Cahill Energy Barbados Sold to Quantum Utility Generation

Good catch by Patrick Hoyos over at the Broad Street Journal. Kammie Holder and a few others who monitor environmental matters warned us a couple years ago about Cahill Clare Cowan (Energy Barbados) plan to sell after construction of a mega plasma gasification plan was scuttled. Do we have to wait as usual for our leaders to speak on these matters? – David, Blogmaster

But Cahill Energy put out a press release dated March 20, 2019 (yes, dated just a few days ago) letting the world know it had sold off its “Barbados waste-to-energy company, Cahill Energy Barbados, to Quantum Utility Generation, which secured funding to build the plant that Cahill estimates the cost at $350 million USD.” This announcement seems to be a bit late, if I understand things correctly. I heard that the sale took place some time ago and consulting work has been done and permission applied for at Town Planning – Broad Street Journal

Once upon a time there was a Barbados administration which was, shall we say, very creative in finding ways to sell the rights of Barbadians to potential foreign investors with few of us knowing what was going on.

For example, the Hilton. For another one, the national oil terminal. For another, a west coast development that faltered, was bailed out at massive cost to the taxpayer, then left unfinished to weather in the sun and rain through, you could say, all four seasons.

And then there was the “enfant terrible” of them all – the most outrageous disposal of Barbadians’ future rights, in my view – the signing of a contract with a company called Cahill Energy.

Now, having been underground, I have read lots of stuff about what a supposed memorandum contained and how it was allegedly signed by some people in the former administration, all acting no doubt in what they may have considered the best interests of Barbados.

Which, if they did do so, would say a lot about their judgement, because the waste-to-management operation proposed to be built at Vaucluse by Cahill Energy was going to use a highly toxic and dangerous technology which would not vapourise garbage as it promised. It would leave mountains of sludge which still had to be buried somewhere.

But it was only when a multi-million pound investment at Teeside in Britain using the same tech – a risky one known as plasma gasification – went belly-up that the Dolittle Administration cancelled the Barbados project.

Read full article in the Broad Street JournalQuantum of incredulity

Here is the Press Release announcing the sale. Broad Street Journal posted a 2014 Press Release.

Cahill Energy Barbados acquired by Quantum Utility Generation

Toronto (March 20, 2019) – After four years of development, culminating in full government approval, Cahill Energy Limited has sold its Barbados waste-to-energy company, Cahill Energy Barbados, to Quantum Utility Generation, which secured funding to build the plant that Cahill estimates the cost at $350 million USD.“Cahill Energy is actually a spin-off from Cahill International. As a team we were globe trotters raising funds between $300 million to $1 billion USD. In 2013, we created Cahill Energy simply due to the opportunity to participate hands-on in what we thought then was a miracle: waste-to-energy. We built Cahill Energy to provide a leading edge, environmentally sound solution to the dual challenges of waste management and energy security,” says Clare Cowan, CEO, Cahill Energy Limited. “The ability to turn waste into energy has extraordinary value when you are working with an island that currently spends $1 million USD a month on landfill maintenance alone. Not only do you eliminate the waste but the landfill, as well. That’s exceptional value when you consider the fixed constraints of available land.”Having conducted in-depth analysis of the Caribbean region, Cahill Energy had determined that Barbados represented the ideal location to invest in a waste-to-energy plant.

“While we recognize that the country faces some challenges in the short term due to the impact of the 2008-2009 global economic downturn, we believe that the fundamentals are strong,” adds Cowan.

Many experts were involved in determining if Barbados had the requirements for a waste-to-energy plant. The focus was primarily on engineering and in this regard,Cahill selected Hatch due to their substantive global expertise. Cahill also worked with the most qualified in every discipline, from legal to finance to create the environment to attract the best in development. With Quantum Utility Generation now on board, this objective has been achieved.

Founded in 2010, Quantum Utility Generation, LLC (“QUG”) acquires, develops, operates and optimizes power generation assets in the Americas with a sharp focus on working with both customers and partners to find economic, environmentally sound and reliable power solutions.

The QUG team is power focused. Their team consists of power industry veterans with decades of experience in the acquisition, development, operations, management, financing and most importantly the economic optimization of conventional and renewable energy assets.

Quantum Energy Partners is the parent of Quantum Utility Generation, a Houston-based, private equity manager with more than $9.5 billion USD of capital under its stewardship and is focused solely in the energy space.

Once the team was assembled, Cahill researched and qualified each aspect required, which led the company to determine the benefits for Barbados in having such a plant. Ultimately, the plant will be a game changer for Barbados. Beyond the plant itself, Cahill was excited to see additional benefits such as:

  • Waste being used for energy hence the need for landfill will be limited
  • Carbon dioxide emissions from the landfill will become negligible
  • Energy security rising to 18-24%
  • A strong foundation for sustainable tourism
  • 500-600 skilled labor jobs created in the build cycle
  • 50-60 full time positions when the plant is operational

Following the successful closure of this chapter, Cahill is focusing on research into its next opportunity. Cowan is confident that any initiative Cahill undertakes will once again replicate the success of past projects.

“We have our eye on several business ventures and are excited and encouraged about new avenues and prospects moving forward,” says Cowan.

For media:

Joe Roma Communications for Cahill Energy


  • SirFuzzy (Former Sheep)

    @ david

    Wow it surely becoming personal. Maybe just maybe you need to exert that control u are vested with?


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    The countries of the United States and Canada and the U.K. frown on third World countries looking for hit squads on their shores.

    So being “safe” depends on how you feel talking nuff pun you phone and other communications and that information getting back to your substantive Prime Minister via State Department officials

    and being “safe” is when your ass, being so informed, proceed only to issue a verbal warning, INSTEAD OF FIRING A MAN/WOMAN SCVUNT

    Being safe is when you figure that being the leader of the Barbados Labour Party is worth more that destroying a despot.

    being “safe” is when that party then turn round and get your ass expelled from the same party you gave 41 years of your life to



  • My friend, EVERY ONE of your contributions “adds up to POLITICAL RHETORIC.”

    You are performing the duties assigned to you by your George Street paymasters.

    However, what I mentioned in my contributions would obviously be interpreted as “political rhetoric” by a shameless, hypocritical yard-fowl such as you…….. but to any other rational thinking individual, they are FACTS THAT CANNOT BE REFUTED.

    Let’s look at this situation rationally. Whereas during 10 years you REFUSED to purchase ONE garbage truck (not even 5 box-carts), but, within 11 months, Mottley ordered seven (7) garbage trucks and two (2) have been received so far.

    Previously, you were very comfortable WITHOUT garbage trucks and was “QUITE CONTENTED to “sit quietly until your garbage was picked up after waiting for SEVERAL weeks”……… and NOW you’re complaining about two weeks?

    So……YES, I want you “to applaud the two garbage that govt hope to clean up the environment.” And YES, I want your “blessing upon them two garbage trucks.”

    You should be also be happy with the odds….. 120 months = 0 trucks; 11 months = 7.


  • It is good sometimes to allow commenters to expose their colonies. Bush Tea has a saying, we shall know them by their fruit.

    The same people on the blog gladly engaged in base behaviour are self ordained advocates for social justice and other noble causes.

    The great hypocrisy!


  • @ Dame Bajans,

    Please encourage your friends in Ottawa to attend the ” EVENT ” in Montreal. Enjoy the FREE FOOD and DRINKS.

    I encourage Bajans in the GTA to attend the ” EVENT ” in Toronto. FREE FOOD and DRINKS.

    I will not attend cause I gine fishing. De Rainbow trout runnin. lol


  • WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog

    Dame Bajans April 3, 2019 9:37 AM

    No wonder she is coming to Canada, visiting Montreal and Toronto. Ottawa people were invited to the Montreal ‘Town Hall”. Mia should understand that we are all now Canadians where people are treated more fairly. We told Worrell that we would not put any of our money in Bim, and she will hear the same.

    And to think, these are the same black bajans who had to run to Canada, US and UK because they have been denied opportunities, access to their own money, to their beneficiaries rights all because of the cabal of criminals in the bar association and the parliament….Mia now got all this nerve to be going beginning them for money…when there are billions in offshore accounts that am sure belongs to some of them, land am sure belongs to some of them who were robbed of their rights…

    And many of them need to check ICIJ to make sure their families names and theirs are not being used on these accounts without their knowledge and permission.

    Maybe if the criminal syndicate had not robbed all these black bajans, they would not now have to be hoping and praying to get money from those already disenfranchised who got their little savings in the bank that Mia is also panting behind and who STILL lack opportunities because their futures were stolen by the cabal..


  • WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog

    “Mia should understand that we are all now Canadians where people are treated more fairly.”

    The criminal syndicate of parliament and the bar association will NEVER understand that concept, they run up and down to the larger countries but all they seek to copy are the NEGATIVES and then rush back to barbados to practice it against their own people…they never once copy the positives of North America or Europe to upgrade the lives of the majority population.

    They will never understand that despite these countries having their social blights like racism etc…they do make absolutely sure that there are laws in place ….TO TREAT EVERYONE FAIRLY….

    the cabal do not want to see their own people treated fairly, once elected the first thing they do is put laws in place to make life as unbearable as they can for the black majority, hide as many opportunities as they can from every new generation…distract them as much as they can…and steal all they got and park it offshore….simply because they got shitehounds like themselves in the minority community to please, appease and help them tief from their own people…


  • Artax

    You are performing the duties assigned to you by your George Street paymasters.

    Fuh real i didn’t know that where do u get that information
    Lol very funny idea

    Again reiterate that barbados garbage problem goes beyond garbage trucks
    Barbados industries and households put out more garbage daily in so much that it would require more technological intervention to resolve the garbage problem of this country
    As the population expands as Mia has promised to do via immigration policies so would the garbage problem which seven garbage trucks would not be effective in handling the mountains of garbage


  • Interested Observer

    Is the plant being built or not? This article is as clear as mud.


  • What plant
    Plans for building the plant were dismantled when enviromentalist carpet baggers and hometown scaremongers pressured govt to abandoned the plant
    Not to mention a slew of other politics involved
    Having said the above this present govt who where at the forefront of pelting the first stone about the plant never had an alternative solution
    However now prsently touting about buying two garbage trucks to effectively clean up the piles of garbage lining the streets and gullies
    As if barbados enviromental issues are not bad enough barbados is being listed as the no. 5 unhealthy countries in the world


  • Vincent
    Becoming personal? There is nothing impersonal about constantly describing someone as a “poochlicker”, “agent of Mugabe”, “working for their supper”, “pimp” etc. They spout a bunch of lies to portray the government as uncaring, corrupt, unintelligent etc. Once you don’t agree and can present facts and reasoned responses, they resort to personal insults. Take the talk about garbage trucks for example, as far as I know 7 new garbage trucks have landed in Bdos since May 2018. I read that up to Sunday in the newspaper. So I am convinced that these ‘saviours’ don’t even read the newspapers, but want us to believe that they are so invested in Bdos. Ask them what was debated and passed in Parliament yesterday or last week, they can’t say. But comment on the government’s performance, with a level of confidence that is matched only by their arrogance and ignorance.



    when have you ever seen me having a conversation with GP that you can accuse me of attacking. About two months ago I responded to him after he attacked me and call me some name.

    Trufully I hardly read yours, his or waru comments.

    I have noticed that since I opinioned that your blogging is attention seeking that you have been poking your finger at me.
    I have ignored so far and will continue to do so after this.

    FYI I don’t not know the prime wicker outside of tv . On the other hand she could be my sister.
    I have to reason to defend her against anyone in this blog or anywhere else and especially a PIECE of old shit like you..

    She has been attacked from greater men and women than you and by people that she could identify, not hiding on a blog.
    she has been attacked for year, from inside her party and outside. by Prime Minister and former Prime Minister
    Yet with all ur attacks she still rise to be the prime wicker and none of you can stop her.

    she don’t need to be defended by a nobody like me. What she has done, achieved and will do in the future is what she will be judge by. not some thing some one by the name of John2, gp or piece of shit.

    You are so freaking delusional to think the shite that you write in this blog will have an effect on lenders to this count.

    The Dlp tried to pull her down for so many years yet in a few months she can get loans of ov er a billion dollars in loans.
    A piece of no name shit on a blog now is going to influence them.

    keep dreaming

    And continue with your delusional attention seeking blogging.

    Next time and you want to cuss me out because I criticized you bring it on. You don’t have to pretend you defending GP. what I say to GP is none of you business – I could have LOADED her schooner back in the days.




  • mia muttley—she aint got a clue

    mia muttley- she just doing lots of doo doo

    with 26 ministers and many consultants

    mia muttley just dont know what to do

    thats the chorus
    will readers now give us 3 or 4 verses


  • @ Chairman,

    Can’t we criticise the prime minster without going in to the gutter? The prime minister is the highest office of state in our democracy. We must respect the office.


  • @ DAVID & BU decent bloggers

    My apologies

    I am not tired but neither am I scared of getting down in the gutter and biting back at the DOGS
    Sometime you have to go negative with them to get positive ( two negative = positive :))


  • RE Can’t we criticise the prime minster without going in to the gutter?







    mia muttley—she aint got a clue

    mia muttley- she just doing lots of doo doo

    with 26 ministers and many consultants

    mia muttley just dont know what to do

    thats the chorus
    will readers now give us 3 or 4 verses

    mia muttley—she CANT DO THE WUK
    mia muttley JUST BUY A TRUCK


  • @ John 2,

    Apologies accepted. BU is a broad church. One of the big offenders is the chairman.


  • @ The Newly Enjoined Johnnie #2

    I will ask Artaxerxes the Archiver to go back to your first submissions here.

    He will confirm that you the holier than thou blogger came and used the nome “John”.

    On this blog, long before you came was another one called John – Quaker John.

    When you came you refused to make any distinction with your Pseudonym and got many a broadside intended for John the Quaker.

    Now you seek to dissemble the truth and claim “oh woe is me” since, for a while you benefitted from the confusion and now you claim that people are attacking your sorry ass.

    As recent a two or three weeks ago, SSS came and said to a blogger that she was not SS (simple Simon) who had renamed herself Sir Simple Simon SSS in keeping with the quickly assigned honour given to the father of Mugabe

    SSS the latter in her effort to rectify same, renamed herself SSSPresidentforLIfe

    Are you understanding this asshole? You took a name that belonget to another here because you BEING NEW TO THE BLOGGING ARENA, do not understand the rules!!

    I can and will call you a chvunt whenever i please and I will change that because I defer to reasonableness even if it is Leximoron!

    Wunna does cry foul when you get hit by friendly fire but then you conveniently backtrack and say someone is picking pun you and go to you Mummy the Honourable Blogmaster.

    The man, is a comrade in this fight agains Mugabe and I acknowledge that by speaking my mind about your comment bout he muddah and am inclined to qualify that with what Do No Good told Pornville Inniss

    You sir are unimportant in this battle for the Soul of Barbados, and the possibility is that i am misguided in this my commitment to a self empowered Bajan, many of whom are black, AS I AM BLACK.

    You continue to have your opinion about what I do and why i am doing it, that like the single asshole that you have, is yours and it is your perogative to use it as you will, as an exit for faeces or AS MANY HERE SEE for the non existent yet preponderant penis of Mugabe Mottley who is bulling you and many others.

    I do not give one RH bout what Mugabe goig do in the future

    Right now she has a 30 menber parliament with 30 RH ministers feeding at her nipples and botsie while she has sent home realllllll bajans

    She even import 3, AFTER CHANGING THE RH Constitution to do that!

    So you can beleive what you will about Mugabe but as for me and my household, we will believe nothing else.

    You got what you deserved and while you submit a pretend apology, to tell am man about his mother AS YOU HAVE DONE indicates waht you are as a man.





    And they continued stedfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, and in breaking of bread, and in prayers.


  • @ Mr. Hal Austin


    Soon the Honourable Blogmaster (the one that is on duty) will post my response to Johnny #2 when they feel like it

    What is this stoopidness that you are talking aout regarding the Office of the Prime Minister?

    we have 3 PMs from 2007 till 2019 who have “disrespected” the Office of the Prime Minister

    David Thompson CLICO and Leroy Parris
    Freundel Stuart (Fumbles) and Michael Carry Way a ton of Money (actually $250K)
    and Mugabe Mottley who done been involved in Edutech and the Syrup and VECO

    Respect is earned not acquired because you get a post

    What is your Mirror Image Hal?

    Here is part of mine Hal.

    “…It becomes more necessary to see the truth as it is if you realize that the only vehicle for change are these people who have lost their personality.

    The first step therefore is to make the black man come to himself; to pump back life into his empty shell; to infuse him with pride and dignity, to remind him of his complicity in the crime of allowing himself to be misused and therefore letting evil reign supreme in the country of his birth.” Steve Biko

    Mine may be a false imagination Hal, but I will not be complicit in the crime that is being perpetuated against Barbadians while i sit in comfort AS YOU DO in the United Kingdom writing 2 paragraphs about policy as if the average bajan cares two hoots about that abstract concept.

    You have to get out of the academics and give up something that is meaningful if you want to be a true Son of the Nation Hal.


  • Once again I ask the Honourable Blogmaster on Duty for your assistance for the 2nd John who moonlighted as the 1st John the quaker when he first came here and now is calling foul for being cussed because it was felt that he was the 1st John


  • I don’t even know why I am responding to you.

    True when I came on to BU I came as john.. After I discovered that there was a john before me I added the 2 and made it john2. I have never used any other name.
    In the shit you submitted this morning, there was a john that made the first comment. I assume he is the original john.
    The only part of quaker I know about is it is some bad part of history that I would not associate myself with. like I would never call myself Nelson or Columbus.

    You are a real delusional piece of shit who really need to get u fact straight and stop looking around for somene to lick ur pooch.


  • WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog

    “The Dlp tried to pull her down for so many years yet in a few months she can get loans of ov er a billion dollars in loans.”😊😂🤣

    So why do yardfowls always have to mention me and then go and post something stupid…lol, murdahh!!

    When ya borrow a billion dollars…ya gotta pay back A BILLION DOLLARS…WITH INTEREST…

    it is only a dumbass yardfowl would see something in that to be proud of…

    Tell Mia…she got more than a billion dollars sitting in offshore accounts…that already belong to the black people of Barbados…give it back to it’s rightful owners and she will not have to borrow another dime and IMF and other lenders should not LOAN her another nickle until she does.


  • Waru

    Come and run to and become PM. When u get there you can get the billions from the offshore accounts. The people will love you and reward you for it.


  • You never had a mortgage, car note or bought anything on hire purchase – then you are rich.


  • There is a reason why the great USA was able to foist FATCA on the world. It makes it a routine exercise for non US financial companies to have to declare money/investments held in their jurisdictions. Barbados as a sovereign does not have the wherewithal to confiscate or demand monies from other jurisdiction in the way being bandied about. This is where politicians are made sick by their hands. They promise the impossible on the political platforms, however, in government is another matter.


  • She could have borrowed a billion US from Kyffin who started his business with free tax payers money. I bet all his billions are in offshore accounts. Why does Mia not ask him to repatriate some. After all, he made it off the backs of you Bajans on the Rock. We that made our millions abroad will keep it abroad.


  • Kyffin’s interest is significantly derived from a regional and international interest.


  • WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog

    “Come and run to and become PM.”

    Never lusted to be any leader of any country,,i don’t see the appeal…particularly when there is wholesale corruption and land theft involved…..and why lust to become a PM then have to take taxpayers money and hire a million consultants to tell ya what to do…so exactly what’s in that to be proud of…..

    It’s the same like borrowing one billion dollars with interest and then being PROUD TO BE IN DEBT….and talking shite bout ya punching above ya weight when ya in one billion dollars debt…with interest…😂

    Particularly when the there was no need for the country to be in any $15 billion dollar hole….if not for the THEFTS OF LANDS, TAX DOLLARS AND PENSION MONEY,,,it would not have been to begin with…it always comes back to the criminal syndicate operating in the parliament..

    if ya must know, ah don’t do hire purchase, if i can’t buy it cash, i don’t need it, not everyone is a SLAVE TO A SYSTEM.


  • John2
    Abigail would confuse candidates with MPs and appoint a Cabinet of candidates.🤣🤣🤣 #ahweak


  • WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog

    “We that made our millions abroad will keep it abroad.”

    Amen to that..

    Did Kyffin not try to tief the oil terminal on the cheap to sell it for a billion dollars to the same Canadian company he sold SOL to… and while doing so he never once mentioned to Fruendel and his Fools..who were pissed beyond measure that they could not give away the people’s oil terminal to Simpson… who was only interested in selling it and make a billion dollar profit for himself…without one thought for the black population without whom all their asses will still be riding bicycles and packing supermarket shelves…..if i remember correctly…ah think Jackass Fruendel had even took it to court to get Simpson the people’s oil terminal…the idiot..

    that’s all these minority parasites have ever done….get their hands on taxpayers or pensioners money through the greedy, corrupt house negros in parliament and don’t ever have the gratitude to return any of what they got for free…they believe they are entitled to steal from black people with the help of their house negros..


  • You buy you house and car cash? You renting? If you never owe anybody then you are blessed. Now everybody not like you.
    ifyou not willing to do anything to change what the use harping on the samething over and over on BU

    Now remember why I hardly read yours.


  • WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog

    Enuff…i would do one even better, i would remove all you overgrown thieves from the parliament and replace you with kids from Grantley Adams, St. Leonards, and all the new schools to manage the country, at least justify the millions of dollars in consultants, cause we know kids will need guidance, but they are more intelligent, more honest and actually have morals and ethics…something cabinet ministers and lawyers in Barbados have never had, it’s a totally alien concept to the greedy….


  • WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog

    But ya seem to be reading my post just fine what changed…

    ya think i care who reads what…

    yall should be more concerned with WHO is watching…


  • RE if ya must know, ah don’t do hire purchase, if i can’t buy it cash, i don’t need it, not everyone is a SLAVE TO A SYSTEM.



  • @David BU

    “Kyffin’s interest is significantly derived from a regional and international interest.”


    Don’t let us forget that. He owes the country, not us who the locals consider foreigners.


  • Waru

    Saw that you quoted me so I started reading from there

    I think I had this conversation about you being PM etc before.


  • WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog biggie…and am sure the answer, if i even bothered, was the same..


  • As the population expands as Mia has promised to do via immigration policies so would the garbage problem which seven garbage trucks would not be effective in handling the mountains of garbage. (Quote)


    Your above comment is the height of stupidity. As one of your fans would say, your ignorance is appalling as a result of learning by rote.

    May I suggest you re read your comments before posting.


  • Why is it stupid to say with population growth along comes more garbage
    Robert Goern.Are u so dumb not to understand that as a result of more inhabitants in any place that garbage would increase
    Have u ever lived in large metropolitan cities and witness the amount of garbage accumulation


  • Hmmmmm……..

    Perhaps you should “quit while you’re ahead.”

    If you know “Barbados industries and households put out more garbage daily in so much that it would require more technological intervention to resolve the garbage problem of this country,”………

    ………. why did you not encourage your colleagues Freundel and Denis “What’s in it for me” Lowe to purchase garbage trucks and implement policies to deal with the garbage situation?

    Unless you’re implying there has been a significant increase in garbage after May 24, 2018.

    Although you meant to be critical of the current BLP administration, you are essentially ENDORSING criticisms of the previous DLP administration for NOT implementing any policies to deal with the garbage situation and NOT purchasing garbage trucks.

    “As the population expands as Mia has promised to do via immigration policies so would the garbage problem which seven garbage trucks would not be effective in handling the mountains of garbage……”

    You are a very poor “political spin doctor.” You want us to believe that, because of some imaginary immigration policies you accuse Mottley of implementing, Barbados would become so overwhelmed with “hundreds of thousands” of non-nationals, to the extent we would have “mountains of garbage?”

    I have to agree with Mr. Goren. Your comment is indeed “the height of stupidity.”


  • Couldnt careless with whom u agree
    Not hear to gather brownie points
    I made a point which correlates the increased of population growth would undoubtedly increase garbage
    So go ahead beat yuhself up.. i guess the pinpointing of Mia plan to increase population growth by measures attached to immigration policies struck a raw nerve in your brain
    Hence your quickness to fly off the yardfowl fence


  • Artax,

    Are you now reduced to refuting every stupid thing Mariposa posts????? Is this now to be the sum total of your contributions????

    I am waiting for a deeper analysis of SOMETHING!



  • Yes, it’s true you “made a point which correlates the increased of population growth would undoubtedly increase garbage,” and I agree. However, you are attempting to use the point for “RIDICULOUS, IMPRACTICAL POLITICAL PURPOSES.”

    You definitely have an active imagination. Pray tell, how your “pinpointing of Mia plan to increase population growth by measures attached to immigration policies struck a raw nerve in my brain?”

    Please indicate to BU WHERE and WHEN Mottley STATED she “PLANS to INCREASE population growth by measures attached to immigration policies?”

    It is a known fact that you have a penchant for making up things as you “go along” and then “running with them” to the point you actually believe they are true.

    Is this so called immigration policy “to increase population growth,” another set of political rhetoric you created in your mind and believe Mottley actually made such a pronouncement?

    Based on your political rhetoric and silly comments, it’s clear you’re ALWAYS “quick to fly off the yardfowl fence.”


  • “Are you now reduced to refuting every stupid thing Mariposa posts?????”


    Yes, that’s what I’m reduced to.

    You should expect “a deeper analysis of SOMETHING! ANYTHING!” from the superior intellectual journalists, doctors, lawyers, politicians, marketing managers, etc, that frequent the halls of BU.


  • See Donna the problem with some of u self appointed know it alls is what have this country in the economic mess
    Those who are appointed to goverence demonstrates similar mentality as shown here on BU daily
    In that everyone is stupid who might have a differing of opinion
    To all of you so called intellectuals i say carry on smartly while the outside world get to see and hear a glimpse of your socalled intelligence and brand you stupid


  • Two words” Circular Economy.


  • Excellent…I like

    “Enuff…i would do one even better, i would remove all you overgrown thieves from the parliament and replace you with kids from Grantley Adams, St. Leonards, and all the new schools to manage the country, at least justify the millions of dollars in consultants, cause we know kids will need guidance, but they are more intelligent, more honest and actually have morals and ethics…something cabinet ministers and lawyers in Barbados have never had”


  • Good comments Dame Bajans.
    Short and sweet


  • Mariposa,

    Note that I did not call you stupid, neither I did not say all your points are stupid. But Artax seems to have reduced himself to your marker as in a netball game. He seems to exist on this site solely to be your nemesis. I expect more of him than this obsession with proving you a yard fowl. Especially since that has never been in dispute.


  • Correction – neither did I say


  • I forgot to ask – were Chris and Freundel part of the know-it-all group who messed up the country? I seem to remember Freundel claim that they had all the brains they needed in the Cabinet and therefore need no help.

    Just relieving Artax for a bit.


  • “I expect more of him than this obsession with proving you a yard fowl. Especially since that has never been in dispute.”

    Clever piece of bowling


  • Unfortunately she is not a good enough batsman to even get an edge on that one. And so she will bat on.


  • White lady why dont u go mind yuh business and leave well
    Dont bother me if i dont bother u

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  • You mean flowery. LMBAO.🤐


  • Would anyone care to comment on this Burnside entity some more?

    @ Brother Hants it would seem that you are one of the few people who either have the time and the special skills to “unearth” (pun intended) these consultants who seem to be engaged for close to 10 years continuously in work on behalf of the GoB yet they are a national secret?

    I wonder if persons like Mr. Kammie Holder might be able to comment on this matter?


  • While there have been setbacks with the technology (like the one in the UK in 2015), plasma gasification remains the most efficient and environmentally friendly means of waste disposal that is currently available. It is imperative that we continue to develop this important technology and not give up the first time something goes wrong. I wrote an article on plasma waste converters recently if you would like more details about just how effective this technology can be


  • @Small Change

    It is the most effective WTE solution using what benchmark?


  • It is the most effective WTE solution in that it can get rid of the largest amount of waste with the fewest emissions. The percentage of potential energy which is harvested is far greater than any other WTE solution. The by-products can also be used for other applications such as construction or oil-spill clean-ups


  • You have not addressed the scale/size of the plant that was proposed under Cahill and the lack of performance data. Especially given the proposed build on a 21×14 island.


  • I do not have to defend every iteration of plasma waste converters to defend the concept. It sounds like that particular design was extremely problematic. There has not yet been standardisation of design, meaning that each plant must be custom built. These are expensive mistakes, it is true, but the benefits that will come when this technology is perfected will be immense. Besides, there are plenty of plants which are already performing well


  • The issue here is scale. From your response we are correct to be concerned.


  • No one is suggesting that plasma gasification provide all of our power or get rid of all of our waste. Ideally, small plants would provide energy and waste management for small communities. We do indeed need to be concerned but it is not about the issues with scaling up PWCs. We need to be concerned about the devastating effects that climate change is already having on water, food and natural disasters. We also need to be concerned about the massive global loss of biodiversity that is resulting from pollution. We must not abandon technologies that can help to alleviate those very serious issues because there are setbacks with some of the designs


  • We need to be concerned about all risk factors to ensure mitigating measures are adequately provisioned.


  • I agree that if there is a risk of dangerous side-effects with a particular design (like that of Cahill Energy) that that particular design must be reexamined. However, there are many other designs available which do not have the same detrimental effects. Also, the ‘sludge’ that you mention is called slag and can be used as aggregate for building materials from concrete to tarmac. It can also be very easily processed into an efficient insulator which can also be used to clean up oil spills or grow plants hydroponically. In theory, slag is not toxic, as you claim, since toxic materials cannot leach out into the environment and won’t until after the materials have become inert. My final point is this; what alternative do you prefer? Is it landfills which produce huge amounts of methane and do nothing to actually get rid of the waste or is it incinerators which release all the carbon trapped in the waste into the environment and reclaim a tiny fraction of the energy which PWCs can reclaim?


  • @Small Change, if it’s so good and the best thing since the creation of peanut butter why not build other plants elsewhere first acquire best practices. It seems the modus operandi is the same in countries with poor environmental governance and politicians who are hand to mouth that are easily bribed into acting against the best interest of their country.

    I do not think that many of you are aware that persons mainly Bajan whites are not afraid of standing in front of a bulldozer and going to jail in the name of civil disobedience. We are fully aware the security services monitor these pages, thus this is a message been sent for the writing must be on the wall for all to be aware we must stand up for our country irrespective of consequences. This may offend but most blacks only interested in a Buju show and that sports opium of football.

    Those residents in Checker Hall St Lucy and environs were assured by the management of Arawak during its opening of a big lie ” Zero Emissions.”

    Husbands Vs Arawak suit was presided over by the late Sir Clifford Husband who dismissed the case with the ruling as extracted from the summation ” Arawak Cement Plant is a public good and you must try to live with it.” Every day residents of Checker Hall and environs for more than 30 years have to deal with PM10 and PM2.5. #CausticSoda is but one danger we need not expose our Platinum Coast to which already experience Whiskey Fungus and Seasonal particulate matter from Haynesville Factory.

    Easy for those who are removed and under the drug of authority and enforcement to be indifferent to the suffering of others as its the only way they can keep up their fake lifestyles supported by social invites!

    @Small Change, not all Bajans are willing to sell out and display brainless third world thinking that providing wealth for a capitalist at the expense of future generations for the lure of a few jobs makes common sense.

    You will have a fight like nothing you have ever seen before thanks to Social Media and the monied of those in Sandy Lane with a vested interest. We are not against development but not questionable technology or less than transparent transactions for corruption is a threat to free health care, free education, social care and even the ability of the said Special Branch Officers to be paid.

    Bajans will not be guinea pigs when finders fees aka bribes are the modus operandi. We cannot even deal with vehicle pollution or even harmful chemicals due to lack of resources and legislation.

    Please bring a project that speaks to the Circular Economy and not one that seeks to greenwash or further indebt a country to the tune of $700,000,000 when police stations need fixing!


  • @Small Change, you can send me an email thats on a secure server to Let’s have a dialogue and do note its nothing personal. This is for the file!


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