Leh Me Tell Wuhnah Like it is – Real Talk from De Block

Submitted by PUDRYR

“…As long as this blatant system of injustice continues and bajans openly tell you that prison in Barbados is for Black people, we can put forward all the ideas we want to solve the problem but we will make no headway…”

The Average man and woman in Barbados going listening to you, cause, like Barbados Underground Whistleblower says, the Royal Bay Gone Police Force, is leading the corruption, the drug dealing AND abusing de court processes.

Let me brek it down fuh wuhnah people

Some of wuhnah too privilege to even contemplate the reality of poverty and being hungry.

For wuhnah it is an abstract concept, wuh, after all we got free schools and free horspital care so everyting alright.

Few uh wuh nah ever been hungry till you guts grumbling and you only talking loud among de fellers, cause “you don’t want dem to hear your guts grumbling

When you at primary school, you can’t focus cause you ass hungry and focusing pun de blackboard hard as ass.

Lord help you if you ent got school books, pencils and school clothes, cause de teacher and de students gine mek you see hell.

And if you need glasses? as many of these poor children do, well your four eyed defective self will be at a worse disadvantage for your entire school life.

In wuhnah day, there was an unofficial community mechanism that wuhnah could use, But this is my reality!

wuhnah forget all dis when you lef de ghetto for de heights. IF YOU WAS EVER HERE!

Reality Check! my mudda got to raise 4 fatherless kids, as a single female headed household pun $250 a week or less if she wukking at Furniture Limited IN 2019!!

I gots a serious anger problem and wunna antiquated school system, especially secondary level education, CANNOT COPE WITH MY DYSFUNCTIONAL ASS.

Den, toss me into de minibus subculture, for 10 years (primary and secondary school) wid de ZR menses erratic behavior, driving erratically through traffic, just to pay de coolie who own de ZR van, $1000 a week, and you got a next level of anarchy in my ass.

Den, add de “blackies”, and my spliffs I smoking every day.

Man, don’t even add my maladjusted concept of wealth, a concept I developed seeing the drug dealers in my district.

You ONLY got “a shooting waiting to happen”

And unnerstan dis, when a policeman stop a van in in, fuh ovahloading, wuhnah sight how I does be de most vociferous in “representing” my dog? de drivah? de conductor?

See how I does represent a man who I ent know from bull foot?

Wunna feeling me yet?

So when my effed up donkey hear dat my man Stevie, my “family”, a next effed up thug like me, get kill, my black ass gots to go “represent” he!

But all wuh nah people who trying to solve dis crime problem, ent got one effing clue…

Plussing dat wuh nah RH got menses like Michael Carry Way a Ton uh money, 250 large ones and de Prime Minister Fumbles tel he, it alright

AND DE NEW PRIME MINISTER, Mugabe Mottley, inviting 5 of my drug dealer “family” my heroes, to Parliament.

AND WUNNA SCUNT TELLING ME BOUT “wun nah got a Block program fuh me???”

Man get de F out my face befo’ I GLOCK YOUR ASS

this article is accredited to Tee White and a comment he made here on Barbados Underground

Here is the accompanying video.

253 thoughts on “Leh Me Tell Wuhnah Like it is – Real Talk from De Block

  1. Seriously,
    I hope she has the good sense to make certain her identity is well protected as she blogs on BU.
    She is delivering some serious head and body blows and may piss off the wrong person..
    At the same time I hope no one falls for “Some can’t even manage their own personal financial affairs to afford a trip to Barbados! ”
    Seem like they want a few of us back there…
    All hail Mugabe

  2. But dem ent realize dat in yapping like dat dem expose **??

    Oh dear… dat is so unfortunate

  3. @Enuff March 28, 2019 1:40 PM “who will do the necessary negotiations for all the debt restructuring, contract renegotiations and the other areas that require professional expertise.”

    Perhaps the consultants can volunteer their services??? Just because you are a professional it does not mean that you have to charge the people of Barbados professional fees. You can do professional work pro bono, for love of country. After all some of these professionals are old, old, and receiving or eligible to receive pensions, or can live comfortably on money previously earned. so why do they need more money?

    I myself for love of country has given volunteer service worth hundreds of thousand of dollars.

    Why can’t the consultants be more like me? If I had charged the Barbados government for my professional services I estimate that one of my activities would have cost the government $325,000 BDS (and that is if I had charged minimum wage of $250. per week for my highly professional services) and the other $36,000. But I have not charged anything for my service.

    People who seriously love their country, will give without counting the cost [although i just have above, lolll!!] fight and not heed the wounds, labour and not ask for any reward, save that of knowing that they are doing the people’s will.


    The political class ain’t get it yet

  4. @enuff March 28, 2019 4:04 PM “I don’t get a script, don’t reside in Bay Street, Roebuck St or in any corner of the hive.”

    Liar, liar, pants on fire!!!

    You family to Pinnochio?

  5. @Enuff March 28, 2019 8:07 PM “Donna it is still $100 more per month if you want to subtract $40 for water and pensioners living alone can get relief.”

    I checked with an elderly gentleman, a pensioner who lives alone, and this is what I discovered: Water $29.87; Sewage TAX $7.00; Garbage TAX $35.00

    So he is paying 7.98% of his income for water, for garbage pickup and for sewage services which will not come to his community is his lifetime.

    Let us imagine that a Cabinet Minister receive $18,000 per month is salary, and related benefits, and let us further imagine that the Cabinet Minister has a water bill of the same size. What percentage of his income is he paying for water and related services?

    And how would he like to pay 8% of is income or about $1440 per month for water and related services?

  6. A person whose take home pay is $350 per week is paying about 5% of that pay for water and related services.

    If an $14,000 (after tax) Cabinet minister had to pay 5% of his take home pay for water and related services he would be required to pay $700 per month.

    And I bet that upper income people would in an uproar. Wouldn’t stand for it. Would feel that they are being unfaired.

    Coming up soon, the 2020 Nobel Prize in Economics for the poor people of Barbados. Because with this and the increase in busfares, he poor people of Barbados would have to be economic geniuses.

  7. $30 per week for bus fare, that is one journey each way each day, using the discounted fares taken from a take home pay of $350 is 8.5% of take home pay.

    $60 per week for bus fare, that is two journeys each way everyday is 17% of take home pay, for the person who takes home $350 per week.

    For our imaginary Cabinet Minister above who has an after tax, and after NIS, take home benefits of $14,000 per month, he would have to spend $2370 per month on transportation cost to equal what poor people taking four buses a day are expected to pay.

    How does $2370 per month for transportation feel for high income people? people paying $60 per week will feel even worse.

  8. @Sargeant March 28, 2019 8:41 PM “About the discount bus fares, me thinks that it was an afterthought otherwise it would have been announced at the same time that the fare increase was publicized. ”

    My recollection is that the bus fare increase, and the suggestion of discounted fares was mentioned in the original budget with words to the effect that the transport Board or the transport Authority was working on the details.

  9. Well, David confessed he sold BU for his share of the Rogue Works money, and more than likely he will provide the communications specialist with information relative to us. Notice how the Judas slid slowly into silent mode waiting to tell us shite that he decided not to get anymore involve this conversation he busies dealing with other more meaningful contributions. He is a stinking dog if he did that. And if he has not, I will apologise to him. But for now, he is a stinking dog, if he allowed BU to come under the control of that wicked Rogue.

  10. “Perhaps the consultants can volunteer their services??? Just because you are a professional it does not mean that you have to charge the people of Barbados professional fees. You can do professional work pro bono, for love of country. After all some of these professionals are old, old, and receiving or eligible to receive pensions, or can live comfortably on money previously earned. so why do they need more money?”

    Exactly…why can’t consultants volunteer services…

    because there are no bribes to be had from being volunteers and giving freely of one’s service to country… hence consultants are …always foreign….more opportunities for syphoning and funnelling of tax dollars and pension funds into all their pockets.

    why could Billie the goat Miller..

    David Simmons

    Cappy Greenidge

    Dick Cheltenham

    and a host of other aged out, pensioners/parasites Mia reintroduced to the treasury to suck on taxpayers…unnecessarily…without good reason or good intentions….why could they not volunteer their services…to the grandchildren, great grands and descendants of the majority population who educated their tiefing, sell out asses back in the 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s when their parents couldn’t.

    it just highlights their greed, selfishness and me, me, me, mentalities..they are all over 70 years old, getting pensions…but suck, suck, sucking on taxpayers…and ain’t doing shit except looking for ways to tief from the poor and vulnerable via large excessive illegal fees and and multiple offshore accounts although there are thousands of offshore accounts in their names and a host of unaware people’s names…yes MoFos…we know what each and everyone of you black, sell out thieves… calling yaselves the political class of asses did…we know. .

  11. “Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right March 29, 2019 7:44 PM

    But dem ent realize dat in yapping like dat dem expose **??

    Oh dear… dat is so unfortunate”

    ya missed out on decades worth of information…somewhere along the line…but don’t worry, ya will catch up eventually…

  12. For EMPHASIS

    Billie the goat Miller
    David Simmons
    Cappy Greenidge
    Leslie Haynes
    Dick Cheltenham

    the cabal

    it just highlights their greed, selfishness and me, me, me, mentalities..they are all over 70 years old, getting pensions…but suck, suck, sucking on taxpayers…and ain’t doing shit except looking for ways to tief from the poor and vulnerable via LARGE, EXCESSIVE LEGAL FEES and MULTIPLE OFFSHORE ACCOUNTS although there are thousands of such offshore accounts in their OWN names and in a host OF OTHER INNOCENT, UNAWARE BAJAN’S NAMES…yes MoFos…we know what each and everyone of you black, sell out thieves… calling yaselves the political class of asses did…we know. .

    PIECE…ya DO NEED to check with ICIJ to see if ya name has been thus criminally misused by the stinking thieving, black sellouts of the parliament and bar association.

  13. @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    your assistance please with an item here thank you

    @ my Dearest SSS,

    It is my hope that the comments that David BU was making were all sarcastically made to the persons who he was speaking to then

    Though, on the other hand, IT MAY UNDERSCORE THE REASON THAT Bush Tea and The Sage Annunaki and others have demitted this virtual environment

    I honestly do not think that it has been sold AS YET.

    If it has it would be a serious betrayal for a number of reasons for those who are still there

    I WILL NEVER GO BACK in this lifetime or any to come, I have nothing there and they would have to do a Khashogi? on de ole man.

    And there is no one left that is of interest to me nor is there anything that is of interest to me

    So my dearest we can do one of two things

    FOLD OUR HANDS and walkaway and continue with our lives elsewhere and leave the people and the sheeple to their own devices

    OR WE DOUBLE DOWN because it is what we believe in, and we are complexioned by anachronistic beliefs.

    As for me and My Household, I will Serve the Lord and do what I beleive to be his will

    Either which way we continue to be targets who they will aggressively follow.BECAUSE A ZEBRA CANNOT CHANGE ITS STRIPES, though they are more akin to scorpions

    So here goes the Deepening of this thrust.

    I just composed and sent an article to the former Prime Minister of Barbados Owen Seymour Arthur

    If the Honourable Blogmaster is still on board it will post by Sunday Morning at 6 IF NOT HE WILL NOT POST IT

    Embedded in that article is a strategy around a suite of “tools” that de ole man and me grandson have

    For example


    The thing dearest SSS is that the Third Party Movement HAS TO WIN

    But they dont know what to do agains the Mottlley Treasure Chest of the Treasury.

    But de ole man will tell them NOT TO FEAR BECAUSE WE SERVE A MIGHTY GOD and if he is for you NO MAN OF WOMAN BORN, or untimely ripped can be against you

    De reason de ole man can be pun BU all de time lately is because de tools being fine tuned.

    I give a feller $*** in November to do a few tings dem but dat is a next story but this is going to take effort and commitment and balls which few bajans have

    But den again dem frighten from Mugabe

  14. WARU,

    de ole man is not so fortunate to be on ny ICIJ list and dem would not use de ole man name cause effing de ole man was to find an account wid $1 million dem would be afraid dat i would spend it

    I just wrote a letter to the former prime minister Owen S. Arthur seeking to solicit his insight and support given the comprehensive comments he levelled at Mugabe in the interview that Brother Hants supplied.

    I also sent and article for publication here on BU.

    I do not beleive that the Honourable Blogmaster who is on duty is going to post the two items in suspense before 9 or so

    By which time he will have gotten instructions to do this

    Will send to you and to the rest of the Sea(l) Cow Team 1 Team shortly

    I am sure that they are NOT GOING TO LIKE IT and

    It surrounds this new strategy OF CARRYING THE FIGHT RIGHT INTO THEIR MOUTH


  15. My Sweet Piece
    I have a boyfriend, now, unfortunately not a Barbadian man but, a good, decent, career oriented bloke. He has been after me for four years, and after a coincident meeting that ended up with us discussing similiar interests over a business meeting, ask me out to dinner. Stupid me said, ok, and after that, like all foolish women, he swept me off my feet with his charm, but funny thing is, it ain’t fake, at least not yet LOL. He knows, as he sits right next to me watching me type this message, that if he ever, ever, let it slip once, his ass is gone. I am sorry but you will have to stop salivating at the corners of your mouth behind me. He is the one who has reeled in my doan-carish bitch, though she at times would like to jump out and cuss the piece of lapdog shit like Lorenzo-pickapooch johnny possum.

    The Ogazerts

    You would have to be afraid of Mia Mottley to protect your identity. Mia and all the others who have done some shite to Barbados for profit should notice by now that one by one, there are a few Barbadians who are no longer afraid to speak out. Unfortunately, they are doing it from afar because we still do not know who kill Pele and when Sam Lords Castle mysteriously spontaneous combust, we were told it was not arson. We are hearing stories about the Beatrice Henry land issue, Jackie Stewarts land issue, and those who were involved in this matter would have us believe that they operated legit when persons are accusing them boldly of stealing. So we will never know the truth because it is common practice in Barbados to tell a lot of lies, cover up the facts by letting important documents disappear and paying off their friends in key positions to keep their mouths shut. We are deceived with sweet words and pieces of giving, while the whole hog remains comfortably in save hands. Mia Mottley, chief bottle washer and condoner of crooks, and fraudulent activity. Not a big boy got a thing to worry about.

  16. Wuhlaus!

    Lorenzo thinks he has me right where he wants me! I really don’t know what to say about that one. LOL. Still no substance, Still cockadoodledos. No point. No policy analysis. Just that I hate Barbados (where I CHOOSE to live) and I hate this government (which I voted for).

    Can’t argue with that now, can we?????

    Makes perfect sense.


  17. My son and I went to Sheraton Centre last Saturday. I thought it best to get back on the horse quickly. But my son refused to eat from Kentucky because somebody was killed outside its doors. I insisted on eating what i wanted. I bought Kentucky chicken

    Is this what you believe I want for my son? He loves Kentucky fried chicken. Could not eat it on Saturday.

    The guy who was killed in Gall Hill less than two weeks ago. He was killed on Wednesday. It took my son till Saturday to tell me the man used to come by his school and they used to talk. My son can relate to people of all ages. I have taught him that. And so he considered the man his friend. He told me when he passed there that on Wednesday he saw the body of his friend. His face was turned towards him.

    My fifteen year old son has now seen what his fifty-five year old mother has NEVER seen – the gut-wrenching sight of a friend lying like a dog on the ground. Murdered!

    And you think I rejoice in this?

    Stupid, stupid Lorenzo!

  18. A good morning to Donna,

    Perhaps, when you see that name (L**) you should just scroll as you know what he is going to say.

    ‘I hope that you do not believe in those secret herbs and spices of KFC. In fact, I have never found anything remarkable about the taste of KFC and consider it as just a good marketing job.

    Your son is too young and this is not your style, but the best fried chicken I had was when we caught a bus to the end of the route in St, Lucy. We would have a few good banks and some hot fried chicken. There is nothing like good friends, a good beer, some fried chicken and a BSer in the group.

    We would end the evening by trying to make certain we all caught the last bus. The bus driver was not of out group, but he had the patience of job.

    Life was so simple back then

    Well if your some must choose from having good friends, a good beer, some fried chicken and a BSer in the group, let’s hope he finds some true and good friends.

    A good day to you.

  19. I don’t know much of the Kentucky of today but in the 1970’s when it first opened it was tasty (at least to this Bajan’s palate) part of it was the novelty and it was another late- night place to get a bite. It was so popular in certain quarters that I heard it referred to as “Kenfucky” because after hanging out there some people would park out at Accra for some nocturnal activity. It didn’t mean we didn’t appreciate places like The Pink Star (I think that was the name) on Baxters Road for its fried fish and chicken as a great liming spot, but Kentucky after the Vista ……

    BTW recently at Sheraton I saw a man driving the wrong way up the ramp from the western end when I looked at the vehicle he was Chinese and I thought there has to be a joke somewhere…….

  20. SirSimple
    Did you inform the elderly gentleman that pensioners living alone are apparently eligible for relief? On your other comments, I urge you to broaden your perspective and start looking at household impact. Yes in some instances the individual is the household and this will require specific state intervention; but to proffer an analysis based solely on the individual presents one side. For example the water and sewage charge is per household not individual, but the RTC and the tax rebate are per person. That’s why the creation of job opportunities for Barbadians, especially in low income households is critical, hence the First Jobs initiative, local employment through planning gain, Trust Loans etc. Increasing household income is the first step to addressing household economic sustainability, which then leads to individual economic stability through education and training, financial literacy, innovation and entrepreneurship. At the moment, cognisant of youth employment, crime and the inopportune time for significant wage increases, increasing household income by seeking to achieve higher levels of employment within these households is therefore a sensible and appropriate strategy. In fact, if we extend household to family income (ie more than one household), those households within that family with only one person of working age could also benefit. We also cannot discount the enormous benefit free tuition fees is to these households–the cheapest undergraduate degree at UWI is just over $5,000 per semester. Like I said before, we’ll see who is right in the end. I rest.

  21. Fearless Leader
    Damn, you…
    Looks as if Lorenzo is wrote that stuff and then you are running it through Microsoft word.
    Not a paragraph
    Even tougher to read than the legal stuff.

  22. “We also cannot discount the enormous benefit free tuition fees is to these households–the cheapest undergraduate degree at UWI is just over $5,000 per semester. ”

    From ya start back that bullshit…..YA WRONG….

    There is no free tuition because you do not pay it out of ya damn pocket…neither does Mia…neither do any of the other lying parasites….so do not try to use the fraudulent misleading statement that tuition is free… to be reelected….ya nah get away with it….not this time, . it is the taxpayers have to fork out salaries to you…your imps, pimps, hangerson AND consultants,….AND STILL PAY TUITION FIR STUDENTS WHO CANT AFFORD TO PAY….and also or those who CAN afford to pay…but refuse…it is all the taxpayers….the giddamn taxpayers who are footing this massive unfair bills …..while yall thieves count the stolen money in ya offshore accounts.

    Stop lying.

  23. @Enuff
    Yours @10.42 am

    And you got all that from reading the newspapers and watching TV? Pls give me a heads up on which newspapers you subscribe to and what channels you watch.

  24. @ Donna

    I have a few things to say to your 15 year old son.

    I Piece of the Rock Yeah Right would not have any son or daughter fall to Guns nor death (nor war) anywhere in this God’s earth.

    Such is my mission in life that I am doing a *** here in *** which targets inner city youth and all that seems like THEORY is being done in practice.

    It has garnered the support of *** University and has rolled out in *** a high density crime area.

    I am a stranger in a strange land but my commitment is to life is such that I have *** who now ***

    When I wrote the scenario about “orders from on High” I wrote it for 2 reasons.

    My God told me to write it.

    It come from Matthew 8 verse 9

    “…9 For I am a man under authority, having soldiers under me: and I say to this man, Go, and he goeth; and to another, Come, and he cometh; and to my servant, Do this, and he doeth it…”

    I do not write being guided by things physical but by things Spiritual.

    Once the druglords adhere to what I was told the prolific killing will be reduced AND BARRING A FEW DIRECTIVES THAT THEY WILL HAVE TO IMPLEMENT to show who is boss, that gangland shy$e will become manageable.

    The other killings will also drop WHEN MEANINGFUL ALTERNATIVES ARE LAUNCHED THERE.

    You need to understand the concept that Dr. GP means when he says “inferior superiors”

    Mia Amor Mottley is surrounded by them AND THE ONLY WAS TO “BUY” THESE RABID ANIMALS ‘ LOYALTY is to make each one a minister.

    They bring her no additionalities and this is an additional reason she WILL BECOME A DICTATOR.


    Fellows and ladies like The Poocklickers Nameless Ones #1&2 cannot empathize with you and your son.

    They dont know that side of the fence AND DO NOT CARE TO KNOW IT OTHER THAN AT A CONFERENCE when they get up and talk shy$e

    Look how one of Mia’s scum response above when he says “we”

    “…In fact, if WE extend household to family income (ie more than one household), those households within that family with only one person of working age could also benefit…”

    That first person plural pronoun is not a generic we, it is the administrative we.

    He is one of them and even is his speech he is using a “modifier” COULD just in case old people get denied all this largesse he talking bout.


    But this is what people get for electing incompetents who have NO DELIVERABLES!!!

  25. TheO,

    Believe in secret spices????? No, I simply love the taste. My son has very very good friends, faithful and true.. I also have been blessed in that department. Both of us however, are interested in other people and are likely to strike up conversations with people in public places that we don’t even know. I have learnt many things that way. It is also why I can tell you how many people think and feel. Just last week I met a woman who told me that she was related by different branches of her family to about six or so of the people who had been murdered over the last few years, ending with the one shot by the police in Brittons Hill a few weeks ago. She told me all the back stories and also talked about her son’s experiences with the police. It is always good to get both sides of a story. This is how one can assess what is actually going on in a country. You see, I have never had a bad experience with any of the policemen with whom I have interacted. I have always been treated with courtesy and my rights have always been respected. High wind knows where old house live, is a saying for a very good reason as are most sayings.

  26. Piece,

    What side of the fence is that, Piece? Short Boss’ mother was Chief Welfare Officer. The man who died in Gall Hill did not seem to be a thug. He apparently had an altercation with a young man. I hear he slapped the young man around his head and the young man returned and stabbed him from sheer anger.

    I was not born on that side of the fence, not geographically, financially or even educationally. I have empathy with those who were because it is obvious that they are at a disadvantage. Something should be done to level the playing field. To the myopic person it might seem as though it would take away from their advantage to level the playing field. But actually a level playing field would benefit everyone. There would be no need to duck bullets at Sheraton etc. etc. etc.

  27. @ Donna.

    There are several words that people confuse and one pair of them is sympathy and empathy

    I will copy from the internet to explain

    “…When to Use Sympathy. Their sympathy for the victims led them to donate. So you can clearly see the difference between the two words.

    Sympathy is a compassion and sorrow one feels for another, but empathy is more focused around personally identifying with or projecting oneself into another’s situation…”

    The first state is a dime a dozen the latter state requires people to identify and put one self in the other person’s shoes.

    Do you know why the Christ was born in a manger Donna? It was because His was to show all the world that He nor his earthly parents had nothing

    Yet being of such lowly estate, He rises to Supreme Being!!

    Being on the other side of the fence Donna does not always require a physical experience though it sometimes helps.

    People on the other side DO NOT WANT PITY.


    YOU ever watch the Lions or Rotarians give out food baskets?

    Watch their hands as they hold the foods careful not to touch the unclean anc the untouchables.

    Did you know how many of Jesus’s miracles he actually touched the infected ones?

    Without scorn for the lepers or the dead and stinking bodies?

    What we are seeing in these block programs and government and church outreaches is pity and scorn.

    When you go into these blocks wearing that sanctimonious robe on your skin the beneficiaries smell the pall of your indignation


    But there is the difference between talk and Spirit NATO – NO ACTION TALK ONLY!

  28. Well Piece, my gift is empathy. It has allowed me to lose myself into a character on stage. See, I can imagine how it feels to be in another person’s shoes. Some people call it making excuses for people but I am just able to feel as they must feel.

    Do gooders are annoying. I am not a do gooder. I understand that we are all bound together on this small earth. Everything everybody does has a ripple effect. What we put out there will come back to haunt us or our children or our children’s children. So in helping them I am helping myself. That takes the snobbery out of the equation.

  29. “There is no free tuition because you do not pay it out of ya damn pocket…neither does Mia…neither do any of the other lying parasites”

    What sheer idiocy! Abigail the Salemite please stick to cut&paste.✝️🤣🤣

  30. Can we all agree and call it tax funded tuition? That way the youngsters understand just wher the money is coming from> it is not a freebie bestowed by the political class. It is a benefit bestowed on our young people by their parents, friends, extended family and neighbours, so therefore the young people should appreciate it and take it seriously.

  31. Trust the idiotic yardfowl and protector of thieving ministers and lawyers to want to dispute where the tuition money comes from to pay for generations of young bajans’ education, including the same idiot;s own…the money certainly don’t come from all those hundreds of offshore accounts…monies and lands stolen by the demons over the last nearly 80 years..the still very active criminal syndicate of the parliament and bar association…although that is where it should be coming from…since that is ALSO TAXPAYERS AND PENSIONERS MONEY….that they all tief….

    Don’t worry……all yall in that criminal syndicate will know what for soon enough.

  32. SORRY>>>

    the tuition money certainly don’t come from all those THOUSANDS of offshore accounts…

    my bad….

  33. Enuff in LaLa Land…final warning…either get Mia to shut down that criminal syndicate in parliament AND the bar association…because we also know that as one of the directors…she got the power to do so….. or we are going to do it for her…….one way or the next…capiche..

    …..nearly 80 years later…from the days of Ernest Deighton and Edwy Talma et al…is more than long enough for a criminal syndicate to not only be successfully operating on the taxpayers and pensioners dime from the parliament and bar association….but to be destroying the lives of generations of young black people and stealing from generations of black bajans…

    All the info is out, we know everything….not even white people are interested in keeping yall criminal secrets anymore..chop, chop and tick, tock.

  34. Stick to cut&paste and leave matters requiring thought and reason to those who are not simpletons. I repeat, idiocy epitomised!

  35. yeah, yeah…but yall shitting soft now, pepto bismol overload…no matter how ya pretend otherwise…ya asses cannot sleep at night anymore either..cause ya know that we know that they know and that they will ACT….

    ……….half the island also already knows, it’s just to get the information to the other half…

    and if yall thieves make it to 2023…ticktock.


  36. Me nah the one now haffa do damage control…..lol

    me nah the one now trying to hide the evidence…..an exercise in futility since that there evidence…cannot be hidden…lol

    but me ah the one…laughing my ass off…would you like to help???


  37. ……….half the island also already knows, it’s just to get the information to the other half…

    Wuhloss Enuff…ah just see some photos of pensioners stolen money on Facebook…run quick and show Mia…or ask Justin Robinson to show yall..



  38. And to think….ah can’t even copy and paste that 300 million dollars of pensioners money to BU…to show yalll…murdahhh…lol

  39. @WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog March 31, 2019 3:51 AM “monies and lands stolen by the demons over the last nearly 80 years.”


    Not 80 years.

    The stealing of the labour, therefore the money of the black Barbadian working people started in 1627, NOT in 1939.

  40. Pes brain Donna this is not abouyou or your son.Piece made an irresponsible statement about 50 murders in Barbados for which he should have been rebuked by his tag team including you.However instead you defend him with some wishy washy bullshit about what you beleive he meant.Tell that to the hardworking police officers j/a,totally despicable.In my view Piece is becoming stale like salt bread and needs to take a rest or take his meds and the rest of tbe tag team as well.

  41. “The stealing of the labour, therefore the money of the black Barbadian working people started in 1627, NOT in 1939.”

    …can’t be disputed, will not try to..

    ….but the stealing of the black Barbadian working class money by the black leaders/lawyers/pretend mayor of bridgetown…started in the 1940s…after Barbados Bar Association was established………when the criminal syndicate that has lasted nearly 80 years….was also established..hence the THOUSANDS OF OFFSHORE ACCOUNTS now in existence…that black bajans never knew about…all their properties and money stolen and shipped offshore by black leaders/lawyers/thieves

    …#ask Enuff…

    this is one of the times we gotta leave out the UK criminals and the other criminals…this is black on black criminality…decades of black leaders/lawyers/parasites stealing brazenly from their own people…that is the reality..can’t blame UK, US or any of the usual suspects for this….it is black on black.

  42. @ Nameless Ones #2

    Do you recommend that I use the betablocker Propranolol: or Tiagabine since i cannot access the Inpatient/residential program in Kentucky?

    One can understand why, given the substantial nature of their employ at today why such a program cannot be accesse givent ath sus a program is better suited for people who, given their severe addiction to cocaine, cannot take of the times for the intense medical supervision.

    DO COME BACK AND TELL A FELLOW bout the medication heheheheheheheh.

    I guess dat you are going to be told NOT TO USE THAT MEDICATION BARB EVER AGAIN heheheheheh causing unless you want de patient ID number that was used heheheheheh


    Drug money gone

    A major investigation of the Drug Squad is under way as the Royal Barbados Police Force tries to solve a potentially embarrassing case of missing drug money.

    Few details were immediately available as to how far the net spreads, but Acting Assistant Commissioner responsible for Crime Management Lybron Sobers confirmed to Barbados TODAY this afternoon that a number of police officers were under investigation in connection with the absent cash.

    An official source said about $2.5 million in narco cash disappeared sometime between March 5 and March 10 this year, although it was not clear where the money was held, when it was discovered missing and who reported its disappearance.

    However, Sobers said he could not confirm the missing amount because he was still awaiting a report from the senior officer conducting the probe.

    “I am waiting on a report [from] one of my officers. He is doing the investigation . . . but in my dealings I haven’t heard of that kind of money,” the senior policeman said of the sum.

    The top crime sleuth also could not say when, where or from whom the money was confiscated, preferring to wait until the investigation was complete.

    “I am waiting on the report right now because I am not even sure. He [the investigator] is doing the investigation at the location and he hasn’t given me a report as yet. I am hoping I get it by this week.”

    However, an official source told Barbados TODAY the cash was confiscated from Barbadian and Trinidadian drug lords.

    There was no indication whether or not the money was being held as evidence for any upcoming court hearing, and, if so, how its disappearance would affect the case.

    Even though the Drug Squad is not a Government revenue collection agency, its crime-fighting task includes the seizure of cash during drugs raids.

    It has the power to seize drug-related revenue under the Criminal Assets Recovery Fund Act 2016, supported by several other pieces of legislation such as the Proceeds of Crime Act, the Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism (Prevention and Control) Act and the Anti-Terrorism Act.

    The Drug Squad is guided by the Barbados National Anti Drug Plan, which outlines the policies, goals, strategies and legislation to combat narcotics trafficking.

    The Drug Squad management focuses on major traffickers, although it monitors “street mules” and low-level drug traffickers. Its priority mandate is to cooperate and share information and intelligence with regional and international counterparts, with the main intelligence focus on major traffickers.

    The 2014 Customer Satisfaction Survey conducted by the Criminal Justice Research and Planning Unit had found that the Drug Squad, along with the Special Services Unit, Criminal Investigations Department and the Public Relations Department had come in for high praise among the Barbadian public.



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