to plague your performance and legacy as a member of Cabinet even if you are not the only one responsible for its resolution.  The pain and suffering being inflicted on a BLACKman while a WHITE woman Pat Brayshaw is the beneficiary by a government elected by a predominant BLACK population is a woeful dereliction in your mandate to serve.

A word to the wise they say should be sufficient.





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  1. i don’t agree with the entirety of the submission but i will agree with the dysfunction at the licencing authority. i had the displeasure of going there recently on vacation to get a bajan driving licence.

    first of all the office was chaotic with people milling around. i thought they were in line only to find out they were waiting for appointments or to be taken out for driving tests. when i did get to the attendant, which didn’t take v long, he was an elderly person and he was the only attendant. i was told that in order to get my UK licence transferred to Bim i would have to produce 2 passport pictures, produce a Bim ID card and my UK licence and fill out a form. nothing was done on computer and there was lots of paper work lying around.

    i did all that was required having been warned to have the above at the ready. the attendant given the manual nature of the job was efficient enough and after a while his part was completed. i was now to take the paper work over to another office on the compound to pay the fee.

    i walked about 50 metres into the paying office with a line nearly outside the door with 2 cashiers in attendance and what appeared to be a supervisor hovering about. after about 5 minutes another cashier joined and for a while the line moved only to slow down ten minutes later when one of the cashiers took up her bag and left. the supervisor still hovered around. there was an air condition on but was either turned down low or because the door was being constantly opened as others joined, didn’t appear to have much effect. the office was not unbearable however.

    as is normal in such circumstances people began to talk about how inefficient the process was and wondered why everything couldn’t be done in one place? i was told that the cashiers were from BRA and not MTW because MTW cashiers were suspected of not passion on the monies previously so that function was taken from them

    after an hour and half i was served by a cashier who was as efficient as the first and told that to walk around the building to the place where my picture for the licence would be taken and the actual licence issued. the licence would be for 1 year in the first instance and renewable for 3 or 5 after. i wondered why it couldn’t be issued for 3 or 5 now? what difference would it make?

    anyhow i proceeded to the office and presented my paperwork to one of the 2 men sitting in the office, who took it to the back and told me to wait for my name to be called. that appeared to be their only or main function. there were about 50 people in the room. again i struck up a conversation with a lady next to me. she said it was her second time there as previously she had to leave for an appointment after spending 3 hours in the process.

    my name was called soon thereafter and i went to the back to get my photo taken. i asked the photographer why this process was so truncated and she said that she had returned from the UK years ago and right from the get go told them that it was inefficient but in the usual bajan reaction was told where to get off.

    my picture was taken and i returned to the office to await the issuance of the licence which took 30 minutes as they were done in batches. names were called and people went forward to sign a receive register and be handed that prized possession.

    the entire process took about 3 and a half hours. i was told by friends to whom i later revealed my tale that “you got thru good. um does usually take almost a whole day.”

    not to compare but where i reside over and away the said same very process would have taken 30-45 minutes depending. Bim public and civil service is one inefficient time consuming interaction.

    it is one of the things for which i blame the last iteration of the DLP. that and the roads. those are 2 things that should have fixed if nothing else. there is no way in this day and age that bajans should have to waste so much time in dealing with the Govt.

    i hope this Govt could at least look at correcting this in between the time they seem to spend doing PR and dreaming up schemes to siphon off monies from the public purse. i have little doubt they will but it will cost

    in the months ahead i am betting there will be a plethora of capital projects big and small that the PR pirates will convince bajans are necessary for us to punch above our weight whilst in the background they will be working to make the weight of the public purse lighter

  2. Greene, the people in Barbados and some on this very blog are resistant to foreign ideas … Now I am not saying that foreign ideas are always the best course of action, but if that elderly gentleman would have been trained to do the same jobs which you have described above it was save the taxpayers time and money… But we most allow them to continue in their ignorance …but apparently they know it all…

  3. @ Greene

    You should remove,I walk, I have, and all the I from your comment , then see if you can agree with the submission

    • The following was received by long suffering Alden BLACKman whose matter has been highlighted in the traditional and social media with no solution in sight. It should be noted the matter has straddled both BLP and DLP

      – Blogmaster

      [caption id="attachment_47333" align="alignnone" width="512"]Pat Brayshaw's Palm Paradise, our guesthouse, from the lane Pat Brayshaw’s Palm Paradise[/caption]

      [caption id="attachment_53771" align="alignnone" width="176"]pat Pat Brayshaw[/caption]

      The emails below show the dysfunctional and chaotic state at MTW&M.

      • A Deputy CTO, reply to a subject matter, Re: “Blockage of a watercourse in St. James”.
      • Four days later (on a Sunday )the Minister reply with 13 words. However, both the Minister and Deputy CTO don’t know the functions of MTW&M, as to this, or any subject . Even though, the Deputy CTO was at MTW/MTW&M a very long time, he should know that “The Prevention Of Floods Act Cap 235” Authority resides with the Minister, and Responsibilities with the CTO , who can authorize from the Deputy CTO to Officers to carried-out duties under such Act.

      From: Dr. Hon. William Duguid, JP

      Sent: Sunday, February 24, 4:53 PM

      Subject: Re: Blockage of Watercourse in St.James

      To: alden blackman

      I have asked for the Town planning enforcement notice.

      That is the first stage.


      Sent from my iPhone

      On Feb 24, 2019, at 4:07 PM, alden blackman < alblackman@live.com> wrote

      From: Philip Tudor < Philip.Tudor@publicworks.gov.bb>

      Sent: Wednesday, February 20, 2019 4:25:04 PM

      To: alden blackman

      Cc: kerrieslaw@gmail.com; miaamormottley@gmail.com

      Subject: RE: Blockage of Watercourse in St.James

      Dear Mr Blackman,

      It is rather unfortunate that I would have seen in another section of the press where you have made uncomplimentary remarks towards Mr. Thornhill (ex. Chief Technical Officer) and myself. As I had mentioned to you at the site meeting which we had some time ago, this matter was referred to the Chief Town Planner whose agency is responsible for issuing Enforcement Notices. Please note that no demolition of this structure in St. James could have been carried out by the Ministry of Transport and Works without the prior authorization of the Town and Country Planning Department. To date we have received no such authorization. I will however contact the Chief Town Planner in an effort to see if this situation can be remedied before the 2019 hurricane season.

      Philip Tudor

      Deputy Chief Technical Officer MTW&T

  4. It seems that Mr. Blackman must continue making uncomplimentary remarks since that was the cause for a response.
    He needs a solution not long talk.

  5. @Heather Cole, Unfortunately, unless you speak the truth in the most passionate manner no one cares two wuck ups. After you try to be civil it follows you have to get on the lazy persons nerves.

  6. @ Kammie at 3:39 PM

    It is not a case of lazy employees;it is about poor organization and methods. The employee follows his job description.
    Once upon a time ,in the days of Harcourt Lewis and Branston Collymore there was a department/ Ministry that systematically implemented changes in the administrative systems in the Public Service. That Ministry was replaced about 3 decades ago.
    Then we had the talk ministries and departments as successors.

    Are we going to have transformation by talk in the future?

  7. @Heather Cole

    You got a point, but what cause the Deputy CTO in effort to cover-up his neglect of duty to his responsibilities from 2004. somehow, find it necessary to informed the Prime Minister and MP for St. James Central with untruths He must know that MTW CTO or himself don’t need advised as to watercourses encroachments from TCPD. It is TCPD who need to asked the MTW CTO who has the responsibility for watercourses. Where was the Deputy CTO, when the complicit aiding and abetting with George Hutson in 2012-13 to paved said road. Thereby, allowing a further 6 years retention to date of private road that clearly contravened The Prevention Of Floods Act Cap 235. What kind of representation did MP symmonds give to the Black Barbadian Pensioner, except to bring his henchman Selwyn Brooks before 2018 General Election to hoodwinked, by offering a remedying comfort promised to Mr. Blackman, but still trying to work around the white British ex-pat illegal private road, in such a way, that will surely further disadvantaged by taking more of the Black Barbadian land. MP symmonds never brought the MTW CTO or Deputy CTO. Not even, when his previous BLP government was in Office, that is a worrying concerned as to the role he played, and continues to play.

  8. Strictly speaking,this is a technical matter which should not engage the attention of the politician. But we lost our way a few miles back have we not? Can we recoup? Can we default back to where the laws and regulations were enforced without fear nor favour?. Do we really like um so?

    • alden blackman

      7:07 PM (4 hours ago)

      to me

      Translate message
      Turn off for: English

      Hi David, post this is for Heather Cole to see. Thanks Bro

      From: alden blackman
      Sent: Thursday, 14 February 2019 21:51
      To: kerrieslaw@gmail.com
      Cc: miaamormottley@gmail.com
      Subject: Re: The lack of representation

      Mr. Symmonds

      Your response is welcome. Also, the constructive criticism of a poor Black-man style, of justly agitating over the last 15 years to the unfairness he had to endured, because, an Ex-pat White land owner, placed an illegal encroachment that form a private road in a watercourse adjacent, to a Black-man home that continually posed a risk to him, and by extension, the residents of Clarke’s Road area.

      Sir, now with the banter gone, can we discuss, How willing and equipped the public officers were in 2003, when the illegal encroachment only needed the application of the prevention of floods Act Cap 235 section 6B and 7 that place the responsibility in MTW CTO Frank Thornhill,” to dispose of the illegal matter easier”, by asking the perpetrator to restore the watercourse.

      CTO Thornhill and his deputy Philip Tudor choose to be indifferent to the plight of a Black-man, offered him comfort promises. But, accommodated the Ex-pat White, by allowing an illegal private road to remained

      Leading up to the 2013 general election, another accommodation by MTW, CTO Frank Thornhill or other official under his authority, who tasked MTW workers, to paved said illegal private road at the request of then MP George Hudson, who supervised the event, even though, it was known to CTO Thornhill, Deputy CTO Tudor, MP Hudson, and you, that the road obstructs, and redirected flood flow to the Black residential area,

      Sir, All the above are the results, of no representation, on behalf of the Poor Black working class in Clarke’s Road.

      From 2003, even with you as MP, and the BLP was the Government, you failed to obtained a remedy to a flooding situation.

      My question to you Sir, did you ever make representation to the BLP Minister, PS, or CTO, of MTW/Drainage Unit, on behalf of the Poor Black working class residents of Clarke’s Road, for remediation to the watercourse.

      I welcome any progress made beyond a visit by Drainage Unit officers Mr. Innis and Mr. Dawe on Thursday 6/12/2018 that lasted less 5 minutes with Mr. Innis stating he doesn’t know why a file return to his desk .

      Alden Blackman

      From: Kerrie Symmonds

      Sent: Wednesday, February 13, 2:22 PM

      Subject: Re: The lack of representation

      To: alden blackman

      Mr Blackman your letter has been received and it’s tone has been noted together with its contents. I choose to ignore the provocative caption under which you have written the letter .

      I completely sympathize with all you have gone through and I believe that you know this, yet As usual, you rush to condemn rather than to enquire about progress, I have come to understand that seems to be your preferred style and that approach will likely never change . I nonetheless still want to assist you.

      A number of issues are being discussed and investigated with respect to your challenges not the least of which is the cost of a soloution , because this is not a small matter. if you care to be updated I am willing to arrange a meeting to discuss the same with you

      Please try to recognize that It would make the disposal of matters a lot easier if , despite your understandable grievances, for which I am not personally to blame , you can could be a little less confrontational. I am trying to get you the assistance you need, the state as all the country is aware , is financially embarrassed, the public officers are willing but are not well equipped, things are already difficult and being unduly confrontational about this matter does not help to advance your cause Frankly , it actually makes it harder for me to get people to work towards resolving your cause .

      Kindly let me know if you care to have the meeting.

      Kerrie Symmonds

      Sent from my iPhone

  9. if that letter to Blackman is from MP Symmonds and i have now reason to so doubt, he should be embarrassed and were i the PM he would be fired. there is absolutely no reason for an MP to reply to a member of the public in that manner. in addition there is at least one spelling mistake and a grammatical error or two that should not have been made in official correspondence.

    i know mistakes happen and i am not immune from making them myself but an MP’s correspondence should be read and double checked as to be perfect for dissemination

    MP Symmonds could have simply said- i note the tone of your letter which perhaps is justifiable. that notwithstanding here is what have been accomplished thus far… or words to that effect or simply relay what he has done or caused to be done without any reference to the tone or heading of Backman’s letter

    that reply is appalling and shows the level of representation we have

  10. if that letter to Blackman is from MP Symmonds and i have no reason to so doubt, he should be embarrassed and were i the PM he would be fired. there is absolutely no reason for an MP to reply to a member of the public in that manner. in addition there is at least one spelling mistake and a grammatical error or two that should not have been made in official correspondence.

    i know mistakes happen and i am not immune from making them myself but an MP’s correspondence should be read and double checked as to be perfect for dissemination

    MP Symmonds could have simply said- i note the tone of your letter which perhaps is justifiable. that notwithstanding here is what have been accomplished thus far… or words to that effect or simply relay what he has done or caused to be done without any reference to the tone or heading of Backman’s letter

    that reply is appalling and shows the level of representation we have

  11. The Prevention of Flood Act cap 235 section 6B and 7 was clearly contravened in 2002 by a seemingly Wealthy White British Ex-pat,Still is now. Mr. Black-man by name and complexion could not have done that. But if he had the above Act, would have been at that watercourse site, in a Bobcat driven by MTW CTO Frank Thornhill with Deputy Philip on the back,removed the boulders, then send the Black-man a bill of cost for remedying. The two Technical Officers from 2004, have prolonged inaction to remedying, then most openly complicit with former MP George Hutson to aiding and abetting in further discriminatory favouring the White British expat with the paving, and allowing the retention of an illegal private road across within and along a watercourse. Now Hon Minister Kerrie Symmonds is looking at the cost to rectify, one of the most unjustified, disregarding, discriminatory action against a Black Barbadian since slavery.

  12. MP Mia Mottley was informed by email from Mr. Blackman over a year ago, in a flash she reply and asked Mr. Blackman to wait until after the General Election. that is the only email reply. Since becoming The Hon Prime Minister.

  13. @ Greene

    You are making much ado about nothing. I do not expect anything different because of the political side you obviously lean towards.

    Symmonds letter would be hardly described as an “official correspondence” since it was sent via his cell phone and not in the form of a letter typed on an official ministry letterhead, including references to associated correspondence and file numbers.

  14. @ Goering

    You said a whole set of your usual shy$e and I quote

    “…Symmonds letter would be hardly described as an “official correspondence” since it was sent via his cell phone and not in the form of a letter typed on an official ministry letterhead, including references to associated correspondence and file numbers…”

    The communication of any minister during his tenure WHETHER ON A CELL PHONE, OR A PIECE OF TOILET PAPER, is binding on his administration!

    Do you remember Down Lowes unofficial communication

    “…What about my cut?…”

    What you really mean to say is that

    “…NOTHING BAJAN MINISTERS WRITE, whether using a letterhead or their cell phones, CAN BE RELIED ON BECAUSE THEY ARE EFFING LIARS…!!”

  15. Goren,

    you are not serious, are you?

    Symmonds is a Cabinet MP which is an official post in the GOVT. in his capacity as a MP he is replying to a member of the public who happens to be in his constituency about a concern that has attracted official Govt attention. this is not a private matter and Symmonds is not responding as a private citizen

    Symmonds is an experienced politician and should know how to correspond with members of the public who are frustrated with Govt and MPs.

    • The reply should be professionally crafted, it does not matter the mode of communication.

  16. officials should always that any communication is OFFICIAL, which is why officials should use their official phones and emails only to communicate with others.

    For communications with their parents, spouse, children etc. they should use their personal phones and personal email address, and these communications should be truly of a personal nature such as “please pick up the children because my official meeting is running late” or “please buy a litre each of milk, orange juice, and a loaf of bread on your way home.”

    And “no” an MP should not be reprimanding a citizen, especially when the citizen has been aggrieved for more than a decade.

    If a person feels aggrieved, of course they will be testy…but an MP has to keep his or her cool.

    Being able to keep your cool is one of the prerequisites of public life.

    Just as a nice salary and an early pension are also prerequisites.

    The citizens, the taxpayers, the electorate are not “hard-ears”children

  17. Dear Minister Oblong Head,

    You see that email you wrote to Alden Blackman?

    Dat gine cost you your seat.

    It gine be played under the tune of

    “De Heartless Minister, Minister Oblong Head & oblong Heart ”

    Here is de words to de calypso version

    “Wunna gi Kerrie de Minister part,🎶
    Cause wunna feel Kerrie got a heart,🎷
    But he letter show dat he ent shy,🎼
    Cause he mekking Blackman cry.🎹

    Blackman email Kerrie pun he phone📯
    Kerrie reply to lef he alone 🥁
    Now Blackman flood out and in tears🎻
    Now Alden see how much Kerrie and Mugabe Mia really Cares🎺

    Now Blackman emailing Kerrie and Kerrie is dissing he 🎵
    Oblong Kerrie in de House and he pass,🎺🎹
    $75 in all wunna traveler’s ass🥁🎻

  18. Wow. I got to say my darling sweet piece that I am not in agreement with your objection towards what Robert Goren has said. Robert Goren is perfectly correct in his sentiments expressed. There are an official capacity and moments when situations that can lead to these ministers operating in a non official capacity. If letters by email are now endorsed by the government as official government correspondence then Kerrie Symmonds is definitely out of place, out of sorts, a complete moron to respond the way that he did. If cell phone messages or Whatsapp are endorsed by the government as official government correspondence then Kerrie Simmons is a complete goat, lost at the stake and should be tied out to pasture to graze on dry grass for responding the way that he did. If none of these two formats is official mediums by which government officially convey their communications, then whatever errors, poor sentence structure, direct talk or wrong grammar presented in the message is totally irrelevant. Kerrie Symmonds might be a minister functioning in an official capacity, but that does not mean that there are not matters where his official capacity might not warrant an official response. Jesus H Christ, you think if he was in the rum shop with the boys fraternizing and Alden Blackman sent him an email which he accesses from his smartphone that he has to respond an official manner? What is the official manner outside government time? Is a minister on official call 247?
    In our business operations, emails and Whatsapp messages are official correspondence used to convey information by our firm. It is much faster to use these mediums then waiting on official paper to reach you. If the technology is there simply use it. Besides, we save a hell of a lot on paper and utilise sticks and cyberspace as our archive. I am sure Barbados knows that you can place 1 million pieces of information contained in 20 filing cabinets on a Terabyte stick or even less. We have a written policy of use and step by step protocols in place with respect to information passed to and fro via these mediums. We utilise official Outlook time schedules and the intranet via our iPhones special set up. Thus all correspondence are official and electronically saved for reference purposes. I really do not see how Robert Goren can be wrong my darling.

  19. ” Government’s slipshod approach to the issue of drainage in communities across St James and wider Barbados is in need of an urgent fix, Member of Parliament for St James Central Kerrie Symmonds told Parliament this morning.

    Heaping scorn on Government’s resolution to abandon its compulsory acquisition of lands at Weston, St James under the Land Acqusition Act, the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) member issued a stern rebuke to Minister of Transport and Works Michael Lashley who tabled the measure at the start of today’s sitting.


  20. @ Hants

    Hon. Minister Symmonds, lack of representation for the residents of Clarke’s road contributed to the destruction of the watercourse. He knew that road was across within and along the watercourse about 3+years, before Mr. Blackman begged him to intervened in 2006. why do you think he said the public Officers are willing? he knew what they were willing to do, in 2002 and 2012-13. complicit with his kin George Hutson. That is why it is so hard for him to now asked the Technical Officers to undo. why did the Deputy CTO run to him.

  21. My Dearest SSS

    You do know that to say no to you hurts me terribly like a suffering in my spirit but say no I must.

    Let me explain my dear.

    If de ole man was to issue a threat here to anyone, depending on who I threaten, it is a crime which I can be locked up for.

    The politicians worldwide who show their private parts or offer bribes to people are held to task.

    Why not Oblong head Kerrie in this Banana Republic of Barbados?

    We cann give them any ease my Dearest else they will do the same thing they are doing to Alden Blackman WELCHING!!!

    OBLONG HEAD so promised and he is to be held to that promise.

    Leh he and Mugabe work out what they are to accept as official or otherwise.

    That is not our business and Goering should not be apologizing for dem he is not named Malik who now apologizing for White Hoax.

    If you write it on toilet paper, accept it as being yours🌷⚘🌻🌼🌹🌹🌹

    Here are some Roses to soften my words of disagreement with my Dearest SSS

  22. My sweet Piece the Legend

    I would never oppose you but you know me and I know you, you do know that my role on here is not to chastise for chastising sake. Besides, Kerrie Symmonds is not credible but a proven two face hypocrite. From the Barbados Today article, he seeks to give the impression that flooding in Weston started only under the DLP who did nothing to improve the situation. The hypocrite and chief target of Alden Blackman’s harassment to get his matter straightened out by Kerrie Symmonds was ignored by him while he presented St. James as a place that is flood prone when he and his government created the flooding in Clarkes Road. So it’s not the stinking BLP’s fault but the Stinking DLP party. You thinking that he is getting an ease is really short sighted on your part. I am arguing with respect to the fact that Robert Goren’s comment is not wrong and so the capacity of the minister in his response to Alden Blackman cannot be wrong because his communicae via the medium he used is not gazetted as an official medium of government correspondence so it does not warrant an official response. That said, if he conducts himself inappropriately in an official or non official capacity, he will be highly criticised because conduct in or out would have serious consequences for him. So his response to Alden Blackman in that way could come back to haunt him. However, this is Barbados, and as far as I can see, his condemnation is mainly from the BU household. His leader and members of the BLP seems ok with it After all, you have two ministers accused of land fraud who are enjoying the sweets of their ministerial portfolios. Double standards and two face behaviour reap rewards in Barbados style of politics. The mantra is to speak condemnation when you know you will condone inappropriate behaviours.

  23. This new BLP Government, is about to finish what it started in 2002. The Hon. Minister Duguid of MTW&M and Hon. Minister Symmonds the MP for St. James Central are now seeking to used the Prevention Of Floods Act Cap 235. not to rectify the watercourse. However,after16 years of MTW CTO Frank Thornhill and Deputy CTO Philip Tudor playing the roles of disregarding, and discriminated against Mr. Blackman by refusing to comply with their responsibilities of the same Act. Hon Ministers Symmonds, now seeks to compulsory require a piece of Mr. Blackman and two others Black Barbadians house spots, to further favourably accommodate the retention of the seemingly wealthy White British Ex-pat, illegal private road. by further repositioning the watercourse.

  24. You said a whole set of your usual shy$e (Quote)

    @Piece the psycho and scam artist

    I’m not alone, because you come with your usual warmed over soup shyte talking about Mugabe Mottley, a fake third party to solicit money from unsuspecting suckers, more shyte about Jong and Mottley using Facebook to hack people’s computers, people being sent to assinate you because of what you supposedly know and a whole set of conspiracy nonsense only seen in sci-fi movies.

    You spend too much time on the sci fi channel.

    Lord help those who don’t want to be a part of your scam. They are called poochlickers.

  25. @ Goering

    Have you no respect man? for Piece the Legend?


    You have insulted the SCI-FI CHANNELS!!

    How low can a man get!

    The next thing you will be saying is that there is no prophet by the name of Isaac Asimov and that he is not the man we see in the moon!

    GO ahead say it if you have the balls to say it Goering.

    When dem going send better activists here pun BU to try to assail de ole man AND ME GO FUND ME SCAM???



  26. @ Piece the Legend,

    Did you read watchman May 21, 2019 12:14 AM ? alleging that ” seeks to compulsory require a piece of Mr. Blackman and two others Black Barbadians house spots, to further favourably accommodate the retention of the seemingly wealthy White British Ex-pat, illegal private road. by further repositioning the watercourse.” ?

  27. @ Brother Hants

    No I must admit that I did not

    I have been trying to tell Mr Blackman that if he commingles new materials with old stuff IT IS GOING TO BE LOST

    That bit of information is a significant detail

    And to stick it inside that entry with the repeat about the Flood Act lost me.

  28. @ Mr Blackman

    I have come to realize that you tend to wobble when you need to walk straight

    This detail about the compulsory acquisition of your land and other people ‘s land is important

    Where is the email showing this detail?

    It is an interesting development and the old man going explain

    Rectifying the watercourse is going to cost $1 million or close.

    Compulsorily acquisition of your land, and that if your neighbors, AT THE ENFORCED DISCOUNTED PRICES of $80,000 and the remedial works will incur a subtotal of $90,000

    Add another $100k for the legal fees paid as kick backs to the minister friends and that is 1/4 of the price right there

    But here is the thing about this outcome

    You would have won the skirmish but they may win the battle

    You want the road and contraption gone

    They want to spite you and have it remain.

    You did not have money to make T shirts 👕 so I doubt you may have the money to fight Eminent Domain

    Take the money and take pictures of their remedial works AND THE STATE OF THE AREA AFTER THE FUTURE FLOODS

  29. My Sweet Piece the Legend

    There is nothing more that you can be said or done on behalf of Mr. Blackman. If the government moves to acquire any part of his property this is the best opportunity to prove to Barbadians and the world that money talks and blacks gotta walk. I hope he fights this tooth and nail because he was there first, the white rich woman came last, and the government, as one can only assume, made their moves to upset the Clarke’s Road posse by diverting water towards them in order to achieve this end. FIGHT THEM TOOTH AND NAIL MR BLACKMAN.

  30. @ Piece the Legend,

    I agree with you. Mr. Blackman should accept the money and solution offered.

    Mr.Blackman is not a young man and clearly he has very little support.

    He has suffered enough and his quality of life has already been compromised.

  31. Where are the documents? I want to see the documents.

    Can the government compulsorily acquire land if the project for a private project of less than NATIONAL IMPORTANCE???????

  32. ” Back in 2003, the House of Assembly approved the takeover of the property owned by Ralph Griffith with a view to clearing the watercourse following the 1995 Weston floods in which well-known calypsonian Carew lost his life.

    However, Cabinet subsequently decided at a meeting on November 3, 2016 that it no longer required the land for the purpose for which it was acquired and agreed that it should be returned to its former owner.”

  33. @SSS

    The white woman is not materially rich. She is from a council flat in the East Midlands, a former bank employee, who got on the housing ladder. She sold up to settle n Barbados on her bank pension. Quite ordinary. She is rich in that she is white in Barbados..

  34. Hal Austin

    Thank you for the info. So we are basically dealing with someone who invested their money in a piece of real estate in Barbados because they realise that three times the amount (depending on the exchange rate) can be had by selling their property in England and transacting their pension each month to Barbados. As far as I am concerned, there is nothing wrong with that. What we do not know, Mr HA is what permissions were granted to her to affect the flow of the Water Course with Boulders. Also, why is government seeking to compulsory acquire a part or all of Mr Blackman’s land. Can we say that this is a solution to solving Mr Blackman’s problem i.e. a relocation or a buyout?

  35. I love creativity and I to see ‘big brains’ on display.

    Creativity #1
    The solution of a genius.
    It is good to see Bajans putting those big brains to work and coming up with beautiful solutions.

    De guy scared that he gun get washed off of he land, but if we tek the land away and move him den we tek away he his fear. He cannot ged flood dey anymo..

    Flipping brilliant..

    Creativity #2 (from GP II)
    To put this in perspective, if a person’s monthly premium was $200, and they had not paid their premiums to the failed company for the past 10 years, then the Government will force that person to pay a penalty of $24,000. If the policy-holders’ investment in the CLICO assets is less than $24,000, then the policy-holder gives up their right to their stake of the CLICO assets in exchange for nothing – they are effectively disqualified.

    Almost brilliant, but they missed a step. They should figure out how to charge interest and late fees with threat of jail (if they cannot pay).


  36. @ SSS

    The watchman main concerns are how easy a British ex-pat or for the matter any white Ex-pat can come to Barbados and get Black so called middle-class Top Technical Officers of MTW to openly unfairly treat a Black Barbadian with such disdain as Mr. Blackman was, still is being treated by Top Technical Officers and BLP Kerrie Symmonds the purportedly MPs that is said to represent St. James Central. the actions of those individuals are more distressing than a flood.

  37. @ TheOgazerts

    When this encroachment happened The law was, still is there to remedy the situation, at cost to the British ex-pat, not the Government. The Minister of MTW has the authority and the CTO of MTW has the responsibility for watercourses in Barbados. so what happened for the last 16 years , what is really wrong at MTW-MTW&M ? what the added M is for ?

  38. Watchman

    We share your concern of unfairness, double standards, and two rule system in Barbados. At the end of this road, there is the reality that money talks and blacks must take a walk. Our island is not rich with resources but has a rich history of dependence on foreign investment and tourism to keep it afloat. Pat Brayshaw is now part of that investment history and as such is reaping the services of a state still dependent yet independent. You have been a victim of the system and sidetracked becasúse you have no money bý which you can purchase mouthpieces or effect bargaining towards an advantageous outcome. Your only foot for standing right now is that if the decision to compulsory purchase your land is approved, the price must reflect your suffering for 15 years, the number of letter complaints you made, and the disdain shown by those in authority who deliberately ignored your pleas. In other words, if they offer 30 grand, you want 150 grand. If they refuse to pay you what you are asking for, then use their solution against them as proof that the intention all along was to protect the investor and disrupt the local residences, who are just obstructing a road towards progress. Are you feeling me on this?

  39. Sunshine Sunny Shine

    It is funny how you made mention of the importance of tourism in our region, and the role its played in our overall development as an island and more importantly as a region, but I just got down discussing with a friend of mine how tourism played an vital role in our development, and where we have been as region had we not been that lucky during the years … so with this thought in mine I said to my friend:” We have to kiss the feet of the tourists who visits our island, and our region for that matter… because if they stop coming where would be as an island and a region?” And lastly, I am cognizant of the fact that the average Barbadian on the island gives little or no thought as to how important the tourist dollar is to our very survival as an island , and a region.

  40. @ my Dearest SSS

    Your suggestion and that of Brother Hants is something that I totally agree with.

    Do you remember Al Barack???

    He was a fellow that the Government of Barbados ended up paying nuff millions of dollars

    UNLIKE WATCHMAN WHO IS ONLY WRITING EMAIL, Al Barack painted himself white and went out and protested

    Mr Blackman is a poor man and does not have the time or inclination to do the same thing as Barack

    He feels that his email activism is enough AND SOMETIMES IT IS and sometimes it’s not.

    We have both done fliers and Biopics and Tshirt ready images for him AND HE HAS DONE NOTHING.

    Well what he did do was wrote an additional email.

    With regard to the Compulsory Acquisition of his land, he has not thought it wise to send a copy of those offers.


    And that person is probably the Minister of Disinformation the Honourable Blogmaster who has skin in the game.

    His is not a desire to embarrass the current administration but he had started his support for Blackman when thd DLP was in power and he cant drop Blackman now.

    But how he is “dropping ” Blackman is by fatiguing readers by splitting up Blackman ‘s articles EVERY SINGLE WEEK.

    Blackman csnt see that, but Blackman is not able to see strategy.

    You pointed out that the letters would show the true nature of this sellout by the GoB to this white woman, but the Honourable Blogmaster WILL NOT PUBLISH THAT, WILL HE MY DEAREST?

  41. My Darling PIece the Legend

    Like I have told Mr Blackman, he has to take up arms and fight. His weapons of warfare are his letters, his evidence, and the flyers, posters and T-Shirts we provided. If he does not use them, then he simply will lose them. I cannot do any more or you than what we both have done for him. I will no longer be commenting on Mr Blackman’s matter because either he has plan or plot with all these letters he is writing or his head is hard not to see the zero progress he is making with his letter protest. I did geo time line for him but base on my position with the blog masters I refuse to forward that and other protest posters just waiting in limbo.

  42. Lexicon

    It is a reality that at the moment is becoming painful. Painful in the sense that you basically are required to take whatever you get, no matter how it is dished out, but if you hurt one tourist with our system, the bad press would spell doom for our economy. So we got to lick ass and kiss it too. This is why I get so piss with our leaders because for all the brains that we brag that we have, diversification is always an excuse in ”how would we diverse, with what shall we diverse, and how much will we gain when we diverse. Tourism is our Lifeline, let us play our part. Would like to pelt a big rock at the head of the Johnny who believes we cannot do any better.

  43. @ SSS
    @ Piece

    Time is longer, than any twine, unfairly tied around this flooding situation. The Great architect of the universe don’t sleep. Ever to conceal, never to reveal. a plan is in place.

  44. The only plan that would work now is to buy a canoe and during the flooding paddle hard to reach the lady’s property , plant the Union Jack, sing “God save the Queen” and handcuff yourself to tree.

    I cannot give you any ‘good’ advice.

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