Leh Me Tell Wuhnah Like it is – Real Talk from De Block

Submitted by PUDRYR

“…As long as this blatant system of injustice continues and bajans openly tell you that prison in Barbados is for Black people, we can put forward all the ideas we want to solve the problem but we will make no headway…”

The Average man and woman in Barbados going listening to you, cause, like Barbados Underground Whistleblower says, the Royal Bay Gone Police Force, is leading the corruption, the drug dealing AND abusing de court processes.

Let me brek it down fuh wuhnah people

Some of wuhnah too privilege to even contemplate the reality of poverty and being hungry.

For wuhnah it is an abstract concept, wuh, after all we got free schools and free horspital care so everyting alright.

Few uh wuh nah ever been hungry till you guts grumbling and you only talking loud among de fellers, cause “you don’t want dem to hear your guts grumbling

When you at primary school, you can’t focus cause you ass hungry and focusing pun de blackboard hard as ass.

Lord help you if you ent got school books, pencils and school clothes, cause de teacher and de students gine mek you see hell.

And if you need glasses? as many of these poor children do, well your four eyed defective self will be at a worse disadvantage for your entire school life.

In wuhnah day, there was an unofficial community mechanism that wuhnah could use, But this is my reality!

wuhnah forget all dis when you lef de ghetto for de heights. IF YOU WAS EVER HERE!

Reality Check! my mudda got to raise 4 fatherless kids, as a single female headed household pun $250 a week or less if she wukking at Furniture Limited IN 2019!!

I gots a serious anger problem and wunna antiquated school system, especially secondary level education, CANNOT COPE WITH MY DYSFUNCTIONAL ASS.

Den, toss me into de minibus subculture, for 10 years (primary and secondary school) wid de ZR menses erratic behavior, driving erratically through traffic, just to pay de coolie who own de ZR van, $1000 a week, and you got a next level of anarchy in my ass.

Den, add de “blackies”, and my spliffs I smoking every day.

Man, don’t even add my maladjusted concept of wealth, a concept I developed seeing the drug dealers in my district.

You ONLY got “a shooting waiting to happen”

And unnerstan dis, when a policeman stop a van in in, fuh ovahloading, wuhnah sight how I does be de most vociferous in “representing” my dog? de drivah? de conductor?

See how I does represent a man who I ent know from bull foot?

Wunna feeling me yet?

So when my effed up donkey hear dat my man Stevie, my “family”, a next effed up thug like me, get kill, my black ass gots to go “represent” he!

But all wuh nah people who trying to solve dis crime problem, ent got one effing clue…

Plussing dat wuh nah RH got menses like Michael Carry Way a Ton uh money, 250 large ones and de Prime Minister Fumbles tel he, it alright

AND DE NEW PRIME MINISTER, Mugabe Mottley, inviting 5 of my drug dealer “family” my heroes, to Parliament.

AND WUNNA SCUNT TELLING ME BOUT “wun nah got a Block program fuh me???”

Man get de F out my face befo’ I GLOCK YOUR ASS

this article is accredited to Tee White and a comment he made here on Barbados Underground

Here is the accompanying video.

253 thoughts on “Leh Me Tell Wuhnah Like it is – Real Talk from De Block

  1. @ Nameless Ones #1 & 2

    Looka LM

    Even your writing style gives you away heheheheh

    I have to go and dome something so give me a few but I want you to think about this for a likkle bit.

    How many policemen had to go and stop Kelsi?

    What could those same policemen have done IF KELSI HAD ON THIS SHIRT?


    Wunna understanding me?

    Merely by setting your police dogs on Kelsi wunna have given that girl credibility

    Does anyone here have Kelsi’s email or her Facebook page?

    De ole man want to talk to she.

    I coming back

  2. Kelsi needs to come a few times WITHOUT THE LICENSE AND GET STOPPED BY THE POLICE!!!

    Shd needs to get videos while being stopped

    Then she needs to upload that what that does is build a following for Kelsi & the Third Movement Party.

    Wunna stupid doah

    The Third Party Movement IS NOT A POLITICAL PARTY.

    It is the manifestation of the Relative Deprivation THEORY

    Where the Hopes of Bajans and Actuality of the Mugabe Regime are worlds apart.

    Once that achieves maximum value then you will see a party coalescing

    I thought you was a political strategist doah?

    I gine teach you a few tings bout dis Movement that is going to disrupt Mugabe

    I coming back

  3. So Ms Marshall what you do the next time that you are going to do your protest is this

    You get in contact wid de ole man and what I will do is send you a few of these T Shirts for you and some more people dat you indentify

    Get more women because bajans men ent got no balls

    I find dat women does stand up but de bajan menses is from NATO

    NO Action Talk Only!!!


  4. I got to throw my hat up in the air for this girl. This is a rare sighting in an island that hardly ever protest about anything. Telling Rogue-Works that you object to her policy of sacrificing those at the bottom to keep friends and longtime associates at the top, is a little dangerous, though. However, we need more to tell the Rogue that we not buying into her reverse psychology big cabinet hump of bare shite. Two ministers in one ministry. What the shite for? Why doesn’t she sit down and look at ridding herself of some these shite ministries?

    Do we need a Ministry of People Empowerment and Elder Affairs? Who or what is empowering our people as they struggle to get ends to meet? What affairs of the elderly are being looked after when one aspect of their affairs- suitable transport that caters to their feeble states when boarding- is far cry from becoming a reality. In fact, they safer catching a ZR then a transport board bus because at least some of the conductors on ZRs do assist them with boarding and offloading.
    Do we need a Ministry of Youth and Community Empowerment. What will this ministry do that all the systems set up to assist the youth have not done? A lot remains to be seen what outcomes will prove this ministry worthy or unworthy.

    Do we need a Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Blue Economy? The Ministry of Agriculture, Food, Fisheries and Water Resource Mangement as it was called before was doing a reasonable job with very little financial resources to assist them. Yeah, they got high flyers with big qualifications operating in complacent, but nothing works like a little fire under their asses to wake them up and tell them to show us your work. The new minister under this ministry is faced with the same problem as the Ministry of Agriculture, lack of money to commit to solving the many issues in Agriculture, and perhaps a few of the same complacent dead horses like those from the Division of Fisheries, the Division of Markets, the BARNUFO hot air balloon, whoever else fits under the title of jokers regarding pushing the blue economy towards export potential.

    Do we need a Ministry of Innovation, Science and Smart Technology? Rome was not built a frgging day, but it was built nonetheless. Will we see a Rome-like-concept in this ministry? This ministry has potential but what is the approach towards pushing towards innovation; pushing to have our young people and people of science seeking to use their expertise to create a potential economic income earner when we hardly put money into ventures such as these. The smart technology is already out there and have been created therefore what is this ministry’s role relative to Smart Technology. To implement it across every iota of government operations or will we make everything we do so smart so that it attracts international attention towards possible investment?

    Last, A Ministry of Information, Broadcasting, and Public Affairs. Really!!! Do we need an entire ministry for this?

    Rouge-Works have achieved her objective of finding money for her people. Sending home thousands of fragile workers was intended to find money to pay her people under the justification that we need further austerity measures to combat our economic problems. Telling Barbadians that we all will experience pain when she meant only the bottom half. How else can I know describe her as a Rogue working? Rogue- Works suits her to a T. Rogue-Works have effectively use austerity to push her manipulative agenda of feathering certain nests while disturbing, permanently, the little nests of others. Big Cabinet, a lot of consultants, and take note, disclosures are becoming very little.

    Remember this: Mia has her more parliamentarians


  5. Please put aside the magnifying glass as you will make the blind see.

    Some excellent and thought provoking questions.

  6. All have already seen what has happen and will continue to happen but most are still in adrunken stupor from the effects of koolaid
    Btw on April 28th Heroes Day the streets of Barbados would be awash in a sea of red as Mia once again csll her loyal troops to be armed in defensive posture and as a warning to those who dare attack govt policies


  7. @ my Dearest SSS

    You continue to hit them high, Theophillus is spring kicking them in there chests, Brother Hants (unwittingly?) is hitting dem in their stomach, the Dr. De grandson and me, keep kicking dem in dere balls and pretend doggies figuratively speaking, WARU keep hitting them with 2×4 ‘s in their thighs, Northern Observer, Baje, Whistleblower brekking up dem knees, and ManyPussy continues to bite them in their ankles.

    All in all I would say that the Salemite Full Body Massage they signed up for is making them feel quite comfortable


    So much so that their customer satisfaction survey team of Nameless Ones come every minute of the day and compliment us on a hob well done.

  8. Piece,

    That Kelsi is a pretty girl with a natural look. I am sure she can get a few guys to follow her. You guys will do anything for a pretty girl. Then she can Marshall de troops.

    I often wonder if you are not an official of a political party and you are not a yardfowl, why is it that you would agree with EVERYTHING a party does and defend their EVERY move.

    This is why Lorenzo and Enuff lack credibility. They agree with and defend EVERYTHING this party does! Nobody is right all the time. NOBODY!

  9. Donna

    There is always an underlying reason for blind loyalty. Pooch Licker Lorenzo would have us believe that he is not for any political party, but he is like a sniffer dog, the moment you go off on Rogue-Works Mottley he comes a barking with the same shite over and over again. Now Puffy is a different cattle of fish. He is more refined, likes to throw facts at ya with the intention of proving what you say and you as foolish or peddling an agenda. However, he shows his tail when he runs from certain facts while trying to tell you to proof this, proof that, like if he brings proof when he cannot answer certain questions. But, I like Puffy. Lorenzo on the other hand, a complete ass wiper, whose sole purpose is to look out for the asses he licking in the BLP. Cannot say a thing against them for fear that he loses his position of sniffing and receiving 5 cents for every sniff with a bonus of one dollar for every pooch he licks. The BLP cannot be wrong because everyone else is just not right.

  10. @ my Dearest SSS

    You and others here cannot and will not notice the subtle difference in the New Honourable Blogmaster and his supporting team.

    You will recall that it was I who introduced you to Imgur

    You will recall that, on one occasion when you were having problems posting, it was I who suggested using a different link that is provided by Imgur

    I ask you to look at exhibit A which in this case is your post st 4.14 this morning

    You will notice that it has the accustomed advertisement telling people to download their app.

    But more importantly you will notice the fact that yours has a number count down in the left corner.

    An number count which refreshes periodically

    Now observe Exhibit B & C my posts of 9.34 and 10.22 pm

    Now de ole man asks you this question since you are in a question mode.

    Q1. Why would the numbers associated with Kesli Marshall’s Stoopid Cartoon showing her one woman protest outside parliament AND the Tshirt dat de grandson suggests NOT HAVE A NUMBER?

    Q2. Do you believe that the ole man us so Stoopid as to not know which link will come with a number?

    Q3. Why would the number be purposely not permitted to show?

    Q4. Which of the BU BORG is practicing this censorship?

    Q5. Why would it be so critically important NOT TO SHOW THIS SMALL DETAIL?

    Q6. Why would Barbados Today carry Kelsi Marshall in a store and take her picture against a bland Cheffette? Wall and background?

    I mean, Kelsi is another beautiful black woman, she takes a proud black woman’s picture, though you ammmm… but I digress.

    But you understand my drift dont you?

    Both of these media houses, Barbados Today and Barbados Underground on the one hand SEEK TO GIVE AN IMPRESSION THAT they are supporting the poorest of the poor.

    Yet, in these subtle ways, what they do is invalidate rather UNDERMINE THAT PRETENSION IF, with malice aforethought, they purposely zoom in on these little elements of a message AS IF TO ENSURE THAT THE KELSI’ OF BARBADOS ONLY GO SO FAR ANC NO FURTHER

    ANC that Barbados Underground viewers are intentionally not shown the mileage that Kelsi Marshall achieves is Barbados

    What they seem to be saying is “while we want to, we cant kill the messenger Kelsi, AS WE WANT TO, YET, but we will kill the impact of her message.

    Looking forward to seeing your answers my Dearest.

  11. @ the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please with an item for my Dearest SSS that shows up one of you in th BU BORG as “having a horse in the race”

  12. A second item here is in suspense Honourable Blogmaster your assistance is requested thank you

  13. My Sweet Piece

    I would like any of the BLP Watchdogs to tell me besides Rogue-Works one reason for a big cabinet, why the ministries were split; why two ministers in one ministry, and why only those at the bottom are making the sacrifices when Rogue-Works said that the pain must be shared. Lorenzo, COME FORTH!!

  14. SSS,

    Yes, Lorenzo is easily identifiable as a bird brain. He gets let out of the coop. Says his cockadoodledos. No debate. No discussion. No substance. Just name calling. Cannot even attempt to refute any argument. Sad really. Totally ineffective.

    But Enuff is not a bird brain. That makes him more dangerous. He can appear reasonable. That is, if you are not paying attention and you don’t realize that he never disagrees with anything this party does.

    I repeat – nobody is right all of the time – not even if one starts out with the right motive. Mistakes will be made.

    However, one can be wrong all of the time if one starts out with the wrong motive.

    Think about it.

  15. @ Piece

    Just a year or so ago, your creative cartoon messaging was welcomed by the Bees. Now they are welcomed by the Dees.
    You licking up both of them. They are six and half dozen.
    Beat the miscreants into fine pieces. Ignore the firecrackers and little starlights.

  16. Who is this David person

    Piece is an old man, of course he has a lot of time on his hand. Piece, can you do a stupid cartoon entitled: Did the BLP buy out BU or Who is the New David? This is definitely not David. David would never make such a statement!

    William Skinner

    The Dees are done. No coming back from the crooked lot when they still harbouring thieves.


    So true girl. That is why I like Puffy. He is not dangerous because he makes it all so clear.

    • Yes, BU was sold for 30 pieces of silver.

      Now that we have that out of the way, both of you may have the last word.

  17. @ Sunshine Sunny Shine

    ” William Skinner

    The Dees are done. No coming back from the crooked lot when they still harbouring thieves.”

    No concern of mine…..both the DEMS and BEES can rot in the political hell , where they both belong !!!

  18. Hee heee
    When i said about six months ago BU was taken over by a new group of Operatives or spies for the present govt i was laughed and scorned to deaths
    Now i get the last laugh hee heebhee because the stupid Cartoon artist is getting a dose of many medicines from David Originally BU

  19. Do not want the last word, David, or whoever the shite you are. Won’t change my point of view either way. I hope it does bother you that the BLP and DLP sink Barbados and now it back in the BLP hands to sink it for their benefit. So the shite continues. But that won’t bother you, you have your 12 pieces of silver, you two face Judas. Got about 4 posters for your party, you can allow them or disallow them, up to you, David, or whoever to shite you are.

  20. My Sweet Piece

    You introduce me to a lot of things, both on here and in private. I do not have a lot of time to look for these differences but I know for a fact that this imposter under the modicum David cannot be David. If it is David, then he has sold out BU for 12 pieces of silver as his silver tongue slithering mouth have revealed. As I told you before, I am not worried about Mottley or her Communications Specialist. Mottley should be worried about me and what I know about her stinking dealings in the dark and in the light. If you all think she sweet, lemma tell wunna, she is a Rogue. I have enough on this stinking Rogue, just like she got enough on everybody else. However, you will not get any justice in Barbados to deliver the blows she needs. So if she is now BU, that Stinking David, can go bury his head in his own shit. Shame on him if he has allowed the BLP to control the cause that lacks assistance, the wrong that needs resistance, for the future in the distance, and the good that [BU] can do

  21. @Sunshine Sunny Shine March 28, 2019 8:50 AM “I would like any of the BLP Watchdogs to tell me…one reason for a big cabinet.”

    I like the big Cabinet, because as my old man used to say, “a green lime may drop, but a yellow lime WILL drop” For too long in Barbados we have had old men holding on to power for far too long, keeping young and middle aged men and women out. A gerontocracy is bad. We do not want to find ourselves in the situation of Algeria where a 80 something stroke stricken president holds on to power half a decade before he can ever utter a word, or clean his own bottom.

    Mia is 53. 53 is not as as some of the BU idiots like to say “relatively young” 53 is well middle-aged. When she becomes a yellow lime and drops from stroke, heart disease, diabetes or Alzheimers, i like that there are still green limes with experience in government. The green limes are those people currently in Cabinet who are young enough to be her children, that is those people who are at least 16 years and 9 month younger than she is. That ssid i wish her health, happiness and long life…but the life expectancy is a Bajan man is 73.3, the life expectancy of a Bajan woman is 78.1.

  22. So will yellow limes will all have dropped in the next twenty years or so, but Barbados will go on without us. That is why we nurture the green limes.

  23. The DLP and we suffered between 2008 and 2018 because there were so few people in Cabinet with any Cabinet experience. Not good.

  24. SSS with a P for life

    Reall? You provide this as an explanation for a big cabinet. Ohh I get it, it was just something you wrote as a joke right?




  26. @ the Honourable Blogmaster (the one on duty that is)

    You said and I quote


    You have a lot of time on your hands…”

    I must admit my serious concern bordering on fear.

    Here you are, the last bastion of free speech, making snide remarks about time spent on the issues of standing up against corruption and the pending dictatorship

    Were it not your blog, and were not the rule “um is mine and I can say what I like” not in play, I would demand an apology for that insensitive and disconcerting remark.

    As to whether I would receive one I doubt it but…



  28. Nowadays, because of where I am and what I am doing, I have “more time” relatively speaking.

    Some times I have no time it depends.

    I think that there are 3 Blogmasters rather the job is split between 3 people

    One of them is a younger man AND HE IS AN AVOWED MUGABE MAN!!

    There is nothing wrong with that because he is young and his experience with the glib tounged Mottley is limited.

    He sees her as I once used to see her in terms of her pretended possibilities

    The older David is a wiser man and a patriot but he understands the dangers that the Mugabe we are painting mean

    And, while he rarely says it openly, he fears it like we do.

    When de young man does his shite tantrums, when daddy comes in, he will give the son a brassing over but he cant go too far

    Cause you have to understand that together, they ARE THE LAST BASTION OF DEFENCE.

    I may have mentioned that number count thing to junior just to let him be aware that likkle things like that present a hope for Bajans

    Particularly Kesli

    This is what young people need

    Kesli is 23

    Kesli is a Voice

    If Kesli is coopted by a non political group she could walk into a crime area and talk.

    And come out unscathed

    That is her currency.

    The younger David does not understand that.

    They fail to comprehend that the Army that my God is creating WILL OVERCOME MUGABE.

    Teets and Lucille do not understand that either

    I know that, irrespective of the little things that happen here David loves Barbados and I am glad that he still has a modicum of control at Barbados Underground

    But it is time to migrate from this Rum Shop drivel to people and gateways like Kesli

    She, and others like her, have to be nurtured, enabled and then unleashed to do the good that only they can do.

  29. @ the Honourable Blogmaster (until daddy comes in duty) I have an item in suspense thank you.

  30. Look David are whoever control this blog can do whatever de f.uck pleases yuhself
    But to tread on a path of hypocrisy that has nothing to do with transparency stinks the whole blog up
    What is really concerning is that for ten years BU underground rallied the country with a demand for transparency.
    However it is apparantly clear that the word transparency and its value was used as a smoke screen to win an election
    As Hal has said on many occasions this 166sqmiles is a failed state




  32. Marshall said: “I believe that sometimes you do have to make noise because Bajans would sit and complain in their little circles and their friends on Whatsapp but when it is time to make their voice known for what they think should happen they just go mute and dumb like they are handicapped. It is laughable at the least to say you have a voice until it is time to speak you act as though someone takes out your voice-box.”

    Marshall added: “[The Prime Minister] said that only 20 per cent of people use the bus and that [the Transport Board] loses about $50 million every year. Eighty per cent of Barbadians are catching vans so that means Private Service Vehicles (PSV) are making money because whenever you go into a van stand a van is there.”

    She added: “Look who are the consultants – the wealthy people not the poor man on the streets. Yes, I agree the economy is bad you need the economy to grow.

    “I do not have a problem bearing a little squeeze but if you are going to ask us to bear a little squeeze and you have 26 ministers and consultants that is not fair.”

  33. So let’s slash the Cabinet in half, we save about $2.7m or enough to pay about 70 clerk typists (7% of the 1,000 retrenched so far) or buy 2 new garbage trucks or diesel buses. Would this address the inefficiencies in the public service that you same people complain about or the shortage of buses or garbage trucks? Another talking point, get rid of the consultants: $21M (government spends $800M+ on wages) saved but the Transport Board alone needs $40-$50M per year in subsidy. Still no buses and still short of $19M to $29M per year. Ain’t bus fares still gotta increase, and who will do the necessary negotiations for all the debt restructuring, contract renegotiations and the other areas that require professional expertise, BU mouttas? Some can’t even manage their own personal financial affairs to afford a trip to Barbados! The new discounted bus fares equate to increases of $490 (two trips per day) and $980 (4 trips per day) based on a 5-day work week over 49 weeks, discounting 3 weeks for holiday. After the last government reduced the reverse tax credit to $650 and still didn’t pay it, the current government has re-committed to a $1,300 RTC and expanded the eligibility criteria to $25,000. Persons earning above $25,000 up to $35,000 will also get up to $1,250 in tax credit. Do the maths! What % of the working population takes 4 buses and who are these people? Are they the sole bread winner in their household? Who will benefit from this? How many of these households are benefitting from the abolition of UWI, BCC ans SJPI tuition fees? How many are or will benefit from the Trust Loans? How many from the increased non-contributory pension? How many will see one of their young occupants get a job under the first jobs initiative? How many of these households will get work through the new planning obligations securing provisions for local residents’ employment? How many will benefit from the block programme, the NSC and NCF training programmes? Y’all really ain’t ready for this government. Everything is connected–up, down, across and sideways. We need to start looking at issues holistically before bumping our gums. Of course there will be households that will be affected adversely by the fare increase and this is where government through its welfare department, household mitigation unit etc should be proactive. This is 2019 and public policy must be grounded in robust evidence and not based on pick-a-noisism. The pro-Brexit campaigners talked fancifully about saving money too but ignored at what cost to the overall UK economy. #iamnotac

    P.S: I never knew the IMF loan money to members to buy buses.

  34. That would indeed be a valid defence. But the botched up roll outs of this super large cabinet are so far too numerous to mention. We wish to see value for money, Enuff. And we have not seen it yet!

    We were told to watch and we are watching!

  35. ENUFF

    So let’s slash the Cabinet in half, we save about $2.7m or enough to pay about 70 clerk typists (7% of the 1,000 retrenched so far) or buy 2 new garbage trucks or diesel buses. Would this address the inefficiencies in the public service that you same people complain about or the shortage of buses or garbage trucks?


    Another talking point, get rid of the consultants: $21M (government spends $800M+ on wages) saved but the Transport Board alone needs $40-$50M per year in subsidy. Still no buses and still short of $19M to $29M per year.

    Ain’t bus fares still gotta increase,

    and who will do the necessary negotiations for all the debt restructuring, contract renegotiations and the other areas that require professional expertise, BU mouttas?

    Some can’t even manage their own personal financial affairs to afford a trip to Barbados!

    Some can’t even manage their own personal financial affairs YOU DO NOT KNOW THAT…BUT WE KNOW THAT THE BLP GUVMENT CAN NOT MANAGE THE PUBLIC AFFAIRS OF BARBADOS.

    I never knew the IMF loan money to members to buy buses.

    What % of the working population takes 4 buses and who are these people?

    Are they the sole bread winner in their household?

    How many will benefit from the block programme, the NSC and NCF training programmes?

    Y’all really ain’t ready for this government.

  36. My, my the shite tag tesm out in full force.The three swell headed power puff sisters, Waru, Donna and SSS calling someone bird brain with thr amount of shite they post every day.As Bush Tea says oh ma shirt.They must have a pea brain then.Now the shite conspiracist and SSS want to tell the blog master how to run his blog.David tell go to hell and form their own blog.Do not let them disrespect you on your blog.Tell me SSS you spoke to Ms Mottley yet since i know you are all foolish talk.

  37. @Enuff
    Some can’t even manage their own personal financial affairs to afford a trip to Barbados!
    This is the second time that you’ve veered down that path is that the new strategy? How do you know people’s personal financial status? Why don’t you call names, they can defend themselves but didn’t the PM change the Constitution (I supported her) to allow Bajans who live overseas to participate in the life of the country? Why shouldn’t those who choose not to or can’t visit be excluded from the discussions? Perhaps they are saving up for “we gathering”. BTW are you in Barbados? When you travel in or out of the country is it on your dime or the Gov’ts? As for moi I was there as recently as to use the new machines that take your photo which you have to give to the Immigration officer etc.

    Having complained about Stuart’s bloated Cabinet the first thing that the PM did was to appoint an even larger one, if that isn’t hypocrisy, I don’t know what is, and some of us have been consistent on the matter of large Cabinets perhaps you should read some of the comments attached to the Thompson led Gov’t as well as Stuarts. Having appointed the cabinet of “many hands make light work” the PM then usurped some of their responsibilities by choosing to represent the country at conferences in areas that were under the auspices of some Ministers.

    If the savings generated from the consultants mean that a new fleet of garbage trucks or buses is on the horizon, please let us know the expected date of delivery as Bajans would heap praise on the Gov’t since we like to give “Jack e jacket and Jane she drawers”. In the meanwhile, there are some people to whom the site of a garbage truck is as rare as the proverbial baccoo.

  38. Right on cue, here’s the yardfowl Lorenzo , ” Cockadoodledo!”

    Ms Mottley right. Anyone who disagrees wrong. Cockadoodledo! Cockadoodledo! Cockadoodledoo!

  39. Ahh there is my Puffie

    Hello Puff Enuff

    Was wondering when you will show ya sweet self. Now imagine me telling myself that you are going to justify Rogue-Works large cabinet with a comparison, you feel will convince the a sundry, that she got this. So tell me hon, if we go by your analyst, would it not make sense then, to rid ourselves of the aforementioned ministries, rid ourselves of several of the current flock of local consultants and cabinet ministers (because we are yet to know what purpose they serve), so that we have enough money to pay those international consultants who are restructuring or debt because them is the experts and the other set are just, are just, are,ahhh can you help out here babes? Bear with me hon. Help me to understand what the work of two ministers in one ministry is supposed to accomplish when at the heart of all the government ministries the big concern is money to start this or that remedial or project work. That money you mentioned that we will save when we get rid of some of the dead weight parliamentarians, will help assist the bus situation that is currently inadequate and inefficient because an interim fix like buying two buses will be two more buses we did not have before. So I do not get your point. We cannot wait until red carpet is rolled out for the economy to recover to do these things. The asking is drawing reference to those matters that are affecting the island at the moment. Four years is a long time to wait, and that is how long your Prime Minister says it will take before Barbados can enjoy the fruits of growth again. Now the bus fare thing is not a problem with me. However, the discount thing is a bunch of bull. I mean if it has its merits but at 3.50 to 3.20, I see no merit in that as a discount, It still is high price to pay per day for a week leading to an end of month lump figure. Might as well introduce transfer tickets since those St. Lucy residents having to work in Oistins might not always get the bypass bus. It would make more sense as well if Rogue Works simply provide a new fare system that calculates travel base on distance. The shorter distance the less you pay, the longer distance the more you pay. Of course, you cannot do all of this without buses, the same buses that we are yet to see emerge from UCAL genius at resurrecting the dead, or a new fleet equipped with lower steps to assist the elderly affairs. Now all the other stuff you mentioned is down the road. You give any thought about what happening now? You think that the suffering bajans feeling is going to be comforted with the thoughts they will a job under the first jobs initiative? Puffy, Mia has to give the Barbadian people something so all them sweet things say Barbados getting the only one that I congratulate her for is bringing UWI back into the reach of the average Barbadian. That is a move that she deserves praise for because the other collosal shites operating as the Democratic Labour Party, no not what they were doing. I still want to see the evidence, robust evidence and not a lot of talkism.

  40. Lorenzo my resident Pooch Licker

    I sent an email to her but it bounced back. Must be her communications specialist. Should I send it to you so you can give her after you finish your chores? Do not keep me waiting, and for God sake, stop crowing like a cock. Ya same one liner getting stale now.

  41. Sargeant,

    Large cabinets are only too large if they come from the other party.

    This is what I have against them. They love to insult our intelligence. Enuff wants us to wait but Mia already declared that Barbados is back and punching above its weight.

    But we cannot see it. Now we are not to watch, we are to have faith and believe in things unseen. So says Enuff, 1st apostle of the Church of the BLP.

    As Bushie would say –

    Lotta shiite!

  42. “Some can’t even manage their own personal financial affairs to afford a trip to Barbados!”

    How about bringing back ALL THOSE OFFSHORE ACCOUNTS MIA, her family and friends and fellow lawyers, fellow this and fellow ALL GOT OFFSHORE…how about bringing back all the stolen land and money that the cabal, criminal syndicate from the bar association and from DBLP political parties…their bribers and masters ALL GOT OFFSHORE…how about bringing it all back to fix the economy and generate jobs and wealth in the majority population…how bout that…

  43. Sargeant

    What strategy? You people need to address what I write and stop labelling me as an operative and one with a strategy!! It is not true and makes all yuh look petty. I read the newspapers and listen just like wunna, form an opinion based on my experience in and exposure to progressive public policy. I don’t get a script, don’t reside in Bay Street, Roebuck St or in any corner of the hive. I want wunna to tell me instead if what I say is lies. I am convinced I gine sit here on BU and watch nuff a wunna capitulate. How any right thinking person can say the government cares nothing about poor people? The first two things the government did was remove tuition at UWI, BCC and SJPI, and increased non-contributory pension by .$3,640 a year or 70/week. Who benefits most?

    Miss EU MM
    You would have to ask Mia Mottley what they are doing. But how do you think the government can afford to give income tax cuts, pay outstanding vat and income tax returns and reverse tax credit, BA employee pensions, Clico etc? Certainly not by picking money off a tree or printing it.

  44. Puff Enuff

    Its called loans. Its called austerity measures via severance of the public sector numbers. Its called increased taxation. Oh yeah, it’s sacrificing many in order to preserve a few. As a result, there is now money available to take care of several outstanding needs. The prop up from the IMF loan and others is enabling the foreign reserves to breathe again. So Mia can afford to pay White Oaks 85,000.00 per month to deal with debt that the same BLP along with the DLP helped accumulate. You think you could be doing all of this without the cut backs that put a few pennies back into the treasury? That is why Mia can tell you that she will deal with the corruption under her watch now because there is no money for any of them to strike up any deals with yet. Things too senstive, and bajans have grown weary of both political parties tricks and lies.

  45. Ms.EU MM
    So why with an austerity programme for near 10 years, no White Oak and a smaller Cabinet, far more people retrenched, borrowed more money, increased Vat and evirommental levy, introduced NSRL and sewage tax, had wunna paying at UWI, BCC and SJPI, cut the reverse tax credit, din pay a cent in income tax returns or RTC, ain’t buy a bus or garbage truck or hoe for MTW and increased road tax, the DEMS OWED EVERBODY? You carry on smartly, I will not waste my time.

  46. ENUFF


  47. Cant cant manage their own affairs to afford a trip to barbados

    How much is the departure tax? Asking fuh a friend in tge diaspora

  48. Puffie

    You gone off on a tantrum. I just told you that Mia cuts enable this. The cuts that the DLP did was not about stabilising any economy. Crooked stinking Dennis Low Lowe was about getting as much money as he could. Stinking Chris Sinckler was about getting as much money as he could. Stinking Stuart was about the same thing as well. All of them was not interested in doing one shite to help dig Barbados out the hole. So I do not know what the heck wrong with you. My main bone of contention with Rogue-Works is her bloated cabinet and kill the bottom half while telling Barbadians a bunch of shite about many hands make light work.

  49. Not seventy dollars a week. Two weeks, Then she took back some for garbage collection and sewage. Now she is raising bus fares when there are no buses for the pensioners to catch. They are catching the PSVs.. However, they still would have a surplus unless prices increase for basic commodities.

    Now, pensioners are one thing but those women for instance who have children to send to school and also have to make it to work on a minimum wage will be in serious trouble with this drastic increase in bus fares. This would be fine if there were buses to be caught because they could utilize the packages she has proposed, but there are no buses. And so they are all at the mercy of the PSVs. And now child support has been stalled because of staff cuts!

    You like doing math so do the math for this increase in bus fares for a woman and three children, Enuff. Rich people do not catch buses.

    If she is planning to integrate minibuses into the bus terminal schedule she had better move quickly. Has she received a good word from the PSV operators? They were not willing last time around. Have their issues been resolved favourably?

    I can tell you that if these package deals are unavailable and school children have to catch PSVs and pay either there will be a rush on the Welfare Department or many children will go to school every other day.

    PS. Many children do go to schools that require two buses. My son goes to a school twenty minutes drive from where we live but it still takes two buses to get there because of the bus routes. I was assured that this would be no problem because school buses were provided for ALL SCHOOLS IN THE ZONE. They stopped two years ago. He now pays four fares to travel to school and back. THE SCHOOL WAS AMONG THOSE IN HIS ZONE.

    Also, there used to be buses taking government workers directly to Warrens. These buses are now very unreliable and so the workers have to take two mini buses to work and two back home.

    There are more people in this position than you think.

    My son will soon be taking his CXC exams. I am arranging for taxis to take him and bring him back home because I cannot depend on public transport to get him there on time or to get him home in time to study and rest for exams on consecutive days. I can manage that. What about those who can’t?

    I hope this is not going to be another botched roll out.

  50. Poor Donna you reslly think i care anything about the tag team or your opinion of me as aformer poochlicker of the dems who killed us with taxes for ten long years and mash up the economy and you and the other poochlicker SSS got the audacity to be criticizing Ms Mottley,s efforts to right the wrongs done by your last government.Give me bfeak j/a.What are the alternatives but wait i forgot the only thing you all ever run is your loud mouths and like you said it getting stale.When your ringleader can state that there will be 50 murders in Barbados this year and not be rebuked for such an irresponsible statement by none of you all it tells me none of you care about Barbados,hoping for the country to fail because Ms Mottley is the PM,a pathetic bunch.

  51. Donna it is still $100 more per month if you want to subtract $40 for water and pensioners living alone can get relief. Pensioners take buses everyday? Imagine if they were still getting $155. I maintain that a more comprehensive view is required but y’all interested in one thing and one thing only. We’ll see who is right in the end.

  52. What would you know about what I have run? And I voted Dem,. I did not lick pooch. Never came on BU defending them. Never defended them anywhere as you are doing with everything Mia does.. Just placed my ‘X” as I did for this administration.

    Piece is not hoping for fifty murders. He is dreading them as we all are. But common sense tells us that we are on a downward spiral. He has just extrapolated from recent trends. Its statistics, you see. Or maybe a birdbrain cannot see. Anyway, I am not blaming this administration for these murders. These were a long time in coming. It will take a long time to halt them.

    I and my young son live in Barbados. I have no plans of leaving. He plans to build his house very close to mine to make sure I am looked after. And so I would be a damned fool to wish the worst for myself and my precious son. Our futures are inextricably linked to that of Barbados.

    If Ms Mottley succeeds she will have my undying gratitude. But if she fails……… She told me to give her the vote and watch her. i gave her my vote and now I am watching her. And your inane cockadoodledos will not shut my mouth! I have the right to speak and so I shall! Does she want to tax my mouth now?????

    PS. I have never been poor, bird brain. And I do not care what you “think” either.

  53. And what are you interested in, Enuff? Seems to me YOU are interested in one thing only. Judging from your posts, as you are judging mine. I am interested in reviving Barbados to the benefit of ALL. What are you interested in?

    PS I hope that you are right. I fear that you may not be.

  54. About the discount bus fares, me thinks that it was an afterthought otherwise it would have been announced at the same time that the fare increase was publicized. The PM saw the negative feedback and decided to throw the complainers a bone which gives the Gov’t and its defenders something to crow about……..

  55. @ Donna

    This is your leader here checking in on the troops.

    You are to be commended for taking on the tagging so competently and licking up the two ass lickers Nameless Ones #1&2 in the short period the rest of us were elsewhere in the diaspora

    I am going to change that word fro “licking up” because the verb is peculiar to those two poocklickers and cannot be assigned to our tag team Save Barbados from Mugabe.

    I am going to revert to something you said and I quote

    “…because I cannot depend on public transport to get him there on time or to get him home in time to study and rest for exams on consecutive days.

    I can manage that. What about those who can’t?…”

    De ole man is going to tell you about those who cant.

    I shall briefly resort to some readily available though dated statistics to underpin your remark.

    “…Unemployment Rate (2003):10.7 per cent • Youth Unemployment Rate (15-24 in 2005): 21.8 per cent • Proportion of women-headed households: 45 per cent…”

    I am resorting to data from the more reputable institutions and not from the Central Prank nor from others of the domestic agencies tasked with these jobs because they lie.

    They lie to shore up the economy in the face of the rest of the world

    They show negative information when they are begging for money

    And positive information when they want Barbados go look better than the “low islands”

    “…Social Indicators. The Poverty Line in Barbados was BDS$ 5,503 per capita per year.

    Approximately 7000 households in Barbados existed on income below this threshold Poverty affected around 13.9 % of the population.

    Poverty tended to be concentrated around the urban areas Female Headed households represent nearly 60%…”

    Tag team member Donna.

    Tell de ole man this.

    Could you pay, food, light water, clothing, bus fares or taxi fare for your son on $500 per month?

    Tell me what you can expect to pay with $125 a week in 2019?

    And she raising taxes for everyone and raising de busfares pun poor people?

    Yet she tekking a $21 million dollar raise for herself and she families?


  56. @ Sargeant

    You are correct about saying “…About the discount bus fares, me thinks that it was an afterthought otherwise it would have been announced at the same time that the fare increase was publicized…”

    This Mugabe administration is winving it badly.

    Dem doing things jes so, and watching whu gine happen.

    When the public pushes back Mugabe quivers because they are aware AS I AM AWARE, they are a one term government

    That is the problem with surrounding oneself with poochlickers WHDN YOU GENUINELY WANT TO SCRATCH YOUR ASS, THERE IS A FACE IN THE WAY!!

    These advisors are blowing cool air up her pooch and have not got a clue what they are doing.

    By the time she does what they tell her to do, and finds out it’s a fvck up, it’s already done, AND PUBLIC SENTIMENT IN AUNTIE MIA HAS BEEN PERMANENTLY ERODED

    Which is good for me cause it makes de work simpler…SINCE PEOPLE START TO SEE FOR THEMSELVES.








    and do a video showing what $105 million looks like showing the puff daddy faces of all of them now engorged by de food

    Including one of her/him at that time looking like Dumbo de Effing Elephant

  57. Donna

    Why expend your articulate skills on a defunct nany plum like this lapdog who wants to label us now as he is. This person, thing, or whatever the shite it is, has no credibility, no reasoning power, no scruples towards understanding shenanigans from what is true and real- whatsoever. His one line script is reminiscent of a scratch grain yard fowl working on behalf of his master in order to get his little. The thing is, you admitted, I admitted that we voted Democratic Labour Party because we saw ideals in them that appeal to our better senses. We also confessed that we made a huge mistake in believing in the DLP under that johnny postle Freundel Stuart. You have condemned the DLP in principle and in conduct. I have whitewashed their asses in cuss for the crooks they allowed themselves to become and pledge never again to support them unless every single member of the last administration demit from the party. Still, this pooch licker persona non grata would reverse who or what he is and make it appear that that is you, Waru and I. He, and I assume that it is he, because no female of our gender would be so naive to commit blindly to the reality of Mottley’s blatant double standards in condemning the last administration for a big cabinet and come with an even larger one, now that she got the power. This particular pooch licker thinks that we are oppoooosed to Mia’s little fixes towards economy’s good end. If the pooch licker, stinking balls sucker, and lap dog extraordinaire would glean from everything written, they would see that the trumpet called is for fairness, transparency, a level playing field, and putting the interest of Barbadians first. Where in here laying off so many vulnerable souls and hiring friends, making sure that Daddy is elevated and esteem, after telling many, we must all feel the pain, makes that process fair? This, ohhhh I want so much to call them the C word but I made a promise, where does this piece of shit for brains stands on condemning perceived and actual wrongs. They are devoid of principles, do not care about the average bajan, but come on here tlaking shite about Mottley tring to turn things around. Of course she is trying to turn things around. She has too, since she must prove herself above all that has gone before her. You think she wants to get a taste of what that crooked Johnny Stuart suffered.

  58. Hants

    Mottley is doing a Stuart. Implement first, wait for the fallout, then change things. I would like to know how hard is a system of paying by distance or even a day ticketing system that allows you to travel all over the island for X amount of dollars would cost to implement. Why this fad on a fixed rate when such a rate under very poor family circumstances translates to very high costs for transportation to and fro? The thing is, you are doing it at a time when you have the piss out of the poorest buses, no comforts that can generate public opinion towards a just cry that the fare hike is worth it, and certainly no proper time schedule programme that would allow commuters to time when a bus is expected to arrive so they do not have to bear the heat of the sun or the sprays from rain. You imposed a bus fare hike when you are not ready to provide a more than amicable service. Then to come with this monkey ass discount after the effect because you realise that you are asking for a lot but giving very little in return. Yet, my PUFFY would have us to accept these changes and wait for the fruits of the Mottley labour to transpire. I have learnt in business school that you plan for the future, and learn from the past, but a profitable existence depends on what decisions you make in the present. Our leaders had plenty of past, a lot of time to plan for the future, and the results show us clearly that we failed miserably in understanding what needed to be done.

  59. @ my Dearest SSS

    It is not a man it is a woman

    Ask your family to tell you who is in her nearest circle that has a job that does not give her freedom on certain days

    Then ask family to tell you who speaks with an impediment, a staccato style

    Then ask which person has the same proclivity as Mugabe and…

  60. @ PUDRYR

    I read your post. It is a bunch of hypothetical nonsense.

    A government in office for 10 months, made a few mistakes along the way, and you and the other bunch of conspiracy theorists comparing the PM to Mugabe and talking a whole set of alarmist rubbish.

    You are paranoid and going overboard to the point all your post are becoming monotonous.

    I wonder how come the fellows that rejected the white woman with the PhD in crap for writing about black female heroes did not comment or complain about you using an ABUSIVE little WHITE boy to tell us your hypothetical rubbish. Then again, the abusive white boy reflects you, because you will let me know what type of pooch licker I am.

    However, I will give you 100% for creativity.

    I will now retreat and hover in fear while awaiting your abuse.

  61. You are new Goering

    You are not a poochlicker per se.

    You just imbibes too much of the swill and area intoxified by the urea content.

    Looka one of the cardinal rules of intelligence gathering is independent VERIFICATION

    You come and read a set of information.

    Like the opposition in Venezuela. You hear Chavez and you hear David Come Sing a Song

    You hear Maduro and you hear the ex pat contingency of 10? Bajans walking up and down Accra

    Tell me, what do you do? You seek to find out yourself if there is any truth to what is being said.

    What is being described here by a few of us about the biter out of clitoruses is not a state secret.

    You can ask questions there are others who will and people will answer.

    Okay who was Mugabe’s first secretary when she worked in the building butting a bounding Central Police Station?

    Where does she live now?

    You know anyone from Six Roads?

    You know anyone in the Registry who you can ask to search for cases featuring Mottley? Or daddy?

    Ammmmm you know Fay Finisterre? De lawyer? you know any older retired Permanently Secretaries? In the Ministry of Education? You know owen Arthur?

    What de ole man trying to tell you and the host of you is that there are hundreds of people out there who, unlike you, know swill from coolaid, and will tell you some stories that will lick off your socks.

    the segment of bajans who know Mugabe to be a vicious man numbers into the hundreds but unlike me, and the few here know are speaking out, they are afraid.

    You understand how big Kelsi Marshall ‘s balls are?

    The same way you are stalking my posts here on BU take some time and ask a few questions yourself.

    Dissent based on personal experience IS NOT PARANOIA Goering, it is history and if you dont learn from it, it will destroy you

  62. “Yet, my PUFFY would have us to accept these changes and wait for the fruits of the Mottley labour to transpire. ”

    Mia could pretend she is laboring as much as she wants while taxpayers have to pay her consultants millions to tell her and her shitehounds what to do……in the meantime….she better be bringing back those thousands of offshore accounts…..they know well enuff what me ah talk about..

  63. I just present the FACTS mi dear, you’re free to salemize them to suit your agenda. I repeat, we will see who is right in the end.

  64. Smoke and mirrors dont work anymore, ya cant even carry that long empty talk… to the man, woman or child in the streets anymore…without getting laughed at sand given a side glance..lol…the only bajans still asleep, unable to awake… are current and ex-yardfowls…

    We dun KNOW who will see light at the end, yall too slow….ticktock.

    How ironic….raise busfares but have no buses to service the island…makes ya wonder why all these transport board buses are always just parked up at Simpson Motors…yall bunch of goddamn crooks..

  65. Puffy

    I have to agree with you. Time will prove all things. I honestly want to be proven wrong because it would mean that Barbados was saved by policies that worked. The SSS will then say that she was wrong all along. Remember, I said I am not afraid to admit wrong. Puffy, if Mottley is proven wrong, I hope you can man up to admission.

    My Sweet Piece

    Robert Goring sounds like a sincere soul, but he needs to be led into the light with information that might just change his mind. If he thinks that there is an agenda to destroy her, he should think again. There is no agenda to destroy her, but an effort to keep her rogue under constant supervision and let her know that they are a few who will not be blind sighted by her reverse psychology. Already she is using the art of hiding in the open.

  66. But unless the PSV operators get on board with discounts also these discounts are practically useless.


    If they wait for the TB buses they will reach school at 11 o’clock and get home at 7 o’clock. Those who can afford it catch the PSVs. I suspect that many of those children who do so at present will not be able to do so at the increased fare. That is why some operators are getting cold feet after demanding a fare increase for so long. They fear that some will have no choice but to wait four hours for the bus. Maybe she is brilliantly giving them the option of using their discretion.

    We shall soon see the outcome.

    We shall see if the much maligned minibus operators have more business sense and social conscience than those who look down upon them.

  67. SSS,

    I speak not to Lorenzo but at him. He is obviously a lost cause. There are others who read the site that i care about. This is why I speak at Lorenzo. I reason with them, not him. I cannot allow him to damage my credibility without answer. They will judge what my motives are.

    And I, like you, wish to keep readers interested and alert. They will make their own decisions and get the government they deserve.

  68. Someone said they just saw a brand new garbage truck out by Simpson Motors ……ML…….

    ……so wuh happen to all the long talk about used garbage trucks…and how much did that one new one cost and are there anymore….and how much are those, if they exist, costing taxpayers.

  69. I just present the “FACTS”


    You present the ‘facts’ according to your masters.

    You are the mirror image of Mariposa.

  70. Dullard

    how dare you insult the intelligence of my Puffy. He is not Lorenzo so leave him alone….HE’S MINE, MY PRECIOUS

  71. You do not make these stories and show your face. If there is no truth to what Jackie Stewart is presenting here, she would never do what she is doing at the present moment. The law fraternity in Barbados has used the law to benefit themselves of peoples land. The people of Barbados do not have any investigative body to check these stories. You know why the connections run far and wide. Mottley is hearing about Jackie’s videos, and instead of seeking to find out what the truth is, she will keep quiet because Dale pledge his loyalty to her and stinking George Payne decided to join her bag wagon after Owen Arthur failed miserably to upstage the rogue, and daddy precious probably got secrets to hide, along with her many secrets as well. So they all behaving like Jackie is deranged, but secretly they are plotting more than likely how to get her to shut up or get her all together.

    Jackie, can I use your name and other names that you have provided on here in a write up? As I have told you before, I am on your side because the stinking crap that goes on in Barbados in the name of governance and law only benefits one side while killing the other side. It has to stop, and it will only stop when more people rise up against their wicked arses.

  72. @ my Dearest SSS

    Behold the truth

    You said and I quote

    “…There is no agenda to destroy her, but an effort to keep her rogue under constant supervision and let her know that they are a few who will not be blind sighted by her reverse psychology…”

    At some point in the past I felt that Mugabe was redeemable

    Were I Jesus the Christ, I would be of that opinion still, because of my Omnipotence but I am just a man.

    And being exposed to Mugabe the man in his true nature, I, unless I have another Damascene moment authored by My God, will not believe anything otherwise

    There is absolutely nothing Mugabe can do, barring walk on water, that will shift me from seeing her to be a dictator set on being Prime Minister for Life

    And that MyMoney scheme is going to come back to haunt all of you bajans, mark my drug money laundering warnings.

    I am not one for hoping in the face of incontrovertible evidence

    The campaigns that Mugabe has been launching against people Like Jackie Stuart and all the anti Mugabe Mottley dissenters has me aware that she is bad to the bone.

    There is no self correcting mechanism in this manwoman

    She is bad to the core so I have not expectation for her Redemption but I acknowledge that I am not the Creator and My Christ forgave a killer on Calvary while he way dying.

    But I can never be The Saviour.

  73. My Sweet Piece

    I told you that there is a very good reason why I refer to that woman as a rogue. I am not saying these things like, just like you are not calling her Mugabe without good reason. But I am open to the prospects that as she moves further into her 50’s a certain amount of wisdom will bring clarity to her despicable self. I am prepared to give her the benefit of the doubt, but I am mindful that it is not easy to move from rogue to paths of righteousness, but it’s not impossible either. I will praise her when she comes good and tear her apart when she thinks she can do shite in her name and not in the interest of the people. That is why I will not let go of the tax exemption for shite.

  74. Correction Stewart

    @ Dr. GP my fellow myope

    The thing about evidence in these matters is that, if you come out and expose it, the people whom it incriminate know what you have and therefore what to change.

    Furthermore I am in a catch 22.

    They know who I am.

    I know they know and they know I know and we are at an impasse forever.

    If I come here and expose these matters what will it seem like?

    A personal vendetta

    When you brinv things down to that level it has the effect of destroying the more substantive issues.

    Now here is the thing though

    When one goes a step further than making the battle about oneself AND YOU TOTALLY RELEASE THE THING THAT HAS BEEN THE CENTRE OF YOUR VENDETTA, that confuses people even more.

    And then when you understand that the battle ent got one badword to do with you and that there are thousands more people who have been unfaired, that IS NOT something that they can fight Dr. GP.

    My demitting the personal vendetta is not the usual response and they are at a loss how to combat the many.

    Let me give you an example of this “Fighting the Many” principle

    Senator Caswell Franklyn

    Recently Mugabe forgave her father a million dollars in taxes owed.

    Owen Arthur came out and said that it was done and de fadder cried and say dat it hurt he dat he daughter name vet maligned so

    And Mia and she fadder was going put owen in court for libel or is dat slander?

    Senator Franklyn raised the matter to an issue of the nation and suddenly Mugabe and she fadder ent fighting one man but “the many”


    And that is what they cannot contend with.

    THE MANY!!

    And this is what I am sharing with team Savd Barbados

    Do not make this an issue about yourself

    This is why Grenville Phillips has failed

    He is promoting his CV.

    If we talk about simple issues and unheard lawsuits and our land and plantations and other GRUE, but individually irrelevant issues WE WILL LOSE.

    But as a collective REPRESENTING PEOPLE WHO HAVE NO VOICE “THE MANY”, we will ensure that Mugabe is a 5 year government!!!

  75. A small comment out of the swimming pool, so to speak in absentia, after the Intelligentsia has unfortunately partially moved out from the BU forum and only the usual propagandists of the DLP and the welfare state aka plantation are left. Enuff and Lorenzo now have to do all the work. LOL. Wish you good luck. LOL.

    It is as clear as daylight that a significant proportion of Barbados’s lawyers, former ministers, civil servants and organised crime are doing their utmost to delegitimise the overwhelmingly elected legitimate reform government. Look at the discussion that there is no opposition in the parliament, look at the witch hunt and the campaign of lies against Dale Marshall and other honourable ministers …

    Why does all this remind me of the witch hunt against President Trump?

    I predict that one day dear Mia Mottley will be appointed national hero. One day her face will decorate the banknotes of Barbados. All the banknotes.

    I am already looking forward to the end of the negotiations on international debt. Our dear Prime Minister will celebrate a great success. And I tell you what distinguishes our present Prime Minister from all those frustrated old men who have ruined and ridiculed Barbados since 1966: She is the first politician to speak the truth to the people. She says quite frankly that the vale of tears lasts until 2025. This is a completely new form of openness and integrity. Not only a sign of professionalism, but also of personal integrity and seriousness.

    Now you can start raving again. Because the truth is sometimes very painful.

  76. @ my Brother Hants

    I would ask you, verily plead with you in fact beg you NOT TO DO THAT.

    I love women, and will always love beautiful women and watching the variety whether in song or elsewhere will be my kryptonite until I leave this earth.

    But, when it comes to these matters, I will postpone that pleasure, just to post what I am convicted to post because it is right and true (not grue like I mis typed above)

    Your posts are of immeasurable value because they bring diverse yet incontrovertible proof of what we the few sre saying from many other sources.

    I would love to get into contact with an older yet wiser Prime Minister Owen Arthur @ today.

    I am of the opinion that, he, for one, would be disposed to put his support for this initiative up front and centre.

    in fact let me use this as an outreach to Prime Minister Owen Arthur.

    Do you feel the same way about Mia Mottley today as you felt before?

    if so let me show you what de ole man and my grandson will do for you sir if your Patriotism drives you still

    I will unleash a third tool here to show you Prime Minister Owen Arthur, a small part of what technological power de ole man wields .

    if you are still of a mind that these willy Nilly constitutional changes presage the coming of a despot, I am of a similar mind.


  77. @ Tron

    I see that you have joined forces with our ELITE SEAL TEAM 3 against the sea Cow Mugabe

    You are welcome to hit her with that reverse psychology styling

    Welcome aboard

  78. @ my Brother Hants

    I would ask you, verily plead with you in fact beg you NOT TO DO THAT.

    I love women, and will always love beautiful women and watching the variety whether in song or elsewhere will be my kryptonite until I leave this earth.

    But, when it comes to these matters, I will postpone that pleasure, just to post what I am convicted to post because it is right and true (not grue like I mis typed above)

    Your posts are of immeasurable value because they bring diverse yet incontrovertible proof of what we the few are saying, assembled from many other sources.

  79. SSS you said you srnt Ms Mottley an e mail and it bounced back,sounds like a cop out to me.Why not meet up with Ms Mottley who you claim to know and ask her in person all you wish to know.Despite your big bad talk you scared as shite of Ms Mottley,just a shite talker .I have serious doubts over you being any EU marketeer.As for the pea brsin Donna you speaking for Piece now.Your wishy washy interpretation of what his irrrsposible statement about 50 murders meant does not hold water,try telling that to the hardworking men and women in the police force.Furthermore pea brain Donna you have a right to speak and so do i and i careless what you or the tag team call me.You on here everyday with a clear agenda to pull down every effort of tbis government and gettig offended when you get attacked well too bad j/a.Here are some facts for both of you ex Dem poochlickers.In ten years your former government bought not one bus or garbage truck runninv both serviced into the ground.Oversaw 23 downgrades running the country almost into the ground,no tax refunds for years you all feeling me yet and i can go on.This govern.ent takes up a country on the way to devaluation and is fighting to turn it around and you braying jackasses expect to see rrsults in 10 months.Rather than wanting to be proved wrong why not give the govern.ent some space. However i want any of the tag team to refute anything i have said above.I have you all exactly where i want you.

  80. @piece
    It seems as if your fan club continues to grow. I was surprised to see that Mr Goering has joined the group.
    Your stupid posters/cartoons are simply delightful. It appears that both SSS you and have moved the standard of your contributions to a much higher level.

    You must forgive me if I have defected and joined the Mugabytes (or is that Mugabites). Perhaps, there is a loyalty test that I have not passed. Cannot wait to get you on our side of the yard (that is where we all hang out).. You would not have to do any work except an occasional fly-by like nameless #1. Nameless #2 can explain everything. I

    In one of his posts he said “Do the Maths”. Man my head is hurting from doing his maths…… I am not that bright, but I think he explained that an increase in bus fare is actually a reduction.in bus fare for some. I may be wrong but I know he will correct me if I am.. I gun trust all that he says.. Dah man just bright.

    All Hail Mugabe

  81. Lorenzo

    I do not believe that Mia Mottley is a genuine woman either, just like I believe without a shadow of a doubt that you must lick several pooches in order to be a worthy lap dog. Boyyyyy, what and who I am makes no difference on the basis of what you think about me. But I like the effort you are trying to make in questioning my credibility. Shows that you have changed the script a bit to embrace something new. At least that proves that you have a brain and that it is a lil bit bigger than a pea. Kudos to you lap doggy. Now, why would you want to set me up to meet Mia Mottley? I really do not know why you would do that. There are crazy rumours about her and pretty woman. You get my drift. Besides, she is not my type, and my days of wicking stopped only two years ago. I am now embracing my feminity to the max and loving dick again. You are mean son of bitch, do you know that? I really do not know why you would think that I am afraid of Mottley besides the fact that she likes biting bad. Starboy or girl, no fear whatsoever, but coming back to Barbados knowing that she knows how to order a hit, yup that scares the shit out of me. So meeting her face to face, you got to be kubba to suggest that.

  82. @Fellow Mugabyte (or is that Mugabite)
    I don’t get the pointyou are making here
    “Donna it is still $100 more per month if you want to subtract $40 for water and pensioners living alone can get relief. Pensioners take buses everyday? Imagine if they were still getting $155. I maintain that a more comprehensive view is required but y’all interested in one thing and one thing only. We’ll see who is right in the end.”

    You need to break it down so that I can follow you, We need to be clear so as to combat “conspiratoonists, Salemites and pickanoisettes. ”

    All Hail Mugaber

  83. @ Theophillus

    I had such great hopes in you to become the greatest of the Salemites !!

    I saw you as Seal Team One Sorry Sea Cow Team One Elite marksman one shot one kill, able to line up you sights and knock dem down from 3,000 miles away

    But now looka you gone join Mugabe’s biters

    Speaking bout biters you see how Lorenza ( it is a woman by the way) trying to get Mugabe to interfere with my Dearest SSS?

    If dem was to see her, it would be all over!!

    In fact if Mugabe was to be next to *** let me tell you what she was gine pelt way Lynette immediately.

    Let me tell you what my man if de old man was not so fat, and short and old, man I tell you what I would have catch a plane and fly to de EU and beg to be her “interest”

    But dem is tings aforetimes

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