40 Million Port Scanners – True Cost Anyone?

Dear BU
In the endless cause to stop violence and import of weapons the government has announced the procurement of 2 scanners at a cost of 40 million BBD.
It doesn’t take much searching to find the attached price list for RapiScan products, a top US manufacturer of all types of scanners including container/gantry scanning.
See Scanner Price List – Rapiscan Systems
It is quite evident that a scanner costs 900k-2 million USD.
How the government is allotting 10 million USD to a scanner is a question that should be asked.
Is this a classic example of over-billing with the extra money being kick backed to a corrupt politician/bureaucrat ?
If you at the BU could post this one way or another with my text or your own I would greatly appreciate it.
The fact that it took me 10 minutes of searching on the internet to find List Prices for Scanners just shows how stupid the politician must think we citizens are. How can they be so blatant to claim they are spending X dollars when we can see the cost is 35% of X.
Good day and I hope we can bring someone into the light of justice with this document and future article.
Concerned Bajan with Internet Access

111 thoughts on “40 Million Port Scanners – True Cost Anyone?

  1. Does the price above reflect training, packing and transportation, maintenance and service contracts?

  2. $40 million scanners in two months – AG
    Article by
    Barbados Today
    Published on
    May 4, 2019

    The first of two new scanners for the Bridgetown Port will be in Barbados in two months.

    Attorney General Dale Marshall gave this update this morning while reminding Barbadians that Government will be beefing up security with the addition of the two new container scanners.

    Delivering remarks at the opening of the Caribbean Security Basin Initiative Commission meeting at Radisson Hotel, this morning, the AG said it was not good enough that only one scanner has been working at the Bridgetown Port over the last two years.

    The Attorney General said “In order to make sure that our environment is not compromised, we have decided to commit the sum of $40 million, to acquire two new scanners, the first of which would be delivered within the next six to eight weeks. The second will be delivered certainly before the end of this year to ensure that we can target as great a percentage of container traffic coming into Barbados for scanning.

    “And therefore the Advanced Cargo Information System (ACIS) is one that lends itself to Barbados, and it is one that would see our support.

    “A lot of what we are doing now though, had its genesis over ten years ago. It is ironic that the occasion for a lot of our security initiatives had to do with the sport that Barbados and the rest of the Caribbean enjoy so much, that being cricket. One would think that the cricketing environment is an occasion of festivity and laughter and revelry and celebration,” he said.

    The Attorney General noted that at the time when the Caribbean won the bid to host the largest cricket tournament in the world, CARICOM nations recognized that it in order to be a safe environment for visitors, security measures needed to be transformed.”

    In February this year, Minister of Maritime Affairs and the Blue Economy Kirk Humphrey while addressing Barbados Labour Party (BLP), St Joseph constituency branch meeting, indicated that an alarming number of shipping containers has been entering the country through the Bridgetown Port without being scanned by customs officer, leaving a gaping opening for the importation of illegal firearms.

    Humphrey said then that less than six per cent of the cargo leaving the port was being scanned.

  3. @islandgal May 5, 2019 3:25 PM “Does the price above reflect training, packing and transportation, maintenance and service contracts.”

    I doubt very much that training, packing and transportation, maintenance and service contracts can bring the price from $2 million to $10 million.

    But then again I am an all around skeptic.

  4. But still the question to be asked. If contraband is found in containers, will the contraband owners try to corrupt customs officers or the political class to see and pretend not to see?

    I am a skeptic.

  5. All they are good for is creating a bunch of shitty acronyms…, the isle of useless acronyms.

    bet you those scanners will sit and rot after the novelty wears off….steupps

    they maintain nothing, not even baby incubators at the hospital.

  6. This $ 40 million ( SCAMP )…..oopps Scanner project as announced by the AG of Barbados………sounds just like the million $$$$ scam by the former T&T AG…..Anand Ramlogan !

    Well we have all seen how Anand ended up before the T&T law courts !

    AG…….Scamps !!

    Btw……has Dale Marshall responded to the allegations made on BU by landowners …..who cried foul over his legal practices ?

  7. There is no hope for barbadians govt continue to juck them im the eye
    First they say the sewer problem was fixed
    Then they claim garbage problem “soon” to be resolved hence a year later and still the same ole same
    They also stated that they would put money in peoples pocket
    Now this scanner kite i guess we have to wait and see

  8. We’re witnessing a defamation campaign against our distinguished Attorney-General. A witch hunt of unprecedented proportions based on untruth and twisted facts. It is time to arrest the two youtubers from England if they dare to set foot on sacred ground in Barbados once again.

  9. LMFAO at that scanner! The AG said CONTAINER SCANNERS. What CONTAINER that scanner in the pic can scan? Unless I am missing something.🤣🤣🤣

  10. @Enuff
    LOL……you look at a picture…murdah…READ and do a lil research.
    First the company is called RAPISCAN, not Rapidscan as noted.
    Next, even Guyana in 2011 bought one of these for $1M
    and yes they look a drive thru archway.

    I can buy you a used one for $400,000 BUT that is not state of the art.

    true. Every potential operator would have to be trained and then flown to several destination to ‘see them in use’, possibly to be accompanied by several ‘superiors’. Dat alone could cost $5 million.

  11. sorry I missed the tagline, which I stole


    did you hear Vijay Singh is coming to play….must be a national disease….i’ll give Hal the last word..

  12. NO
    Really? I don’t bump my gums. Come on, a scanner is for $1M and the current government will tell the people of Barbados it costs $20M. You people are losing all yuh mind.

    “A new $US12.4 million state-of-the art container scanner has been installed at the Haifa port to facilitate clearing of containers and enhance the quality of services delivered to customers.” http://www.port2port.com/article/Sea-Transport/Haifa-Customs-New-Container-Scanning-Facility-Inaugurated/

    • @enuff

      The question Barbadians are entitled to have answered is what are the specs for the scanners ordered and how was the procurement processed managed.

  13. “She explained that the GRA acquired the container scanner in May 2010 at a cost of US$ 1 million, with funding from Millennium Challenge Account (MCA) / United States Agency International Development (USAID) and the Government of Guyana.”

    Even with cost for training, packing, transportation, maintenance and service contracts the built in the price of $20M per machine seem excessive. If there was any transparency we would all see how this US $20M was spent instead of number appearing out of the air.

    Are Guyanese better negotiators or does the graft continues ??… asking for a friend.

  14. David
    Therefore you can’t jump to post a scanner and its price in an attempt to create suspicion. It gives the impression that ALL scanners cost $1M. All I have done is shown that there are also others costing far more
    Some people buy a Kia, others a Benz. Wait and see if a Kia turns up with a Benz price attached. No further comment.

    TheOGaz – You’re a real johnny eh.🤣🤣🤣

    • @enuff

      In the absence of information the public in the prevailing climate will jump at anything. It is up to the gatekeeper of the information (government) to share with the public. There is a reason why this government we are told employed a bevy of communications people.

  15. A small lesson…
    Here is the first paragraph of your post..
    “The new $US12.4 million scanning facility will enable customs to check 160 containers per day, 20 per hour, compared to 40 per day previously”🛑

    1) I will assume that with your dilligence, you were unable to unearth a US $20M price
    2) Note that the post give the old rate of scanning
    3) Note that it gives the new rate one from expect from the scanners

    That is the standard that the government of Barbados needs to move to and just stop throwing around made-up big numbers

    Wuhloss.. We get more information and better prices than what we get from our government


  16. Man, David working hard to clean up your silly mess.

    You think people are foolish. You think you can trot out nonsense and just put a smiley face and a hashtag on it

  17. Another myth is that lightning doesn’t strike the same place twice…….

    Dale providing the cost of anything…
    How much Dodds cost again?

  18. I’m a tad fuzzy on detail but I seem to recall a similar confusion on prices by the same AG with either the Dodds Prison project or the ABC highway road widening project.The AG said one price was negotiated and then there was the matter of whether it was $US OR $BD that accounted for the change in cost.

  19. The-o-Gas
    Why would I seek to unearth a $US20M scanner? The last time I checked: $12.4Mx2x2=$49.6M, and $40M < $49.6M. By the way Guyana installed one for USD$4M last year too. You see a trend? You went HC fuh trute? You may now carry on…..with yourself. 🖐🏾

  20. Man, you have people running interference for you.
    Gabriel trying to clean up saying the Minister did not mention US or BDS $
    It is the vagueness that we need to clean up.
    That looseness is the difference between $40 M and S80 M

    You assume BDS $ but these big ticket prices are usually in US $

    The blogger already saved AT LEAST $31 M BDS (80-49). Wunnah too smart and too crooked.

    I don’t know where you went, but they need ethics as a subject


  21. Yet there are those who want to believe that austerity measures does not have a negative effect on the social enviroment
    Here is a victim minding his business loses his life what can be attributed to a senseless act of violence
    Sooner or later as joblessness increase and there is no other avenue for some in society to find work
    Senseless murders would increase
    The IMF policies does not help to improve social enviroments but speak only to paying debt
    Govt has yet to put meangful plans in place which would adress unemployment as Bert continues to tear away at the heart of Barbados social enviroment leaving no stone unturned

  22. Hants

    Statistically this revelation is not to bad for a small island with a population of some three hundred thousand people … and 13 by gunfire …I wonder what the numbers were some four decades ago by stabbings?

  23. “Sooner or later as joblessness increase and there is no other avenue for some in society to find work…..Senseless murders would increase…..”

    I’m curious….

    Do you know the exact circumstances surrounding the shooting of the latest murder victim?

    Are you suggesting IMF/BERT policies are responsible for the 23 murders so far, in Barbados?

    If so, could you please direct BU to any information or statistical report that would support your claim?

    If 98% of the murders were as a result of revenge, gang related or domestic disputes, could you please explain BU how the IMF/BERT policies are responsible?

    Or is this another issue that has been politicized by a political alarmist?


    And we want to know if the results of the scanning will help bring THOSE TRULY RESPONSIBLE to justice.

    We want value for the money too!

  25. @ Artax

    “About what is causing our youth to become distracted with crime and violence the reasons are many. At the top of the pile is the rising incidence of poverty in working class hoods. This is supported by the 2010 Country Poverty Assessment Reports. Where there is poverty the lure of quick money will be a challenge, made more attractive in a morally bankrupt environment. Remember the BU household is entitled to an opinion.” David BU August 16, 2014

    So this position is nothing new. At that time there were 7 gun related compared with 2 the year before ( 2013 ).

  26. TheOGazerts
    I have always heard ‘don’t let the hammer hit the same finger twice’.Looks like somebody should tell that to the AG.

  27. We can continue in our self preserved ignorance pretending that unemployment at increased levels does not have an effect on crime
    Now pray tell it would be hard pressed not to associate the last victim death to a person whose moral compass is broken and who think it is necessary to kill and rob in order to survive
    As much as many blp supporters would like to bury head in the sand to find solace
    Statical analysis states that joblessness is an opening or a gateway for criminal activity

  28. Malta recently installed a state of the art container scanner for their port, which I`m sure handles more traffic than Bridgetown. Their cost 1.7 million Euros. Why do we need two of them, and what is the cost each..in US$$$
    What warranty and training is included.What maintenance is required, and who will provide? No Transparency at all!

  29. Q Why do we need two of them,

  30. @ Mariposa,

    You are right of course. It is standard criminological theory that there is a correlation between crime and unemployment, especially male crime. In Barbados our so-called criminologists pinpoint seven secondary schools.

  31. De ole man would ammmm mention which people IN DE PORTS does be benefitting from these kickbacks in addition to Teets but dat would be additional lawsuits heheheheh

    Lef dem to the Jnterpol Country Office

    De ole man does tell people “WATCH DE MONEY TRAIL all de time”.

    Whu effing one of de advice messages to *** was shown heah pun BU heheheh it would become quite clear dat all actions concerning *** is in fact whu de old man recommended in communications dated ***** and again on ***** as well as on ***

    In fact all communication from *** to *** would be deemed “communication with the enemy…”

    Whu boasie dem items would only get Mr. Vincent Codrington really concerned bout Piece de Legend heheheh.

    Wunna abandoned *** and that brought bile to my mouth but the wunna did *** and followed that by ***

    And that was the most unkindness cut of all WITHOUT ANY FORGIVENESS…

    Jes lef de ole MAN alone…and give me what is legally min..

    Do that and the other documents gine remain deah UNLESS wunna do a Kasshoggi pun muh den de whole world sees wunna as I does heheheh

    Here be a sample dat a feller sent to de ole MSN to show wunna dat he ent playing


    Give a feller whu is his and dem gine only campaign wunna in the “good governance” domain…

    Otherwise, it will not going be no “staying the course pep talks” heheheheh

  32. Your assistance please with an item here that speaks to electronically preserved information Honourable Blogmaster thank you

  33. Mr. Skinner

    I NEVER mentioned there wasn’t a correlation between unemployment and crime….. and I’m NOT disputing that fact.

    I have read working papers and reports in which the authors sought to examine the relationship between criminal activities and the unemployment rate. And based on the statistics they used, they hypothesized that higher rates of unemployment lead to an increase in crimes.

    It is a known fact that with unemployment, comes an increase in crimes such as burglary, muggings, robberies, fraud, larceny and motor vehicle theft.

    However, what I’m questioning is, in circumstances where some people prefer to become involved in gang and drug related activities, and in the process may commit murder to protect their turfs, drugs or for revenge……. and murder committed as a result of domestic or other disputes………. can be REASONABLY and RATIONALLY attributed to an austerity program.

    It’s okay, for political reasons, to make GENERALIZED STATEMENTS, such as “Statistical analysis states that joblessness is an opening or a gateway for criminal activity,” and innuendo, in an attempt to CONVINCE people into believing that ALL murders committed in Barbados so far this year, are as a result of unemployment or the IMF/BERT policies. All I’m asking for is a rational discussion on the issue.

    Let’s examine the 9 murders committed in January 2019.

    (1). Shaquille Toppin – allegedly an act of jealousy.
    (2). Ronald Rudder – dispute over drugs and revenge.
    (3). Daryl Harris – killed at his Barbarees Hill residence;
    (4). Martha Doyle – dispute with a male resident at Vauxhall Senior Citizens’ Home.
    (5). Joann Roach – allegedly killed by her son, Ramario Roach.
    (6). Sarah Sutrina – also allegedly killed by Ramario Roach.
    (7). Barry Taylor – stabbed to death in Cane Garden, St. Thomas.
    (8). Corey Parris – shot and killed in Baxter’s Road.
    (9). Jabar Lashley – killed in Britton’s Hill after being involved in an altercation with a youngster.

    Please bear in mind that BERT was introduced in 2018.

    On May 15, 2016, police issued a wanted bulletin seeking the assistance of the public in locating (murder victim #3) Ronald Raheim Rudder in connection with serious criminal matters.

    On February 24, 2017, police again issued a wanted bulletin seeking the assistance of the public in locating Ronald Raheim Rudder in connection with serious criminal matters.

    On September 23, 2018, police once again re-issued a wanted bulletin seeking the public assistance in locating Ronald Raheim Rudder.

    On January 11, 2019, Ronald Raheim Rudder was shot and killed while at Ridgeway Road in the Pine, by unknown assailants.

    On December 11, 2018, murder victim #3, Daryl Harris, was shot by an unknown assailant, while at Hinkson Gap, New Orleans. Harris is also known to the police.

    Ramario Roach was charged with murdering his mother, murder victims #5, Joann Roach and #6, Sarah Sutrina. His father said Ramario has “mental problems.”

    Ironically, in December 2012, police issued wanted bulletins for murder victims #7, Barry Taylor and #8, Corey Parris.

    In October 2017, murder victim #8 Corey Parris and a New Orleans resident were jointly charged with unlawful possession of a firearm and ammunition.

    Please note, Taylor and Parris were on the “radar” since 2012 (or perhaps before), while Rudder was on the “radar” since 2016 or perhaps before…………. and definitely before the introduction of BERT.

    Clearly, it is a bit difficult to conclude that the 9 murders in January 2019, could be attributed to the IMF or BERT.

    If a rational thinking individual (obviously NOT ME, as you know, I’m appallingly ignorant) were to take the argument to a “logical conclusion,” and ASSOCIATE their criminal activities WITH unemployment………then he/she would also have to take into consideration, the DLP’s “home grown” AUSTERITY MEASURES in 2014, which also saw an INCREASE in UNEMPLOYMENT………..

    ………….whereby, according to Caswell Franklyn, over 6,000 public sector employees being retrenched……. as well as several retrenchments in the private sector.

  34. Artax

    The persons who elect to traffic drugs do so because their want easy money … this kind of criminal activity has little to with draconian measures or an escalating unemployment rate, but share laziness … I have seen more gang violence associated with drug trafficking when the unemployment rate was lower than when it was higher … so the bottom-line is these people refuse to get a night to five because their want the quick money …

  35. @ Artaxerxes the Archiver

    A superb construct that dispassionately describes the statistics and ascribes blame on the murders and murdered where it should be.

    The nuance which you posit being that while unemployment presents some challenges to the unemployed BERT or any other austerity measure can be definitively shown in many of these killings NOT TO BE THE CAUSE OF THE MURDERS.

    The person proposing a BERT/ERNIE cause for the murders has an objective to be served.

    You have deflated that point at May.

    By December when the yearly stats may be different, (I cannot comment on such since the Honourable Blogmaster and others here say that I delight in the projections of former Commissioner of Police Bernie Hinds) there may be some different stats that show that unemployment>the unemployed>crime>drug pushers>gangland slayings.

    You current posit however is sound but ManyPussy will not accept this

  36. Puff Enuff

    Can you provide the complete breakdown on why these two scanners cost nearly 40 million? We need your valuable insight. What else is the 40 million paying for?

  37. @ Artax

    You must realize by now that I am not in the business of blaming any political party for the rise in criminal activity.
    I will not be drawn into such nonsense. I simply said that the belief that crime is linked to poverty or unemployment was posited here on BU before.
    Of course I expect the Bees and Dees to blame each other.
    Your position fortunately is not grounded in such nonsense and I totally agree with you.

  38. Old Man

    There is no correlation between gang violence and an escalating unemployment rate … a lot of people elect to do wrong because of a dysfunctional conscience … when a man pockets are empty he has the choice to either work, beg or rob etc …

  39. “Their cost 1.7 million Euros. ”

    BLP thieves…they don’t know when to stop.

  40. @ Lexicon.

    I have a better idea: why don’t we take all the unemployed to the Garrison and shoot them; in the meantime sell tickets to tourists so we could earn foreign currency. Make it an annual event.

  41. Miss EU MM
    I will, when you provide a breakdown on why they should cost $1M or whatever is the price you feel. I am not the one disputing the price.

  42. Puffie

    When did I say they cost 1 million? How can I provide a breakdown on why they should cost 1 million when I am interested in knowing why the price tag is 40 million. So take it away hon.

  43. @Enuff
    the blogmaster made the point.
    If an elected official goes public, tossing around numbers with little backup documentation, he/she must be fully aware of the potential interpretations available. Hence the interpretation is the intent is to confuse.
    How many containers require scanning on a weekly basis? Do the employees work only an 8hr shift like your Israel example, or can it work 2-3 shifts as is the norm at many border crossings. #updeting we expect them to be better.

  44. I have seen the blogmaster, Gabriel and NO try to put sense in you, but it seem like the scratch grain turned you foolish.

    The best argument thAt you have is to state that the Minister was talking Guyanese, Jamaican, or Trinidadian dollars.

    Gonna beat you as if you are a rented mule.

  45. Hahahahahahaha

    I don’t usually watch Jacky Stewart’s videos, but since the one posted above was just over 5 minutes long, I decided to view it.

    All this time I did not know “Tron” was Dale Marshall incognito.

    But…… how does “Miss Face Contortionist” knows Tron = Marshall?

    Is she ASSUMING “Tron” is Marshall ……….. or does she actually have PROOF to substantiate “Tron” is definitely Marshall?

    Hahahahaha…. wuh loss…….

  46. @ Theophillus Gazerts

    I gine beg for you to get ban!

    You nearly kill de ole man!!

    Oh lassie

    “…Gonna beat you as if you are a rented mule…”

    Lord come for your world…

    De ole man does use some not so nice language designed to denote derision and distaste (for meself) BUT NOWHERE IN ME ARSENAL do I gots class like that!!

    “..Gonna beat you as if you are a rented mule…”

    De imagery is splendiferous!!!

    Not only is The Nameless Ones #1 a mule, BUT HE IS RENTED!!!


    😭😭😭😭 just short of death, AND DEN GIVE HE BACK TO DE MUGABE REGIME.


    De 3 uh wunna does doan use no lotta long talk but when you dun read wunna submission, the target of wunna submission does be lick up

    “…Gonna beat you as if you are a rented mule…”

    I gine teif dat like how Mugabe and she regime intends to teif all de bajans money using Rawdone and MeMoney IN THE CLEAR VIEW OF THE CENTRAL PRANK

  47. A friend bought some small items in the USA
    The custom officer at Grantley Adams airport told the woman she had to pay 110bds for the five mostly small items in size which included a five dollar pocket set with screwdrivers the total for the items when purchased was about 50Us
    Needless to say my friend was not too pleased
    The custom officer told the woman in response to her displeasure ” that the country was poor because of people like her ( friend is a visitor first time )
    All because my friend had offered to pay 50US which would have been 5US less
    As to make matters worst another custom officer gave his advice for my friend to borrow the 5US money from some one who would be picking her up
    This country gone to the dogs
    I bet if it was a white person she would have never used such offensive language
    I say the above that when the negative fall out hits social media barbados suffer

  48. If it was Ms Ram with 15 suitcases and going to Customs Officer *** she was not going pay one cent even though it takes 3 red caps to carry her bags outside.

    And de ole man see dat meself.


    You cud get me a seat at dat Court Marshall ting?

    De ole man wondering effing to fly home for dat OR DE GATHERING 2020 heheheheh

  49. you crazy Piece?


  50. @ My Fellow myope Dr GP

    You is a next one dat want banning

    Any you is a doctor who boundst to know dat “all dis Pressure does burst PIPES ”

    When de night come INSTEAD UH ME GUARDING DIS LOEWS HARDWARE STORE with Walter Blackman PPK, I heah pun de people computer reading you comments bout black birds!!!

    I realise dat neider AC nor de rest of de ManyPosers crew ent answer de ole man bout de question for an invitation

    Dat is not fair doah whu all I was did want to do was to sit among de other 19 people and mek meself feel important like FC “de lover of black birds” says dat I am


  51. “I gine teif dat like how Mugabe and she regime intends to teif all de bajans money using Rawdone and MeMoney IN THE CLEAR VIEW OF THE CENTRAL PRANK”



    …..render Bajans penniless, that’s the easiest way to implement the mMoney scam. The vulnerable, helpless and broke majority population will not be able to fight back.


  52. And one crook at custom turns it off when the truck coming, same could have also got all trucks to pick up trash, We spend more for outside than side, We sure dogs would be cheaper, just like body cams when you hired crooks,

  53. Stop tiefing from vulnerable people and now trying to cover up ya decades of crimes…it’s DONE ..yall can’t hear…IT’S OVER…

    what must happen next for yall to realize the JIG IS UP.. what?

    yall had a very long DESTRUCTIVE run…nearly 80 years, 3 generations you destroyed with your evil crimes….YOU ARE DONE..

  54. This blog fascinates me, everyone is an expert in cargo scanning and scanners and everything else. They talk, talk and talk but don’t read or listen. The GOVERNMENT, not just the AG mentioned $40M for scanners. Let me repeat, the GOVERNMENT. Go back to the estimates
    the PM budget speech. Now, apart from knowing what is required and what the requirements should cost, some talking about the AG misspoke. 🤣🤣 Look wunna carry on, I ain’t no Salemite.

  55. @Enuff

    You do like to plough over a tilled field, the AG is prone to inserting his foot in his mouth where expenditures are concerned. The fact that a provision was made in the budget for Scanners costing “X” amount doesn’t mean that they will cost that amount. The AG could have restricted his remarks to the fact that the Gov’t is acquiring Scanners without reference to the costs but that would be too simple he had to populate his speech with peripheral information to perhaps “impress” his audience.

  56. Puffie

    Why have you not provided me with the breakdown of costs to substantiate the 40 million price tag? Babes, when is wrong with you these days. So come on.

  57. Added to the list are Sarge and SSS.

    I will try one more time. Perhaps, this will educate you… puffy

    What number would the minister have to call for you to realize that information is missing…. 49M, 60M, 80M, 100M….

    What if after he said 40M he then said he meant US $ 40 M, would that make you stop and think…

    Suppose he got real cute and said 40M British dollars 🙂 would that be a concern….

    Let’s get more information
    Cost in dollars of what country
    And how fast/efficient these scanners are.

    It should be at least as fast as the US $1M Guyanese scanner.

    I don’t think it was to impress the audience. He said 40M and we get something for 30M some would think that he saved us 10M. Later on we will learn it cost $20M.

  58. …..or the scanners cost less than 4 million and he and his fellow crooks divvy up 36 million among themselves….AS USUAL…

    ahhhh..crooked lawyers…the cancerous scum of the earth.

    “Trinidad & Tobago News
    Trinidad: UK QC in legal fee kickback case in plea deal
    By Staff Editor May 3, 2019

    (Trinidad Guardian) The State’s co-op­er­at­ing wit­ness in the on­go­ing cor­rup­tion in­ves­ti­ga­tion in­to for­mer at­tor­ney gen­er­al Anand Ram­lo­gan, SC, and Op­po­si­tion Sen­a­tor Ger­ald Ramdeen has struck a deal over his role in the le­gal fees kick­back scam.

    The plea bar­gain agree­ment for Ja­maican-born British Queen’s Coun­sel Vin­cent Nel­son was re­vealed by Di­rec­tor of Pub­lic Pros­e­cu­tions (DPP) Roger Gas­pard, SC, when he made a rare court ap­pear­ance in the Port-of-Spain Mag­is­trates’ Court as Nel­son was hit with three con­spir­a­cy charges yes­ter­day.

    Gas­pard ex­plained that the 61-year-old had struck a deal un­der the Crim­i­nal Pro­ce­dure (Plea Dis­cus­sion and Plea Agree­ment) Act 2017, which was pro­claimed on Jan­u­ary 2. He re­vealed that un­der the agree­ment, Nel­son agreed to plead guilty to the charges and tes­ti­fy against his co-ac­cused, who are yet to be charged. Gas­pard did not re­veal any fur­ther terms of the agree­ment, in­clud­ing the pro­posed sen­tence Nel­son would face.”

  59. And under the auspices of an IMF programme? Oh I guess, the IMF Board get a cut back too. Inflate the cost by 1,000% and still get the IMF money? 🍿🍿🤣🤣🤣

  60. David
    What substantive issue? I use muh brain, don’t jump on bandwagons and am not a Salemite. #notme

    • @enuff

      We have a vendor on record questioning the sum reputedly paid for two scanners. This is the substantive issue.

  61. A fool convinced against his will is of the same opinion still
    Better to remain silent and be thought a fool that to speak and remove all doubt
    All the best, my old friend

  62. David
    I did and 🤣🤣🤣. You should know by now that I stand on my own on this blog and don’t curry favour. In parting, concerted and persistent efforts to stoke suspicion and hysteria are as dangerous as a lack of vigilance. A large percentage of the “vigilantes” have very little to lose. I hope when they stoke the fire and it burns down the house, which they don’t occupy, the house’s occupants don’t cry. #iamnotasalemite

    • @enuff

      To restate the point, it is important for the gatekeepers of public information to address these kinds of issues with haste. If they do not the cynicism and apathy at play will grow.

  63. Puffy

    You see why you and I does got to fall out from time to time. You like throwing fact boulders at people head, namely mine, when telling me to substantiate this or that. Now I hear wanting you to substantiate this 40 million BDS dollars or USA dollars, and you writing a whole lot of shite just to avoid educating me about the 40 million. What do you so that you is skipping like jump robe? The party that you love promise openess, transparency, accountability and more credibility to the people. You trying to tell me that that was all talk to impress but the order of business dictates that things got to be done similiar to the stinking DLP. Puffy come to ma please. You are the only loyal lappy whom I respect.

  64. ” The Attorney General said “In order to make sure that our environment is not compromised, we have decided to commit the sum of $40 million, to acquire two new scanners, the first of which would be delivered within the next six to eight weeks. The second will be delivered certainly before the end of this year to ensure that we can target as great a percentage of container traffic coming into Barbados for scanning”

    If it was NOT Barbados dollars the AG would have said so unless he is not very intelligent.

  65. @Hants
    Was the Cahill a $500M or a $1B project. I seem to recall it was quoted in US $

    I will defer to you, but these guys like $ US

  66. The good old days are gone. Nowadays, not a peep….
    There was a time this guy sang like a canary

    Looks like he got a big Xmas gift and every day is the day before Xmas

    ‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
    not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.
    Commie was quiet with not even a squeak
    Bajans stop waiting to hear him speak

  67. Why are you here in the small brain section??
    The braniacs are over there –> The Grenville Phillips Column – Get Out of the Stupid Boat

  68. Q Why are you here in the small brain section??

  69. @Enuff
    Yours@6.10am May 8
    In parting, concerted and persistent efforts to stoke suspicion and hysteria are as dangerous as a lack of vigilance
    Cheez on bread I could have sworn that was what the Opposition party was doing a year ago, I could have sworn that many people on the blog were also doing the same thing, what has changed? Did you receive instructions to break the mould? Its long past when citizens will take the word of a Gov’t official without question. The Minister is a seasoned, senior member of Cabinet and his status was confirmed when the PM removed some crucial elements from another Minister’s portfolio and added them to his, it shows the PM trusts him to do the heavy lifting.

    The Minister opened the door and invited critics in, so you could stop ringing the alarm bells.

  70. Sargeant

    Puffy wants us to accept that the price of the two scanners is 40 million. The information that is stating otherwise and shedding light on this price as suspicious is all speculation. Even if the amount is 40 million bajan dollars the equivalent of converting 20 million US to bajan, the information provided on the true cost of the scanners still remains ridiculously high. Puffy, talk to ma na. Is this a scam, a mistake by the Attorney General, or a price that is to include other things that he failed to mention. Talk to ma, I beg ya.

  71. @David

    There is no Opposition to hold Gov’ts feet to the fire, yet when a few voices on this blog question any Gov’t action we are likened to arsonists about to burn to house down.
    An unofficial One- Party State

    • @Sargeant

      Frankly the blogmaster is a little disappointed we have not had a clarification on this issue.

  72. Here is another item that you may want clarification on

    “…Barbados creditors fume at ‘absurd’ $27m advisory fees
    barbados creditors fume at absurd $27 m fee from amp.ft.com
    4 hours ago · Barbados creditors fume at ‘absurd’ $27m advisory fees. A little-known UK advisory firm stands to make about $27m from the restructuring of Barbados’s $7bn of debts — close to what Lazard earned seven years ago when it advised Greece on defaulted debt nearly 40 times bigger…”

  73. Hmmmm was de ole man’s previous comment about clarification being sought seen in suspense? or deleted

  74. The blogmaster is into deleting comments after moderating them. I wrote several comments on here in response to Jackie Stewarts videos and all of a sudden they vanished. Must have went somewhere else but me do not care.

  75. You can go ahead and block me, David. I am a big girl, and as you know, do not give two wuk ups at the moment about you and where you stand anymore in the interest of right or wrong. There were comments I posted about Jackie Stewarts last video in response to something that Robert Green or Green Goren, I think that is the name, posted. One minute they were there, the next minute me do not see them again. Did you not delete them? If you have not, I can easily apologise, but these days, where you are concern, I just feel like bliss blinding you in cuss for the appearance of presenting a fraud front and wearing two hats. GO AHEAD MAKE MY DAY. Ban my moniker. You think I care ya frigging Joker.

  76. It’s the filter that they are using my Dearest SSS

    Let me explain

    Grenville Phillips name may be part of a filter so when I post that may be filtered

    Additionally you may be behind a VPN so that will set off an alarm for BU

    I ent got no brief for him but…

    Then he is splitting up topics so I might post on one topic and then come back later and post and swear I posted earlier only to find the post on the next blog

    Then there are different people who are the BU Borg

    One of them is really working hard though actually two of the 5 of them

    I am still confused though…. and am just going with the flow
    Don’t get upset and leave dear

    If you do, they win.

  77. TheOGazerts (Restructuring, Scanner Importer, Bus Importer, Road reconstruction, Housing) on said:

    Hint to Mia,
    I do it all..
    Gotta go… see you guy later

  78. The thoughts of Chairman No Salemite.

    Chairman: “Some people buy a Kia, others a Benz. Wait and see if a Kia turns up with a Benz price attached. No further comment.”

    Dear Sir, Can you tell me why Barbados is always shopping for a Mercedes, will pay Mercedes price and most likely end up with a Kia..

    Chairman: “GOVERNMENT, not just the AG mentioned $40M for scanners. Let me repeat, the GOVERNMENT. Go back to the estimates the PM budget speech. Now, apart from knowing what is required and what the requirements should cost, some talking about the AG misspoke

    “The new scanners earmarked for the Bridgetown Port are not costing $40 million, says Attorney General Dale Marshall.”

    Two points:
    1. Here we have the Minister bobbing and weaving, twisting and turning and trying to get away from that $40M figure, and above we have the Chairman holding the AG and Government feet to the fire. The AG want your support, but he doesn’t want you to believe his every statement, You have to be flexible and adjust your responses when the stuff hits the fan. A honest man cannot vouch for a crook.
    Google plausible deniability.

    2> The AG has spoken, but he is not being completely honest. He need to state whether it is US or BDS $. When he announces that the scanners cost $30M and you realized that is BDS $60M, “all uh wunnah gun bawl some mo”.

    Let get actually currencies those acquisitions are stated in


  79. I usually don’t wite his name but I will summon him

    Abracadabra… Lorenzo where the hell are you?

    Rats deserting a sinking ship could take lessons from you. No fly-by?? No drive by??

    Silent as a mouse and leaving your fellow MDF (Mugabe Defense Force) member to battle the Salemites on his own. Now is the time to step up and show your mettle

    Going to try all my magic words to make you appear

    Abracadabra LORENZA
    Scratch grain
    Abracadra Lorenza

  80. My CIA agent may be real.. He does not understand the Bajan lexicon or the Bajan Lexicon – nobody understand the latter.

    I asked for a psycho-analysis of Lorenzo and he stated “The CIA does not psycho-analyze poultry”

    I had to let him know that a yard-fowl was not a bird. Silly man, why would we cuss birds…..

    I like this phrase … He does not understand the Bajan lexicon or the Bajan Lexicon..

  81. The OGazerts

    Why would you want to summon the pooch licker Lorenzo? As far as he is concern nothing was said wrong that should be interpreted wrong concerning the 4o million of two scanners. He would say that Dale Marshall made a mistake just like he did with the true cost to build the prison. Lorenzo is die hard pooch lick.picker. Nothing like my Puffy, who is a gentleman but loyal to what he believes. I believe Puffy would say it is wrong what it is wrong. Puffy is sweet. Nothing like the other pretender who wants you to believe that he is all for the cause that lacks resistance blah blah blah.

  82. Gazzerts,unlike you i do not jump on bandwagons,i think for myself.On top of that i work for a living, therefore,unlike you, i cannot be on a blog 24/7like the tag team.I do not deal in speculation but facts and i will wait until all the facts are known,before commenting.Whenever i see certain persons on here parading likePiece,SSS,Waru,Sarge,Mariposa,Hants,Hal Austin and yourself who between you hog the comments i know your agenda and is not inthe best interest of Barbados.Therefore, having read a story in the papers stating that the Dems plan to lood social media with attacks on the government i am not surprised.

  83. @Lorenzo H
    Let me rephrase your contribution in language that everyone can understand:

    I ain’t got anything, please Mia drop a crumb so a foot soldier like me could take on these knowledgeable people.

  84. @Lorenzo — slim pickings in your diatribe, but ….

    “Gazzerts,unlike you i do not jump on bandwagons” …
    I am hoping you jump off the one you are on

    “i think for myself.” …
    This is lie #1. Not one original idea in that head of yours

    “On top of that i work for a living, therefore,unlike you(..
    Given your “pooch licking they should given you a no-show job. Also lie #2 as I work.

    “i cannot be on a blog 24/7like the tag team.”…
    You should stay off completely, you add nothing here

    “I do not deal in speculation but facts and i will wait until all the facts are known,before commenting.”
    Lie #3. You wait on HQ for talking points. You repeat the same thing over and over.

    “Whenever i see certain persons on here parading likePiece,SSS,Waru,Sarge,Mariposa,Hants,Hal Austin and yourself who between you hog the comments i know your agenda and is not inthe best interest of Barbados.” ….
    I will match my patriotism against yours any day. You think patriotism is reflected in the amount of kool-aid that you drink. That is partisanship not patriotism.

    “Therefore, having read a story in the papers stating that the Dems plan to lood social media with attacks on the government i am not surprised.” …
    Man Think for yourself. I am not B, D or SP. Don’t swallow the propaganda and the regurgitate it. Think, think, think for yourself. Hants just post links and that makes you cry.
    Sarge stated the truth and you started to bawl.
    SSS stated the truth and wanted her banned
    Piece & Waru have you soiling your pants… Go get some big boy pampers

  85. Gazzerts,your quick reply confirms all i need to or wish to know about you.You are a ba ndwagon hopper with your head so far up Piece and the other members of the tsg teams asd you cannot think for yourself. Hear you SSS speaks the truth which truth j/a your version and Piece and Waru got you soiling your pants,really?You obviouly do not know me.They are lightweights, like you.As for SSS i stated she should be banned for disrespecting the blog master not her views as Enuff said you read but do not understand what you read.You stated iam a koolaid drinker which is my right what are you J/a nothing more than a bandwagon hopper.Look at the White Oak story,same group parading but you know what,it does not matter whst the tag team thinks,what matter is what the IMF thinks capiche.

  86. Gazzerts your quick response does not surprise because you seem to live on and for BU.Hear you,SSS speaks the truth really?In whose opinion not mine.Clearly your head is stuck so car up Piece ass that you are as delusional as he is.Time to be a man and think for yourself.As for SSS being banned along with your idolPiece i stated it was for disrespecting the blogmaster not their views and i stand by that.As for Waru and Piece causing me to soil my pants really?You really have to be a real jackass who do not know me.They are livhtweights,like you.I have exptessed my support for Ms Mottley,if that makes me a koolaid drinker that is my right,better than being a bandwagon hopper.If you look at the White Oaks story the same ten people parading but you know what?What is important is not what the few overseas bellyachers think but what the visiting IMF thinks capice.

  87. Speaking about people “who do not have the best interests of Barbados at heart”

    Here is a person who certainly does not “have the best interest of Barbados at heart”



    And, I do not know if you got the email at your address mugabepoochlicker@blp.org.bb but I am no longer called Piece by the Mugabe-ites, you must call me Piece the Legend ok?

  88. @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    An apology for you.

    With regard to my recent accusation regarding the “fixed name” issue.

    It appears that, at least with the users with gravatar, the option as to the name that displays is fixed by gravatar.com as opposed to the previous option where we users were allowed to change the name.

    I still wonder why you did not let that remain optional because any periodic changes could be effected

    As it stands now email + gravatar minus VPN and denying html5 canvas to load will allow you to identify your users.

    @ other Barbados Underground bloggers

    Look at this article and see if anything applies for you to use to protect your machines


  89. Abracadabra
    Scratch grain
    It worked last time

    “I have exptessed my support for Ms Mottley”
    Second post for the day… second time you begged for a no-show job.

  90. Theophillus Gazerts!!! You gine kill he?

    Whuloss man!!

    A po rackey chicken can only tek so much man

    You mocking he with he own hashes.

    You commenting bout he pooch licking lips.

    You mention how he absent from de very job he supposed to be heah working

    You mention he scratch grain habits.

    Man ease he nuh? Pressure does bust PIPES!!


  91. Lorenzo

    Where did I disrespect the blogmaster? By referring to him as compromised, by calling him a joker or is it the fact that I said I would like to light in his crutch from the pretense I am assuming he is under? The blogmaster can defend himself and state straight out that he is not in cahoots with the Mia Rogue Works Mottley regime. You just upset because the SSS have little to no respect for Mia Mottley because she is a rogue in working. But if there is one thing that you are right about is this. I am disgruntled DLP supporter because I fell for one party’s shite before and seeing I never had anything respect for the BLP, it is easy for me not to follow the shite of them. I stopped blogging on here for a time and indicated that I will not comment until Rogue Works present her hidden side. The moment that she granted tax amnesty so her father does not have to worry about the interest accumulated on his years of not paying taxes, the moment she knighted him so he can be elevated above normal status, the moment she placed all her friends in the money positions and talk shite about many hands make light work, I return with a poster depicting a rogue and wicked is ass version of her persona. Also, tell me what lies I have told on here that you think I needed to be branded as one hogging the blog like the tag team label you want to place on those who will not take up Mottley’s scratch grain? Tell me please, one liner? If there is one thing that I pride myself on is not telling lies. If I present information on here that is not factual, you can bet your last dollar that I will say it is not accurate or concede where others present a more accurate picture. Well, the truth be told I like a bassa bassa, so I do not concede that easily I simply say you have your view I sticking to mine. I have no time to be on this blog hogging it. So you will notice clearly that after about 20 comments, you would see a comment from me. I am all about poster protest, and for your information, those posters have reached quite far as well as near. I am about what is right for Barbados. I am about what is right for the people. I am about justice prevailing where injustices are obvious. I am about seeing the stinking DLP feeling the full weight of the law and any of these parasites in the BLP who think they can get their monies through different means and links, lock to cunt-hole up for their fleecing collusions. I am about seeing Barbados operate on transparency and accountability. I am about breaking up the chains that bind the status quo to the various avenues that money is filtered into their pockets by what they deem as legal means base on years of practising the same illegal activity. That is my cause, not sucking licking, picking or idolising prominent political pooches. I am not a lackey, lapdog, onesided view Johnny like you. I call a spade a spade. I see a purpose in blogging on here, if not I would not come at all. So any perceived disrespect you think I have for the blog master, I lose respect for people who I think are liars or operating in deceit and deception. That is my perception of the blogmaster at this time, and until I am proven wrong, I hold no more respect for the blogmaster to whom I believe is compromised. So go clean another pooch, your course is finished, the certificate in pooch licking techniques is now yours to relish in. Jackass of all jackasses!!!

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